Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1907
Page 3
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COUXCIL WILL HATB SPECLIL SCSsioK 'TOMUUT. EVAIieEUSTie M£ET>N6S LNOW ON GOOD AFDI£>C£ GREETED MINISTER AT M. P. CHURCH. Men's Mass Meeting Will Be Held >'ext Sunday—Personals and and Other >ow8. .Speritti Se ^Hlo^ of Cooncll. As it was lni|x >Hiiil )1c to gel a qtiuruni at ihe nifiPtlng of the city ooMiictl ta»t nlphi ilicre will In- a special BPBslon this evpiiiiiK. Therp its several thiiiKS "f Inipoiianc -e to conic before Iheni wlilOh iH'ti'^siiatt's the special session. M. Vi. A. Sorlnl. The members of the Modern Woodman of America will hold a sandwilrli social at the hall next Thursday nlRht I 'reparallonK are beiiis made fcir an exceptionally Rood lime. Tlie social is for the members only. ,^^iss White Workimr In lola. Miss .lessie White who wiirkcd in .'Malcom's store of this city for sc /many months has accppti'd a piisition I in Ramsay's dry j;nods store in lola. '; Miss WTilie is a Rood .«aleslaily and \ doubtless will make a success of the ^jvork she has taken up. x ^orl Men*s Mass Meeliiiir. There will be a men only mcoiinu at the Methodist J'loic^tani d^tirch next Sunday afternodn at two thirty o'clock. The evanjielist will prt'ach on the subject. '.V Kacc lor Lite." Tli. evangelistic siiieer will siiii; •'i'cll Mother I Will lie There." IMrth. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. McVay whose home Is four miles north of this clfy. The LmHarpe ttaeket Headijitarters for bargains the 3rd and 4th—Exlilbit days. C. F. MOOREIIEAD, Propr. ElecJctf Oillrer.M. At the me4 >tlnK of the Uidies' .Md society (if the .Methotiist I^plscopal church the IOIIOWIIIK olllcers were electeil: .Nlrs. .1. W. Kotiiiiie, president: Mrs. Thoniiis I.eislity. vice prosIdetii: .Mrs. I'erry .Malcoin, seiTiiiary. and .Mrs. Ira .M. Heiihaiii. ireasnrei. Mrs. W .H. KIcketts Ihe relirinn pres idem, held Ihe ortice for three years. Kuiuitcllxtic .fteclinL'. .\ KofMl audience preeied ilie evangelists at the .Methodist Pt(ilest.iiit church In the tirst revival set vice Tiies day evening and great interest was manifested. Rev. W. 11. StreiteiitieiKer evanseJist of the board ot'. home mis sions. preached from the text. •Where There is n<i Visi<m. the l'eo(ile l'eri.-;li." Prov. 29: IS. He said in part: I exiiect a preat sptiitiiai irpheaval •here ajid one hundred or more eon- versions. First we need a iicr.sonal ever had. There can :be no Tiskm without andean heart Wh«n the heart is clean the eye of faith is cfear. The trouble of the church is that she has lost her Vision and not much will be accompllBbed' in La Harpe until the Cbrsttans get a vision of the host. At the oJose of the sermon the air tars were crowded with those seeking a prcparatlpn for the work. Fred I*. Gels of Cincinnati. Ohio, who Is also under the employ of the Board of Home Missions, as song evangelist. led the sinKinK. He Is organizing a large chorus choir and Is a whole team himself. The meetlUKS will continue for several weeks every evening at .seven thirty. There will be a meeting for men tmly Sunday afternoon. All are cordially Invited to come and bring your friends. MEMBERS OP CHRISTIAN CHURCH TBTINU TO SECURE PASTOR. Prnonals. ("has. Olson, cashier of the ]JH Harpe State liank. is (julle 111. .Mrs. Han is sufrering from an attack of malaria fever. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wilson left yesterday for a visit In the east. Mrs. I'almer of Hluo Mound Is vls- iilns .Mrs. K. (". .Mtmre of this city this week. -MUll) ( llAM'EI-LOir HERE. >ot<irionK Trnmp Tailor Visiting Inla KxtahllKhnient!!. Til.' "i^onl Chancellor." as he is lalled. thi. man who has a national reputation anuuiK tailors as the tramp tailor. :siiiiilar to that of •".MusUosee Iteil" among the printers, was in lola this morning, and visited the tailors. Tht. "Lord rhaiicellor"" is a unique i-haiacter He has a wonderful memory and can call n.