Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 13, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1908
Page 2
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THE lOLA BAILI RCQISTKB, JTEESBAT STZ5IirQ, It, 1^ hrtfei VSPOaiB A. Ik BBOXBAUCm. Culitei; Stftii E^taUistaed 1869. Emtf Cully MMt Buk ii Alln Ci. $yiNi^toii DEIWt^ OF THE ' u Prompt Perfonnaoce of Repnblicaa Platfona Promise ll Certain. Postal SmTingB Banks i Will Fon Saro and Conrenlent iystem for, Acpnanlatini: Sarin^. A bill prpTidlng for ithe eatabllsti- meot of pidstal saTingii b^nks was favorably rpporteil by the rFnItPd StatPK LET tJS WRITE YOUR POL^ICAL, •speecbes, addresses, club papeni,.Jeo- tures, orations, etc, "Every producUon a master piece," write us your needs, wc call supply you. All correspondensre coufldentiat. Dept. M.. Central jL'lte't- ary Bureau. 1240 Harrison. Kansas; City. Mo. I WAN<*EP—Five or 6 room cottage, close in, modern or otherwise, i L. R. Boutin, Barclay-Shields Clo. Co.j "W.AXT—Six or.7 room house,: close Senatei-Committee on Ffostofflr-es 9ind j^- ^."^ht bu>% if bargain .or advance Post R^d. during the recent session of ' f„«f « wUl exchange fillpw- •eceni Congress, and Is reasonably certain to b^ enacted into la«r~dnriOK the cpmine session, thus adding prqmpt peiform- arce to the promise of the Repui>2Ic«n national platform relative to this form ing, can add some cash: Twoi story business property, next door P. O., Scranton. Iowa, leased 5 years J200 year. Clear. ?2500. Four room cbttage 3 lots, best part Ponca City, Oklal 11500 annual lease. Clear. Sixi room of strengthening our nati <nal system of : cottage 2 lots, large barn, close in. La —Fltxgerald, Auto LhiT}. riioue. * * * Altruistic Club. •Mr. R. a. Asplnall who Is In OIKUK" ' of the Altruistic club of X\w Pr«'«l»y- torian church this Hciison bus niMcd a' moeUug of tlio club for Tiiursday evening. Thoro will bo n social hour -after the bualncaa has been trunsiirt- ed.: No RrrauN>om«nta hiivo as ynt boon malic for tho nRrllcs luul oihor ovonln wh|ch lUo chib RIVOH ouch your niT«T thl(K will bo u fcutuvo of tho ovonlnu mi<ntloiu)d. Tlio oliib inoinbornhip tliJH year IJJCIIUIOM »1;OHO yoiinK iiion: JVIylor AtchlHon. ICnrI HItclioy. fJiiy Mooroliou'80, Wvorolt UunUIn, How- aril MI'lor. Swngo" Kliimoro. Mnr- old Fiitfou.'-- Hcrbort Allen, f-o- rainc Northrup. Wnrrcti Alien. G<iorgo ^olth. Claude Wright. Cinrenco Lockwood, Bon Suchor. Geo. D^lgarno. 'J iCiiarleiT Wllber. .Tanios Wbodln. Vl'pi..' Rutlodgc. Lester ,Mar- tln. Clare Graham. Walter "Fnkln.iFred Apt, George IKilllan, Glenn Core, How- aril Caniion. Roy McAUstcr. Fred Ki]Han,-Wm. Clarkfr doccased). Earl Stkyer. Wm. Sampl^. Homer Te-ri'l. Eugene« Crouch. Harrison Barton.. Frank Gardner. Newton Bri^ham. Dcl- bert Bowen. Claude NIpb. Roy Brown. JWin. Garreth. .Wm. Burtinett. Bert Egbert. Frank Brown. Delmar Thorpe. Walter Rockwell. Norrls Hale. Roy Haugbman, Charles Vance. Howard Wiieaton. Clav Coss, Won. Swope. Gus Weekly, Clayton Teats. |At Home Club. Mrs. George Teats, of South street, will entertain the At Home club of the Methodist church' on Wednesday. * Aid Society. to a' low bids and settle other business, the Aid society of the Christian church will haye a meeting on Thursday afternoo;h. This will be fnc first meeting since the arrangements for seijxing meails to the Presbyterian Synod were iuade. i ' J • • • Viiit In Sapulpa. Mrs. Gleni| Finney ahd Mrs. A. P. Harris are expecting to spend a part of the_mbntfi of November In Sapulpa. to visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mark