The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 6, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1964
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Friday, November 6, 1964 By JESSE BOGUE. UPI Financial Editor.. NEW YORK- (UPlj— The rising economy of the past five years put more. money in the' armed robbers, burglars, pockets of most businessmen thieves and pickpockets, and consumers but' it has in- He and others in his occupa- creased the' opportunity for ti'on call attention to a peculiar bT ^tiafe Sys 'fenC Tfnc.7 Nev$" York, a nationwide business -security and research organize tidn, has estimated that dishonest employes,- the outright thief variety-cost business $2 billion a year, 'more than $5 million a day. Partly, ( .due id the shrink-: age ' in purchasing power, the dollar cost • of -business thefts J has more than doubled since 1945,' he estimates. Lowell said the figure is more than.four.times that- stolen by car tWkLLA*IS*;FiNE o". HOLLYWObD"IUP: thieves and "con men"- to reap some of the income harvest. ; This is a warning sounded often by business security organizations, postal authorities,. police, and trade organizations. ; They may .ji .differ as to : what .'areas of illegality they address •themselves, but they agree that 'business thefts, and schemes that fleece the- consumer, cost the honest, citizen and his gov- . ernment hundreds of millions of dollars annually.' Leonard S. Lowell, chairman MOCSENo.1590 Supper Served From 6:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. Legion ;No. 58 Meeting at 8:00 p.m. Dancing from 9:30 p.m. until 12:30 a.m.' Music furnished by Dick Leslie & his group Sat. Night, Nov. 7, 1964 quality of employe .theft; the losses come out of net profits. A business operating at 2Vi per cent net has to take in $4,000 in business to make - up for each stolen $100. "•••',..::• "Lowell said his company's ire- search men have found'415 basic, known;ways., to :steplf.n*om an employer. But he' said that" •mostjof them caji;b? checke^il the ^employer ''Bas^- ''obserVed- proper safeguards:; ithat -the jlojs- ses exist because? m^nagememV has "allowed them to ,«jcislL-" • • The Nationar-Bett^r^sbffi 'ssi Bureau, '. in a • "report ;~"by'Ufa President Kenneth ' B^ "TVitlson which has been distributed^^ newspapers and trade '"publications, recently discussed'anoth­ er area of shady activity which he said was prevalent7idespite" i j efforts of federal.and stafe'au­ thorities. ' ' • - • ' Willson said chain referral sales plans, which he called adaptations of the " "chain letter'' craze that was prevalent a few years ago, was slicking away millions of dollars annually from consumers. BUY U. S. SAVINGS BONDS wood columnist Louella Parsons was in satisfactory condition today in ^ Mt. - Sinai. Hospital, where she has been undergoing treatment for a broken hip, attendants reported.' ' A hospital spokesman said the. columnist ,was "coming along fine." It was not known when she would be released. The .columnist was aamitted Oct!-23.- 10TH PERSON DIES EL CENTRO, Calif. (UPI)— A 10th person has died as the 'esults of last week's jet bomber crash" arid fire during . a Navy -Day - observance at the naval .air facility here, officers reported. ' Mrs. Shirley Thompson, 27, wife-'of serviceman Joe Thompson and mother' of six, died ;Th"ursday at the..naval hospital in San Diegb,' Calif. i -J^i'fte' other. persons- -were killfed* '_wheh the twin-engine NavyTabmbir crashed'in flames hito 'the Navy post exchange <oihplex Oct. Vr.^More than 20 others werej injured.'' -Cause of ihe crash is under investigation. 'i'~ 'CONDUCTS; TEST ?i NEVADA? TEST SITE (UPI) A-The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)i conducted;.an underground puclear " test.',. here Thursday to determine'the effects of a : contained nuclear blast in carbinate rock;- * "• . .Rubbed "Project. JHandcar,';. the blast was touched off 1,320 feet underground in dolomite, a carbonate.rock similar to limestone. "AEC spokesmen said the detonation hada yield of about 10 kilotons. The experiment was' : expected to provide information to ad- l vance the basic technology for cratering effects. ON THE SIDELINES BY HAM RIGG KHARPSVILLE-PRAIRIE SPARTANS open their 1964-65 basketball season Saturday night in Tipton High School's gym with this 12-man varsity. Left to right, front