Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 13, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1908
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Thm tuiylmtmr Hmm ar |p—# CireuimHom IdMlhu County of Any Newmtutper PnbUmhed In the County. tOLtT3I£ X KVail-rt 802. KI«IIT PA'JES. mm wiisojyNn lULA, £A>'SAS, OCTOBER IS, 190S.-TrESDAV EVEMXW. EICHT PAGES. PSIGS TWO CIXTS. MOUSISU HECEniON TO CAlilNET I- "I OFFKEK OX mS ARKIVAL. PREDICT REPUBLICAN VICTORY IOWA STATESMAN JSl'KAKS TO A BIG t'KO» O THIS AITEKXOO.V TAFT WAS IN DANGER A CALL TO ARIlllS Kl LGAKIA WILL UET BISV IF TtlJKEY HUES NOT AVT. TKALN AAKkoWLY ESC I PEO BE­ ING WRECKED IN OHIO. PLOT AGAINST POLITICIAN Terehltght Procession Toiiiglit—Coii- ^ssiuan Pollard and Jlr. Hiahhs the Orators. ; 8? KAILKOAD COMl'AM SAYS KAILS SPREAD APART. ! LSO ;Wilson day. And a great day, too. Ideal autumn weather. • Everybody, in good spirits and codfident of a big Republican majority in Nqveniber. A rousing reception to "Taina Jim" and Congressman Pollard when they arrived in lola tills morning. A niastcr- ly speecli by a learned and popular state^an, Hon. James WMIson, Sec- refa*y~et-tlie Department of Agriculture, tliis afternoon in the Grand theater in Uio presence of an ininiun&e crowd. This is today's history in lola. The big show begun this morning when fuily one thousand people gathered at tho iMiy^url Pacific depot to give a hearty welcome to the distinguished vishors. Secretary Wilson and Uongrcssmau Ernest Pollard of jXeL'iaska. ' -Tlie reception coiuniittee comi)Ohed of tixiy of the party leadcrj;. stjicclcd from every precinct in tlie county, the Ci. A. 11. uind the three bands, the • Klsmore. W. O. W. and Payne.'a colored organization, together with many (citizens, met -at liepubilcan hoadiiuarl- lers at 8:^0 this morning where the Dine formation was made. At i>:-io the ;party felj in line and wliile en route were joined by many citizens, some on foot; others in automobiles and carriages. Before the train arrived many otiicri- burrjed to the depot. Considering the fact that it was a busy time bf| the day the reception party was a vcfi' lai-go one. .A committee composed of L. L. Xifthrup. Captain H. A. Ewiug and ol lers went to 1^ Harpc on the car 11 t'e where they took the train, accom p: nying Secretary Wilson and Con- giessnian Pollard ko! Tola. When the triin slowed up at ithe depot, the in lids began jilaying and tlift crowds icleering, maldng an inipicssive and ei thusiastic denionsiiaticii. The cabin jt officer and Neiyraskai m m were conducted to an aiiioniobile w lich. preceded by one of llic band:-: and an advance gtiaid of the reception committee, led the way to the Pennsylvania hotel, Where the visitors v.'crc entertained today, passiii;.? between two. lines made up of citizens |and mfembergof- the G. .\. R.. many of Iwhom carried f.ags Und pictures of iTaft, iSherman, B^lstow. Stubbs. to all of wliicli-iSecretary Wilson and Congressman Pollard lightly doffed their bats^as th^y pas.^ed. As the line of march wended its way to the hotel, (he merchanM ^I clerks and people about .town lined the streets and greeted -the speakers. At the hotel Mr. Wilson did not miif:u lin.v speech but invited everybody! in the erowd to coiu«: into the parlor; of the liotcl and meet hiin personall>l PraeileaKy every «inc in the crT>wd u'/cepied the invltalUHi.' Mr. Wilson tlmkiJij; Iniudh with Iheni and extctiding a. frleiidlv'^ ure.