The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 22, 1963 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 7

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1963
Page 7
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Ann Landers "No Socks" Fad Unhealthy, Silly Ann Dear Ann Landers: For the last couple of weeks I noticed there were very few socks in the wash. I checked and found that my two' teenage sons have not been wearing socks to school. They just put their feet into their shoes and go. I asked them about this and they said it was the fad. I h a d - t. never heard of this fad so I asked a few friends who are also the mothers of t e e n- gers. They say it's the same at their house and they can't do any thing about it. One of my sons has had athlete's foot off and on. I don't think going without socks is a good idea for him. What shall I do? Keep quiet and hope the fad fades soon?—D. R. Dear D. R.: Fad shmad. Tell your boys they are not leaving the house without socks and make it final. This practice is unsanitary, unhealthy and silly. Dear Ann Landers: My husband is a college student and I am the only employed member of the family. I make $57.50 a week and this must pay for everything including his tuition and books. I'm not complaining. I feel one day it will be worth the sacrifices we are making now, but I do need some advice. My husband joined a volunteer rescue squad and spends every Sunday, holiday and spare minute at the squad house. He never does anything around home, we can't go to church together and we have no social life. I am a- awakened at all hours of the night by emergency calls and often go to work at 8:00 a.m., half dead from lack of sleep. He gets no pay for this. I've had to buy him two white uniforms and white shoes. He says he'd like to be a doctor but we can't swing it financially so he is studying psychology. I know the rescue squad is important work, but is he being fair to me?—CAROL T. Dear Carol: Tell your husband that the most important rescue job right now is at home—saving his marriage. Since he seems to be so enthusiastic about rushing to the scene of accidents tell him to get a paid job with an ambulance serv- ice. He can donate his time to the community when he's a wag- earner. Dear Ann: I could write a book but I'll try to be brief. Our daughter is 22. She was always wild and wouldn't listen to anybody. Two years ago she had a baby out of wedlock. We took her and the baby in, tried to be kind and helpful and encouraged her to make a respectable life for herself. She is up to her old tricks again, running around with married men. She has a job but doesn't pay us one cent for room and board. She won't wash a dish or a diaper — says she works all day at a store and that's enough. We are so fed up we'd like to throw her out but we love our little granddaughter and I'm afraid she'd be neglected if we didn't keep her here. I pray our daughter will meet a decent man and get married but the way she runs around no decent man would want her. Please tell us what to do.—W.P. K. Dear W.P.K.: Under the present set-up it's easy for this girl to be a tramp. She has no responsibilities. Lay down the law and tell het what is expected or out she goes. You could easily prove she is an unfit mother and prevent her from taking the child. Let her know it. To learn the knack of feeling comfortable with the opposite sex, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "How To Be Date Bait," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this news paper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed enveloep. Group Plans Year's Work Mrs. Roy Bones presided at the meeting of First United Presbyterian Woman's Association yesterday at Mrs. R. 0. Bundy's home. Mrs. Dean Driscoll presented the devotional topic, "One People of God." The remainder of the time was given to a discussion of the year ly program theme, "You Hold the Key." Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Jacob were appointed as hosts for the fellowship dinner, Feb. 3. LINDA JEAN BINGLE Wedding Rite Set For June 22 Mrs. William Bingle, Wichita, announces the engagment of her daughter, Linda Jean, to Cecil W. Schneider Jr. Wichita, son of Mr, and Mrs. C. W. Schneider Sr., Sparks. The wedding will be June 22, at 7 p.m., in Central Christian Church, Wichita. Miss Bingle is a graduate of Winfield High School, attended University of Kansas and graduated from St. Francis School of Nursing, Wichita. She was a member of her school chorus, served on committees in school and district Nurses Associations, was president of the 6th District, Student Nurses Association, and was a delegate to state and national conventions of Student Nurses Association. In the top 10 of her graduating class, she is now a registered nurse employed in surgery at St. Francis Hospital. Mr. Schneider, a graduate of Ottawa High School, was graduated from University with a BS degree in aeronatififecal engineering. He was a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity, serving a s ROBERT EDMISTON STORES. INC, One Group LADIES' DRESSES Values to $6.99 One Group LADIES' SPORTSWEAR Sweaters - Skirts Values to Now $77.99 Only One Group Boys' Long Sfeeve SPORT