Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
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Thursday, October 3, 1907
Page 6
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->:'A;;V "-.*5: .Washington. OcC 3.— Playing with an irrepressible spirit and iletermlna- tion for T ctai7 tittt acems unconquerable, the * Detrbits yesterday baggi^ iwomore games and thereby gained a Htrangle bold on the pennant, which In all probabiUty will, not; be wrenched from their •grasji in the rMuaining :foar daj's bf the championship sea:Bon. All or the Washington pitchers lookied alike to Jennings' men today in both games. From the tap of the „!;nng for the first game the Detrolts "bpgan pounding away at the local pitchers' pellets and kept up an almost Incessant bombardment throughout the eighteen inning$ of play, in only fhr<>« innings of thS eighteeh did vi.sitor.s fail tq. get one or more iiits and In five innings they hunched eiRhteeu hits. Three of the local jiiicliers were batted out of the box iiiid it seemed that nothing could stop ilie lJ <^troils. Smith, for Washington was hit so freely in'the opening inning of the first game that he was replaced by Falkeuberg before the inning was iiiiished. Falkenborg la.sted imtll the .Mid of the fourth inning, after which fjo was relieved by Patten, who was hit freely during tlie b.nlanre of the i;uinc. • Washington played a good i(|ihllJ j::inie ai the bat against Detroit in the lli'st encounter and batted iCilllaii out i .f the box with six hits that scored three runs in loss than three Innings. Muliin relieved Killian afler two out irt the tlilrd inning and was very pf- icofive for the rest of the game; .Muliin ptiched all of the second jtUme and held the locals to two STJare I iins, while his own teammates balled aiiotlier Washington pitcher, Oberlln, <iiii of the box In one inning and scored five runs—as many runs as Wash- iii>non did-in this contest. Score by innings: Washington 1 02002 0 0 0—.f. Detroit 30 121 00 2 0—9 The summary: Three base hit—C. .lones. Sacrifice hit—Schmidt. Stolen bases—Cob 4. Kossman, Oanley, I'.lnnkenship, Shlpke. Double play—T. .Smith to Blankenship. Hits—Oft Smith 1'. :in one-third inning, off Falkenberg 7 ju three and two-thirds innings; off fatten 7 in four innings; oft Oberlln none in one inning; off Killian 6 In two and two-thirds innings; off Mnllin in six and one-third innings. Left on bases—Detroit 6, Washington if. Hakes on balls—Off Falkenberg 3, off Haiton 2. off Killian 1, off .Muliin 1. I'irst base on errors—Detroit 1. Hit l)v pitcher—By Killian 1. Struck out— Uv'Falkenberg 1, by Patten 2, by Ober lln 1. by Killian 1, by .Muliin 2. Time — •2:nii. Umpires—Brown and Hurst. Second game score by innings: Detroit 3 :i 000000 4—10 Washington ...00000010 1—2 The Summary: Two-base hits— Cidwford, Rossman. Hit—Off Oberlln 4 in one inning, off Smith 13 in eight innings. Stolen bases—D. Jones 2, Schaefer, Schmidt. Double plays—O'- Bilon to Blakenship to Shlpke, O'Brien lo Warner, Delehanty to Blankenship. L.£i on bases—Detroit 7, Washington 7. Bases on balls—Off Smith 2. off MuU lin' 1. First base on errors—Detroit Wahhington 3. Struck out—Hy Muliin by Smith 3. Wild j)itch— S.^l.Ith. Time—1:50. I'mpirei;—llurst and Brown. Philadelphia Is Ont Now. Philadelphia, Oct. .I.-The Cleve Kinds put a crimp In the Athletics p»nnant chances yesterday. I.,»jole 'i men got away with a flying start and ihe advantage acquired in Ihe in niiiK enabled them lo win the gam*' I'litnk walked the first man up—Flick —in Ihe first inning and after Bradley Imd sacriced Nill poked a single to (•filler and l^tjoie followed with a two ba.'«-r, the whole being good for two runs. Birmjngham tore off a run for Ihe .\aps in the fourth. With two men oiu' he hit for half the circuit, took iliird on Lister's bunt and came through on a wild throw by Murphy lo catch him" at home. The locals got into the fray in this iniiiUK. After Nichols and Seymour had been exterminated at first base. Davis singled. Murphy walked and Collins scored lioth with a double bagger. The only scoring subsequently was in the seventh inning when each side tallied once. Lister made the rounds for Cleveland on a safety to center, slow work by the infield on Thielman's bunt, a fly to center and Bradley's hopper to Collins. For the Athletics, Powers singled. Bradley fumbled Plank's tap. Hartisel sacri- ced ;and while Nill was throwing Nfchols out at first Powers raced home. The best Seybold could do was.a fly out to Hinchman. Score by innings: Cleveland 20010010 0—4 Philadelphia ... 