Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 13, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1908
Page 4
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= I dlig, p. SGOTX. «t| lolai^lSanMis, Ploatofflcs, at Becbod'Olau Matter, lidrertlilns Ratea Made Knowa on • I Application. ' ! • "' '''''BijiiG[oBiPi:ioir''iiAm"' • Carrier ) B loia, Gaa Cltyi LaBjeM> Tille or Lallarpe. >aeJEdek. dum Month One Tear.. f ByHall. .10 cent! .44 cents ... 16.00 t>iir year Inside county IS.00 Unt year o itslde bounty rhree Montis, In advance.. $1.00 One Month, In advance .44 WFICIAL rXtEJL CITX OF BAS- 1 SET. 1 . ! ! Teleptaooei GualnesB Office . - 18 editorial Boom - - - - • . - 222 BEPIJBLIGA5 TICKET. For President of the United States WILLIAil H. TAFT of Ohio! For Vice^ President JAMES S. SHERMAN ' of New York. STATE TICKET, i For Governor ,W. R. STUBBS i of Lawrence. For Lieutenant Governor W. J. FITZGERALD of Dodge City. Fori Secretary of Slate CHAS .T3. DFJsTON of Atlica. : For Auditor JA31ES M. NATION or Krlk I For Trcusintr MARK TUU.V of "Indei>ondi'nci\ . For Atlornty General " ' l'\ S. JACKSON of I3urek«. I'or ^juperiiitondcnt Public lui>tructiuii li. T. I-'AIRCHILD of Ellswortli. For Superintendent Insurance C. AV. BARNKS Osage City. For State Printer T. A. McNKAL of Topelia. For R. R. Commissioners GEO. W. KANAVKIv F. J. RYAN G. -V RYKER. For United States Senator J. L. BRISTOW of.SaJiua. For Congrcsfenian CHAS: F. SCOTT of lola. For Judge Thirty-seventh Dis-triel OSCAR FOUST I 'of lola. For State Senator FRAKK TRAVIS of lola. COl>TY TtCKET. For Representative ^V. T. WATSON For County Cleric R. E. CULBERTSON. For Treasurer C. C. AUSHBRM.VN. For Register of Deeds R. L. THOMPSON. For County Attorney H. A. BWING. For Probate Judge J. B. S.MlTH. For Sheriff G. 0. BOLLINGER. For Superintendent of S<-'«'i(»l>, MRS. MAUDlQ FUNSTON. I''or Survo.vor 11. F. PALSTRING. I<*ur Clerlt of Court C. E. AD /VM«, For Coroner W. O. CHRISTIAN. l'\>r CotnnilBslonfr. Second UiBlrlct T. J. ANDERSON. For CommlBsioner. Tliird District C. A. FRONK. iPetrolla for Taft. Two laii ;e motor carjS, carryin}? delegations of Petrol la cIlizotT^lo the Republican rally today arrived at'TioOn. Tlie cars jwc'rc' handsomeljj decorated with flags and' bunting an^ the men carried large portraits of Taft and Sherman, i ' In the lead car, a man carried a large banner upon which was inscrib t> * * Little .Miss Potrolia •» -4 is For Taft. «««««« The cans were from lola garages and were chartered by Petrolia citizens especially for the trip to the lola ral||;r. HE AXS^YEHED HCGUE8. W. J. Brjau Made Thirty Speeches In Home State. Norfolk, Nebr.. Oct .ls.—\\'. J. Bryan delivered thirty sueeches in his home state- today. Thei Deniocraiic. Populist and Fusion candidatet! in rhe Htate office are accompanying tilm. He discussed state Issues largely. H« refilled to the points Govenior Hughes raided in a recent tour of Nebraska. Tekamah, Nebr.. Oct.-43.—In u series of speeches beginning at Blair on tlie first day of his campaign .In Nebraska which will end Thursday night, Mt. Bryan appealed directly for Uie farming and laboring/vote. Shoiild the program: ^mapped but for days be stricay follo #ed Mr. B^an will have delivered thirti yspeechet^ before he jnadies ^ahob tnlgit_ T SEC. WILSON [OIfA -J> MLT BEfllSTEKi TTESPAT ETEyTXC. PrTOBER 13. IMS. (Cuniliiucd frou: page I) HiguH ..jind windows . of uuaU-ly every store and business house bulking and flags are flonting in honor df the oc- ctslon. • This nftcrnoon mn y of the merchants are laying off to itteud (he meeting while practically cl^^cry citizen who can got away from |iIs duties Is also hoai*inr the magnincent address by the scrretnr.v. !