Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 4, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1907
Page 1
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VOL. IX. X6. 409. Whole >o. 6*;«. ErOHT PA6E& IOL\, KAVSAS, OCTOBER i. 1««7.~FHID.\Y EVENING. EIGHT PAGES. PRICE TWO CEprl. f THE LAWYERS BANQUET FIFTH AWt'AL EVENT AT ODD FELIOWS HAI.I- LAST NIGHT. A PROGRAM OF 6000 TOASTS nABRISTERS EMEllTAINED THE GFESTS 1 >ITH <;Oni> SPF.CHES. Menu Wan Eiahoratf—Oc('a»*ian Was .V«is(, Jlolljrlili'ul- Fii'ly ' I'r»*sciil. With a siitnpi :s l);!iuiiK't rtnfl a rich program <>r tuaHis ilic Kifili Annual Hanquot <if ihf AlliMi (•<iiiii 'y Uar A^sociMiiOn was atK -uded !<> about fifty i ..f.;il.- wn .s l :t^l night ai tln^ r. (J. i). I", (lall. \Vliil<' a niimh.T of ihf ii ;'ialii rs i.r iln- :IK soflarion wrr<> iiiiri \oi <!:itiiv udjt 'iit, I lie occasion was mif of I'.M- ^l|l•<'^•ss• In thf hisioiy i>!' 'I.*- <ii/;i'.ii/:il.<iii. TliorP was n<ti liill iiiiiiii'ni li-.mi ihp tinip TuasULiisH". rhri.i Uiiivr callPil ih'' tifmtiiTK til onliT. nntU ih< ••vent broke vi-)) ai a lau- hour. Tiio foast was V(>i-y ihiliiiratt' ami lh l:nlios o) tin" Mi'lV.'iitisi i;insi'i')),n) phurch \vh (i sf-rvfil li ilIil wi -ll. 'I 'hi prriRram was .'nHTliiiiiin 'j and in siruotlv. Attfii'iiiy Chris ltiii<i-. iln- r«'UrinK pn ^siiii -ni (if iln' Alh -ii CiHiiiiy Bar was (oasrrHasi<>r. .Mr-. IJidi-r .-.1: u rtplivored an lntoi -.-sii ;;K ai'.iln^ss nn fh»» "Rihlo.s of- i)i<- Prof •^^•|oll.•• wliii-'n follows ill p 'lri: You will Ph-.-rv.' Iiy fi.ii.-iii;:i'?' tin fili -R of rli"'> :ii'!iciii liii iri:il lonitlii that 'lliis is tl (i' lifili .•iniiii:il haiiipi. r 'if th<' AUon Cotiiiiy U:ir .\s-i.<:atifin. ThPro we(-o lawyi -'rs Iwri' iM 'fnr-' tli: timp ilif^ Har arftnin-l tin' '<anqii't habit hut thf -y had not hocamo siif- ficionily rivHizo'l to appear in ptihiif. With rare f(M »''sis .'i" ilip niaic ^r,-; of • tho cotistitjition and l)'-!aws nf th" -Association providf»d that oniy af'or f^ati.^fyinK the npp -titr by s 'lch a fwd as thi?. aro tho .-npooh inaU.r-: por inittPd lo ply, rh.-ir falling and try out thr-ir Plofiucnoi' on thi -ir inof- fondlUK broiliprn: a wiso im \ i .>.i <-iii. Othrrwi?*^ the rav:icos of liinic T miphf nroii.'so thf> tr >in ;>f'r of tli.- S |i'"ali<=r.-; to llw point. :iiiain '-d in th-- f;ial of 2x1 arlifiiis in jiistii<>'; <-'imi.- and dirt' ro = uUs woiihl follc.wi Thorp i.^ nonp prosfnt wh.-r rat. IjBPP his liiifapp u> 11H- union (rf nuUf Oransatan-r and M-idani Ch'/npan/..'! lint perhaps wo are a!) • "f-d tha" man ha.« worUed his tedioii!; way ilirouKh the aprs fioi.i i'..-ii.-e, ahjt'n. primitive .<;avaspry •<> «-,\alte.l po i-ition of a place ;r. iti. e iahli-s. Somewhere alunc t 'l^' iif .e. in ojieiii enoe to a nattiral lav. i.-eoun'iz-"! the world over, n cla -s of men iiee .mie isolated from the ^in-^nt mass. i )i -(;iii«e '•'f iheir snpert «r 'ni'iiml eudounient;;. To this das.': paii!'- iho-i' ! ss by Dame N'at'ure. with their differ- Miers a nd iiiimii'••i .-landines au' thus the eniliryo fioni wliirh ihe f'riiiri:; were evolved r:mie Into Iwin?. Persons with differ'nres so.-in learn ed that others: of the ment ^iily favored rlar.s CO'lld more >;;.illfulU- jireser.' ilie farts nnnii wh^eh t!,e ;r ^rii-vanee.-: wrre founded than ihey tjuni'^elv;'.-: eoiild. atid an aiipeali 'd lo 'Leni foi .•:s ^ist3n ('e. .Vnd thus lawvers were l .r):i ::;hl into e \i .--,ienee. h did no; lake 16112, iiy ilie |ir <ie.'--s nf la-ntal evoltiHon. to dis /ov /'V t),-ii ii was Joinc -tiines as iint>onan' u^ led) ilic det ;illf of an • adv<T"ar\\ rrni'e!-.! ion from reaehins tln' e;ir of IIP' nildli -r a,< ft w .'.K to tiritlL' out s-.'c'' d '>t:ili- iiitli - side Iipjii:; lir '-«c>ni <d. Now !t Inn^-l be liorne in uiin .l that ii had only bef.n a few Jnnidred ilioii Faiid vi-yrs ^ iiK'"' 'h" :^n(•l •^'llrs tif ihesi* same ment :il prfid 'LJie • wip- pvitnitive savaj;.-. with':;)! ih • •-•••Itisii institjel of tlie hriiif aitVi ...oii:<' of rlie e \ii)nini: •••f ilie'i ,iort -i -i ftii^i pronmt- er:' Tney sooii i :i :id" ii iiiipap lit ilia- spme sort of 1-111 ti )!in=^- lie pi); on the--- I'liddiiip and devi lojiii ^jf' iin'Mi .-i''.s or the l )Usin :-ss- w<iiiM so'.n. Ir<. ((• ,i I-.Ae .l liv its own vot .-irii .•\nd lllMS tie it 'i l^'/it Ijliifi'-'.- iOi) (y rule .-(tjii . <.;,ii;_|,*' I.. " I ol the s-'.t>-t;i " ^« .Mi ihe .-e tlilii;;.- in-.o-i.'ed .-lUtheii'ic history for e\.-;i -v))! i.y. •-•iva:!- irihe of times ain -ieiif. ur . inoia -riL have ihe moral si ii^.- -jli'f/il.ip.-ii ii? .some («e, Xiid '••n'T ui lii 'ira^ sense crow.-; tin- i 'i:;,Vi!: •.Thcv ar-' illterdeiii 'lldellt. TIjere. i- no s |i>-i- :• ^:'.- f .-.-i'i;! t.-d :.iid aeeepiMii i-ode of >i!iies.. Sneri a T'lle 'VinJij no! oblii/i - liin r':isiiii that in tl|-> sreat nei '.i ii H'le .-,-ir li'iniaiiity that over nii:s tl arf -i ili. re ar>' no two exuciry a! 1;<'; ' •^;o;;i' wl .osi- siandard is the •^ami- av.Mn'u'Ii .'r?. nut there are ••'•rtain-. broiid nih 's that rover th"> eonrinon ^Croninl o <'ei|. p.f<l by all wi-II onlered ii.