The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 13, 1986 · Page 5
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 5

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1986
Page 5
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Nation/World Tt».e Safina JvaniaJ Muada v , Jianuary 13, Pag* 5 §11.7 billion in budget cuts planned By Tie .Vew Y<ir4 Ttees .James ?! — Faierai scendinif far luiwailitary prcgraiza nmst be cut by "*.:5 percsn£ in March' I under the tenna <:i a aew fcudget- 'baiiincing lav, fl» Reagan adnunistratioii and tfce Cnngreaaicnai Budget QSce ijfffa concluded. A aracewfeat Lara sr rat tnuat be zcatie in military AdmmigtractoE cSciaia said fee CUE be afcout 4.3 percent. llHer m. uirsctcr of tie Qfi5.cs cr and Budget, and Rudolph Psaier, vtc leads She Congressional Budget OSce. plan -.;; announce &eir findings Wednesday, adminis- ration crSciais said Sanday. TVie cms are designed to srre ill." billion in fee rjrrent oscai year. dfcridec equally between rnili- •.ary and otter programs. Tfeey wctzid be aaicsaatac: under the "e'sr budget tew. nc rcrtcer action ;y Congress is required. While cuts in aon-jniMary programs are strictly defined in tfce new tew. President Reagan has a liteie none Sesi'eility in deciding -vfeerii to (.Tit mCitary accounts this year so long as he nawts fee tar-Kt. and he has already decided to exempt military pay and perscnnel spending. 'Hie la-nr established a complex budget-cutting but left it to die 5wj budget agencies to ss tfee arccunfi wr the cut 'or sach program. Tteir cakulaticns wiH ce reviewed by tee compfcroDtfr general. Charies Sowsbsr. wfco ~afrgs the Snal decisions. He is considered lilteiy tc accept the Sidings ct Millar and Fencer. The law calls for cuts in almost every federal "program, project and actmty." Bat is exsmcts Social Ssxri'y acd certain benefit; programs for tow-income pecpie. like coed stamps, and prescribes scecial treatment for a few ether programs, including Medicare, the health insurance program for the elderly. The new law, teowrs by the aimes of its Republican sponsors. S«ns. Ffcii Gramm of Texas aad Warren 5. Rudman cf New Hampshire, re- qcires that the deficit be reduced in lar^e instail- ~encs ewer tile next 5i""i years, w culunce ihu budget'oy WH<. The wfrrimsKracion and tiie Curgresswnai Budget Office have concluded tfear, the deficit for the current fiscal year will be acout $52) billion, substantially sx-re than, iscisaces. administration officials said. Reasons for &e Tiereased estimate include tire cose of a aew iirra cctcy ctii. passed in December. and the pace cf -ulitary spending, wfeicfe in recent months has beer, suciewtet greater fear, ancict- pated. budget officials said. Tfee Budget Office, 'zsbg •.£#:«- ent economic assumptions, projects 3. sli,^ciy higher deficit than &e acrdnistraticn, but the rw estimates are sec far apart, officials said. The federal deficit, representing the diS'erecce between spending -tsd revenue, never wceecec $1(10 btLicc before the fiscal year IS82. wiwa i: wealed Sir.S biUien. Tfce deficit was $507. i« b/ilscr. ia 19SJ. then S1SS.3 billion in 1SJU4 snd 5311.S biUicr, last vear. Shultz interrupted by shouting writers NSW YORK < API - Shouting iuchcr* fwice inettrniptsd Sw- rvtaur' ct' S&iC'i Geow? Sfcitto cr. Siinduv as te fcbi aui uz&fCTMb.'ft&l o:ni:erence LT' 'wr'.i".tfr* 5fcw S^iyir. adnuirJijcrac.i.T. ia "'.T. yycr stct 1 reg-xrJuig crwdwc;. jf * x iki !iktf • 'i'fee y-.-t;. for tie ss^ly. bad cVeL- Bonner set Black activist hacked to death for surgery hours before U.S. expert's arrival BOSTON iAP) - Soviet dissident Yeiena Bonner entered a hospital Sorsday for heart sarg«ry. womed because she has received no word in more than two weeks from her husband. Nobel Peace Prize winner Andrei Sakharov, her family said. ' 62. wbo sui- f ers severe heart pain, waved to reporters, smiled and! s a i dl goodbye, but had no Bonner comment as she entered Massachusetts General Hospital with her mother, Ruth Bonner, and her son, Alexei Semyonov. Bonner was scheduled to undergo heart bypass surgery Monday. "Nobody can be happy about any operation," her son-in-law Efrem Yankelevich said. "But in my view it's good that she has it now, because if she needs it in a year, she wouldn't get it in Russia. They (Soviet doctors) don't do this kind of operation; at least they don't do it on a regular basis." JOHANNESBURG, South Africa i AP> — The State Department's top African eipert toured Johannesburg's trasc-riddea black townships Sunday, hours after a black activist who was to be one of his hosts was hacked to death by political rivals. Ample Mayisa. 