The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 14, 2001 · Page 5
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 5

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 2001
Page 5
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THE SALINA JOURNAL SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 2001 AS Horoscopes By Joyce Jillson Creators Syndicate Inc. • ARIES (March 21-April 19). You are fantastic at superficial friendliness and smaii tall<, but if you can convince anyone of anything they don't already beiieve, you'll win big-time. Do some negotiating with a big-ego individual, and you'll strii<e a compromise. • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Romance and money won't mix today, but the overall outlook for a new love prospect is excellent. Get in touch with a family member who might need a helping hand. It pays to stretch your creative muscles, so be resourceful. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Everything is going your way for the weekend. Enthusiasm and optimism will put you one jump ahead of the competition. You'll meet new love interests while pursuing matters of health, sports or family business. Avoid conflicts. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). Family keeps you close to home today — use downtime to reorganize your career priorities. Hearing from a distant friend or ex-mate could shake things up. Social invitations and business propositions will pile up by this afternoon. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Being seen on the scene will bring more opportunities to make money Completing big projects seem like a long, uphill road to nowhere — don't let this illusion deter you from a successful path. Tonight, prove yourself worthy of having fun. • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (April 14). You'll encounter thrills in the middle of the year, and you won't believe how things will change so quickly. Replace out-of-date equipment, move, or just upgrade your lifestyle this month! There's a chance to turn your hobbies into a business in May. Travel in September or December will lead to new profits or jobs. Your best signs for love are Gemini and Scorpio. Your lucky numbers are: 7, 54, 3, 11 and 36. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). The stars are lined up to bring you love, so look your best. Creativity is not wasted on your friends. Your life activities will gather momentum when you dedicate time to supporting others. A passionate Leo is among your many admirers. • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Certain personal relationships need some attention. Start with friendships you've had little time for lately. When frustrated energies come to the •surface tonight, focus on what has worked instead of what hasn't. We all learn from our mistakes. • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You are working hard, and you must take better care of yourself. Learn to tolerate the bad habits of an individual. It is important in building patience. You'll make important contacts when you travel someplace warmer. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Resolve to devote your energies to creating an unselfish kind of love in ail your relationships. Friends and family will recognize your abilities. The friendship and community respect you desire will follow your acts of courage. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Allies you make now will keep you in mind for future . opportunities. Take time between obligations to put key relationships on a more personal basis. A chance to step into the public spotlight is just around the corner. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). For a little magic this morning, shake hands on a plan for the future. Organizing events is a part of your agenda, but you needn't feel compelled to do it all by yourself. Opportunity knocks through social contacts. Network wisely • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Be a mover and a shaker. People are attracted to high energy If you feel like you've been wandering aimlessly you will bump into ideas worth exploring. Your endeavors can bring true happiness, and even romance, into your life. Salina forecast Today High: 72 .: ^ Low: 52 J?!v^ Mostly cloudy with a r ^ chance of showers. Tonight, Cloudy with 1 a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms. 8:06 p.m. 6:54 a.m. Today's Sunset Tomorrow's Sunrise Sunday High: 67 Low: 37 Becoming partly cloudy. Monday NEB. Colby |66°/37' MO. Kansas City 72°/52' Topeka 73°/51 Pittsburg 77°/56' ©2001 AccuWeathe(, Inc. Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloudy Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow High: 57 Low: 41 Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. Tuesday High: 58 Low: 34 Partly cloudy Wednesday High: 65 Low: 33 Partly cloudy. COLD WARM e 2001 AccuWeather, Inc. PnBsure; ® (£) ^ High Low Showers Rain T-storms Flurries Snow IcB Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloudy Salina data * Source: Salina Journal Weather Station TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record /Year High 74 64 92/1936 Low 40 40 18/1907 • Higti artd low to 9 p.m. PRECIPITATION Friday (to 9 p.m.) 0.00 Thursday (24 hours) 0.00 April to date 1.96 Average April 2.76 Year to date 7.61 Average year through Apr. 6.68 Average year 30.43 Kansas data U.S. forecasts HI LO PREC HI LO OTLK HI LO OTLK Chanute 75 40 Albuquerque 79 39 CIr Miami Beach 89 73 PCIdy CoHeyville 76 41 Anchorage 44 29 CIdy Mpls-St Paul 62 37 PCIdy Concordia 71 38 Atlanta 81 58 PCIdy New Orleans 86 71 CIdy Dodge City N/A N/A Baltimore 69 43 CIr New York City 67 46 CIr Emporia 74 39 Boston 62 38 CIr Oklahoma City 73 56 Rain Garden City N/A N/A Charlotte.N.C. 80 52 CIr Omaha 69 39 PCIdy Goodiand 60 30 trace Chicago 65 43 PCIdy Orlando 89 67 PCIdy Hill City 67 38 Dallas-Ft Worth 82 63 CIdy Philadelphia 66 44 CIr Hutchinson 75 35 Denver 61 34 CIr Phoenix 85 57 CIr Lawrence 73 38 Honolulu 82 71 CIr St Louis 74 50 PCIdy Manhattan 73 35 Houston 86 71 PCIdy San Diego 65 53 CIr Russell 68 40 Kansas City 72 44 PCIdy San Francisco 61 47 CIr Topeka 72 40 Las Vegas 78 49 CIr Seattle 55 36 PCIdy W/ichita 73 42 Los Angeles 71 50 CIr Washlngton.D.C 70 49 CIr KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE 1-800-585-7623 Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE WEB SITE weather warnings, forecasts, radar People By The Associated Press Harrelson taking raw life on road SEATTLE — Actor Woody Harrelson has launched his "Sustainable Organic Living" free- speech tour — a 1,500-mile bike ride down the coast to Los Angeles. Harrelson planned to speak at eight colleges en route, starting with the University of Washington Thursday night, and conduct spontaneous yoga classes and go camping in state parks. The actual journey begins Friday an^ ends May 20 in Los Angeles. With Harrelson will be his yoga teacher, documentary filmmakers, "the best raw-food chef I've met," and others traveling HARRELSON ^ith "the mother ship," an old Chicago transit bus that runs on hemp fuel. "It has solar panels on top and hemp cloth on the ceilings and walls," said Harrelson, perhapk best known for his role as a bartender on the long-running TV sitcom "Cheers." ; The ride down the PaciTic coast is intended to raise awareness about lower-impact lifestyles and what Harrelson calls "going off the grid" — getting away from corporate products and influence. In June 1996, Harrelson, 39, was arrested and acquitted after planting hemp seeds in Kentucky Later that year, he was arrested with others for climbing the Golden Gate Bridge to protest the cutting of redwood trees. Reid learned to, like, play drums LOS ANGELES — Tara Reid knew nothing about playing the drums when she agreed to play Melody, the ditzy drummer in the film version of "Josie and the Pussycats." "I started taking private lessons in New York for about two months prior to the movie, five days a week, you know, about three hours a day," the 25- year-old actress told reporters. "In the first, like, week, the p-.p. drum teacher ... he was like, 'Oh my God, we're in, like, serious trouble.' " Reid said the hardest part was coordinating het- hands and feet, but she eventually figured it outi "It's so, like, therapeutic," she said, "and then I got, like, these little muscles for the first tiine in my life? Because I was, like, throwing down so hard, you know? So it was good." Biff getting buff in the morning, NEW YORK — Biff Henderson, stage manager of the "Late Show With David Letterman," is setting his alarm clock a whole lot earlier these days. Henderson, 55, is taking part