Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 13, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1908
Page 8
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fHB lOIiA BAILT SEfllSTEB, [MS. Mjss MANN FAINTS OT£BCOM£ WHEN SHE FACED AL- LEOED SLATES OF HEB SISTEB. BJTSURE OF HIS IDENTITY SATS MDtGLE ASD FABEEB ABE OJTE XSD THE S.UIE. QaesUoned Him Closelj—WIU Testify At Hearing W'hkh Occurs October li>Ui. Miss Daisy Mann of tbis city, left Stulday for Okfahoma Ciiy to identify Forrest Mingle, alias Harry Par ber, the alleged slayer of her sister, Mrs, Harry Pearson, and on meeting the prisoner face to face fainted. "When^she" revived she identified Par ker and questioned him closeb'- She •will remain there for the prelimin ary which occurs October 15th.'' None of the other members of the Mann family will attend the hearing, the State! believing their testimony un necessary to bind Parker over. A dispatch to the Kansas City Journal says: Oklahoma City, Ok.. Oct. 12.—Fainting twice as she stood facing tho man who once called at her house as a frlendi Daisy iMann, sister of thu Mrs, Harry Pearson of Tola. Kuus,. at tho jail hero today, positively idon, tilled Harry Parker. HHUS F. D . Mingle, held ^cro for tho Killing of Mri. Pearson. , ^ Miss !Mann came here yoslorday on a visit from lola, Kas. She went to the jail to see if the man there was the one who had visited her at her home in Kansas. AMbcu she met him face to face she was overcome, and fainted.- ^J? * Hilevlved, Miss Mann asked him a •great many questions. As she turned to quit the jail, she fainted, again. She is positive that Mingle is the man who had given the name of Harry Parker. She will remain for the preliminary hearing, which will be held October 15. CUBS ARE PICKED HERE. But interest in World Ccrtes is Lagging.' Local interest in the world series between Chicago and Detroit is not what it was when the Giants and tiie Cubs were playing off. the tie. There seems to be a feeling that the National League club has the Tigers beaten and even those whose sympathies have always been wlUi (he .\m- erican league are not loud in thoir •boast that Detrdit will win another game. However, when tho now caino last ovoning that Detroit hai walloped' tho Ci^bs there were those Ivaguo Busplcion that ii yet win tho series SQUIBBELS ABorm Thoy Are iu AWndance Alou:? siroiim \ow. According lo the statements jiuade by those iu a position to know, ; oung squirrels are iu abundance ii the timber along the streams in all >aiits of the state. This seems to have been a |)rolific season for them and result they arc out and r;^(i through the thnber at about tbej size for eating.. Along Spring as 'a. !igiiig riight riv^r and in the timber of the Co\^- (teelcs and along the Neosho river ther are said to be running about the ^oods and among the trees in drbvei that they have not been known so plentiful as ithey are this since the early- settlement ' country. They are found inore ful iu the vicinity of corn fields the edge of the timber, and thi said to be iwsltively a nuisan some of the farmers are bh(k>tiug At a 1 f..— At . Ii L_* are that such Sshels d bv LOOK FOR PLANETS Prof. Jobn i. Brubear Says That Ton Xaj' Sjee Tenns and Jnpltn' Xoir. them and leaving them Iny an killing them because of the fuc they iuo oiillug tho corn with rapidity that u number- of have boon either oaten or wast them and the farmers have b^lcffliie tired of It. A few of tho huntil this city 'have been out and all reported splendid success In filidlng plenty of the young squirrels, 1 ut ll seems that it Is not generally ijnown thai they aro as plentiful as thq^ arc this season. EVER WATCHFUL. V Little Care Will Saie Jfaujl liritders Future Tronblo. ih In have lola W of X !in- P I idi- for ;ire if ays: ree who harbored a tho Tigers uigli •-B« a BooRtir— nonie .ItuluBtrj-— Koosbo BIVMr Cat at. Our Way. UVUHES IX THE BI>li AUAI.N. ^9 Tipe Last In Bcfrluuiuir (he Cuui ppjfa In HiH Home Stale. Blnjlrai N. Y., Oct. la.