-nii':.- who have aitaiiKv} the .:i i;rief.iofi <.f .Ml.,.' nev.s at IJW . It is to ihe .se ;:e !).-!;il j -'til .s wo look for both i>rinrij )ie and pr redeiit when earrvln? on the battle for snnreniacy In the Toiirt-s and in oij)- oflirep. To in.siire beinf; :-0!ii :lr* by persons havinp: business that reqijired a lawyer it is neco.s.saty thai.; the lawyer hav<» an ofllr?; n leral doniirde. within the walls of wdi'i -h .every whisper of both, rllent atTil lawxer niii-st bo sacredly Ruarjlpd lest ifss adversary mieblknow (h<> plans, aic! the viiUar piibilc ])i(Rht <Iovoiir tlie^-prlvat? history of tJjP lives jrfjrour' clients. And in order t|iat >-oit mar bc;«lwa.vs rcadj- to do th<i work nr4tioK^;|ieedInf! UIA aerrfee o^ k' gjooili^wyef'^-m well as do tte o(iiar tenjiifr yott; amat ealtl> vaie ibe habi of fixed ofllee bour."! and be thei -e du.-ln;; thein. If th :i: were all there is to the lalKir of a lawyer in jir<^')iariiiK and trying a law salt tliere would bj iiineh merit in the conipiaini of the man who pay.* the fee. It is only when we eonsiUer the long •• year .s of preparation and waitins; the mental awny while waii- JnR for th? Court to overrnle the defendant's demurrer to the evidence and the heart fhnmp.s of dread when the bailiff announces that the jurors have reached a venlitt that we con- clud? that even though the fees were doubled the pay would not he loo mnch. Fee.s are not based npoti what thoj lawyer gives but on what the elieni" receives—or what ho would lune i-i- ceiv .'il if the jtir>- had tiot i;,oiie wron?. I'.ii; I donbt whether Ihe lawyer alwavs fully realizes that principle. I once ktiew a man who|had been pract'einK law a Ihird of a century ami Ike .-ill sood lawyers, was poor. One jlay at a p'rhic he was Inlrodiic- .•.1 to a siranK-r who c'vllly Inquir- .rt bis vocation. "I sell lirilns. sir." i-,pl ..^d the lawyer. '•Well," remarR- cil an acipiainianee, "J always -wond- ert-.i wha! kept .IOIKS SO cinfounded pnr,i-. lint now I know." It.-ic . Miiiiiwhi tl- at ill-- dawn of bniii .-iii I'-ii -.dii. when soiin- iii-aiiis b-- i-iiii" iiidow.i with Ihe lij ;hi of per- (•••iitioi and iiiirlrrstaiidinK in ailvimre of ;r'd lo a hiiiher decree (tian l)i >ir lil '.ri-.'. -. ihi' tiieiiially stroiiL' lieL 'an lo ' donilii -111 ovi-r the w <a'; and Ihe ;-iio!/ I.I \Vb. II l :iii ;.'iia>;e (•.•ime it fr :ii.,il nl! ilii- Miio Wolds, ain! • It- •• • I, :. Tii 'iniiv lli.'it doth hedne Monii .l :i Kliii!" I .i'r.'iliie Mild i; a rec ,..| iiini-iiile which fin.'^ e\|iri'ss Ml •' th - i .-siiict ili ;il .'iIwavT and . .'1:1 K: liM'ii to the ('mil I". It "all > '1 !ioi wl 'ii i- oil the lii-iir -h or 'V ' ' ai ••.iii'-'i-' i-f li.e eli-ciora'i' or • Mill I ilir iT'-idiiii III- wa< i -hvat- .1 ii.- i .'.s :ii ..ii etioi--? iMir .Tl • and !!•.• • ibl'i.u,.!. Ilial h<- IK- I >- Il'vt •1 if iii<' «.;iii'(> il.-L'r •!• a.s ill'- iiiosi 'lai- . I ;ii,d wi ^'Si we .-iref of, lie <T- 'nine. he should make a nti.siake and not got Ilii- book bi'si adapted to his nei-Us, tiie mistake JK U fatal one, an appeal to li..' .'^ll|>|-elne t'oiirt to i-orreet the error will not lie. So you can see the nece.ssily of exercisHiK care, Ijiw books are a necessity in the professional life of every lawyer, with jthe e.vception of one. Mr. O'-IWady. He had not. built ui) such a lar^e library that it rcijiiii-ed four or five I'oonis I.nt'd With bixik to contain his hooks. In fact, his library cons sled of bin one iuwiU, that lieins an old out of date volume of the stat- nt,»s. .-V prospective client cam- into his <iflic<' lo consult him ubotic a very itujiarianl case, .\fter talkinR awhile, the pros|iective client ventured to r.-iiiark. ".Mr. O'Grady. 1 notice you don'i lia\e as e.xreni.ive a lil.'iary .-is Miiiii- of ti)e lawy;-rs do." lo which .Mr. O'lii-.idy rei)l;ed; " .Voo. uoo. I don 't liai.- ilie l>i>ok&. I know ihe law, bni tliiiii iliat don't know Ihe law iiade Ihe books to Jcarn what the iiiw is." It is hardly necessary for ine to add that Mr. O'iltady did liot jiraci ce law in the Tliiriy-Sevenlh .Indiciai District of tb' State of Kansas, for we have learned from long .years of ex- perlenre r ,iat no matter how well we may know ibe law, we need the books to i"oir.'in<-e His lloaor, .fndire Foil;i, whai the law is. 1! .-.iii .se one of his chlblren took .-.uid -Illy iH about TSirt o'clock. .1. R. .Mil '.r was unable to be preseni, but sent : is adiire^.'-- on "The Lawyer and ^His r.o .ik .s." It was read by \i. K. ' Cnlli-on. It follows in jiari; I' o -cars to 111.' that the conitninec tiliid-' a v.'ry serious mistake in wo)-d in;' ;i !•. topic. Thi-y ri'Verse ihe order ii> iliiji.u.--. lef^rril!:; to tin- law><-i- I.. I'.ii.- 111.' books, while all l;no\v Ml .-ii !.ool;.s ^ho:lId ;i!\\:i\< IK- lii -fori- ,.i.v>er. Ih :lie law books We ri>:id ihiltRS liiat »vMr.- writi.-n c-nturies a«o. all of w)!i<-:i .