in a weight-loss program, "Weight-Off With The Early Show," on the CBS morning program hosted by Bryant Gumbel and Jane Clayson. Throughout the eight-week period, Dr. Lou Arrone, an obesity specialist and director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital, will check in .with Henderson and the other participants to evaluate their progress and challenge them to make lifestyle changes. T ADVICE Sweethearts marry more than 50 years after dating Dear Ann Landers: Thank you so much for deciding to print more "how we met" letters. I enjoy them enormously and hope you will include ^ this one about my mother: Mother had a high school sweetheart named Bob Vaughn. Mother and Bob were in love and dated each other exclusively from the age of 13 until they were 17. Then World War II came along, and they agreed to see other people. Mother went off to college, and Bob went into the Army Eventually, Mother married a man from col- * lege, and Bob married a woman he knew from another town. They both went on to have successful marriages and several children. We grew up hearing stories from Mother (when Daddy wasn't in the ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. room) about her high school sweetheart. Bob, and how crazy they were about each other. After 40 years of marriage. Daddy died of cancer, and Mother moved back to her smaU hometown. Ten years later, Bob's wife also died of cancer. After many months. Mother ran into Bob at a restaurant. She was alone. He asked if he could share the table, then he asked her for her phone number. They began to date. Two months later, they were married. He told Mother he had always loved her and had thought about her every day Mother confessed the same, although they both had had good marriages. Bob died three years later, but the years they had together were wonderful. They were like young kids in love. Incidentally, I met Bob's son, Bob Jr, and he and I have been together for more than three years now. I guess there's just something about those Vaughn boys that is irresistible. — Memphis, Tenn. Dear Memphis: Thank you for a beautiful love story — with a siu-prise ending. Please keep me posted on what goes on with you and that irresistible Vaughn boy in Memphis. I think I hear wedding bells. Dear Ann Landers: I read the letter from "Toni in Texas," whose father gave "useless junk" as gifts to her child. I related to that because my father once gave me a peculiar gift when I turned 16. It was a well-used physics book in a brown paper bag. He said it would be useful since I was now studying physics in school. He told me he found it at work. My first thought was to check his breath to see if he'd been drinking. Then I began to question his sanity as he extolled the features of the text, telling me how well the book explained subjects I had gone over in school. Like any good daughter, I dutifully looked at the table of contents and pretended an enthusiasm I did not feel. My mother had a hard time trying not to break out in laughter as I tried to fake interest. Dad told me to check out the graphs and charts, so I flipped through the stained and battered book. To my surprise, I found a crisp $2 biU on each page. This was his birthday gift to me. My father stood there with the smug knowledge that he had pulled a fast one and taught me not to judge a book by its coyer—literally Maybe "Toni" should look deeper and see if there is wisdom in her father's gifts. Even if her son learns only that old does not necessarily mean useless, he will have learned a valuable lesson. — Lee in Texas Dear Lee: How true. I wonder how many children might have tossed the book before seeing the gift inside. Those who did would have deserved to lose out. Write to Ann Landers at P.O. Box 11562, Chicago, IL 60611. TV TONIGHT 4/14/01 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 OPBS, B.H.-Hays Lawrence Welk Show 28207 Keep Up 8838 Red Green Great Performances 95694 B)TNN Opry Bkstge. Opry 838375 Galther Gospel Hour 290191 Century of Country 287627 Opry Bkstge. Opry 770022 : O NBC, Wichita XFL Football Playoffs San Francisco Demons at Orlando Rage. (Live) (CC) 990627 1 News 67646 SNL 31066 @ Com. Central Sinbad: Afros 5030424 Viewers Choice 5049172 South 3974795 Man Show Battlebots Battlebots . OF0X,Wlc.