The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 12, 1986 · Page 45
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 45

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 12, 1986
Page 45
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Saturday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 12,1986 PageJ.9 "Murphy's Romance" (Sally Field, James Garner); "Head Office" (Rick Moranis, Danny DeVlto). Q Wheel Of Fortune 9 Action-Packed Cliffhangers (10) 10-11 Magazine: Etc. OJWKRP In Cincinnati Q Doris Day's Best Friends (N) Danger-mouse (U) Cover Story Guesf: Hal Linden. 7:00 OfDOdDES Gimme A Break! Jonathan and Julie are reunited when he returns from an archaeological dig. (SOS) Newton's Apple The mechanics of muscles; understanding Einstein's theory of relativity; falling stars; how Injured birds of prey fly again. (CO SKSOCDQS13 Red<* Foxx Show (Premiere) The off-the-wall proprietor of a New York coffee shop tries to relate to his wacky patrons. Tonight, At Hughes (Redd , Foxx) takes In a juvenile delinquent (PamelaSegall). (CO aOOQS)(lO)fBID Airwolf A wounded woman unwittingly leads Hawke Into another deadly confrontation with archrival John Bradford Horn. Q Bless Me Father (9) Odd Couple 9 Poldark fl) Soundstage The performance by the Roches Includes "The Married Man" and "The Largest Elizabeth Inthe World." Q) Black Sheep Squadron CD Centennial During a trip to St. Louis, Pasqulnel marries Llse Bockwelss (Sally Kellerman); Lame Beaver's daughter, Clay Basket (Barbara Carrera), becomes the charge of Pasquinel and McKeag.(Part3of26) (C) Movie ** "The Ambassador" (1984) Robert Mitchum, Ellen Burstyn.'R' Q Movie **** "The Inspector General" (1949) Danny Kaye, Walter Slezak. During the 1800s In France, a town fool does a convincing masquerade as an Inspector General. (HBO) Movie *** "2010" (1984) Roy Schelder, John Lithgow. 'PG' (CC) (N) My Three Sons (U) Movie ** "The Intruder Within" (1981) Chad Everett, Joseph Bottoms. Workers on an isolated oil rig become the prey of a creature from the dark recesses of time. 7:05 (Q Centennial French Canadian trader Pasquinel (Robert Conrad) Intrudes on Indian land, confronting hostile tribes In a series of harrowing llfe-and-death encounters. (Part 1 of 12) 7:30 OOOCDEB Facts °* L ' fe Tootle attempts to book a comedian on "Late Night With David Letterman." (CC) CECBES Grand Generations SHBOBDGl) 13 Benson Clayton's relationship with a Russian dancer may prevent him from being appointed as budget director. (CO Q Dad's Army "The Desperate Drive Of Corporal Jones" The platoon finds Itself sitting in a barn which has been selected as a live ammunition target. (9) College Basketball Alabama- Birmingham at DePaul (D) Mouseterpiece Theater (N) Donna Reed 8:00 OQOdDEB Golden Girls Rose finds It difficult to tell her daughter why she has so little money to bequeath to her. (DGDED All Creatures Great And Small II "Charity Begins At Home" After a tricky operation on a cat proves successful, Helen adopts him; and Siegfried gives Tristan a present. (D(SOOD®13 Lady Blue A band of Texas outlaws plans to steal a shipment of valuable bull semen. (Postponed from an earlier date.) (CO OOO(H)no)|BEI Movie *** "Twilight Zone - The Movie" (1983) John Lithgow, Vic Morrow. This homage to the old Rod Serllng TV series features segments about a bigoted bar patron's comeuppance, a group of retirement home residents who recapture their youth, a child with the power to create or destroy at will, and an airplane passenger who sees a gremlin sabotaging the plane's wing. (CC) Q Mystery I "Agatha Christie's Miss Marple: The Body In the Library" Miss Marple sets a trap for the killer after a second body Is found. (Part3of 3) (CC) 9 Sneak Previews Jeffrey Lyons and Michael Medved host an informative look at what's new at the movies. 01 Austin City Limits John Anderson sings "Swlngln"' and Lisa Gllkyson performs selections from a recent album. 8) Movie '* "Marathon" (1980) Bob Newhart, Jackie Cooper. A happily married man shifts from casual jogging to marathon running when he meets a beautiful female runner. CD Movie *'* "Great Missouri Raid" (1950) Macdonald Carey, Wendell Corey. The James and Younger boys begin to ride the outlaw trail again. (D) Movie *** "The Elusive Pimpernel" (1950) David Niven, Margaret Leighton. An English dandy, a master of disguise, aids the French aristocracy in escaping the guillotine. (E) College Basketball Texas at Southern Methodist (N) Movie ** "Topper Returns" (1941) Roland Young, Joan Blondell. The Klrby ghosts help Topper find a dead girl's murderer. (S) Movie ** "Thief Of Hearts" (1984) Steven Bauer, Barbara Williams.'R'(CC) 8:30 OOOGDSJ 227 A teen-ager (Curtis Baldwin) develops a crush on vamplsh Sandra. 