Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1908
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5- Th& R9 ^lmimr Hmm thm I GIrQulmilm la Allmm Gouuiy of Any Nrnwrnfia/ter Publlmhed In thm Cfum^. TOU g^JX. KUXBEttSOS. • • T felGHT PidES. II GREAT TRIOMP lOLA, KAKSAS. OCTOBER 14, 1908.—WEDNESDAY EVEMS6. EIGHT PAGES. THE ItEl*. MEETIXU LAST MUUT niTHOCT AX EQUAL IX lOLA, MANY THOUSANDS HERE * = L t.UlE EltOM MILES AUOIXD ATTEND THE HW iuOW. TO Torchlight Froccssion Last Night Was Ma^iflcent Affair—Fiuc Speeches Were 3Iude. BISHOP HERE TOWfh PKELLMINAKY SEKVRE OF Dl{$ TKICT CONFEKENCE IN U. B. ADDRESS BY JUDGE FOUST BISUOF WEEKLY WILL IJESPONji) TO iU)DK£SS OF WELCOME. The finals in tlie doubles in tiic Aln County Tennis Touruauicut will be i)lared this afternoon on the I'euu- j! |-=<ylvania courts. The contestants are Hinkey and Owen and Feet and Titr- uor. Tlte best three out of five wins. In the consolation singles, the sched «lo is as followszj.. Klauinann vs. Stad- Icr and Wassou vs. Ross. The consolation doub'cs will bo played bctnreeii daik and Card < and Klauiuan and Teai.s. Tlie whiucrs iii the doubles this af- icriioon will plaji HOWIHS and Stover, holders of the .Mien county tennis cup. The finish of tlic Wood v.s. Stover nirttch will be plavfd toiiiorrow. WHicn Mio routesl slopped the score stood in favor of-Wood. The winner in "A sigual success." "Blow into atom.-: ail lioyu.of Ucm- ocralic victory." "A splendid tribute lo the good work of the Republican parly." "The biggest, most enthusiastic and effective pollllcul demonstration in tuu history of Jola." Tliesc are uuiuni^ jfi^w-of the coin- inoiits coiuitig from tho average voter on the Republican rails* which closed here lust niglit. With tliousauds in attendance, enthusiasm al a high pitch, with three very clotiuetit, and fconvinc- iug addresses and a torchlight procession, which surpassed Ihe highest anticipations of the party leaders, it was certainly a great political tiriumph. There was a big attendance at the Grand theater yesterday afternoon, when Secretary Wilson spoke but the crowds kept swelling utrrtT, when the parade began last night, the streets copid' hardly hold the people. On every train coming into lola yesterday afieruoou and evening big delegations juiped'the early comers (%nd^ the citi­ zens'of Tola "to Ecfe the climax of the ight proces- day's events—the torch sAoa. tae torch bearers, bai ds, G. .V. R. automobiles and carriages began to gather at the headquartei s shortly after six o 'clock. Soon tl rough every street leading to the square came streams of people, the business streets being jammed when the parade started at 7:lo. The line oi llliming torca- es. flashing Roman caudles and tooling horns, composed of over -k. thousand men-and extending over tlireo blocks, started from the iutersoctiou of .Muai- KOtt aud Wushingtou streets and |>aiis- ed around the suuarc lo Uu* tirand tlit>;itior wltet;o _the _smjaklng took place. Th© tipoctttole was u KUt 'Keous and In- splrluB am and wa* jjreoiiHl with choer^ uud »hu««i> t 'runi the «uUdl,v IMCkod «»tm>t «i ulkoui thv> squtuo. Hv hiud tht> imrado In «ul«kinoblUvs rtMiti mo «>b«rs uf the county rt>ni nil c«in>- mlllvc, ihe several coiun IttPM in " chttigo of delnl's. together with Coii- crcssuian I^rncsi M. IVIIurd of Nebraska. and "Governor" Rbscoe Slubb». Arriving at the Grand theater the coiuniittcc saw at once that the spa- clous building would not begin to hold half the crowd. The ,opera liouse was tlien filled lo overflowing and lialf hour yet remained until time for the first sj)eaker. Hurried plans were made to furwish