-thig. I-'or nearly an hiur peopbi vl^lted the hotel and mot the noted l<iwa ulatesman. This afternoon wiijU a big parade Secretary W,ilsj)U was escorted to the Grand theatw where ho is dellv' crlng his address. Preceding the speaking and while the people were finding seath thoiW. O. W^ band played sev^M-ai selections. The stagowas decorated with flags and pictures of candidates and past pr»,'8idents of the Kepublican party. - — It was 2:30 .when CapUin H. A. Bwiug stepped ]lo the front of the stage. In a few brief words, in which he, commented 6i\ the hjgti position "the speaker:of the day tflTed and also _^ wljiit he had done as Secretary of Agriculture toward elevating Uio occu- pajLlon or"farming"to a science, he introduced Mi^. Wilson. ]r he speaker intimated at the very bcjL Inning that he would davota his remarks not so much to .the political issues as jLO; farming. He then entered! upon the discussion of agriculture in I which he, empb^ized the fact tliat it was tlie Jiasis of our prosperity. He then told , what had been done and what was how being done toward helping tl ^e' farmer get better results ;for his time apd labor. ^ At three J o'clock Mr'. Wilson was*! 'just launching out in^ his theme. He' was holding the closest attention of a big house! JJvery seat in the theatre was flll.ibd and many were stand- ling in ttie iisles «nd| In the space in the rear of the room. > Considering the fact that It Is an afternoon meeting when many people Cannot leave their duties, tbete Is a lilg^ttendance. Last eveuinx Secretary Wilson and C^um-easmajt :Poll^rd had a Kreat ]n!»eUn«.at Fort ScoU, an enthusiastio Jieeeptlon bklfiiir tendered them on ttbeir arr^i^ Bnroute to lola this Wlson stood <»n car-and waveid his crowt^ who,; diilin. iu. iie :he ng Taft and a Score of Politicians l'^ jured—Train Was Going at Low Slicvd. Sierliug. O.. Oct. l,".—.Judge Td special narrowly escaped a seri wreck. The forward trucks ot private car '•Constitution" leftj rails while the train was runi. slowly. The pullman was also flc- railed. Only the slow speed ave disaster. The passenger.s v.crc b shaken but otherwise unhurt. .\n'iron bar found besUle the tr; may i idicale an alten)pt to wreck train. Tlie railroad officials ihiti is me ely an accidental i-preadiu}^ Che rj lis. , jj Seuiilor Dick. Governor Harris. Senator Smith, of .Michigan, and a sobre of j»rpminent iiolltlcjani were on||ihe •fed dly •ks llhe il oi train. WOILD CANCEL LEASE. F. i:. icHlhcrtson Brings Suit Agii<l>st I lola Portland. | 1"'. IC. CuM-ertsoii ipdny liic<l a nit in the dis.rict roiiri• the ula Portland Cement coiftimn.^ ct al. asking for the canccllatioi' of a gas lijisc which the defendants hold on a tiact of land belonging to the piaijitiff I nd which is located south of the city. ! Il seems lliat the jilainiyf is hot satisfied with ihe amount, of luoncyjhe is getting out of bis gas land and would have the lease cancelled oi a meter installed to measure the ga^s. FOR DESERTING WIFE. Col. W. F. Tncker Arrested on Ti in Illinois. J ain am ij'.v. •CS Decatur, ills.. Oct. 13.—Col. Will F. Tucker, of the Tnitcd States ar was arrested by Chicago cleientil lieic- on a Wabash train today .harped with deserting hh-i wife, a diiUK!Ue^[ of tlie late General John .\. L.o^'an. " 00000000000000060 O i C O ADDITIONAL SHORT STORI£.