Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 2, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1907
Page 2
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Mei^lNjFRQNK, AMt CMljMrw . ,200,000 l4iwnindtace ^,^u.lsnow the kind— •With bfiie bowkiiots'fln my iiockets. , >t: And pert Etrtng» that tl's behind;. ; Bui ,1 twak the. deadliest havoc ! fe; '.jaiat ttie'heaii<>f liiaid couid wish.j W^^-' y/bkn sfie wears ,ine, sUperlritendiug"' ' Rarebits in ajchaflng dish. if-^;_:B» It bcqrs oif gay'and tweutj-, - Or gr »Te w'dijwers. twoscor?, ; ' : Be It btfnedlct. or even . w ' - The elusive bachelor— When they me^ mv ways bpgailin;;, \ JOi r ca>nckle .-1irblle r win! 1 . for they all 8a>- sh? is sonu'how, ; ^ "So fttensely. femhiine!" [. -ae.,ha9 given up a'tiileOcs: ' It's tlk> longer worth. her whllr. To kcqoire tan;and frecliles— CWlf ni^iiK. many A ireary mile! -rin a «Opl'»h Utile afir^ - But- tiieriB'B iffithlng^clknt can vin In man^ heart with such a combine >M tbkt cbBlihg/iiiak-and I. —'ESlzalietli Payfie In Harper's for Oc• tober.f ' Mrs.; McCann^' 105 East Sprncf • street. • will he hostess of thf Altnr A gMd time to buy before tbe price rises. A good place to bay is SE WILL'S JEWELIYSTOR 104 North Washington. a::(l Mrs. .Mclnlyre have lived in lola a .ui-i-atiT part of their life and aro woll Ijnown young follv. • • •:- Bcv. Van Orden, of Fort Scott, \rho canib liere yesterday to attend li.e iiistnllalion of Rev. HUscher in ih • Presbyterian pastorate, was ptiost of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Hagen biich, of No. 5 North Sycamore street * + * One Of the most Interesting meet I m^'.s- which the Y. P. C. U. has held this fail occiined last evening in the I: riiitt'd Hrolhcrpn church. The topi society! 'of St. Johns .church totnor-i "flty Missions" was the nucleus for a tow afternoon. ^Thc meeting will bej "iiinljer of interesting talks and read hrld l4 *''Tang6 ;for the Catholic falr;'"^-^ «l""is and chantalde work -W&tdi will be opened on Thanksgiv- InK Ol ^ht Contrar}- to the usual rus- - torn th^te he only a three days -c^Iebratton this "year. •. •>! • • * * Th^; Reformed Missionary voclcty win itte^t In th? church parlors on Tbursda^ afternoon. _ , *** - I)aut[hter8' of the King will meet on Thn^dav affemoon at throe o"- -ciodk inj the Vest /y of St. Timothys church. :A8 this the coinniencenienf of the year 's'wc)rk all members nro requested to no- "frf'attendance. Tlio meeting; >11I be ;^alled at thni; o- dock. Mrs. d. Wv .^|en Is home from a. summer In SlowafcClty. Iowa. Nebraska j and other northeiin states. I- " The Ti society is to mert with tho" 'J ptesldent. Miss Jessie Howard. j Mr. aiid Mrs. "Eari Mclntyro 'Y'"'' of Mr. and teaTing today for Colorado, wher^''^•">' ""'"^h LaHarpe last ev •they are r.tof«8lde. Mr.s. Mclntyro isj'-''" an ' accomplished ^ vocalist' and h:is' ' beena p^m'nent piember of the choir ork and .Mr. nriM)Us who led the servlc presented a v?ry thrilling picture of f:tin<itis worlv in mission fields. N' xt week on Tuesday evening the honrs will be given over to a social \'\vrh will be for the entertainment of nimiliers of the hostess society and the eongregatioti of the church. Ther*} v.- 11 1 )1 an elaborate menu s.'rved by iuenil)ers of the l.ook6ut committee and Ilev. .Mlssaniore and R. H. Ben ndt will address the company. Thi srcial is the first of a series which has li.'-en planned for the purpose of cnating new Interest in the society's - ' rU and to increase the membership list. • • . Mr.s. U'. T,. t'ral)l> is home from a visit in Forr Worth. Tex was jieronipanied by her .