The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 12, 1986 · Page 42
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 42

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 12, 1986
Page 42
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Thursday The Sallna Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 12,1986 Page 16 EVENING ®C390)£B MacNeil - Lehrer Newshour (TICSGSIS ABC News (CC) 6 Newsroom 6 Q Doctor Who (9) Barney Miller Q) Bosom Buddies QMorkAndMindy Q Alias Smith And Jones (D) Movie ** "The Apple Dumpling Gang" (1975) Bill Bixby, Susan Clark. In the 1870s, a cardsharp agrees to take possession of some valuable property for a friend, learning to his surprise that three orphans are included In the deal. 'G' (E) Tennis Continues (HBO) Inside The NFL (N) You Can't Do That On Television (U) Wild, Wild World Of Animals 6 : OS (Q Mary Tyler Moore 6:30QQM.A.S.H OCD Entertainment Tonight Interview with George Burns. QQ(T|(H)13 Price Is Right Q $1,000,000 Chance Of A Lifetime (T)Taxi OOO(EK'0)(HQJ Wheel Of Fortune Q Business Report (9) Bob Newhart (Q P.M. Magazine Paul McCartney; the elephants of southern India. H) $100,000 Pyramid CD Private Benjamin (N) Dangermouse (U) Radio 1990 6:35 Q) Sanford And Son 7:00 OOOOSJ .Cosby Show Vanessa's school grades suffer when she develops a crush on a boy. (CO (DOS) Boyce Goes West While In Cheyenne, Wyo., Max Boyce works alongside rodeo clown Quail - - Dobbs in a training session. QXSOID©13 Shadow Chasers Jonathon and Benny help to settle the account between a senatorial candidate and a sorceress. (CO BBBQ£)(10)BB Magnum, P.I. The sudden disappearance of a teen-ager leads Magnum to believe there's more than a family feud involved. (R) O MacNeil - Lehrer Newshour (9) College Basketball Wisconsin at Illinois 9fD Military And The News Media A hypothetical case study of a spy satellite Is the focus of a panel discussion about the difficulty of maintaining military secrecy In an open society. (R) S) Trapper John, M.D. CD Fantasy Island (C) Movie ** "Comfort And Joy" (1984) Bill Paterson, Eleanor David. 'PG' B Wackiest Ship In The Army (HBO) Movie * "Children Of The Corn" (1984) Peter Horton, Linda Hamilton. 'R' (N) My Three Sons f-S) Movie — "The Cotton Club" (1984) Richard Gere, Gregory Hines. 'R' (U) College Basketball Auburn at Alabama 7:05 CO Movie ** "The Sacketts" (Part 2 of 2) (1979) Glenn Ford, Sam Elliott. Based on novels by Louis L'Amour. Three brothers set out to make fheir fortunes In the post- Civil War West. 7:30 BOCKDfD Family Ties Alex surprises Ellen by Inviting her father to parents' day at Leland College -- with unexpected results. (CO SK3HJ Australian Wildlife (N) Donna Reed 7:40 (D) Mouseterpiece Theater 8:OOBBB(DCD Cheers The gang at the pub vows revenge against Diane when she permits a psychology student to analyze them. QXSS) Movie *" "Soldier In Love" (1975) Jean Simmons, Keith Mlchell. A chronicle of the lives of John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough, and his wife Sarah. Q)(SO(D(®13 The Colbys Jeff poses a difficult question to his mother; Sable is forced to expose Jeff. (CO BBB(SD(i<»B IB Simon & Simon B Nature African elephants are observed on a risky trek to a cave that provides salts and minerals necessary to their diets. (R) (CO 9(0 Mystery I Q) Movie "Mysterious Island Of Beautiful Women" (1979) Peter Lawford, Jamie Lyn Bauer. A small airplane with an all-male crew crashlands on an island inhabited by a tribe of fierce, beautiful women. Q Movie ** "Second Wind" (1976) Lindsay Wagner, James Naughton. A man further alienates his family by jogging alone to think about the problems destroying his marriage. Q 700 Club (D) Movie *** "Peter Rabbit And The Tales Of Beatrix Potter" (1971) Frederick Ashtorr, Alexander Grant. Storybook favorites come to life in this ballet performed by the Royal Ballet of London. 