| It is expected that by night one of the largest, if not the largusii crowds, ever in attendance at a poMiical mcci- Ing in lola will be here. Nearly every town within a radins of fift.v miles i.s represented. Quite a few ci me over from Fort Scott this morniii; on the same train with the speaket^i. Nearly one liundred came In from EI >mprc on the Katy this noon while a {bii^ delegation from Humboldt arrlvtd on the plug and on the 2:20 this afternoon. Every town in the county i as sent representatives while many [are here frojui Neosho, Bourbon, Anderson and Woodsoh counties. , The streets of lola will hi jammed tonight when the big torch jighl uro' cession begins. | 5 Interview With Secretaryj Wilson.j iSecretary Wilson, who is rspcaklng hero tills afternoon leaves this ever ning on the Missouri Pacific for Sti Louis, where he goes via Gliicago to Indiana for four speaking cngag^ nicnts. From now until tholcampaign closes, his time is in the I/hands of the national committee. He wjll spend most of his time in Indiana |bid Ohio} When asked by a reporter for The Resister this morning In jk 'Sard to the poHtlcal situation he sijid: | "No question at nil ali^ut Iowa. There lias been some factional feet ing regarding the State I^j^glslature bi\ everything seems to be tiuictl|- settling down. Taft I.s uiiiloubtfdl|- stronger tbcro thanr any hthor VoaC- Miro of till.' Il<')»nblirexn Party. It is siniply a (lucstlon of majority. Tu^ will ca :ry tlu« state,; anyw ere froiji nfty to one hundred tliousaiid.. "With regard to Nebraslji. I thin if will be clo .«er, Mr. Bryan sotimis 1 1 )0 getting some of the |)emorrBl|» b^Cl; t'-al wore for Roosevelt four yo;irs ago. but T am not ablj^ to ioarji of Republican voters'. Rop .iij jllcaus i]» any nunibers worth nicntioliing. thi ^t pronoso to vote the Dcmooatic tick- this year. in a.s far as I have kavnijd or .seen in Kansas, that sopms to bj" the condition liere. There are r ports of 'lien who have b.ecn Democjats and •! have oonie in contact with some of them wiio do not desire a ciian.ce and for tl'at reason Tvill vote llio Roniib- iloan ticket, who havo leretoforje been voting the Democratiq ticket. So that on the whole the W 'St seems to me to Ijo. us far as I ha -e seen if or heard from it. in the. s ates men tiqncd, well settled in the Taft cot-l umn. There is no heavy drift anywhere, r have been able tj6 learn of no radical c^aneps occurring anj- wiiere. Taft seems to be et tiioly sat- '<^fac:ory to tne ^enubi p6s. aifl srreat 'v strengthened himself by his western tour. Mr. Bryan viil doubtless hold the majority of tlie Demp-i erats so that I think thp -;e Statqs nieiilioiH.'d are certain foi Mr. Taft •^y not quite as heavy nia|jorities as lipv went for Roosevelt.' VVhen a.sked what effecjl Mr. Brk- •in's aftncl." on novcrnm- Himhcs •.yould likely hav^. M | Wison "Mr. Hughes has sized a\\ lemark- ibly in tlie estimation of jbur peop|(« -ii ce lie tnade his wes (ern toiir. arid 'do not think anything s »iil against ilni al the prpsenl time iiiy way of reiierating little comnlainlfc about his •Mihlle eondurt as fJovernitr In Now Votk wil' n-aUe thi- least I jiniresnlonl" Pollard on Situati&n. .J.U an inton-lew with a Jogister rtv porter today Congressman Polluril Of .SVIirnska. who will be ne of tho m-lncliml Kpuukers ut the iitcotliig ut •ho Grand theatre^ tonigljt. said of •he political situation: "During the past t ^ref weeks iiave cinupaiicueil. in tilie ^ ates of- In dlana. Kansas ami N ]Pbra ||ka. having •Isht addresses; In | ipht differ- •uadt ent { igrifMiHural nortion of th ent counties of Indiana. Klslting the ^tate. In Making Goot There Is no way of mailing la«(fno friends liko "Makiug ,G6od:' aud Doctor Fierce*? medicines well ex«^nplify tbu, and their friends, afteii mo e than t^o decades of popularity, arc lumbered by the hundreds of thousands. They liave "niude good" and they ha' s Ttot made driiiikuriir*. j A good, honest, square-dea medicine of known composition is Dr. Pii rce 'A Golden Medical Discovery. It still c ijoys an i^i- uieuse sale, while mostJ of le preparations that have come irjto p omincDcc In the .earlier period of its po * ' ' ' gone by the board" and a heard of. Thercmust be