The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 4, 1996 · Page 21
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 21

Salina, Kansas
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Friday, October 4, 1996
Page 21
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THE SAUNA JOURNAL CLASSIFIED FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1996 C7 ' &r the Salina Journal QUICK FIND INDEX 11-50 .... Announcements 55-213 . . . Services 245-279 . . Employment 285-429 . . Merchandise & Auctions 475-693 . . Real Estate & Rentals 729-769 . . Automotive & Recreation 333 S. Fourth, P.O. Box 740, Salina, KS 67401 • t Call Toll Free In Kansas 1-800-827-6363 or LEGALS " (First Published In The Salina Journal September 25, 1996) PUBLIC NOTICE On September 18th, 1996, Wl- chltd License Subsidiary Corp. filed an application With the Federal Communications Commission lor a construction permit lor a new commercial television station to operate on Channel 34 in Salina, Kansas. The station proposes to operate with a power of 5,000 kw and an antenna height of 365 meters above average terrain. The transmitter site will be located 0.4 kilometers west of US Highway 81 , 5' 'kilometers north northeast of Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas. The coordinates of the site are: 'Latitude: 39" 10' 11"; Longl- tude:'97° 40' 23". The studios of the station will be located at a site to be determined within the station's principal community contour in accordance with the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. The officers and directors of the applicant at Gary N. Schmeddlng, C. Dana Waterman III and Nancy L. Chapman. Its sole shareholder is SJb of Kansas Corporation which Is wholly owned by Lee Enterprises, Incorporated. .A copy of the application, amendments and related materials will be available for public Inspection during normal business hours aftrie offices of Hampton, Royce, Engleman & Nelson L.C., 9th Floor, United Building, 119 W. Iron LEGALS LEGALS Av*fT(Ja; Salina, Kansas. ' (41) Salina, KS 67402-1697 •"'/^"(JTlrst Published In The Salina Journal October 4,1996) ; IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF ' "'SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In The Matter Of The Estate Of DELLA MAE PAYTON, Deceased NOTICE OF HEARING ON "'.!,, PETITION FOR FINAL SETTLEMENT .; "Case No. 96 CVP 42 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO Alt, PERSONS CONCERNED: , ,You are hereby notified that a petition was filed on the 30th day of . September, 1996, In said Court by Evelyn L. Cooper, administrator with'will annexed In the estate of Delta. Mae Payton, Deceased, praying,for a final settlement of the estate;.approval of her acts and proceedings as said administrator, allowance of attorneys' fees and expenses, determination of the heirs, devisees and legatees entitled to the estate, and assignment tQthem In accordance with the will of. Delia Mae Payton, deceased. You are hereby required to file your Written 1 defenses thereto on or be- fpre the 28th day of October, 1996, at 9!dO A.M., In said Court, In the Olty.ol Salina, in Saline County, at which time and place said cause will be 1 heard. Should you fall therein! judgment and decree will be entered In due course upon said petition,. '. Evelyn L. Cooper, .. ',- Administrator ATTEST: JERQME P. HELLMER DISTBICT JUDGE Constance M. Achterberg, SCN 04764 ACHTERBERG, NEUSTROM & MONTOYA IIEfSouth Seventh Street P.O:B6x 1697 Salina, Kansas 67402-1697 Attorneys For Petitioner (3tsp) (First Published In The Salina - Journal September 20,1996) * IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS TflE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS, Plaintiff »..<•-;• VS. A>NUMBER OF DEFENDANTS —:>,..