Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 13, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1908
Page 3
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THE lOIA PAILT BBOMTBB, TPMHAY IgFEKlKg, QCTOBBB It, IWi. irdson's T jHE HEADLINE of this annQuncehient is the iahj;uage of ^the street anid fuliy tfxpres^es^he pisitioti of this store in this fall's merchandisinii arena. Everything new for fall is here. CLO A KS in every pretty njew fctyle for lajdies, mid^s and children. Warm ( JNDERVM^AK , the set snug kind that fits perfectly. rAfttstlc MILLiNERY— never before l;ias this department been so busy. Plain and fancy DRESS ,Q60DS , silks and satins—the greatest gatherins: of low priced dependab.'e dress goods and silks ever pn sented here, in tvery new shade, with trimmings to match. I laby Caps and Hoods in every style. Everything new in. NOTIONS. Yes^ everything, and shown in that elaborate profusion. We want to emphasize the fact that it w iU pay you best to do your fall trading here and we place addec; emphasis upon the FARMERS a SlRROODIXe COI^. TRt DOING XliCH BUlLDim SHOW THEY ARE PROSPEROUS OXLY lESTERDAT LUMBER '^VAS HAULED IN ALL DIRECTIONS. special prjrces we have placed on them to us early. induce you to visit RICHARDiON'S 113 £ast« Madison NEWS! OF GAS CITY iiEV. .1. M. .>rAM>\ or l«U Al»- A GOOD TIME WAS HAD HALLOIVELL'S IIAKP ORCHESTRA TO l^IVE EMEKTAlSniEM HERE. I l!!>r iiiulif. Kifri'ylnnints WJMO MTVIMI ami i\ aood Unu- s«<m.>i.ill.< Imil. an ontori;iiiinn'ni iii ilio '.Mcilinrti.-.; | .Kiiiii riin ••;un«'in la&t ex i-niiit: rimn Mlisiriiiiis tn I 'oiiir irn!l ''>«.''i> ll;iii> i>n'ln\-tr;i will rij l'!>i; 1 tliiir,-!) U\'titn>s«I;iy cvctil Ociol-rr Mill. Tliici iirclic.viin h:i! ,vor!(i wido vci'isiviivii. . On- Ani^cJ- |iti;r. I l'.H^» riTicr. K :is.. It r :i .-in-.i vJsit viiii :i, Ills si&lcr. .Mi>. «M'(II\;;I > Kill*, j I,"-. «f MiKli-.'.t v.;i.-. ill llir i« it;.' yi'sU.Tday nii. lilihiiu'^s. j V.'iiiiaiii Mils ha- l>'-n sj.-k Tlic Cocl'.frill Zinc rcnii'.ni: vei^ier : for tlio past hCMial (la>s i^ abli' to ue •Jn> )i'roiM'(! fi.;ir <'ai;: of ore. 1 hi-• tnit. agaitt. will pprinit \\v ctjM\\y.\n}. to ro '.iliiuic- 1 Mr. and Mrs. ivjn renro Mitcliell. of The Furelini Misbionary Svciet} ut the Methodist Episcopal Charcta iL McfUD? W Ilh Mrs. Meaus. i Farmers Are Dniidin?. Tbal tin; farmers in tht» rountry iiurruitiiding IM Marpe have |irost>ered in llie past year Is shown by the fact that much lumber in being i-uld and that they are doing a ;ot of bulitling. Yesterday lumber was hauled from this city in every direcliuu from the c-ity. U. S. Scars:, a local conti-actor. be^ gau today the erection of a fine furra residence oa tlie land formcr'y o^ucd by William .Paske, four njiles sojuUi« of llic cltv. This iiouec iaj an eight-room two story structure. Theo Ma.xon yrsterday purciiased lui^ber for the erecriion of a large barn. \S[ork nun began >estenlay erecting a barn feet with a Iti-foot shed 42 .'feet long. Today workmen will begin tlie ere<-ii(»ii of a large ealtie shed on the Dickens farm, five mile.s northeast of the city. Most of the lumber to be nsed in the erection of these fiirm houses and barns was sold by the I'.lakcr Lumber company. OSTEOrATHl— DR. y\ .11. ALBKIWIIT. Registered Osteopathic rbysician. State Flank Bldg. Phone 115. Onlv Osteopath tu La Harpo. I A Ilab) Boy. A son was born Saturday aa.l Mr.<. Will Skinner. to .Mr. Thief Is knunn. 1!. S, Stars aay .i tlial he knows the party who i«H»k his hammer fnin* the Painter builtling last Friday uften uun Hc.