Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 13, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1908
Page 5
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TjgE lOLA JAlLi BECttSTEB. TPESPAT ETEypfi/OCTOBBB II, 1998. ; Your saving^s with-JJic-understan^ng that they will for in a legitimate manner. For the nse of your Sa THREE PER GENT INTEREST, COMPG /''"leiai-annusily. The small saver may add ANY amonnt to hie S after his acconnt is opened—ONE DOLLAR will o^n account, with which we GIVE one of our BANKS/yj in our window. This is a convenience that should ; overlooked. L _ THE BANK'S STATEMENT show where eveil' cent care igs Wl EI)) vingsj, an u se4 Ikot be is invested; you are informed as to the earnings of thq The regular supervision of the t^tate of all Savings is for the protection of the people whose funhs are placed Jin llie bank. Every means to give patrons safety is em We invite an investigation into the management bank. loyed|. bf this State Savings Baatk toia, Kaamam Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! A few hundred U svctioMsi >'u. 1. wesitern land juf $1000 and up. GOLDEN WEST UND CO. Office Over Iowa JSton*. ' Thorpe & Ooogh Contractors, Eogiiieers, Surrejors. Fully equipped^or ^allkiDds of surveying, estlm^Hg, featenTSfaw^ lag. blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office Orer Tamoas." 1-Wta-—— ShortStor aw lola Happe: —Dr. J. B. Pepper, neatlst Returned From Synod. Rev. H. C. Dudley returi morning iroui Jola where he I since Frliiay ntcciulin;^ tlic Pi iau Synod.—tJarnott Xews. —Always time to eat at Ourj Nicholsons At Ottawa Mr. and .Mrs. Geoi^e Nichol i3aldwiH, were in the ciiy ^hopping. The trip was ijFherr-antomobile. They -worej ^)anic(l l)y Lamar Hoover and ter.—Ottawa Republic. —^Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. Use No. 7 Flour . Good as any—belter than most. . \ Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Freob ^ Meals, Smoked and Salt Meats. { We Want Your PRODUCE farmer^, and will pay the highest market price in cash or trade. Come in and see Us. We are sole agents for J. M. Bom's COFFEES and TEAS If you will give this line a trial you wii! use no other. Fryer Bros. rbone 301, SOS. lolu, Kan^^as. Tamer Gray, the ball plav the to i' win the world series. Tamer is no certain proposition to^ salj of two- fairly well will win a series. matched ba fd this [is been .'sliytei-- Way. json. of itui'Tlay lijade ih accori- his sii- f r. like JO will says it I- whidh teams —Soda. Water, the Our Way j, Wants Divorce. I Mrs. Sarah IMartin is asking vorce from her husband. A. C She claims mistreatment srounds for the action. kind. ' / for di; Martin «s the —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. At Sheriff Sale. " Lot number 5 in block - it lyu park was sold yesterday dersheriff A. L. Boatright j Xonhrui) hank for JSOSO.l? ! covers a mortgage and the the case. Evans Bros. WHere qaaltty U mala ecmaUl- •ration wa buy tha bert. Wbata demanda will Jnatlfy, wa carry •H cradaa and piloaa. IMtt Ilia lala, lus. —Sipn painting. Fred phone 1428. . Back from Rosebud. George and Chas. Rohrbalik have returned trom Dallas. 