0 0 020010 0—3 The Summary: Two-base hits—La- jole, • Birmingham. Murphy. Collin. Sacrifice hits—Bradley, Thielman, Hartsei. Stolen bases—Birmingham, Liste:r. Davis. I^eft on bases—CIeve- latidlO. Philadelphia 10. Bases on balls—Off Thielman 1, off Plank 5. podtloBoC: In tovor. Tte «( iPlcree'S iMdlcliMi bopcn llUI al principles extracted'from native forest roots, bf exact procestfes original with Dr. Pierce, and-without the Qbe of a drop of alcohol, triple-refined and chemically pore glyeerine being nsed Instead in extracting and preserving the curative virtues residing In the roots employed, these medicines are entirely free from the objection of doing harm by creating an appetite for either alcoholic beverages or habit - forming drugs. Examine the formula on their bottle wrappers—the same as sworn to by Dr. Pierce, and yon will find that hit "Golden Medical Discovery," the great, blood-pnrifler, stomach tonic and bowel regulator—the medicine which, while not recommended to cure constunptlon in its advanced stages (no medicine will do that) yet doe« cure all those catarrhal conditions of hen&d and throat, weak stomach, torpid liver and bronchial troubles, weak lungs and hang-on-coughs, which, if neglected or badly treated lead up to and finally terminate in consnmption. Take the -Uoiden Medical Dlscoverr" in eim« and It Is not likely to disappoint [ou if only you give it a thorough and Jalr trial. Don't expect miracles. It won't do snpematnral things. You must exercise your patience and persevere In iu use for a reasonable length of time to gel its full benefits. The IngredienU of which Dr. Pierce's medicines are composed have the unqualified endorsement of scares of medical leaders—better than any amount of lay, or non-professional, testimonials. They are not given away to be experimented with but are sold by all dealers la medicines at reasonable orlces. Struck out—By Thielman 3, by Plank 11. .Wild pitch—Thielman. Time— 2:10.: Umpires—O'Loughlln and Connolly.. Sour Stomach for my •oar ^ dittop _ * Ttrj ..^^ UUTT StueU«]r, Mwcb Cbaak, ra Cestror TjfJSJSK™ «««»»• *^l.e» •Umpwl ceo. ioanatwd t9 can or T«HW BKmer iwek. •MttIi«BMMdyCe<,'£UcacoorN.Y. M MII^.S1I^T»«IUJ0IBSIES Personal Inilnenre. Not long ago Roy Crawford personally recommended a show which played at his theatre. It proved to be very good, bur only about fifty people turned out to see it. Jlr. Crawford was considerably cut up about it. He took it as a personal reflection on his judgment and sincerity and gave II out cold that be would never recommend another show. The longer I live the more firmly I am convinced that few of us have any personal influence and I am willing to concede that I have none. Once while visiting Boston I saw a theatrical performance which seemed to me to be quite beyond adverse criticism. The play had achieved a great succes in New- York and elsewhere and the work of the was flawless. 1 came home and found that the same com­ pany—tlie original one by the way— was Imoked to appear in "Topeka in a few weeks. I set about it trying to do mission .Try worjc for the attraction, writing ail told a column or two of stuff about the piece and per.sonally recommending the |)erfonnance when- over I .saw a chance to do so. The result was that about thirty neople paid their way to see the show. The people of the company gave away more In tips during the day they spent in To- pc'ka than they took out of town with them. The fact is tlie people do aF they dang please and nobody can In- fliierce ihem much.—Dodd Gaston. .>t7:'tb<R;war. baa beobme of tbe oldfiuBhlbned cUid whoiw nose had to be Held wUle It took Its medicine. Mrs. Carrie Nation is spending the autumn days In a Washington Jail Mrs. Nation occasionally wanders far afield, but she always finds her way back home. It may be true, as the scientific sharps assert,, that there is no such thing as an equinoxial storm. But we have noticed that it always rains cats and dogs about the twenty-fifth of September. Stu>-vesant Fish says the charges against him are made from whole cloth. The eastern way of calling man a liar always did seem a bit clumsy and circuitous out we-st. Everybody gets found out, but some of us have influence enough to keep people from talking. I It is our experience that no form of labor pays as little Interest on the