Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 2, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1907
Page 6
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IS*, ^mifMWL trifle less*than ^^HbiMcies^ Coffee, but IgWi t-feflhripay more for it and idjiTnot get as good coffee. f;rdP^t «et confoMd— ArbudiW Ariosa h^ntSfy tiie cfaeap^ good coffoe in in aMiad pMlcages for your protedM ^Unnmrrji^ BSC*. M«fr Totk.OttK fOOB^DHflT TO EAT W01 CrltlebM Cu«I Commlsxan . Bcpwtaieiit ,. New Jfork^ ^pg^. 8 .-^ho Jatest re- irt of cond^LUQiiB In th^ Panama can- Mmells nude by a woman, Miss idcl 9e ^8. wlio spent twenty- d«]r».:t&ere lor t^e National lyic FfMeratioii,. inM:JMek's. flndings. start out to ^ 'the ^adrniBtetratlon tor a hundred '»aA ona ^improTements and end with it th ^^ssme nnmber of complaints. iSB Barkis Investigation discovered le ftet tlai^be government is genar- ly reg^ed as having broken lis ._jntracta ••*^lQt discharging, by the nrholesale. American employes who |bfd hired out for definite periods," Undi pt the- food served is unfit :cj eat.. tfie. says, the messes^are ~al; npBt toloterable. and the prices !«Muycftt »re three times too great. A jmW CMrifpany .Is sending adolterat- MPWdWnea to the district, she ,^ Critlelies the Food. ':[ rhetnveBtigator hints vaguely that iati qiajnifVctaring concerns in the 1 1: dted'^S^tes :Bre engineering some- t ^ ng otia^eimilar canned beef scheme il creafeadisnch a scandal in the Span ^ waf^oiiSly^^jdecIared that rigid in' etio%ra{yali food sent to Panama tt^ .M»»^,4Jnited Stiites Is impera^- > JIosl a^;^PcHlneB8 among the em '.^ i »reir ^en,.iB admitted to have been d ^B ^jJ^-innutritions or rotten veg- e ajlespi^a.'meats. Once taken sick .t9(K.'w)e)-l ^,^do .eB not even receive ijd ^o^:^ tH» hospitals, she says. Ml (tfek 'j |N?asldent." said an An- conl ha^;^f.^jBO,, "that we don't Bj ed'-tl^- Square deal down here so ,a o^-aa tie need a square meal." . i WlioklaaliB swindles are also prac- tiicd iartbe matter of clothing, she ajya. /Thei suppUes sold by store- let eMra; to /American employes ara SI toriomlytpoor, she alleges, and the P9 <Ms «h»|Xed are outrageous. As far [the liSOO'women and children takes f by tkeir husbands and fathers to tlit l ^bmua, under golden promises of laniry. Miss Beek says, they can't '^rctotbes at any price, and find JU Odaii to ;inake life there desirable. It ft die Pi^iama Steamship Company omaJ^V tbe .-SPV^.Qunent, that comes ^1 foibrid}f^#^Fr<'^t condemnation, -f CfJMlHtMM Intolerable. ~fai9K!<|Oi^tlon8 nnder which it i.;lt9.,'. employes to and from are simply intolerable/' ^ i«k«. "The boats are «nay^«Q |Al ^<'ood' served on them is V fo^-'ll^ ^.not.tbo inuch to say that 1^ ».lt(Bam<'2iip service is a disgrace «r'.tIjftjjBatlOO." r«tI^.£;Bi^tts'qt her wholesale con- :d,t Uuipfon'^^kMss Beeks thinks condi- tjqns apBimnch' better than they were belcM^e-lnTestigatlon began. T ' I D ] bil^'iseoommeadations to Secre- ti^y:3Wtr:^irhom the report is ad- ittMsM; i^eads for more and bet- W )K%0(d^' some consideration for Hep begToei^ who she says, are compiled to e &t and sleep like animals. rfevaacei committee to bear thq' ooji plaints ot employees and give the eod^idaratlosis. to unions that Secre-! !Taft>'1^ promised. ilT-B-'Jones. of Tampa. Fla., •-• "r. taa thank God for my *ea|tti.. due; to Foley's Kidney ^ttm doctors and all kinds of onma^.'^bat nothing, did me jBOOd tiU-I took Foley^a Kidney ':^Foar bottles cured roe, and I ao ;'BiQre-pain in my back and |tdarsi> i ant 6£ years old. and suf- Itpft.bat.ihanks to Foley's Kid- I «m:-weil and can walk and fajvelf. .It l^ a pleasure to rec- ~ H ^.ttaQae needing a kidney „ ; jBurrell's Drug Store. «4wSi|irp BiFoiuiiTOBr, J .9Bard Stephens Be. • ;t;;;<fa.:8Mrteiii!Cs. , -C.» 0. iBoUInger took Leon- «nd John Sykes to Uif I ^VSfUtcbinson yester- ill iliht-man: yibo shot De- itbe Alrdome some time ^jSt!^<|ar IB (he-man wrho ab'lUaa: Page .