9 Movie "David Copperfield" (No • Date) 9:00 OOOGDSJ Hunter A group of mobsters and their actress-turned- gun moll cohort mark Hunter and Dee Dee for murder. GDCSS) Movie *** "The Suspect" (1945) Charles Laughton, Ella Raines. Scotland Yard goes after a quiet man who murdered his domineering wife for the love of a younger woman. (T)(T)O(DQT|13 Love Boat A spy and his daughter board the ship; a daredevil romances a woman; Doc becomes involved with a senator and his wife. Guests Include Alan Thlcke, Herbert Edelman and Courteney Cox. (CC) Q All Creatures Great And Small II "Attendant Problems" Lamb- Ing time in the Yorkshire Dales Is hard but rewarding work; James and Siegfried have a worrying problem. ID Movie *** "Mrs. Mike" (1949) Dick Powell, Evelyn Keyes. A city girl marries a mountle and learns to "rough It" In the remote backwoods regions of Canada. (C) Movie * "Lovellnes" (1984) Greg Bradford, Mary Beth Evans. 'R' (CC) Q To Be Announced (HBO) Steven Wright Comedian Steven Wright brings his deadpan style nightclub act to television. (U) Alfred Hitchcock Hour 9:30 (9) News 9:45 (S) Celebrity Lifestyles 9:50(D)DTV i o: oo OOOSDOQDOCS OO03(Dn°>(aiB(l) 13Q)Q) News Q Movie *** "Dangerous" (1935) Bette Davis, Franchot Tone. A young architect comes to the rescue of an egocentric actress who turned to alcohol after suffering setbacks. 8) Movie *** "Terror In The Sky" (1971) Lelf Erickson, Doug McClure. Based on a novel by Arthur Halley. One man and a stewardess are forced to pilot an aircraft when the crew and passengers are stricken by food poisoning. Q Success'N'Life (D) Movie ** "The Love Lottery" (1953) David Nlven, Peggy Cum- Red Foxx returns to network television as a free-spirited newsstand owner in "The Red Foxx Show" at 7 p.m. on ABC. mins. A movie star attempts to pay his gambling debts by offering partnership in marriage to the winner of a lottery. (E)SportsCenfer (HBO) 1st & Ten (N) Turkey Television (S) Movie ** "The Rosebud Beach Hotel" (1984) Colleen Camp, Peter Scolari.'R' (U) Night Flight "Willie And The Poor Boys" Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Andy Fairweather Low, Geralnt Watkins and Mickey Gee, the group who raised funds for the Ronnie Lane Appeal for Action Research Into Multiple Sclerosis, are featured in documentary and concert footage. 10:05 (fl Night Tracks: Chartbusters 10:15 CD Movie * "The Wasp Woman" (1959) Susan Cabot, Anthony Eisley. Prompted by vanity, the owner of a cosmetics company has herself injected with a chemical to restore her youthful looks, but the experiment backfires badly.- 10:30 QQOCDED Saturday Night Live GDCBBJ Rajiv's India Postcolonial India's contrasts and contradictions as it strives for peace and prosperity in a new technological age are examined through the eyes of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Columnist Jack Anderson hosts. SKSQD" ABC News (CC) Q Movie *" "Foul Play" (1978) Goldle Hawn, Chevy Chase. A lib' rarian enlists the aid of an inept police detective after she becomes Involved in a bizarre series of murders and kidnapping attempts. Q Movie ** "The Domino Principle" (1977) Gene Hackman, Candlce Bergen. A strange conspiracy engulfs a convicted killer and his wife after the man Is sprung from prison by mysterious "businessmen" to execute an assassination. OSBIB Movie ** "The One And Only" (1978) Henry Wlnkler, Kim Darby. A misfit unable to succeed in any conventional line of work decides to don a platinum wig and become the world's flashiest wrestler. Q Weekend With The Stars Telethon This eighth annual national fund-raiser to benefit victims of cerebral palsy features televised coverage from New York and Los Angeles with hosts Scott Balo, Nancy Dussault, Florence Henderson, Wayne Newton, John Rltter, Nancy Morgan Ritter and Henry Wlnkler. (9) College Basketball Northwestern at Illinois (Taped) 9 Country Express |Q Movie . 0) Solid Gold Guests: Larry Gatlin and the Gatlln Brothers, Corey Hart, Luther Vandross, Andre Cymone, Ta Mara 8. the Seen, PiaZadora. 8 John Ankerberg (HBO) Movie *** "Apocalypse Now" (1979) Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen. 'R' 10:35 (10) Hee Haw Guests: Loretta Lynn, Helen Cornelius, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Tennessee River Boys. 10:40 (C) Movie " "Runaway" (1984) Tom Selleck, Cynthia Rhodes. 