soi Miss Kaa ilcltia.' larity have never mo^ e reason for that is kc rits. When ik stomacpb, IIS, its Eupen manifest; this long-time popularity a be found in its superipr mj once given a,falr trial for wi or for liver and blood alTecti riorcurativa qualities are so heuce. it has sunrivcd aud g own in popular favor, while scores of les meritorious articles have suddenly flash d into fawr for a brief, period andf then leen as so )n foraotteu. For a torpid liver with I s attendant indigestion, dyspepsia, headache, perhaps dizziness, foul breath, nasty coat M) tongue, with bitter taste, los of appetl c. with distress after eating, nen'onsni 8S and debility, oottbing Is so lood as or, Pieree's Guided Medieol-DI :o%'ery. I > an luioest^ sqasrenleal medl ;ine with all its insredlenu printed on b« itlo-wrapi er — no secret, no hoeu^pot is bumbi g, therefore don't ooeept u ai utUute tl »t thb dealer may possibly nal »a little b g* ger proHt. irutet on your : gbt to hiive what you call (or. Don't buv Dr. Pierce's Favc Ite Prcacr tlen expecting It to prove a 1 ksure-alL" It islonly advised for woman's apcolcu. ailments. Itmaltes weak womHn strong a ad •Ick women well. Less adtiertiaed thin some preparations sold* fur Mke pnrpos !S, Its sterling euraUve virtues M] mafnti In its posttton In the front ranOa, when it stood over two deeades agiU As an n- vlgoraUng tooio and strengtlkeninf'nai fr tneitlsooeaualad. liwq ^tM^tr who want" booae,*iDr ttaNw/ia not a i of «kohol.init^ 11- LONG WMIING BLACK SILK ONEYBAK Cuaranteod Black Silks, matte of chemicall>j pure silk yarns/ not a bit of aduitcption tmters into Moneybak silks, thus insuring extra sood wearing qualities, besides that superb If inish not to be found in crdinary silksj every yard of Moneybak silk is guaranteed to give perfect satis action. Look fdr the name on the selvage. 34 inch Money(>ak silk, per yard Gold hand 'M inch Back Taffcia Siik. per yard Vls'.ru (luaiity :; G inch Black T;if- fe-.a Siik St,25 is-iiiei! Talfola Ssilk in black, wiiile a:i(l colors, jwr yard 63G and 75G New .shadis of blue, brown and red York Siik. :;<: inclirj-; wide, d.'ijuliable hclvaKC. s;imc as .Micneybak Silks. i>er v:iid ' 1.;;.. ra alu! !;.ldiii;;s :.:ud wi.'.e .Stiiiii. mil "(J iiirlus wide, wear i:ii::ianleed. whiit. black and enlorrf. iirice P'-r yard Skinner's: Saiiiis :Ui inches wide, white, biacjv and colors, wear guaran- Jeed for two seasons, price per yard I ' Skinners Black Taffeta :;tj IIICIK-S wide, an :-^»Ko!iite .miaraniee wiih every yard: '<;>nk f';r the name. Skinners siiiaraiiteeii I Taffeta: on ilie price per .>iiid $2.25 I 'iti.'-;- Vcsiiii;;. and \Vai.»!i Silks in I'nr.-i;;ii iiaueriia. piicc per yard S1.2S A .-iliCCial I'll i :f faae.v r -uipe .Silks !!• lo 21 inches wide.JI.OU and $1.2.". values price iter yard 69a Messalinc Silks with rich saiiaViii- A\. price per .vard $uoo Braided Bced .Xei k (.lirdie.s wiili (as- y sel «nds. price ; 25c andf 75G .X.-.v .\eek llucli foliars with wide :iiill bows, price eacii Sh50 to S6,50 .\>w Satin Belt Girdlesi -itJiiL pilt ide in blue, brown aud black, piice each .'.!'<• Ilairlis!i;tlcriiwiis with combs aitachid. special price 39o evcrj county in wliieli 1 .•^i)okc 1 was Ltold by tlie people in all wa'ks of life ithat the Democrats would ioae two vjotes for every oi 'c Li ey •.ainvd from:;tiie Republicans, i liavo ;> way of mi; own of geltin:; at the political situaJLion locally wherever 1 go. I nialce it a practice to inquire of from fiftedn to twenty men. whom I meet, conciirning tiie local situation, and always ask them wlietlier they know of ai y RepubMcai>s Fifat :ire yoiiig lo support Mr. Br.van . Here and there is an isolated casi? where they can jrive me the names of on<> or iK-rhap!! two or three Republicans who will support Bryan. Wlieii I reverse the ques ion and intpiire -vUietner they know of any Democrats bat will sui> port Mr. Taft. I am n:<-t wi-Ji an ai> RWC1-' almost wiihoui e.vWptlou the jiames of from oiie-lialf to a do«. on pemocrats who this year der-lart* tliev This farm Ijjucnl thciil reco ed b will not vole for .Mr. Bryan, is «'specially true anuniK the ing conininiiitie.