{Sast lola and " 'lirlth ber. tbe 'cou'ple wais aiX |MiilCer /B«fh 'prtmtutn^re JBSP WA ISBf^ given sentences t^aUnKwgwith the Idea that HUMBOLDT HAS A HISTORY. Vibj Town van Celchrate Flfttetb Annhenuiry. Humboldt Kansas the h {K (<irlcaI city In the Allen county gas belt Is to celebrate Its fiftieth anniversary Octol^r 8th. 9th and 10th, 1907. Humboldt Is one of the Kansas cities with a his- tor.v. It was organized fifty years ago and has had as many UJIK and downs as any Kansas town. Sacked and burned at two different times during the war it rebuilt and was on the highway to prosperity when the drouth, grasshoppers and financial panic of the early seventies gave It a hard jolt. It lost the United States land office about this time also. It hustled around, however, and voted for another railroad. The tracks were laid and a train run over them. The bonds were then valid. The road then pulled up its track and left tlie city to pay the fiddler. After a bard fight in the courts the city lost, and took its medicine. But with all the backsets. Humboldt is a better town today, than it ever -was. An unlimited supply of gas and oil it is drawing factories to the place. Two large cement plants are to be constrncted this fall. Brick plants, a refinery, an elevator, flouring mills and the c sntral pumping station of the Prairie O 1 & Gas comi)any arc located here. The cit;- means to celebrate In grand style this year. Prominent speakers from all lover the country have been Invited to come. Free shows, a big barbecue, balloon ascensions, races and every^thing of that nature will be given. A ^treet fair will help entertain the crowd and a big parade will be one of thfe features. The ral roads will have a two cent rate on aid everyone in the country will be im ited to come. All old Hura- boldters are invited to corae and visit the place of their former residence. They will see more old friends than they ever will again. Everyone who is Interested In the city and Its prospects should come and help make the celebration worth remembering. There wjli be plenty of accomoda­ tions at reasonable rates for those who wish (aiem and the three days i'lll be full of lentertatnment. Ill of enter .>otlc|e to Oar Cnstoraem. Wo are [pleased to announce that Foley's Htney and Tar for coughs, colds and 1 ing troubles is not aftected by the National Pure Food and Drug law as It cmtains no opiates or other harmful dr igs. and we recommend it as a safe emedy for children and adults. Bu|-eirs drug store. PLEASANT VALLEY HILL. + Those on ent are Mr, GeOj Ellis, j the sick list here at pres- Wertz, Grandma Osborn, y., and Mr. Nostrand. Geo. Several o Ellis is sufrering with a bad boll. the residents will leave Pleasant V4lley Hill this fall. Allen Fisher and Jeo. Ellis.,jr.. will go with their famiil >s to California to make their futurpl home. Ed Ellis goes to California t > spend the winter. Geo. Fisher and family will move and reside in Yatei i Center, Woodson county. John Long :.nd wife will go to PIqua and Mr. We Iz and family will return to their fomier home state. Iowa. Barney Raven spent Friday afternoon with a petition to see bow many on our mail oate desired to retain Mr. Wood, the iiresent mail carrier. He saw two-thitds of all the patrons on the route aid found only one man who seemed Willing to change. Every body likes A r. Wood. Ethel Ellii who has been in thp railroad hotca employ for over a year Is coming hope in a few days to,help her mother ^ho has the care of the four little grand children who were left motherless a short time ago. Our school The teacher, young and in ing all In her is progressing nicely. Miss Dennis, although Experienced is surely do- lK )wer to have the pupils study and leajrn. All seem to like her. so far. ^. Frank Ellis went to y Friday 'and visited |E. B. Johnson, and fam- Mr. and M Neosho coun their cousin. Ily until Sunday. E .Baird tnd family took in the show at lola hlonday. Rev. Landsberry visited at E. ^airds Tuesday. p visited his mother and r two last week. Harry. Sloa sister a day c| Don't wait for indigestion's call. Keep it out < if the stomach by UKln;; Ml-o-na. Gui ranteed to cure all stom ach troubles {or costs nothing. Chas. B. Spencer. ** ^^-^ though you couldn't do in^ mfeii will 'ruEip at the ^^^t ^0th ^s^ pay big dividends in s why we sa^— tie Uacw Cblcaco. 6iC 2.