in vestment as stroking the back of a C 'lt. The telegraph announces that Mil waukee society men are now wearing bustles. Milwaukee men have always worn bustles, hut most of them were in front Instead of behind. Admiral Dewey is dead set on keej ing the Philippine<i. Admiral Dewey'; ideas are Interesting, but they are no longer important. The Chicago professor who thinks there Is no humor in this country has evidently never followed the details of one of the President's bear hunts. You will never realize the amount of barnyard refuse a man can scatter with a pitchfork'until you read Roh ert AV. Chamber's latest book. The Younger Set. The patriots who moved in »from Kansas have discovered that the as .sets of the Republican party of Oklahoma will pav only a smaJl per cent of the liabilities. Beginning tomorrow, the readers of this department will have their annua vacation. rnfortnnalely, however, th*' failure of the cranberry crop was only partial one. WORKS WONDERS. To make a hit with a girl conipll meiit her hat. To Ret ill strong witl a raiirrled woman play with her baby It is claimed that the world is mak ing a good deal of progress, but it has been only a little more than ten years since women were cutting off the ends of their hair and combing It down over their foreheads. It is our experience that the real crisis in this happy home life yon read about comes when company drops in unexpectedly on Sunday and It is found that there is fried chicken enough only for the family. Every careful housewife is insisting that her family spread the. grape Jam a little thinner this year. Tliere is said to be good authority for referring to a widow as a "widow woman." Supposing there Is, what of it? It is generally believed that the business which called Cash Cnrtis wholesale liquor dealer, to Missouri will keep hinl there some time. It is our experience that most of the flushes are bobtails. Onr Idea of a strong minded woman is one who goes up town to buy a $2 corset and comes home with one costing less than |S.7.'). Wfi find that the arrangement bj which the wives get the divorces and the husbands pay the alimony is very unsatisfactory to most men. Afler a man is sixty he needs safeguarding from the women as badly as seventeen-year-old girl needs safeguarding from the men. You doubtless find a good deal of fault with your business. How would you like to trade it, even up. for a fruit jar factory? Mrs. Klihu Root has come out hold- in favor of the anny canteen. If Mrs. Root is looking- for trouble for herself and husband she has undoubtedly been successful in her efTorts. The dog fanciers do pretty well, but they have never yf?t succeeded in producing an animal that wasn't mostly dog. It is true that Kansas I3 for Taft. But this department is for Fairbanks -^or delegat.e to the next M. E. Conference-^first. last and all the timet _ _ "WiU the President run In IMSr A Wonderful Compoand—Care*) Pile.s, Eczema, Skin Itching, Skin Ernp- tlons, CntH and Bruises. Doan's. Ointment is the best skin treatment, and the cheapest, because .so little is required to cure. It cures piles after years of torture. It cures obstinate cascw of eczema. It cures all skin itching. It cures skin eruptions. It heals cuts, bruises, scratches, and abrasions without leaving a scar. It cures permanently, lola testimony prives It. Mrs. P. D. Syfert, of fiO? North St., lola, Kansa .s., says: "For a long time suffered from a terriblf, burning and Itching on my Jeff ankle. I think the •;auso was uric add in my system. My limb swelled to twice Its .natural size •ind cniised mn no end of suffering •.vhile the itchlns and burning on my inklo nearly drove m,- frantic. There .vere times that 1 felt ns if I could '.car the flesh frojn the bono. Often at night I could not sleep on account if t'l? misery. Nothing relloved m^ until I used Doan's Ointment which my son got at Chas B. Spencer & ""o.'s drug store. This preparation completely removed the annoyance. I ilso used it for a in thft rectum so severe at times that I could "scarcely work. The great relief it afforded me andi has done whenever 1 hav <i had cansie to use it since then, makes mn value Doan's Ointment •nore than words can express." For sale by all dealers. Price ."^O cents. Foster-MIiburn Co.. Buffalo, N. Y., sole agenf.s for the United States. Remember th3 name—Doan's—and take no other. rSE PROHIBITED .STILLS. They May Rerome Denatured Alcohol Flant.s, Declareti Capers. Washington, Oct. 3.