row, Denny Cullison,, Tom Garter> Dick Kingery, Bill Salsberry, Eugene Watson a n d Roger Stout; back rowj, Bob McCombs, Tjerry,, Phillips, Ivan Mumaugh, Jerry ^Ogle,' Kent' Reynolds,' Richard Zook and coach Bob Blessing. (TRIBUNE Photo-Engraving) FOOD BUYING .GUIDE .1 WASHINGTON (UPI)—Abundant supplies of meat and poultry, fish, vegetables, and fruit await this week's' shoppers. As the harvest continues; fruits and vegetables are especially good buys. Ground beef, beef steaks and roasts, pork roasts, and broiler- fryers are the top meat ant} poultry buys. Eggs, canned pink, salmon, and fish sticks and portions complete the best- buy list for protein foods. IMPORTANT REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER AN INVESTMENT WITH AMERICAN NATIONAL TRUST 1. Trust assets now in excess of $5,500,000. 2. 3. Trustees bonded for $1,000,000 by the Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. A. Current dividend rate 8% per annum. ..... • B. C Dividends paid monthly on trust share accounts of $1,000.00 or more. >• i. ; '.:'-.•.•'•; : . -' ''; • Dividends may be;.reinyested.monthly. ' • - .;• •< ... ; ,...„,•. 4. Earnings from the first of the month fpr-all accfiunts opened by the 25th. 5. A. Share accounts may be opened anytime at bur District Office or in the privacy of your home. For information and Prospectus phone Elwood, FE 2-9311. B. Share accounts may be opened in amounts of S100 to S10,000. ^10,000 to $25,000 maximum accounts only as approved'hyl Trust. C. Joint ownership accounts available. . J i • : :• ' . '•• *3 6. 90% of Trust earnings must be distributed toiyou during ^he-year, as provided by Federal Law: IRC Code Section 856-858; Legislation passed by Congress, in.September, 1960. 7. Federal law provides that 75%. of all monies must be. invested in real estate, not to exceed 20% in any one project. " 8. Your earnings are based on carefully considered'"real estate investments selected for growth, income and diversification. EARN 87. ON YOUR INVESTMENT CURRENT RATE PER ANNUM PAID MONTHLY; GfcNE WHETSTONE .. District Manager Representative Alexandria-El wood it:: Tipton urea • !.. . 102 South-loth Street •Phone Elwood FE 2-9311 (Collect) SERVING: TIPTON ! ATLANTA ARCADIA WINDFALL ELWOOD - ,FRANRT0N ; SUMMlTVitLE ALEXANDRIA SHARPSVILLE GOLDSMITH • AND ,;; \ . SURROUNDING AREAS The following chart will show the Monthly •• •• • •. • i Earnings-on your investment account:, rti*e t Inrratm'ent In The Trust ' ' Monlbly Distribution To You S 100'-:. .' -,:„„.„._„__ S,M J S f,0t» .'. _*„„: $ 6.67 S 2,000 '.$•3,000 .,, .$•4,000;'".-^ $-'&VM0;.i':„u. : .:. jjiioO .'.-j;.'.™.'. *iw— $'8 ,ooo $ 9,000 $10,000 $13.33 $20.00 $26.o7: $33 J3 $40.00 • $46.«7 $53.33 $60.00 $M.«7 A^ade possible by Federal Law: IRC Code Sections 856-858 This Is neither en offer to buy or sell these Trust CtrtifleafH, the offer is made by Prospectus only. 'J American National Trust ' I 10 South 9m Street . Richmond, Indiana (Regional Office) -CLIP AND MAIL TO: — — — —'. I 700 I Please give me additional mformatlon and current prospectus without obligation. >* ••,•,.,-•• ; » y • Phone_ „Cltyl artans Windfall Dragons Just a few years ago, Bab Blessing w a s roaming the courts in a Sharpsville Bulldog uniform, one of the best hardwood performers ever turned out by coach Gerald Manahan. . Saturday night he opens a career as coach in that same school, fortified now by a student consolidation with Prairie High School that changed the team's name to the Spartans, hoping to continue the great victory record established by his former coach who is now athletic director at Western High School in nearby Howard County. Another innovation also confronts the young, personable Blessing in that the Sharpsville -Prairie opener has. been trans- fered from Friday night in the Spartan gym, to Saturday night in the spacious Tipton High School gym in order to accomodate the huge crowd expected from throughout the county to watch this time- honored rivalry with cqacji Roy Watson's Windfall Dragons. All Sharpsville-Prairie season tickets will -be honored at the door for this game. Plenty,of Beef The Spartans are.not a "big" team in the modern sense of the word, but looking at many of the players on the -floor, 'they give the 'impresston ol; being men,, not boys. Lacking the real tall boy, they have above average