Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1907
Page 2
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S ^Offc BefMHwylirtle llIC SUti liiiii ^ ' m i # lif ittfUMBAUOH. Caafil*!'.^ J MBLVIN FRONK, Ant Ca«M«r. ^litabi^hed 1869. ^^^^ ADei Gnity •Men iMk ii Altei Ci. The Y sopicty is lo iiu'-^t toniniit will) Mrs. K ]i Ki-.v«. pn -slili 'iit i>\ ihf W C" T. 1'. of wMc.x ilic Y .Mic;«';y is an aiixlli:!r>'. TlUMf will Itc a Ijiis- inr 'ss s' ^isimi and tlw usual pniKiam. Tlx' Miitli 'Ts" (lull liii-i ill l.iill- IjiiililiTs Cliai"*! yt 'S 'i'iilay afKTiiDOii lioin thrco until live oclock. TIH' ladies pn'st'lit wcr. all nn^nib TS u( tho orKaiiizat'.on who avsisifil in Hi'- worU (if tlif (lay. + + + .Mr. nia«. Clark and Mr. Wm Clai!; wt^rf Riicsts of Mr. ("lias. May last cv fiilnK while ciiroiilc to BaU.-r tin ver Kitv from llnir home iti Koit Sf .iii. + * • Teadiers in the Christian Sniiciay school will hold the business a-ji'. Sllliiy ll()nr of the weel; oil I'riilas e\ ••n'ns. . ;HSf. .vl • • • Mr. and .Mrs. A. I.. Hi and son. nalpli. are in St. l/iiiis this wppk. + * * .MrH. .M. SiiMi'i 'on and .Miss C .iiiie Hc'niert are siieiidiiiK a f< w da.vs in Kansas City. • • •:• Rev. R. \. riiilliM^. who lias been (loinK evaiiKelistic work in Western Kansas the nast few w(>eks. is :'Xi>eci ed in this i.vcnin!; to attend a i -ecfp tion which the Chri.^tian cliiircli is ii Kive for the laniily Uev. and .Mrs Ph'.llip-; are to spend the winter will' It.'v. I'hilllps' relatives in tlie w .st + + + The I'oys who are to bidoim In Ilie N ('W Rolipye club an; Inlendili!; to In troiinre a fa.shionaWe featnr,' into ihoir hops this winf-r. that of !le (iornian dance. Hefore their firsi a! fair wl.Ich occurs next week there wll! be a business iiipetinK aii'd ilii> biA? vill di>cide wll' tli "r or not to i -:iipio> .Mrs. I. H. Test of Kort Scoti to Ir.n' the flKHres. Mrs. Test is b" ir Ida next week. + * * Mr.*. 1.. n. Test, nf Ft. Sc.M). win has i^iicnt ih.' iia?:f two days in T^ila will return next wi^ek on Friday ..v eninc. Mrs. Test is arranRin.;; lo or j;!in.'»e a danciiiii class hen\ and w 1 devote Friday eveiiiii^ of each we.l U> li>r pupils. Sh<> will also lake, n . I'inited number of private pupils Mrs^is well known to a number o' the ru 'St prominent societv woim n of tho city and will jirobably enjoy larg|^jpj«troni»g«». Mrs. \V. C. Teats, who has been ii: for tho ihre,» weeks, is conv.-il- pscpni and her friends hope to know o! her complete n.cove.rv ^oon. + + • • Mrs. C. II. Wlieaton and .Mrs. K. C. -McCJaiu left today for a b :i..| stay at ICxcolsior SpriiiLs. .Mo. A. H. Campbell is in Fort ."^(<>i; todav. * f * Miss Rosalia <-liarl .-s and Mis- Clara Foust returned b '.st eveiiin; from KaiisMs C'ty. where iliey s |i>-ii! tbi pasi two weeks. + * * Another of the Oenioresf Meda' cuntests will occur on Fridiiy ev .'n iiiR ia the East lola church, niuler th' atisplces of the Woman's Chiistian Temperance L'nion. Thei<« will b,. six contestants entered who will conirib lite the program. • V •> .Mrs. Crace Heck Wjiiieli and Mrr .AnMiihabl .Tones ^av(> a very elabor iile and pleasant afternoon y,-sterday tor .Mrs. Fred Nelson. The event was one of the first of the fall and oc curred at ibe home of Mrs. .Jones, on North First street. The d.