'G' (E) College Basketball Wake Forest at Duke (N) Movie ** "The Perils Of Pauline" (1947) Betty Hutton, John Lund. -The life of silent film star Pearl White Is traced from her humble beginnings to her triumph In the Folies Bergere. 8:30 OOOGDES Night Court When Harry takes a night off, a substitute judge arrests the staff and gives the prisoners their freedom. (HBO) Movie ** "A Nightmare On Elm Street" (1984) John Saxon, Ronee Blakely. 'R' 9:00 BQfKDQ) HiM street Blues Furlllo attempts to help a rookie cop who is accused of placing a weapon in a dead suspect's hand; Hill and Renko tackle a strange assignment at the morgue. (D(7)OIDQD1320-20 (CO BBB(SD(l<»ff)B Knots Landing Authorities search for a new murder suspect In Joshua's death; Karen confronts Abby; Greg could start trouble for the Ewlngs. (CC) Q Elizabeth R "Horrible Conspiracies" Elizabeth signs the warrant for Mary's execution after halting her flight from Scotland. (9) News 9 Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World "Cabinet Of Curiosities" Stones that move by themselves In California's Death Valley and ball lightning areexamlned. Q| House For All Seasons Energy efficient home improvements. (C) Movie ** "Bobby Deerfield" (1977) Al Paclno, Marthe Keller. 'PG' (U) Petrocelli »:05 (B Movie *" "Blindfold" (1966) Rock Hudson, Claudia Cardinale. A psychiatrist becomes involved with international conflict when he treats a scientist sought by two opposing governments. 9:15 (S) Honey mooners: The Lost Episodes Ralph fakes a day off from work to go to a ball game with Ed and ends up winning SI, 000; when Alice Is chosen to appear In a magazine, Ralph gets jealous. (CO 9:30 ®(T)G) Dateline Nebraska 9 Innovation 01 Sneak Previews Jeffrey Lyons and Michael Medved host an Informative look at what's new at the movies. 10:0 BGSOOIBBQI) 13EDCD News @jQj9EB Business Report (9) WKRP In Cincinnati S World Of Cartooning Comedy Break Q Man From U.N.C.L.E. (D) Dr. Joyce Brothers (E) College Basketball Arizona State at Oregon State (HBO)lst&Ten (N) Turkey Television (S) Movie "* "2010" (1984) Roy Scheider, John Lithgow. 'PG' (CC) (U) Alfred Hitchcock Hour 10:15 CD Benny Hill 10:30 BBBCSCD Tonight Host: Johnny Carson. Scheduled: Stars of CBS's "Magnum, P.I." are (clockwise from top left) John Hillerman, Tom Selleck, Larry Manetti and Roger Mosley. The show airs at 7 p.m. singer-songwriter Jim Stafford. QXSS3 Wild, Wild World Of Animals d)(T)(D13 News BO Trapper John, M.D. BBQ1IB WKRP In Cincinnati B Bitter Harvest BM.A.S.H 9 Country Express Featured: George Strait, Marie Osmond, Kenny Rogers, Sylvia, Razzy Bailey, Atlanta interview and video ("Sweet Country Music"). (Q Entertainment Tonight Interview with George Burns. (10) Barney Miller 01 Business Report IB Barney Miller E» Hawaii Five-0 CD Matt Houston (HBO)lstftTen 10:45 (C) Movie ** "Ten From Your Show Of Shows" (1973) Sid Caesar, ImogeneCoca.'G' 11:00 QXSS) SCTV Sketches: David Brinkley (Rick Moranls) does some science-fiction Investigation with Walter Cronklte (Dave Thomas). S)(EHD(®13 ABC News Nightline BBQ£)(10)B Night Heat B Military And The News Media A hypothetical case study of a spy satellite Is the focus of a panel discussion about the difficulty of maintaining military secrecy In an open society. (R) OTaxi 9 Lone Star Q| Atoms In Pieces? ID T.J. Hooker Q Best Of Groucho (D)HopalongCassidy (HBO) Movie ** "KGOD" (1980) Dabney Coleman, Archie Hahn. •PG' (N) RouteM (U) Edge Of Night 11:15 Q Movie "* "The Last Valley" (1971) Michael Calne, Omar Sharif. In the last German village to be untouched by either plague or the Thirty Years' War, the townspeople try to coexist peacefully with the occupying soldiers. 