—'nner of Internal Revenue John ii. Cap* r has issued a set of .supplemental reg ulations on the subject of thc> manu facture of denatured alcohol, which are calculated to liberalize the meth cd of dealing with the production of this article and encourage the Indus try. Under th€>se regulations It will be possible for small distilleries which have not been operated profit ably, to be converted Into denatured alcohol planis, to the financial advan tage of their owners. The commis sioner's effort has been, so far as gov ernipental regulation and supervision ire concerned, to remove every ob staclB to the placing of industrial dis tllleries on the same basis as the saw mill, grist mill <or flour mill. In a circular letter addressed to collectors and revenue agents through out the countr>-, Mr. Capers offers valuablcx suggestions regarding the manufact^re of denatured alcohol at small distilleries. He makes the following suggestion: "In view of the fact that in many sections of the country local prohibi tory municipal, county or stale laws •maktnr the production of disUtled spirits unlawful have rendered worth less, for the production of beverage spirits-, many distilling plants, this of flee deems it proper to call the attention of those Intorfsted to the fact that It is entirely practicable, hy making slight changes and additions to 'uany of said plantit. to convert them into Industrial distilleries. In many nstances It Is believed that tbe> slight additions.necessary can be made with a amall e^vanditore of money." Mrs. Hury Bntfai^ TnUi Awar Last Erealif.' The sufferings of Mra. Harry Bradford, the unfortunate woman who was adjudged hisane by a sanity commission day before yesterday, came to an end yesterday afternoon at four o'clock, when death resulted from the breaking of an abscess on the brain. Her father came> in yesterday from Iowa, and Is almost crazed . from grief over the sufferings and dMth of his daughter. It was the Inoention tN take Mrs. Bradford to one et the state hospitals yesterday but her condition was such in' the morning that it was given up. During the day her condi tion became worse and at four clock she died. Tliough a county charge Mrs. Bradford was given the best of care. Friends lent every assist ance and the physicians and sister.': of the liospitnl exercised every cai-e for her. it is likely that she will bo biirifd In Iho l.,aHai-pn cemetery. Th ""Oman leaves a little child about five months old. Her husband is a prison er in ths county Ja'l awaltInK trial for Kiealinc copper from the lola Port land. He v,-ns permitted yesterday to visit his dying wife. WEATHER REPORT FOR SEPT, 1907 Prepared hy Dr. F. H. Snow, of Ibr ('nltersity of Kansas, fnim Olmer raflons Taken at Lnwrenre. In temperature this was almost an average September. 10 of the 3!) pre ci 'ding i^eptembei-s having been warm er and 20 having been cooler than the month just completed. The rainfall was a little less than half the September average, but the preclpi lation for the !) months of this year has been almost exactly of the average amount. The oniire absence of frosl makes this the 19th Sepiemhfer out ol 40 in which there has been not even white frost" at this station. Th» cloudiness and wind velocity were below the average, while the atmos pheric humidity was above the normal amount. Mean Temperature—G7.r.3 degrees which is 0 .48 degree above the Sep tember average. The highest temper ature was 93 degeres on the 1st; the lowe.-it was 44.50 degrees on the 25th giving a "monthly range of 48.50 de grees. Mean temperature at 7 a. m fi0.7r> degrees; at 2 p. ni., 7ti.03 de grees; at 9 p. in... GG.iil degrees. Rainfall—1.85 inches, which is 1.9' inches below the average for Septem her. The entire rainfall for the months of 1907 now completed ha been 30.19 inches, which Is 0.17 inch below the average for the samr months in Ihe 39 preceding years Rain In measurable quantities fell 01 8 davs. as follows: 1st, .11 inch; anr' r,t) Inch; Gth. .20 inch; 9th. .04 inch 20th, ..53 inch; 2Clh, .IG inch; 27th 04 inch; 29th, .27 inch; In qiiantltie.s too small for measurement on one day There were 7 thunder storms during the month. Mean Cloidiness—37,55 per cent of the sky, the month being 0.39 per cent clearer than the average. Number o clear days ( than one-third clou dy), 15; fair (one to two-thirds clou dy), 10; cloudy (more than two-thirdt cloudy), 5. There weretG days