^corations Wfxe most beautiful, the colors of pink and white bcinc carried out in the parlors and the dlninp room Tip luncheon table was laid fnr sevente:-! cnests. the cenieriilece IK ''n:; ;i mas o; pink and wh te carnations Mr- WaiiEh and .Mrs. .loii(>s were assisferi by :Mr.s Waimh'.s sister. Miss n?.esle H'»ck and Miss Harbara Fry in enter talnlnp the followInK Kue.sts: .Mrs Fred' Velson. .Mrs. ('. L. Kvaiis. .Mr .s .lohtii Henderson. Mrs. E. C. chaiii idoir Mrs. I.eirh Hunt. Mrs. F H'n- nelt,;- Smith. Mrs. .1. K. Chavtain. .Mrs L r. Beany. Mrs. Sarah Thrash'-r Rowe. Mrs S. R. Hurrell. Mrs. A. T) T?tTil!. Mrs. Claude I'eters. Mrs. .]. O. .Curtis. Mrs .lohn Tusf-'Ies, .Mrs. 1). P. N '(Uihiiii). Mrs. A. W. M-ck • • * The inos! elabotafe dub ev .-nt ni\ en thus far this fall was to open tli( Progressive dub's year of work. Th roception occurn<l last eveninir a; the residpnce of Mrs. F W. Frevrr in Gas City. There were a niimbei of members of the club on the renjv ing committee and the home was handsomely frlmmed with the clut' colors, red and white. During the evening. \ ris. Miss Ix)la Carl, Mr ter and Mr. Fred Freve muBical selectione. and hall hour Mrs. Fr^vertl iss Lrna Fer Edwin Hnn- -t contributed lafter a social had the as- Hey There! "Where are you going?" "Crointr after a sack of Um Pmimnt Flour. Mv wife won't use aoythiag else." ijistance of Mrs. .1. T. Price in serving K .fnis'nmeiits. In aildltlon to the dilb members who were present .Miss Clif ford .Mitchell. Miss Lena Ferris. Prof. Iiuey. Roy Taylor and Mr. and .Mis W. li. Wolfe were entertained. The I'rogn-ssive club is (Uie of tli< foremost organizations of the com Dunity in charity and work. It was founded in i;tol by Mrs W. I). Wolfe and after a year's worl joined the s(^c(>nd d'stiict fedtM'ation oi women's dubs. In 1! J(K'I the clill iidmitted to the slate. fed(>ralioi ;'ii.! vine that time has used regular pans to carry on the study of tin various seasons. Early last fall th« women installed a public library it tile city and kepi a suite of dub rooms dnrin'j the winter, where the meet 'ngs weri- held. .Members wi o beloii!; Ill 's year are .Mrs. 1. F. .Vtwlerson .Mrs. Isaac Carl, .Miss I.ola Carl. Mfsf Ethel East. Mrs. F. W. Freven. Mis Martha Goble. Miss Georgia Gardn* r .Mrs. R<d)ert Hood. .Mrs. F. S. McKel vey. Miss Ulaiiche .Mills. .Mrs. .1. T Price. Mrs. Guy Roberts. Miss Alic( Rose. Mrs. H. H. Ramsay. .Miss .Ma belle Uannalls, Mrs. S. R. Swan. .Mrs Will. Smith. .Mrs. It. W. Shuffoid Mrs.-Roy Tavlor. Miss Iiuie Ta>lor Mrs .John Tefi. Mrs. .\. 1>. Thorn •(Ui. Miss Ida Weilh. Miss Ella Weilh Mrs E. T. Wilson. + + • MIS E . Swain. luT South Coll.(un '.s er.lertaiiiiiii,' .Mrs. I). C. Wool am (.11 George, or HarflesvIIIe. I. T. .% A MIS. S. E .Martin was ploasanth -rrer si >d l.y a yroup of frieiuis last "vening to cd .'biMte In r fi.rtyrourth b'rthday. Trie corip .my galher-^l vhile Mrs. .Mi.r'in was areiiiliii;; •burcli meeting and iiroii lier return tss 'sted Willi the evening's eiileiiain ilenl. Refn -iLiients were served in Messrs and Mes. lames E RrOwp. 1. Martin. C. .Martin. S. W. Siewari. .1 Metilev. T. S. Hall. .\. .Mierman. C Walker. S. E. Martin. Misses Alter •naji. Ida Kerr. Retta Stewart Ruby Weiilry. I.etlie .-(iid May .Martin. (' W Martin. Roy Martm. Paul .M-inin nni Millard Heni.^y. ^ j\ JU M:s>(s M.iri-aref .lohnson. Rose Mr Canii. .losephine Steele. Helia l.add '\mni .i llard'r. V.V./vl R(>iine;t. Rlaiich \\'ri:.;li' and Alaudi. Gr:iy saw the pl:iy t ii:e Grand last nigbt. •!