Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1907
Page 5
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ftimm'^ lll0dlstte ,g«ibd bdcrttaUsforpatients (Sills answertd {itomptly night or day, ap icafs experience. Veterin- aiy Denthtty a SjMEdalty. Honor OradiMto oT (tatarlo Veter> . insry College, Prop. Hoapital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 "NOT HOW CHEAP, BUT HOW GOOD.' Oanther's Candies! A Fine Line on Display, at SPENCER'S THE MARKETS. Knnsas ('ity Mnrkcl-s. Kansas City. Oct. ('.•iiilc. receipts 11,000 incliidiiiK C"". Kteaily. Native Bteers $r>.00i?i T.0»; soutlieni steers |3 .25(J ?-i :2r>; southern cows $L'.00 ®3 .25; cows and heifers $2.00®4.75; stockers and feeders JS.OOifi '1 .21); Ijiilis |2.50@4.00: calx-es $:!.00(G 0.2."): western steers $4.00 'r( ,'i.ri((; western cdws $2.B0«i'4.00. flogs—Receipts 7.000. steady. Huik $6.10©C.30: heavy $G.05 @t ).iri; packers $d.lO'ff'C.30; pigs and light $1J.1,'> Chicago Markofs. Chicago. Oct. u.—Cattle, receipts about 8,000. steady. Hecves $4.10fr 7.2.1; cow.'* t\.2:,(n:iX>il Hogs—Ilecelpts about 17.iiOi». strong. Light $6X)5(g'6.70: bulk $ri .9 ."i (i> t ;.35. (H.lXOi: BILL AT (JKAMI. RobiD.^on Comimny i 'nt on "The (•'anie of Life -Tonight. The Robinson stock company now showing at the Grand continues to draw a good house. Last night th'\ piay, "The Hand of Fate" was highly appreciated by a good audience. The specialty work by nie:nb.>rs of the company was far above the ordinary and received a round of applause. Tonight the. company changes the bill puftini: on "The Game of Life." Thi.s piece ha.s many int?resting features. A nice plot with plenty of comedy luns through the story. The bill also offers opportunity for each of the company to prove, his nurit. The bill will change again on Saturday and Sunday nights. THE HISH(»* .SAYS IIK W0\. \ew Light Is Thrown on Thul While House Tenuis .Mulch. Wn.shingloii. Oct. 3.—At last the great secret is out—President Roosevelt was beaten by the bisho]) of London in the famous tennis match i)layed last Friday. The secret was guarded carefully until today, when the bishop was interviewed in Washington at the railway station. "I suppose you will not tell me who won that tennis match last Friday?" ventured a newspaper eorrfspondeni. "Certainly I will." repll.-d the bishop of London. "I did." That settles It. Surely, tin' l)l.sliop t )r Uindon would not claim a victory he did not win. DH. UROW.N reiurnod this morning f'oni l^wton, Oklahoma, wlicre he lniK boen visiting his datight"r for the pLst several days. ^\^liIe there hv^ attended the county fair. He says that he saw some of the best races he ever saw in his life. Most of tlK races, he says, were running races, most of the riders being Indians. WeL Weather CloOang Rain Coats Cravanettes Rubber Coats Slicker ^tiits Umbrellas and Rubber Boots. CheBaitiaif:StifeU8 m SfOil THAT SATISFIES. Toel^iit'ii Sessien of CoancU Meet !•• pertnt in Tears, Seya CoiBcanuiii. "Tonight will be the most important meeting of the coancil iu twenty years." The above statement by Councilman l)r. G. C. Glynn Indicates that some crisis In city government Is at hand. It probably refers to the reiwrt of the finance commltteo which It U understood will outline the financial policy of the city and make recommendatlona directed toward correcting existing evIlH. Dr. Glynn refused to say what the policy adopted WUH, merely remark ing, "The city is going to open up for business tonight. The less said about former methods, or rather lack of methods, the better." It is known that the doctor. Uir "the (lutuice committee, and Mr. C. K. Wendorf and George Hankins of the accounting department, have been working toward systematizing the city's accounts for some time, and It is rumored that radical changes may be made in certain d<'()artments. The garbage disposal will lie inn under the supervision of the street commissioner and directly under the direction of the board of health, in this wa.v the city hopes