«^ 00000000000000060 Ira- Reheapsat of "Elijah," The secondreliear.sal of the torio, "Elijah,'* by a chorus oi> vojl-os under the direction of A. J>. Blat- right. was hold last night in the Christian churjch. Very salisfactlpry proj:ress was made and ttJere is jlev- ery-lndlcation of a- succcstsful iiroduc- tlon of this masterpiece. 'I No Settlement Effected. Ul> to this uflernoou no sotl luid l)een effected in Iho inattct the killing of a ^^n<^ pacer and wrocking of a rig. the properly of Dunn livery. The Ktnashup occui Sunday afternoon about 5 o'clock the rig was -l« _chai;ge of a named Orewiugton. Notice. AH persons having a large picf of President Arthur please phon< E. Henderson.: ' Died of Blood Pokonlntr. Miles V. Benham, a resident of Grange, died last evenin.g at his hrf of b'ood polsonine. Kuneral services will bo held at 10 o'clock tomorrjiw solllenjpnt of :he :he occuijrcd nd barber (ire J. ne Sets Plot 01 Latter Country to Itraoro the Proclaniatioii of Indi*. pendencc. Sofia. Oct. la. —.Ml army reserve.>i in Bulgaria ar*- called t <i arms. Tin* nev.- government insists that they declare war against Turkey unless i> reco.p;nizes independence w,ith'in three days. The liulgarians believe Turkey i.i p'.'iying a waltfng game, hoping ili<' |K >wers will intervene, and don't pvti~. l)Ose thus to lose its indepcndeiir NOW JOB THE FINAL ALLEN COUNTY TENNIS TOURNA­ MENT DRAWING TO A CLOSE. THE WEATHER. Owens and HInkey Developing Fine Ability.—Consolation Series to be Played. W"ien tiic south v.iiul blew away the dust of conflict today about the only tennis player loft in view in the IJiUS «-ounty tournament was Ed. Owen. Kacit tournaiuent develops soiuc player moro the others and ^Ir. Owen this year hj excellent pla.ving has won his' way to the finals in both singl<'.s and doubles, in doubles lie has been ably assisted by Prank Hinkey, who also has developed greatl.v during the season. -.\t o'clock tomorrow afternoon on the Pennsylvania courts this team win meet Turner and Pee-t £.-n5 .llic finals, the winner of that inatch being jKjrmitted to play ilr cup holdei*s. Stover & Bowlus. It wi'l bo a great contest, best three- sets out of Hvo. In i'ic sinjles Owen lia.s advanced to the tinals by defeating four opponents. Ho sharpened his wits and trained his wrist while jiuncturlng the as- Dirations of Himes. of LaHarpo. Clcvo land, of Humboldt, and Kinkey. of lola. and then to showtliat his training was beneficial, took John Turner of I.aHarpe into camp this forenoon. It was a pretty match of high-grad 'i tennis and Owen won fi-2: .".-7: G-2. TPi? matches this afternoon will detor- leliic who is to oppose Owi-n in the liiijils. Scott Gjard this afternoon will I)lay Mr. Wood, of Humboldt, and Phil Stover will play the winner of t'lat match. The winner of the Stover i"alch will go after Owen's sealp. All of the players who lost their first inatcbes in the regular tourna- n'ent are entered in tlio consolation niatohes. a touriiament siiniiar to the regular oin;, and having' tenni:^ racou- -Is ofl 'ored for nrizcs. but rt'-strictoil to li'st gann* losers. Tlies" iiial .-''.n's are b«iiig played every, day at the con- venleiic*' of the jdavers and will <le- vi-loKi' isoii 'o fine tennis before tUey are deciled. lleyo^id .-uiy ipieslion tho lournn- ii '<').t tlii.s vear has develoned t'-o best junility of tennis i 'v»-r nlaved li< re iMid eiieli year a few onthnsia.';!.