oratory to those who were unable to get a seat in the house, in front of the opera house, backed up the street cast to Washington and west to Walnut,' was an iiniuensc throng cheering for Taft, Stubbs, Pollard, Scott and other candidates. D. P. Northrup in his big automobile had taken part in the parade and was on the point o^ sending it to t4ic garage when he was asked by the committee for tlie use of it during the eveuing. Mr. INorthrup gladly acquiesced and ran jthe machine up' in front of the opera iiouse. Mv. Stubbs mounted the back seat and begaii to address fiie crowd, nil* voice j was for.a time drowned out by tho; doufening cheers of the enthusiastic | thousands that pressed alwut the iautoniobi'e. For nearly an hour Mr. 'Slubbs talked on-J tho i»rlncl|»Ieo of I he iwrly. He told of the history of Mrj Taft. Uiw Republican nominee for iiresident. of inc coji /ldeuco President Jlooseveli and the cabinet had imposed' In hiu hy pluc- iuK upou him the ijurdeu tt solving many of the Krcdt pl^hleins tfhich has confronted tlio admiuistratiou in the 4ia8t four years, honr he Iiod met thAw problems and i ettled them satis- faiBlorlly and bow w lU he was equipped for the great ottMeia^nrhtch he wUi heilected in NoTOBiber. . Mr. Stabhfl then im^ iip &lr. Brj'ou. [ In>^'Uiiitt^t ofjaie Democratic Appolututeuts to Pustwrates Will 0,e Made Sund»)—BelicTcd That Iter. Xisuuiore WUI Be Ileturued. the dii- chure i Ministers and delegates lo Iriet confcronru of the I'. IJ. which is to be in session licrc for days beKiiining.tomorrow morning tl^ nine o'clock, began to arrive this iifr lernoon and by evening a large nui^ bor of ministers and delegates is rx| peeled. * Touicht at the church. Wvalnii street and Jackson aveiiue. .Iu«ige o| cur l-'otist will deliver an address dt welcome and iho resjwnse will be I Itishop Weekly, of Kansas City. Ka liishop Weekly will arrive this afternoon at IilTt. ^ Tonionow morning at I* o'clock, ihi sessions of the «onference proper wij begin. No set program has been prtj pared and none will be. The prograijj will be arranged daily for the day foSJ lowing. jj "I expect fiity mtulslcrs •jfnd :& many delcjiatcs will be hen? for the conference." Owen G. Misamorb. paijj tor of the localj church said this' aftertj noon. "In addition to this there wilr probably be twenty-five visiloi-s. muki^ iug the total number attending th^ conference. 12.' ^Vftcr the address o1 welcome and the response lonightj there ^i!l be ^ reception for visitJni niinisiers andfTftlcgatcs. after which they will be assigned to the several homes for entertainment during 1^ stay at the conference," Tlie annual appointments to pastor aics will be made b.v the bishop a this conference and the li.-J win b« read at the service on next Suudu: morning. it is believed tlial llev. .Misamonj will be returned to the pastorate o the lola church. He is just closingJu second year here and,has had a vcr; succes^^ful nunisiry. PLAY FINALS TODAY. ^ Contc^taiits in AUen Connty Tennlb Tournajuent Are neethig vu PeuniijlTHDia Conrt THE WEATHEE^l this match Is to olay Owen. A TRAIN DERAILED SLHillT AtllDENT TO TAFT SPE- (lAL AGAIN TODAY. No lujurles Ke^u^ted—Kepnbliean Bei irlns. Tottfi of the South Tunijfbl. CadiK. O.. Oct. 11.—Judge Tafts special train was derailed again lo<ia>. The a«vidont ncrnrred on a spur riirt- ning from the Pennsylvania railway at Cadiz Junction to this place. Thj: cnginei were attached to a train and tile entire trucks of \ine of the tenders left tin- track. Yesterday ihe truck of the private car was -Jroken. 