• NOTICE OF 'SHERIFF'S SALE Case No. 95 CVC 684 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO: Chester A. Gaumer, deceased (2) Neva P. Gaumer, deceased (2) Alfre'H W. Disney (2) Marvin E. Gaumer (2) Ervln Clyde Gaumer (21 Jeannle Amerlan a/k/a Jean Arnerlan (2) Cheryl LeVoy (2) B.R. Backer, Trustee of the B.R. Becker Trust of 1987, dated October 29, 1987 (2) Roger M.Tillberg (3) Mar- gaVel L. Tillberg (3,16) Kenneth D. Wlcken (8) Constance L. Wicken (8) State of Kansas, Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (Bj-Kathryn Ross (10) Robert D. Tghief' a/k/a Robert Turner (10) Barbara L. Turner (10) Elmer Tillberg, deceased (16) Allen Arthur Hill (21) Virginia Ann Hill (21) Leroy Hill; 'Jr. (21) Jack Beverly, Jr. (24) Joan M. Beverly (24) Doctrine Bap(let 1 Church (25) Wayne Bradley Bblte (28) Leona F. Bolte (28) Donald J, Tabler (28) Judith Ann Tabler (28) David C. Morrison (28) Wilfred J; Peltier (28); Anna A. Gabel (36); Verne B. Shrlver Berry (37) Thomas W. Barry (37) Myrtle E. Moss .(37) Celeste Webster (40) the unknown heirs, executors, ad mlnistrators, devisees, trustees, creditors and assigns of any de ceased defendants; the unknown spouses of any defendants; the unknown officers, successors, trustees, creditors and 'assigns of aw 'defendants that are existing dissolved or dormant corporations; the urtknown executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors, successors and assigns of any! defendants that are or were partners or In partnership; the un- ifr|own guardians, conservators, and trustees of any defendants that are minors or are under legal disability; and the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, de- vlsaes, trustees, creditors and as- signs'of any persons alleged to be deceased; and, all other persons, who are or may be concerned: You are hereby notified that on the 5th day of September, 1996, the District Court of Saline County, Kansas, rendered ah In rem judg ment herein in favor of plaintiff against you and each qf you as defendants, owners of the legal title or Some right, title, or interest in the parcels, tracts, lots and pieces of real property, or grouped units thereof, hereinafter described, ad- Judging the unpaid taxes, Interest charges and penalties thereupon Including an equitable portion o the costs of these proceedings anc .sale, plus Interest, a lien upon said (got property and ordering the advertisement and sale thereof a pjbllo auction to satisfy said liens aTas more fully set forth as to each parcel of real property herein, In..Saline County, Kansas, as fol Qto Five (5), Seven 17). Nine fettven (11), Thirteen (13) and aflrt (16) In BlocK Qna (1), Pa- Addition to the City of Salina, ine County, Kansas, together „„. that portion of the adjacent vacated alley accretlnrj thereto, subject to.the reservation of the City of Sajlna'for construction repair and maintenance of utility lines In said alley. 800 Block North 13th, Salina, Kansas. Total of Tax Liens $15,019.66; Costs $1,591.97. (3)' Lot Eighteen (18), Block One ;1), Wellington's Addition to the 118 South Sew City of Salina, Saline County, P.O. Box 1697 Kansas. 513 N. 12th Street, Sail- Salina, KS 6740: na, Kansas. Total of Tax Liens (913)827-0344 $639.13; Costs $153.91. (8) A Part of Lots Eight (8) and Nine (9), Block Seven (7), Oakdale Addition to the City of Salina, Saline County, Kansas, descril as follows: Commencing at a po 132 1/2 feet East of the Northwest corner of Lot Eight (8), Block Seven (7), in Oakdale Addition to the City of Salina, Saline County, Kansas; thence running South 60 feet; thence running East 32 1/2 leet; thence running North 60 feet; thence running West 32 1/2 feet to the place of beginning. 121-B Oakdale Avenue, Salina, Kansas. Total of Tax Liens $779.26; Costs $167.93. (10) The North Half (N 1/2) of Lot Five (5) In South Park in the City of Salina, Saline County, Kansas, being the North Half (N 1/2) of Lot Five (5) on Walnut Street between Second and Third Streets In the Original Town of Salina, Saline County, Kansas, according to the recorded plat thereof. 201 South Third, Salina, Kansas. Total of Tax Liens $1,211.75; Costs $211.18. (16) West Half of Lot Forty-one (41), Block "D" in Morrison's Fourth I Addition to the City of Salina, || Saline County, Kansas. 