— Governor Cbarlw E. Hughes, who returned to Naw state yesterday after a westerii 'tour, jumped into the political aretia in tills state today witliout taking a breathing spell. He reached New York city in the morning and took only time enough lo eat breakfast before he was on a train again. The afternoon fdundbimniaklngspe Tb^ afternoon found him making speeches to enthusiastic crowds in Oswego ajld Waverly and last night he spoke at tlie Lyceum theater here before an audience that packed the theater to the doors. One of the E^^entiat^ iai \he happy homes to-day is a vast fund of information as to the best methods of promoting health and happiAf^^and ri^t livjng and knowledge of the world's Vji^jllf/^ of actual excellence and reaaonlm clainu truthfully presented and; «wob bavo attaincij to worid-widc aooepUooe through the •approval of thu Welt-Informcd of lho^6iid; not of indl- viduaU only, but of the many wh«.have the happy faculty of wilcotlug and obtain- inp tbe belt Uie world affordti. ^On« of Uio product* of thai CIUM, of k^own component iwrt«, nn ElbM rawa4y« a{>prov«d by physician* and ooiii- mf^dac) by ibe Well-informed of the Wai|<l«a a valuable and wholesome family laxfitiye d jtbe wcU-]|mown Syrup of Figi " TogetiUbendicjal ^e get^iine,. mnnu- u^jSSiijcitofjSenna. Walch the kidney secretions. See that they have the amber 1 h^aiili: Tlio discharges not excessive ijj treiiucnt; Contain no "Jjrick-dust like" aiont. Doau"s Ivldney Pill.s will do lii you. They watch tlie kidneys a:)d them when thCJ'ie .sick. V. Coy, reLired farmer,- of 401 ^oitlili LJuckeyo street, lola. Kas.. 'Greater iiraise Can not be Doans Kidney Pills than their derful merit deserves. For some or four ujonlhs I was bothered wiftji a weakness of the kidne.vs. causiu :o arise several times during! nifiht. Thei kidney secretions unnatural and deposited a heavy ment. I also had a dull pain i ^niull of niy back that caused ;IHMI deal of discomfort, ospo ,vhc:i I sKJoped or llficd. 1 tr: ,voll ricoainu'iuled remedy but di lorivo tho s'lghtost bcnollt. It llfl'orom Willi Uoan's Kidney wbleli I procured ul.Chus. II. Sixtkijccr & ("»>."« drug store. -Their use p»j| eflVollvo from the first and I hey ri .\od mo up ull right. I gladly, this euilort'ouient to Douti's Ki'ljl Pills and hojie maii.v others may !t by It." For salo by all dealers. Prlc cents. Koslcr-.Mflbunr Co.. Hufjt . N'ovk Vol'k, sole agents for tlie Ui(|lled Stales. Remember the name—Uoan's-lji lukii uo other. me tho fticre 4di- |the le a a hot i -us Us )vcd r >on ijlvc ley ^ot- Th* constant dropping water w I away the hardest stone. Thii constant gnaw of Towser leates the toughest bone. The constant wooing lover ca away the blushing maid. And the Constant Advertiser is man who GETS the trade. .-iO m^sti- ies ^he i^i' SPKI.NG BKA>CH. iars re at^ \L!1 hi-'; ted r eve i^ue to 1 The farmers .of this vicinity about through sowing wlieat. Several from this neighborhoud tended the Farmers Exhibit at Harpe last Thursday and Friday. Mr. Wilmoth Is having a >vell (\ led on liis place. Mrs. John Jackson and her sisjtei-, .Mrs. Boatright from Missouri,'visi Mrs. McAlister last Thursday af] noon. Onier Caldwell and Abbie Gr were callers at Chas. Hobilisou's evening last week. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Davis weutl Gas. City Sunday. Mr. and 'Mrs. Chas. lloblnsou bp^^nt the day Sunday In lolu. Hevlvul nieelingH begtMi at thu Vjjil oy ne.\t Sunday evening. Every <>V* uninvited to come. Mr. and Mra .