to get l)ettpr service. At present tiie garbage is disposed of by a contract system. The new system does not necessarily mean that the contract method will be done away with but means that the city will make the change In order to keuii an accurate account of the cost. fiiijtfDitoGe of flii^ T 7 T T FOR OIUIR GAS Luniltermun'.s Cement Plant Slnrhinery to Be Fiirchused So Either Fuel Can Be Used. Pr.'sident W. E. Woods of the L\im- berman's Portland Cement company, '.vhlch is at present building a brick plant at Carlyle and will build a ce- men plant some time In the near future, and W. B. Ballou, who is supervising the erection of th,^ brick plant, will leave in a short time for tlie east where thry will purchase machinery for the brick plant. In speaking of the cement plant to"ay .Mr. Woods sa'd thai iliey wer>' l>usy at th«\ present time mal.inv prep- :iatioiiA but had d one noihlng lie says that he was In Chanute yes- erday and while there he talked with L. L. Stone, who is supervising the construction of the cement plant In hat city for tho Hunt Engineering company. Tha Hunt Engineering company wants to submit a bid for the erection of the cement plant but Mr. Wpods has not decided whetht! the comi)any will build it by contract or do the work theinselvivs. Mr. Woods also says the cem.=>iit plant will be so constructed that in case llier'- should not be enough gas for fuel of; can be u.sed. A contract Was let this morning to the. Gas City Drilling company for tho drilling of from two to five wells on th? holdines of the Lumberman';^ Portland Cement company in the near future. The number of wells that will be drilled will be determined by how- good ones are .found at first. Mr. Woods also discus-sed the <pies- Hon of erecting an electric line to Carlylo from this city. He says he wrote Superintendent Lee Massengale jf tho Tola Electric Railway company, telling them what they would Oo. He offers to give the Elrctric Railway company freight rights if the road should be built. ..Mr. Massen- trale will iloiibtless tal<e the matter up with tlu' company. A < ASK OF S.MALLIMIX. Mr. Norrls of South Fourth Striel a Victim. Acting (.'ouiiiy Health Oincer liv. .1 \V. Holicjii today sent .\lr. .Norris jwiio le.sides at Ui2 South Fourth siteiil to thi' (K'.'^t house. Mr. Norris is sulTejiiig from a severe attack of the smallpox. Kvery preraution is being taken to prevent the malady from s|ireading and making an ejildemie. The case is not llioiight to be a serious one. F0« HEEF WATEHWAYS. resident of Ililaois Central to Talk for It at ConTcntion. Chicago, Oct. :;.—^The mauagemeni of the Illinois Central Railway has iircidt<l to li'.row its influence in favii: of a deeji waterway from the gr?at lakes to the ^ulf. J. T. Harahan. president of the road, stated that he ill go to the deep water way con- entlon In M(aii)his FViday and give an|addr?ss strongly favoring the pi-o- ject. He said "The railroads hav.- be<in utterly unable to handle the tre- enduous traffic offered them during thc^ past few years and In my jU(%nient they will be unable to han- lie all the traffic for many, years to come, so tlmt no matter how many wa»r ways there may be. the railroads win not be hurt by reason of tbci tonnage taken from them. Visit the free ctmking school at Ram say's Dry fioods store all this we<'k. That Is the nnml>er of Uie BfglRter'a Want Ad. Phone. The ReKlster \n always glad to got yonr order orer the phone. What do yoa irant today? Are your serrants and employees satlsfartoryt Hare yuu lost or found auy- thlngT Hare yon a house for rent or for sole? I)o you wbh to buy anythlag? For all of these and other wants, The Register Is at your ser- Tice. Ic a Word, the Cost. i JZZL I I T I 1 1 Phone Your Wants to No. 18 cm HEWS. Special lessons in making and baking light bread in one hour with K. C. Baking Powder at Ramsay's. Moler Barber College, Kansas City, \Io. Teaches the trade by free clinic ind careful Instructions In few weeks. Positions waiting for everybody who