-anse he has owned ibis ham^nor for iho iia^t thirteen years be va uoe it \er.* hi.uhlyand if it Is no! retuirned le.ual proceed I iigH wiil be s-::arte(l. j operation -Hoc'' SteeJe U^io is Sulferlab' WMi Hue PoiKuuititr. Will Leave Soon for Hot Springs—Fcrsonals. Farmer's Want Rain. The farmers of the county who v here say that r:iiu is needod. Tl)e rj is necessary at this time for watcrljfor I their stock. ' >i 1 AN .Neodesha. was visiting friends here ypEterday. .Mr. and .Mrs. Perry Psrciials tif Ca- i,f.v were here ycsferd;iy visiting r'jl i- 'iu! lives. WanlK Boiindury Changed. Notices of a meeting to hear llin pr- ALLIGATOR IN EAST RIVER. The Animal Is Supposed to Have I Escaped From a Ship. On Fishing Trip. O. T. Kennedy left last evfuiug, for IWarrensbnrg. Mo., where he will eiert ^ ,„ {ufinelsome. Eds property here ^-asj X<.'w York. Oct. 13.—Students of I burned some lime ago. <le~Ifas bpen j natiiral history whose attention was jl'.ere visiting for the iiast several days. jj^^j ^.^^.^ ^ successful 'lion chase In New Jersey, were mild- three years ago and has been groM ing v.'circc ever yince. ! Fifty wisest students know what ^ will be i caught in this vicinity next. The alMgator. which was brought ashore bv tV.ree life savers, was Arfe ReristcrinR" Fast. Acc'ordlui; to City Clerk F. W. Pre-! vert registering is nnich faster here! -M. .Mason Made Address, this fall tlilni b(|fore any election Ion Wt-v. .l .i .M. .Ma^on. pastor of the j severajyea^Tbe books wi:i be kept MHhodist: Kpiscc^ai church, of f"- j f,.^,„ p,. p^^ert Hub' ' , "ti—• ! «}-r. who took it to his iiome. The phy And many utlier painful aSid I ^"•^^ ''^ '^l^P-'"; '° distressing ailn.ints frcn, il" 7 'r'tT^'l °//L .i ..u- u ~Jr.. ,u^.... ,...iJri two feet long. Dr. Hubner believes which most niOtheis sum ^r. i ,( ,^ about 5 year^.old and that It was carried to this port by some freigUt steamship from which it escaped. can be avoidetl by^imlj-j;: MotliBr'sFriend. Thisicn- edy a God-send to expen- ant-woUtecsv-carryinR ihoni thropgh the Critical ordeal with-safety. No woman whQ_±l!e^ Wotner's Friend need, fear the .suffering incident (o birth; for it bs the ordeal of ijs dread and insures safety to life of mother and chf d, leaving her iii a condition i more favorable to speedy recovery. The^lchild is also healthy, strong and goodj nofiirAH t'"'' H"^ cnntalnlnk v«ln»- naiureu. lnft>rm»Uoa wlUbeee&t fn;e by wriilng to __BRADnELD REGULAtOR Ca Atluita. Ca. DROWNED IN A VAT OF WINE. I After Climbing to the Edge of the I Receptacle a Woman Fell In. j Santa Rosa. Cal.. Oct. 13.—.Mrs. ! ftcorge CoHer. wife of a rancher of . Occidental, was drowned yesterday in ! a vat of wine. She was visiting the I winery on the Colier ranch and ! climbed to the edge of a large vat t^l^ftOd fell in. President. l.W.BECJC, Vice-President JDjrecttrst L. E. HprvUlp.. A. W. Beck. ' J. A. RobinsdP. Goo. U. Nlcholadii. H. L. Hisndefaon, :, Frank* Riddle. . J. H. Caujpbtili. l.Tr £RE8 'J* JPAID OiSf TIME I»£f 08lf 8 i. U. CAXFBELL, Cashier. L. c. BOBursoiv, Ass't Cashier. StockhoMen. L. E. Uonriie. A. W. Beck. Frank Riddle. H. L. HenderaoD. J. A. RobinaoD. L. L. Ponsler. (jeo. E. Nlcbolaun. L. C. RobiOBuu. L. A. RoblnaoD, H. T. Bvw »H, John T. Wttklna. Frank Wood. J. H. OuaplwU. lis. A KepHbliean Club. .\l a no oiing of the ivi>i)tiblicauo tif lit- fii- laht evfaltig a rlub w-as or- gaiii/.t'd. A eomiilefe at-cjunt of (he meeting ran be foiiud in other parts of the paper. Foreign Xfjisionary Sorlrtj .Veetsj The Foreign Missionary Society (of the Methodist Eplseoiwl cliurrh of this city are meeting today with Mrs. IAO .