The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 12, 1986 · Page 37
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 37

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 12, 1986
Page 37
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Sunday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 12,1986 Page 11" cave that provides salts and minerals necessary to their diets. (R) (CO Q HI OQSdO) (BIB Movie "Rockabye" (Premiere) Valerie Bertlnelll, Rachel Ticotln. To tlnd her abducted son, a young woman seeks help from an aggressive reporter when law enforcement agencies react with Indifference. (CO Q9Q) Masterpiece Theatre "Bleak House" Lady Dedlock confesses her secret to a now- recovered Esther; Jo Is found In desperate condition after her kidnapping; a malicious Intruder traps Tulklnghorn. (Part 7 of 8) (CO (9) Fish £3 Start Of Something Big Profiles of Robert Stack, Tony Bennett, Greer Gar son, Michelle Lee and Walt Disney; the origins of the pretzel, the Frisbee and the stewardess. (R) Q In Touch (N) Movie '" "The Fallen Idol" (1949) Ralph Richardson, Bobby Henrey. Based on a story by Graham Greene. A young boy tries to help his Idol when he thinks he's guilty of murder. 8:30 (9) Odd Couple (U) Wanted: Dead Or Alive 8:35 (D) Norman Rockwell's World: An American Dream A nostalgic look Is taken at the late artist's life, work and hometown of Stockbrldge, Massachusetts. 9:00 (DCSEB Mystery! Q Great Performances "Dance in America: A Song for Dead Warriors" The San Francisco Ballet performs Michael Smuln's epic depiction of the American Indians' struggle in contemporary society. (R) (9) News 9 Country Express Featured: Mel McDaniel, the Judds, Earl Thomas Conley, Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Lee Interview and video ("Oklahoma Borderline"). ID Great Performances "Best Of Broadway" Tom Bosley hosts this tribute to the American musical theater with performances by Ethel Merman, Mary Martin, Debbie Reynolds, Anthony Perkins, Chita Rivera and others. Q) Five Star Mystery (O Movie ** "History Of The World-- Part I" (1981) Mel Brooks, Madeline Kahn.'R' Q Ben Haden (D) Movie *** "A Face In The Crowd" (1957) Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal. A derelict goes from a jail cell to national recognition on the strength of his humor and musical talent. (HBO) The Gift Of Life The children's ward of a major hospital is the setting for this documentary that observes how two families are coping with chronically ill youngsters. (S) The Garry Shandling Sliow's 25th Anniversary Special The fictitious 25th anniversary of "The Garry Shandling Show" is celebrated in a parody of TV talk shows that's filled with clips of memorable guests. (U) Cover Story Guest: Melba Moore. 9:05 IB Sports Page 9:30 9 Market To Market QJ K.C. Viewpoint Q Rock Alive (E) Outdoor Life (U) Hollywood Insider 9:35 (Q Jerry Falwell 10: oo QOOCDOGDOID 13EQCD News CSCBEQ Mind Your Language O Witness To Revolution: The Story Of Anna Louise Strong The transformation of Anna Louise Strong from reporter to political activist is examined. (CO (9) Tales From The Darkside 9 Austin City Limits Featured: Earl Thomas Conley ("Fire and Smoke," "Heavenly Bodies," "Chance of Lovin' You"); Vince Gill ("Turn Me Loose"). (R) Qj) People Reaching People (HBO) Movie** "A Nightmare On Elm Street" (1984) John Saxon, Ronee Blakely.'R' (N) Turkey Television (S) Honeymooners: The Lost Episodes When Ralph tries to help an old friend find a wife, an unknowing Alice suspects him of being unfaithful. (CO (U) Herbalife 10:15 Q) It's A Living 10:30 QOGDEB George Michael's Sports Machine (MBES Yes, Minister O Movie ** "Sizzle" (1981) Lonl Anderson, John Forsythe. A small- town girl transforms herself into a sultry nightclub star to avenge her fiance's murder. QM)(3)13 ABC News (CO Q Sports Extra QIB Jeffersons t»m WKRP In Cincinnati Q Taxi Valerie Bertinelli plays a young mother whose child is kidnapped in "Rockabye," the 8 p.m. CBS movie. (9) Lou Grant ID Fight Back! With David Horowitz (10) Mother-Daughter Pageant IB WKRP In Cincinnati Q) Jimmy Swaggart Q Ed Young (E)SportsCenter 10:35 Q John Ankerberg (O Movie ** "Moscow On The Hudson" (1984) Robin Williams, Maria ConchitaAlonso.'R' (CO 10:45 [5(6)(w)13 Movie **** "Bonnie And Clyde" (1967) Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, a pair of brutal bank robbers, blaze a bloody trail throughout the Southwest during the 1930s. Q Fred Astaire: Change Partners And Dance Fred Astaire's career Is picked up after his departure in 1939 from RKO and follows him through a succession of beautiful partners Including Paulette Goddard, Rita Hayworth, Betty Hutton, Leslie Caron and Audrey Hepburn. (S) Movie ** "Star 80" (1983) Mariel Hemingway, Eric Roberts. 