5. Dak (hey • participated in in the drawing. Brook- by L^u- 0 the whith tosts 'of Rowden where ilosebud i- 'l aak tbat vrery bMp«MlM« aad fair-minded Iab»r lMd«r. »v- •iV re^ooaibl* and fair-mind^ mjeaa/b^r-ot'a labor erfaaltatton. read thea*. (Taft'st iojuuctions foJr hlmMlf. If wi^ do Instead !or rond «iuBinx ih >in he will brjartily approve of tbe< a and will r ^gnlM this further attonluli-. hi|{ fact that the iirin >iplm laid down by Judge 'Uaft In thes* T »ry inlfunetioafl. wkick l«b>rlBS pfo- pl^ are asked to con lemii. are jtbemaeiTM the frr principlf^ ied in the |ry re«poo- whlch are sow eon bod laWs or praoticea of er* siMe labor orcanitat^oo. Thi> heratn ao llaid down io *rty for prineiplM wMoh^ bf wisely and fMricsMiy BftrT* asia rbnrter of all of us. for wage w »rker». f«r Amployer*. or the jene al pubiii': for they rest on the pr fair dealing f«V aU. of jiB '-ipIPS of 'Ten -banded justice for all. Ihey .mark the Judge who n^nderifd them a.<i standing for the rights of the whole people: a.^ far as dHvlight U from darkneM. so far is )iui|b a Jui'ge from the tlme -!»*rveK the truckler to the mob. or the orins- ipg tool of great, oorrtipt and corrupting corporations—Prt-sident Roosevelt. •TATMMAN WITH semes.' A COH- COLOMST KATES CaUforaJa, Arliona, Etc BaUy nnUl October 81,1908. ^JQO from lola, Kas. —CanoiD^ham A: .Irurtt, 6 <jer cent money. On a Big Tour. Claude Dunnivan. driving well touring car. was in -1 over Sunday. He came he Tennessee and has been overj part of the country testing durance quality of the car. —Oysters any style at Our-vjay La beral stopover "-privileges. Personally conducted excursions. Tickets acepted in tourist sleepers on payment of Pullnaan rate, and In chair cir. No better way of becoming acquainted with the Great Soutb^-est, Where small Canns yield a competence, ttian by traveling over the Santa jFe. Let me aend you some literature obout CaUforala. Arizona, etc W. B. RALSTON. Asent lola. Kansas. Establish Fellowship A sixth industrial fellbwsh ing with it the sum of $1,300 I is been established at the University of Kansas in connection with the department of industrial chemistrj It / is supported by the Pfandler Co.. of Rochester. X. Y.. manufactt rers of enamel lined steel tanks. i t Description of the Bepnblloaa Pres- idiatial Candidate by Senator Borah of Idaho. {VrJm ;<euai«ir Borah's Boston I .^pefi -h. > ".Now. It seem* to l >e ••uu <-<*<l«^l b> friend and f *e that few men hH\e i>eeu uouiijuaied for the pre !»iiii»n'*y nliiiiM> exi)erien«-e. wlii *e iraiuinx sud wliusc sound ami v\hule»<ihie fRxliimi uf Km^l*Ing ami ilealiug MII I I pnblji- (jij>'siiou:i' wert^ eiiu)il to "f Wliliani il 'lafr. "He is n -'t a «ru .'»ail «»r. in a stMtfi man »lib •vom-ifiuf. fir hn* Iiis pre.v»ut position thr<>ii<)i a .-bi^rfnl. mi- hesifaiiiiic itud iindeviarinx d^'vorion to ditty', through a>-lu<iily a)-l>{i>vini; things on the oi >en Bcld of nelion. thrxugii an iittellignit ctin'-eption <>r ilie ittren ^tb and I worth <»f ojr jr.**!! <"V »Tnuienf with its ••lie .-ke .nuU bala ii.>'i« : ami tbe !