-:^;|• r. .Mrs. M. C. Mracewell and son I (ir .iine. + + + Msis Heriha SIrkly and Miss A 1: ,Mii. of =the^ Christian ^church. Both .Mr. ^ J'^W^h^lirt^bu going?" " VfObitig after a sack of CI. ^S^f%^^P\onr. My^vife ^:wim*^tBe anything else." <' • • >:r.s r. IC. Eakin and Mrs. Hanson ui I <ntiTiain the Royal Club on Fri f.iv iit Mrs. Eakin's home in East to!;!. + • * Tiy M<fl!'n!jst choir Is tiie first In i':c eily to talie any definite step>- ti .ward tlie winter work. A commit If -.a from the senior rhoir met witi Mr. and Mrs. Oram Miller last even Ins and ilevoted an hour to the plans for u'\v musical servire.s and the ere Ption of a constitution. Mr. Orant urite who Is the chorister, was In a 'tr-iK'anee. also sevpral of the lead ins musicians. • • + The lawyers of tile city will enter tiiin the-r wives and feminine friendf OvM ^lttliiifiiJe Proof that Lydia E. Pink ham's ^Vegetable Compound Succeeds. Xhw tit' the.ffre»test triompbs of 1^ E.5HnltbainVV^t»We C6m- -MlijBd'U -^tlut eo&^nering of woman*s mii8.eB«dky Tomor,; wU^j^^Ou^^^idBiiiJ^'^ prewnce irii)t^(^ mtiirtiswell -'Nraodering pains" may " ew^y stages or the may be made SVe monthly periods i ,^nsnal pain, from 'i-tlie groin and l]]U*«!?m^^i^oiU pains, if, *' atiras of infUmmation' ats, secure »• botUe of .^^^^^iVlp^Him^ V^table Com- ]^aaa^'^M8^'ftOtn natire roots and '.1^.' BbriKi^-ttAtrMyrmy and begin'ita use. ^ ''^'Xli0 ^fM|o«aag -letters should eon; vinee erery differing' woman of ite ^ vfrtnei- nd that it actually does ^•.4JiW^MM*6^.Tc* SM W. Colfax v' JhriB.'.Son|li Bead, Ind., writes : ' Dear Hia-jPlnkham :— *dea«nre is writ- ^ijwv for what Lydls. E. %giat *ble Compound has l:«laO txxdc the Blood ii[-aUeniate dosea with tbe ^mr naedicine" remored a Of tour y«««' growth, pbyMCiana iSSJvl iSd. T^ey had said that .^HSTaajtoe »ration<ionld help me. I am i<-^m>WSm tal tbatl foUoWieda fnend s S iSSSl ^i-2--Ltw,d well woman and id it as long as I Uve." ••1fj^^^.:1SvrtM,-al M Kuorles St, "jjlfferent dooton* time witl)ont fJtad afibttrfd aa Bwollen.'and vain. I wrote i«plM aod I - lyaad ...Lyd ^ItJ «»• Dear Mrs. Pinkham :— "I was told by my physician that I had a fibroid tumor and that I would hare to be operated upon, I wrote to ybu for advice, which I followed care- fally and took Lydia E. Pinkhan's Vegetable Compound. I am not only enred of the tumor but other female troubles and can do all my own work after cigh years of suffering." Mrs. 8. J. Barber, of Scott, N. T. writes : Dear Mrs. Pinkham:— ••Sometime ago I wrote yon for advice about a tumor which the doctors thought would hare to be removed. iDKtead I took Lydia E. Pinkham 's Vegetable Compound and to-day am a well woman." Mrs. M. M. Funk. Vandergrift. Pa., writes: Dear Mrs. Pinkham:— "I had a tumor and Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound removed it for me after two doctors had given me up. I was sick four years before I began to take the Compound. I now recommend Lydia E- Pinkham's Vegetable Compound far and near." Such testimony as above is convincing evidence that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound stands without a peer as a remedy for Tumor Growths as well aa other distresstog ills of women, and such symptoms aa Bearing-down Sensations, Displaee- ments, Irregularities and Backache, etc. Women should remember that it is Lydia E. Pinkham's VegeUble Com- ponnd that is curing so many women Don't forget to insist upon it when some druggist asks yon to accept something else which be calla "jost as good."