-lie e>seiiiial in the maki«K of laiv (.•;•. so wiihont liu- no.•.l.^ there woiiM !)<• no .cr- Htiic ( ;t:. .iiiiir till- liok- lire old-r than the lav.-yci-s. bar. with Ihe pussibl.' .-.'.ceii 'I D t' .' ii>y a -eil and esr.'.-nie.i fr;end Hob, .. .McMillen. oilier reason -tvhy th.' eomiiiitte >Iioi .1 have Eiveii ibe books llie jiref er.-i (••- is il .-ii ill rea^onins fion, c.;i|. • :o i-II»<-t, the books ai.- Hi. caij." tJii- lav. vers the ••fleet. we must cithei- waive tlie commit;.'-.- iii;stak.'' or fib- a moiion t.i liave the - iibj .'ct of this action re formed to (Onforiii to ihe Inieiitiou of ti .e pariie.s. nm If His Hfinor. .Mr. flitl'r. who presides at iliis sitniif;. I'ie .-i...'. we will waive th.' .-nor and ))i-nf.Td to trial. Tl .i' fir-"t of action is 'Thf Law; I r." To define what the lawyei is Would be an endless ta.sK. and thf kiwv i'.^ b.'ttcr half could uii'Ioiibted i'y I. .11 ii.s more, about Ihe lawyer, ilnn lie ronl.l liirns'll. So I will mere ly : \. In- i-s till- one to whom p<-o|ib ;;.) to 1.;; ii;":r tr.iiibb -s. when they r • .:::iliie to ;:ei aiiyoii.' else in lis i.ii ,o llieiu. Hi' lisiens lo tlx-iii he- <ai;.-" of a i|.-liisioii; lie thinks In- wiir r .'c .-iv a fee f .ir it. iMt ii 'itie of the alliii-:i .ly iloiiars are |i ;is>-d lrc ;iii Human will hath uoiible to th.' Uiwyci liatli nothin;;. .\nd thus Is fill Ihe Millie pbra.^", "He that hullt !-iiii ^ball Ix' tiviii. :iiid .lM' ili ;il 11 .t i.oin him siiall In- taken , I .. u ili;it whicl) hi' hath." • ir ,;in of ii.iiibi,^ wiio ii:illi b*'')i i'llMc.'. irdls III.' lawyer be will • V, .;h hiiii in a f'-w days. The law-..i- |o<il:s about for sonieihiiiK in v\hi. .'I lo n!a!:e ;( >i)e ,)((>r.-iiidiili) ol tin- -:ni<.iji;' <d ;he client's ind.-iii. die-.-^.s to liin. v.b .i-'. ini--'l.-i,tally r< ;ir .'sents i)ii- ,-111 I ,1.11 ol III.- lawyer's l>' II" fails lo fim! .inyihiir- Mi ii" leav.s Ir^^ tillii-.' :iiii| lo .-1 bo.ik .^lo|-.'. aliil Ihiv V. bo f He:, 111 o ;,5b .1 \\ a • Tl, —tl.. mil'. .-iiii:i' 1 liiii:- io'i, I.. . ii.. lo our -••cniid i -ni • II:.- lyt-.!.-." ii~ iiort li> il; on tli.- I'll :ir.' oi!i. ill-. • • ol .-ic 1 .1 K'l'er 1 Looks, ja wyei-'.-- rovi 'led •/!..• I.oui..-. I!MI l.ial.'' ij;i a ! l.ia. . Wbal i> lo b.' iiior^ li a l ;i '.'.y-r llian a lli.rary, .'iiraill•n^• li.-r i.oii ::.) ..f Nil.:: s'n.U.-s ..f l.iw iOOi .\- liic loiii; liarreN'.I rifl-- ::ii.l fMe ;i-.-tv . kuiitiii;; kiiil." we;-., lo tin- earl.v lion-..-- wlio with th"' lainoiis Itaiilel Itooi. '. .-.'ttb-d up i.'ial ;;ri-.-it lerfi!.' ro-inr.y of l!ie .Mis^i ^^ip |pi. so i:- ih.' '.iw libr.iry i.i ibe I:iwy«-r II ;s hi.-, s oek in Had'-, bis i)ii|ii.'nieii|> of warf;.r.', U.s weapon of defeii.--.' hfs h 'avv .vieije ;iutis, his -:iii'ans of oh- tainiim a livelihoo.t. tie soiirc.' from which he draws streiii-'lh to defend the |.o.«iiii)ii he iak<'n in a law . nil. Ihe sworil with which he attacks the opposing counsel's poswion, and last but not it is a very imiiorf ant lactor in enuhllnc him to lm(>rr-:-.K a pM -.s|uctiv.' <-llenf with the belief Ihat he iiosses.s.'s .such on amount of li^Kal learninp;. that the rllent may af fonl to entrust to hliii o suit on nn account liivolvinp nliiciy-e pht rents. One of the greatest iirohletns «hui confronts a lawjer, concernhiR his fcooks is (ha 8«iect(on of (hem. It requires a Krest amount of thoiiKht md care In the seleetloa of bis books. It I-:. W. Myl.'r uav.- a M-bolarly lalk on "'rile Uiw.M-r in tio\i'riinient." Ii contains many advanc -d Ide-is whi<-h tJie hard liiinkiiii; ;illf.rneys of ihe day are forced lo rei-oKiik'e. .\li. .Myler said: I have a;I. -mi I to r-all attention I '-iis i .'ir in the luiefest manner pos .-;bJe lo ihe invaluable servic: s vvhicli the lawyer of Ihe past has r-ndered to ills f^ivernment. I do not nir'an to i --a III liii iiiai till' lecal ))rof-'.^r.iiin is siipi-r I.r in iKiint of pairioiism or loy al y Id all other piofri^slons. but 1 do loir .i .d that ill.' praclice .if his pro- f .'::=oii ftiV'-:i ihe lawy.-r a <-le,iri'i- In fi-^>ii lo (he -..oikiuR- of the human bean, a b" n.-r kiiowl dve of ihe mo lives that pi-iimpl lueti to act, than can 111' obtained in any other walk of life. "-Tl-.e employment of ihe law _\pr is pr.-eniiiiently one of trust an.l conti'I.'tic--." says Mr. Walker ".Men (.mie to ii 'm in their hours of trouble: net ^uch trouble as relisiou can ;;otace or medicine cure; but the troi:- b '.e iirisnt; from innocence -.icciised, coiifi.l "'iice iieri-ayd. repiitat;«in slandered, liberty assailed, proprrty in- vad.-.l. promises broken, the dome.i^tic relations vilated, or lif>' endanRcr -^d," anil < ah -rours out without reserve the i-oiiy of bis ilistr«-ss, and knows h s eoiili.leii ^e will never \if Wiiat a scliiwil in which to "study tli:' motives which prompt human activity, which move the human heart I I reii .'at therefore, as a ilirecr result of idncaiion and practice the lawyer i-^ e .-i|ie <-iallv fitted for lh.