Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 1, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1907
Page 6
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10 tmOK ';2IKC C6^ WILL JfFElL • — ' i jmUjMJE^ STREET STBEEX IS iAID TO Bi&ltLEGAL. iV^>i^rr«tr Erenlng iuitTnuuaet IMJOB 2iae.Conpaii7 Will AppeaL . It is onderstood that the I^nyun . Zlac comAj^^fnryt apj>e«l from :the decialoa of^i^ppraisers who were appointed acme time ago by the city cooncU and tigreed on by tho Lanyou Zinc company in naming th«> price which the ,^ould pay the I^n- yoo companj^orthe priWIege of open tog and . ftpMauiag North Second atraet SoSie^ime ago a petition was ' pfesented th «clty council aslcing that ' body to ^MrlSd-'« sMewallc on North d«cond si^eei as this street had been 'naed for a number of months. Bur In looldng into^ the case and after ilie companjr^ad demurred on the grounds that it waa tiot legaily a street, appraisers were named for the purpose of oamini; tRe amount which the city should p^ them Tor the street. The aiipraisers'-mkde the sum fifty dollani but the company refuses to consider the amount an'd will appeal from their d«eiiioa. It is not likely that the city ' wilt contest but will continue using tbe street as heretofore without building a sidewalk.- IBii^r JM MI M Shorn Testerdaj. Tl»e gtHietS'Of La Harpe yesterday resembl^ ihdse of a scene in Gold- smltli'B fanou^ "Deserted Village." Almost CTeiT onk was in Tola talcing in tbe sights offered theav by Adam Fore- paugb and Selis Bros.' famous circus. Tbe oniy place where business seemed to-flourlsli was around the livery and feed 8ta{fl«B,-7%e liVerymen were busy yesterday'ialclng care of the teams and rigs-left with them while their drtverswent to Ida to take in the circus. •• • .;lt'. .;-t.:i . Is ImproTinK. The foulr-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.. Cn'iidibSter who was r;iin over some ttlife by a lumber wagon is improvL^is ^'rapidly as could be ex- pected.'^^«*"^*ix(nt htod hind wheels of tbe wagon passed over the child's body but no serious injuries resulted. He was terribly bruised however. tpoisar«ida.tottagorduiclag btfoce bar.«mbMMwing distxtM or hmrf foil fedi«« Jfiltomacb. iaiot sptHh, disc- gtng-dow£^Mlag ia lower abdnniail or pelTic r90ite ,M »a7 ttartled or ezdtad. periods, with or witb> out ifelvic 'catfrrfa. to snfferinf ^trom weakS (bes andjbrangementt that ihonld have • Hm autetion. Not all of above symplMb atfTikeljr to be present ia any at qne ^Bte. Neglaeiaa or badly treated and stich uetjbtpea run into maladies which do> Biaiur tpe surgeon's knite U they do not klly. icfne ext XB. BODBSWOBTH IS SUFFEBIHe WITH BBOS£!r COLLAB BOm, THE INJURY IS VERY SERIOUS FKirRE.S AT POSTOFFIfE HATE BEEN REABBA56ED. , very best ingredle— medical science for the cure of woman's peculiar ailments entc« into its composition. No alcohol, harmful, or habit-forming drug is to be found In tbe list of iu ingredients printed on each bottle-wrapper and attested under oath. . In any condition of the female svstem. Dr. Pierce 's Favorite Prescription can do only good—never harm. Its whole effect is to strengthen. Invigorate and regulate tbe whole female system and especially the pelvic organs. When these are deranged in function or affected by disease, tbe stomach and other organs of digestion become sympathetically deranged, the nerves are weakened, and a long list of bad, unpleasant symptoms follow. Too much must not be expected of this "Favorite Prescription." It will not perform miracles: will not cure tumors—mj medicine will. It icUl often prerciit them. If taken in time, and tlins the operating table and the surgeon'.s knife may be avoided. Women suffering from dlsea .ses of long BtandlnK, are InvittHl to consult doctor PiiToe by letter. /rr^-. All correspondence is held as strictly priv .iiH and >:acredly confidential. Address Ur. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.Y. Dr. Pierce 's Medical Adviser (JOOO pages) Is S'>nt free on receipt of 21 une-cent stamps for paper-covered, or 31 stamps for cIotb*bound copy. Address as above. CITY AFTER GAMBLERS timokei Headosarters for bargains the 3rd and 4tb—£!xfilfilt days. C. F. HOOBEHEAD, Propr. Kiiiree Klatch Social Tonight The Christian Endeavor of the Chris tia|> church trill this evening give a ; KUTee'Klatch social at the home of Mrs. Ott^^ltesfe- This is soniothing unIaoeP*>J^*ffcrieat from anything ev^ hH^ili^thffl city heretofore. The young J ^ttj^iit^e planning on a great time thte evening. City C DBBC II -Wednesday. The city council will meet in regular session " tomorrow, Wednesday nllJit /It-la not.likely that tliere will be anyUiingior Importance to ccs** before ^flif» i^eeting other than allow tag the'"1feg«ilar bills and the salaries of the (fa^k^es of the city. 