58, was chased from his home in Leandra township 74 miles east of Johannesburg, and kflled by about 10 blacks ranging in age from 16 to 30 about two hours after sundown Saturday, according to his son, Joshua Mayisa, and other Leandra residents. On Sunday, Chester Crocker, assistant secretary of state for African affairs, arrived for talks on independence for South-West Africa, also known as Namibia, and on the civfl war in Angola, which is related to Namibian issues. Crocker was in Luanda, the Angolan capital, on Fridav. He was tight-lipped while touring the rutted streets of KwaThema. Dudxma and Katiehong, slums east of Johannesburg. "1 am here to see and listen and communicate, but not to make any press statement," he said. Of Mayisa's death, Crocker said only, "It was terrible." In a separate development, Swiss banker and mediator Fritz Leutwiler, who is trying to help resolve South Africa's economic crisis, said after talks with President P.W. Botha that he was confident reforms to help ease the nation's international debt problems were on the way. "I leave this country with the conviction that positive political signals will be given in the not too distant future," Leutwiler said. "I also feel confident about a way out of the present financial problem." Leutwiler was named inter- mediary in September after South Africa unilaterally stopped paying back Si-t billion of its total $M billion foreign debt. He reiterated Sunday that undoing apartheid was the key to restoring South Africa's credit. Police reported rioting in six black areas, but no new deaths to the es- timawd l.CW killed in anti-apartheid violence since Sept. I?, 1984. Under apartheid, the system of enforced racial segregation, about 5 million whites rule over 2-4 million voteless blacks. Standing amid the ruins of the house and recounting his father's death. Joshua Mayisa, 23, said the killers ordered that women and children leave. Mayisa tried to flee, but was caught about 200 yards away and hacked to death with hatchets, knives and sword-like weapons called pan- gas, his son said. wcigfec." said xuehor Ncnratn Mailer, ths ?«si^r.S of ttw FSN Arjrfncan Ceawr wfcc kv- dt! w SUVA'S, ai thtf -tfib. sal PS>' CI?CST«SS. tokt :.v.ojv chauts TW su- thors t'tvo.1 55 couzstri**. "1 aiu to recresenJ sa adtaiais- , tfca? more than aoy ochw in this cvntury has r«si*5w.i tbw incrusion <?t ^vemiu^nt iaiv? thf Lives M its oici!«w. " ••CVn"t tv so surprise by 5.V fact that KonaM Keasan ai»l 1 *rv on y\xir skk," he toid the- writvrs, aianj- of whom oppostxi his ajv peanmce. A stvup of S5 FE.N awmbers — itKiudinj; Susan Sonta^. Pvte HaauLl, Nora EV^WVA^. Nat Hesv- toW aiKi John Irving — si£ive\i a letter to Shute, i.vJwi*Muui\ji his appea.ra.noe. .-f abroad, fee said. "VotT jsAv.VjrfCra-'x-'.cs fe^; «. r'-A'f!;, jvw; '/ortv.'.'v feetr o'.t:- wr feet 1 : be J.v!:'*. of fee V.vrfr 1 .- ca/r. VfcT.N v'sfKewr borf.? 1 .: •.'<:' .-.'.rw- tors wwrv jcigvy bec-a'.we >X*uec faded to o« l rft;.':c feef,v\ befor* <*rcdJ.-..xi fe.e •.t.-.v^atior. NovwLiss K . I. '.\vtwvw, wv.':- L"^ i.'.'. Vfce N-itic-f. '.'.Mi^a.!J2w. vxtv^iiiaed fetS' .V.v.e.'.-v.'-A.'.-. VK.N tad "vet i'Ssei: ai fee :«t of fe.e iv.orfj; *. ifv.'.U-g •.•.••*.'.'.> r'-g^.t- w v.rg jidr i .'u.i»*!r*tict. > . fe^.