-> diit:<'S of of fical life, and particuiaily for the tunciioiiv of the Ie!:;islaiive and judicial branches of covei-nment. and in thes> de|>ann)ents he niii.ct ever occu ny a eonsp'cuoiis plac • History con- tiiiii- lb.- siatem.-nt ilKit f.'.iin th>< lili;. of li:e Uev.ibllioii . vi n lo thi- l.r.-s- 111 day tiie ini-iub -rs of our pro ii-ssi .iii li.-ive l .een our chief b-v.".slat or-. .Vn I in this d.-'i .-iriiin -nt lln' law \or has nia.le vood because, in rratii •ni,' new l ;iWN h • h.e: Ihe ,"jd >-aiila--'.- of l,;'0',viiirr vb:it exi^tl|lv- laws lon- taiti. an(i_ fiiriher. because he has scfv .'md siii.Iied hnnian character in all its v .-tr'e f p:..T .':e .s-. and so knows liillni- aiely the peojde for whom the laws .ire iii.Td • .Mr .\lyler closed with the.ce words: r<-llOW meinbrr.s of the Par, you se^ how i .-iTL'e and useful a place our pro- fi'ssi.'u has filled in the \,Ryt. I itave bri'f.v i -i'C'iinti'jI the iiifliiencesl and edue.iiion iliat fit the l.nwyer fo* the wide spbere fif ai-ilviiy tha! lifts iliil.-- fjir 1 iii ;::fred his powers. Lei the law.i r of ilie pre'ent ben.nre I st ilier. b<' a backwar.' .sleu. I.t-f the in .-|iir :itioii tha' eor-ies from the con teiMi.;;iii.,:i <,f ill.' i;fi' r,f :i .Icff-ison ;i M.'iirv. ;i Kent, a Webster, keep e \-ir I.efor.' oiir iiilnils tha' hiuh of In.nor. of Viy.-illy, o' palrioii.,in thai iiiai.'.- their liv.-, ilbi-^triou.-. W.- •-lioii'.l ii ;it. i-d bi' Sli .ili '.'e /•-eallire... if .Ill n..i i:ik.- pv:'<' in t !i .'^-icli bi-ril;i::.' that i:, ours. Itiit b-t lut re 'iieiiii r ihat a de;;r <'e of '-.-'-ponsI- ity (irce in pronori'on is a part of lint heriiape. The 'pirit of r.iiuinev- <-!::'! :.) that is runtiini." riot w'lli ;J I't' s- eveiy branch of human .•tct'>.ti' i 1 1 n-ckint,' i.Mi .ily r-t ihe .!...,.• .,f mi,- iir..f. -.-i ..ii. (i -.vovilil lie til lir- , 'Tien the .'.,'.r ai!.| .i ..:ii in ib.- I'. .'..I -..Ma'i,! le for i'.' alinulilv, .Pi'- 'ai- .1 s.-ll oie- l.ii-tj,;-i:;l ( f .,r ;i ni-s:: 'I 1 ."a'.ie! l!;il fiiib lliiu-.' eannot I'l -I \'."tli ;h.' li ^iii of i .,-i.--i :i .'hii 'W' meiils bt-amiii'.: full in our fa.-, s .•md Uill; •' future lli-_' Willi III- i.;.. |„-i-k. oo 'u- 11^ ii 'u\ai'.l il .-i-i !• 111-.- i- iuip'.:- -•it .I.- I J .;n,. full confideiic- ibat 'h»- I*.- i< -. a-i .l Par will i-.-en uiirnu ii tii. 'iuli -':iadari| beoii'-alhe.! lo rn .-ni b\ tl -.-ir nrc 'ri-t'ssor.-. and that fiitun- .rie- rV.i-; 'ii vcanninp th • ?ifs ('.;-v or this ".erio.i will find that sia-^'ard i"-e ; ,r. w !ii;,. i.iiime of Tb-nrv of N'av "irh borni' alrtft abfi -,e I'le hfadv "if '!.•' -.inliiiiid.-. Ie:i|l/:t' 'ii lli.> way of • .-a.' •,;i .o<l .,r.l f and Kof-.l •;riv.-rii tiif 111. Tr vjs Mor .se advriiiced n:nny Ideas •m •"'''..' P.readth of th"" Profession." .\ iif •• • of his remarks follow: "i>iori.'ally. we tiiiH thai as n>''>ti I.n'T- to asco< (t >,in]..;,.ii-f .c lo- ••'pilu - ti.(.ir t-iw>! u'C'*'* riub's d>'--- rf -rii t.-d and life IPicrtv ;i»><l rich* nf »•-inertV set at n-if-'ht. There i"; •ir .iiii i.) histnrv to '.car out the Idft of :• f:fil.«en .^Le On Ihe eonlrirv —e r, .,1 iluit tlie PrsI ni'.'l liO'" ''lie V 'ir '.t tmirdei'."' 'In' second. The" •••ht r- il'-l •'. I., ri /i.l rt .v»'l''i n-^f- nrn to ff*nd of dreiinin?. and nbout •pti'"'- Ph"o';op»i'»-« l .ive to ptie'ul.i'e hcln > ' ^'A^ The worW "inU —nr ruthe- fell from the trates of Eden in»" the abyss of anarcby. Then was all f .aw embodied iu ib»: tme brief line ".Mi;.'lit is Uierht." This simple but di 'i-adful <-ode was at once, the lowest ilebth of dei .'red:iti<»n. iiml tbe jlrst lirm step in ihe ascent lo civiii/.ation. It wa.. then that men t.ciraii to associate iheni.selve.s together in oider to avail Ilie bctiefils. and avoid ih ?"-ev;!s of this rule. .New rules and reKiila- lions were of uece.ssity, adoiited in accord with the ever wants of this new society; lew at first, in- creasin.i; v.-ith its increase: until they iieeame many and con/iictiiij;; causing differences nnioiiK Its members. .-Vs an appeal to the fiindaniehtal rule-of nii;:hi. alw.-iy.s jirodncpd diisasier to the individual and endan.sipred the exist.-nee of Ihe .societ.v iiselt", they refi'ireif He- tlispiile to their Klder.s: and ihii .s our tii 'st Judiciary had its ori-jiii. These rules and ijie decisions continued lo iiiulii |<ly iiniil an iin- leariied member could not state his own ease, much b know on what rule or decision to rely for the eii- for»-eii)i -iii of iii.s riRlits or ihe i -cdre-.s of his wroims. So he was ioM-ed lo employ .-,01111' one niore learned ih:iti hiiu -eli'. III defend bis ril ;bI^. and seek ledri -s for bis Wi-o ;ms. Those so em- idoj -ed. were ihe lir .sl pr .i .'iitbi .'iers of ihe profe- .ion. '/'is iliiis ib .it our professioii hail il.: orinin aw:'y down air ...ii;'; the very fourid.ilion-. of :,o- ciely; ,'i !.il it h ;is KrfiWn with ..ic'.eii,', ^;ro',irh ,iiid : ii -eaniberi .-d with iis sirfuriih. luiii! now the |irofe.ssiiiu has rea.