'Newspaper Man Here. Oliek Fpckele, publisher of the LeRoy E^Hnter, was in tbe city a short time 7^Mer(ttty visiting C. W. Hamilton, publisbe)r of the La Harpe Journal. Mr. HadflHdn was in the employe of Mr. Fockeie in LeRoy for a number of months when be first started into th» bnsihesB a hamber of years ago. •'-^ ••• Pwwaals. Mr. aiiS^llfs. Chaa. H. Manners of Wichita wlere In tbe city yesterday a short time, and left for Moran, Kansas, where they will visit several days. W. O/'-ihianders of LeUoy, Kansas was visiting jh'the city .vestcrday. Ii. T. Lawrence left yesterday for Ok^ahomB, where be will look for a locatldni- i An Ordinanre I^rotidlng for Iniinlst- tlons Being Prepared by i'ity. City Attorney Oyler is preparing an ordinance under the new law passed by the last legislature prohUjitlng gambling. Under the new law th county attorney is given power to hold inquisitions in enforcing ihft law; and also the police judge and city attorney are given power to conduct such inquisitions. Mr. Oyler will have the ordinance ready for the council meeting Thursday night. It is said that a number of "tin horn gamblers arc. operating In the city, but they are so careful that it is difficult to get them . By holding inquisitions it is believad th^t tliey can be broken up. IXVITE A TEST. fhas. B. Spencer Asks Catarrh Saifer ers to Try Hyomel on His Guarantee. Chas. 6, Spencer Invites all who suffer from any form of catarrhal troubles to get a Hyomel outfit from them with their absolute guarantee that if it does not give perfect satisfaction, the money will be refunded upon re- ' I<» Hendetson, J. B. B. mdiQboii. There is no other treatment for catarrh that in any way resembles Hyo- mei, none that gives such quick curative results and lasting satisfaction, no medicine that can take lis place, none iliat can be sold on a guarantee like this, to refund the money unless it cures. Catarrh Is a germ disease airt can lie cured only by breathing Jlyouiei, so that the most remote air c<*lls in the nose, throat and lungs are reached by its antiseptic healing powers. In tlits way ail catarrhal germs are killed, the irritated mucous membrane is healed and catarrh is driven frinn the sy.s- lem. This wonderful medicated air treatment does not drug and derange tlie stomach, but is iTreathed through a little pocket inhaler that gofs wiih rvery dollar outni. The usual way in which Cha.s. H. Spencer sells Hyoniei attests his confidence in the remedy. LETIED OJf MBS. BEATON'S tRUXK Action ot Satisfy Judgment for Sixteen Dollars. Constable AVm. Conlcy levied on a trtmk belonging to Mrs. Clint Heaton Saturday to satisfy an alleged debt for labor to a young man named O'Ban- lon. The young man formerly c«nployed at the Chop Ilotise and some tithe ago sued and got judgment ior $16. Mrs. Heaton had a trunk at.tltf Arcade hotel and the constable levied'on it Saturday. It will be advertised for sale. TO DRILL OX BORXEY PLACE. City GetUng Beady to Sink >'ew Well. Converted Jew Will Addres.s An dienre in Opera House This Evening. Broke Collar ^nne. Mr. Doddsworth fell jyesierd.ny from his itivalid's chair and broke bis col lar bone. Und^r ordinary clrcum stances ihri injury would not be con sidered serious but since .Mr. Dodds­ worth is past seventy ffiur years and already an invalid the injury probably will result seriously if not fatally. Al though he is in a very bad condition at the present time there is great hopes for his recovery. .Vltended the Cirrus. Many (ius Ciiy people attended the circus yester<lay afternoon and evening at lola. The streets were deserted for a time yesterday afternoon while the people were in I lie city attending the big show. The feed stables were filled yesterday with teams owned by country people who drove this far and then took the car to lola. Change in Postoflice. The fixtures In the po.siolBce build ing have been dhanged. The new ar rangement makes them run along the east Bide of the building and gives George