^C ,Hllurii from Cohjiiiy vUliud.wlih iholj' duuKliior,,Mr>i. V II- moili, liiHt Sutidity. Juke Hqko uu(i fHinIfy «| U.MII Ihu qjiy Buiiduy with Mr.'und lilra. Dyer. MrH. Wilmuth,; and 'daughter Misa Buodgruiidi'i attended qhurch' Carlyle Sunday evenin|;. There were aekreral out for cburj^ at the Valleyl 8u; iday. but the prMuHik dr.failed t9 ^mc. ''Most evejrypae/ii^^tbe nei^! Did you look for the planets, Jupiter and Venus, this inorning? Professor John A. B-ashear. of the Pittsburg Pa., observEitory, ^said yesterday that these two leavenl,v bodies were to be in conjunctjion this morning at 11 o'clock anc that ,if you looked you would be able to see them with such simple instruments as field or opera glasses. A man who took the triubie to observe- said this afternoon that the planets might have been in conjunc tion, but that, if they were he failed to see them and he scanned the hori zon carefully, too. But Prof. .Brashear gives out this statement in uo uncertain terms and perhaps another look at the sky might be rewarded: Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock tliere will be a conjunction of the two bright planets Jupiter and Venus. lAt this hour tiie two j)lanols will be so close together that both can be seen at once In the end of a telescope of any size as also In the field of an opera or a field glass. Indeed, they will only be about the diameter of the moon away from each other. "They will be so near to their closest position in the morning and the fol lowing morning that those interested in such beautiful astronomical phenomena will be well repaid by getting out of bed any time between 4:30 and twilight. "These two i)lanets will be easily found a little south of east, say at a m.. about oO degrees above the hori zon." WANT GOVERNMENT PRESERVE League of American Sportsmen Open Session at Lawton. l^iwton. Ok.. Oct. 12.—Tho tenth annual national convention of the League of American Sportsmen opened this morning in an enthusiastic business meeting nttendodo by representative sportsmen from almost every state In the imlon. RgSolutions were adopted urging legislatures of stales not having law.s for tl:e preserv?kUon of game and fish or the necessary officers to en force the laws already enacted to make the necessary Jaws and create tho offices needed in such states that the government set aside the public land in McCurtain county Ok., as a forest reserve with the end ill view of having it used as a game preserve to be stocked and maintain oil by the poveniraont: that the United States fish commissions have tiic streams of Okhibonm invosti uiatrd and a fish hatchery establish ad in tho most siiitab'e stream and fat'orlng the placing of a number of elk and black ^il deer, antelope and other game as the department may doom advisable! in tho V.'ishita nation al preserve for jiropssgatlon; and tthat sufficient funds for this work be appropriated by the national con gross. President G. O. Shield's annual report showed remarkable progress hi laws for the preservation of game and eame birds throughout the L'nit cd States. TO TOA.ST Lr.>rBEK.ME.\. .V Fine Time .VrriiugiMl for Itoluil Ileal, ors nt IndcpiMidrnro MoHIng. Tlio Soullioa.-^t KunsiiK Itotall Lum- bor nenlors' AHKoctatlon will hold its "nnnual mooting In Indonondonoo next Siiliirduy. Sovcnil of tho l<»lii (Irms expect l»» Ue ;J'opro!ieniod nlthough tin nuinoi< of tho roprvsiMiiatlvos Imvo not been determined U|K)II. Tho moetlig Is hold In tbi' t'arl- lA'on Imtol. a id an uxcoptlonally large ntt'Midanoc Is oxpooied this quarter. .\t Parsons last summer a lianquel was served the as{soclatioti which one of the most elaborate affairs over hold in the city and wlileh lingered lone In the memories of those attending. This time a simila; spread has been arrang c^^ at which to:ists will be delivered by Tndependtnce's best known after- dinner speakers, among them being Judge P'laiinelly. Thomas ^\'aKstaff. Dr. Dudley arid E. AV. Clark, of luinsas City, in the afternoon President L«on ard, of the association, has arranged for a trip to ^he plant of the 'Western States Portland Cement^ company. "WHAT'S THE USE.'"