^ with a banquet tomorrow evening; in Odd Fellows hall. The menu book and program of toasts has Just been completed in the Register bindery and is unusually pretty. The cover Is of Heavy white paper oma mented by a drawing of o/ster» on the half th 11 with the name of the hoa less society and the whole cnclos cd in a pink silk parchment tied with a bow of white satin ribbon. Th menu is ver>- much elaboratad an( will be served by the aid society ol the First Methodist church. Th< courses are as follows: Urapes Bananas Scalloped Oysters • Chicken Pie Cold Roast Pork F'arksr House Rolls Mashed Potatoes Butter Gravy Cabbage Salad June Pea^ Sliced Tomatoes Celery Olives Plcklea Current Jelly WTiite Cake Layer Cake Devil's Food Ice Cream Salted Peanuts Tea Coffee Milk * * A group of boys met last oveniui ;o reorganize the Eclipse l>anc!n.u :'ub for the season. The dances an I very important part of the younger .^fs social calendar and the plans were entered into with a great dea of enthusiasm. IJeii S(>rvey was el ected manager and Alvin C. Ferri.- ecretary and tr.->asury. The bylaw, re frannd ui) with the Idea of let ting every member have an equa •hancc to dance with ilie belles a' h? dances for one provision is that ot more than one dance can be en r-,iK >d In advance of the set in pro ;res8. Tlie dances will be held fort lightly, the first one on Tuesday. Or tober tsnth. The membership, is a^ vet Incomplete })Ut :he nanus al- eaiy listed are those of the well nown youiiu men aboui town. •:• •> • The last reheai^al for the tjpwort'i .eagiia entertainment on Friday ev- nliig will be held tomorrow.. The af air will be a playette "Diamonds it" he Rough." with a program of iiiu • :c and readings. Th' r*' will alsr- !e a paulomlme. "The Ten Virgins." •> V • Yesterday afternoon a niiiiiber ol met with .Mi-s. D. P. Northrui 0 r-, organizi- their card club for ih- vinter. Tha club which will b 110*11 as the Thursday .\fternooi, .uchre club is the oldest card clu' II the city, having been organized 'li iro by a group of ladies, many 01 vliom are members at this time. Th;^ .lie rs who were elected last seasou vill remain in ollice. .Mi-s. 1). P. N'orihrup as jircsident: .Mrs. C. B prncer, as vice, |ir;'sident: Mrs. F \. Nortbniji.second: vice president nd Miss Eva Brett, treasurer. Th' r.-t party will be given on Thursday Jclobor in by Mrs. T. S. Stover. 'Zii N'orth Cottonwood street. Ttic nioni- lership list is as follows: Mrs. F. A .'orlhrup. Mrs. C. B. Spencer, .Mrs. T Stover. -Mrs. I). P. Northnip. Mrs L. Xorliirup. .Mrs. F. J. Horton .!rs .1. 1;. .Mittlebach. .Mrs. C. H hieils. Mrs. Walter Teats. Mrs. Har lion Hobart, Mrs. C. L. W^hlttaTjer Mrs. F. E. Smith. .Mrs. John Foust ftT*. .T. A. Wfhcehr. Mrs. E. C. Mc ia;n. .Mrs. B. F. Robinson, Mrs. 0< ir Foiist. .Miss Eva Brett. .Miss Ro ilia Charles. Miss Clara Foust, am' Irs. Ceoree Fry. •:• <' -i- 1 adies of the East lola church ar» iraiiging for another novel event to ssst them in canceling the portion of Ik- church debt which they volunteer •d to pay. Sometime wUhIn the nejjt w weks the ladles arc- to hold a imiiiage s.f.^ and dispose of a collec on «>f articles for the housrhold There h;is been a committee of three PlHiinted. .Mrs. S. Crumley, .Mrs. Fulon and .Mrs. Folknor. who will be ml i«» know of any articles whlcl riends of tha church may wisho to c< ntribiite. The usual exchange wil] occur in one of the down town stores n Saturday. Bracelets. Rings, Chains. Fobs. Neck Chains, and Brooches is worth your whil<> to see. New designs, modest prices. We will take pleasiin; in showing them to you. McNEiL BROTHERS, REMEMBER! Ill looking for high grade Jewelry, Cut Glass, or llanri I 'ainled Chinaware, see J.W.COFFEY &SON t'sclnsirc Jewelers. East Side. STOLE A HORSl :'re.sliyterian In.slallativn Serrlce fi>r| >ew Pa.stor Last ?ight. With very imposing cersmonies the Rev. S. S. Hilscher, formerly of Vln- cn, Iowa, was installed last night as lartor of the lola First Presbyterian church. The s '-Tvlce was attended by a arge per cent of ths congregation nd proved very interestinsr. The Rev. Mr. Thompson, of Independence, delivered the^ principal sermon of th ? iven'-ng. His text was from John V:i7 o ;!9. He showed how men wero hirsting for something better than his life can give and exjilained that his thirst can only ba satisfied by .'hrist. Rev. John Crawford, of lola. in vrry onching language offered the Install- •tioii prayer. Rev. John Bright, pastor of the LaHarpe church, gave the charge to he pastor. He said It was nece.s- .ary that the pastor should b.-> a ser- aiit of Christ and not of men and hat he should be the ambassador of Tood. beseochinff men in Christ':- lia'l. to be reconciled to God; that •e shoiilii be Christ's shepherd f'',?d- r.g I he flock of which (iod has made 'Ini an overseer. Rev. K. A. Vanorden of Fort Scott, ;ave the charge to the people H ,• nipVaslzed the thought that the peo- •le of the ehureh created the almos- 'hen' In which tlu' pastor ts to lio his vork. and that they should In every .ly. spiritually and temponilly, sus- a'n him. During the service the cliolr ren 'eied an anthi'iu and after th.- bene- Whlch .nr. Snyder .>lusl I «'^'<'" «''>" } n-K:ition greeted the pastor anil Ills GRABS SArSs We have long had a reptttation in this locality of GlI- ing pretcripiions with the highest quality gootls that coald be secured, and in filling them in a way which met with the approval of the entire medical profession. Tbe .same carelul work will be continued in the fa- lure. The same high quality goods will \ic used that have been used in the past. We solicit your patronage 1Y. £. Crahb, T0l0phono 4^76 Prosorlption Di*uggM PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY • •-'•••'••It W. n. ANDKKSiW, At(ornry-at-I<aw. Notary and Sienographer in onice. Phone 405. I 'hurgc to - Answer. A horse tratm-r aaiiied rnyder is In ail iiwalling cfn tl.e eliarge of steal iig a horse, buggy and honiess from E. Vanatiu of South Third street he in mal v.!is taken from a tele ilioiie pole n;ar the show ground"- litht leforc last where .Mr. Vanatla lad hitch: (1 it while he took in th« •iicus. -Mr. Vaiiaita immediately be nn a search for the animal and had I'ndei-.sht riff Boat right notify the of fic.'i;s in ilie surrounding country I'e.'-lenlay H. IC. Re:iiley. a junk mai net Snyder, so he says, in East lol; nd Ilie latter offered tr) trade bin lioi-se for one of Renilry's horse; ind $2..'"" to liodi. Tlie iiroposuio: vas ;icc.!|)ted by Remley. Snydei hen. acconliiiK to Remley said he hai I I mikkv ami lianiess which lie woitli rade Remley for another horse ani n ..">u t«i boot. This ileal was also clos Later on in the day Remley foiin- 'u> Imrs-s hr' h^'d trailed wanderinp il'out near Elm Creek ;iitd he begar fear that something was wionj ihout the iradi'. On investl.gation h- ''Hind fliat the horse. liiu-Ry and har less he had tradeil for l)eIongr>d l« Mr. Vanatta and lie r'sforeil the prop •rty to its riwn<'r He thru notiflei •he ofIlc»rs iind a warrant was I.ssuei "or Snyder. I.aie last ."