\iea«s. The subject being dis- eusj il is '".Moslem I^inds." C. E. .Society Held .Tleetlnr. , The Christian Endeavor Society ;of the Christian church met hist evening at the home of Mrs. Barker. After the business meeting the time' was spent In a social way. j Woodmen Had Bi? Time. D. A. .Tones returned last evenliig from Ott;twa - where he-has been j^t- tonding the big Woodmen picnic. He says that the Woodmen had a big tinik Aato Man Broke Set of Springs >YliOe Xakln^ Fast BUD From Chanate. T ^The Chauute Tribnue says: Seven members of the Weir Qty foot ball eleven which played here yesterday afternoon, failed U> catch, their train for home because of an automobile accident. The eleven planned to go home by way of lola. going from, lierc to lola in automobile after J,l]tc_game and iVxch Wallar, manager of the Chanute team,_ made -arrangements with Newton of lola tfr carrr^eni. Newton w^as late in getting" down because uf Htoppiug in Humboldt to doctor one of his machines, which ^talked there. He started from Chauute with sev- 011 passengers making eight in his auto, counting himself and all the team's baggage, and he had an hour and seven minutes to make the trip in. He certainly gave the Iwys the ride of their livc.s ami burned up the road without bad luck until within three miles <.:f lola. There he hit a eui- veri. bo hard that he. broke a set of springs. It look some time to repair the break, and by the time he got to Io!a the train for Weir City lutd been gone five minutes. The Weir boys felt pretty blue. Most of them had jobs to be at work on this morning, and they feared that if they didn't show up, they would have to look for other places. Ross Prentice of this city, took four of the players to lola in his machine. He made the trip in an hour sind twenty minutes, getting them there in plenty of Lime. Wehla. who wa.s fullback for the Ch'anuto eleven several years ago. |)lay ed with Weir in the first half ycKter- day. lie stayed' out the .'^econd half beean .-e his ankles were in bad shape, and he feared being hurt, t'hampltin- who came here with Plttslmrg four >cars ago and was so Iwdly hurt that ht» was in a ho>i)itul for several woekN wao also with Weir yeMerrtay. BELMONT WINS FROM JOCKEY. Takes Jury Only Half an .Hour to Dispose of $100,000 Suit. N'fw York; Oct." I.*:.—It took Ihi- jury only half an hour this afternoon to decide in favor of August Belmont in the suit for JIOO.OOO damagno. brought against him by John H. Freit. the Jockey. Freit Claimed he was libeled by Mr. Belmont when he posted him in the Racing Calendar, as having left his employ without authority, saying BVelt liad been discharged because he failed on one occasion to take' off his hat in saluting Mr. Belmont Attention Ladl^. j Ja-iSee-wa Flesh Food heals, noujr- isties, cleanses and beautjfyo the facie. We alsf> carry Je-uec-wa powders of four colors, white, flesh, rosette and pink. We can recommend them to ycju after continual ~sale for more than year. WATERS & UA.VFORTIl Drugs and Jewelry. 'Personal!*. ^ Or. Af-M. Klrkpatrick returned lapt e \ejiing from Fort Scott, Kas.. where he has been on a business visit l6x the past several days. lies Ward left yesterday for K«F^ sas .City on,a business trip. George Lcderer who was hurt while working with the Gas City Drilling company Is again able to be out.