SHIRTS Values to $2.95 NOW T/C Limited Quantity One Group Boys' Woof DRESS SLACKS Values to $10.95 NOW $4 T/ 26-30 Waist Boys' Boxer Sfyfe CORDUROY PANTS 1.37 kitchen manager and on the pledge discipline committee. He was a member of the Institute ol Aerospace Science, Arnold Air Society, Men's Pep Council, and Student Forum board, and was a junior class officer. He is employed by Boeing Co., Wichita, as structural engineer. About Popovers It's the high temperature a which they are baked that makes popovers pop. Steam does the leavening trick! The popover bat ter needs to be beaten only unti smooth; the air incorporated during the beating plays a smaller part than does steam in helping the popovers rise to greal heights. Hints From Heloise Put A New Grip In Stretchy Socks By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloise: My biggest complaint about mens' stretch socks and children's crew socks was that after several washings the elastic iops of these socks would stretch out of shape while the rest of the sock would still be in good condition. My solution was elastic thread that I bought at my five and dime store. It comes in various colors and also white. I sewed three or four rows of small stiches around the top of the sock in matching colors Hel "' s * on my sewing machine. Presto! They looked fine and the elastic thread hardly shows at all. Mrs. S. Cohen Dear Heloise: I remove static electricity from my slips and under garments by dampening my hands with warm water after I darn the garment and then stroking the garments downward with my damp hands in several places. Also, a good shaking after removing the garments from the dryer will eliminate a lot of the static. Secretary It's true. Shaking garments when removing them from the dryer does away with lots of static electricity. We also know that moisture, when added in a room whether by vaporizer methods or just boiling a pan of water on a heater . . . keeps the shock down when walking across a rug and touching a light switch etc. So. . . just why wouldn't wetting your hands and running them down a nylon slip etc., do the same job? Great idea and thanks a million times, Miss Secretary. Heloise Dear Heloise: A time • saving idea is the use of colored pencil or crayon, which I keep handy on my telephone stand. When reading magazines and newspapers, I check the corner of the page with my colored pencil if I see an article that I would like to save. Then. . . when the newspaper or magazine has made the rounds of the family, I flip through it, and my colored check marks show up immediately. It saves hours of re-reading and hunting for articles I want to clip. Beverly Veatch Dear Heloise: Perhaps someone has the answer to a question that continues to "bug" me! That is — how to have crisp and icy salad greens at home like those most restaurants serve. I have tried everything including putting them in a plastic bag. I have washed and drained greens in the salad bowl with dampened paper toweling over them and placed in the refrigerator and so forth. Perhaps it comes down to the restaurant's super- refrigeration facilities. Yes? I would appreciate any answer but 25 million others — how to make their lettuce crisp, please send it to us, we need it. Letters do not have to be signed to appear but we would appreciate ever so much if you put either your initials or name so that we can give you full credit. If you have an answer to this, you deserve it. Send your problems, answers and "out-lets" to Heloise, in care of this paper. Heloise THE OTTAWA HERALD &f Tuesday, Jan. 22, 1963 '** Omega Plans Activities Mrs. LeRoy Teter, president of Omega Chapter, Beta Simgt Phi read a letter from International last evening concerning enrollments. Mrs. Leland GUliland, Centropolis, was hostess. Mrs. Ken Hay announced plans for a party Feb. 17, for members and children, at Mrs. Charles LeMaster's home. It was announced that Feb. 9 is the date set for the 3-chapter dinner dance at Country Club. The remainder of the evening was spent with games of dubs bridge in which Mrs. Jay Saner, and Mrs. Art Miller won prizes. Refreshments were served. on how to make crisp and lettuce delightful. salad greens crunchy and Mrs. J. M. Siebert Dear Folks: I am sure some of you are sitting home today have the answer to this problem. If by chance, you can tell not only this woman— Club Forecast Wednesday OMICRON CHAPTER, Beta Sigma Phi. Mrs. Claude Webb EXEMPLAR CHAPTER, Beta Sigma Phi. Mrs. Harvey Martin CHILD STUDY, Mrs. Marvin Durbln TOT-TO-TEEN, Mrs. Eugene Sievere REBEKAHS SWEET ADELINES SKII/TON MUSIC CLUB, Mrs. J. B. Hennlng Ammonia Oleans If the plate that holds the switch to turn on the electric light in your kitchen is chrome, you'll find that a little household ammonia will do a good job of cleaning it. Your Fashion Sfore Values to $1.98 yd. CLOSE - OUT One Table YARD GOODS One Table Better Fabrics (Adaptable to Spring) Quadriga Prints so Sq 50'vJ. $1.49 to $1.79 . Values 1.00 Yds. $1.00 Fieldcrest Special Towels Extra Large Bath $1.00 Hand Towel 69 Wash Cloth 29 CLOSE-OUT ITEMS Scarfs, Towels, Flowers, etc. Only 25c Dorothy Perkins, Scarfs, Jewelry Only 50c Assortment of.'.. 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