will learn. Write for particulars. Fox Typewriter, good as in-w. for sale at T. B. Shannon's. A GIRL was born Simday to .Mr. and Mrs. G. W, Gates. Mr. and Mrs. C E. .loncs are iiarents of a girl born Sattirdaj". .Mrs. Test will open Dancing Classes m Masonic hall Friday evening. Oct. 11th. S o'clock, and a children's class Saturday at 3 p. m. Here ts another one of our l )nrRnIn8 Stone lived here over twenty years ago. She says lliat she cannot find very many land murUs. Wanted—Everybody to know that SV. \\. Kelley & Son have moved their transfer and storage oOlce to 211 South Washington. Ofllce and Day Phone 2 !UI. Residence and night Phone 17. A\-M. V. ROBERTSO.N and Minnie F. Blessing were united in maniage yesterday at the f'lirisiian chur.-li at Cris City by Rev. .loiiii Wesley. ('time fo Runisny's and get ii nice hot biscuit made from K. ('. Baking Powder. V. E. Wnnffh, Dentist Phone 186. rtfllce OTer Borrell's Drag Store. Or. .1. F. 4ttnu>son. (Jraduate Auctioneer iind Veterlnnrlnn. SaU-s or culls made anywhere. Phone 1.1. folu, Kus. Mr*, rnnlrell. Phone 1097. in ahou?if>. Tlirpp rooms, nice front lorcli. good well, nice location, smooth ot. Price for few days $.''iCri. ll'2'> -.nsli. Ii:ila:ic.> |1(J per moutii. Wliltak- •I- it Doniifll. .iOII.V l.iviiig;-ii!ii. liic Icjcal con- raciiii-. was bailly hurt ni^lit liefore :isr ;it hii shop on Su.ith Fourth ircet. by Iding struck liy a 300 iiound forge v .bich fell from the seconu story if the building. The ropes with which he f'jrge was being (julled up broke Hid the heavy machinery fell a dis- ance of some six feet and struck .Mr. .ivingsioii on the ankle. The ankle ivas l)ad .v siiniiiit-d and several \n>nes iniken. I; will I K- .vt-veral weelts lif- oii- .Mr Livingston will be able to < .-:ui:u' liis work. Sewing Machines as good as new. Singer Sewing Machine Company. 110 FSast Madison avenue. ORORGE Kessler. better known as "Babe" Kessler. has accepted a position with the Wells Fargo Express Company. He has already begun his worl;. .1. V. Tanner. IIreused auctioneer and sale crier, uO.'i Jiorth MeRea, Gas nty. . A. M. PERRY, of the lola College, went to Eldorado, Kas.. this morning, on biislncss connected with that school. Dr. Reynolds. Phone BSC Res. iU. MR. FANKELL. a fanner living near lola. today shipped his household goods to Colorado, where he expects to malie his horns in the future. We have n few of those cheap lots left in Highland Place. Whitaker & Donnell. .MRS. S. M. .STONK, of Minneapolis, Minn.. Is visiting Mrs. E. L. Bas.sdt, at 221 South Walnut street.- Mrs. DIVORCE AFTER a.'. YEARS. .Mrs. Carrie Haymaker Says Hnslmnd Is Wanderer. Ciirrie Haymaker brought suit in district court today for divorce from Frank Haymaker. The couple was married in 18.S2 and thrcs children were born to them. She alleges In her petition that for the past three years they have not lived togothar. her husliand wandering from place She further states that her liiisband does not support her; that lie Is guilty of extreme cruelty, and that he drinks and had a bad temper. She says that some time ago they had a settlement in full, she turning' over .1 certain sum of money as settl3ment. She asks to be given the title to an SO acre farm In Xeosho county and two lots In Chanute, on which she s;iys .she has been paying the taxes. Fine dwelling occupied by owner 3 blocks frtnn car line, 5 rooms. 2 porches. 2 closets, shade and fruit trees: $8 .".0. $200 cash, balance payments. Would cost $1000 to built house Rents for $12,00. Whitaker & Donnell. ELSMORE-OFR WAY GAMES.' Series of Two to Be Played at Elsmore. I have ;i number of focond hand LIBBEY'S CUT GLASS! No gift is more acceptable than a piece of Lib- hty^s Celebrated C u t Glass. For cutting, design and color of gHss this standard make has lio superior- On each piece i.s found the Libbey's trade mark. Any cut gla-s article purchased with this mark assures the buyer that he has secured tlie best the market aflFords. We carry the latest designs which