^ an* ih-veloued and public intores;! in the game increased. Fori -M!.! for Kansa«i: <M -nt 'Rilly fair tonii^ht. and Wedne«-duy: moderate tenipcniturc. Data recorded ai local offirt-. \\ S. W 'Pather Bureau, \e-i«'rday. today and a year a&o. October li Ycs-lcrday. Vr. Ago 2 l>. tn M i l>. ill Ct; 6 p. in O'J .">•> S p. m 41 10 i>. ni U niidniglit ... Max. leinp. ... ct; .Mill, temii .-.0 I'rceip. 7 p. ni. . 1} 0 a. m. 4 a. III. 0 a. m. 5 a. in 10 a. ill 12 noon Precip. 7 a. in. October W. Today. Yr. TiO I!> ;.. tS Ago .".3 :;:» r.i 0 TAFT CROWDS BIG CRIPPLE FOR LIFE Republirau Candidate Madt^. SixU-en Spccfhts In Ohio Veslrr- duy. -\krou. O.. Oct. 1:;.— Ohi<». ilie mother uf l'resident.<. .vi 'Vf iiiiing wi -Iconie to a favoriiv s-ou vesierda.v. William II. Taffs trip aei<>.s*; isiaie h.?s l !«eii Ihe big succcsi that was pledict- cii. ir git.'i DiKiiuiii iiii?s at railroad KU '.'io!i:;. waving flag.-. deroraied stiee!.-^ and buiitlings. bands of music ;iiid choni;].:; crowds are iiidicaiivo of !ukew:!rn;ne .-is toward Tafl in iii.-: native siaie, the Dimociatic campaign manager:- and oraior.s will In- ;ib> to make ?ood their cJriini tint Oiiio docs not v.aiit Tar't. Tiii' iiad' all these thini;:: ye.;icr:l :i.» ii; liis ni ':r i>f !-eveii fon.t:re;:ii di$<>ri <-is of ^tateto .-ic oujioiiieii to t )(!itiea! !;;llii 'S that its pcoide do not turn < it U-v tlie mere novellv (;f ihc Ibiii;,'. Sixietr > cobcs in-^.^L c!' ilitiii from the ic ::r ,)l;i:ft,iTi (ii' Iiis (r;iiii. li:;ve Ix -fi: ni:>vb' b.v Mr. 'I'-.iTt F-nee in- loft Cine iiiiKiii. Hc_ < liiieJided his first days caiiiiiaigni'm in Ohio by address in.^ a lii;.r iii 'votiim' lii.i- last iilghl. ov- _<r which Senator Charles Dick i>re.sid- ;o;l. Tin- f »w days of i>->i In Cincin- ntifi rked a «oiidfrful change in .Mr. Taf:. Ills liiiai.^en«'.-^.- has gom- :rid bi-j' f <-ols i ;:;ii hf i>. ill condition to carry (>ii( tin- promaii::nr arranged, fiir bpa by tlif iiatiiiiiu! «'oiiiniittee. lie will le (III tlie ro;id [ii 'acii«"illy every jd.ny. Sni:dit.\s I-VM pted. uiitil Hi -.--tl(i'n ida •. II<- \\ill KJ .ir cigliUfii K4 !-tern ami S <.<ii|ii-i :i states and will make luor" MMU -'•» s|jeeehet. ' , III Cleveland Today. Cliveland, Oct. i:{ -^Mr. T.iit i> in' Cleveland loda.v. IIH will uuike an address this aittriH'c'i in a icai. llc /blfl Akron e :irlv itin -nin^:. and aftk^r a number cf stiijis in N( rih-rn Dh o. will arrive here late in ilio afieruotin. John Turner, of North of LaHarpe, Meets With Serious Accident From Corn Knife. n- t morning at the home, after whicli body will be shinned to Ottawa. DIscuhs Bui<Ines!( Men. New Orleans, Oct. 13.—"How to terest business men in home missions" was the topic before-the Ititerriationa' Missionary, convention of thechurclps of Christ. R; A. Long, of Kansas City, delivered an address. ' Unity ciuBT "'f Jlrs. J. V. • Starkey had as guests yesterday members jof the ity club. This program wa§ given: Roll call—^Noted schools of paintmg. Lesson—Chapters 13 and ^1, leader, Mrs. .W. B. Ralston. 3 . j Round Table—^EVench sculjilure in ihe 19th centurj'. .Magazine Review- Reading—"The Man WMth the Hie," i Mrs. A. L. Studer. I 'Publlc Hapijenlngs—Club raemberf pritlc's Report—Mrs. S. R. Burrel* .. An Imtutt Ctill£-»eiid. j , 1 A]n infant child of Mr. and jMh;. [Fran Allen. 915 North W-a!riut strJfet died shortly after noon iodaY of pd^u- immia. Funeral servic^ will be at the home on tomorrow aftern at>:80. II ^es. J. C WoodlQ aiut &tr8..?J fW» fflUI^ to Ki^ Wliile cutting corii John Turner, a farmer living-six iriiles northeast of I.