517 Montrose, Salina, Kansas. Total of Tax Liens $2,024.75; Costs $292.48. (21). The South 46.5 feet of Lot Seven (7), Block Eleven (11), Cloverdale Annex, an Addition to the City of Salina, Saline County, Kansas. North portion of Lot 7 has a street address of 1222 E. Prospect, Salina, Kansas. Total of Tax Liens $466.59; Costs $136.66. (24). Townhome Unit F-3, Fairway Estates Planned Development District, City of Salina, Saline County, Kansas. 853-B Falrdale Road, Salina, Kansas. Total of Tax Liens $11,776.99; Costs $1,267.70. (25). Lots Nine (9), Ten (10) and Eleven (11), Block Three (3), May- air Addition to the City of Salina, Saline County, Kansas, except the bllowlng described triangular tract of land: Beginning at the Southwest corner of Lot Eleven (11); thence North Ten (10) feet along the West line of Lot Ten (10); hence angling Southeasterly to he Southeast corner of Lot Eleven 11); thence Northwesterly along he South Lot line of Lot Eleven [11) to the point of beginning, all according to the corrected lot mea surements for Block 3 as prepared Forgy Surveying. 1118, 1119, 1120 Bentley Avenue, Salina, Kansas. Total of Tax Liens $17,733.98; Costs $1,863.40. (28). The West Fifteen Feet (15') of Lot Thirty-nine (39) and all of Lots Forty-one (41) and Forty- three (43) on South side of Main Street In the original Town of As saria, Saline County, Kansas. 12E E. Main, Assaria, Kansas. Total of Tax Liens $1,378.01; Costs $227.80. (36). The East Thirty Feet (30') ol Lot Three (3), Block One (1), Original Town of Klpp, Saline County Kansas. 125 S. Hugh, Klpp Kansas. Total of Tax Liens $106.89; Costs $100.69. ;37). A tract of land In the South east Quarter (SE 1/4) of the North east Quarter (NE 1/4) of Section Six (6), Township Fourteen (14 South, Range Two (2) West of the 6th P.M., Saline County, Kansas more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point 1,100 feet West of the Southeast corne of said SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 on the South line of said quarter; thence North 225 feet; thence due Wes SHERIFF OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS MICHAEL A. MONTOYA SALINE COUNTY COUNSELOR 118 South Seventh Street (3tsp) 11 MONUMENTS, FUNERAL DIRECTORS 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL Restaurant MANAGEMENT MCPHERSON Managers to $28,000+ • Assistants to $23,000+ Excellent pay, bonus program & benefit plan Send resume to: H.R. Dept. 4225 Fleur Drive #241 DesMoines.lA 50321-3450 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL Memorial Art Co. 1608 South 9th 823-2981 A name respected in Kansas SECRETARY TO work 35 hours per week In church office. Duties include phone and office reception; general secretarial Including computer skills, typing, copying, and filing; and knowledge of basic bookkeeping procedures. Must be able to be bonded. Send resume to Sunrise Presbyterian Church, 825 East Belolt, Salina, Kansas 67401, by Monday, Octo ber7. NOW HIRING )ay and evening cooks, full and art-time positions available. Ben- fits offered. Experience preferred ut not necessary. Apply In per- on. No Phone Calls Pleasel Red Coach Restaurant 2110 W.Crawford. FARM WORKERS If you have done work at any lime IN THE PAST 2 YEARS on farms, ranches, nurseries or other agricultural related jobs, then our program may be able to help you find full-time employment at no cost to you, contact SEW Rural Initiatives. Hablamos Espanol, (913) 623-4016. *****"**** TACO BELL Lunch shifts available. Ex ellent pay, will train. Apply t 17OO W. Crawford and 040 E. Iron. ********* 35 SPECIAL NOTICES ROSELAWN LOTS. Two prime cemetery lots, Veterans Garden, section D, Lot 108, space A & B. $650. Call (501) 922-3936, Randy Kuhn. 2 GENERAL Admission Nebraska vs Kansas State tickets. Saturday, October 5 game. (913) 776-4355. YMCA Early Education Center Part-time position available work- Ing with children ages 3-5 years. Hours are 3-5:30 Monday-Friday. Also, need