• •!• .\ UMUiberof :li" RaM>^:lv gir.> li.rm •I a line iiarty at Hie Ciiunl las; ev iiing .\moiig theiii weie Mis .-cs Ed Ih Ray. Kate Wycoif. lOva Rupp. Eili ! East. l,ena Lord. Nellie Hoise. Nor iia Huron. Nannita Faddi.- .b.incite I'yler. Margaret Tholen. Ro--e W-'.ih Jessie Wiiite. .Mice Shields and ICv.'- •yn [lowland. •?. * 4. Tl .e R •formed .Missionary society > iKeiiiig in the cliiirdi to.iay. * + • Olio RarUei and .Miss Mamie Helms .V( re marrierl Tuesday evening at tin ionie of the bride's falh T . Isaiah Helms in Gas City, at i". o'clock, tlii Rev. Ira .M. Renhani. odiciating (inly 'he relatives of the family wen- pres •nl. though I he wedding was an -Jab' •rat' affair. .-X six o'clock (iinner was served and the yoimu jieople le't •.'Iter in the evenin'.- for tlie r tie;itly 'urnisheii hoiii" on Norih .lefl'ersoM •;;reit wh.-r" tliey are now at lumi o their friend.-. Th" ;:rooni is a son •f Ge(uc«j Parker, a promiiienL far •per living two miles northeast ot own. H>. has been employed for .i long tiiiK- by th - Gas Ciiy Drilling Co. The bride is the youngest daughter d Isaiah Helms. She has a largo (••rde ,if fr ends who take delight- in -encliiig congral Illations. Diamonds! A gjod time lo buy before the price rises. A good place to buy is WILL'S JEWELRY STOKE 104 North Washington, i * IMHKKLLA IVjrKKi) II EK ETK. Marj'orie, the sevetx- y«ar-(dd daughter of Dr. and .Mrs. O r.,. Garliughoiise. received a painful Injury this morning wlien she was struck in the left eye by the point of :in umbrella. She was entering the schocd house this morning when she ran into the unibreUa held under the ^rm of a pupil in front of her. The injury toda.v IH painful but It IR not thought to be serious. Our Display ot Bracelets. Rings, Chains. Fobs. Neck Chains, and Brooches is wortli your while to see. New designs, modest prices. We will take ideifsiire iu showing them to .-ou. McNElL BROTHERS. FINDS AN OLD BULLET New flue lUscowred Wliicli l.emls >e« riiciirj lo Itiniiiiau-.Mnniuiinlt Shoot hie. ol In h rndertaker .lames .Miliier, of ]At •larpe, while biokin .ir over soiiu 'ritik<ts ami waste paP'-r yesierd nade a discov.-ry which arlds evidenc. '>r rather introduces new phases in th iiaumanManiiiardt nagedy which o( Hired in l.aTlarpe several luoiilh •igo. WJiib; clearing out a drawer •lis iimbrlakinu parlors .Mr. .Miln li.-^covereil a fidl of hair. Wh vn lirew it ou the lali 'e ill front of him with l !ie o. her li :is :i a bullet fell out of it and roPed to the floor from th !.-ble. tie picked up llle Wad of hail •111 (1 on a close ex.-iliilti mil reiognided ii as the ha .liich lie had take*! rriuu .Mrs .Ma iiiaiiir.''' be -id wiili tlie Idea of giviiik I 1(1 her cliil'lr* 11 The bullet which v.-;s slightly b.-'i icred w;is evidentiy ili • first one t •oni' tioiu .Michael Hauman's r^vo cr. li was a thirtyciglit caliUre n volve". Tic finding (if I'lis bullei iii;iieate mat Mrs. .Maripiaii:: was shot lli first linie wliMe slu- was s'ill faciii I 'aiiiiKiii. instead of w1n>ii she w;.'; run iiiiig as was always siipposeil Th ''illllet i.videtitly entere.l Just aliov he forehead, passing Through ilu skull and lodgin- in tli,' i.air. wlijcl •Means that Hauman miisf have slio; her just as Mie stamiicd lier fool am ;;;id ".N 'o. I will no: many \'ui. " in lead of when she T\as riiiiiii ;ig a' 'iereiolori> belii ^vcd. .Mis. Manpiar*! was shot ihe second fiiv . :n ilie Ii;ick wlu-n she was running. REMEMBER! In looking for high grade .Tewe!