Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 1, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1907
Page 5
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-r-!niinrm-")rniif Strett, iola; one block fnfm square. Diseased of domesticated animals snccessf ally treated ,ch arges taoderate.good box stalk (or patients Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. FrankS,BeMWe, V.S. Honor Qradoate of Ontario Veter> inary College, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 "NOT HOW CHEAP, BUT HOW GOOD.' Gunther's Candies! A Flue L'ne on Displaj-. at 0ak* vftae •• IN A STORY concerning the ar- Ttst of Dora Bloom, It was-prroneous- ].'• staled In 'these colrnnns j?sterday Miat she was fined for immoral cun- ("iici when ilie charge should have b«'en resisting an officer. The Gloom woman was arrefited ou two chargce. immoral conduct and resisrinR Police man Creed, but the immoral conduct charge was dro .iiied. The woman has been taken into custody several times for immoral conduct, but now jiro- r'.sse« to have senlc -d down, and the oHic"rs. drojiix'd ilie old clKirse as its conim!s;<ion is allei;cd u> have taken |i!ari> before lier pnJ .VsKeil r'fnrin. Slie is iiDW on prfiliat^nn, and so i!ic t<<vr»viiim in i\."4avd ui ve^tiMtlny'r: KH)r>' is f iicerfiilly luade. Ito Impbrtahce of Number 18 SPENCER'S I-iiie (hv»l'in^ orenjiied by owner ?, I»;iiclcs iioiii car line, .'. room.s, 2 I(orcl)es. I' rlopols. sliade and fruit ir'-f^: *s:,(). fjiirt cash, balanre i>ay- ni'-n;s. Would cost SliiOO to built honse Ueiiis for SIL'.uO. \V"hifaker & Donnell. TliK OrU WAY and Park baseball ttauis wiil not lilK 'iy iday <kfi' tlif> tie ;;:ini>- luf.veen Mieni. This Raine wa"? M ;;<'ibiif(i loi- Sutiday but owinj? to i!;.' rain was rall.i off. Tlie managers of or."' of ilie teams sai^i last nlslit iliat Ilie li- would not Iik>!y play- e (i off. CtiUie to liet hisciih r <Mvdi'r, Itanisar's and eel iiiiiile from K. a nice Ilakinc CITY SEWS. "Iiiamiiud in ili<- Ibnu'li. .Ii-I):;i: .1. H. fimiOi last niubi i>--u I ;i uiarriace ilr'eu .se (o I,. .M. {iaiiilil,'. of lo!:i, and R :ra n. Oliver, of Park veil. Mo Today lie issU'.•! a lio-usc to p..>it Wr .'M MIKI .Vora Itlilm-haii oi .'-^•••v<niburK We wrilo Insurance on Threshlni* Machines. R. M. Cunningham. 1. L I KjinsM City Jadge Wants Snnda^j Amasrnifiiil.„Cla«e4g^ That IN thp niim)>f'r of the Register's Want Ad. IMionc. TUf Register Is always plad to get yonr order over the pbonr. Wbnt do you want today? Are your .serrnnl.* and employees sallsfaptoryT lldre yon or found anything? Hare yon n house for rent or for Mitle? Do yon wish to huy anything? For all of these and other wants, Tlic Itrglster Is at your ser- Tloe. Ic a Word, the Cost. N, Kan .'as City, Oct. l.