entirely clear, and two entirely cloudy .Mean cloudiness at 7 a. m.; 47.33 jiei cent; at 2 p. m. .39.33 per cent; at 9 p. m., 2fi.00 per cent. Wind—SW., 33 limes; NW., 19 tinieh NR., 17 times; SR., 11 linies; .V., ( Imes; S., 3 times; B.. once. The total run of wind was 7.481 miles, which I.' ,989 miles below the Sei)tember aver age. This gives a mean daily velocll) of 249.40 miles, and a mean hourly ve- ocity of 10.38 miles. The highest velocity was 38 miles per hour.from to 10 p. m. on the 19th. The mean velocity at 7 a. m. was 8.37 miles; at " p. m., 13.03 miles; at 9 p. ni., 10.2' mile.s. Barometer—Mean for the month 2.9.105 Inches: at 7 a. m., 29.129 inches at 2 i>. m. 29.097 inches; at 9 p. m., 29.090 inches; mnximiim, 29.395 inches 7 a. m. on the 25th: minimum, 28.70 inches at 9 p. m. on the 23rd: monthly range, 0.G25 inch. Relative Humidity—Mean for thf month, 73.30 per cent; at 7 a. m., 83.70 per cent: at 2 p. m., .53.80 per cent: 9 p. m., 72.40 per cent; greatest 00 at 7 a. m. on the 7th; least, 28 ai p. m. on the 23rd. There was one fog on the 7th. PROMOTED INSTEAD OF FCNSTON? ft in Said hr Officers In Washington That Godfrey Will be Made .Major General. Washington, Oct. 1.—Army officers -tt the War Department predicted today that Brigadier General B. S. (iod- frey and not Brigadier General Frederick Funston will he promoted to the vacancy caused by the retirement o' Major General W. S. McCaskey to morrow. General Funston is in line for the promotion, but it was said that President Roosevelt would advance an older officer. General Godfrey is now In command of the Department of the Mis.souri, with headquarters in Omaha. He is a veteran of the civil war. He will be advanced. It is imd^rstood. to give him the benefit of the higher rank before his retirement. TO HOLD DEMOBEST CONTEST. Event Will Orrnr Friday Night at East lola CJiareh. "Yopeka. Oit 3.—Courtship by', when the courtee acepta money from the conrter and then leaves him waiting at the church, is mighty poor business. At least this is what Charity Baucum. alias Goldie Bryde, of De Soto. Johnson county. Kansas, decided ye .sterday after she had pleaded guilty to the charge of using (he malls to defraud and been sentenced by United States District Judge John C. Pollock to pay a fine of |500 and costs and serve one day in the Shawnee Cunty jait. But there was a silver lining In Charity's case, as the court, remitted the fine on her promise to never ngaiii toy with the. federal statutes. The Baucum woman, who is nliout thirty years old and has a daughter fourteen years of age, was Indicted by the federal grand jury last April. At ihc time she left the district and did not return until a few days ago. She was arrested at her home in De Soto Sunday by Deputy I'nlted States Marshal I'. S. Need and brought to Topeka. A good many months ago she entered into correspondence with .1. B. Collier, aged about fifty, a widower, whose home is at Spurger, Tex. Matrimony was snijposed to be the object of the correspondence. The widower had five children and wanted a wife badly, in fact he wanted one so bad ly that ho was willing to contract marriage "sight unseen" and go it blind. .So he wrote Charity Instructions to bring her daughter and come on to 'I^exas on the next train. Here upon, the Bancum woman wrote him t warm but pitiful letter, setting forth the fact that she had not the money to purchase the tickets necesisary for the long ride to Texas. The letter had the desired eifect. Collier sent his affinity the sum of $55 by return mail. Then he began to wait, but the affinity never came. She evidently had other uses for the ?55. At last he in formed the federal authorities of the matter and Charity's indictment and subsequent arrest and conviction fol lowed. Charity's mother and daughter were in Topeka yesterday and took he home with them after the court grant ^d the stay of execution. She was pen Itenf and tearful, and vowed that she would never again venture forth upon the .stormy sea of mail order matri mony. GROCERY Tele |>hoDe IS9 Home Made Sausage of all Kii\ds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UT-TO-DATE MEAT MARKET lis Uast MadJson BALL PLAYER HAD BEST HAND Held I'p the .Men Who Hud Beaten Him at Poker. Hutchinson, Oct. 1.