- ry. Cut Gla.-:s. or Hand Painicd China ware, see J. W. COFFEY & SON KMIUSIYI- Jew tiers. .Side. P \K\V KK.M, KST.\TK FIRM. I. .\. .\danis Sold Interest In C. M. Kurn'- of La llnri)*** J. .\. .Sdanis this week sold i .ii in- eresi in his real estate business if' '. W. Ibirns of Gas City and in th( future the (inn is lo be kiiov.-n a.\dams A.- M:iins. .Mr. H. II. .lone-: •.vlio was formerly connected with Mr Adam.< In the real estate business. Idi <onie tini eago for Oklaboiiia when le has other busiiPrss Interests .Mr ".urns has been in ilie real estate luisl less in bda for some time. MAY YET REACH TOP TliiMig-L' Funslon H:i >i iteen .liiiiiped .\giihi He .May Retire us Senior. A GIRL DRANK POISON .UIKH Mrl>iiiilel. I'olured. Swulloned I 'olsonouN .Mixture. The twdve yeiir old danglit-r of .Mr. aii'I .Mrs. .McUaiilei. colored, who lives southwest of town yesterday, unknowingly drank what she thought to he poison and an lolu. physician was; hurriedly summoned. It seemed I'd thai a curt load of (dd bottl.'s and irasli had been diimiM.I out near the .McDaniel honw. and the girl picked up a bottle colliiiining some kinri of fluid Mill foolishly drank it. In a short time she was very sick, and a phys'.can was called. He drove oui post." laste and administered ri.storatives and the girl was a'l right in a short time. It is not known what the bottle containiMl. Washington. Oct. :;.—By dirtction f the president. William P. Dnvall .'.as today appointed to lie major genial in the army, vice Major GeiK »raI .McCaskey. present commander of the •epartnieni of th.. Cakotas. Cohmel W. W. W^thersp (jon. .Nine- :(enth infantry, now acting as pres'- il.^nt of the war college in_ this city, will he tomorrow appointed as brig ,idier L 'eneral to fill the vactmcy caiisivi by the promotion of General Diivall. Referring to the fact that Fiinslon ' been "jumped " again, it is said by army officers that all the briga- li'rs in the service might be appoint ci ahe-id of him and still he would lave the opportunity to bfconie before he is retired the senior major general and the senior otTic.T of th-army. The brigadier generals who w(.re senior to Dnvall are Fiinston. Caner. Pliss. Rarry. .Mills and Ed g< rly General Dnvall is the first ofllcer from th ' artillery to head the grade of major gen(;ral. except for retirement, sincr General Schordd relin quished it In 1895. A RISY SESSHJN TOMI.'HT. I 'ouncil Has ItM|>ortniit Huslness to i Consider. The council has ipiile :i little wori; u-lieiliib^l for toniglil's session. I'rolt- "bly the most impoiiant ma'ler to •onie up is lliai of the Sunday amiis.- ueni ord'iiance. If there is not a iiepilier of the council abs.-'iil i!v» or linaiice will no doubt be passed . It itii member should be absent the vot^- •co'ild stand 1 to '1. if the coiiiic'lmeii lave not changed their votes recen' y. This would mean that the ordin- iiice would fail to pass as It retiuires Ive votes to pass a lileasili'e and lb • •tayor cannot vol-, except in the case if a ti.' vote. Ciiv .'Mlorney Oyler has iirepan-d Ml (U 'diiiance under llie new" law. giving the city attorney and th • iiolid- judge the ri.i;lil lo hold iii((ir sit'oiis lo <-iforce lb:- laws a-.'ain.'t gamlTling. .