dependable, quality substitute staff to work various hours. Applications available al front desk of YMCA. IMMEDIATE OPENING for en- ry level fuel Injection technician and/ or experienced fuel Injection echniclan. Diesel Equipment Spe- lalists, 1504 W. North Street, Salna, KS. Call between 8am- 10am Monday through Friday. (913] 825-6753 or 1-800-456-3374. METLCAST PRODUCTS, Inc. a progressive gray and ductile Iron oundry and machine shop, has an penlng In the maintenance de- lartment. Work Involves malnte- lance, repair and Installation of al types of Industrial equipment. A minimum of three years of Indus- rial electrical and mechanical ex. perlence Is desired, with foundry ixperience a definite plus. Bene Its Include: Health & life Insur ance, paid holidays and paid vaca ion. Send resume to: Metlcast Products, Inc. P.O. Box 1637 Salina, Ks. 67402-1637 (913)827-0361 EOE parallel with the North line of said SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 to the Wes Ine of said SE 1/4 of the NE 1/« lelng a distance of approximately 220 feet; thence South upon said West line to the Southwest corne of said SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 thence East of the South line o said Quarter to the place of begin nlng; subject to road right-of-ways 3514 East Old Highway 40, Salina Kansas. Total of Tax Liens $2,417.75; Costs $331.78. (40). Lots Nine (9) and Ten (10) Block Five (5), Original Town, City of Bridgeport, Saline County idgepi s. Va< Kansas. Vacant lot, Bridgeport Kansas. Total of Tax Liens $ 81.88 Costs $98.18. The numbers following the names of the defendants and pre ceding the legal descriptions, here Inbefore set forth, refer to the Item numbers of Schedule "A" Incorpo rated In the Judgment and Order o Sale, filed herein, so that the Item number or numbers, following each defendant's name, corresponds to the number or numbers, relating to and preceding the particular property In which the Court has determined that said de fendant has an Interest as owner o the legal title or some right, title o Interest therein. NOW, THEREFORE, ON THE 24TH DAY OF OCTOBER, 1996 AT THE HOUR OF 10:00 O CLOCK A.M. AT THE SOUTH FRONT DOOR OF THE CITY COUNTY BUILDING (BEING THE COURTHOUSE) IN SALINA KANSAS, I will offer for sale a lubllc auction and sell for cash I land to the highest and best bid der therefor, each of the above de scribed parcels, tracts, lots o Dleces of real property, or groupe jnlts thereof. Upon confirmation of said sal by the Court, I, Darrell Wilson, a Sheriff of Saline County, Kansas will execute and deliver Sheriff Deeds to the purchasers of th parcels, tracts, lots or pieces of real property, or grouped units thereof, which when filed for record In j the office of the Register of Deeds of Saline County, shall vest In the | purchasers as against all persons, parties to this proceeding a title, j free and clear of all claims, rights, title or interest in or to said real property which the defendants herein may have, subject to such taxes and interest, If any, which have become a lien on said real ] iroperty subsequent to the date of udgment herein. Said real property Is taken In foreclosure of said tax liens as the property of the defendants and as directed by said order of sale, and will be sold without appraisement and without redemption to satisfy said order; and, after said sales and confirmation thereof by the Court, an execution may issue requiring the Sheriff to deliver pos session of said real property to the parties entitled thereto, Including the County. WITNESS MY HAND THIS 20th day of September, 1996, In the City of Salina, Saline County, Kansas. DARRELL WILSON 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL SCHOOL TO WORK COORDINATOR alina Area Vo-Tech school. Will oordinate and develop partner- nips with businesses for "on- tne- ib" training. Job description may e obtained by calling (913) 25-2261. Applicants must hold a S degree, Masters preferred. Ex- ellent written and verbal skills