—The sheriff; office tells an Interesting story of a hold-up on Saturday night. It seems that a dozen or no men wuie gambling in a .Main Street room .somewhere he location not being learned. Tom Campbell, who played first base here last year for a time and who hxs t reputation as a wild and wooiy boy was in the game. The story is that :;amphell was worked out of his mon- •y, the others cleaning him. He left the room and soon after came hack igain, but this time with a great big ong gun. "Say you , you've been holding a good hand all night. Now take I look at this hand. I've got one now that makes you all lay down. Back up to the wall and shell out," said Campbell In his cheery way. It it said that all of them, excepting fyiu Whitzel, backed up to the wall. "Now how. you go through them in 1 hurry," he said to Whitzel. It is told hat Lou went through the bunch gel- ing alwut $115. Then Whitzel and :;ampbell flourished the gun a few Imes, giving the hoys a lecture on holding good hands and other things iboiit the great American game, and hen vamoosed. Neither of them haVe been seen since. Up to now no warrants have been iworn out for Campbell and Whitzel. When qt'estioned no one seems to know abont the affair and the particl- nants, who were backed up against he w.'jll, are talking but little. The own is beter off to lose such a fine pair as Campbell and Whitzel, and, as lonK as the town don't have to pay •heir expense of going away, no one icema to be finding fault with their tbsence. INVITE A TfST. Phas. B. Spencer Asks Catarrh Suffer, ers lo Try Uyomel on His Gnanintee, A sold and silver medal Demorest contest is to be held Friday night of this week at the East lola church. The contest is under the direction of the W'.. C T. U. and there are a number of contestants who have been drilling faithfully for wefJcs. East lola people will furnish special music for the occasion. An admission of ten cents will be charged. The proceeds In part will go to the church. Chas. B. Spencer invites all who suffer from any form of catarrhal troubles to get a llyomei outfit from them with their absolute guarantee that it it does not give perfect satisfaction, the money will be refunded npon request. There is no other treatment for catarrh that in any way resembles Hyo•nel, none that gives such quick curative results and lasting satisfaction, 10 medicine that can take Its place, tone that can be sold on a guarantee ike this, to refund the money unless cures. Catarrh is a germ disease and can )e cured only by breathing Hyomei. so that the most remote air cells in-the nose, throat and lungs are reached by °ts antiseptic healing powers. In this way all catarrhal germs are killed, the irritated mucous membrane Is healed ind catarrh is driven from the system. This wonderful medicated air treatment does not drug and derange the stomach, but Is breathed through a little pocket inhaler that goes with every Jollar outfit. The usual way in which Chas. B. Spencer sells Hyomei attests his coii- fldencc in the remedy." Special Drive in Underwear Big Sample Line Bought to Sell at a Great ((eduction. The Iowa Store POLAR BEAR FLOUR Has Stood the Test Becatrse its the Best 4cce |)t No Of ber Wm.Oberdoff, Agt. T. B. Shannon Two Big Stores lOLA, KANS. Evans Bros. OBm, UV M Where quality is main conald- eraUon. we buy the best. Wbera demands will Justify, we carrjf all grades and prices. Mr* 80U0K Tt •OUTH|«IDI SQUAU lota, Fryer Bros Can Cut Down YoUr Grocery and Meat Bill :: :: :: :: :: Dance In M. W. A. Hall. There will be a dance given in the M. W. A. hall Saturday night. October Admission 50 cents. Good music. ALIENISTS ASK $23,000 Ten of nisfrlet Attorney Jerome's Experts In Thaw Trial Send In Tkelr BIIL New York. Oct. 3.—Ten of District Attorney Jerome's alienists in the trial of Hary K- Thaw, it is announced today, have rendered bills for their services. The total of these bilhi is sU^t \f In excesa bf f 23,1)00. It is but necessary for you tc give tis a trial order on groceries and meats if you want to demonstrate the fact that you will save money by purcharing from us. We have the choicest of staple and fancy gtoceri»s. We make, a specialty of catering to the fastld- ous housewife who wants thdae Utile extras that go to make up an exceptional dinner and which are so hard to find In the average grocery store. FRYE1R~BRO^ Qroeery and Meat Market Phoaas 308 and 101 lola Bosioess Colters KlgkiofDmySmmmlom Penmanship, Arithmetic. Elocutioan Bookkeeping. English. Physical Culture, etc.. Shorthand. Letter WriUngi Trj a Waal Ai. fa fhiJbgfeNi

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