^arly every tailor ii; the country by iianie and teil v.heie he is locaK'd. He is therefore always w-lconied by the tailors for the news lie brinps of the othsr men ot the profession over the country. The "Lord Chancellor"' when ••flush"' wears fine clothes, a silk hat, and dresses as a gt-ntieman should. \\"1 I:MI broke he wears the garb of ;i IKIIIO . It ha|>peiied however, that his trip to lola today is niad<> in the hobo uaib. It is not his first visit to lola. iiut some eitht or ten years .-igo he \vork<d several months here for l.oujs Root, the tallo:-. He is now s<ini.> years of ase. but tailors all ovi-r the country say llijit he Is one of Ihe finest workmen ill the wdrhl. He has in ihi" (last ccm- .•Iiicteil some of th(- best tailoring es t.ibll^liiiieiiis in the country, but al- <va.\s brok.' up In busini'ss on account < I his hnbltiinl ilrunkcnni'ss. Si-veral veais a^;o. whll.- at KtniHuia "Lord fhaiK'cllor."" while uorKIng for a stake. ;ie<'ldeiiially found ST.'i in bills •.Nliich he had sew. il U)) In his elot'.i- U'K wl'.ih' drunk and forgol'eu about. The streak of ]i:cisp''iity was too :iiiich for hiui and h.< immediately spent the whole of the amount on iMio/.e. STRAYKD—White blind p<uiy from North street. I". 1!. Smith. I'hone 100.'. FOOT BALL TEAK WANTS A CAME WILL PLAY A>Y TEAM WHOSE WEIGHT IS XOT MORE THAMSO. >'£OSHO TALLEY. Roscoc Downey Was Operated on- Had His Tonsils Rc' moTed. .. . May Elect Piistor. There will'ho a meeting ot the members Of the Christian church this even ing for the purpose of considering the proposition ot securing a pastor for the local church. The church has been without a pastor since the reslg- iiiition of Rev. Mall who left here siiiiie time ago for Iowa where he has taken up an entirely new charge. A prayer meeting will he held In connection with the meeting this evening. I( is likely that a pastor will be secured. ClionNc Any Toniu Under IMI Pouudt*. The Gas City foot ball team will choose any team In southeastern Kun sas whose average weight is one liun dred and eighty pounds or less. Thi local team has been practicing foi some time and now considers them selves in Uie best of ccuidlflon. Th team that wants to contest with thi' Gas City warriors should address Geinge Hash of this city. A, G. Fisher and family of Pleasant Valley spent Sunday afternoon at C. L. Arnold"s. .Mr. .Martain did not realize much pront from the sale of a small portion of his young cattle on Wednesday of iasi week, but a greater part ot the stuff that was listed on his sale bills brunght satisfactory prices. .1. 1); Rush will accompany Allen Fisher, and others from Pleasant Valley neighborhood to California the last part of October. Thomas Vezle. of Carlyle, was buying cattle In this neighborhood last week. .Mrs. Harriet Hale and Mrs. J. W. Kale returned home from Frcdonla .Monday, where they attended their brother, .1. Defevers. during his last Illness and then remained there for the funeral. .lames S. Tayltn- wh<> expected lo move down fr(un Lawrence the first of the present week, on to the .lacoby farm, has been delayeil on iiccount of his wife being III. R. F. .Mllligaii who has been down with typhoid fever for ^two months or more Is just getting able to get around u little. .Mrs. Piirdom's neiee. Ada .Mllson. .who was here recently has returned i-|lo comiilete her visit before returning to her liome in Illinois. . Wallace Bale and wife are spending -|a week in Kansas City, taking In the sights and visiting friends. TonxIN W«Te ItenioTcd. .Vn operation was performed Roscop, the seven-year-old son of M and -Mrs. W. W. Denuey. yeslerd;: afternoon and his tonsils were r moved. The little stirferlng from a disease of the ton sils f<u- siuiie time. It was decided yesterday to remove them entirel; "The little fellow is .some belter this morning. .