(tr«*i^gih aun <-ii {>aciiy •>r our oiiiren- with its lovHliT nuA u« }>.-«(riittitcuj. "So man fver had a de»»j>-r r^sard fi-r the funtlduienial priu>-l|>i«-» and precepts ufHiii whi<-ti ilii.s ifovrTuiiiriii is fiMuidCtl. Mul un «»v«T liad a firmer <'i>uvi>-ii<in i!i.-ti t>i>> roniitiiiirinn l.< a scltlfierit chart br whi.h lo nicssure all rijrJtts au«i-^Abligariuii» NII<1 i.rgsiig*' a!. d<*uiands and all lite a.suiratious ti'jj reatraih and ••oui.v! a;i lU- reok- V>««nc!«» <>' tilt* indoinirnltl*' race «jf Vrai:;td in the l .^v>. .->>cn .tears cm the bencli. lie explored «P :1 the nources of Juri«|>niden<-* and carried awajf from hi* work a;i nrerU'tirig 4e- voilon to order aud JH.«fice. ••I'nder all rircMui^jancM and uoder i.'l fiuerg<MK>ie5. he has pr.jred himself brave, dean minded, self-poised aad • ourageons statesman. N'<> man van put his'finger upon .i Utile or cowardly act .j an incuui|»ereiif or gnr^tionable pie<:e of public werrli-e—lio stain upon his priraie life, n4> sliadow upon his public cat|eer. Aud atnoding now In thentll flero *f light which tteam iij.on a throne, with' eajer eyes scnitlnlalug erery a«t of a long aisd arduon.* public career, no doubt arises m% to his experience and ability, no rfaalleage 'MOiee to bis fine sense of duty or his patriotism." 1 1 believe our strong party wi>K its crest-principles is only in it« inrau-.-y. Our glory as a nation has but Just be- gui^. There are mighty probiemii ytt to be aolved. grare guest inns to he aas- weted. complex is#ue# be wrought a Ma -x- clty ;e from a good the en- llrick bui-iuf .-i l.':i;!dii;:.: in lola to exciiauge for (arin. Two residences to exchange for a farm.—Whiiaker & Donne IL bear- 'by Probate ^udge J. B.-Smiih. nacstoM _ f^Btraetar. OMBCBt SMevalka aad —iasfst OD harlnr *n. 8." fliar. Issued a License. Wm. U L-arsen of Elsmore ther S. Nelsen of Savonhurg terday granted a marriage lUd Es- ire >ies- licenee —Our. Oypters. Way. Mrs Mother III. .1. r. Woodlu. and MrsT Fred Moore left yestert i dliiuichier. y after- uoon for Kaiiaas City, called ^erejby the serious illnesa of the woiher. Mrs.. Jane Suttbo. ton formerly. Mrs. "MidiulL well ^i^iawn in tola. liaTinK Vhj ed bl^re a fe^ raara asa. Her fUne^ l» mU xhfi man aerioaa aa ate lia Cboedlalaa^ the out but 1 be!!eve we ran trc.s: the Grand Old Parry afld its lesders to care for the entire future «f our .Na tioii sad of our people as it has ••are<| for them so we!l In the i -««"tt Hen. James S Sherman. BURSTS STRAIGHT JACKET. DOWN AT 50 pieces of seasonable and desirable Wool Stitings in plain shades, also novelty stripes, checks and broken plaida—values that ordinarily sell at from 50c to d5c per yard. They come in width rangingfrom 36 to 42 inches wide and the patterns are greatly iu demand for fall suits, skirta and jackets. We should be crowded all day Thursday, for these elegant materials will be ready for your choosing at the wonderfully low price of per yard, onl}' ...;.. In addition to. the above extra special offering, you will find special sale prices on all Coats, SuitJ and Skirts, for the remainder of tlie week. YOU CAN GET IT AT FRISUMAN'S rOR. LESS. SEEK LOST BROTHER An Anxious Sister is Searching the i Country for Earl Thomas. ' Hiive you .seen a man who looKs When, You jia.v jotir uood hard uiui.ey for any thiUi;. >ou want the best you tan get fur those dollars. Xo two laluudries |>rmiuce the satue quality of work, owiug to the diifereace in appliances and experience. We"clitm^?j^.'h-? be.