— Now that the beet trust .hai aet the pace the whole array of food stofes win rise in price. People -will find their grocery and butchers' bills increase 30 per cent over last year's prices, according to estimates of dealers who base their figures on present conditions. Fruits, vegetables, milk, butter, eggs, meat, bread and canned goods all will command higher prices. The pure food law is held responsible, as many articles formerly prepared with cheap adulterants and preservations are kept from tho market. Fruit and vegetable crops have been short In all sections of the country with the exception of the Pacific coast and higher wages In the cities have kept labor from the country, so that crops could not be properly handled. The price of milk paid by the dealer to the farmer has twice been rals ed In September, owing to a short supply, butter advanced last week un til yesterday Jobbers were forced to pay 29^4 cents for the best grades. The greatest shock dealt the family provider will come when the purchase of canned goods and dried fruits is made. These commodities have risen steadily during the past three years, and this year an Increase of 20 percent has been made. The tomato crop will be 60 per cent short, and pr'ces of the canned article ar.T expected to advance from S5 cents to $1 a dozen in wholesale lots. Sweet com In the can already has gone fronf 45 cents to 75 cents a dcs- en. Prunes, constituting the largest tonnage of California dried fruits, will advance 33 1-3 per cent over the average price for the last five years. The production is little more than one- third of last season. There will be an advance in price of California peaches of 10 per cent. Pacific coast beans will cost 25 p«r cent more than usual, while Eastern beans will ad vance even more. A 6REAT PRESCRIPTION TO MAKE TO BELIEVE ALL THE rATAHRU SITFEBERS HERE IN lOLA. make Some I'p and Try It an It Is Said to Do the ^'ork Promptly. The coming months will be a harvest for the doctors uud patent medicine manufacturers unless great care is taken to keep the feet dry, also dress warmly. This is the advice of a well-known authority and should be heeded by all who are subject to rheumatism, kidney and bladder troubles and especially catarrh. >V"hlle the latter Is considered by most sufferers an incurable disease, there are few men or women who will fail to experience great relief from the following simple home prescription, and if taken in time It will prevent an attack of catarrh during the entire season. Here is the prescription which any one can mix: Fluid Extract Dandelion one-half ounce. Compound Kargon one ounce. Compound Syrup Sarsapariila three ounces. Shake well in a bottle and use in teastKX )nful doses after each meal and again at bedtime. These are mostly vegetable ingredients and can be obtained from any good prescription pharmacy at small cost. The Compound Kargon In this prescription acts directly upon the ellm- Inatlve tissues of the kidneys to make them filter and strain from the blood the poisons that produce all forms of catarrhal affections. Relief Is often felt even after the first few doses and It is seldom that the sufferer ever experiences a return attack within the year. This prescription makes a splendid remedy for all forms of blood disorders and such symptoms as lame back, bladder weaknesses and rheumatism pains are entirely dispelled. As this valuable, though simple recipe comes from a thoroughly reliable source, it should be heeded by evry afflicted reader. ELKS Am EAGLES RAIDED. CompIalnU Against Arkansas City Lodffes Filed In >'anie of Attorney General Jackson. Arkansas City, Kan.. Oct. 2.—The Eagles and Elks lodge club rooms were raided under district court search and seizure warrants th's ev enlng by Sheriff Day. The warrants were for nine members of the Blks. eight of the Eagles. A small quantity of liquor was found in each place and shipped to tha county seat. The bonds were fixed at $500 for each of those arrested. Complaints were fil ed by City Attorney H. S. HInes in the name of Attorney General Jackson. OBJECT TO IT. ru Scott Prlaters Take Action Against Levying of Occapatlon Tax. (Fort Scott Republican.) At a special meeting of the printers linlon. held Sunday afternoon, the proposed occupation tax was denounced In no limited measures, and a strong resolotion was drawn up against It The measure was discussed from all sides, and was finally denounced as being tax placed on laboring men who were not able to btand It. while it was the duty of the prop erty to pay the expanses of the city. A set of resolutions were drawn up at the meeting, as was aleo one at the meeting of the Central Body last night. Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any case of UiBcy trouble tbat is not b^^ yoDd meAcal aid. Barrall 's irag store. Tlg^ Want K. U. Clave at JopUn er f ^ Columbia, Ho., Oct. 2.—The student body and faculty in general at the University of Missouri are not taking favorably -to the recent agitation on the part of Kansas university In trying to have the Thanksgiving day game played at Lawrence. l^nsas objected to Joplin on the grounds that no cheap rates could be secured, yet she proposes to have the game played over at Lawrence, when It Is a well known fact that the rooters from Cooliinibla could not atend the game there for the same reason. Kansas also seems to abhor the Idea of accepting the Joplln offer, on the grounds that it would savor loo much of professionalism to play the game with merely the financial end in view, and still the financial argument is tho only one they can use either in favor of Lawrence or against Kansas CIt.v. According to Manager Ebright, of Missouri, a settlement will soon be reacheu. He says: "Missouri and Kansas will play their annual game on Thanksgiving day. it'll be played somewhere, even If a cow lot in some country town has to be selected." One thing is sure from a Missouri standpoint, however, and that Is-^that the game must be played on neutral grounds.- Hence, from present developments, either Kansas City or Joplin will be the meeting place, with chances slightly In favor of the former. Hard work Is still the word on Rollins field, and, unless some sort of training table is soon rigged up for the men. it is feared that they will go stale before the season fairly opens. In place of the Westminster game Sat urday, a heavy scrimmage practice was held between the first and second teams, much to the delight of the hungry rooters. If Alexander, from last year's fresh man team, keps up his good work of" Saturday, he will easily be a second Salisbury at end. His work in handling the forward pass has never been excelled here. Ewing, Graves and Rutherford also showed up well; and "Izzy" Anderson, a former Tiger star and now assistant coach, showed the on lookers that he has lost none of his cunning ability to dodge and carry the ball, when, on two successive trials he grabbed the ball from the demoralized scrubs, and tore through the varsity line for over twenty yards each time. The season oiicn.s Saturday with Kirksvllle Normal at Columbia. Captain Miller, whose failier died last Sun d^y, will hardly be back for the first game, but the Tigers should easily dis|>o8e of the Nornuils without his services. 31AV BEAT STATKHOtH*. President "Open to ConTlctlon," (Iklu. boma Rcpublk;un!« Hear. Wa-shington. Oct. 2.—.\ strong effort is being made by Republicuu leaders to have Pres. Roosevelt reopen the Oklahoma case. Last Thurs day the president staled he would proniulRate the constitution when it reached him. His chief reason for such action was the tronienduoiis ma- jor.ty givan it at the election. At the. time he said his opinion of the constitution "was not fit for publication." . l..ater' he told a Western sen ator that while he had made the announcement, he was still open to conviction, and that if it could he shown that th3 constitution was not republican in form he would yet reject it. With this ray of hoi)e the Republi cans of Oklahoma have renewed the fight. They have submitted to Attor ncy General Bonaparte a brief, show ing wherein they believe the constitu tion is unrepublican in form. Tl-.ey build their case around the Inttiativt and referendum. Incidentally, as a serious objection, they cite that the constitution fixes no minimum price for the sale of school lands, and charge that the Democrats are in a conspiracy to dispose of all that lanit to their friends at a small price, thus robbing the school fund. Mr. Bonaparte has promised to'give the brief and the constitution serious consideration. He has also asked Mr. Wtoodruff, attorney for the depart ment of the intorior, to make a legal investigation of the two documents, and furnish an opinion. Woodruff was brought Into the matter because the interior department has control of Oklahoma and Indian Territory, a^ long as they are territorias. The attorney general says he wiil be ready to give the president a final opinion on the constitution upon the laltcr's returu