7.!'e candidates three days jonrney thri>u;;h the south begins at midnight tonight. ForiTast for KanMi.s: Fair tonight and Thursday: mirnier in uvrtli nud nest portions tonight. , Data recorded at local ofllcr. U. S. weather bureau, yesterday, today and a year ago: October t3. FAKMEK.S HEAR BKYA.N. ROE CASE ON NOV. G ,\«iHlw>t Woman t'littrsed WMi ShotttluK t->H\ ThunipMtii Cnutlnui^l. "I'lie |itellniimit\v hearinu »tl' Mrs, lUte. now .Mrs. J, V. t)Uen. churned with HssanlihiK with tnteni to kilt I'VlIx Thompson, which have bcon held In Justice (\ S. iVuieiV court thih niornlnn ni !,» o'c'ocU \yii^ conlinniHi oit mollon of the dt-renditnt to .\oveniber tJlh. tinlle a crijwd h.-irf gathered In the i*oiiri room when the' case was called. I'Vlix Thonip .son. ihv complaining witness alleged that Mrs, Roe sliot al him three times with a gun. IN A FIRE TRAP PKISSIAN MINERS HEMMED IS BY FIRE AND SMOKE. Fhtmcs in Shalt t'anscd Three Deaths] —Twcut)-three Unconscious From SuffocHtlon. Second Itity's Tour of Nebraska. Took Democnit to Colambu». Columbus, Nebr., Oct. It.—W'. J. Dryaii begEan hl» s^ud dayi^^our ol Nebraska by a speech before eiglit o'clock this morning at North Dcud. wljcre he addressed a crowd of several hundred farmers. ooooooooooooooooo o o O ADDITIONAL SHORT STORIES. C O O O O O C O O O OOPO O O O O O O licrc to Testlfj. Kev. II. .\. Gordon, pastor of the .M. E. church ;". Humboldt, and Or. I'ayne oKso of Hninlioldt. were in lite eii\ today as witnesses in the Uurllss divorce case. Yi>it Urol her. Kev. Krank .May. oil' l'*i. S'MII. IS a K.u«\-t of .Ml. and .Mrs. flias. May during Ihe f. II. I'onlereuce .Mr. J. Uinipshir«\ of l .tnivonworlli. is M!^^^ « i^nest t»r .Mr. and Mrs. .Mu.\, l{<'v. .May litis rccenily t -uiHliicii -d a :»Mies v( U)cctln;;i> at .Meridctti. UHum lu l-;rir. .Mi. and .Mrs. S^tin Rlltvr have r>- inriie:! lo their home In Krie afit r a \-\>\[ with .Mr. and Mi>. Chris Uliier and family. Fiineral of Mnu Itutli'dge. The funeral of Mrs. J. Rutlcdj-e. who died yesterday at her home uiv South Oak streei. was hold this afternoon in the First .Methodist church, paslor .Mason ofricialing. Burial was made In the lola cemetery. Mrs. Rut ledKc is survived by five children and the husband. Body Shipped to Ottaiiu. . The body of .Miles V. Rcnliam. who died at his home in La Grange .vesler- day. of blood poisoning, was sliipped to Ottawa. Kas.. this afternoon wiiere Interment will be made. To TnlsB. J. I,,. Griffith left today for Tulsa Oklahoma, where he will accept a po- •siiicin. Mrs. Griffith will follow in a fih(m lime. ' s u, On Jito!>Ine!s.<> YI »1U Koeiiigsliuette, Prussia, Oct. 11—I-ire|i Q^^^ Humboldt. Kas.. broke out this morning the gallery of|^^jj^ morning on a short business visi^. a coal mine here. A hundred men are ('nri>enter Is Hurt. Jack I..udwick. a carjienU'r. fell jirom a scaffold this noon while working on a house under construction for jMrs. Paddis. four mites soutlieast of jl ..a Harpe. He was quite badly bruised but suffered no serious injuries. imprisoned and it is feared tiiey are lost. Later—Lattr the men managed to| make their escape through an adjoining shaft. Twenty-tlirce men in un- oihcr gallery were brought out unconscious from suffocation. Three succumbed. CALL FOR P. 0. BIDS -FosinuiKtvr Gtis N'ottre t« Advcrtl&c for Bhb for tbe New BnlM- Ing. |"»r %a4y Postmaster C. U. Spencer re- celiied notice to advertise for bids for tbe oonstractlon of the new postofflce bui! dine which is to be erected at tbe corier of west and Walnut streets. Tb< bids will l>e opened November plans and speolflcattona will be John E. Baron Better. John 10. Bacon, who went to Kansat JTiiy riM.