\ening TTii lersherlff Roalriglil arrested Sliyde- and placil him in jail. Snyder de nies the rrinie ami says he ran prov 'lis innocence. • ••••• I II.A. Ewing, S. A. Caret, f!. R. (Jard • EWISG, (iAKD & OARD, • Lawycrii. : P Practice in all Coorts. ^ 9^ W. Madison. Phona W. " vifo. T!ie Rev. Hilscher pradnnted from Ineoln I'liiverslly of I.inroln. III., tr SRG. For several years after his grad atlon he taught in Illinois and Min •esota. Later he tead law and was admit "1! to the bar in the state of Mln- ifsota He practieed .law in Sioux •"alls, Iowa, for a v<-ry short ttiiie. but ave up bis law work and entereil th-" 'cCnrniiek Theological Seminary, of | •h'cigo. 111. He graduated from tliis rhrol in He was almost immediately after •is ).'rndiiation selected as iiastor of If ehureh af Manchester. Iowa, and .-•rveil in that place two years, when was railed to the charge at Sand' ••ieh. III., where he remained four] ears. In lOOO he was called by the 'iiiton. Iowa, church, at t'lat fini" th':] "end largest church In tlie srat?. here he remained as nastor until h-s lection as pastor of the Tola chiirm DR. McMILLEX, Special attention given tn the treatment of all'ChronIc Discaa- es and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Oflice .^2, Res. 232. Oflico in Mrs. Turner's BIdg., West Madison. Phone fiS7.- Res. 701. .UK. o. I-. rox. Eye, Ear, N' and Throat. Spectacles Properly Kitted. . Ollice A. O. U. W. Uldg. I'houe ,5.''>4. lola, Kans. DR. EDITIf S. IIAIOH. ; Office and Residence ;ovcr Burrell's Drug Store. OlTice Hours—10 to IS" a. m.. 2 to 4 p, m., 7 to 8 nycnlngg. Siind.-tys by Appointment. • • • OFF ro >ATIO>AL .HEETIXJ. 'ol. J. B. Alchisofj to Attend A. H. T. | A. Session. - Office Phone losn. DR. It. O. niKI .STlA.V. I'byvlciau and iiiirgeon. Rooms 7 and 8. . Evans Bidg. r. H. MARTIN, 2 Practice Limited to Surgery. • IG N. Buckeye. Phone 576. • • • • • •• • • • • • .SF.OIV .SOWIXf.' WHKA 'r. ANSAS WANTS TO KEEP IT rotcHt Airain !<t Losing Oklahonm From RcTeuue DiMlrlrt. TOM"" anfferin; from aojr form of' flbiiala- weakoaaa ar« inrited to write Mra. Pinkham. Lynn, Maaa., ,for. advice. She is tbe Mrs. Pinkham .who haa been advising aiok women free of charge for mora than twenty .Tcar^ and before that ah^ aaaiatad her mbtlwr-in-law, Lydia E. Pfnk- Pleaa»at, well qnallfled- togoida'aidc tiack to health. Washington, Oct. 2.—Kausan doe t propose to lose Oklahoma from it ntenial revenue district without ight. Commissioner Capers planue o relach Okl-ahonia from Kansas an attach it to Arkansas. The first no tice Senators l-ong and Curtis. Kansas, had was when they read o It in the .lournal. Today Sanator Curtis went to thf Trf.isui-y department and In thi name of lilmself and Senator l.(Jiig f>l ed a protest against the change. }{< said it was poor business for the iiat Iciiul administration to switch patron age from Republican Kansas to Dem ocratic Arkansas. The pro|>os?d tram- fer would cause a number of clerkf 111 the Kansas revenue office, who are piotected by civil service, either t( triove to Arkansas to Hv.? or lose theii Jcbs. They want to do neither. Capers said the recomniendatlor had been made, but that the presldcn' had not yet signed the order. Curtis and Long will carry thf fight direc; I.) the president. KOflBERS DV\A.MITED TRAI.V .Seterai H'omrn and Children BurnP4< In Fire H'hirh Kolluwed. Odessa. Oct. 2.— A train having on Imard over two hundred passengen was held up last night by a batid o robbers, who opened a mall car by exploding dynamite. The explosion set the car on fire and the flames com munlcated to the crowded pissengerV lioar with the result tliat several wo- 'ipen and children were bad.'y burned The robbers were atacked by j;endar- ^^froes who were on the train. Several on both sides were wounded but the robbers escaped. (•burn's INport Shows Wft Mcalher Ciiused Hie Delay. Top -la. Oct. 2. —IJi'ports for See •niber to Secretary F. I). Coliuni. o lie t;tate hoard of agririilture. fron he secretaries of .fifteen rounty agri •uliiiral sorletlev, indicate that thf :ow!ng of winter wheat this fall ha? n the main procressed sonu 'wha' :lewly. owing to dry wfather. at ho'igh tlie r.