>aHarpe. sustained an injury ,that will cripiile l^m for life. In some way he "was thrown from the seat on the corn cutter in front of the knife blades. One of the blades striick the back of Jils right ankle going into the heel bone about three Inches. Immediately after the accident, physicians were called, but In spite of their efforts Mr. Turner will be a crlpp'e for life. Tl>e bone to which the leadei of the It ^'g is attached was split. fOISCARD MOTOR Wilbur Wright Will Try to Make Aeroplane Fly to Height of 3000 Feet.—Use Wings. Lemans, France, Oct. 13.-4wilbur Wright has uinounced that he will attempt an aeroplane flighc with wings atuched to the machine, and will discard the motor. He will make p flight ta_tb«: height of three thousand feet. Allj former experiments] have been tola height of sov- enty-flfe feet' • 1 . .Business College ismissed. The business college dismissed tbis afternoon to allow the pupils a chanm^to hear, the speech of Secretary WUson. GET MORE BIG GUNS nurh^ Bailey, Jarh.sua and Long to Si»eak In Allen County. Allen eounty Republicans will have ;MI oi)porii;niiy to hear a number of Mie lust "siiell-binder.-.': in the party this fr.ll. Chairman L. I-, Xorthrup has received word from the tiate com- n-.iitee t!ia; Governor H.K h. .\tTorney General Kred S. .iKckKm, tSonator Long and ex-Governor \V. .h Bailey will come to ibis eoiuit.\. The places and the dates on wliicb they will be here have not yet been arranged for with the fcxception 01 Mr. BaiJey. He will address a rally at L.a Harpe the latter part of the month. 'Senator Long was to havw been here this evening for a speech but wa.s called out of the .stale and could iwi fill the eu- fageaient. On tin evening of Nuyeiulier -ud Congressman Chas. F. Scot): will speak at the GraJid theater. SANK IN NORTH SEA .imuld. Condiirtur of Bttllvou St Louis, KesrHed in Schooner T«l«j. Berlin. Oct. IU—The -St. Louis,-|« balloon in the Gordon-Bennett race with Arnold as a conductor sank In the North Sea last night and the>oc. pants were rcsciied -a.«choQn8r .Blr ter a thriUin? eiperijehce. A wlre|(^ todar Ifram! lATaold:.iw)rii 1 .7. !*•.}.-.-ii &iy II Bie TOeCH LI6HT » IS AFTER HEARST IOLA WILL BE A tJAUDY AND >0I- I SV OLO TOWN TONIGHT. GovEKNoii HASKELL WILL RKtiiN! CONG: POLLARD TO SPEAK LIBEL SCIT A(JVI>sr,HEAI{.ST^ ! iHUlLLLl.vr NEBRASKA^ IS CHIEF IT'S ABOUT THE OIL STORYi J J I-EAKEK .a UR.VMJ THEATER. OBJECTS TO IMPRESSION THAT HE ASKED FAVORS FOR STA.XDARD. -GOT." Stplibs Will Also Make an XS- dresri—Imniei:>e Crowd Here for Celehniliou. Abo A .vk> Prcsidenl Kuo>eielt to DiTlare 0 >acc Oil^e Void. Kaiiba.s (.'it.v. Oct i::-Covertior Ha-ikeli. of Uklaboiiiii. arrive*! here ibis morning from Guthrie gave to the Associated Pr-?- signed ei.;:ht hundred word Etateii :ont ;iddre^-<d to President Roosevelt ei.atributing ati- oibev chaiiter in l\w comrovcr.~y arising o\fr si.v bcndred eigluy thousand acres 01 Os -iigr - Indian oil iands. "I shall." said the governor in tiic staie!n »'Ui. "insist upon 'he caiieella- tlcn cf Ibis lease in the Inffi-est cf the.Ti' citizens of our stai"' or that eon•4:re.-.s tak*"- action to, deehm- tlii.-^ iin- pruxideiii and unjust lease void, and ::rcjre f^r the Osage nation tiie ja^ji »iid rea ^i/nal >le cempeiisation other )W!K'is p.rr receiving. " . G'-.«-:nrr tiatkell dec'aioil ho came lo Kans :i:j Cit.v to con.sult his aitor- a»'y» in r <:;:i .il 10 stariinf; a ^nit in ihe eirn:ii roiirr again:.! Hearer for iilifl. Tl'.e >>toi\ in fipe.