height overall, possess good strong bodies, and appear a team that is going to give plenty of trouble to a lot of opponents. Ignore Program • ' Typical of so many coaches today, the heights listed by coach Blessing are deceptive. He lists his starting five for the season opener as senior Tom Carter and senior Jerry Ogle at the forwards, junior Dick Kingery at center and senior Denny Cullison and junior Gene Watson at thejguards. Carter is listed at 6'l"and 200 pounds. The weight is probably accurate but any 6'1" opponent is going to.find himself looking up, and the same goes for those facing Ogle, listed at 5*11" and also 200 riounds and Kingery who, Stated meeting of , Rosary chapter No- 66 Order of the Eastern Star at 7:30 p.w Tuesday, Masonic Temple. Carolyn Hogwood, W. M. Mable Kennedy, Secretary Ed Meloche says .. "A like round, man's mind should be a good hotel—open year *+' ? v: * 'f If your tax payment strained your budget, let-Leaved and Bates restore it with a personal loan.' Free Budget Counseling ' (Call for sppolntment) LOANS m N. MAIN C« 54433 according to the program is G'2" and 180. Looking at Culli son it appeared the Spartan sharpshooter had grown several inches since he last performed on the court a> year ago, but a glance at the program showed only 5'10" and 160 pounds, while Watson is only 5'6" sfnd 130. Rounding out • this varsity Blessing has 5'9", Bob Mc Combs, 6'0" Ivan Mumaugh, 5' 7" Terry Phillips, 6'0." Richard Zook, all seniors, and Kent Reynolds, a 5'9" junior, Dill Sals berry a 5'8" junior, and Roger Stout a junior at 5'10" and 170 pounds. All in all, it's a squad no one is.going to push around on the floor. Not Too Fast Blessing reports that "his squad doesn't have as much speed as he would like and he doubts that he'll be able to employ the fast break, but he does have boys who showed last season that they know how to handle,the ball and know that the ultimate . purpose of the S a,me„js'to get the ball through u?,, basket. The Spartans lost only two starters from., last year's team-that compiled ' a 14-7 record, and unless the opposition becomes very, much improved, appear capable of equal? ling or improving on that record this time out. One of Best Cullison is one. of the most capable performers in the area, named to number of 'all-star squads last season as a junior: Carter and Ogle will more than hold their own under the boards and Kingery, although; a /reserve for Dave Wood last year, saw plenty of action.and figures to im prove considerably working regularly. Watson was the other starting guard and is a' real good ball handler. Kingery was sidelined for a time.•.'with a hernia operation but is on the mend and should be real tough as the season progresses. Among the more promising reserves are Ivan Maumaugh who made the B-team. as a freshman then didn'it. go. out for the team his sophomore and junior years, but is a real good shot, and.big Richard Zook who can also handle the backboards SIGN AGREEMENT ^MOSCOW (UPI)—The..Soviet Union and Turkey^ Thursday signed a scientific and cultural agreement. .Turkish.Foreig.n Minister Feridun C. Erkin signed for his country. Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko represented the foremlin. „ . OX RUNS WILD : „V JOHANNESBURG, V South Africa (UPI)—An . ox escaped from a slaughterhouse .--Thursday and charged down this city's main street. F o u r persons were injured, including an - elderly Woman who was gored. , The animal leaped through the plate glass window of a furniture store before police shot it to death. Advertise In The Tribune SWCOVERS Streamlined Custom ... : ENNEKING Sale Aii Sizes All Colors $HJ»_ Os 5-2224 On the, is the announcement of the season basketball, ticket side. Tie a string around your finger'so you won't forget the' date- "'for if you'get left out cold: on .this one, you'll find yourself sitting 'way up in peanut heaven. ...Tonight's Game \ Maybe it's unnecessary, but approaching. tonight's game we End ourselves .feeling sorry for coach Moses. ' In probably any other state; he wouldn't have the problem, but he admits now he's worried about the kid's mental attitude for'- this one. Two years igo' he had the-same problem vheri "he "was trying to get his •,'iids ,ready. for that final game j|f ^thef isqason against Alexan- >iria. Jne^-boys justweren't "up" ifoyrjrjegame