>ently for an operation, was In pe city today on his way to ills htmie l|it Lu JHarue. He Is still weak from he operation but is improving rapidly He visited Ills brother-in-law here. B. W. Mylor. l\)day. Hcftr laJnacUen. The ^action, begun'against the city ly Hiram Tumey of west of town, to ent the mnniclDallty from making . connections on bis place- will like- y come up in district court |ate this rnoon. JnUn Hedjr Dead. Julia Hedy, tbe ten-year-old daugh- of'Mr. and Mrs. C. T..Hedy, of ::^ijrd;9tre^died,last'^nlidit of Yesterday Vr. ago :: p. m ,. Tr» r»7 1 p. m .. 7r» ;-.S s p. in ,. ..<:7 17 It) p. m. ..r .4 41 12 midniulit .. <".:: 4;5 Maximum iemp«>ratnrv . . .7<: i;o Miniinnm temperature! ..IS •id Precipitation. 7 p. ni. .. (• 0 October 14. Tddiiy Vr. ago 2 a. m ..('.1 4J 4 p. m 4 :1 6 a. ni .. r..s 12 8 p. m , . . . .o-j 47 10 a. in ' ..71 .">7 12 noon ..7S CJ Precipitation. 7 a. nj. .. .. 0 MONEY NOW RAISED MORSE ON TRIAL NEW YORK MAN til A RUED WITH nOL.VTlNW BANKlNti LAWS. FBICX TWO CXIT8. ESSNMN POMD'S SPEECH NEBR VSKAN M.VDE GREAT HIT AT THE RALLY LAST NIGHT. IS A MAN OF MILLIONS BUT IF COXTICTED WILL SERYE A TER3I IN PRISON. Indictment l4u>t March—ETidenre to Be Snbniltted Will Prolong Trial. DEMOLISHED THE PLATFORM HE LEFT XOTHIXG FOB THE BEI. lANlTES TO STAND ON*. WIIso^> Fine Address—Enlogbcd Jfr. Sciitt—ICcmarks on Agrknltare Were Interesting. New York. Oct. 11.—Chari(>. W. .^lor.-e. organizer and promoter nf the American Ic-e comiKtiiy and I'oii.^^nll- datrd Steamship) company, and who until Ihe recent panic, contrulled se\- eral banks, faced thi- jury In lh<- criminal branch of llie I'nited Siales I'ir- cnil conn today. With Aifred H. I'lir- tis, former president of Ihe National Liank of Norlli .Vmerica. .Mor^e was in dieted by a federal grand jury last march for the alleged violation of National banking laws and conspiracy. The penalty is from five lo ten ycai-.s inii'ri.sonmcnt. Tli'^n- is a vast iiius.-i of ••vUleuel^ to lie s:il)iniltcd to tliV trial jury and it I; rxp«'Ctrd that the trial wiM vjn- sunic several days. Kolh def«?ndants have fought out every stage uf the proceedings following the indieUneut preliminary lo trial. FOR ANOTHER ELECTRIC LINE RUNNING THROUGH lOLA. •t' A Dispatch Says English Financiers Have Invested 12 Million Dollars in the Enterprise. The Kansas City Star says: A dispatch from I^ndoii says that Cugiish financiers have invested 12 ihiilioii dollars in a project involving tin- constrnction of an intorurban olecirie nii'road b<'lw«>en Kansas City anil Topeka 'and Indfpendoncc. Kas. The loan. If is .suit!, was negotiated by Whitsed Laming and Charles Could. .Mr. laimlug Is a resident of To!is;anoxi<'. Kas.. an! .Mr. Could is al.>io a w«v<«iern man. The amount involved Is I'J million dollars for bonds of the Kan.'>a.< City and Kan.^a.i Soul?! oni Railway iHnupnn.^. The iHtuMuiny is tho Mioi-ossor of Olio oi'ijtanUed two \ear» «Ko muler the iiHine of KJIIIS.'I,-« (Miy, Slrant;* •>r Vullii'.v W «<.>hTii Knllmad. The inlb'age of llie pro|>ost«d line bolwcfn Knnsas|Ciiy and Toiiok;> Is slMy four miles, iliiet* milos los .s than the short- •,\st ."deiini i-ailnnid IH-IWIMMI the Iwo nolnts. I Th'» survi-' rarrh-d the line west Irjnn Kansas City. Kas„ tlmiugjh Wyamliitte roiint> and lo Tonganoxli' ,ln I.eavenworlh eounty. Fiom Ton- .