-^tion alioged tliui :i iiii ::i tiaiiied iia.-kel! in connection v.iih others niado iivertt .ro.- to Frank .S. .Monet;, then artorne.-- genet- i! of Ohio, to sio;) a suit pending against the Standiird Oi! .-oni|ian.v, iln- trlo agreeing .It i.-^ aner;'-:l. to furiii.-^h .1 half niilHoii doiii'rs in o:l^e tiie pr'>- eecdings wore drojii'od. WRITE TO CASTRO Nciberland> Oi -tnands iTlial—Venv/iiela Ke?p to I'rinr>tuu 01 A^n-emeut .Hade In l.'^DI. Caracas. Venezuela. «)ei. ;."..-^T!it ifoond •loif CI' the .Nt .-ilur'aiids govern mei'.t to Hiesidtiiit Castro growing out of the (U.-niisial from Caraoa -i ol" .Min- 'sior DeKriis. was nijdo imbiic today li dtiiiaiid:; in an cnergetii manner t Veno .Tin ia without d<>Iay fulfill the I Tcioccl of 1K:M. !r i» lielievcd CasiiO v.iil not rooedo from his iKi- siiion and if is known that Venezuela is lin paring to defend its coast towns agaitiit in\asiou. FANS ARE HOPEFUL Detroit Base Ball Enthusiasts S«f Pos- sIMIII} TInjI World's Series .May Be lied. Detroit. Oct. i:! -The ehatnpiou I^se ball teams returned from Chieaco to lay and fouipl the local fa'ns huggiu): 'o their hearts the po .ssibiliiy of a Detroit victory ihi.s afternoon which would make the worlds chantpiunshii :!ri"s a' tie. Local (-athusia-st^ dc- olareJ Cobb and Crawford and Rossman had only just found their world'. deries stride. Mlth ld»al weather and with tin clubs iiaviag taken measure of each other's .strength, the ••arly indications suggested liio -ah .seueK of hysteria and the prc ^entatitM! <;f a thrilling contest Summers and Hrown will pn^baMy be the opp«|sinp todii.v. ORGANIZE BIG CLUB Kepuidieiiius Hold Enthnsiastie .Meet- In? at lai HariK*—Flue- Crowd- A loiiiing iiicei'.n^ \>aH lieid at La Harjie last nig hi, by Ihe UepublicaUs It the c-o-io of '.vhith a T»lg Reiniblican club was fi 'initd. Then- WMS a large crowd in atiendanet- :ni'', me euthu- siasm wa-s intcnise.' .Addresses were made by Captain if. .\. iilwius. .fudge Foubt and A W I'orence. all uf which were heariily a ;i |>reciattd Toda.v La Haipc Uc'inblicuns are well represeuod at ibe rally I and promise even a larger crowd ail the torch light proce*-aion touigbc ' BEVERIDGE TO OKLAHOMA. Campaign Speeches in That State by The Senator Friday and Saturday. Guthrie. Ok.. Oct. 13.—Senator Albert J. Beveridge. will speak in Oklahoma next Friday and Saturday. He wUl speak first In Enid at 3:43 o'clock Friday afternoon for an hour. He will reach Bl Reno at ti:SO o'clock and at 8 o'c'ock trill speak in Oklahoma City. Saturday his ItineSiry TrilTSe: llcAlester. 9 a. m.; Eufaula, 10:56; ghfcpUb. U-50; Mu8la«ee, 1 i, Tiie old fogy who has been declar- ii:g that there is no enthusiasm in the--- jir'eseni campaign won't dare to sag- ~ gest that thought above a whisper after tonight. The old town is going to be mighty gaudy and noisy to- . night unless some unforeseen calam- i ity befalls. When it is all over, even the Democrats will have to admit that it was the grr ?3tett political demonstration in years. | The chief feature of ;thc evening v.iU bo the torchlight procession. Of late years this style of political celebration has gone out of fashion soa'ewhat. but greatly, to the rf«ret of those who remember ithe old time tntjerest and onthuslasm it inspired. Tli^^ pyrotechnic display is not going to ti.. any half-way affair. The com- •nitfe iias not spent three weeks of ti'f" and energy to no avail. Not v.n\!h. Nearly 1000 torches are al-. ri ' at the headquarters filled--with oil' and •.