Ehly the entire west aide.of the building for his newa and confectionary stand. The cliange greatly Im proves the appearance ot" the interior of the building. Postmaster Busy. Postmaster F. S. McKelvey and his assistant, -Miss Blanche Mills, are exceptionally today making out their quarterly report. At the end of each quarter it is nece.ssary for the postmaster to make a report on every thing relative to the ofllce. This adds a great deal to the ordinary work. Birth. A son was born Sunday afternoon to Mr. and Mrs. Will Crowley of this city Converted Jew Will Speak. A converted Jew will speak in the opera house this evening. This man has been heard by many large audiences In lola and each time ho has delivered an instructive address. In each address he has told of "How the Jewish people are becoming to realize their sins as did the Prodigal Son" as told in the Bible. Dr. Lt-avell's Horse Arrives. Dr. Leavell's new liorse from his father's home near A'llen. Kansas, ar- ^^jrived yesterday and is being worked ftUtJay. Although the horse is perfectly broke he is not usnd to the street cars and it is necessary to watch liini for time. The animal is a big, line appearing fellow and doubtless -^'ill make a good one for the doctor's purpose. Personals. Mr. and Mrs. W. .1. .fones of Harper. Kansas, was vii.iting in tlie city yes- tenlay. E. O. OrI>ison of near Broiison was in the city ye.stprday on L .P. Panihier of Kansas City was calling on Ihe nierohants yesterday. Kee^ Your Bowels Open It is a noticeable fact, and one which any doctor will verify that people who stioer most often from disease are the ones who have the most difficnlty in keeping their bowels open. Regular bowel action is half the battle of health. People who have a tendewy to constipation mnst of necessity use something to help nature along. This should not be a violent aid like salts or puigative waters, cathartic pills or powders,'but a qrrup liquid that will oil the intestines and membranes that it comes in contact with. Children, women and weak people generally should never be given a •troDK physio, u It wemkeni the trstcm. And il U fuUIe for tbe stroiueu person bcesuie the nllef tsslsipljr for Uiat day, udthen tbe reao- tioQ aeta la »nd yoa sre wonsa oH than iMtore. WbM Is needed U s prompt but senile loza- dve tooic like Dr. CaldweU'a Srnip Pepsin. People have been taking it (or aiztem yean and U U belns better 11 ked by moK people erery year. Tbe reason ia (bat It Oils a waat. Itia nallke aaytblns elaa Resulu are ao tare in eoaadpatioo. dyapepsla. indlKextion. liver trouble, biUonsneaa, flatulency, aour atomaoli, weidl stomaeb. bloated stomach and such ilia tbat aeore of any of these atlmentaia abaolutaly Siiaroateed. A bottle eoata bat to cents or 11 and ia worth a hoodrad timea that to any aufferer. Wise motheTskeep It constantly in the house for emarreneie^ becanse it la needed at aome time or other by erery member of tbe family. Dr. iMtUm UnderbUl. the medical aopetlnten: dent of the Working IVoman'a Home of Cbioaco The city Is getting ready to begin drilling on the Horney tract which was Just leased last week. Tliis tract liaj north of the Young land on which •a •.000,000 well was brought in last ;b-togjbe ^^5 .^tog«^^^ week. The well on the Horney land""'^'^ win be a 'test so far as that immedi- ipje'vlcintty is cohceiined and the city Will watch the development with in terest. •eh complaint waa brousbt to her attention. Vo other laxative la used In the Home, Buy a bottl; joanell today sod watch the prompt and ter- maaent reaulta. aMNUIaf««caaw(ay. TMaalH •MwSy vM St aa M ci*s aaS to to aOto opaa to t It iiadfcf lOfyoatowaay (yBSlMm«llk«aGh,HMrsr k«Ml ««(i*t. flaatat yet«MitflKllMlanlM«DrcMUi«a .M «MaaM ato MBtal koM cava. THE Lv ^M St 8aoS aat Sara u 01. Muwiii.'s vmtjf nnau'. TM * sndact MM («itt •WMM Mh 17. WtddaclM, O. 0. • KMM svnip eo. :iO ••M—II Wdi„ •sBMsilto, M. FRANTZ WONT? CONTEST. President's Derisloa May Stop AH State Proceedings. Guthrie. Oct 1.