< wt"er"' 1 liaro The farmers are .salisliel with condition. Tle-y have a di.^llnct lection of eondiiion.^ that <.xlst- ^Iweeli and "I'T and I hey sliiie that ihey are afraid »o tak<- the chances of a chan::e nf ailniinistra Hon.] While they Hk- Mr, Bryan p-r- HOii .-illy. yet they fear ili;it i^'e adoption of bis piiruies will liriuu the country back to Ih" same eimdiiions that existed during the adniinistm- tion of Mr. Cleveland, if the whole- stat< of iiuliana is like the potion tliat I visited T do not jihink there is H qiicstlon of doubt about the .S-ato being carried for .Mr. Taft by a substantial majority. "I am not so famili.'ii" with conditions in Kansas, as this is t!'e second [place I have visited. What lilile 1 have seen, however, convinces me that Kansas will be found in the Re- iiubiican column by at least a normal Repjbllcan majority when the votes are counted, "f haye'^perkt'; two montius un the stump iii Nebraska covering as much of that state as it i.> possible to rearh In t'at tune. There Is no trouble in Nebraska! this year. Tlie Republicans 'in that sllate are acrMaiiiteil with .Mr. Bryan. I Wc have him to meet In eveiy canipaiiu. Nebraskaiij are fam liar with the vagaries he has championed and tlu: rainbows lie lias run after for the twelve years. We like personally, as a -nelijh- bor. as a citizen, aud as a frieTid. but havi' no confidence in his statesinan- You can sav that in my opin- Nebrasita will f-lve .Mr. Taft a majjrity running' anywhere from flf- teer to thirty thous^uii. T have no douit of the result of the eleoiioTi In Xem-Hska or in the uation at large. The Republicn tiartv has ful:iliod Its pledgee to the in-oph-; ii lia.-; c'anj- ploied the pi:osres»lve nieaiiires that bav) been taken up in the nation as well as in the states: It iKJssesses the coniidence of the peoide. and In my opii Ion the |<arty will bo rewarded ' I? jits tidelUy to the pnbll:! trust." t • ]I Never .\do|»t Any Circus .Hcthods. ; I advise you to sieci* clear of ajil 'se!unie:s that a in lo attract you l>y ih.- ;^lishlest appe; raiie^' of giving .voit more iiioney Utr yuur junk than re*.;u- lar nia:-ket prices. The other i\i<y a custonn r <-:!Hed on me. I luadt- him price.--. He said. "( can get more." I told h;ui. "It may apj.'tar as more." He "I will irv It oiu e ami see." Me sn:;l lie had his load of scrap iron w<-iclied on im' eiiy se.!l«'.s ;ind knows what he 'ind. Wei!, he iried if. The resnlis were far from satisfactory m him. I If ;-aii!e lo luj-tiffice afterwards and told II.'- ih:ii h- would never try it afiaiti. lie s;.i{l lliey hvnt hint -o bad ii w ,i.^ iMtess:iry fi:r him i <i kiioek ilie mail ib-wn to v,o; him to .pay liiia all il'.at \\;!s ji'tily iliie him. It lakes years !•> build a go«>d repii'a- tinn and it will noi I;e neec.s.sary ;o kntwk itiv lepntntion down. I want your junk business, alsii hides, raw furs. (le. ICenieinber. lor full iiiarKe! nriees. lion-;! \veii;liis and a s<|iiaie ileal I havi no e <|"il; I! S. BAB.\.\i:i> ' I'air and M|ii ,Me. and no hot aii- :;2l-:;2<; .North r-nekoe. loia, Kansa.^. MARKET 04r SALE Saturday, Ootober 17, at 1 o'ciaok The lollowinu deitribed property will be sold at auc- tioa sale in our yards: I IIor;L, 5 years old, wtiybiug 1400 pouuds, I Soritl Horse, 9 yturs old, weighing 1200 pouuds igojd Milch Cow. 10 head of Sboats, average weight 50 pouuds. Abo cthcT itock will be iold. FARWICRSs lAni yo\xx prup«ily with us. a-i these market day snL-s ire hcIJ every two wc.ka. Scnulc Ciinrurn-nt Kt>»oluUi>n \|n. II. A pioiMisillon to .aiueiid the elmiii- tiitioii relative lo the disquulilt<^ation of jud ;;es to lio'd certain otiiccs Be it resolveii iiy the heirii-latiire i >f tho State of Kansas, Iwo-tliirih; Of the members elected to each house Ibeic- of concurring llierein: Section I. The following proiiosi- Griffith S^Vio/iers 224 Nm Jefforst^ lola, Kansas I fo .