- TKODY. >'o .Need for :HC to S|»cak Where Taft Is Safe, He Says. Washington, Oct. 13.—President Roosevelt today told Congressman Barchfield of Pittsburg that for him to go on. the stump and make a speech in Pittsburg, as Republicans there do- slre him to do, would be the same as carrying coals to Newcastle. There was absolutely no necessity for him to speak in Pittsburg, he said, because that district iu his opinion was entirely safe for Taft. * Wbloh I liar« byio •Kllclm) . , Jl «"ri Mini All lb«r •ra i«piM«nMd.! Jjlljir »li»ii tny f.ili»r reuimlr | »r»r Mt^l rau.bavA KlTKn ma'Mar* imlr I ti*v« »w trifil. I ><^«ii*>;i IU mr rriaua* M WM . Olllard. Bliln, lU. \rOU are cordially invited to read and participate in thb—the 1 ^rekesf or all contests. What are the full names of the following cities of the United Stales. All have a population of 26,000 or over. 1. Cla-v—-0- 6. E—e 2. Z—s -e • 7. N-w-O" 3. ^ I"«'an— I-s 8- D-n— 4. R.C—o-d 9. P—ts—-h 5. A-g—t- 10. R-ch-— List of prizes to be alwardcd on Tuesday. Oct. 20. 190S. we will give away absolutely free, to successful contestants in this contest the following list of prizes: Hrst prize —One (1) Piano purchase check of $125. Second prize—One (1» piano purchase check of |110. Third prize—One Cabinet organ $100. To the holders of the next fifteen nearest correct lists J.we will present 195.00 credit checks. To the next fifteen $90.00 credit checks. To the next fifteen 1185.00 credit check.s. To the next fifteen $80.00 credit checks. To the next fifteen $65.00 credit checks. To tlie next fifteen $50.00 credit checks, good on the purchase of any piano or piano player in our ' ware rooms. i Should there be more than one correct answer to all the names or sh number answered correctly, the award will then be determined upon form, neatness of'the tieing contestants'papers. 1^ • . i ould two or more tie in the penmanship and general 1 i Grandest Prize of AD: A fine new $ I.*JU Corl piano. To be given away. Absolutely free. Eqtial chance for all purchase contestants 10 get It. The method of making this great award will be as fcillows: At the end of t^Is- contest all participants therein will be privileged to examine, compare and estimate merits of all con-^ toslants* papers and'for every 20 purchasing contestants (or multiple thereof) who have qualified and registered their purchase check awards, one of the beautiful $450 piano wili contestants who have (|unllfled and registered their purchase check awards pate In the awarding of these free jilauos. The awarding of these pianos (ntallfied contestants—the judges voting only In event of a tie. Thus the gifrlng away absolutely free, of this fine piano Is left Vtitlrcly to the contestants themselves. be given away. Purchasing will be entitled to particl- jwill be by ballots, of the A PRIVILEGE NEVER BEFORE EXTENDED IN ANY CUTEST EXPLANATION 0U HOW TO WIN. All: that is necessary to do is to supply the propeit deficient letters as indicated by the dashes (-) shown in each'of the above each of which have a population of over 20.000. After you are sure that y letters, write (or print) the fully s])ellcd names one above the other, so that of the entire 10 names, will speil out, when read from top to bottom, one upon the famous Corl Pianos. Looks easy, don't it? Be^careful just the sa^e and required number of 10 skeleton names of cities, have supplied the rigut the first or initial • letters, the great honors bestowed! Why This Offer is Made • Tliis most extraordinary offer is made because of our desire to secur^ all the Iiomes that are without instruments in this vicinity. Our experience system of advertising because by its use