-r in lola and wiU prove the claim if ynii will ^ive ii.-; rh" oppl.rtunify. /o/a Launtlry Pbomm W2 like he was som«-bortys lost brother? j This lost man must bo good looking.* about 27 years old siud should wear, a smooth face and black hair. Down: in Baxter Springs. Ks.. a si.ster anx-j iously awaits news of- him. ' ! This letter of inanlry wa .t receivcii; by Postmaster C. B. Spencer thi-"? mornlns: j Baxter Springs. Ks.. Oct. 11. Postmaster. lol^— • r wo'tlii like-to Tiav*» you iielp me' tiiid iny brother. He is at work there] somewhere, luit: T do not know where.; ._ He is at work in town or out in the. IJ All k 1:01111 TlMt conntn. His name i.s Farl Thomas nHU H UUUU I IITIL and he has been hone two years. A • fellow told us that lie was at work in Tola, r^o pkase hel,. .m- to find him .lL^tter Carriers Meeting at Humboldt. London. Oct. l;;.-Hv an order of >fRS T K H.AYXBS 1 Interesting and Helpful. divorce court i=^ued this aftes- P <—Hc is about '•T vear> old has 'uc-n. idi the ri.ah:.- and interests or black ^hair ai ^d irVodltSkin-' '^'''< ^"'"'^ uudor the flnan- {„;„^",Mn^^ Mr Carriers Association at HumWidt last cia! .-etr!enir-ni [.rior to the TiitSs 'SrrS^rw^rS' Ss ^ : Saturday evening was a very piea^.;.... n.a..:..e to Miss Alice Cornelia tor in Baxter Springs. - ^^^^^ '^'^ ^^^^^l^^S^^ '''' '''^ ' The program had been well ari;.nu-; .According to coiiiirf the financial LOSE.S THAW FOKTIXE. Hl»«rce Court Decrcis tarl of Yar- Hioiifh Can't Keep Money. Th •'ewe*the city. ev all say iliar .Muudis has the\.j j^^. th^'HumbohU carriers. The i;^t•rIIen!enf aniounteti to ^WO.OOt;. This •>.! and best line of post cards in "carriers .scc!ir.?d an autonioijil-' MISU wa.- sett I tor use and the .Moran and L.iiHari>o i iif»- led upon .Mi5^ Thaw for If ?iie died before the earl did. IS HASKELL AFTER HEARST? I crowds and other.s drove ihrou.tih. But two carriers nn duty wt -reab- .".sent. May Be Coming to Kansas City to p^^^,^,.^^,^, McEiroy tuad-.- a brief Arrange for L .bel Suits. i^^^^ ^^^^^.^^ ^p^^.^j, ^t-lcome throuch the exercises (;;!ithf-ri»-. Ok.. Oft. I-. . .... ..and remained . ,v'r':i'*"'"' taking a livciv imere.«t in all. '•. X. Hask'-U If-ti romght forj Kansa.s^ City. He -'""'"<"•» —oi- J. W. Johnson gave a talk on tlte Brooklyn Maniac. Rescued From a Bridge Tower. Continues Fight. NVw Yo-k. Oct. 12.—.ios4ph Kratz. an insane man of Brooklyn, who. in an jiUenyjt to throw himself in East river yesterday, fought desperately with several ^licemen on the dizzv ton I of a Williamsburg bridge tower, this mornifkg gave attendants and physicians at the Elasiern District hospital a furious fight. He burst the canvas straight jacket into which he had been forced and with maniacal fury assailed nurses and, others in charge. After a prolonged contest he was ov^powered and securely bound. Late^ he calm- f>d and Was taken before a court charged with attempting suicide. FAR \ WOIXD.BE KISSEK. Crril Cutlrjr Fhie4 f«r Easbrariac Mi>. Wkitlej. •fe decliiip.l to make anv^ V. , " ,^1"' ~~ V sraretnent ;,s to the objeoj of hi^ f"^"«V°^ ^-^''^ T^T visit there; but ir is b.Iiev.d that hi.. ^'^^ ^ ^'^j-^' -^"f .P^*" «| t^vel mission has to do with the j,ro,>osed. ^"^.P'"°»^?