- Mr. and .Mrs. C. \t,zSini,lIRv/eii» jo Kansas City yesterday to jattend the horse show. ' Mrs, Perry Zentz is reported as quite seriously ill. jVIiss Addte Deitf who has been iieje for the past two weeks the guest of .Miss Millie Ward, returned to her "jome in Mound City yesterday. iMIss Oljje -Preston, of Pittsburg. K^s., is here visiting her anut Dr. Lamiert. of Moran, was here .v^terday on business. Mr. and Mrs. Martin, of Donophiiije, Vebr.. are the guests of relatives here. *• On R^al Estate Buiilneiis. ;R. L. Lineback. senior member 6f the Arm of LInsback brothers, left ty- fcM., ... ... day for a trii>-through Illinois on big real estate deal. He will likely be gone for several days. CANT RAISE PHONE RATES. Corporation Commission Says it" Must Approve Prices Charged ' —euthrie. Okla.. Oct. 13.—The c«ir- (•oratlon-commisslon today'^made final the proposed order which i provides that no person, firm or company conducting a telephone exchange in tike state can Increase their rat^s above those no win effect, without the consent and approval of the commisato^. FQVSIGK LYDIA. E.lPiNKl Ko oiiher medicine has been so successful in xelievine the suflfering of women or receiTed so many genuine testimonials as Jias liydJaE. Pinkbam'sTegetable Compound. In every community you will find women who^hivebeen restored to health by Lydia B. Pmkham's Vegetable Compotmd. Almoist every one you meet has either been benefited bv it, or has friends who have. In the Finkham llSB&n^fj at Tynn ^lVfftSB ^j^ny ^pmap any {tymay see the files containing ovett one million one hundred thousand letters from women seekiup: health, and here are the letters in which they openly state over their own signa- tiues that they were cured by Lydia E. Knkham'a Vegetable lydia £. Fii^ham's imd. ^— — * ;— jtable Oompoimd ixaa saved maojrtwoinen from surgical operations. lydia £. Pmlcbam^s Yegetable Compound is made from roots and herbs, without drugs, and is wholesome and-harmless. The reason why lydia E. Pinkham's Yegetable Oompoond is so der Bome time ago. and the i'^\^l>^on^\&^iZ^^^,?^^^^Ji companies agreed to tie isauance jf • fendnine oreanlsm. lestonwr it the order temporarily, i ' Qeorge Player, of St IXIUIH . reuei t- ly Mieoted. by the commiKHlun as lia telephone exiiert. will arrive In a few daya, having been recommendiNl ly «Kp^ ot tl(e WlsoitMla^cbii-, after a ••ly'Ttfidfobili'toi^ Any inleUi^nt petisbn can be his own doctor jin ^th> .ocflifiarr c**^ liver trjauble, for tfie^'syinptonn cannot be nustaken. If the white of the eye becOmes-yellowish, if the skiii becomes sallow, if pimples and blotches appear, if the bowels do not move, if you have sick headadie; if 3 ^>n are bilious, you; may be sure that>• your liver is torpid or inactive. The quickest and surest remedy yet found for the cure of liver trouUe or KO* of Its symptoms is Dr<~<SIdweirs Syrup Pepsin, the creat herb laxative compound. This wonderful remedr is not only a laxa- Mve. but a tonic, as weU. It .win start Uie flow of sastrlc Juice, tberebr soon enabUnff the Uver to do Its work naturally. A i bottle of this creat liver remedy . can be bonsht of onydoiBslst for 50 cents or H. and.In mafiy cases a single bottle has cured a cbronic ease. For emmple, Jqbn W., CIS 8. Pennsylvania ave., Indianapolis. Ind.. bad a stubborn and J^ery long-atanding case of liver trouWe, with pimples, blotches;^^—^ bnndtce. -etc.. and it cure^ bim. Mrs. B. Flincbum. Jackson, Ky., says tho same of it Thousands of fainilies keep it in the bouse against just such an emeir- geocy. as you can never tell when some m^nber of the family wIU need a good loxaUve. In order to have you or any other sufferer from the Uver make a test of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin without personal expense. Dr. Caldwell win send you a free test Iwttle if you will send your name and address. The