•aiioxb 'i the survey ran in a sonth- woMte -l.v direction to Lawrence, and thence west lo Toji^lta. It was pro- nosed to c'onnect wftji the Metroitoli- tan Sire.'t railway -In Kansas City. Kas.. at: F :i2hteonlh street and Minnesota avenue. i WOllLDWRESTLEJIM Marshal Frederickson Receives Challenge from ChaF DcHvuk, Cham- i pion of State. Marshal Jini Fredericks -on of lias- sett, has received a challenge froiii Chas. l>'livnk. the clinnipion wresi- b^r of Kansas, for a l><»iit some time this fall or wintt-r. The oHlcer used to bo some wrestler but of late yeai7» has given it np. He said today thtit he would not a'^eent the cha11eng|! for the I'-ason that ho bad wrestled for thirteen years and thought that enough time to devote to the sjior . Oellvuk wrote the letter from Wicq- ila and suggested that the bout l^ oiiUcd off in Wichita. The letter to Mr. Fre<Ieriokson was addressed, "The AyrestliiiK Police of lola." AN UNKNOWN HEi|(| Saved Colored Girl From Severe In- Jury from Roman Candle Last ' Night at Parade. Heroic work of an unknown colored man; perhaps saved the life of ii colored jglrl last night near the Gran 1 tbeatre.i Tbe girl's dress caught An from a Ronmn eandle ahH the flame 1 were growing w,^ a man nearby - ticed tlie girl's danger and mshlng to her pught out the blaze, with b bare liands. Several pairties-^aw ujj Incident but none - knew aaL'i •id^^iawilfei^ MBS. BIRTISS WANTS DIYORtE. Sujs Her iln>band Is {ilwu to Fits of AnKcr. The divurtf irusr of Irene :«'. D?ir- li.-s vs. H. C: I'lirtiss up i.> dli- trict conrt toda>|-but after scVera'. witnesses testified.' wa> continued antil Ihe later i)ait of the week tliat the defendant niiglit get additional evidence. The phiiniiff is charging nijc- treaunent as the grounds for the action. She says her husband is given to fits of anuer which make ir rather uncomfortable for her. The itiiprcs- sion was left Ity the (|uesiions asked by Iiis attorney tiiat Ihe defeiidani at times was not his right self. The parties live at Hnnil >Oidi. NOW OPEN NIGHTS Vou Mtt^ ResMer at the OiMre of the ttlv'tlerk lip tu Ten OVIoelk P. .M. 'jne ard at) Today of the ablest political address^ »-s cvcjr delivered in Allen county was that (^f Congressman Ernest M. Poll- thc Grand theatre last night, it lias been one of tho chief ISeilnnliis ihls eyeabiK th.' nVflev (,r the vlt\ elerk vll! Iv Ke |.i open nulU ten oVIiieK Thl> arrnnBeuteiii vlll 111- Vi -iil III I 'lnee iiiilll mi d:«^^ befi»r«" the «lo <iiuiK iindM> r <ir the purpox.- of giving VOUM> ^vho are eni- ^iu.^vd diir :ii.: the day and who have no ehanei' lo !:et lo the clerk's «>rnev riiirliig the (l:i». an o|>(H>rlunlty to register. "I think thai the rn.-h Is ulioist over." Charles i:. Weiuiorff. riiy ••Itrk. said this .afternoon, "but of course tlicri- are some who are piiiiiiig off the mali>-r of regisering and will do so until the last hour of the last evening." Those who have not ie;-:!stercd dbould renienibev the regulation. II yon have not regisierod ai all. if you have moved sinc" you voted or registered, if you failed lo vote at ihe last election, you must register ih order to qualify as a legal voter at the coming election. FUMIGATE SCHOOL High School Student Came Down VVithL Diphtheria Today—Pupils Exposed. The home of .Mr. and .Mrs. Davis on North Cottonwood strwt. was quarantined this, morning. Tlieir sixteen year old daiu'hter who has been attending the high school, is sutfcr- iug from diphtheria. Although she had fever and was not feeling well yesterday, the patient pursued her studies in the high school as usual. Every pupil in the build ing was in all probability exposed to tbu nia^udy. In order to prevent the di:ieaHe from spreading tbe high school boRd- ing win be fumlgaiiid this evening latter school Is dtsmiaaed. XAKUIED IN FARMER'S U0O.V. A Gamctt Coaiile lYcilded Hotc Tfats Afternoon. IL fv. Sutton and Myitle Whitman, both of Gamett, were married shortly lafter dinner today in the