-lied ils pr.'s.'nt inaKllificelit de- velopiiieni iu the Allen I'.uiniy liur a .-LLichilifin lieic asseiubb 'd. lis lireadth ititelleeiually. iiiiisl ie :iili to every ilioiijihl and aspirfilion I; iiiii: I be iil 'i '.-.enl al the accoinplish- 111.'1)1 of every ai'hlcvemeiii. li iiiusi' ri ':n-li ills liiu'h.-: I IhoiiKhl. .'iinl iilasler his .-v .r\ Kci.-nct-. It musl analyze his i-'.i-r\ impulse in the darki'ued rei -ess- e- m 111 , soul, for Ibe motives which hidib II ibeie. hatch into subib -si action. The Ki '-at. Mii -ievpful lawyer niii .-.i know ni;.ii in all his vas'i -'-ries, in :ill his i.ii.i. vni -rr>' ic- : tivusi know liiiii ai bi hii ;lii-.-i btT ^I: iiiUsi loiuiii.'- hi till liini fully at his |. I\M-.I worst .\s a din -ior si'ldie.s disease, so musl we study and. ma :-:tpr mind. It seems to me thai ii '-xt to ihc siru;;'4le after compr.'h <-i'..:ion of <!<>d'.i iiidniiv-. the riolil.--;! siiidy under he.-tveii is man's stu'iv of the 'isychoIo 'Mcal .'ntity. man. . Irs lircaiph in propheey i-eachcs far into fiiiiriiy M'heu ihe (Jr .nt .\npel I'.aiif of the (.'ourt o;' Hoavea shall lejially dei^iare that time is no more our .successors of (his associaiion ivilj be there lo try to see that our liib 'S .-111' (I'-ar to tu .'iusioiis In tin- .-•ki< •:. . .\. F. Pint-' lice g.-ive a_very able address on the -Sensible .Inror." Mr. Florence was esiiecially stronc in bis delivery. The .-ss in pan fol h iws: There is a slrikitl?r difference he- •wi-t-n Ihe I 'orin rif ancient and tnoderii irials in civil I 'lattCrs. .\ disiiii^itish- e.l cliariicieri.->i ic of the verdict is the refiuisiie unanimity of the jiiror .s. In -incieai limes it was wiiliin ihe power )f the jud^e. when ihere was a di \is- ion anion;; the jurymen, to afforce the .\ssi /.e, ihat is lo dismiss the minority and lo s 'lbsliiiiti' new jurors coiiliiiii- ally uniil an iinanimous d.-ci .iion of twelvi' pei -sons w :is oht.niui .'d. .-'i it; -.Ideii limes jud.miients wen' f.fieii tak r-u according; to the voice of ilw iiia- joriiy. The institution of :i jury i»re- •:enls a decided advanlaije over every other judi.-ial meihod of itivesii^atin!: facts, princip.illy on account of its publicity, and of the pariicipaiion it. the administration ' of justice, info which the country at lar .;;c is ihereby admitted. .\ow lie m.ny well be ihoiiphi a per- .soii of incoii-^iderabb' inieresi. and of less application, who. from the uross of mankind and all his acipialntances c :inno' fiiul iwo. so ricvoid of coii- scieiiie .-md all f;iilh. who, ;hroii:;h fi-ir inclination. aff .-.Mion. or for a bribi , v.ill tiiii b.' ready to paiiisay the iruih .-so thai 'In- ]i:ii-ty to make •,'ood his can.-.', is ai libcriv in |i;-o- diic.' two ot su <h a M.itiip; and if the oiher h:id evi r so niuih tiiiiid to ob- I a'J ;;;ins, Ihem. or llu -ir .-viilelirc. it will noi .liways liapi 'en that ihi-y vuit bf kaov .'u by ilie party di -fi-nd .iui in the ci .ii.-i-. in- oidei- to tall into i |ui-;'i.)ii ihiir li!".- nii'l (-onv.-rs .'ition. iii .ii. :. - p.-.' oiis ol a pv.'illi'jaie iliar- a <-ii 'r ihev inivii! bi- i jus-, i .'-amini-l: upon wbii -'.i accoun; ihi-iv .-vidi -iice nn:;ii: be : ii asid.': and, set -iiiu* ihe .'r evabiKe i- i,i till- arfivimit '.ve, il i.; Vio' -.1 c .ipiii.Ii- of bi -inp oM -rtlirow !i. by •ii -t -iiius'aiii 'c - or .-iii.' oib-r ind;-,-.-i-i :.i..or. Who ii.-n c.iii liv.' ^.•.•ill :ly. Aiib ',»--;i»';-i -f. bis Ur.* Ol- I 'siat.-. un- b -r > ii -b .-: l;-u- v, !iii-b i^ so iiii.i-li In fa\or of aiiv on.- \\b *i ba-- A mind iti do I 'li.s. (li.-f •' .\.i.| ulial I-.'.o « ick.'d -,'. 1 .lib.', bav.- u-u:in.v so Pui.- cail- lioli .IS not lo foilii I'l Ibi 'tn-'i -lvcs l ,e- 'o-.' hand a p .-rfen >toi -.v ..r li-..- f ,u-i ib.jii; •.'. bii -li lb.-..' an- ti> l .'-eify. with •v >-r\ iiiinui." <-ii -i iiiiisiaiic .-s ufti -iidiiK: ir. as if ilii -y h .id bi -.-n true .md real. I.ik .'Wi.,.- il i.- oiiiv the sensible iuroi. by Ills jiid -'nieui d.-ci -itu) Ininor .ind aiiidin;: conviiiioii in the merit of ihe coin loversv. detides iliai conira- vprsliv as his i -oii .si :<-nc.- may diciaie. and beiun ;i of nn (|ue .s >ionable honor and Iniesrity. he is at on, e looked upon as the leader, and what he says and what he dors, in explanation of all the incidents atid circum- ^lanc*'.-* leadiiiK np to ihe 'matter con- lainc-J In the fiction, comes with su;.'h iioldness and frankness and with such honesty of pnrjMise as to convince hose ihai are less attentive, and upain take if .von will, the one least •'xpecied lo p.iy the attention in the ininu,!' details as ilicy are rebited. and vet .xoii would he surprised to know thai just one lillP' fact which had a|i- parenily escaped the mind of all others, was .securely ItKipcd in the hrain of this oni' supiKised, Indifferent, and 'hoiipht'ess juror, would, be the proper kiieadiiip. add to Ihe leaven that •m.ide Ihe whole rise to a sen.'-e of proper determination. To know a Jury la an acrompll.'»h- ment (bat no man potwettfics. You may b« a Judge of human nature, cap- THE WEATHER. FortK-aHl for Kfln.