(•ady for use. .V half car load of l.'oaian candles are also in the posse .J.-fiop of tl"o conunittoo. Tonicht at six] ocloelr- Henry Stoyor. the groi-or. will d'stribiite. free of Charge, to evi >iy boy who comes to his store a liotii that is capable of making every kill.I of sound oxcent music. Other '•.oj^o devicos. togothflr with cheer-; f-f»nt the thousands, who will be in '.ff^i^denco. will mak'' the three bands — \'vi]C to lieep from being drowned (nit. •C' is Piller is chief marshal of thC narado. Tie announced tliat the mem^ >er,-- of divisions of tlio paraio wiM •r^rf for formation af seven o'clock; The-parade will move at 7:"0. 1?he parad'^ will bo compose I of four .livisions. Bach division will be un-ter thi- direct comiWand of an a .<'si8t- •^u't irar.>-hal and will bo made tip of 1 f'' tachu'oiii of tnen bearing flaminS •o .^eies and another detachment, firing Roman candTcs. and automobiles aii^ marchers on foot. Til" precession v.ill be heade<l bv a | lo^;.": n"-tit of old carr>-iug [ HavTlH-y will form on ^ladisoti •inii'cdiateTy in front of bcH-'tpiartor.-; Tiijl inarch oast at the h-:'ad of the 'divisi<'ns of torch bearers. All old soldk'rs who have not already made aritaugements to march with their •on'rades in arms are invited to fall in .lino and arrange to l>e in J^he pro- '.•»'r^r =ioii. I'lie following are the captains of t';e di\isions and the points of for­ ma'ion of the lines: Captain No. 1 division, Chas. lloda'- sl i. Form between Walnut and • Ciicstnut. Men in charge of »up- iili<"<. Frank Kelly and Frank Mc- iienzic. ''aptain division .So. 1*. W. S. Thomi>^^<>li. Korin «>n Waiiuit between V\est and Madison. Men iu charge (if supplies. Ralph Thrasher and a In Iper. _ Captain division So. «. Dan -Jicewer. Form on Walnut between Madison lintl Broadway. .Men iu charge of .Supplies, Robert Davis and helper. Ml {charge of bands. Chas. Hodalski. n ;Cha"go of automobiles. Dr. P. S. .Mitchell. Old So'diers: Form on ^.Madison in front of headquarters. Officer in ivimiuand. Capt. W. H. SicClure. Division No. I. Form On W^ashing- tpa in front.of Ponusyivaula hotel. >mn in charge of supllea,-F., J. '^.tng. Captain of division. "Steve Austin. The automobiles and carriages will ^onii their line on Washington be- w/f.-n Madison and West street. 'I'lie line of march' v.fll be as fol- TjHst along Madison from W'alnut to liuckeyo; north on Buckeye to East strfret: west on East street to Jefferson: north on .Jefferson to Jackson: wesjt; on Jackson to the Grand Theater, j At this point there yiri'l be irapd patrioUe demonstration thei parade will disband. Following the torchlight oroc 'Congressman Ernest M. Polla, Nel^raska and "Governor" Stub Pfcjsik in the Grand theatre, ter is well known to lola Is nil earnest and convinclo int will have somethln^^^huUly to tiiV. Congressman of the elOQUent men HiJ ; services for t ber |i,' soueht in h "1 «f»ii lilzens of lola ai !upon havlngj r Mm.j La§f Scott andj ^onj onnjptv todiy sal be«|t eve 1^ 5s he top- jandlog by aj picket cold .[but he a blanket ot men old Sol !1» he awoke and r ^nce mistook it for jl. having awakened a. night of ci^rousAl ItloDs. and called out rater me, water me."- ?ant Ads. bring results. '|-

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