'R' (CO 11 :OOQB Tales From The Darkside Q Movie "A Time To Triumph" (Premiere) Patty Duke, Joseph Bologna. Based on a true story. After her husband suffers a massive heart attack, a housewife becomes a U.S. Army helicopter pilot to support her family. (CO ©Taxi QOG9IB Star Search Guest: Betty White. Q India Speaks Members of India's rising middle class are profiled Including a filmmaker, a maharaja, a designer and a traditional housewife. Q Bob Newhart 9 Mystery I Q) Man Houston ID Perspective On Greatness (Q Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous Featured: Tammy Wynette; Tony Danza tours the Bahamas; composer Bill Conti; modeling agents Eileen and Jerry Ford; the Cattle Barons' Ball in Texas. Q Millionaire Maker Q Larry Jones (D) Disney Family Album (E) Rodeo (N) Route 66 (U) 60 Minutes To Success 11:05 (Q Jimmy Swaggart 11:30 QO Come Alive QAM In The Family (9) Fame Q John Osteen (D) Scheme Of Things 11:40 (HBO) Movie **** "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" (1981) Harrison Ford, Karen Allen.'PG'(CO 11:45 CD News 12:00 OOED Gene Scott OOG3IB World Vision Q Make Room For Daddy Q) At The Movies -^ Q Take Time (E) Best Of PKA Karate (N) My Three Sons (U) A Millionaire's Secret To Wealth 12:05 O World Tomorrow 12:30 Q Entertainment This Week Interview with actor Richard Dreyfuss. Q Music City U.S.A. (9) Star Games IQ ABC News (CO (10) Tales From The Darkside (N) Donna Reed 12:35 |B Larry Jones (O Movie ** "Ten From Your Show Of Shows" (1973) Sid Caesar, ImogeneCoca.'G' («.) Movie *** "2010" (1984) Roy Scheider, John Lithgow. 'PG' (CO l:OOQRockford Files Q(10)(BNews Q 700 Club (N) Movie *** "The Fallen Idol" (1949) Ralph Richardson, Bobby Henrey. Based on a story by Graham Greene. A young boy tries to help his Idol when he thinks he's guilty of murder. (U) Credit Card Millionaire 1:05 Q Children's Fund 1:30 O ABC News (CO (9) At The Movies Q CBS News Nightwatch (E)SportsCenter 1:35 (Q Movie ** "Blondle's Secret" (1948). Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake. Counterfeit money and an attempted luggage robbery stall the Bumsteads' vacation. 1:40 (HBO) Movie ** "Daniel" (1983) Timothy Hutton, Mandy Patinkin. 'R' 2:00 Q CBS News Nightwatch (9) Independent News Q 700 Club (U) Millionaire Maker 2:10 (C) Movie *** "Over The Brooklyn Bridge" (1984) Elliott Gould, Margaux Hemingway. 'R' 2:30 (9) Puttin'OnThe Hits (E) Tennis 2:35 (S) Movie ** "Lasslter" (1984) Tom Sel leek, Jane Seymour.' R' 3:00 (9) Movie ** "Angel's Alley" (1948) Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall. The Bowery Boys expose a racketeer who uses young boys In a car theft ring. IB Agriculture U.S.A. (N) Turkey Television (U) Creating Wealth With Government Loans 3:30Q} It's Your Business 3:55 (HBO) Movie *** "Just Tell Me What You Want" (1980) All MacGraw, Alan King. 'R' 4:00 Q Dukes Of Hazzard IB Get Smart (C) Movie ** "Dreamscape" (1984) Dennis Quaid, Max Von Sydow. 'PG-13' (N) Route66 (U) New Generation Hair Care 4:25 (S) Movie ** "Toby And The Koala Bear" (1981) Rolf Harris. 4:30 (9) To Be Announced IB Beverly Hillbillies (U) Room 222 Do you need another employee? Hundreds of readers are looking through the classified ads every day. Phone 8234363 and an ad- taker will help you. Sports this week SUNDAY 5:00 (E) College Basketball 6:00 (9) Greatest Sports Legends 7:00(E)SportsCenter 8:00 CD Wrestling (E) Tennis WCT World Doubles, final matches. 