Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 13, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1908
Page 6
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We will accept any ceetificate fou IiaVe to ap ply on a Piaho porcliase and allow jyo0 foil valoe for same on acy pfanbiin 6ut store. Only one certificate allowed o n each Piano* WehavB the very bkstllneof Pienoe in SauiheskstemnKensms John V. Roberts 12 North VVashington Co. lola, Kansas TO INSPICT AVENUE A Representative of the Government to-be at Fort Scott Soon. The Ft Scott Republican says: Mayor Harris yesterday received word from the quartermaster general's department^ of the United States -government, through ' which department the appropriation was made ^for the paving of National avenue, that J. P. Rabbit, a repi'csentative of tha.t department will be in this city In .11 few days for the purpose of inspecting the roadway as far as It has been completed, to see that it meets all of the requirements of the [appropriation . No date has as yet :1)een set for the Inspection, but it ;WJI1 be in the near future. The appropriation made by i the tlOTemment stipulated that the road- waiy should be completed in a certain Vanner. Partial payments for the completed work are to be made soon. ''a^d when the government was notl- •^4A of this, they ordered the inspector-here, to see that it has been done ac^rding to the contract. Wqilc on the roadway is now beinp: ,Ta^ed as fast as possible. The store •work has been completed to a considerable distance north of the b of ^he avenue, and for several Imn nd dred feet west of the cometery gaj the street has .been completed, tarvia having been put in place. Contractor Umstead. who has' contract for the construction of combined curb and guttering northj Twelfth street, is also rushing part of the work iu order to kee considerable distance ahead of paving contractors. es the ho ihe of his a ithe —Drs. Latfarop. Ostcopatlw. Phone «18. MILITIA TO TAKE A PRISOXm Goremor Hoch Orders Soldiers Oull Hntchinson. Kas. In Topekfi. Oct. 13.—Colonel P. M Hoisineto!). commander of the Sect 3d -cginic:)! i-f the Kansas Natio al :;uard.s, :!nd twenty men of the Hut h- 'nson csnnjiany v.*erc "called out by Governor lloch shnr'tl.v before ni d- nigkt last night. The sheriff of K o- wa cdunty asked for the militia] to help him to take a prisoner from Hutchinson to Greensburg iu Kic va 'ounty. Governor Hoch could not ive ihe name of the prisoner or jnis 'rime or why trouble was expected. •"ho sheriff <"ilkd the governor eiephone. The fheriff. nulitfa and nrisoner will start for Greenburg the morning. •NIENt The kind th^t makes travel'a pleasure-r is the daylight berylce. ' To Kansas City ijy in BY THE "!KATY The Iraiu is not only- convenient for Kansas Citypassengers.bnt equallyso for those desirous of making connections there for points beyond. TRAIN LEAVES Cfaanute 12;20 p. m. Humboldt 12:40 p. m. Piqtia 1:05 p. m. lola 1:25 p.m. AliD ARRIVES AT Kansas City 5:05 p. m. H. I. PECK Ticket Atfent lOLA. KAN. . ,BlrUidayJ>MtC^ Tber*]am ffe^ lio^ that do not oontais' some caOai ot ^objects, oC 'AatJcad latemt DM neoMuiUj ralo- •ble, tbkt ate trauoted fqr 'aBsodar tl0B.i bx the-dlffeicot nwmbetv^of the Amlly. I Mow, If tbese - objects -are STOCK SHOW GOI Eshlhit at Kansas CHT This Week Has 3,««0 Entries—Greatest Ag- grcinitian Ever. Kansas City, Oct. 13.—Al S o'clock yesterday morning the waiting crowd .-urjred through the entrance, and the tenth annual .\mericau Royal Live Stock show, with its 3,000 head of pure bred animal:^, conceded by all to be the sreati'st .n.cgnigaiion of prize winning live stock ever exhibited in this coun- tr.v, wa.s officially opened. Tiie weath !Jr conditions were ideal. The sun Shone not too warmly and there was just sufficient breeze to show, to advantage, the flags that fluttered from ?vcry tent, and building within the en closure. On every side the decorations were Ceilings ami girder were banked witli foliage, while in every section bright ribbons and bunt ing added an air of gayety to the icenc. Many women were among the first day's visitors and their exclamations of astonishment and delight were heard on evrfry side. Once within the enclosure the crowd separated into individual parties, and wandered about through the various sections; each party apparently searching for the animals in which they were most deeply interested. Tne Percherons. Clydes. Belgians and the light harness horses, the high school class aud the tiny Shetland ponies, all r'eceived their fair share of praise from these visitors. BOMB 1U9B TABI& < : ^ nice{y photographid aiiii conTcrted Into birthday or CUrlsteias cards sncb mementos wonld lle'Vastly more appreciated by and Interesting to the va- rioas scattered members of the family than the usual "pretty-pretty" greeting cards, of which we are all getting a little weary. The amateur photographer may find