and they took an nridxpected licking. ;> Football, lapping over into November,-appears anti-climatic in Indiana. There's no reason why it .should, for comparatively few 9f the, .football players even try qui for the basketball team. But ^rhen the' boys go home or. mix l^ith well intending friends who can talk nothing but basketball $s the start of the round-ball season approaches, it is understandably hard for them to "get up" for the final football game, no matter how important that one may be. And this game tonight is. of all importance. The conference . championship is at stake, and the. honor of wearing that championship insignia on their letters. Only Midseason Back in Pennsylvania, the first of- November is only the midway point in football season with the state championship playoff game taking place in December. . .but there, football and not roundball reigns king. In. fairness to these boys pn the T.H.S. team who are giving their all to football, we've refrained from basketball chatter, but we've been subjected to the same ear-pounding from all sources, that coach Moses and many of his boys have heard, and we know the job confronting him. For his sake, as well as for that of the boys who ARE concerned solely with football, we hope every one of the varsity will take that field tonight determined to "bring this one home : for Mose". Best Wishes Peru tried its darndest Wednesday night, hut ran up 3gainst- one of the state's top teams in former CIC member Warsaw, and the Bengals bowed, 40-20. Our best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery go to fullback Bob Rockenbaugh and halfback Bill Shuey, who were taken to Dukes hospital in Peru suffering from 'concussions after giving it ev­ erything they had in trying to stop Warsaw. Their condition, Thursday was "not believed serious", and .we,, hope that byj the time this finds its way Into? ink, the boys will have been' released. Hospital Notes ADMISSIONS: Blanch • Spifson; Atlanta; Michelle 'Moore, Tip-! ton; Marcia Harris, Wabash; Patti Letsingef7 Tipton; Luther, Cline, Kempton; Von Hawkins^ Kemptcn; Est ell a Goodnight* Russiaville; Lottie Perk i n s, S-wayzee. ; DISMISSALS: Linda Dickersonl Hemlock; Charles Parvin, Tipi Maude Ramage, Tipton; Elea-; nor Wallace, Tipton; Phyllis;' Doss, Tipton; Terry Coy, Kokomo; Rosemary and Dixie McNew, Tipton; Doris Lineberry, Noblesville. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Steve Letsinger, Tipton, girl, 3:38 a.m., November 6. WEDNESDAY MEETING Homemakers Home Demonstration club will meet Wednesday at 1:30 p. m. at the home; of Mrs. June Mitchell, north-! west of Windfall. Mrs. Evelyn Bolinger will be assisting hostess. • . •" ' NEAR TOP KATMANDU, Nepal (UPI)— Six members of a British mountain climbing team are within 1,500 feet of the summit in their attempt to scale the Himalayan peak of Gaurishank- ar, it-was reported today. The peak is 23,440 feet above sea level. The British team is led by Donald Whillans and supported by the Mt. Everest Foundation. WINDFALL Mrs. Amy Ryan, of Crewe, England has returned home after spending the past few months with her' daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Ford.. Mr. and Mrs. Kent Sanders and son, Todd, of -Muncie were Sunday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sloan and family. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Plummer and daughters were weekend guests of her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Posey, of Bronson, Mich. Robert Lee, a teacher in Windfall highVjschool, was a weekend guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lee, of Bedford. Luther Says: 6 • U-2 CAN BE A COUPON CLIPPER AT, i7 AT -\TT7 ^ra^ FALVEYS DIANA JAMES PAMELA DARREN-TIFFIN DOUG . J0AN1E McCLURE-SOMMERS •^-w.s^ SET I Tonight & Sat Matinee Sat. Starting 2 p.m. PLUS THIS ADDED ATTRACTION! "Come Fly My Kite" STARRING THE LITTLE .RASCALS com SUN/&MON. Continued show Sunday Starting at 2 p.m. When it came to men—or money—she's the richest girl in town. Sandra Dee Is romanced by the two new singing sensations, Robert Ooulet and Andy Williams. SANDRA DEE ROBERT GOOLET ANDY WILLIAMS .MAURICE CHEVALIER n pup bum ' IN COLOR HI Rather Be Rich- TUES.&WED. A Techrdcolof comedy seasoned -with murder, land above all, ENTERTAINING! BUT "

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