re- ulred. Computer skills are essen- al. The . position is currently unded through June 30, 1997. In- erested applicants should send a etter of application with resume of ducational, professional and vork experience and 3 current eferences to; Jim Sweeney Salina Area Vo-Tech School 2562 Scanlan Ave. Salina, KS 67401 Apply by 10-17-96 EOE DETAIL TECH Paid Insurance, paid vacation, retirement, excellent pay. Apply In person to: Todd Warta Bulck 2222 S. 9th Salina, KS WANTED: GOOD Driver quail led to haul overdimensiona equipment, Grain dryers 1V wide >y 14' high on a double drop latbed trailer. Loads to mldwes and eastern states weekly, orv way loads. Health Insurance avail able. Home on weekends. Ca Cary Trucking, Downs, KS, (913 454-3351. ELECTRICIAN .eadlng bus manufacturer has an mmedlate opening for an experl enced electrician. Qualified indl Idual will be responsible for al ilant maintenance functions which nclude electrical work. Electrica background required, Including 460 volt/ 240 volt/ 110 volt. Appll cations will be taken at El Dorado National 304 Ave. B Salina KS 10am-5pm Monday - Friday EEO $1,500 SIGN ON BONUS CNA's, CMA's, LPN's, and RN's. Excellent wages Flexible schedules Part-time/ full time Mileage compensation Call 1-800-999-2185. Staff Support Services Inc. RAMADA INN Has Immediate opening for Fron Desk Clerk, starting wage abov minimum, 35-40 hours per weel< some knowledge of cash registe & computer skills helpful. Aval able to work some weekends. Ap ply In person only, 1949 North 9th Salina. SHEET METAL INSTALLER Pestinger Heating & Air Is seekin a Commercial & Residential Re placement Installer. Permanen position with excellent benefits Apply In person, 125 E. Avenue A Salina. RAMADA INN. Immedial openings for MAINTENANC PERSON. Must have valid driver 1 license and be able to work som weekends and evenings. 35-4 hours per week starting wage based on experience and refe ences. Apply in person only, 194 N. 9th St., Salina. BOOKKEEPER Immediate opening for part-tlm bookkeeper for established mull company operation. Experlenc with general ledger and payroll o computer required. Respond to SJ Box 244, P.O. 740, Salina, K 67402-0740 NOW HIRING Vait staff. Full and part-time, day nd night positions available. Ben- fits Offered. Experience pre- erred but not necessary. Apply in erson. No Phone Calls Pleasel Red Coach Restaurant 2110 W.Crawford DAYTIME WAITSTAFF Gutierrez Is now hiring Daytime JVallslalf. Flexible hours, good starting pay, great earning poten- lal. Must be hardworking, friendly and committed to good service. Call 825-1649. Hiring Immediately. HOUSEKEEPERS Apply In person only to Ramada nn. Starting wage $5.50 per hour. Past 30 days eligible for review. Position open Immediately. RENT-A-CENTER .ooklng for part-time help. Must >e 21 years of age, clean & valid drivers license. Professional and energetic attitude. Apply In person 1123 W.Crawford. HIGH TRAFFIC office seeking xperlenced Office Administrative ierson. Inventory, data entry, fi- lanclal, customer service. Quailed applicants send resume: Gel- ular One, 1931 South Ohio, Salla, Kansas 67401, Attn: Sondra Mauck. NEWLY OPENED, Steamatlc o Salina, located at 137 S. 5th 126-9229. Accepting applications or Secretarial and Carpet Technl clans, full and/ or part time In both jositlons, excellent pay and bene Its to the right people. Please cal 826-9229 for appointment. PERMANENT CONSTRUC TION positions available. Base ment contractor offers pay scale based on ability, health insurance semi annual bonus based on gross wages, production bonus laid vacations & holidays. Cal 913) 823-6770 between 4-5pm. CHILDCAREAIDE 5allna Chlldcare Center taking ap ilicatlons for Teacher Aide posl ion. Previous group Chlldcare ex lerience helpful. Apply in person )am-4pm, Monday-Friday, 308 S 8th. EOE. $5.50 \low taking applications fo Housekeeping. Weekends a must Monthly Incentive bonus, 401K plan available. Apply In person I Salina Red Coach Inn, 2110 W. :rawford. LICENSED PROFESSIONAL