Farmers' room at the conrt house by a Gas Gity minister. They returned to Garcett op tbe afternoon .train. AJlcaise was Jssded by Judge Smitb alr;HhaJH»i!t^f^Potter^a^ ^ snbjecls of conversation ou the street:. Ills remarks had tho effect of- stjfengUiening the party tics of regular Uepublicans and persuading the dmbtfnl to cast their vote for Taft a|nd the ticket at the November election. .Mr. Pollard's speech covered the r>rinei;al issues in the campaign. He said in part: "1 a!n glad to coiue to Kansas and esjjcciqlly to the Congressional District represented by Hon. Charles F. Scott. It has been my pleasure to serve >.itli him in Congress for three years ;ind to be associated tliis last 1 file .ygricnltural Committee of the House. "f want to congratulate the people of Kaniias and especially of this Con- ' cressional District on having retained Mr. Sebtt iii Congress until he hasj i>-aciied tlie ChairmaiishnT of~6ne{ of the greatest Conuiiittces in the House. There is n'o committee in Cengress that is of so much importance to'tlie people of the West as the .Varicultural Committee. I want to .say to you that the people not only of the Sectmd Congressional District of Kansas, but of the whoh' State of Kansas.; of Nebraska. Of Missouri, of the Dakotas and of It^wa are interesl- t'l in keeping Mr. Scott ii |i Congress. We want a western man who Is'fam-" iliar with western condillon .s. who is In sympathy with thi^ problems of tlic West at; the head of this great Com- lelttee that has all to do viith the ag- rioulinrat problems in which wt- aro •>o deeidy Interosli'd. Suppose yon •VII 'v Mr, Scidt fr<»iu Cousi"«»»s and M'tid a jiievv man down thoro. It I.H i »»H ?«>s,siiify for hi III 10 Uo»ln wheiv Mr, ^<«nl(( lititt»)t, eiftht yeurti HiiO. Ilo Will have tO' l»efttii at the lH >ltom of tho ladthr. I ,t will t»«ko hini eiRht or ten >t »a|-s In' mieh the place. If ho evrr do^««. thht .Mr. Scoft now occu- ides, li wonll be a calatntty not only !o the Srcoin! Congresslotiat District of Kan.<ns, bitt to the w1:olc Middle West to have the pre .sent Chairman of that jprcat Icommittee. Mr. Charles »•*. S«<ottL defeated at this election. 'Tlier^ werf more things put Into the agricultural appropriation bill of ;:ie House, which was prepared and fought througii Congress by Mr. Scott t':an any bill that has passed Con- eress in the last ten years. There more money appropriated to car••y to the peopI<* practical'informa­ tion that will enable them to Improve the conditions on the farm: that will cnalile fhem to improve the standard nuality j >f onr grain and to increase the yieli |l *.of our crops than any preceding Cobgress in the history of the. Oovernuient. These are Cnlngs tlio people irant and ought to have and when we find a man. that is safe- guanling onr interests the thing to i |o is to keep him Iherc and I certain- Iv trust that the good people of the Second . Congressional . District of Kansas wl|l return Mr. Scott by an increase 1 mnjorify "not onlv for your benefit lut for tho good he can do *h\i whole wesiern country." The Tlentocratlc platform this year was drajwu for tbe sole purpose of netting jvoles ;wlthout any reg^ard whatever for any underlined principles o! gclrernmenL I realize that that l» a aidreeplng statement and no ' nubile tnan' ought to make it imlesa he is ijrepared to offer proof. I think I haVe ^the proof and wUl submit it iiid! am willing to trust to your Ju ^giiieni; as to whether I am correct , One • < f Jthe' first planlm In their phjitfomi states that: "We fiivar the hquit f d4rfcl^;alt' ~~ X ST .5-;

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