* cow.try bas yet seen. . fee ^Viv.s:\'« to Author C.ay Tales*? said rt WAS app^'P-fia'* co«s.uieving the feekve "The Wrtcw's luwgvnatwn a::d the luisgi.r.atio« of tiie Statw." which steals with '.he wivtUvts be- The theme of Che was ctvs*?i\ by short story wn'.ev Wiiald tXarthleiue. who said his point was "that jioverunwitts everywhere are out of ivntivi. that is, inrfh-ad of existing t-o serve citii'esvs, they have a lift? of their own and a lic'e that must be e.vant- wed." Services open King observances Dr. Martin Lutfier King Jr.'s Holiday Salina Celebrates Monday, January 13th at 11:30 a.m. Quayle United Methodist Church Choir Will Sing At The Leisure Years Center. By The Associated Press Ecumenical church services and concerts were conducted Sunday to open a week of celebrations leading up to the first national holiday in honor of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the slain black leader who spearheaded the civil rights movement of the 1960s. "He spoke of peace in times of violence and he talked of love in times of hatred," said New Jersey Gov. Thomas Kean, whose state has commemorated King's birthday as a state holiday since 1977. The new national hob'day in honor of the Nobel Peace Prize winner is Jan. 20. Kean, legislators and religious leaders were scheduled to attend an ecumenical service Sunday in Trenton. The theme of the Trenton service was "Living the Dream." telling of King's non-violent approach to bringing about social change. Also planned was a concert featuring the 100-member Ecumenical Choir, the New Jersey Mass Choir, the Mercer Community' College Choir and the Voices of Hope from Atlantic Citj-. The Rev. Joseph Lowery of Atlanta, a colleague of King and his successor as president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, was to address an ecumenical gathering in Seattle on the theme of "religious freedom and peace with justice." Boston University's Mugar Memorial Library and Museum of Afro- American History opened a special exhibit Sunday honoring King, who received his doctorate from the university and donated a collection of papers to the school, including private letters, photos and handwritten drafts of major speeches. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination, was In New York City on Sunday to talk about King and his work. In Georgia, a 10th annual interfaith service was scheduled in Atlanta to begin a week of activities In honor of King, and state Rep. Tyrone Brooks, once one of King's aides, was to speak at a celebration in Warrenton. Also in Atlanta, a presentation was scheduled Monday at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, and U.S. Education Secretary William J. Bennett was to attend various celebrations at the invitation of King's widow, Coretta Scott King. Dean Groves. Jim Wilson Phil Krug. John King. Jack Lnd\\ig il i^ *. ' SU 5£ RS 825-0286 IWESTCRS.IMC. 2 i7S. SANTA FE SALINA, KANSAS67401 AN OUT-OF-DATE ATLAS COULD BE WORSE THAN NO ROAD ATLAS AT ALL. ROAD CLOSED AGE IS IRRELEVANT AFFLUENCE IS RELATIVE FROM HERE ON IN IT'S Every year there are thousands of changes in the U.S. Road System. Routes are added, extended, re-routed, renumbered and closed. Towns pop up. Towns disappear. Information about airports, hospitals, and shopping areas change. Last year there were over 20,000 changes. And at Rand McNally, we kept track of them all. Rand McNally keeps you up-to- date. With the new 1986 Rand McNally Road Atlas you get the most accurate, most reliable most useful travel information available anywhere. Up-to-date information to get you where you want to go. Detailed, easy-to-read maps, valuable travel aids and bonus discount coupons to save you time, gas and money. •^•i EDUCATION FACTOR Only Plus $1.00 rebate Education, alone, links all si> K im>nls of Ihe population. It breaks down barriers between the generations. It reshapes time and priorities. It s the determining lac-lor in not only what people want hut how they plan to obtain it. The questions can be "how high the income'" or "how liiuli the reaeh" for that quality of life that comes with higher education. Kducalion has become the single most determining factor in obtaining success. From here on in it's just you and the Kducation 1'actoi. KNKOLL FOII JANUARY 20th CXASSKS Call Now To Change Your I'uture (JH3) N25-R422. |.800-4:»2-0270. Accredited by: -North Central Assocation of Colleges • Approved Veterans Training OPEN Monday-Friday 9:00-5:30 Thursday 9:00-8:00 Saturday 9:00-5:00 SCHOOL SPECIALTY SUPPLY, INC, 21 4 S. Santa Fe Downtown Salina T 825-1641 BMC THE BROWN MACK1E(OH K.I "We Bitluivv In You'

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