nsurance Agent needed. Part or ull time. Contact Dewey or Marlyn Pounds at the Kansas Insurance Agency, Oakley, or call for an appointment (913) 672-3231. MAINTENANCE PERSON wanted. Full time, must work weekends, some experience pre- erred. Competitive wages and some benefits. Apply In person rant desk, Red Coach Inn. NOW HIRING ALL POSITIONS Apply at Long John Sliver's, 1019 E. Crawford, Salina, KS. EOE. EVENING COOKS Gutierrez Is now hiring Evening Dooks. Prefer experience, but will rain. Pay based on experience, -tiring immediately. Apply In person, 1935 South Ohio. VASILIS Mow hiring Waltstaff, Bartender & Busers. Must be at least 18. Apply n person between 2pm-4pm Tuesday- Saturday, 1200 E Crawford CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT Part-time help wanted. US Air Express Airlines. Please apply at Salina Municipal Airport Telemarketers Work at Home Earn up to $700 a week selling a long distance service over the phone. Paid training. Cal 1-800-842-1409. LABORERS AND CARPEN TERS needed for bridge project a Magnolia Road across 1-135. Ap ply at job site or call 316-342-4844 or 316-341-0425. A.M. Cohron & Son, Inc. EOE. WANTED: EXPERIENCED Technician, will train. Good pay good benefits, Monday thru Fri day. Send resume to: Bennett Autoplex, 651 South Ohio, Salina Kansas 67401. SEEKING HIGHLY motivated Sales Manager for progressive sales office. Please send resume to: Cellular One, 1931 South Ohio Salina, Kansas 67401, Attn: Son dra Mauck. EXPERIENCED WAITER WAITRESS Apply In person Bayard's Cafe, 2301 North 9th. WORK OUT OF YOUR HOME Part-time Telemarketer Send cover letter or application to: SJ 345, P.O. Box 740, Salina. NOW HIRING for all positions. Apply in person- no phone calls please. SIRLOIN STOCKADE 2351 S. 9th St., Salina 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL SPANGLE'S w hiring all shirts. Above minimum wage. Apply at 1720 W. Crawford. NOW HIRING MAIDS-LAUNDRY Apply In person only. Starting pay $5.50 an hour. Mid America Inn, 1846 N. Ninth. RN/ LPN Full-time 2/10 position available. Every other weekend off. Competitive wage. Apply 623 S. 3rd. FARM HELP. Fall harvest truck drivers, grain cart operators, room & board. Call evenings. (913) 669-2505 or 308-995-4035. WANTED: EXPERIENCED Service Technicians and Salesperson for Agco-Allls Dealership In Minneapolis, Kansas. (913) 392-3110. EXPERIENCED LABORERS and Cement Workers Needed. Must have driver's license. EOE. (913)827-3009. FRAMING CARPENTERS or crews wanted, year 'round work, top wages paid. For more Information call (913) 749-1533. 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL SUBSTITUTE CHILD Care provider needed for daycare center. Must be 18 or older. Please call 823-1448. WANTED: CDL Driver or combine operator Immediately for mllo harvest. (913) 647-5081 or (913) 725-4261, leave message. CARLOS O'KELLY'S Is now accepting applications for servers & kitchen help. Apply at Carlos O'Kelly's, Central Mall. NEEDED: 85 overweight people to lose weight while earning money. Call toll free 888-624-4220. WANTED: EXPERIENCED Legal Secretary. Please send resume to: SJ 347 P.O. Box 740, Salina. PART-TIME EMPLOYEE to work with youth and sports related activities. Apply at the Salvation Army, 1137 N. Santa Fe. EXPERIENCED GRILL COOK Apply In person Bayard's Cafe, 2301 North 9th. EXPERIENCED LINE & Lead Masons for commercial projects In eastern Kansas. (913) 539-8385. THE SALINA Rescue Mission Is looking for an experienced Cook. Work schedule Is Monday- Friday 9am-4pm. Call 823-2610, ask for Steve Kmetz. 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL AUTOBODY REPAIRMAN/ PAINTER Combination. Prefer 3 years experience. Benefits. Apply at Bennett Warta Body Shop, 333 N. Ohio. Nursery Supervisor For downtown church. Hours: Sunday 8:45 am - 11:45 am, possibly Wednesday evenings. Call 827-4440 EXPERIENCED WELDER for full-time position. Other construction skills a plus. Send resume to: Bob, 625 N. Hedvllle Road, Salina, KS 67401. MATURE PERSON to drive cargo van pulling 20' trailer. Will be gone 2-6 weeks at a time. For more Information call (913) 655-2741. AVON Supplement your Income. Major medical available. Call District Manager 826-1779 The SALINA JOURNAL is a member of the I NEED HELPI With Customer Service and Supervision. Intema- lonal health & nutrition company expanding In Salina area $25-$75 commission paid dally. 