these treasures a little hard to 'jtake." so the following ajlvicc jTrom an expert interior photographer may be helpful: : The first need I^' a table or stand for the object Most ordinary tables arc too low and a so troublesome to clear and to move labout an ordinary room. After various ^experiments I have arrived at a j very simple and practical arrangement, which any one ^can make at a trifling cost and trouble. In one of tho Illustrations yon bare a general view of my table or stand seen In an ordinary room;. A door cnr- tain acts as background. By oversight rather than design a part of an old grandfather's clock is included, but it may serve to give some rough Idea of the size of the stand. From the grocer 1 obtained a box withojt a lid. This measures two feet long, fifteen inches wide and six inches deep. Three broomsticks were bought and all. cut to exactly tbe same length— viz, three feet nine inches. Inside the two front corners of the box (open side downward) are fixed two of the broomsticks. The third broomstick les is fixed to. the Inside of the middle of the opposite long edge of tho box. Nails may be used, but screws are stronger and safer. Lastly,; I bought three window blind laths. 1 These are about an Inch wide and j one-quarter inch tbick^ Two of them arc cut to two feet nine inches in length; 'the third may conveniently be two feet Jong. The two lower laths ^re used as background supports andj are fixed to the outside of the table top near the right and left band ends. IThe third is fixed to the middle of ione end of the bos. •For fixing these Ithriee laths use one short, stout screw ft^r each. This enables you to turn these three parts of the apparatus downvfard when tho ta 206AZIKES AKD PERIODICALS . can be secured of ' J. £. Hendersoa Kho deals with the publishers and (urnlshes them at the lowedt price pbesible. Trial subscription to Van -Vorden's, 3 months 25c. 'Phone 98. 414 N. Buckeye FOUST AT CHANUTE. He Will S.oeak to Y. M. C. A. Next i . ' Sunday. jThe Chanute Tribune says: Judge Oscar Foust. judge of the AI len-Woodson county dsitrict court, will speak at the Y. M. C. A. rooms next Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock. His subject will be "Courage," Special music has been arranged for and Secretary-TVaxell expects s large crowd, in fact the largest crowd that has ever attended a Sunday afternoon meetuig. Judge Foust is a fluent talker aiid one well worth hearing. He sa.t as judge pro tem of the Neosho coUntir district court, after the appointment of Judge James W. Finley, In- cj^es In which Judge Finley was attorney before his appointment as STOMACH'S SmETAKE ble is not In use. It may then be stowed in any out of the way corner, a cover thrown over It and be niade useful If required. In the other illustration you see: the apparatus in use. A sheet of rough brown paper Is attached to the background laths, using drawing pins. This paper is also jlarge enough to. cover Qie table top as well as to serve as background. The object cfaosea is a Derby "biscuit" figure. To the right and opposite the room window is placed the "reflector-j-ln this case a sheet of white card, which leans agabist tbe shorter of tbe three laths. SHOVIHCMiUji^ FIGHT.FOB E. U. He EkToi From- Xanlnttan Made tbe Kansaas Woric Like Beavers. Of course yon see' picture the;Derby fisd: ly small and mast remember that show tbe general than the figure. In rANTjQLO: h-c p J ---,f. -^.1^ vf-'-i »,Aij^^ _ "... flgojce and shown on aii adeqnat 'miat &rs in this ire looks absurd- cant, but yon it was taken to tgement rather practice the only would Ibe larger scale;. Nota Spwiial iPrlvllega. Mrs. Jones (kstifftagetteW don't •sk special prlTfleges, Mr. Jones. -What I do ask' Is t^t yon. for instance, a «hotild|treat me esa«t- Ij as yoo wqfodd another man. Inst^ of "t«ivi**g small tnHr treating XBM Ufca a thing to be pJ^eeted and all ttet a^raiae towaidKkM the attitad* yiosi dojtojlihi ^aziiBm Tiiat wm -Uawrence, Kas.'.; Oct. 13.—The Aggie foot! ball team from Manhattan played a great game against K. U. here Sat- ardi^ and rtolly had Kennedy's team ^vri much worried as to the final outcome. Tbe game was full of spec- tactilar.plays by both teams and the large crowd was thrilled from the be^ ginning of play to the end. Elach team received many penalties for offside play. Kansas scored in the first halt on straight foot ball, but it was only after the hardest kind of work, the Farmers , twice throwing them back for a loss with the ball only a few inches from the goal line. The hal' ended with the score K. U, 6, Manhattan 0. In the second half the Aggies put ir a new set of backs with automobiI«> speed and with the fastest kiitd of work scorpfl a touchdown and kicked goal within two miimtes of play. Thc.v continued this fast gait and nearly took away tbe breath of the K. U. rooters by scoring another touchdown, although a jienalty kept the same from counting. Harry IJates. .i Topeka boy and quarterback for the Aggies, did star work in handling the ball and also did sonic fline punting. However in in the later par o fhe game K. U. woke up and liy some exceHeiit playing on tho latter part of the game K. U. woke Caldwell pulled out a victor.v. But keep your eye on this .Manhattan team for the rest of the se.ison. Those Farm ers are going to defeat some good foot ball teams. —Frank S. Beattle. V. 8. Phone 139. MOTOR SLEDS IN POLE HUNT The Charcot Antartic Expedition ito Try a New Mode of Ice Travel; Kio .lanelro. Brazil, Oct. 13.