\ large number of Ihr- friends of ,11 .Miss .Mae^Sapp went to .Moran Sunday r. -iftemfHin to attend her funeral which y was held at that place. Miss Sapp had many warm friends here who were (inner Back, Grover. the meat man. is back i Gas City. He left here simie finu ago creating some disturbance. H doubtless will be able to e\|)lain hi peculiar sittiatiims. His friends ar glad to see him here again. Kirlli. .\ s (Ui was born to .Mr. and Mrs llepui4iter Tiiesdav. Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Wi'Iiani Fold a son. yesterday aiiertioon. Oeiober 'J The W. C. T. r. meets toiiKurow af ternoon at .Mrs. L. .\rnolds .'.I'l .S 'futh McRae. There will be a business iUeeling to elei t de:e :;ales to the slat convenlioii. .\lierw:ni| there will be a social and program frimi thret five o'clock. IS l'er«i((miN« Mr. and .Mr.v William II. Ilarler efi yesterday for llillebinsoii where h.'v will visit friends for two weeks II. T. .\ndersoii of iCaiisas Cit.\ visiting in the lity today. H. L. I'arnietiier. of ihis city Is vis iling in Deeriim. ihis week. W. O. Orbinsim of ni>ar Hrcnison wa visitng here yesterday. Fred Willis of Hroiison was in the •liy yesterday afternoim. fellow has been|l>ai"ed to hear of her sad death, bin•.•ere sympathy Is extended to the heart broken family. ("harles F. SCott delivered a very interesting lecture here last Friday !ii?ht on the Panama Canal. Mr. Scott is a pleasing speaker and iffonson ppoiile are always g!ad to welcome him here. The Sunilay School Rally held here Sunilay was well attended and enjoyed by all present. Sundiiy School Classes were taught ;ii the three different chiirchi's ill the forenoon and in the afternoon the Sunday Schools united and gave a very interesting program at the E. Church. Several Hnuison pi'Ojde attended the circus at lola .M(uiday. .Mrs. Roy Townsley was visiting her slslrr i\i (las City Tuesday. .Miss Alia .Myrick and .Mrs. Kd Ciitn- iiiings visited .Miss .Myrick"s parents :it .Mapleirui Saturday. .Mrs. Kdhh Konaiit/ came down from Moran Tuesday for a short visit with her parents, .Mr. and Mrs. George .\dams. Ruby and Li -wls Welch of Redfleld came U|i Saturday for a short visit with friends. * .Mrs. Tiipp and daughter of (Sas City came down Friday evening for. a few days" visit with relatives. .Miss .Myrtle Land and Albert Gregory both well known young people of our idly were united In marriaiie Wedneselay al Ihe home of tlie bride's mother. Only the relatives and close friends were present lo witness the ceremony. .May much happiness be theirs. ti For best and qntcltest results nsi the R^'gister Want Colnms. W A N T K D ! Toanir men and women for positions of tmst, where IntelilKent srrrlce will be appreciated and paid for— Experienced men and women for poslUons reqnirlni? abllHy and fact- People of all a^es, of all talents, dirrrs abilities, for suitable lines of employmenb— Used things—such as planoH, ortrans, every sort of mnslcal Instm* ment, writing machines, cash registers, store and oAice flxtnres, (alk< InfT machines, books, enirnivtnir*, post cards, stamp colIeetloBi, rnri, cari'els, fnrnitare of every kind- Horses and carriages, tntrks, business wagons, bicycles, gitfns, eamcras, fishing tackle, automobileft— Real Estate—lots, plots, acres, leaseholds, equities, howes, flats, apartment«,*»tore8— InstractJons !• paiatiog, singing, the violin and piano, ibort baid, accounting, corresponding, languages, dancing. Places to live—holies, apartments, furnished roomB, boardiag places where life is iBteresthig— These are some^of the tkoBsaads of people and things that ore "waatrd" lo this city Just now^and if yon can fill oay of these wants Yoii Should Inquire of the Public Through A Dally Register Want Ad. "1 IJHONSON. HARMO>r, A baby was born to Watson Kelley and wife last week. .Mr. I^an Cornell. Sr. returned from Hartlesvill". Sunday, where ho has been visitins his daught.