include many exclusive patterns. • The OiirVVay baseball t»nm will i meet the Elsmore l<\jini at Elsmore I for a series of two games on the Els ' more grounds next Saturday and Sun- I day. Tho local team will add several I good i)lay?rs to the team and wh^n i tl 'i .y arrive In Elsmore Saturday morp ' ing they will have one of the best :imateur base ball teams that ever l-'aye.i in Southeastern Kansas. The Elsmore team is generally recognized as one of the best If not the best team in this part of the state. Come and learn economy of time and material by baking with K. C. Baking Powder, at Ramsay's. FARMERS' EXHIBIT POSTPOED. Win Occur on Friday and Saturday- Bad Weather the Cause. Xo. PflPn Santa Fe,^ and H. K. & T. I WaUli Inspector. The Farmers' Exhibit which was to have opened in La Harpe this morning was postponed oh account of the bad weather. The farm products will be exhibited Friday and Saturday of this week'Instead of today and tomorrow as was originally planned. The farmers have been prompt in bringing in the products and this morning if the weather had not been Iwd there would have been one of the finest displays products ever shown ia Allen county. Home of k E. ClfllsoB Slft^rVSm- ag#d Bit to pMAjas bijued. ' IJehtning this morning struck tlw home of R. E. CulIIson. 518 East Jaclt. son avenue. In two placQs, tearing a big hole in the roof and scatterti^^ tJic. brick chimney all over the yjard. One current went down the chimney and another down the waste plpe^and u: an elbow of the pipe in the kit Chen shot off Into the room and exploded. Thu lightning atrncJt about five o'clock. Mr. Culllson had gotten up to get a pan to put under a drip whlob came from n small leak In the roof. He was In the kitchen wUh the pan Iv his hand- when the llgbtnhig shot out Into the roOm and exploded not tb .rce feet uway from him. He says the lightning reminded him of a ball of fire being thrown Into the room and exploding right In his ear. One ciirrent of the lightning passed withia a few feet of where Mrs. CulUson was sleeping and the shock of the explosion stunned her for an instant. The lightning tore a lot of plaster iiig from the kitchen and filled the v.holr. house with dust. One brick from the chimnpy was thrown ahout 3r, or 4(» feet Into the yard of Probate .Judge Smith, a neighbor. The experience of having lightning come within three feet of one 's ear. is not. a very pleasant one, and Mr. Cullison does not care to go through the same experience again. It is not yet known the r.xact dam age done to the house, but it will nrobably amount to ten or fifteen dollars. FOR SALE—Good 7 year old mare, weight about 1000 pounds. C30 North .Main. Gas City. TOKID LIKED TAFT'S SPEECH. .Merchants and Profes.sionnI Men Re* giird the Statements as UfliciaL Tokio. Oct. 3.—Secretary Taft of ficially bade farewell to Japan at 6:11 this evening and left the brilUantlj decorated ShimbashI railroad station lor Kobe amid the firing of an artlll ery salute and a display of fireworks. At noon today Mr. and Mrs. Taft, accompanied only by Brigadier Gen eral Edwards, chief of the bureau of insular affairs, and Frederick W. Carpenter, Mr. Taffs private secretary, drove in an Imperial carriage, escorted by a troop of cavalry, to the emi){ror's palace, with all the company surrounding u t'oyai reception. Entering the audience room, accompanied by General Edwards, Mr. Tafl was greeted pleasantly by his majesty, who Invited the secretary to accompany him to an adjoining room where they conferred In private, with the aid of an interpreter, for ten minutes, after which they reiurued to the audience room. While the private.audience .was. in progress, Mrs. Taft was received by the empress. After the audience, Mr, and Mrs. Taft called on Crown Prince Yoshohito Haninomlya. and upon Prince Fushimi, the emperor's cous in, and then returned to the palace. On their arrival at the palace. Mr. ind Mrs. Taft were ushered Into the banquet room, where a Itmcheon was =<ervcd. the emperor