800-935-5171 ext. 9355. Bl-llngual helpful. NETWORK COOK St. Francis at Salina Is now accepting applications for a full-time 3ook. Duties will include ordering, odd preparation, menu prepara- ion. We offer competitive wages, excellent benefits Including health/ dental Insurance, paid vacation, holidays, and sick leave. Please send resume or letter of Inquiry to: St. Francis at Salina Attn.: Cory Rathbun 5007 West Cloud Salina, Kansas 67401 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL KITCHEN SUPERVISOR for leading hotel and convention center. Must be reliable and self-motivated. Must have knowledge of food labor and inventory cost control. Must be experienced in banquet and food production. Salary based on experience. Send resume to: Supervisor P.O. Box 796 Salina, KS 67402-0796 A voluntary coalition of newspapers - nationwide, committed to Investigating and eliminating fraudulent classified advertising. The SALINA JOURNAL does not knowingly accept help wanted ads that do not offer specific jobs or ads requiring investments up front that are not Indicated. If you respond to an ad that does not meet the criteria above please contact the Salina Journal Classified Department. SPANGLES Management Opportunity Assistant Manager Poslton now available. is THIS YOU? High energy level, loves working with public, responsible, reliable. If you said YES to all the above-1 have a position for youl Starting salary up to $20,000. Apply al 1730 W.Crawford. Need A Job For The '96-'97 School Year? Y's Kids Club, School Age Child Care, Is now hiring. Our program needs someone with a background In education and/ or experience working with children. Hours for position are 2:45pm-6pm Monday-Friday. Substitute positions also available for varied days and hours. Applications available at front desk of YMCA. EXPERIENCED WAITPERSON Apply In person, Key Mars Restaurant, 2018 S. 9th. Salina. AM & PM COOK Immediate openings for mature and responsible persons. Weekends a must. Apply in person 8 am-5 pm Mon.-Fri. Holiday Inn 1616 W. Crawford Salina Maintenance Supervisor: Responsible for staff supervision, scheduling, property repair and upkeep as well as convention room set up and tear down. Must have experience in minor plumbing, etc. work. Must be able to work weekends, holidays and some evenings. Send resume, references and salary requirements to PO Box 796, Salina, Ks 67402-0796 35 SPECIAL NOTICES I 35 SPECIAL NOTICES • Ad Deadlines New Acts, < anrHlali( (Excludes photos, borders & artwork) I Publication Day Deadline Sunday 1:00 pm Friday Monday 10:00 am Saturday Tuesday 1:00 pm Monday Wednesday 1:00 pm Tuesday Thursday 1:00 pm Wednesday Friday 1:00 pm Thursday I Saturday 10:00 am Friday Subiect to change for holidays. Looking for a job? Call Co min Dial 825-60( & enter category' 5627 (jobs) to hear about employment opportunities in and around the Salina area! Local call* are free. GLASSMAN Classman Corporation is looking for Technicians familiar with the instrumentation and service of Pneumatic Control Systems in Central and Northwest Kansas Areas. Positions offer excellent benefits including 401K, vacation and sick pay, medical insurance, and above market salary. Send Resume To: Glafsman Corporation P.O. Box 218 Hays, KS 67601 or call 913-625-2115 Apply Today! Manpower has one long term assignment that is available now. Payroll Clerk: Work for one of Salina's Industry leaders! Computer experience helpful. Must have payroll experience. Apply immediately 249 S. Santa Fe Salina MANPOWER EOE Like variety In job duties? Like to work with people? Meet the public? Then we have the job for