^r. He says she lias gotten ovrr the small i>ox all right, hut she is pretty well spot ted lip. .Mrs. Rose Clover. .Miss Lola New man, of T'nion. ami Mrs. Dave Newman, of Pueblo, were visit iiig with thr'ir sister, .Mrs. Will Stewart Tuesday. .laiiKs IJavis ani! family visited with Frank Booe and wife Sunday. .Miss Stan/.a Riinyon gave a party and |ihonogra|ih entertainment to a number of her friends Saturday evening. Miss Kafp Hocnn visited home folks Saturday night. Wilfred Booe and family of Cha ante. .Mr. and .Mrs. Rader. fif Huin- bolilf. Cary Cloud and family, and .Mrs L. .1. Booe visited at Dan Cornell's Siindav. IMS WANTED—Yonng men to prepare by mall for positions as traveling sales men; experience unnecessary; salaries $100 to $2.'>0 a month and exiteoses. Positions secured with reliable firms. Write for free catalogue today. Address: -National Salcsmaus Training Assn.. Suite 311' Scarritt Blilg., Kansas (Mty. .Mo. WAXTIOD—A middle aged woman for .neneral housework. Apply i:'. North. Sycamore. WANTKD—Cook or girl for general work. Apply at once at St. James Hotel. I>a Harpe. WANTKD—Chop and bran sacks at r. cents at Claiborne's .Mill. WANTED— Rock loaders at Kansas Portland Cement Plant. Inquire at Quarry at Concreto. WAMTED' -MImomUmmmoum WANTEI.)—To rent a good house, close pi. Imiulre at 14S(mth Wash- ingtoi). WiVNTED— A place for ft boy or girl to work for board while attending the tola Business Coliego. Telephone Main 495. FOR SALE^'REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—The properly South. Buckeye. Evans Bros. at IIO'J FOR SALE—Eight room house, four blocks from square. $1,800.00, pa it cash. Phone 615. FOR SALE— 4 roomed house, water and sewer connections. $50 cash, $12 a month. Grace Arnold, phone 306. TO TRADE—For lida property. ICii acres of land In Coffey county. Bedwell & Riiy\ FOR SALE-Mlmomnmmmous FOR SALE :—Folding bed; upstairs 20:; East street. FOR SALP>-..My best 1-year-old mule; south Gas. Walter S. Wolfe. "FOR SALE-^Good~ma're~wlth~toal. Call at -JH) West street. ' FOR SALI'>—Iloiisehold| goods. Bv- i|uii'e .lack .laniLson. WJ Sfoiilh (,'otton- WO(KI. KyiGilTS; OF TUiCCJ^miSi- Knigl)ts of Maccabees bt the- World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Wednesday .nights in each jsrath. J. W. PoStwalf, conim&ikder; R.B. Porter, record keeper. • W. 0. W-—Camp No. 101 ineeta In K. of P. Hall every Friday night. W, T. Steele, C. C; A. H. Davis, Cle* Visitors cordially Invited. " ' ~K.\rGHTS 1)FPYTHIA8.— Neosjio Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W.S.Thompson, C.-Q.; -dhris RItter, K. of R. and f. M. W. A.—The M. W> A. Lodge meets every Friday night In M. W. A, hall. Visiting brotJicrs liivlted. W. H, Anderson, V. C; W. A. Cowan, Clerk. ~R ()iTL ~>EI«IIBORS .-^IoiarCamp, No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets secr ond aiid fourth Tuesdiiys of each month. Mrs. P. A. Washer, oracle; Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Street, Recorder. F. A. A.—Golden Ijcaf Council No. 462, F. A. A. meets flrrtt and third W-dncsday nights in each month In K. P. Hall. C. E. I.acey. prcjldent; Miss Mable Rhorback, secretary. FRATERNAL RKOTliERHOODr- Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month In A. O. U. W. HalL Visiting members cordialy Invited. W. H. An* dcrson, president; Golda Elam, secre* tary. Junior Order United Amor|viin MA* cbaulcs.—Meets every Wednesday evening at a o'clock In K. V. Hall. All visiting members invited. R. A. Widlck. Councelor; C. B. Black, Rec. Secretary. BUSMESS OIREOrORY FOR SALE—A good :!-chalr barber shop. Cheap. G. F. Robins, La Harpe. fOR RERt'MUmamUmnmous FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for sleeping and light housekeeping. 112',^ South Wa8hlngt (ui. FOlt RE.NT—Furnished hiuise, modern. Apply this otllce. FOR RENT—Furnished down stairs rooms for housekeeping. 