-^'>' ^^'^^ ^^^'''^ ^^^^ f.*:"- .uics atainst w. R. Hearst ami Pres- ^'•''.V*'" •^"•""•^^ ^o'he round.s. Tne idem Roosevelt iconstructed earth roau with per- Tr «n« 1.;. rf^ft .,i, • -f . 1 .1. r ,n ^"ianent crossings over all "streams a?a.n.t Hearst and Rr^s.-vHr as has^^^ ^ macadam which be-,, c-iarsed l.v so,,..- of is still in the future for Allen coun- ca e.»enMes. an.1 h^ ,.s not bluffing. j^,^.^., ^j... It is neces.sary to cet service on ^j.^ ^,,.3, ....rTic- \va.s in- . ,>'fi: M'-^ ^""'Vtroduced. D.^c..mber 1. lOnl. ther.. has are t^ instituted. It ,s intimated ^ ^„„„„, ^.^^k hat H.-j.r.sts movements have not:,,^^^^ ^^r the bettering of our roads. cross- of ce- JefiiiiToly t ^et^rmi^^ wher*- tute ijroeeedinas. novernor Haskells attorne.v.= havr -• ^j,^ j,^;, .. ^ drawn ui. the papers in the Hearst; p Da„i.>is of l^Harpe was discuss- stiif but th^v do nor desire to divulge!^ihers. .Mrs. Hatti^ Fronk. of tn^ir plans at this time. j Humboldt, who. had just re- It Pef^ms rory probabl*. that the'i„rned from' her vacation visit had ..... .......1..- done tor tne ueiienn- 01 uui been suffh-igiitly known to the aator ; j.|a5,,. bridge* and small nevs for Hask-ell. ?o that they could j,^„g X6* many are n;adf ings to m-'ti ^nf] f-mshed rock. Elm townsliip ' has a number of these pronosed suits against Hearst will be [jje pleasure of a visit to the N'ational filed before the election. U. L. C association of Omaha. Xebr.. EIGHTY YEARS OLD and gave us a very interesting' talk of the proceedings. Jfr. Terri'l made a very Interesting report^«f rhe d'ato meeting as our delegate to that body, and gave us :ihe leesons rt- get f.^oni th*- large- ex.«s,..U. Ba«.>„n.a Promja^ .«.nr.|Peri^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ».fJL • '*»'-oB^«-^ "'"^ elation Make of Ls Better Carrierr;? "'"""""^ ; \v. D. Fronk. of Xo- 5 of Humboldt. VI.XUL FOR OLD FEOPit. '"a^^ « i^'-- sohie' statistics on rh<- of *;;i .Mt .eiii> v.-as to pass to hini. Tiie jetrleiiienr also gave the eari an inconit-.of S.30,000 a year from the day of the wedding. The earl made no opijocifion to the court's order. .Accordin .ir to the counsel the sum settled on tht- earl at this time amount ed to $»>Mo.f»i'('. The marriage 01 the Eari of Var- motiih and Miss Thaw was annulled in Ixmdon on February 5 of this year. —Paper Hanging. Fred RQfwdeo. Phone 1^,::S. Honor MvrvDj. Kansas! t iiy. Oct. 13.—^At-th"e annual electitiii of officers of the Associat- rd «.l:aritiV» irt Kansas City. Ka«., yes- tf-.-dav fi.e ful'owing officials were eltcteil: The Rev. U G. Morony. presi dent: -Mrs. W. .\. Simpson, vice president: LP. Hewlett, .secretary.