\ number of other ma' 'ers are to (•o:iie up also toiiig'il. CRABB SAYS: We have Iciig had a rcput.ntion in this locality of filling pretcripiioiis with the highest quality goods that could be secured, and in filling them in a way which met with the ai)proval of the entire medical profession. The same carelul work will be continued in the.fu­ ture. The same high quality goods will he used that liavi- been used'in the past. We solicit your patronage W. L. Crabh, Telephono 4-7e ProsoripHon Orugglat PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY • • • u W. II. ANDERSON, Attoniey-at-LHW. Notary and Stenograjiher in Otnce. Phone 455. • * H. A.Ewing. S. A. Gard, 0. R. Card • v.wiMi, (iXKu sc oxun, • • • Lawyers. o • • Practice In all Conrta • • 9% W. Madl.':ou. Phons m ^ • • w lirMHOI .RT (JIRI.S RAN UlT. JIuuys Redmond. Ag<-d M. ainl I'linnie navViiport. Aged li. Tlre«l of Sdiool' iChaiiiite Tribune. I Hti'Icss. (iispiiiled by a day's fa--; md tir.'d wiili I '.ieir walk from Hiiii!- lioldt. (lladys liedmond. aged 1-1 and '•'aiiiiie Davenport, ageil IL'. liotb '>r HlliiiboMt. Were taken up by C.'lief of Police Wliiteliead today on receipt I 'S 1 re (|iiest from tin ;r home folks that 1' look OUI lor them, as they bad nil away. The g ris played truant front scho'.l veslerday afternoon and started lo (^'lian'ite. Tiiey walked as far iis P-- irolia yesterday, and stopped ilii -e ov( r night, sitting on a box in fron. )t a store tlier-' all night. In tli.' morning they came on to Clianiite. Both were bare-headed, and neither had had a biti^ to eat since yesterday noon. The I)av -nporl L-irl's faiher came !owi! ilis afternoon and got her. re- oraiiiu to HumboMi on the firsI triiiii. Tile oi'iei (,iil it. at file boiiie id' h< r -istei. .Mrs. Redmoni!. here. DK. McMILLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Clironlc Diseases and Diseases ot Children. Telephones: Olllce 32, Res. 232. Office In Mrs. Turner's Uldg., West Madison. • Phone i-'A. tola. Kana. • II R. EDITH S. IIAIOII. • * Ollice and Residence over Bur- • . * rell'a Drug Store. • omco Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 • ' '* to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. • Sundays by Appointment. • PAI'.tS IN TROl RLE ALAIN. ;Jrcik Wild Uiis In lola Police (diirl Arrested at Gariiett. Some time a.go a Grt»ek nanieil P;i las was arri sled ;it the fair grounds 111 tli.^ cliarge of itiimoral conduct, -•^ooii after he been tried, wind .•anie from Yates C nier thai he was vaiiied ill iJial county for theft. He was gone. IioW(.ver. and the ollicers I':iil.->(1 lo locate him. If seems, however, that he went to Garnelt. Piioii idvKes from WoO'lsoii county tlii> ;ariieli oHiceis arrested him and held .liiii for the arrival of tlo. ollicers. H- Kiic the otlic'rs cattle word was le- ived lo turn liini loose. Phone C87. Res. 701. .DR. 0. Ii. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Kilted. Oflice A. O. U. W. Uldg. Sfflco Phone 1083. DR. II. 0. CHRISTIAN. Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Rldg. Piioiie :i :tL'. FuTer Itldg. DR. GLY.VX, Spc-elallst. Eye, Ear. .Nose :iiid Throat. Gia.sse.s I'liriii^'hed. Ollice Tel. 2:!1. Res. Tel. T:A%. «.. \\. SHAD^VICK, M. D. (•eneral rraclke. Obstetrics and diseases of children a specialty. Office over Steyer's Grocery. Hours: 'J to 12 a. m.. 