'PG-13' (CC) 10:45 3X6)01)13 Movie *** "Western Union" (1941) Robert Young, Dean Jagger. The building of the first transcontinental telegraph wires causes conflicts to develop. 11:00 9 Austin City Limits 01 David Susskind Scheduled topic: pornographic films. Q Larry Jones (E) Wrestling (N) Route66 (U) Kate Bush A concert by performer Kate Bush, including music, dance and mime, from England's Odeon Hammersmith. 11:05 IQ Night Tracks 11:30 (B At The Movies Scheduled reviews: "Revolution" (Al Pacino, Nastassja Klnskl); "Murphy's Romance" (Sally Field, James Garner); "Head Office" (Rick Moranis, Danny DeVlto). Q Take Time (D) Peter Tchaikovsky Story The life of the musical genius, Tchaikovsky, Is explored. (S) Movie *** "The Shining" (1980) Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall.'R' 11:35 (10) To Be Announced 12:00 BOB) Puttin' On The Hits O Star Search Guest: Betty White. (T) Rocky Mountain Inn O Entertainment This Week Interview with Sally Field. Q) Movie ** "My Favorite Spy" (1951) Bob Hope, Hedy Lamarr. An American entertainer Impersonates a spy in order to obtain secret plans for the U .S. Q Jimmy Swaggart (N) My Three Sons (U) Night Flight 12:05 |B Night Tracks 12:20 (C) Movie " "The Blue Lagoon" (1980) Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins.'R' 12:30 Oa^TV (9) In Search Of..."UFO's" Q3 Soul Train IB Movie *** "Sanctuary Of Fear" (1979) Barnard Hughes, Kay Lenz. A New York City priest befriends an aspiring young actress, who is determined to keep working in spite of the eerie, nerve-wracking events happening to her. QJFTV CD Puttin' On The Hits Lip-synced renditions of Rick Springfield's "Human Touch," Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" and Rod Stewart's "Infatuation." (E) Roller Derby (N) Donna Reed 12:35 (10) Tales From The Darkside 12:45 Q Mad Movies With The L.A. Connection L.A. Connection's updated version of the 1946 film "Shock." 1:00 Q Movie ** "Murder Is A One- Act Play" (1974) Robert Powell, Jennie Linden. A mentally disturbed young man plots the doom of actors who portray the opp- ressors of a TV series heroine. (9) Tales From The Darkside IQNews CDFTV Q Jewish Voice Broadcast (N) Movie ** "Spitfire" (1942) Leslie Howard, David Niven. A plane and its pilot single-handedly save the British platoon during World War 11. 1:05 (10) News |Q Night Tracks 1:10 (HBO) Movie * "Happy Birthday To Me" (1980) Melissa Sue Anderson 1 ,-Glenn Ford. 'R' 1:15Q Christian Children's Fund 1:30 Q Weekend With The Stars Telethon Continues (9)FTV |Q ABC News (CC) Q) Star Games Q Heritage Singers (E)SportsCenter 1:45 Q America's Top Ten 2:00 (9) Independent News Q) Movie *** "The Dark Corner" (1946) Lucille Ball, Mark Stevens. A pretty secretary helps to exonerate her detective boss from suspicion of murder. Q700 Club (S) Movie " "One From The Heart" (1982) Frederic Forrest, Terl Garr. 'R' (U) Night Flight "Willie And The Poor Boys" Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Andy Fairweather Low, Geraint Watkins and Mickey Gee, the group who raised funds for the Ronnie Lane Appeal for Action Research Into Multiple Sclerosis, are featured In documentary and concert footage. 2:05Q) Night Tracks (O Movie "** "Citizen Kane" (1941) Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten. 2:15QThisWeek In Country Music 2:30 (9) Movie ** "Racket Busters" (1938) George Brent, Humphrey Bogart. The government appoints a special prosecutor to put an?htr. to racketeering in a trucking association. CD Movie ** "PS I Factor" (1980) Gretchen Corbett, Peter Mark Richman. A NASA communications expert learns of dangerous aliens but the Air Force does not believe his story. (E) College Basketball 2:45 Q Melba Moore's Collection Of Love Songs 3:00 (N) Turkey Television (U) Kate Bush A concert by performer Kate Bush, including music, dance and mime, from England's Odeon Hammersmith. 3:05 Q Night Tracks (HBO) Movie *** "The Cotton Club" (1984) Richard Gere, Gregory Hlnes. 'R' (CC) 3:15 Q Ebony - Jet Showcase 3:30 Q 700 Club 3:45 a News (S) Movie ** "Golden Arrow" (1936) Bette Davis, George Brent. 4:00 B) Movie ** "Too Late Blues" (1962) Bobby Darin, Stella Stevens. A jazz performer sacrifices himself and his career for the sake of a beautiful blonde *yh£ doesn't really appreciate him. Hundreds of readers check the classified ads every day. Phone 823-6363 and an ad-taker will help with your ad. For the best in home entertainment THINK! and CLARK'S T.V.and Communications 2140 S. 9th Salina 825-7172

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