-^ Seven new direitors «-Iecied are: Ulllard .Merriaiiii thi- Rev. \V. (i. Brainerd. the F:ev. I. iJ. .Morony. the Rev. T.. A. Halber-,. th« Kev H. w: Burr. J. J. Bur-j 'ier and 'W H. Sutiou. IS THIS A SaUARE mAL? I urn past eighty year$ oflage and for some time I had been streugtii aud suffering from ^old a:id ?un? trouble, until I wasi'" S^' seriously j!| and couid net go on-: of! ^"fJ'^*"' dcor* .My >4m I cointneiiced simidy workeil wo::ders for me. better and stronger than I have for •Parcfcl.s Post as Viewed hy a Car- He -.ave mnch information for Q ~!oslng t'.ave mucn iiiioruiaitui: lor d chronic • •^""'•'•"'s and patrons who alike n«»ed ... posted on this branch of the ... ^v,-..^ _ . Congres.-] will soon be i ?e:;i lue s*.ui«- Vinci, i "1'^" nass upon th'- to tak.- it and it has; ^^'''-i^" of its 3doi,;|oi.. , I :. I feel! Our n-st mtreiing is to be held at'"" P*e stomach tha;. it immlt^lateljr re- l-aHarof- Jatiuary 'J. ]i>>f^. —rK„« After adiournnicui t're a.ssembly Clu>^ B. Speaeer. the Dra^gtet^ wiU Give Torn Tear Muner Back if XI- Cnre Ofspepfila. That's the sqt:are--i kind of a square deal a« every fair minded roan knows. But Chas. B. Spencer & Co. afford to make this offer becau^ be knows that Mi-o-na tablets are ft worthy stomach remedy, and that the makers wiil back of far. .Vnd ><> ne sa:- to al! readt:ra uf the i:e^i=ter. suffering or ailing, vlttt any stomach trouble, try .Mi-o-aa. It has up the- generous such a aiighiy .and powerrnl inQueoce rapper provided by the Humboldt peo- Ciecil Cailey. colored, who was arrested Uist night on a warrant from Jastice HUdner's coon in. Bassett vas Jon^id siitlQr ii >r ttsaltiaira Mra VlhK- ler^^also eolorcd. aad fiaed ti- and eoats. v&ldL he WML Uli^ Whitley sIloBid jthai Caller embracad and at- tHv^^JdB* ben ^t^FniaUk after ^TZl-^ to build up health and strength for elderly; i^»pe* Jcsejih Bankson. Bethany. 111. This' ia Ixfcause Vinul is the best cod liver and iron tonic iu the world, it crtatee a hearty appetite, strengtb- eas the digeeilve orgaus. matces rich.' —; red b^ood and replaces weakness with! R.niw mm* SMah- Hkmm t»m «reiigtiu The b^aetdal effect of |,n ~iSJ'i'*^"i,*^ Vinot ia ca^wa of feeble old people 1«,„"J?^21 simply muarkable- JU TWT . raaa. nle. and we enjoyed a pleasant social t>n'e before our nieasant moonlight ride lust as the hours of the week ended- -I ^' JOHNSON. Wei invite all old peo {ile.| delicate (AlMJiya. weak, raa-dowa perao^i. coaTaleseenta. jor tkoae aaff«iv tm cihroaie eolda- coei^ or ttraifiiHis _ to * ~ ^Lecates Bcrc. Kinney- Humer. of SaToubarg.. kaa boq^ U£e>itfopert}- at 4«)9 Sooth aad -wUl reside there with fre>|hes anu relieve^:, then invigorateK and cures. It strengthens' tlte stomacb vatl«. putb the stomach in such perfect COB- diiion that it can digest food iritboat paiii or 6tber distresaing i>yiQptOias. It cures by r*>luoving the caut^ and it removes the cause time*' ln~a hua- dreil. A large box of Mi-o-na labim oaly cotiUt aO cents, and relief will la. 24 •|BlH>-na -tablet^ ace-iraly. ffcaat A»r aajjoM that hak ^oaia*^ tr^Jlla. I flani not pimisa: Uwn U» tot whtt thcgr havf^ doae ftir^i

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