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m. F. II. MARTIN, Israel Ice Limited to Surgery. IG N. Puckeye. Phone 576. • * • • DR. W. R. IIEVLMITN. Piiysidai A: Surgeon. Ofllco .\. K. Corner of Square. Owr K.C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. Ues. Td :!8. OOice Tel. 502. i • DR. L. TOZER, loin Inlirniary, 202 E. Jackson, We use X-Kay, Violet Rays,. Static. (lalvanic and Faradis l^:ii!cir'i':lv with vibratory slim- iilalioa In nervous and chronic dl.-e.i-e;-. Phone .I.Sfi. SNYDER WAS ROIND OVER. tlleu'cd Horse Tlilof .Must Answer lo Charge. .\. Sii'.-drr. who was arrested night '(•lore last by Cndersheriff .'\. 1.. 'Ioatii.:;lit. <in the charge of having -tol' II a horse. biig'.;y and horiiess From I/. I-'. V'aiiatta. had his hearing .1 ,-^fori' .liidge Hough yesterday after noon and was bound over to the dis- triet court under a bond of $5011. Sn - er is a horse trader. Rey. Tel. n.S. Onice Tel. hi:!. DR. .1. R. PEPPER. Dentist Is permanently located over E. C. McClain's Clothing Store, ami is prepared to do all kinds of up-to-date dental work. Evening work by appointment. • : * * J: Ofilce Phone ill I. DR. LEVI J. XEWSO.VIE. Special attention given to the Ireatmeut of Disease ot Women and Children. Ollice .•,0.'; South VValnnt SL • P. L. Lathrop. • Mrs. liessie G. Lathrop. • 0.STE0PAT1IIC PHYSICIANS. • Special nffentlpn given to DIs- " eases of Women and Children. • Over East Side Hardware. * (Jflice 'I'hone. .Main 4GS. • • • • • ONLY TWO CLEAR DAYS. Mr. Sdi(ii!|ie ('om|iiles Data for Scp- trniher. , WANTED—To rent furnished rooms close in. Address X Rcgtster. W. .1 .\ Sdioppe. of the lola weather stai'on. has made his monthly tip.teorologica! summary for th-.' ..ionth of SepKmi'ber. His report shows that th,»re were only fen perf«^(;tly dear (lays and twenty cloudy or partly cloudy days. There were rains on twelvi. days during tlie month, the average precipitation being 1.4V inches. The following data with ref- •rence to temperature, iirecipitatioii, ami wind may be onnterest: Tenijierature. Highest W. date Vth: lowest 44. date ,th. Mean of th^s month for years Precipllatfon. Total for this month. 1.47; snowfall 0 fi. Greatest precipitation In 24 hours 11 2.".. daf- 2fith. Snow on ground at end of month, .•\vera!.'(^ of this month for 2 years ».4G I'revailint: direction, .•south: total movement, ."ii:!."; miles: average hourly velocity T.ti: maximum velocity (for five minutesi 2."i miles per hour, from the w.->sf on the 27th. MisrrllunFous Phenoomena. Hail, none; sleet, none; fog. none Thiind'rstornis. 2. 6. 7. 9. 20, 25. 20. Frt^st light, none; heavy, none; killing, none. DK. A. 0. KOCH. Surgeon. Omce over Post Ollice. Oflire I'hone 218. Residence Phone 8S. .L L. RARNES, • Afliiriicy-at-Law. • U.". West Madison, lola, Kansas. • fry a Want Ad» in the Register Ke^Uter Want Adi^ le a Wari. Suit the interest of your business— Your Choice will be Intelligent— now ML 'CII IS SATI.Sl A<;TI(IN ' V.'OItTIl TO VOU? Do you j.rcfer iiietlie.;!-* now going out of date or u;.'to;^ nicllKHlt lh .it will c.irryi::r into the future .' A type writer made gocxl enough to sell or the L. C. . SMITH lJK (is.Tvi 'i.A(iilTi :ri,willn very ii .icfiil, \.-ilu.iblc fealii .-e iiiliuilt una Writing KNTIKEI.Y ia Sight T t .KT I '.s si:;>u vui' TIII: 1 M. LST a .\T KP CATA i.txi L'K L. C. SMITH & BROS. IfTPEWRITER CO. 18l2 DclawarcSt, KansastSty^Ma

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