The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 23, 1963 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1963
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Page Four Editorials Wednesday, January 23,1963 A Courageous Man The measure of a man, it is often said, is how well he overcomes handicaps. If this is true, Ruel Mitchell who died Sunday was a big man. Early in life he lost both legs in a train accident. When most boys were playing baseball, Ruel got around in a little red wagon. But this handicap failed to keep Mitchell from making a success of life. He went on to graduate from college and to serve as manager of a football team. During World War 1 he used his handicap to advantage by training others to walk on artificial legs. He operated several businesses in Ottawa and was a success at each. Those who knew him forgot his handicap in the warmth of his personality. Yet it was impossible to know Ruel without admiring his courage. When lie learned he had an incurable cancer, he still retained the courage on which he had leaned for 60 years. Thwarted in his efforts to find a cure, he summoned that last ounce of fortitude to come home to Ottawa to face the end. Here was a truly courageous man To Your Good Health whose life makes insignificant the really minor problems most of us face. From Our Readers I read with a good deal of amazement your editorial of January 9, 1963, suggesting a severance tax. I was under the apparently mistaken impression that most knowledgeable Kansans and certainly all newspaper editors are aware of the current serious economic plight of the producing oil and gas industry. This industry currently is paying a hefty gross production tax via the ad valorem route. It is doing so in the face of rising costs and imports and declining prices. Kansas reserves are also declining which simple means that we are pumping ourselves out of business. A severance tax will not improve the business climate for this industry. With political, labor and business leaders pleading and working for industrial development in Kansas, I fail to see the logic of shackling our biggest industry with a selective additional tax. — Tom L. Schwinn, executive vice president, Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association. Calcium Spurs Common By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER Dear Dr. Molner: Please write about calcium spurs. After an extensive examination, including X-rays, brain wave test, etc., a neurologist diagnosed -my severe head and scalp pains as originating from "discs in the neck that have spurs on them." He advised traction.—H.T. The "spurs" in this case are overgrowths of the neck bones— that is, of the edges of some of these bones. This is a quite common occurence as we grow older. Should these overgrowths be in such position as to put pressure on certain of the nerves radiating from the spine, the result can be pain, not necessarily at the point of pressure, but at some point served by the nerve. Dr. Molner. The pressure on the nerve results in an impulse reaching the brain that is the same as though the painful situation were occurring elsewhere. These pains need not seem to be in the head; they fairly often seem to be the arms. Traction is the first and conservative approach to this trouble. If the bones of the neck can thus be drawn apart enough to relieve the pressure, the pain is lessened. If traction does not succeed, then surgery may be necessary. The goal is to take the pressure off those nerves and to relax tense muscles in the neck. Dear Dr. Molner: What percentage of pork is infested with trichina? I am usually quite careful but a few days ago I was in a hurry and cooked sausage only 18 minutes at 300 degrees. After we had eaten some I knew it wasn't done and I re- cooked the remainder. However now I am wondering whether a death sentence is hanging over our heads.