—ln his instruc- tloha to the grand.Jnry In the criminal court this morning, Jndge Wallace urged the jurors to take none of the laws on the statute books as a "dead letter." He urged the enforcement of all laws. Including the Sunday laws. and especially th.e law aginst the Sun- time In the near future, purchased forv day theater. A long list of subjects for ty acres of Prank Wlnterbottom. The inquiry and indiciraenr was specified J"^^ J .l^'^^'^l ^^^J? em Sectiqji on Mildred. Another addition is being platted to MiI4i;«d, the new town wUch-is.betac built on the Missouri, Kansas i'TeSaV rall.way road just north of Morah In this county. Yesterday the Great Korthern Cement oompanys-*llW»: Jrj to build a cement plant there some 1 Phone Your Wants to No. 18 THE SPEAKERS ACCEPT special Ifssims in making -.MHI li ;ik iriK liKht lii .'Md in one liour xviili K ('. HakiJi^ I'oivdiM- at llain.-av'.-. Moler Barber College, Kansas City, Mo. Teaches the trade by free clinic and careful instructions In few weeks. Positions waiting for everybody who will learn. Write for particulars. THK COr .VTV tnasuP'r rec<'ive'l J41 from Neo.^bo county for joiui schoor money from liisirictK 4:; and T:'. Ylsit the iree rnokinir sehool at Ram tray's Dry tJoods store all llils wnk. DlS'l.Rll i" (Murt n<it i:i si -ssio -.i '<i<lay. Tomorrow a nunil). r rl j -i.- p ()rl:i :;t ai>' !o riiiiii- iji. lliiii.'lioldl W 101.A \vniii;in waiilK to appl'- f"i' .( ilivoir.' Iiul due." nol know li<r '.:U T- n;irjii'. siinilii«-r wti' 11 .-o- I-':A] t:iii(>; wefi- dull al l.awvi-iieo. :\ •^••:] -Alls ealli'il u|i liy Ilie te rpln'i'! •ind iisked to L-o oul boMt rid'iiu'. Sin TK-Pi 'Mcl V4 i M. iiioinpily and tli-u ;i-k!•!. -WDi.i-r- lis- n:inii-. iile:i.<.-"' Tlii' I r.wi rMhu ulT by tlmt liiiii- n:'.i'. .-Ill- ilirl i-.i>r kairw with w Imni .-lie wa- iimi! li' slioivfd up.-I.:nvi •iiei- (;n>,eni'. Dr .J.F. Janip.<;on, qnallflet) Teterl"- «rt!tu, DoaitiR!) Rrns. Barn. Phone K. IHM 11 IS Kt»U WATEItW.VYS. the Here is another i>nf of our li:;:-. in ahoti.'ie. 'J"lir<-e roopii.'--. nice f,o:.t porch, iic.'d w.>U. nice bn-.iiion. siiioorh Jot. Price for few (lay.s cash, balanre f ](,» jier nioi;;]!. Wiiiak- er & DonncH. . MISS NEI.T, Puwevs. .\b? Markie. Parley Dyer. .Arthur Dawson and Kred fioodseal won; to lola tl)is mor .Tin,;. Walter Bak'.r went u|i yesr<-r day. They will <iii"n Mie U)'.:i \'au (Xte for 111'- winter. .\ r^iuUir picture show will be i-'iv.-ri. a:i.! P/flw .son and Cooilseal will d.i ih^ir popular "coon" stums. Mr. Markle will siiiR and Miss Powers wiH play the piaiif).—f'lianute Ti'ljuiic., Will l'n:e Their linproTement al Memphis CoHveutiou. T 'l. .",a. Oci. I—(I 'ovcrr.or llocli n;i.' l:is -un ai:d privriii' sci -ri '-.ary, ITnui:>r Ho.-.;, .'••f' loil.iy for Ki 'ol;iik. Iowa iii'ie tlii-y \vi !I join ifi.- .11 i<i >-nf :iany fur a iilp 10 .Mcinphi-; to atfen ! 'he \vat'rw;4V.'; n;!-!'; iut:. (I 'liv '.'Mor llocli i.-- fioins 10 nia',"* a spe*'* li in •.\iiicli lie will f. !| ;!(.• pps '(!• ai :ii!d oilur L-ovrnors i!ii-:e ij is ::i;y .'I '-ci '-i.