11:30 BBQD01 Late Night With David Lettermah 'Scheduled:' former football coach Art Donovan, fortune-cookie writer David Lau. O Dating Game GDfJB(B)13 Man From U.N.C.L.E. BAH In The Family (9) Movie *** "All Quiet On The Western Front" (1979) Richard Thomas, Ernest Borgnine. The terrifying events of World (Q Love Connection 8) Bizarre CD Lost In Space B BUI Cosby (U) Edge Of Night 11:35 B Rockford Files 12:00 B Late Night With David Letterman B ABC News Nightline ID Charlie's Angels Q) Star Games QDobieGillis (E)Fishin'Hole (N) My Three Sons (S) Movie ** "Bells" (1980) Richard Chamberlain, John Houseman.'R' (U) Gong Show 12:10 OOQ5K10XB Movie *** "Fingers" (1978) Harvey Keitel, Tlsa Farrow. A promising pianist is drawn Into a life of crime. B Movie ** "I'm Going To Be Famous" (1981) Dick Sargent, Meredith MacRae. A group of actors use every means at their disposal to get parts In a major movie production. 12:25 (C) Movie *" "Once Upon A Time In America" (1984) Robert De Niro, James Woods.'R' (CC) 12:30BBS) Gene Scott B Let's Make A Deal CD Movie ** "Laboratory" (1980) Camllle Mitchell, Corlnne Michaels. An alien scientist chooses five humans for a terrifying experiment. B Father Knows Best (N) Donna Reed (U) Bodybuilding 12:35 (HBO) Inside The NFL 12:408 Movie " "Shaft's Big Score!" (1972) Richard Roundtree, Moses Gunn. A New York private eye flouts the mob to find his friend's killer. 1:00 BO News Q) Gong Show B 700 Club (E)SportsLook (N) Movie ** "The Perils Of Pauline" (1947) Betty Hutton, John Lund. The life of silent film star Pearl White Is traced from her humble beginnings to her triumph In the Folies Bergere. 1:30(10)|Q News' SJ Dating Game (E)SportsCenter (U) Wrestling 1:35 (HBO) Movie* "Paradise" (1982) Willie Aames, Phoebe Cates. 'R' 1:40 (S) Movie ** "Into the Night" (1984) Jeff Goldblum, Michelle Pfelffer.'R'(CC) 2:00 (9) Comedy Break B CBS News Nightwatch 0) Movie ** "Marine Raiders" (1944) Pat O'Brien, Robert Ryan. Rugged rituals make staunch Marines out of raw recruits during World War 11. Q) Rawhide B Movie ** "Three Little Sisters" (1944) Mary Lee, Ruth Terry. A young handicapped woman plots with her sisters to switch Identities before she meets a soldier she has corresponded with, but has never seen. (E) Horse Racing Weekly 2:30 (9) Independent News (E) Arm Wrestling (U) Room222 2:40 B CBS News Nightwatch 2:45 CD News 3:00 (9) Movie " "The Viking Queen" (1967) Don Murray, Adrienne Corrl. An ill-fated romance develops between a Roman military leader and a beautiful tribal monarch at a time when Britain Is struggling under a massive political upheaval. 8) Wild, Wild West QTarzan "The Circus" (E) College Basketball Wake Forest at Duke (R) (N) Turkey Television (U) Movie *** "Everybody Does It" (1949) Paul Douglas, Linda Darnell. A businessman takes up opera singing and discovers that he really has talent. 3:15 (HBO) Movie" "Weekend Pass" (1984) D.W. Brown, Peter Ellenstein.'R' 3:30 B Movie " "Black Tide" (1956) John Ireland, Derek Bond. When a channel swimmer mysteriously drowns, a fellow swimmer Investigates and almost becomes the second victim. 3:45 (S) Faerie Tale Theatre "Beauty And The Beast" Susan Sarandon and Klaus Klnskl star in this story about how a young girl's love transforms a beast into a handsome prince. (CO 4:00 B Dukes Of Hazzard B Bob Newhart Q) Emergency CD Corner Pyle (N) RouteM 4:20 (C) Movie " "Blue Skies Again" (1983) Harry Hamlln, Miml Rogers.'PG' 4:30 JB Beverly Hillbillies BTopper Reward offered in theft NEW YORK (AP) — The publisher of Guitar Player, Keyboard and Frets magazines has offered a $2,500 reward for information regarding the theft of five gold records awarded to the late Jimi Hendrix. The Seattle home of the acid rocker's father, James Hendrix ST., was burglarized in November and the records — each representing sales of 500,000 albums sold — were taken. Jim Crockett, president and publisher of GPI Publications, said th'e money will be given to anyone who supplies information that leads to arrest and conviction.

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