—Mrs. G.P. By jph This And That Local businessman would much prefer to throw away his credit cards and pay his bills with old- fashioned money, but he's a conformist who doesn't want to be conspicuous. . One can look at a man's office walls and tell whether or not he is an ardent fisherman. If there is a large sailfish mounted on one of them, he isn't. Man we know, George by name is back from New York and couldn't be more pleased aboul it. Everyone he encountered back there seemed to take it for grant- JPH ed his name was either "Mac," or "Hey, you." Sportsmen we know still are talking about their Mexican west coast fishing trip a couple of weeks ago. They flew themselves down but got weathered in at El Paso for a night along the way. When they arrived, they found their hotel The sea was so rough they could go out only left much to be desired and weather even more so. three days. They didn't get a fish, but they did get what every tourist to Mexico does. Bad. They flew themselves back to within 300 miles of home. There they got weathered in again and had to rent a car to complete their journey. No wonder men get so much joy out of fishing. What was U the Geiger counter said to that beautiful hunk of uranium? "I get a click out of you." The Cold War might be described as a period during which the world wrests in peace. The word from Hawaii is that the ground-sweeping muumuus have now been cut back to slightly above the knee. To make the gown a mmm-mmm. The average man goes to his grave without being completely sure whether the parsley sprinkled over the plate is to be eaten or only admired. This letter is from Kansas — a state of low incidence of trichina, where less than one-tenth of one per cent of swine are infested, Chances, therefore, are less than one in a thousand, and the cooking, in this case, may or may not have destroyed the larva, if any. Larva will be destroyed if the pork is cooked to 137 degrees all the way through. Dear Dr. Molner: My son, 20, has been advised by an orthodonist to have an operation to shorten the jawbone. What sort of surgeon does this work and is there any place in the country where there's an outstanding specialist?—Mrs. K.W. It could be done by a dental surgeon (he specializes in the more complex types of oral work) or it could be done by a plastic surgeon. Your orthodontist could refer you; most metropolitan areas have competent surgeons in these fields. It may be a waste of money to go long distances, since you usually find that you have just as good care closer to home. Dear Dr. Molner: For six or eight months my left shoulder has pained me a lot although it lessens during the day. What do you think the trouble is?—Mrs. C.B. Obviously, I can only speculate. Get your doctor's diagnosis. Among the frequent causes is a strain from some unusual use of the arm — wall washing, painting a ceiling, or sawing wood. Bursitis (from too much pressure or strain on a joint) is another. There may be a calcium deposit along a tendon or in a bursa which causes pain in certain movements. Such a condition might be more painful at night because you lie with your arm in some particular position. Note to Mrs. S.G.: Yes, being substantially overweight can make menstural periods irregular. It isn't always so, but it can happen. "You Can Stop Sinus Trouble!" is the title of my booklet explaining what sinus trouble really is, and encouraging sinus sufferes to do something about it. For a copy write to Dr. Molner, Box 158, Dundee, 111., enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 20 cents in coin to cover handling. AuJcl Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO Three business places and several Ottawa homes were broken into by burglars who got away with considerable loot. Max Fockele, cashier of the Rantoul Bank, was here on business. A car belonging to Dr. George W. Davis was stolen. Later the car was found at Eudora under a Kaw river bridge. His golf clubs, taken from the car, were found at Tonganoxje. His medical bag, containing a small quantity of narcotics, was found in Kansas City, Kas. 50 YEARS AGO Miss Nina Hudolson of Pomona was a dinner guest of Misses Mabel and Pearl Stannard in Ottawa. Frank Boyd of Pittsburgh, Pa., an engineer for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, was here for a visit with J. E. Cunningham, The two had been boyhood friends in Pittsburgh. J. T. Helinick, Cleveland, Okla., were here looking over farm lands. He thought he might locate in Franklin County. Prayer For Today The Lord said unto him, Go thy way: for he is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear my name before the Gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel. (Acts 9:15.) PRAYER; We (hank Thee, our Father, for presenting us opportunities each day to be missionaries. Guide us according to Thy holy will, and may we testify in order that others may find the courage to be Christ's disciples. In the Lord's name we pray. Amen. Television Log Channel 4, NBC Channel* MS, CBS Channel 9, ABO Wednesday t)M 4— Sett Hunt •—Torey and Friends 13—Quick Ore,* UcQra* 6:15 6—Whirl/ Bird* 4—Dragnet •—Rebel 13—Scope-Kansai University 5:4fl 5—Me we 13—sport* WltB De» iseisa* t:M 13-Weather «:uo 4— Newe »-Newe •— News 13—Newt «—Sporti 5-8-Weather 4—News with Huntley-Brlnkley S—Sporti B—News 13— N«w« 8:25 S—Speak-Op 6:30 4—Virginian 5-13—CBS Report 9—Hollywood 1:3(l 6-13—Dome Uillli 9—Going My Way 4—Perry Como 5-13—Beverly Hillbillies 6—Dick Van Dyke »—Our Man Higgln« 13—Donn» Reed 9:00 4—Eleventh Hour 5-13—U. S. Stee) Hour 9—Naked City 4-5-9-13—Newt 10:10 5-8- Weather 10:11) 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, "Dear Ruth' 1 9—Steve Allen 13—Weather Ul:80 13—Sports 10:30 13—Lifeline 10:35 13—-Stone? Burke 11:85 13—Peter Dunn 11:45 9—Man Prom Cochlse 12:00 4—New« 12:05 4—Movie, ''Indiscretion of an American Wife." 12:10 5—Speak Op 12:15 5—Movie, "Blackmail" 9—News 9— Almanac Newereel 1:05 8—Faith for Our Time* 1:30 4—Dnlty Dally Word Thursday 5:f.5 4—Dally Word 8:00 4—Continental Classroom (Physics) 13—Continental Classroom (Government) 6:35 5—Postmark MId-Amerlcs, 8:30 4—Operation Alphabet 13—College of the Air 6:40 5— One Way to Safety 8:5ft 5—farm ZTact* 7:00 4—Tonaj 5—College of the Air 13—Rush Hour 7:30 5—Moment 01 Meditation 7:35 S—Cartoonland 7:45 5—King and Odle 7:50 9—Call to Worship 7:55 8—News H:00 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 9—Columbia Lectures 8:30 9—Deputy and Fell* 0:00 4—Say When 5—Jack LaLanne 9—Romper Room 13—Calendar • :25 4—New* • :30 5-13—1 Love Lucy 4—Flay Your Hunph 9—Divorce Court 10:00 5-13—McCoys 4—Price Is Right 10:30 5-13—Pete and Glady* 4—Concentration 9—Day in Court 10:50 9—News 10:55 9—News 11:00 4—First Impression 5-13—Love of Life 9—Jane Wymap 5-13—News U:30 4—Truth or Consequence* 5-13—Search For Tomorrow 9—Yours For a Song 11:45 5-13—Guiding Light 11:55 4— New* 13:00 Noon 4—HI Noon Cartoon* 9—Ernie Ford 5-13—New* 13:10 5—Speak Up 12:15 5—Sport* 13—Farm Report 12:20 4—News, market* 5—Local Interview 13:30 4—Accent 9—Father Knows Best 5-13—As World Turn* 1:00 4—Merv Griffin 6-13—Password 9—Movie, "China Sky" 1:3(1 5-13—House Party 1:55 4—New* t:00 4—Loretta Young 5-13—To Tell The Truth 2:25 5-13—Newt 9—News 3:30 4—Best of Groucho 9—Seven Keys 5-13—Millionaire 3:00 4—Match Game -513—Secret Storm 9—Queen for a Day •3:25 4—News 3:30 4—Make Room For Daddy 9—Who Do You Truitf 5-13—Edge of Night 4:00 4—Fun Time 5—Cousin Ken's Carnival 9—Torey and Friends 13—News 4:15 13—Turban'* Land of Magi* 4:30 5—Mickey Mouse Club 6:00 4—6ce Hunt 9—Quick Draw McGraw 13—Magic Ranch 6:15 5—Whlrly Birds i:30 4—Dragnet 9—Rebel 13—Dick Harp 6:1ft 5-Newo, 13—sports 6:55 13-Wcalhei «:INI 4—Mew* 5—New* 9—News 13—Newt 8:10 4—Sports 5-8-WeathM • il* 4— Huntley-Brlnkltf Rtport fcW 13— New*. Walter CronklU •;*» •— aptak-op |*>M 4— Wld* Country . 1-13— Mlittr ' Ed t—OiiU and Harriet TIM S-U— Perry Ua*o> 9-r- Donna Reid MM 4— World of Benny Goodman •—Leave It To Beavtl ,»r«B v 6-13— Twilight Zone •—My Three Son* 4— Hani •— McHalet Navy turn t—Andy Wlllamsl M3-rrNur«e? •—Alcoa Premiere ItiW 4-5-i-ia— MCW* »-•—Weather Mill 4-r-Jphnny Carson 6Mavie, "Hall the Cpnquering Hero" 9—Steve Allen 13^ Wither 18i30 4— Curjqus Camera 13— Lifeline 111:35 13—77 Sunset Strip 11:35 ' " 13— Peter Gunn 11:45 •—Man From Cochlse 13 :(MI 4— N»w* 12:08 i2-irT M ° vle ' " Duel at 6— Speak Up 12:15 SMovie, "These Glamour Girls 9— News 1:00 9. — Almanac Newsreel 1:05 Wells " 4— Dnlty Dally Word BOOK CLIMBING - Associate Justice Wiliam 0. Douglas of U.S. Supreme Court, tells group of Washington, D.C., school children about his hobby, mountain climbing, and his book, "Exploring the Himalaya," on Reading Boom, 11;30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 26 on Channels 5 and 13. Scene is Explorer's Room of National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C, IAFF-A-DAY C Kim Future Syndicate, Int., 1563" "Did you send for me?" Your Want Ad is read by over 25,000 people. Tonight's TV Highlights A big special this evening on Channel 9 at 6:30. It's "Hollywoqd: The Fabulous Era," with Henry Fonda as narrator for an hour show that will take the viewer back over the years of the talking pictures, beginning with Al Jolson's "The Jazz Singer," and moving on up to the present. If you are old enough to remember when talking pictures made their appearance in America, in the late 1920s, you're going to enjoy this one. Perry Como's show for this evening will be quite entertaining, with Ray Bolger and Lauren Bacall as guests. Lauren Bacall will make her TV singing debut on the show. Late movies will include "Dear Ruth," a 1947 film starring William Holden and Joan Caulfield Channel 5, 10:15. No Auto, As Usual ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP)-Joseph