we can more quickly and much desired information than vje could by spending double the amount in using This contest Is free for all who send their solutions accompanied by to attached) properly fllled'outaud addressed to an authentic mailing list of ^as proven the value of this economically attain the rassers and solicitors, etc. Ithe information blank (here more canv John F. Ck>rl Kano Co. 106 McGnage BMg^ Omaha, Nth. Remember that this co:tteat will close at 10 p. in. Saturday, October 1 Fill out all blanks in Full. INFORMATION BLANK 15th nnd l^dge Sts. th, 1908. riease write Plainly. Name •, '. Postottlco . Street and number or rural route Telephone number and if under age. give father's or mothur's inlllu's what iinc Have you a piano AVhat make and how old Havt, jw. an organ? What make and how old Give us bfcli.'V '"'•c name and exact address of two or more of your friehds you have reason lO ljc''»'ve v.ould consider the purchase of a piano or player or neighbors whom piano. SEES DEFECTS OF LAW. Ciovemur Hoch Fvhits of Short turnings of Prinuury. Topeka, Kas., Oct. 13.— "If they had adoiited my suggestions and passed a split! primary law," said (k)vernor Hoch this morning, "there wouldn't be a!ny of ^bis Democratic talk about eiectling a Democratic legislature, Bris tow ind Long would both be out whoop ing It 'UP for the election of a| Re- publ can legislature, and the friends of one crowd wouldn't be seci-utly knifing the ticket." Governor Hoch was one of the orlg- nal advocutev of the spilt priifiary idea. He advocated it woy back! in Iiiga Is'it time. When the two fuctioiiH were lightl§jL«hout the primary | law n tha laHtn^lsIaturo Oo \-omor tfocU utfaii MUgkeatfiO:.tho.idea of a split primary—t lat is, a -popular vote on Uulted 8ta«s seualor at the same time with t i»g»Qeral election, iusicad ot at tho auoQ thMcot&ar^ caudldfttes ^r^noigMted4=^:-^ * W ^no ^anfldytaDacliine'' tookj w I'EKSDOION UUXTEBS OVT. The IVoods Full of Them—Demand Exceeded Supply. with The time for persimmons, has arrived and Sunday it might be safely- staled that a third of the young people of lola were out in tbe woods looking for the fruit. Fne-timber bore the appearance of a picnic day and there were half a doaon to a dozenforeacn persimnion grown and tbe crop this year Is a pretty good one. They wene out yesterday in the hope that tbe frostti had ripened the crop but many sttld that iu some places they were ripe while in other places ilwy had not been effected yet by the frost. Th frosts have put the nut gather' ors on iho. finxlQus scat and partiea «rv .olrtt«d^ bo)ng> foriusd to go out to the .tlmlor and next Sunday they will besee^ out .among the hickory trees iQokltiif (or the crops dropped by them on acoouiit of the frost Nuts of ail klpda are said to be very plentiful and are i ot a. bisftltlur. growth. HAIDS A SUXDAY THEATBB. Par»^on» Sheriff, Back^ bj W. C. T. I'i Arrests MiMwger and Actors. Parsons, Kas., Oct. 13.— The Lyric thea er was raided Sunday night by the sheriff and a force of deputies, and the actors and manager arrested under a warrant issued out of the Jus;tl:e court. Tlie prisoners were taken into^court and gave bond and whei they gttempted to give another show the officers told the manager that he; wduld be arrested every time thu (urtalii went up. A nob gjithered in front of tbe Ju8> tioe'i oinice and hissed tha members of thi yr- C. T.'U. who Eadsworo to tlie ibmpialntH and the sbWui was. compsllfid to furntdi r gtiiard to tb«i| wom( a to protect :th^^tfiim:the')Mli£ An 1 ifcijJBltfiagwm bei tUed tn^dUh^ trict court by the o»unty attorney covering! he live wedw'ti* wWdt^the tbeat ir ihas been ruaoKac^on Shnday and I e says that he w%arraetj«vU7 theat ir.managw who atteoi^ tc^(^^ 'on Stndjay. . -..-I'

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