and empress slt- ':ng on one side of the t&ti\q, with .Mr. and Mrs. Taft opposite them. The Itmcheon was most elaborate, the banquet room being profusely decorated with American and .Tapanese flags and red. white and blue flow- •'rs. Tiie favors were of silver exquisitely designed. After the luncheon. Mr. and Mrs. Taft bade farewell to their majesties and returned to the Shiba palace, their headquarters, reaching there about 3:30 p. m. C<iunt Hayashi, the foreign min-. istrr, called ou Secretary Taft at 4 o'clock and had a long conference with him. The Minnesota will leave Kobe for Nagasaki at 1 p. m. tomorrow with the Taft party aboard. •njemblnsOfi Sl6erWr *WW0tt •* "THE GAM! OF imS _ Tuesday Night. Gotob*r» 8?-" •^-«* «No HotWr GiJir flt^^! 11 ..:;'::i.t !c :Mi'tfH !-:x ;F-"" Cre$€etit Evmiy Aflmt Change of .Flctores. etch d»r4 Two IHnstmted Songs WIUi Eadi Show* ..- Open from S to £ ft ?1» 10 p .akA IVest Ibdison. AiniliM^^^^ Call on LEFFJLEtl When needing ai|^liiiig in the Jewelry Ime. ANOTHER FE&KDfS SUIT. Mrs. Perkins lVant» $7S,000 Froa Mn< tual Life Because They Exfinmed ; Husband's Body. - Lawrence, Kas., Oct. 3.— Becaiiie he body ot L. H. Perkins, of LAwi • rcoce, who died in June, was exhutned and dismembered without hor. cbi^ lent and against her wHl, Mrs. Clara Morris Perkins, his widow, bks instructed her attorneys to sue the Mutual Life Insurance company, of Vew York for seventy-five (tlKuna«&)( lollars damages. NOTHING NEW IN SAPP CASE. OiTicer.s Report no Deyelopmtnts In Tragedy. .A. W. BEC?C-went to Kansas City early this moYfting, Richmond, Va.. Oct. 2. —^The Protestant Episcopal church of the United States assembled here today for ts forty fifth trl-annual convention which Is expected to be one of the most interesting in the history of tho church. The Right Rev. A- F- Wln- nlngton Ingram, thf^ Blshoi^ of Lon- 'on. preached the sermon at the opening cL 'remony. county Attorney Carl Pc>ter8<Mi'»»H ••(• today that practically nothing new nad been discovered in connection •A-lib the Moran murder case. Mr. Peterson spent yesterday afternoon at Moran conferring with the Pinkerton detective and investigating some , matters in connection with the ^^saiev .j^ but said today that there were no new- developments. It is now known for • n certainty that the razor which was found by the side of Miss Sapp's bo^7 had blood stains on it, a microiscQpic investigation hearing this oat Tho razor was not found near the body-of * Miss Sapp until several hours after' the tragedy, although a number, irf-. people searched the ground over for., any clue' the murderer might hay© left. This causes the belief to arl^» that the razor was placed th.eraflJtpX' the murder. Perhaps the mnrder^r feared to carry tho razor away with him lest it be seen on him, and re^ turned it A telephone message was received from Moran this afternoon stating that nothing new had developed tn connection with the case. A Big Opportunity. Invest yonr^money in a legltlinate business. Permanent to Increaiing Income guaranteed. Equal partnership. Address Room 13, Frisco . Building, .loplln. Mo. The Junior Department Stbre Flowmi* Patm from 2 tof 9b to 980m No woman's nesscan be complets without children^ it her nature to ioT«:' ai)d want;, thoik asinuchsoatiti^ toJoveAbcbsio- tifut and mother muit The critical ordeal throuj;h which tl^. expectant mother mi however, is so fr&ught with dread, paid, aaffering And dajigiiir, «ry thought of it fills her xirith apprehensiooi aitd h^rtW; necessity for the reproduction of life tO! be either paibfufbr'Sani^ The use of Mother's Friend so preparit'the system for the comip that it is safely passed without any daager. Thia great and remedy is always applied externally, and has parried thousands of women through the trying crisis without sufTering. '.HAmkh ^^ aiir>t'>.-;- ' HatA for fne book contatnlnf tcfoniuUM ct ynoalca* Tttm to all expaeunt mourn.-. Tki BradSffK S^uiaUr Ca.. Atkata, Sa.

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