IlUles. I tj* Y, P. C, U. Meetina. The usual liieeting of the Y. V. C. U. will occur at the United Bretbreii church tonight. * -J- * C. W, B. M. Mrs. James Richardson, old South Chestnut street has as her guests to- day ladles of the Missionary society of the Christian church. x To Nevada. Miss I^la. Holmes left toda.v for Nevada to spend a week with her " Srandparents. * • • Art Club.. A; number of ladies who enjoy memberships,' in the: Art club were enter- tainbd' In Humboldt yesterday at the home of Miss Mary. Cham^berlaln. president of the club. The program which is always a feature of the meetings was given. The trip was made in a carr>'-all and was exceedingly pleasant for all. Mrs. J. D. Ap. nett; will have tlie i:lub as her guests In two weeksj * • + JProgram for Tea. A ; pleasant 'feature of the ' tea which will be given at the home of Mrs.; H. V. Dresbach tomorrow after- noori will be the pr \!ram of music whl^h Is being arranrad;- T4je hos- 'Jt^sses will be ladles of the Presbyter/church who are residents of the pnd and Fourth wards of the city. 4. 4. Celebrate Anniversary. ^and Mrs. H.. P. ;<3ray. wl:o are the early settlers of Allen jire plannlnir a pleasant reun- leir family in November event wlR be arcf^lebra Libbey's Cut Our new iall line Gla!:S anived. Call uiiU bee it. I Libbey's »o. 1' ll;l.- mu M pliin wlitoli IH an ol I ho Kfliool. The e opoiird. with a iirogni InfoiHporKC! iliu frrectli be extondcti ^ly (hii fucu ly and officers of the societies and i leii'thc stu dents will mingle infornlally. •:• • For Miss .MitcH;!!. Mr.'. W. S. f.Ioodln .J!avf| H very prot ly dinner iiarty last CVM itic for guest. Miss Imogcne .Mit|[hell of Jefferson Citj'. Mo. Tlie tablo decora tions were in red. with boiiuets of car nations and graceful touciiea or green to carry out the color sejjiemerOf the dining room. • • From Yates Ceritcr. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Wagner have returned from their visit wth Mr. and Mrs. N. Parrlsh in Yat^js Center. * * • Surprise Party, salad In Kansas City. iMias Bcitlm I >jgetl Is spending vacation in Kansas City wUh friends. — V No' Choir Rehearsal. Bocuuso of oilier eveni.s tonight tlioro will bo no cliolr rehoaibal at lUo Prosb\ loi Ian churea. Thi' tlmo of llio practleu will be announced later. * * VIo.ted Mrs. Miller. .Mrs. r. A. Hulu and duu^hter ot Yali'** Co.ntor wore gueatt* of .Mr. and .Ml 14. Grunt H. Miller fur Saturday and Sunday. * •:• •:• Postpone Meeting. Tliu buaiueas meeting of the E |i worlli lA 'agJie of tho Klnsi AI. El church which was to have been helql tonight has pei-n po8tpono .-r. Thcf session will bu an event of Monday October. 19. Notice, Business 3Ton. Ail members of the lola Hnsines .Men's Mileage Bur-^u will meet Wed nesday evening at 8:30 p. ni. in Boost or hall. Business of importance is ttJ be transacted and every member is re ((ucsted to be present. K. D. SHIELDS. President FOOT BALL SUNDAY The Fort Scott Teani and the Triplet Arc to Do Battle. Tlie first foot bal! game of ihe o'ea- soii will be played at the Electric park Mrs. I.. .rnarwaVVfy pleasant-, "^-^t Sunday afternoon when the IV surprised at her hon^; on North 5l'-o°e I ^^lpa Clnb earn of Fort Scott Second street Saturda^' evening.! ^"5.. meets the-Triplets." The Kalpa when a partv of her frlelds came' ln 'P "»l « composed of many athletes to help her celebrate h|r birthday. I together for the purpose of Those present were Mr. Mrs. W.; having a good time. T. Steele. Mrr -and Mrs. lorn Ix.u^cr- fCf, milk. Mr. and Mrs. .J. M. -iWlford. Mr. f'-^'^''-"" at the Electric park this af- and Mrs. F. M. Bradns. ^r. and Mrs.l a'ut other improvements are R. O. Smith. Mrs. Dennll'. Mr. Wm.!'