—Charles Pflson.i tectorial secretary, stated tonight j that til a peopoaed election contest of Iha'RepiibllMiis, sq far as the gov- oodcerned, will be dropped. ffe j^lj«i^^' that the plan of ib'e state Bepublican committee to contest the! K 'liublicans in Ih3lr effort to show -«)ectlonK'.of-otber'. members of. the frauds in the elections. - • DcttiodMtle^StatB'-ticket'jnay: alsa be 1 So far as contests brought by in- droBpeCi' - —-" j dividuals candidates In counties. The action of President Roosevelt i where alleged irregularitties have oc- itt annoimclng his intention to ap- i cnrrcd, they will doubtless proceed. prove the constitution before the of-' Mai TOtii nnHie document waaLcfitti--i -gMCtWT jMOpldcest Besvlb ••« |ed BP to him has ^iscQuragod the tk« Scffltir Wnt Sarah £. Kelson Waats Oivorce Froa Eoabsnd—Did 5ot Like His Husic. In a suit filed by an lola woraaDL-ip the Neosho county district court for divorce it develops that the hii.sband's propensity for playing a fiddle, perhaps, had something lo do toward disturbing the felicity of the family circle. Some time ago Mra. Sarah E. Nelson who lias been making her home here with her son. Mr, .McKnlght the transfrr man. biouRliisuit throueh an lola aiiorney In ibe Neo,<ho county court for a divorce froni Ijifayetle Nelson, alleging abandonm<!nt as the grounds of the action. The husband employed as his attorney, J. .M. Dunsmore, of Thayer, who while In the state legislature gained the .sobriquet of the "Bald Hornet of Neosho." Mr. nunsmore proceeded to file an answer to the petition and a copy of it war. reeeived here yesterday. The answer is hotli unique and humorous. Ao- cordlng 10 the an.swer, the wife either did not have an ear for music, or the ability of the husband lo wring from the instrument delightful mu.slc Is greatly exaggerated. In telling of tlie wife's failure to appreciate 'Old Dan Tucker." "Yankee Doodle" and "Suwanee Kiver" .Mr. Dunsinore says in his answer that in the course of a conversation between .Mr. and .Mrs. Nelson, the piaintlfT told her husband that had she known he played on a fiddle she would not have married him and then proceeded to lock the instrument up, only giving it back lo him on the specific order that he .should not play it. Quite mode.stiy then the 'derend- ant avers that he is a fair player on the violin and for nSiuy years found consolation in its eompanion.sbip which the plaintiff by reason of her very miserable disposition would not permit, greatly to defendant's discomfort and annoyance." The case is to oome up al this term of court in Neosho county. The Nelsons formerly lived at Thayer. Special Showing of New Nets for Waists and flowas On WEDNESDAY at the NEW YORK STORE For Tiiree Days we are going to quote you special prices to introduce these beautiful materials. Nets are tlie proper Dress Materials for the coming season. Separate Waists and Party ite meshes are quite the rage. Gowns of these exquis- STORM.S CO.MI>'fl. - SAY.S IIICRS. A Dl-oagreeahle October Is the Prediction of the St. Louis Prophel. St. Lou'.s, Oct. ].—Irl R. Hi^ks, the weather prophet, niakei; a forr^ast of rather unploa.sant conditions for the coming month, and as.serfs that the concluding days of October will bs marked by severe gales, sleet and frost. What he. calls the "combined force of earth and Venus" will continue until the middle of the month, and storm conditions will prevail ^roin October 2 lo October 4, with hi;Vier temperature and rain.s. naw moon falls on I he celestial equ- tor October 7 and equinoctial phenomena may ho expected a^oiit this period, with general storms of thunder, wind and rain in the West. From October 7 to October 10 these storms ara likely to sweep eastward. Peo- nle on the Pacific coast are warned th .1t equinoctial storms may be <»x- TipfJofl at this time. The forc.'.'aster say-^ th.Tt fro .st wi.ll be felt from October !t to October 1.". in "much of the eountry, Central an7 Northward." From October 1 Ko October IR very ccol davs and frnsly nlchts may l)e expected. From thn latter dale until Oeiober '2". aeeord- lo .Mr. lick.-;. Kiornis will prevail the Ci-nlral n.nrts of tlic country followed by a clianue to in th and iliirk. prolonged cloufiiness is perdicted from October 2.'. to October 27, with lowering weallier. ofir.n rfsultinp in slee with hr ^avy frast The sixth storm of the monili begins October 2fiili. and. according to Mr. Hicks, will txtend to November 1\: PRO-VOTIOX FOR CLYDE RLSHOP. lobi Boys r >efs Train Run for Wells Fargo Co. few til Clyde, who only a months ago took a position wifh Wells Fargo Exuress company as gen eral man of work at the lola oflicc veslerday receiv.vl word (hat lir. bad been given .