-SaL Cops 59608 Cops 72743 America's Most Wanted 28801 Stargate SG-1 15337 iMadTV 18424 ffl Nickelodeon Spongeb Amanda Eddie 809882 Ail That 3sCo 336511 3sCo 502627 All In Family All in Family BWB, Wichita MASH 13820 MASH 45917 Baywatch Hawaii 73375 Movie "Fatherland" (1994) Rutger Hauer. 76462 @ESPN Stanley Cup Playoffs 392559 Major League Soccer 432269 Sportscenter{CC) 435356 B Access 6, Sal. Tri-Rlvers Fm. Love Unity Saves 989066 What's-About Gymnastics Salina Symphony 54608 E3ESPN2 Auto Racing IROC. 1770998 Major League Soccer 1/89646 Stanley Cup Playoffs 1290559 BWGN Movie "Pride and Extreme Pre)udlce" (1990) 883085 News 919849 Taies-Darkslde 734530 GO) Family Chan. Movie "Free Fail" (CC) Cont'd Movie "Panic in the SkiesI" (1996) Kate Jacksor .333559 "Perfect Little Angels" 606917 QPBS.WIc.-Hut. Lawrence Welk Show 73733 Austin City Limits 59153 Red Dwarf Robot 42849 "Blood on the Sun" 26337 ED TNT Movie *** "LethalWeapon" 1987) Mel Gibson, Danny Glover. 765801 Movie "The Untouchables" (1987) 412207 . B ABC, Kan. City Movie "Romeo & Juliet" Two youths from rival families share a doomed love affair. 301761 News 3915379 Seinfeld GB Cart. Network Best We Got 4823004 Acme Hour 5067578 Bullwlnkie Dudley fQ ABC, Wichita Movie "Romeo & Juliet" Two youths from rival families share a doomed love affair. 189559 News 1600578 Seinfeld GBsci Fl Movie "Repossessed" Cont'd First Wave 1486530 Movie "Babylon 5: The Gatherlr ig" (1993) (CC) 1496917 • iS CBS, Wichita Waiker.Texas Ranger 11917 Kale Brasher 97337 DisUict 45171 News 1695646 Carey 6914172 EQAP in the Wild 37511 In the Wild 53559 In the Wild 33795 In the Wild 36882 IB CBS, Topeka Walker, Texas Ranger 33153 Kate Brasher 42801 District 39337 News 8551795 Andromeda GQ Lifetime Movie "Silent Cradle" (1997)Lo rraine Bracco. (CC) 236207 Beyond Chance 315153 Once and Again 318240 '• fQ Encore Movie *** "Dirty Dancing" (1987) (CC) 1787424 Movie "This Is Spinal Tap" (1984) 1862288 9379066 GHUSA Movie "Boomerang" Cont'd Movie "Beverly Hills Cor " (1984) (CC) 627375 Silk Stalkings 606882 ~; fS Showtime Movie * * * "Scream 3" (2000) David Arquette. 683191 Movie "TheTalented Mr. Ripley" (1999) 879998 EE) CNBC National Geographic Explorer 1016424 Tim Russert 1774714 Nat'L Geog. Explorer 6383288: IQHBO Movie **% "Romeo Must Die" (2000) Jet U. 407733 Boxing: WCB Doubleheader: Holmes vs. Hopkins 534288 Ql Encore Plus Movie "Born-Soon" Cont'd Movie "Without a Trace" 1983)2900269 "First Steps" (1985)78700559; {Qcinemax Movie ** "Above Suspicion" (1995) 58689998 Movie U "Blue Streak" (1999) 2130375 Passion Cove SOTLC Bewarel Bad Drivers 276511 Behind the Jump With 292559 Stunt School 272795 Beware! Bad Drivers 275B8? ! fQstarz! Movie •** "Love & Basketball" (2000) (CC) 85085849 Movie ** "Next Friday" (2000) ice Cube. (CC) 87586337 ESFOX Sports To Be Announced 881627 Stanley Cup Playoffs 495066 @ Discovery Dambreak Disasters 157117 Hit by Lightning 852725 Justice Files 252581 New Detectives 507658 @A&E Biography 852545 Midsomer Murders 452789 Poirot 202086 SCNN CNN Tonight Take Five Urry King Weekend 621191 CNN Tonight Capital 140801 Sport8Tonlght(CC) 611714 SSBET Rap CityTop 10 533443 Comicview 542191 BET Live 539627 Movie "Fire and Ice" 802085 @WTBS Major League E lasebail: Phillies at Braves 558153 Movie *** "Smokey and the Bandit" (1977) 628004 SDUnivlslon SibadoGlgante 790559 Fuera 39240 NoticierpUnlv. Major League Baseball: Giants at Brewers 9921443 Magician Code 3945424 Magician Code 3948511 BBAMC Movie *** "CharleyVarrick" (1973) (CC) 492f ' iUI Movie • * K "Blacuia" (1972) Wiiiiam Marsnaii. 4 42646 Bl Odyssey 10th Kingdom (Part 5 of 5) (CC) 9465240 Galther Home 6335725 Wind at My Back 3185202 03 Disney Movie "Hounded" (2001) (CC) 5 ' 692269 Movie **)i"U ode Buck" (1989) John Candy. 4 1100646 Hoops 627%6 EMTV TRL at Your House Countdown 221375 Cribs 613207 Green 773153 Green 353284 Green 353004 @EI Celebrity Profile 182733 True Hollywood Story 168153 Wild On 188917 Wild On 181004 .. CHANNELS NOT @VH-1, GSFitT LISTED: DIPrevue, 83 Education Access, S) Government Access, Bj \l\ EE) Court TV, ^MSNBC, SHome & Garden, Q)Knowledge TV, QT Weather Channel,SlHeadline News, ^Home Shopping Network, ^QVC, ^Cl FYl, ^CSPANZ, BJCountry Music Television, ^ Fox News, EQThe Food Network, ® America's Jewelry Store, EacSPAN, fil-EPay PerVlew, BBPIayboy ^

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