^«^'"« '"a«le for the game Sunday. The Edwards. Miss Stella Bufkley. .Mlas,^"""^^^' 1^" advertised all over Bula Stafer. 'llss Llllie Hay was presented with jifler- jof on \red- km lion need. |-hend~painted friends. • • • Sewinn Club. Miss Bertha Sickly wi t:er Sowing club on Thu(| noon of this wnck. bstcpd nesday" as was or'lgln.'>.lIy • •:• • Visit Son. Mr. and Mrs. George leavin? tomorrow for a vi Pittsburg, Tenu. They w^l visit Mr. and Mrs. Vene Fry. • • • Miss McDovirefl Ho Miss Faye McDowell j after a visit with friends City during Carnival weel^ • • * Register Want Ads. brln|t results. a beautiful I" Probabihfy qui e a erov.d of 1,^.1 u.. hftr ' "•^o^^"''' ^''^ accompany the Fort Scott ^ -*team which will arrive here Sunday morning about '.' o'clock on the Missouri Paciflc. The team and enthn ^ , 'shistic followers will return to Fort 'Seolr, on the 7:18 Missouri Paellic. Fry are it in Soutli ;ji.:iy ^^^^ ,„embers of tlie "Triplets- will practice every aftcrnoou between now and Sunday, the last practice being !hcld Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Frj OD Vis-ll. Mr. and Mrs. George Fry wll! leave in the morning for a trip through Missouri and Pittsbur .T. Arkansas, where (Tie. 'Mr. Fry has-some business to attend at home to. after which tho> \ wi'l go on fc In Kansas South Pitisburg. Teun.. tf. vissit their Eon, Vene. —It—Our Way Soda Water. 1-., I OFhe AlJllITORIV]ia TOMGHT Bie Hi 'Billy' Stein The Legless Wonder Happy Rich SeiNert, of Cmnqte iThnrsday, Friday and Satar day KIghts. In trijck bicycle riding; and fa*fiy skating. ihiftace.. I f The bin reported provides for the mtabiiBbment of postal siivings deposl- tprles for depositing ssvlngs at lnter<^t Vlth the secnrlty of the Government for the repayment there tf and designates the money-order p««t-ofn»"e» and iKas. aneta otbets as the Postnjaater-General may. in his discretion, irom titnf t(» tUne ^eslgni^te aa saving) i depoaltoriei> to mflve deposits fron I le public and to account and dls|)oee of the same according to the terms of th ' act. The depositories are to b^ kept open for the trsnsiirtlon of b^sln^s e\'ery Harpe. |l"oO. mortgage $650: \ will clear. Half Interest 25 by 120 j brick 1 story and adjoining- 2 story frame business' huuae. Admire, Kas. with shelving. counleTs and lighting plant. ?30l>0 for half Interest. Clear,! Ions lease.—a08 North Walnut street.! Tola. Phono H12. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Ml )>i >ouri, land. Golden West I..and Co. Ofllce over Iowa Store, loin,,Has;- • DiL MILDRED CUBTIS • • Ftajslcfam and Surgeon. • • Office over Bu-rell's Drug Store • • / Office Phone 654. ,• Residence 214 B. Jackson • • Phone 569. • •! DBS. BEID A BEID, • • PliyslelaBS and Sargeona. * • X-Ray and Electrical AppUances. * • Eye, Ear> Nose and--Throat; • Office Phone 357; Res. 396,, • • • • DB. XcXILLEir, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of-Children. Telephones: Office 32. Res. 232. Office over Burrell'a Drug Store West Madison. • • • • • • -%' e WANTEIJ—A ..rsl clasK snleaninn to aell our teUa, coffeoa nnd apeclultlea I direct to tho conaumer In and around day. Sundays apd legal holiday. A «o6d puylns Imalnoas to right repted. during- the niu^l post-offlc- [parties. Write or cull on tho <lrund buslnraa honrs of the town and locall ,u„,o„ Tea Co.. 701 Kansas Avenue, ttex where the respectlr«^ depo*ltortes 'Topqku, Kan. are located, and during such addllioonl ''' ' I'^'TTZTT^ honrs as the Postmaater-beneral may SALESMEN & AGE.NTS-$ $ 1 150 00 iiMlnat# IP'"" ^'^^^ and over can be made aelui.8 .