^KK. J. F. RrTl.tntJK l»K.\I». Vni^nU Servlre i» V. £. Chnreh To. morrowxJkftenioon. s. i. F. Rutledtre died at her home ^uth.O^k street this morning la I *»g«T illness. The funeral eer- wit\ he held tODinrrow'sfte ^nnqn iii^e, first, llel ^R^ Just the Tinie to Paper j Kail is always a good lime to paper. I'eople have to IK ; indoors more troiii luiw aiid ii |);..».s to make the b::m. I.l•i^ht and cheer> - Tlifi-e is no i»tlier w; v ill wh;ch yo'i can expend ji Miiaii utliouiii of iiioiuy liiat will !'iiidu«e a.-, s'^f.d rcMilis us in dejorauasi your wails wiih beauiili'l paper. ^ IVe Ha^e the I'apirs Vou Want. :: :: Our fa I s:oek cuntai:>b au at<u::dauce of ucw. distinctive, artistic paitrins iluu" wilt f\\e utiui'st .satisfaction at liilK- cost. \Ne lake a deiiglH in t-buwing these ln.-auijfiil paiierd aihl invite yuu lu call. If yod are thinkiug of paiieriiig ynw will make a grt-al mistake if ycjii buy wall jmper without seeing^ what we have and gelling our iirices. lion to amend the constitution of the state of Kansas is hereby submitted to' the qualified electors of the state for their approv:iJ or rejcc-tiou-:^ That section l.'S. article be umcndedl so as to read as follows: Sec. 13. The jus^ tices of the supreme court and the judges of all courtisof record of this state shall, ai stated times, receive for their services such compensation as ,may be provided Ijy law, whicli shall not ijre increased during their respective terms of office. Such jusiict;s or judges shall receive no fees or perquisites nor hold any other oflice of profit or trust uuder the authority of the state, or the I'nited Stales, ex- f ept the office of judge of any fedei~al court or justice or judge of a court of this state, during the term of oflice rcr wTiich such injustices and judges shall be elected, nor practice law in any of the courts in the state during their continuancL in office. Sec. 2. This jjrfjpositicn shall De submitted to the eleccors of the state at the general election of representatives In the year ISO^ for their ap- i.raval or rejection. The amendnieni hereby proposed shall be designated on the official ballot by the foKowing title: "The judicial amendment to the constitution." and shall be voted fui or against as jirovlded by law undei such title. Passed the Senate January 2d. IIK)? ras.sed the House .March a. 1907. Approved March 12, 1907. I hereuy. certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of original senate concurrent j resolution Xo. II now on file at my office. C. E. DBNTOK. . . Secretary of State (First Published October 5, 1908.) .SIIEKIFJ-'^S SALE. The State of Kansas. Alleti^County, Ill tlie District Court. Thirty^ Seventh Judicial District, sitting lu aud fo. Allen county. State of Kansas.^ Midland Saving & Loan Company, ct ai. Plaintiffs, vs. Oliver Steinman, et al.. Defendants. By virtue of au Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the Thirty-seventli 'Judicial District Court, in aud for AUcuXoanty, State of Kansas, in the I above eittitled cause, aud to me direct- led aud delivered, I wiil on the Seventh j day of November. A. D. 1908. at It.' •o'clock A. M. of said da.y al tli«'^uili j door of the court house in the CU; ;of Ibia, Alien County. Siuie of Kansas-. !offer for sale and sell to the highest 'bidder, for cash in handj the following: described itral estate. 1 lo-wlt: Lot Three (::> in Block Ouej lluudred ami Kieiven tltli City of loi^. Allen Conn ,ty. Kansas. Said lands and tenemeuti will be sold without apprayement to satisfy said Order of Sale. C. O. liOLLlNUER, Jijheriff of Allen County. Kansas By J. H. KERR. Deputy Sheriff. Sheriff's ulilce. tola. Kansas. October 3. 1908. 10-5-12-17-19-21; A UeaJthj Fi whole Camlly jth since we hegaii .IJfe-?ni8, three eiijoy^d good Dr. King's • Gnil- ioae

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