<<as—Fair toui'ebt and Saturday. Data recorded at local office, 1'. R. Weather Piireaii. yesterday, today and a year ."HRO. Yesterday, Yr. A.^o i p. ni. to 7.") 1 p. m i;7 71 0 p. m ci; Grt S p. m I'.t". -iS 10 p. m 1,0 .".( 12 midnight ... .".!! .. 1 -Max, Temp. ... t;>i 7t! .Min. Ten)|) r.'i •ir, Precip. 7 p. in. ... .17 0 Today, Vr. .\KO 2 !i. in .-,11 :.s, -1 a. 111. ........ t;ri u'.l i» ,1. Ill .•.!» TiS a. Ill :,>i ii:; lu a. in i;.'. —'. 12 noon r.i; S'l Precip. 7 a. in. .. fi 11 TIIE MARKET.S, Kansas City, Oct. I,—faitle. re- ceipis 7,n'"i. ineliidin.? auu. .Sieady. .Native steers .^'..uufi 7.U'): soiilhcm steers $i'..2 .">'<r 1.2-".; southern cows |2.104«."!.Pt; native cows and heifers $->.i'u)'i'i 1,7.",;"-kers iiiiiI feeder,-;, $:(.'ift '^•.".,20: bulls $2 .r .M«)::.7.'.; calv.^s sr .iio 'ff»;.i»i»; v'.e.-iern siei-r", | l.(»i)''.7 iLOu; wesl.rii .ows J2.10/7('l.fiO. Hoss--Kecelpis tl.iibb. Sr.-ady. |!u!k liMiii*/t;.2n: he-ivy Sd.tiuif/lu: pack- er.s Ji". (Ki'fi ::.'JU: pi<r,.^ and li:;hi $ able to some cMctit of jiid;riii£; the. dilT. i-.iil channels In which llu'ir mind,-, may follow. Von may jiidKe their teni|icrameiits, their likes and dislikes, bill the verdiet of ilini jury will be an unknown (jiianiity. and he wlio may s"',>iii to be the most favorable lo .voiir cause, may he ant.-iponi.s- tie to every proposition or fa-i upon which you may hope lo recover. Hut .'lil ill all, the jury, court iiud bar make .•! distln.txui .bed asseiiibi;., who.^e iiioliv.- should lie lo aduiillisii'i' jii.,- lice lo one an da!l alike. Iml tlu' zealous, vigorous lawyer, when he has in- lellise'itly submitted all to ibe sensible .iury. althoiipll the verdict ma.\ be contrary to his desires, yet he niiisi remember ihat it is their verdict, and should be his. for they look upon the f|uesiion from twelve different views and twelve dilTereni pairs of eyc-i, unless by chance one should be shy I.i ihc [iHir. and wiih the one window of lisht reads the handwriting on the wall, which forever settles the (-as.-, lihf-.-iy or life of an accused. M ATI SKI: AT THE CR.VNU. Rohlusoii Slock ('Aniiiany Will Play Tomorrow Ailcrnnon. The Robinson Stock Co. will put on the f rsi matinee of the s?i>ason tomorrow afternoon at the Oranil theatre, when they will preseni ".Married I-if.'." The curtniii will be run.? ni» ai 2:::0 o'clock. The bill which if lo he produced is a comed.v that is said to he a scream from ".be start to the finish. Th«' company will produce a^ain toiiiKi'il the four act iiieiodrama, ".A lame of l.if."" which ha-? pleas.-d Vo iiian.s lar^e houses this se.isou. DROVK HIMUS INTO CANADA. .Moll in IVasliintdoii Tonn Ohierleil to Tlieir Prescute. Spokane. Wash.. Oct. 1,—At Dan .;;ie. W,T.-,h., last nlKhi an aiii;:-y mob drove a small party of Hindus across the line into Canada, sendinp a show- i -r of niisseles .after them. The sho' was disc.'tiru.'d a( the trespassers hn< none Were injured, and it is believed that Ihe Hindus had founil sin lier in cabin at Danville following' tln-ir es-- ;ipe from C'ana'ia. WIIITK l»AMA<ii: TASF. 0\. Siiin-j Cily of lolu for Aliened .Misrep- • rc^enlation. The Case nC .1. A. While v--. ihe ri^y of loia is to come iiii in disiriii conn this afiernoon. Mr. Whiie built tin Vine .-triet piiiiipin.u plani. Ii is Mr \Vliit '-'s i -onii -ii!ioii thai ii v .a.-; i.-pre ;.eili .-f to him that he woii/.i not b. irii-!l.l:-d with wa'i-r wliich l;.- says wa.-- not the ca .-.e. He a'sti s.ivs oiher eo !)d."ioj)s wei.- .-iii .'d ii- bin Me su.-s foi ST nun. T'l.- c .-:st- II.I ^ be.-11 in c.iiiir for .• lin.e Mr \iliiii [-j' in hisi .-vi ai:.'- THK I>IVOI:('K case of .Mis. I.i .la Kdiniiiids Vs. .Iose|ib l-".dinfi.|ds i- If. (-oiiii- 11)1 iu disi.iit cr.iirf ths .ifiei-- iiooii. .Mrs. r.diiioin!.- s :iskn-.' for ih.- di-e: .-.' cut I lie J: |-o ,:l, d.s ..r ali.'lll.l 'iU- Ul.-IH. FOUR HAVE THE FEVER ASK THE OLD BATUAST SPEECH Mp ( 3 CENT.M A .MII.E WHEN FARE IS PAID ON'TIJAIN. REQKESIOFTHE KAiiSAS ROi^DS PENAI.TV ON A SMDIXC SCALE IS PROPOSEII. Rllks Family WiW Hold no Funeral (her Remains of .tli .ss lilunrlie Dilk. P'cause four other members of the niks family in i!as City are lyine in a cri-'cal f-ondition with typhoid fever t'.'re will he no over the remains of Miss Ulancho Bilks, who died from the disease ihis morninK at o'clock. Miss UIlKs has been suf- fi-rinp with the dis?ase for several week:- as his hi r three brothers and father. The cmdit on of this family is iTiiide more pitiful because of thfV evtr'iue poverty. Th.-> comity has taken eharfie of the funeral of Miss niatiche the seventeen year old daiigh tei of Mr. anil Mrs. Pllks. who died 111:; inorninp. and will have to care for ih:^ ones who aro'sick If Hiey re- nmln sick much longer. Interment will he made In (he Tji Harpe cenie(cry tomorrow raornin?. Seflater Waal liK, U • Word. Ri'iilrnud Coiniiiissioners [lispo.sed to Favorably Regard Pi«|io>i(ion— Pa>.senRcrs Mould .Make It ii Ptiliit lo Buy Tickel-.. To!.eka, Oct. 4.