* • ^ ! New Campaign Noveitlea from^ now Accounts may be opened by any per- ,;;«j„ ^,g^t|'„„« g^,,^ stores. Coun- son of tiie age of 10 yeanj, and a mar- p^j^^ Picnics and Private t^inillles. «''«^«nt free Complete line of samples, chargei pre- husband. A paid for r.Oc. Order today. CHICAGO trustee may open an account for an-ING/ELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave., other person. No person can open more ! Chicago. ried wobian may open an from Interference by her than one saving accomt lezeept when acting; as trustee for another person. X depositor's pass book will be de- llrered to each depositor in which tbe nam'e iand other memoranda necessary fOR SAie^mtrntmllmnmouB FOR SALE OR RENT-r-My store building at Elsmore. Kas., Sec M. L. Decker. 211 North Sycamore. Phone 926.; Phone 687. —Rea. 701. • DK. 0. L. CHIX, • * Bye. E^r. Nose and Throat. * • Spociaclea Properly Pitted. • • Offlce A. 0. U, W. BIdf. • omM teiT loss. Nigbt Tal. 40i • • DK. H. 0. CJlKISmM • * Ptaysiclaii tad 8«rge«i * * Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldf. * ¥. n. MABTra, • • Surgery and Diseases ot . * • Women. • • Office and Residence Phone 576 • • Office 7 North Jefferson. ' • FOR SALE OR TRADE-pFor horses or cattle, 3 room house. Inquire 621 South Buckeye.- for identification will be entered, and entry of all deposits shall be made. One dollar or a larger amoont lo multiples of 10 qenta will be necessary to open an accoi|nt, but deposit^ of 10 cents or multiples thereof will be received-after, an acconnt'ls^ opened. Uporf receiving a deposit the postmaster: is required to entpr the same • ^^j^ SAI^Fresh milch cow; 305 in th*> pawi book of the depositor and U-orth Washington, immediately notify the Pos master-General of the amount of the| deposit and the name of the depositor; The Postmaster^General, npon rec*|lpt of such notice, is required to send FOR SALE—570 feet 2:^10x20 hard pine. Also some 3-inch flooring. Cheap for cash. Phone 1214. fOH 0i£ia'MHmomUmmmoum FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for . \»n acknowl- ' ^^^ht housekeeping, 228 North Thira. edgment thereof to the depositor, which acknowledgment shall coristitnte ron- closlve evidence of the maiLing of such deposit 1 Iater«a( Allowed o» Oevoalta. Interest is allowed at the rate of 2 per cent per anntun, cpmpnted annn- ally, on the average deposit dnring each quarter of the year. | One thousand dollars is the maximum deposit allowed to the credit of any one account, and interest will not: be paid on any amount to the credit of an account in excess of $600. Pass books must be forwarded to the Postmaster-General on the anniversary of the making of the first jdeposit for Cti FOR BBXT—Two furnished rooms at 311 South Chestnut. JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jeweler, 110 East Street. Lodge Directory O'lGHl'B or I- \ I M veoshe Lodge No. 4' ^^r vionday pl^t at K. ol t I - : \'.-..iiiig brothers Invited. W. d. Thumpsou, B. G Chris Bitter. K. of R. and 8. K9I6HTS OF Mk^^fkiS^ Knights df^Maccabees ot the World meets in K^. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights, ot eadi. month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R._B. For* tar, record keeper. W. 0. W*—Camp No. 101 meets Is K. cf P. Hall every Friday! night W. T. Steele. C. C, A. H. Davis, Clerk Vlsltors^ cordially invited. M. W. A,-The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night In M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers Incited. F.C. Cblfleld. V C. W. A. Cowan, Clerk. BOTAL KEI6HB0BSc--IoIa Camp No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets second and. fourth Tuesdays ot each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracl*. Mrs. Mary Uutton, 413 West St; Becorder. FOR RENT—Room at 15 North Wat- nut. .