316 South Walnut. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Rugs cleaned hy TheiolaKog Factory JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, no East street. • STAMMER. Complete court at tho best school for stammerers in America at one- half price this fall and winter. Wbjte for Information at once. McKie Schpol for Stammerers, 2705 East 12th Street, Kansas City, Mo. household goods to lola Wedn?sday. .Mrs. Lini: is scuue better this week than slie^was last. Mrs. Earnest' Lipe and chlilren vislKd at .lohn .Morrison's part of week. SOUTH MMJAX. WKST OF THE RIVER. W'f need rain for stock water as bad as we do for tho wheat. Mr. Ve/,!e was here buying two year old st:-eri' last week. Guy. Turney had'a lucky runaway ill the hay f'eld. He was raking hay when the teain became iinmanaeeable throwing him* off In front of tho take, bruising him up some but doing no serious damage. Mrs. Flakle h:is a very sor.» foot, the disagreeable effects of comlnc In too close contact wl'h a rusty nail. . Ivah Beahm expects to spend this week and next with her husband In .Mioona. .Mr .leffrl's sold his place to a Mr. Clark who takes posseBslon this week. I f'larencp and Lefta Morrl.son. yC. R. < Peck and wife and son and Sarah Preston went In Tuesday evening to hid them coodbye. They went to lola. Wednesdav night and took the noon j ttaln Thursday for Oklahoma, where they expect to spend the winter. Jessie Jones gave his folks a pleasant surprise by walking in Tuesday pvenlne. the onlv drawback l>elng his s;av Is too short. Thfre was meeting at T. L Daw- si-n's Tuesday nisht and Mr. Spear': j .lolned the church and was baptized Sunday afternoon. Mr. Peck pot one of his horses prel»y badly hurt Sunday night by' nnnther horse kicking it. ! i Jence .lensen hauled Mr. .Teffrles" Will Hali.son of Toronto visited at Clint Haw'ey's .Monday. Ed Lars«ms is bailjng his second ero |i of hay. .1. F. Young and wife are going to Rice county. Kansas, next week. K. L. Caldwell and laiiiily returned from Colorado where Ed has been working at the carpenter trade. Harry .Mtichell and wife went to Kansas City Thursday of last we.-k. O. .Alison purchased a lot in i'eiro- lla and will build a rooming house 24x40 feet. .M. .Miller Is home fnun tht.- Jamestown exposition. The gas company would like to have twelve more houses built In l'i;!rolia. SAFE CONVENIENT ECONOMICAL If your dealer don't hancilc tt, • LTHE STANDARD OIL COMPANY, Livingston Co Contractors and Ratidera. All kinds of work a specUlly > Mouth Sycamore. Phni|e lUI For Sale Cheap, Good Farm and City Properly. Sec the THE JAYIIAWKEU LAND CO. for <iuick results. Old Court House, lola, Kans. Ill South Wa.<<hlngton.-HeIlo 114. R. S, GILFiLLMN, General rontracter. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks an^ Curbing a S|>ecialty. Office US East Jackses Are. Phene tU. .MRS. HOOT, SE.XOKA DIAZ'.S {iW.ST The .Mexirnn President'.* Wife lln.x Arranged a Series of KntertHinnient.o. The City iif .Mexico. Oct. \\Tiile Secretary Root Is being entertained in splendid' style by President Diaz and other .Mexican officials of note. Mrs. Root and .Miss Root are not being neglected. The entertainments of the wife and the daughter of the secretary Is being left to the management of Senora Diaz. President Diaz's wife, and well is she attending to it. Senora Diaz is known as "The Mother of Mexico." She Is a gracious hostess and has arranged an elaborate pro­ gramme of receptions and fetes for .Mrs. Root and her daughter. Senora Diaz is a handsome woman and Is many year.s her husband's junior. m\M Water One hundred pounds of Crya- tal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water suitable for family use. Try it. klalce$C«14SUag&Cf EakWmHmrdwmhm iw isKwtackr^ , J, ,,j^^m. liolivered to any p.arf of the %iy.

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