•>. train run by the com pany. Ills run is from Independence to Cedarvale. Clyde began work for hr. Wiells Fargo company and within few weeks by harrl work was pro motcd to the position of driver. )l< has filled that position so well that the traveling acont for tbe company decided to cive liim anothr>r promo- Ion and so Rf."iirod him the Indepon denco run. Tliis is the tliird or fourth lola boy lhat the W P II S Fargo com nany placed in good positions. Bis hop will leavp today for Independence to lako np his work. His successor has not yet been anpolntr.-I OR A JIM GROW LAW OoTemor-EIect Ilsskell Says Oklahoma >egroes Will Be Curbed. St. T.ouls, Oct. 1.—"I am in favor of a *Jim Crow' law for Oklahoma, nd we will have one. very soon." sal;! Charles N. Haskell, governor-elect of Oklahoma, who was in St. Louis y<V- terday. The: Republicans will nev.-'r have another chance In Oklahoma," continued HaskrJI. "More than 40 per cent the Republican voters are negroes, and we moan to give them their just rights, but we mean to prevent eir ovf.riiding the country." Haskrtll said he did not believe any man could beat W. .1 Brvan In Oklahoma. Secretary Taft. he assarted, I could not be counted in the running, the only Republican having the slightest chance being resident Roosevelt. Mr. Haskell was tu?t tit Ttnlon station by representatives of the Million Popular ion club and escortfd to the Southern hotel. .An invitation was extended by President \\'V >3neker to be present and meet Pre.sldent Roosevelt whn he comes to St. Louis The. governor announced bis intention of accepting the Inviiatiou If possible. Vor li^at sM n «t«VMt resalti ue 72 inch "Copenhagen" Net, Embroidered Dot, white only, Introductory Price, yd. 38o .15 inch black Chantell all over, rose pattern, Introductory Price, yard $tm50 36 inch Embroidered Net Top Oriental all over, Introductory Price, yard $tm35 45 inch pink Oriental Net Top, all over. Introductory Price, yard 73o 45 inch blue Oriental Net Top, all over, Introductory Price, yard. 73o 45 inch black "I.a Tosca" Net, Introductory Price, yard 49o 45 inch fancy Net, wliite only, Inlroduc- lojy Price, yard, 69o 45 inch, all silk Brussels Net, lavender. Introductory Price, yard,.,.- $tm33 45 inch Cream, all silk. • "ta Tcsca" Net' Introductory Price, yard,. J. .$t»00 44 inch "Arabian" all over, embroidered; Inuoductory Price, yard, ; $2m25 42 inch fancy "Fillet": Net, white oidy. Introductory Price, yard,..,'. $tmQO DRESS TRIMfllNQS Introductory Prices. New designs in Silk Lace Bands in white, b'ack, brown^ leather, red, navy. Introductory Price, yard,, 20o White Silk Pull Braids, opalescent tints, ^ Introductory Price, yard, 35o Silk Wool Fibre Bands, i 1 -4 to 4 inch, in white, black, tan, navy, led, brpwn, Introductory Price, yard, t3o New "Planen" Lace Bands and appliques to match, Introductory Price, yard 8O0 Swell Isany Fillet Bauds and Edges, Introductory Price, yard, 7Bo Alsatian Lace with Greek Key Border, in white and cream, Itroductory Price, per yard. $tm25 Exclusive Agency for Home Journal Patterns Tbe only Complete Pattern Department in the city, who will be pleased to help make selection. A young lady in charge at all times, For Blank Books and Commercisl Print* ing—The Register Job Dep't. Tong men and women for positions of tmst, wLrre Intelligent •errlee will b« appreelated and paid for— Experienced men and women for positions requiring tbIlJty md tact- Peoplo of nil ages, of all falenl.s, dirers abilities, for snitalile Ilnea of employment— / I c rued thiDgt—such as pianos, organ.s, every sort of mnslcal Instrn* mrni, writing machines, cash registers store and office flxtnres, talk- log machines, books, engniTlngs, post cards, stamp collections, rags, carpets, fomitare of eTery kind— Ilorses and earriages, tracks, business wagons, bicycles, guns, cameras, iisliing tackle, antomobiles— Real Estate—lots, plots, acres, leaseholds, eqnltles, houses, flats,. apartments, stores— Instrnetions ia painting, singing, the rlolin and piano, sliort hand, aeeonnttng, corresponding, langaages, dancing. Places to live—houses, apartments, fnraisbed rooms, boardlag place* where life Is Interesting— These are some of the thonsands of people and things that are "wanted" in this city Jnst now,.and If yon can fill any of these wants You Should Inquire of the Public Through A Daily Register Want Ad. I r To Get Resolts^The Register Waot^^^^^C^^

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