from his bear hunt. Special Showing of On Thursday aiid Friday at the NEW YORK STORE For Three Days wc arc going to quote you special prices to Introduce these beautiful materials. Nets are the proper Dress iVtaterials for the coming season. Separate Waists and Party Qowns of these exquis* ite meshes are quite the rage. 72 inch ''CoFenhagcn" Net. Kmbroidercd Dot, white only, Introductory rrice, yd. 38a .J5 inch black Chantilly all over, rose pattern, Introductory Price, y;ird $1m50 36 inch Embroidered Net Top Orieiital all over, Introductory Price, yard $tm35 45 inch pink Oriental Net Top, all over. Introductory Price, yard, 79o 45 inch blue Oriental Net Top, all over. Introductory Price, yard 70o 45 inch black "I,a Tosca" Net, Introductory Price, yard, 4Qo •IS inch Lincy Net, white only. Introductory Price, yard ..69o 45 inch, all silk Brussels Net, lavender, In- troducloiy Price, yard,..- '. ^im30 45 inch Cream, all silk, "La Tosca'' Net' Intrtiductory Price, yard, $1mOO 44 inch "Ardbian" all oyer, embroidered Net, Introdcctcry Price, yard, $J2m2S 42 inch fancy "Fillet" Net, white only. Introductory Pi ice, yard, $tmOO DRESS TRlMfilNQS Introductory Prices.] New design.s in Silk Lace Bands in white, black, brown, leather, red, navy. Introductory Price, yard 20o White Silk Pull Braids, Introductory Price, yard. .. opalescent tints, 35o Silk Wool Fibre Bands, i 1 -4 to 4 inch, in white, black, tan, navy, led, brown, Introductory Price, yard, .19o New "Piaueu" Lace Bands .and appliqties lo match, Introductory Price, yard SOo Swell li^^tiy Fillet Bands an4 Edges, Introductory Price, yard .7Bo Alsatian Lice with Greek Key Border, in white and cream, Introductory Price, per yard ...... $t,25 Exclusive Agency for Home Journal Patterns The only Complete Pattern Department iii the city. A young iady in charge _at all times, who will be pleased to help make selection. . : m MR.S. WOOD'S FIXEHAL. BemainK Shipped (o Old Home in .Mlrbigan L BN I Mght. The funeral of .Mrs. Fred 'Woods was held yesterday evening at 7:15 from tho resilience on East Madison street and the remains taken on the early morning Santa Fe train to he: old home. Dowagiac, M'-chigan. for interment. The funeral services were In charge of ftev. Hilscher. pastor ol the Presbyterian church with a large number of friends present. Mrs I .Auise Woods, at the time of hei death, was 25 years of age. The Old Way QEO. A. B0WLU8, Precldent TH08. H. B0WLU8, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Beck, L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evana, J. D. Rotfjiara. Geo. A. BowiUB. Thos. H. Bowlut. ¥fE ISSUE OUR OWM DRAFTS OR AU EUROPEAN POINTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM |2 to 95 PER YEAR. T.B. Two Big Stores lOLA, KANS. Dafly Until October 31 uflin§t[ loule These rates apply from Ida to practically all points in California, Washington and Oregon, via the greatest variety of routes. Similar rates tohundredsof otherpoints. Through Tourist Sleepers from Kansas City Daily. They are thoroughly comfortable and have every convenience of the Palace sleeper at half the cost Reclining Chair Can (seats free) on all through trains. Mo matter wbera you ara going West or Northvreit. it will par you to let me five you full particnlart aboat this economical combiDaiion ot low price ticket* and «leepiii< car banlis, ai»l Mod yoa illusuated printed nutter. H .&Joo-,Soii*wtii Agmmt, 82S Mua St, Mo. m Evans Bros. O0m, \Bmoicm, \ Whore quality is main consideration, we buy-the best Where' demands will Justify, we carry all grades and prices. WiB SolMt roam Trmdmm tOUTH SIDE SQUABK lola. KanaM. Fryer Bros Can Cut Dbwn Your Grocery and Meat Bill • • • • It is butnecefsary for you tc «give u.s a tiial order on groceries and meats il yon want tci demonstrate the fact that yon will - saTe money by purcharing from us. We have the choicest of staple and fancy groceri^.s. Wei make a specialty of catering to the fastld- ous housewife who wants those Itttle extras that go to make np an exceptional dinner and which are so hard to find in the average grocery store. FRYER BR05. Grocery and Meat Market ' Phones 308;aad 301 lola Blisifless CfSlege Penmaoabip, Aritltmetic^i^ . BOokkeebliig^ Engliab. P^^ral ^ ture, etCi Shoi:tband^ LetterlWrnnff.!

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