-iary to the I' <i) tliis eiiiiiTv to f'X up all (if the wa: •v.viiy- H'. s not roins to ar?ue :; f ;-oi)] ii!<- siar.l|)o!nt o( competition vi:?i "til. r roniiDon earriei-s of fndKl.i a:.i| p^is^.'iivT.- will tell tli<-ii. tV ::t :hi- liiii" will com<' \v!\<".! t'e- w .ii •TW.ivs .-n-.- as le-c .•;s;try ;is tli • rai'- Mrs. Canlrell. Phone 10»7. MISS HI..ANCMr: Wrichf iia.:. .«e(-pled a positirui al Hob-ris' 'nfu .sic.•.lore. Mis.'i Wrlj-'hl a uood nivisie- • ati and wiil bi' a valii;ib'< .Mr. Poberts. rierk' f- •T. T, Tanner, licensed nnpflntnrpr and sale crier. ."lO.", \<ii-lh Mcffe.i.'^fJn* City. .MI.s.S t .'OKniC.', lia- a'-,-. pTi '.J-a po^-l li<ui witii Katisas Southern Kh -r- Hie Hailway. >^U'- v. ill ac; as tli»'ir o/lic;- -ir! ;;ud do .^ti noj-'jaiiluc *t>r'-; for the i)Ubi:c wiicii not ;»inployi'd on wori; for the railway conipany. Dr. Beynolds. Phone 8SS. Sea. 614. .MlTUrU Cox is !Hr<' from St. vi.s tjni; Jiis wif.> wh) I'.as been Iter" for some time v:.';iting h';r jiarents. THK M 0!) I:K .\' "\Vof;>lu;f!i lUeiiiberH in lola aif .i!ii)ilaii' <'vcr the fact that no ass"s-iii'ii' (•'! f)ctii)i r bas ]< I'"MI ;.tinoui:c."|. KUt THK NKWSIKIY.'J. I elel .iiin 'iitt Stiecos. Sure lo He a p!."i e wliifli .N'.ii \v::, :,(:>;i.v Miss S:i|),. !!.•• iiiailer, ami ioiia! I'r'sident .1. M". .-!:;ce lie- minder of .) ni:;lir It tuis heeii i - .\. il T. .\. take np 1 I 'lK'e a t;ooil attend- 11(1 ii is Si -nai .ir d;;.- Af- I I liinilioldi I li 'i a'd I Tlie pl .ius fo;- i 1 ii;i )ijiildl '.s '•• piaiiiiii ;irf luMkiiii' lic.idv.ay .•^pci -li'd '.ii.:! llii -i.- will lull in\ i| In -i c <iti ;i|| I III • '• i |ay>. I .'.ii:-. ('nil .;ii '.s--ni .in Si-nn. .lu w ! aiKl Ifou. \V. U. Slulilis lia\>- ^;-:iiilii-d llnir inlr -ilioii of being here. (>:li.-i- spi-aki-r.s may arccjit liut it is ii'ii kiiiiwn deliiulely consideriim iletii. Vic- Pn-.-idi-ni l-'ai.liaiiks will iu Wi— I \'ii'«;iiiiit <i!i tlii'sc da!<-.-;: :i :ii! t;-ivi-r .iiir lloc-li and .^I 'li.-ilor Ciir- i.^ v.ill III- v.itli I'lesideut Uoosevcll 's .>;rr n'.i ill.- .Mi.ssissippl. \'ario:i> sl :i .w,-; liavc lieen in cot7t- mil :.':o !i \vi;i! Si-cvei-.ivy Wakefield il is e .\pi -c!i-d ilial ibi re wi .l be !• ••/iiy -if .•MUii.'-eiiii'.-il. .\ :ai'-'e uum- li .-r of <ild lluiniioldi jicoplc lia.r s"af- •d ilia! llu-.i wil! In- here. !i may be iiossjlilc '.hat place.--, of ••ilii -rialuni >-iil al ri -aMUiable ra 'es will •If iii -i -di-d. Tlio-i- liax in^ roori;:-- lo should !• I till- l:-.i-i l;iio\v.:. .\ll !o ,i ^<'S and all liii .^inf .-s IIOHM-.^ are re,ii(-si .-d lo )ii .iki> arraiim -UM -:iis lo -.'kc in llie paiadr Tiii--,,lay. Tin- -.liioo .'s will also lake p .'ui. It is ti -'iM -tl lliat ihf -r'- will 1)1- a iiuiuiiev ol ;. lis i«i-.'pjii-d. Tlii> iiroelaitiaiion of •'ti.Mir Mailiias r<-i:arditig the appear- 1..-1- of ilie town oil those day .s is meet ;iv; v/i 'h a ;;oo'I lespoii.