-- _ ' FOR RE.\"T—Six room house Nvlth or without barn. Close In. Phone! 249. FOR MXOHAMRE TO LO.A.\—$5,000 private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—lola Land Co.' verification, posting, and credit of i=- 00000000000000000 O O O H. C. WEAB. O O tViehita, Kansas. O terest due. Withdrawals n^y be made © WESIEBN LANDS * BATCHES O under rules and regnlationi to be prescribed by the Postmaster-General. Deposits are exempt from selsnre u'sder any legal process against tie depositor and tbey are also exempt from taxa- tiob by the United States o^ any state! Th > name fo a depositor or the amount to Ibis or her credit may not lie die- cloked unless by order of the Postmaster General. i'ostal savings funds are to be deposited by the Postmaster-JGeneral in Bational banlni located as n^ar as may be in the' neighl>orhood wt^ejre such de^ lits were received st a rate of Inter- O For Sale or Trade. O O $3.00 an Acre, Up. O O O 000 ooeooo00000000 LOST mmd fOURO FBATEB5AJL BBOTHEBHOOBr- Fraternal Brotherhood. No. 880 meet* second and fonrth Thursday^of^eiicb month In A. O. U. W. IlaU. Visiting m«Qbera cordially Jnvlted. W. H. Anderson, president; GoIda'lUam. secretary. OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. September, you know, is the timb to have the summer dust cleaned out of carpets. •at not less than 2% per c^nt per an- I We are busy, but your order wUl •nm. Tf deposits can not be made in receive prompt and careful attention, aational banks, iit the specified rate of Phone us today. Interest, the, Postmaster-Geperal mav. witii the approval of the Stovtary of the Treasury and the Attomey-Oeaeral^ lov|»t the aame In State. Terrttoria*; county, or municipal bonds. - •JHAPPY" LOST LAST IjtKJIIT. Second of Series Will Be Rin Tonight at >'lne O'clock.! lOLA RUG FACTORY Ph«M Ut. ^V. J. IHBIU.IS »JL'BED. Meeb >Vith Accident While Trimming The first race of the series of three ' .' between "Happj" Richardson and Sei- J. Ihrtg met with what might berts of Chant:?e, went to tlie Chaimte have been a very serious accident last boy i by a uarjrow margin skates bothered him again and I he will tM>rrow a set for the race tdnlgbt , *J*P *2hf evening while trimming n tree, llie # -.Pii axe caught on a limb and was jerked or rollers ^^^^ blunt end striking Ti,« ,.o~» «iri~.»i,^ .vi„„J\v~.,-^.i- ^i"* above the eye, cutting aTJifgaih. ; ™"J!!".Me .P ««»ce, promptly He was rendered unconscious for a4 at nine o clock; ^ \ f^w minutes. Had the sharp ^ed^ i<k...iu fi^.t».. ir.J. struck him, his bralu would probably rhftriiA R«.?«n?«f ^»ve bBBn pcnctratod. He 1^ able to i wrtt«- K» SL^TS^*^^«V »o rally today biiV showf writer for the Ktuismi Clljn Joamal. „>rpctB of the aceldedt ' ' • cam^ down: this afternoon | to hitar °^ accideflt. Secretary WllHon W •'"It ^te aiater. j, ^ant the lateat and ateeat, post cards <m the market, get them' all llondls drog^atore. Ui6SiB!auche Sessions. per cent -money; BO .commia- r .Want Ada. 'bring resnlts. LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALirORNIA LD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST AND BRrOSH COLUMBIA VIA ON iEUlLB Aak for FaU DifwmBlleak mm

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