you! Kennedy and Coe, LLC, certified public accountants and consultants, is looking for an individual with excellent telephone and secretarial skills. Individual MUST have prior secretarial experience, excellent computer skills, be detail oriented, flexible and a team player. Duties include, but are not limited to: typing, receptionist duties, filing, data entry and copying. Word processing experience is required. Experience with Microsoft Office Suite helpful, but not required. Salary negotiable. Good benefits. Send letter of application with salary requirements to Kennedy and Coe, LLC, P.O. Box 2086, Salina, KS 674022086 by October 11,1996. EOE GLASSMAN Classman Corporation is looking for candidates for Refrigeration Service Technicians willing to relocate to Central, Northwest and Western Kansas Areas. Positions offer excellent benefits including 40IK, vacation and sick pay, medical insurance, and above market salary. Send Resume To: Classman Corporation P.O. Box 218 Hays, KS 67601 or call 913-625-2115 COME JOIN THE I TEAM! We are looking for motivated men & women cashiers to work in the retail building material industry. Full and part time positions available. We promote from within, support a drug-free, workplace and are an equal opportunity employer. Invest In yourself, apply today. 2450 South 9th, Salina NEED MORE MONEY? Earn more with a degree or diploma from BROWN MACKIE COLLEGE They can offer you opportunities in: • Accounting • Medical Transcriptionist • Criminal Justice • Paralegal • Micro-Computers • Business Administration • Marketing Learn the skills needed to get a higher paying job. CALL 1-800-365-0433 START A NEW CAREER Day/Evening BMC) Classes. Job placement Financial aid to qualified students. Pre-Press Production The Salina Journal is accepting applications for a pre-press production employee. Employee will do computer page layout and some paste-up. Requirements are a high school education, good communication and organizational skills, self motivated, works well with deadlines. Will work some holidays, computer knowledge helpful. Hours are 4:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Please apply to Rondee Webb, Pre-Press Supervisor, The Salina Journal, 333 S. 4th St., Salina, KS 67401. No phone calls please. s Salina Journal Great Plains Manufacturing Great Plains Mfg. is now accepting applications for full time Mig Welders. Benefits include: Wages start at $8.00 per hour and are commensurate upon welding experience. We give significant, performance based raises every 60 days until top rate is met. Paid Holidays Paid Vacations, Sick Leave Health Insurance Plan fc! Dental/Prescription Plans 0, Profit Sharing/401 K Plans Life Insurance Apply at the Great Plains Human Resources Department, 1621 Dewey, Salina, KS EOE MFC/COST ^ ENGINEER SMC Corporation, a major, well established RV manufacturer has an immediate need (or a person with process engineering experience in a manufacturing environment. Responsible for accumulating and coordinating process and material structure through shop floor control MRPII program. Must have experience with spreadsheets and MRPlr Prefer knowledge of Microsoft Office/Windows. Send confidential resume with salary history to Dee Shorter, Personnel Administrator. SMC Midwest, Inc. 1110 Limestone Road Minneapolis, Kansas 67467 EOE , . BRAUM'S ICE CREAM AND DAIRY STORES RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT OPEN INTERVIEWS!!! Braum's Northern Division Recruiter will be In Salina to interview all candidates!!! (No appointment needed) Wednesday, October 9 - at 1800 W. Crawford, Salina . 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. BREAKFAST SHIFT MANAGER EVENING SHIFT MANAGER MANAGEMENT TRAINEES Excellent Wages Medical/Life Insurance 401K Retirement Vacation/Holiday Pay Meal/Merchandise Discounts Bonus Opportunities Please come and learn about the career opportunities at Braum's (Or Fax resume to (316)687-3035) EOE

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