-irliiM- enndliioiis for prop •\\y preparing ilie seed-In ds wen •iil!r Kenerally lavorable, ami a larg' j-ea WHS trade ready. Later Ihreshinc returns si-eni t; oiitirm pr: vloiis rstiinali's of |>rol ')!<' vielils of this y -ar 's wheat, aiii orn is turniuir out ahoiir as was e.\ •••c'ed. Kood to very good in soni' Lilts of the state, and poor loj ver: 001 in others, lln thf wli')!<' Ilie i-oporls si!:;cesi '.-It "rfiUKliii'ss" will be pl.'iitlful s lb honorabli! nicutlon of alfalfa a ll« most profitalde yiflder of the for :•<• c-rops fnnr or five cntfiiius foi he sea .son being no iiiieotnnion. f'ol J. B. Atchison expects to leave n'lay for Enid, Oklalioina. to attend | he annual meeting of the national idve of the A. H. T. :\. which is in I ession this week. Col. Atchison was Iert;'d us ii delegate last year. The ociil .-X. H. T. A. w II hold a HKeting] liortl.v to elect delejiates to the slaii' 'celing which is held this week at 'arsruis. .V meet inj;. was to ha v.-? I k en lelil last Saturday night, but owing o til', fact that President .lohn Wood ou'rl not he there the meeting was lot lield. • • • • • lO MOKE KA\.SAS E.XriR.SIOX.S.| 'wo CcnlH lo Re (hr Lowest as >Vcll j as the lligiiest Rate. I'hone 931.'. Fuller BIdg. DR. fJLTMV, Specialist. Eye, Ear. Nose and ThroaL Glasses Furnished. ••«•«••• omre Tel. :;:;i. Rei. Tol, -:,\\^. <;. w siiADWiCK. y\. D. (•'eucral rrncliro. ObBtctrIci: and diseases of children a ppceialty. Offlre over Sleycr's (Irorery. Hours: 9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 and 7 to ft p. m. DR. w. B. nFrLnmr. • * Phyfiiciar * Snrgeon. • * Office N. E. Torncr of Square. • * O^er K.C. Plumbing Co.'a Store. * * Res. Tel 38. Office Tel. 502, • • • DR. I,. TOZEB. Ittia Infirmary. 203 E. .lackson. We use X-R.iy, Violet Rays, Static, Galvanic and Faradis I'Jertricity with vibratory stimulation lu nervous and chronic di .seases. Phone ,386, • • • •• • I. Office Phone 511. • DR. LEVI .». NEW SOME. • r^peclal attention given to the • treatment of Disease of Women • and ('hiidren. • Office-f.0.> Sonfh Walnnt St • m AXOTHKR DRY (JOODS .STORE. Best .May I.ocaf* of lowH, Here. Irila may hav • anoilier dry gtKids- ^;or<'. J. II. Ilf -t. of llocliwoll. la 1 liioiher-in-law ot R. S. Ollfillan. Ihf contractor', is thinking some of jiul ins in such a store in lola. .Mr. Best s tiow In 'h" dry Kood .s business a* ^orkw. II. .\lr<. He'-t Is in lola thif veek for a visi. with R. S. (liirillan Scott* s Emutsion is an invaluable remedy for yoursdf and your family. It makes a thin baby plump, a weak child strong, a delicate woman robust, anailing man hearty. Scott's Emuision builds up Uie system imd in ttiat way pre•i ^rents disease. JUUfcawliii r SOfc hidsijea. fasseiiger repr?sentatives of th*^] \ansas r 'iids are holding a confer nc" here today, at v.hirh arrance lents are Iieinc made to wUhdniw all \rMrsion and rediicd rates of -veri- ind from use on and aft<>r Oefober '>n and afl'-r that ilate it in intended ') mak<' two I" Ills a mile the lowest V well as the high'^st passenger rate ;i (he state while Ilie legality of tli«' rdrr of the state railroad rnniniis donrr. prescribing that as th'- max- iiuin rate, is beln^ thresheil out i:i h.'' i-ourt. PROFESSIONAL MEN TO MEET. • {egular Session in Coiirf House .Mon- 1 day Mght. Tl I' Professional Men's .