—Tjhe Srteamer Ponrquoi Pas. with the Charcot Antartic exploration expedition on board, arrived here today on Its way to tho South Polar rcsions. The Ponrquoi Pas w-ill remain here a week. The vessel will then go down the South .Vmerican coast to Buenos Aires. Pnnta .Arenas and Ushnsia In Patagonia. ''"'E>r.' Charcot will visit Laubet land, which he discovered in 190.=». and froni that point will go to Alexander land. * jiart of the Antar­ tic continent. Motor sleighs will be used to carry the explorers as far to the Southeast as possible. Rikl Estate; iii ^uiran Cijiy ancf H^urjm Ijoans Low Rate. Annual In^rest. s Payments^ received, at any , ilme without notice, aid in- _ ierest ceases on amount, paid. Long or Short Time Loans, C^nnlnsfaam & Araett 1000 NAMES WROTE Busy Day at Daltas^ Opening.—'Many Visitors Yet to Be Entered on The Books. Dallas. S. D., Oct. 13.—The first day of the second w^eek in the Tripp courtly registration brought 3.820 to Dahlias. 620 to Gregory to register. Tomorrow's crowds will be large, in- cliiding a carload of packing house emlploycr from South Omaha. Mrs. C. T.. Morcfcouse of New York city has written 'Judge Witten. superintendent of the land drawing, claiming to be tho wife of the only living son of a Revolutlonarj- war soldier and asking, on that account, to be allowed to register by mall. ^allas had another flre scare yesterday, when, an Incipient prairie fire started in a\galc just at the eilEe of town and was being blown rapidly toward town when an Indian rushed Into the head of the flame and extinguished it with a gimny sack. A burglar caught fn a store, last night, today escaped from the police and was recaptured onlv after a sensational rnn through the crowd of land seekers. O'Neill. Neb., today eclipsed all records, registering .=5,700. Announcement. ~,' Dr. Sutcliffe wishes to Inform his farmer patrons and the public that be has resumed ,tbe general practice of medicine, combln/ng It. with strrgery. Office hours 10 to 11 a. m.. 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p. m. OHIO LABOR VOTE TO TAFT. TO DROP 24 MIDS-HIPMEN. Failure to Pas- Examinations Ended Naval Careers at Annapolis. .•\nn .Tpolis. Md.. Oct. 1.'!.—.As a result of th<> September examinations Ht the United States naval academy twenty-four midshipmen will be dropped from the rolls. .At the regular examination last May forty-two midshipmen were found deficient and were informal that they would be reexamined in September at the conclng ion <;f the reciilar summer cruise in on!ei to give them an opportunity to con)> lot c their studies. Ali'except twoniy.four passed. Ex-Governor Herrick Makes a Favorable Report to Mr. Hitchcock. New Yok. Oct. 1.1.—Ex-Govenor Myron T. Herrick. of Ohio, reported to Frank Hitchcock. Republican National chairman, today that there had been great Improvement in the political situation in Ohio within tbe last few weeks. Ho said that there was a perceptible movement among the workingmen toward Judge- Taft;. "They begin to realize, regardless of their national politics, that their welfare! depends upon his election." said Mr. Herrick. When you first try the most tempting- savor}'—fine flavored of all sea food Don't as-sociate them with oysters you comf ^ monly buy. "Sealsliipt" are packed without water in sealed, air-tight, steel containers. "Sealshipt" Carriers keep the oysters fresh and firm—not water-soaked. They retain all the incomparable tang of the sea. You can't get enough of "Sealshipt." More than a surjMise—a revelation, Even.-'hotlsewife will want a copy of "Sealshipt Sense" with the dainty new oysler recipes—The following "Sealshipt" dealers will give you a copy: FREYER BROS; OTTO HINZE; TAYLOR BROS The genuine "Sealshipt" Ojrsters are always sold from a White Porcelain Display Casebeariiig the "Sealshipt" trade ^ mark in bine. This is for your protection—look for it.: The "Sealshipt" Carrier System is pitented. Infringe- ments will be prosecuted to the full extent of the • law. NATIONAL OYSTER I CARRIER COMPANY South Nonralk, ConoecticBt. ^ Gnaran'ceed Pore ana Wholesome, j Ton save moo^ lakmg if yoa| use 23 Oances for Here is true eopncfny. You cannot be sure every time s^jbave ypat food dainty, tEKSty sm some if yoa pay acb^ a satedtnte. m Cents kds or

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