Strauss of Allentown, who said he hasn't driven his car since last summer although he has been making all the payments, set fire to it, Allentown police said Monday. Strauss told police his estranged wife, Ethel, has had possession of the car and he's been walking, Monday he found the auto parked downtown, drove it to the outskirts of the city and set fire to it, said the police. The interior was damaged. Strauss was held in bail on disorderly conduct charges. The Herald pays ?5 every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. KEEN TV SERVICE 114 8. Main CH 2-3490 FIVE STOCKS TO BUY FOR 1963 We have available a comprehensive report on five outstanding situations for 1963. We feel these companies offer excellent investment values for the growth and income minded individual. Send for this special report today. MAIL COUPON BELOW - NO OBLIGATION OF COURSE Barret- Fitch- North Can't Cut Cruelty From Bull Fight By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK (AP)-The National Broadcasting Company's Continuity Acceptance Department is currently engaged in one of the most ticklish, delicate operations in television: editing film of a Spanish bullfight The film — showing fights by two outsanding matadors — was made for Bud Palmer's "Sports International" show, and is scheduled for broadcast Saturday, Feb. 2 The problem is to show a valid film of bull fights, while keeping "their cruelty aspects to an absolute minimum," in the words of Carl Watson, network director of broadcast standards. The fact that large numbers of Americans disapprove of bullfighting does not change the hard fact that it is the national spectator sport of Spain and—more than that—plays a vital role in Spanish life and is even a reflection of Spanish culture. "We go into all this in the show," continued Watson. "We cannot show a bull fight without also showing the banderillos (barbed darts on the bulls. We will not show the actual entrance of the matador's sword killing the bull, but we must show the bull falling to its knees." Watscn said his department already has sat in on three long .editing sessions for the show—and isn't finished yet. "The main thing is to temper the representation so that it remains honest but without glamorizing it," he said. "We've had experience with this sort of thing before—there was a Hemingway piece and there was a full fight in 'The Many Faces of Spain' last season." Frank Sinatra will be master of ceremonies for next April's motion picture "Oscar" awards program on ABC. Bob Hope, who has been doing the job in recent years, is unavailable this time— the toothpaste sponsor of his NBC show is a principal competitor of the sponsor of the Oscar show. Dog No Friend Of Theirs RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Two Richmond teen-agers aren't convinced the dog is man's best friend. Early Monday a bus driver spotted two boys inside an automatic laundry, breaking open coin boxes on the machines. The boys saw the driver and ran out the back door. The driver, who wasn't identified, slammed the door in time to trap then* dog, then called police. Patrolmen E. L. Robinson and R. S. Price opened the door and released the dog—which promptly led them to a house a block away. Inside, the police found two 16- year-old boys one with coins inside one shoe. The bus driver said they were the lads he'd seen inside the laundry. Ottawa Herald &» "* 1962 FIRST IN KANSAS 10IMOI B. Mam Publlibed dail> except Buna*? an* Holldayi. Second dais portage at Ottawa, Kaniaa. Robert B. Wellington Editor And Publisher •ubicription rates to trade area — By mall, one month 85; three month*. |l; ill mpntbi, f3.75; one year. 17, Subscription ratei outglde trade area —By mall, one month, 11.51; til re* montba M.2S; ilx month*. 18.00; one year, H6.00. MEMBER OF PHE ASSOCIATED PRKB8 The Aaaoclaied Preia n entitled ei- eluelvely to the me for publication ol •11 the local newg printed In the new*. paper a* wall a* all AP oewe t|e> MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE Bob Dillon 425 S. Main — Ottawa — CH 2-2445 Please send me free "5 Stocks to Buy for 1963." Address City '..., State SHOWED.- kyywir INCOME TAX U» BLOCK talc* tf» sura offl They'll give you BOTH fort accurate, guaranteed wrvic* for a wry imoH fte . . , oft** Ifjf than *W Mpvt you In djduc- Komi S~ BLOCK TO. "ATI NIGHT Nation's Largest Tax Specialists — 9W Office* Across the U.S. 2011/2 S. Main Week P»yft 9-6 p.m.—Sat. & Sun. 9-5 — CH 2-4234 —•——••No Appointment Netaasarv

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