sample wm show yon how pleasant It is to take, how gently it wotka It wUl start you on the cure of your trouble and convlnre you that you have found a cure. Thatrls the 'ObJecr"6f- the sample, and the doctor urges you to send for it today. If there Is anything idxmt your ailment that you don't understand, or If you. want any medical advice, write to the doctor, and he will answer you fuUy. There is no charge for this service. The address is Dr. W. B. Caldwen. S06 Caldwell bldg.. VonUcello. IU. A METEOR FELL IN GEORGIA^ Residents Were Frightened Out of Their Beds by the Explosion. Rome. Ga.. Oct. 13.—This section of .Vorth Georgia was startled about 11 o'clock last night by a tremendous meteor which exploded as It was fall"" Ing. Tho sound of the explosion was hennl and the concussion tult for miles and persona who had retired rushed from tholr beds In fright. The meteor resembled a ball of fire and flames streamed fmm it as It Rhot through tho air. Wlien It exploded it .seemed to shatter into many fragments. . Investigation showed that the Jiero- lite burst near Kingstown, twenty miles south of here. Persons there say that for some time after it hurst bits of hot gravel came down like bail. What is supposed to be a major fragment of aerolite struck on a /arm near Kingstown and made a large hole in the ground. .Negroes were especially panic stricken, remaining in prayer until today, as they believed that the end of the world was at hand. . THEl CURED CLIFF CARTER. Bread and Water Diet Bronght Him to Cliff Carter, the colored boy who was sent to the penitentiar.v from this county for;robbery, bad to be .subdued by the bread and water process before he became a good pri &oner. so the officers al_Xh£.jdsi>I.Ut »w[ Sheriff tj; 0. Bollinger on his last visit there. Carter was put in the coal rnine. being a husky chap and capable of developing into a good coal digger. Carter. didn't like the wf)rk as anyone" wlfl know wlio knew him here'and he refused to work. One day the guard found lilui l>'lng llat on his back in his shift, hit! feel resting on the coal cell­ ing above hfm. When ordered to go to work he muttered a refusal. He was conducted to a dark celRwhere he had. three days of high feasting on bread _ and water before he promised to,be a faithful laborer for the state. This piiniaiinient seemwl to have the desired effect for a time but he grew sulfeir again refusing to work.-'^^P^ai-^ tlHie he was given five days in the cell with bread and water for food and drink. At the end of the fifth ^day he begged the officer to let htm show them what a good coal digger he was. He has since been an exemplary prisoner. " ~ ' THOICHT HE WAS I>' JAIL. Awakt-nuiK From Drunken Sbtpofil JMIstakes Picket Fence for CeU, Bars. U-^u lola man who has long been an ardent and untiring devotee of <Md John Barleycorn is telling a Joke OB himiself. 4)fter surrounding aeyeral bott'es of an uncertain coQcocthia he started hcHiie at a late hour 'recently. The load iras too heavy" and before he arrived at hlg-^ear^MeiMt he toppled off i )ije #dewa|^fla^ landing the feminine organism, xest<»ing it to a heslthy normal ocmdition Women who are snffeiJng from those distresshijf ills peooliario their )Z should not lose siofat of Jhese doubt ttie abi%of Mia inside a fence, slept on p frost until Iieeped ove spyiing the, bars frcquei under to 1^ a picket- ild but he a blanket of men ol(f Sol he awoke and ice mistook It tor having awakened night of oaroasal IttloQs. and called out. Vater me, water me." iTant Ads. briny remits, |

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