—The railroads today withdrew their r.-tiuesi to the state board of railroa.l -coKiinis- sioners (or permission for a cb ,-irf,'i of three .-•I'liis per mile of pas .-n .ccer. who fail to buy tickets, it is ;.ssuiii».-.| roads intend to i-har^j.' r.nis. Topeka, Kas., Oct. All m tin railroads in .ipiM-art'! .v.-,..-r day afti-riiooti tiy their aitomeys b,- fore 111.- stale board of li.ili.iad com ii)ission<'rH and askt -il le.-m- to i-li:irK( cents |ier mile to pa.ssen.^i-rs win btiard a train in the stale v. iileiui tickel. tr. become elTeciive oii .Saiui day wlieii the 2-i-ent onb-r i '..,es inn force. If cents v.-oii!il be .-i h:iril.shij to passi -UKers who traveled a loni- distance, ihe railroads sutr :^i>,-ieil at additional r.i( cents above 2 t-enls a mile lo persons poinK luii mile:^ o; more, 2.1 cents addiiinnal lor fifi.', miles anil .Trad'- ijown fiirilirr in pro- poriio:i. This addiional cliar?"' tin railroads wish to consider in ib'- lishi of a I'eii.'iiiy chartcii ui> :if ;ai:i .--l jier- soas u ho fail t.i i»rovi<l.' tli.-ui.->eives Willi licke;:; b(-l'ore boarditi" a liaiii and the money ii not to he a rebuti to the pa.'^.-^-.-'n.sor but ^fc^es into thf trca :-:iiry of the railroad company. The raih'iad attorney .s ar.mic.l thrtt Willi the iiisiiliitioii of sueii a plan i' wouid be possible for conducttirs ti CoUeri ;i!l of the fares In the trait becausi- a passenirer w,)uld r .i.ber bu- a tk-ke; at a .station than to suO'er ihr extra charpe on the train. th- ureal mass of the peojile ii.ild 2 cent! 1 niile l"nr iransi.ortatioii, which liie- would do if the plan were cnfpri-el. : 4"nll aii'l accurate test coiild he had o' v/r.-r not open when a iiassenper op peared for a ticket the r.-iilroads would make due provisions for a re liiw). .After an afternoon of varied arsu nieiit on the matter with niiiie a few heated jiassaKes between raiiroad ant" he board's attorneys, the board, witl- Chairnian Kanavel absem. decided If take tlie matier under consideration When Kanavel conges to Topeka ; sion will be had and a deiisioi ;-p;\ched. .lust as the Ueurin-,; wa; .ilxiiit over it was pretty sir .onslj indicated tha' the railroads mi^ht pi iheaii and iuaki> the rule efl'oMive for • he time beiui; until the board lake >oii)e aciion. Coinmi.svioner Ryan was ia:her fav Diable to such a plan at the outser o: the hearinp. Attorney Crattan for th- board indicated that if the rul; wonhi be carried out Cor no other purposf 'han to in-otect therailroad a.sainsi mi«.~iny any fares because passengers paying; on trains coiisiinie tot much time of the conductor lo pivt hi man opixirtuniiy to make the fiil" roun.'.s and to aid in irstinp ihe 2 ctnt fare law he could not see an.'i treat objection to it -simiily 'n a lem. porary sense. Yet he advised rht board to make no order f -ar ;i few days :ii le;ist lo .pive th.' state at larpf mme opportunity fif bccomitip ac tptainied wiih the matter if the lioard •.hould feel inclineil to prai.i tilt' rcuue^i of the railroad.-. The- attorneys for liie d 'ffcT.-'iii rnrid- s- id that tbey w-iuld eousidei the inan'-r of aciim: up-iu their owr, 'li.tiative and would d.-f !de in a <^a> r t-.v,v. .Mr. •:; v;-.;-,)roii'-ty oppos i lb"' ar-iiiiieiil of ihe raiiifa.l at •.i).>s f.-o'i' tb" -stall :-.:-.l al time: ;:.-:s.. o.' words 'lef -aiiie very beat Tl'.^ .'?a;i;'' I-"'- put two c.f its eon :-iu-oi.; on ibe :-taed. V.'. H. Mc't-Ca." <;. ' .\. i:a .\.-.'i- (,[ K;u; ''i'... I!oi' ab! :i.;>r uilb i!.<- twfic .-n: f.ii'.- ',iir .iii,,!i aii.i I,'J .•idii.-'.l r ::t,-s. 'ha i pn <ii: --rs wer.' not 'm sen.- nifiii 1.1 r li,|-c..-,l lo bu.\ 1,'lirli.•!..-!.; at ih' laiio,;^ before boarding lU." Main? tl..- i.iili..iiib; -.oiilij I'!s.' bits of iiionev .•I no bi- ii.p abb- to pel evaci jia;. Iioiii TiOns who bi,a !'ii<-.! lb.- tr .'iii '•itoai liekets. Tecetsity for the rule Tli.-y saiil that a niau wiihout y 'f.-ket n.ipht twss s ;-veial stations lie- 'or.' i"')" conductor iv-aciird him. ani^ •..<n i-oiil.l say that he just pot oi •he tra r. and tho i.-ompany would therefore b? lo.ser. Ily penalizin.? peo tlie fiT not buyin--' ricket:s before gel tinp on the train and in that way jnak np all persons ticket holders, th' cr,)iiliictcrs could easilj- .pet through the trains and ipractical piiarantec would b? piven that the road pot fuP pay for the trans [tort a (ion of its pav senpers. 'i«<«^| .Itjdie W. R. Smith of the Santa Fc mil a little humor inttfethe sitiiatlop at fine point by sayinp. "you must have tickets for everythJnK now; why they even made ma pet a tlcke in a Kansas City ^saloon the other day t: 'e II drink." Tomorrow morn ng the ~ railroadH will filo their suit Jn tho Vnltefl .Stnie.s circiiJi court aeainst tho order of the hoard in cstablishinR a 2-C2ct 'R seu-er fara in Kansas. .