10:30 O N F L Week In Review 11 :OOQQS) Jack Hartman O Larry Brown (E) SportsCenter (U) Wrestling 11:30 OOOOdDOaQl] (10)|BIBS) NFL Playoffs The NFC (CBS) and AFC (NBC) championship games. Starting times and teams were not available at press time. O Wrestling (E) Mark Sosin's Salt Water Journal 12:00flQ M.T.X.E. Basketball (E) Fishin'Hole 12:30 Q PBA Bowling (Season Premiere) $150,000 AC-Delco Classic. 1:00 (E) Fishing 1:30 ID Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing (E)MISL Soccer 2:00 O Bob Uecker's Wacky World Of Sports O World Cup Skiing 2:30 aaaaC£iaaG9 OOltBIBH) NFL Playoffs The NFC (CBS) and AFC (NBC) championship games. Starting times and teams were not available at press time. 3:00 Q Wide World Of Sports (Season Premiere) Scheduled: Live from Kansas City, Mo., The Harlem Globetrotters, featuring the first woman member of the team, LynetteWoodard. 3:30 (E) Tennis 6:00 (E) SportsCenter 6:05 Q Wrestling 6:30 (E) NHL Hockey St. Louis Blues at New York Rangers 9:05 Q Sports Page 9:30 (E) Outdoor Life MONDAY EVENING 6:00 (E) SportsCenter 6:30 (9HU) College Basketball Notre Dame at Brigham Young (E) NFL Films Presents 7:00 (E) College Basketball Vlllanova at Connecticut (HBO) Not So Great Moments In Sports 7:05 |B NBA Basketball Denver Nuggets at Milwaukee Bucks 9:00 (E) College Basketball Sooth Alabama at Alabama-Birmingham TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 (E) SportsCenter 6:30 (E) Wrestling 7:00 (U) Wrestling 8:00 QO MISL Soccer Wichita Wings at Kansas City Comets (E) College Basketball North Carolina at Maryland (Live) 9:00 (U) Bodybuilding Men's NPC Championships (Taped) 10:00 (E) Dial Dick Vitale WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 (E) SportsCenter 6:30 (E) NBA Today 7:00 (E) Roller Derby (U) College Basketball Syracuse at Georgetown 8:00 (E) Top Rank Boxing THURSDAY EVENING 6:00 (E) Tennis Continues (HBO) Inside The NFL 7:00 (9) College Basketball Wisconsin at Illinois (U) College Basketball Auburn at Alabama 8:00 (E) College Basketball Wake Forest at Duke 10:00 (E) College Basketball Arizona State at Oregon State FRIDAY EVENING 6:00 (E) Tennis Nabisco Masters singles quarterfinals. 7:00 (U) Wrestling 7:05 O NBA Basketball Boston Celtics at Indiana Pacers 9:00 (E) Track And Field Sunklst Invitational. (HBO) Boxing Tony Tubbs (22-0, 15 KOs) vs. Tim Wltherspoon (232, 16 KOs) for the WBA Heavyweight title. SATURDAY 7:00 (E) SportsCenter 7:30 (E) Speed Week 8:00 (E) World Class Women 8:30 (E) Tennis Magazine Reports 8:35 Q Wrestling 9:00 (E) Roller Derby (HBO) Inside The NFL 10:00 (E) Cycling' 10:30 (U) Beat The Pros 11:00 (E) NFL Films Presents 11:30 OCE Tennis Nabisco Masters. Q Norm Stewart (E) NFL Films Presents Highlights of Kansas City Chiefs vs. Minnesota Vikings In Super Bowl IV. (HBO) Not So Great Moments In Sports 12:00 |D College Basketball Wichita State vs. Indiana State Q)(U) Senior Bowl Top seniors from the North are pitted against the best from the South. (E) NFL Films Presents 12:30 BO Wichita Wings Coaches Show jQ Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing (E) College Basketball Duke at North Carolina 1:00 QBQ(IO)Q) College Basketball Oklahoma State at Kansas (TIOQDU Greatest Sports Legends aO(DfE)0) College Basketball Regional coverage of Ohio State at Boston College or Kentucky al Florida. 1:30 O© College Basketball UCLA at Notre Dame (T)CiDQSl3 Bob Uecker's Wacky World Of Sports 2:00 (SCEIGD (U)13 PBA Bowling $125,000 Greater Los Angeles Open. 2:30 (E) N F L's Greatest Moments 3:00 QQQ(IO)Q) College Basketball Iowa State at Oklahoma OOQDIBID College Basketball Regional coverage of Syracuse af Louisville or Arizona at Miami. 3:30 OS) PGA Golf Bob Hope Classic third round. GDGDGDQS13 Wide World Of Sports Scheduled: World Cup Skiing, men's downhill featuring Bill Johnson and Doug Lewis and the World Gymnastics Championships. (E) NFL Films Presents 3:35 Q Fishin'With Orlando Wilson 4:00 Q) Wrestling (E) NFL Films Presents 4:05 |B Roland Martin 4:30 (E) NFL Films Presents 4:35 Q Motorweek Illustrated 5:00 OO PGA Golf (E) NFL Films Presents 5:05 Q Wrestling 5:30 (E) SportsCenter 6:00 (E) College Basketball Pittsburgh at Villanova 7:30 (9) College Basketball Alabama- Birmingham at DePaul 8:00 (E) College Basketball Texas at Southern Methodist 10:00 (E) SportsCenter

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