\v;soria- ifui will hold their rr^Eiilar meeting lexi .Monday nitthi in the Farmers room of the Alien Coiintv Court louse. Xii excelbuil program Is bi^ 'ng^prepared and other arrangements 'or'an Interesting s >ss'on are belnv uiaiie. It is liopetl that every mrm- •er-wHIl be present. The; interest in the organization has not been what Its promoters had hopsd for. • R .)9. Ti>I. IPX. Oniee Tel. 1C3. DK. J, R. PEPPER. DrnUst • 1 =1 iicmiancntly located over • E. r.. McClain'3 Clothing Store. • and la prepared to do all kinds • of iip-ir>-date dental work. • Evening work by appointment, t. «*«•.•***«**.«... DR. A. «. KOCH. • .Surgeon. Office over Po.>t Office. ' Office Phone 2IS. Residence i'hone 8S. " • • P. Ti. Lathrop, \trs. ReB.=;ie G. Latfarop. OSTEOPATIIH; PIITSICIANS. Special attention given to Diseases of Women and Children. Over East Side Hardware. Onice 'Phone, Main 468. • J. L. BARNES, • Attorney-at-Law. • llu Wciit .Madison, lola; Kansaa. • • S.S.S. PURELY UESTITITE KA.MILIES REPORTED. 'ouiity to Help fnfnrtnnate People in (•as and Lu Hanx*. Will Knapp. comniissloner of th"^ county poor, was called to I.aHarpe and fJas City tod:>y to Investigate some reported destitute families in which there is sickness. Henry Bu.s- ter. of LaHarpe. has small pox and a 'aniily at Cas f'lty has typhoid fever. If the cases are as represented the county will render some assistance. .SMALLPOX I.\ rOXC'RETO> Severar Famnrex Down With Dreaded DlNeaxe. Acting County Health Officer J. W. Holton. feports an epidemci of small nox In Concr'to. There has b «>f!n eral cases there for some time but •^ot until yesterday .was it known that there was more than one family «ufTerlha from the dWase. Dr. Bol ton received notice thia morning of several new cases, . S. S. S, is recognized everywhere not only as the best of all blood purifiers and the greatest of all tonics, but the one medicine that can be taken with absolute safety hy cvm-one. Younp or old, those in robust he'alth, or those whose S5 'stem3 are delicate and run-down, may use it with the same good results, and equally ^thout fear of any unpleasant or injurious after effects. Next in importaiice to removing the cause of any di.sease is the Condition in which the system is left after a course of medical- treatment. Medicines containing mercury, potash or c^lier strong mineral ingredients often do permanent injuryjby eating out the delicate lining and tissues of the stomach, producing chronic Dyspepsia, unfavorably affecting the bowels, and so deranging the system, that even if the original disease had been removed from the system it is left in such a weakeiied at{d deranged condition that the health is permanently impaired. S. S. S. enjoys the distinction of being the only blood medicine on the market that does tiot contain a mineral ingredient of some kind. It is made entirely of the heal jng, cleansing extracts and juices of roots, herbs and barks gathered directly from the* forests and fields of nature] under our own supervision, and when; they react our laboratory contain all their original valuable tonic and blood purifying properties. We offer a rew.-ird of $1,000 for proof that S, S. S.-contains a particle of mineral in any form. Beinj; made entirely from these vegetable ingredients S. S. S. is absolutely harmless to the system, and while curing disease adds haaltli and strength to every part of the body. S. S. S. cures Rheumatism, Catarrh, Scrofula, Sores and'Ulcers, vSkin Disease.^;, Contagious Blood Poison, and all other blood troubles by removing the cause and supplying the circulation with health-yriving and strcngth-j roducing qnalities. ; - IBE SWIFT ,SP£CinC CO.. ATLAITTA. Gl.

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