\ iverman f-nt iniunctinn not applicable nntil •esllmcnv Is provided wUl be" askod PRESIDENT BOOSETEIT ^ IS W '; JirMPillS. TENN., TODAY. THE WATfRWAYS CONVENtlOli M .WEN OF MISSISSIPPI TAIXCT PLEAD FOR RlFfeK DEVELOPMENT Cily N f.'ay With Flags—The Fresf. dent to Leaye Soon for Hunt. Memphis, Tenn,, Oct: 4.—Thoilsands•„ .! of cirizeiis and visitors thronged the ' .streets of .Memphis today to do honor to President Roosevelt and many dis-' ;inpuished men who arc here' attend-' r i ;ip the second annual convention of: h.- Uikes to the Gulf Watemayn oda- ^ .eiitlon which met at the auditorinm : rink this niprninp. Never b«fat« Ui ' il- hisiory of .Memphis hs.<« -SWdl a C display of daps and Ibaniinl: >e.u ill evidence. The buildings} OD . < he p-incijiai sireet.s are a oiaaa of ; •olor. and jiictiires of President HooM ./--^ ill iiif .pi.iyedihroiiphout the city; -.fTha -3% lav oceaed with a downpoiir^of rafn ' : .ibi.-b showed no evidence of, abate- :^ •Di -'ji as lb.' mornlns advanced. Presl- . lent Icooseveli was scheduled to ar-~ - -J •ive by siennier from Cairo-at one It-lock, bill a message from Osceola. \ik.. ai nine;thirty said the stieamer ; .'' di .ssissjppi>=ed there onehoiir bcir . v Hind Ihe schhdiile. Preparations on in i -iieiisive, scale have been niade- iV.r Ili-, eniertjiinment. '• V I II. i.r.sideint and bla parfy-wUI be -i ake.i in <hai 'pe at (hfl 'sharf by a re- •eiiiion commit tee .audi driven-through he jirincipal business and residence ho:ou.irbfares to the auditorium rinjc. .vhere I're.sident Roosevelt will ad- 4 s lre:ss de;cpates !Ojha :£^U£^ayS ooh- ; -ciliiiin. Retarniat£3^^^nwiid,ent and- lis iauiiediaie party will Iward ji . i ipecia! train and .start for his proi- y'z losed liiiai i!i Lonisiaria. 4 President Roosevelt, according to , .'j he schedule, will begin the delivery • J'; of his address not later than two ; • i j'c.'oc;:. -Among the delegates to the — ,i ouveinion are the governorsjof six-i ' i-en .st.Me.s, Cnited Sfatfia senators. Uic, rcjiidp!^ uwle .r -aiw i-c*Hi -{iM-<^<«^ -rrTireseTn :iclvi^><V^IlflfWVf^iTrter .=i. . and <h^r. Ill- instniices" where—srattr .n.'^ •)romii>enf""men Trim vail sections bf i.e territory traversed by thelMIsslB- o.r.i in ft ira TrihiitnrTA«-* ' ^ •ilipi liver and its trlbntarles.'. n -fore Memphis was reached the si.iaiiK -r -Misijissippi carrying PreaK rieni Roosevelt, drew alongside uie steamer .Alton carrying the govemjors -ind th<> president invited CSovOTOr Kraniz of Oklahoma, and Oovenior Piirr.v. of New M it bim. I territoryn* the gov-i' I want the poverniof hat has become a "rnor of ihC: territoi 0 be.-ome a state, Co rida w-lth mei ••re-ilent RooseveH said. The preaij 'ent and his party arrived imthe hMtj '«r at .Memphis at tw^vebflf^. Theyj uimc <!iat3ly landed amid a-scroechfnc^ 1 whistles iitiA cheers of thbusahds- •f persons. thai is abont^ -r'-d TO REGFL.ITE .SALT PRICES. >aU Trust and Some JTamfacfirm UuTe CoaproBtUH. ; An understanding has been roadl-' i ^j ^l :d between the internatlonil Salt •ompbiiy, known as the Sal.i Truat, md ceriuin independent manflfaivtn^ ^ s| ers ili Regard;io regulating tb^ Intor^ •oui .-e of the- market for evapornt^it- ?al;. according to stateipeots inade to . veil iiiiormel quarters, said the Jonr ^'.f ^ nal of Commerce today. This actiait! .vas tak .-n. if- is said. In con«quen<» 'f^ of ill'.' higher cost of labor a^id sup- -,' )li:-.s. as wHl as because of tiie Otef- r-.-oili,< lion of- salt. _A:s the T«SUU <ii'-' 0M he uiKiersiandini; prices" repentljr. a\e b.en aiivanced Irom fifty cant* i;.f;ki o $1 per ton from tbe low fignres Pi*-' iSiS vailii!p a nionth ago when thi& sharp .f>-j| irice ciitiinp. was in progress. |nci- li -nt:- iy the policy of retreijchniient.V'>1<| :as bp~n inanpurated and -vartons " rrrs have reduced their working : i if.rci-;. : • U:V. HARKNESS LED SERTICE.^i|^ — • ' ? '• •-- -.'.:^-'^j?^ lolii nusiness College PnpILv Keud Interesting TuUu • ' V^i.^ U">. Ilarknfs.*, pastor of the Bast VI •(.'i:' ehiiich, had charge of the ch'apel xen-!.si-s at th3 io?a Business Cot'^; i<pe ibis morning. Rev. Hariaiess|^ Ni.ati -lcd fin the fact that there ar »,/i iiti.iired.s and hundreds of opportiml -is^' :ies for young men and wonaen-ba £4f Ji! tl e (ithsr hand there are hnndnds^,, ipon huudrcfls who are not r«%dy.;for-iv Me opfiortiinity. He empbasEiedthe i ^j tjjci tbutit' was the best thins- younj; man or woman could do. in tdt| nrcpare theiiiselves for the oppoetnnp/J itv. • • rsED nrfiGY WHII; OX MJL Cbart.f .Vade by Xr<. HeDle iHTlHwri iu D]Ter$« AHIM. f Mol'ie Withers brought- sttit? in iiHi-"- trict court iiodav L for-'dlvorde fron \Ym. Withers. The ooanle -w^a QSTr'' "ied iu m3, VOL Withers. J alle««i .t£i >-hat her husband Is guilty of "-ruelty toward her Acoordtai t «orv. about ihree month's. agQ 1 iaultcl her with a bufgy tkli •»l8o says that he freoueatlrf md threatei ^ad her.- Mrs.- a.sks for a decree nui a icre iraa ol land^.owned^:^ itnd bnslmnd, y -. •-'•v.^^^v -- •-" V^'-:"- I .ii -i .'i;-^>^' Men's IIndewr*ar-^at-^ftrV '" about halt; llUlbSiimii^X} 1

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