-i-. .Vici-Iy dec- 'ir.iK'd hoii.s(-s ami clean l:;wns will K.'d .•;r<aiiv 10 llie ajipc.ii -a .'ice of the "cc .ision. The sf -luiols wili probalily -1- alluwiMi u vacation on die thn-e day.- HO iliat thi-y can help iii iln- fun. an;-'' 1 K-.-I-; Ml.' fo. • .All :\pi'c'.d at iliis pici-iiiij;. The •r lias II' .-a ask-il to publish • •.V..1U 111. lid- of rill- ineeting: ni.-iiibeis of the A. II. T. .\. or.ier. aiid ci iyi'ii;, 01 .Moran aii<! stir- i ';;i ;:.ri;.:; ciamiry an' liiviied to hear i.'i. .-d In- •; '11 li> 111.- .Saiioiial Pres i-:. a: uf 111-. <iid.-r.' i. \V. Hall, at O.ld P.'l.ows' li .ill. fri-ii!'. I .'"III. at :; p. m. a: .Mo;an. Kansas." .Mosl. Hisp.. A \V.-.-:si., Ii'(-i| pr. sid'-nt. .-\. II. T. A. SIMY.OM. Tt> The I:.Ia I >eh-::atiiin I .Hrae. WWSAS (ITY. to Carnival I Sisiy-oiie lola jieople look the early niorninu' naiii to Kansas City where till V wii; ;.rfi iid tli'' Priest of Palhis Pa rail'. .\ ;-'r.-at in;.:iy ' iv.ore p'eopit went lUi'.vn en Mu- afternoon train. While iiiosi of ,iie iininber who went up v.-ilt leriirn this cvi-iiint; and totnor- ro'.v jiart of iln-in will remain the ITI- liri- we.-V an! am-iid ihe carnival. Sev i oiiiei- lul.t pi-!i(i!«- arc coniemjilat- nj; .i-'oin:: lo Kill -.IS City loiiionow and remain ilu- r.-ji( of tin- day. i;i'll)i;.MU S 0>^T1IK W.\NK. Ttplidhl Feter \<MV (Inly .Serious yiaU ady Prevalent iu Kansas. WTMINAI, PRF.SII»K>T TO SPK*K. Mi .ran A. H. T. A, \\»UU Special Meel- inir (Idober .Mli. Kovs .\l".V -.vhiiii li'c jiroiji-. 'we.-.i I'. ; cjY-c: ;...:a.. n .'W c!:i I i;isi li-".-!a HOOh Uc(«ce 1 I iitler F<inrleeu Cuuudl IVork »t All lli)iir>i !M >e<v York. York. Oci. I. —A lu-w law by ii;id- r fo:w".-.-!i \.-ais oid •i f;ii:.i si-'.ii';'-' pap.-"r 'if- 11 a':d '• ." 11' ^o.-;< ;:i:-i T'l;.^ iI: : o: . .:;<• nf •>:.' -I 'a, rii" IIIMHitS ill SIHIIvF. in i;i:.'h! of I iMi aiul t ..'.(i<i Mailt Hour l >a>. .Ni -w y. : ;. Oi" i. \ 11 1: a.-r Jrik-s -f b '.ri'i-i !.!'•.": l't-'o':.',-ii:^ -o III- h.i-raa'' .:i:il I'.ro ai ri, :id of H'aij: •ala- plac-- rod'.-- in si--.- lai I.;; \'.-.v Yu: C'lic* ,:i fiir ;!;i- .•iilorrciii:-;!' f)'):' '.-.ov!-- da- . !• is ln- •• I.'"'I v.i': 1,. af Si iiil.tnlii'rs of till' local A. II. T .\ I'Npecl to uo in .Moran on tli-- '•\'jiti>,' of Ortobfi- itii to attend a ir,'-< ing of the A. li. T. A. al that Topeka. D'-i. I.—Tiiere were cases of tyiilioid lever in Kansas in .\ii',:ust. ami iliiriy-«-iuht resulted in deaths. In .\ir.;ust. If^iic,. there were L'li.'t cases aiid ihiriy-two deaths M.'Hsles liavi- taken a back seat. Whai •.ni-.ib; bavc pia. "t\cal!y Peen coiisider- '.-d an i'l'i'ii iiil(-of tlitii malady In .Inly ha-: dwiniliiil down lo ten ease.^; In .Vai:iisi Willi lio d(-.-;::i;. Dijililherla. s (-aili -i fevi-r. sihalipox and fiibercii- lo'i:-. ail- all on tin- wane apaiiist re- poiis for iijoiiilis .-aili.-r in llie siim- III' T. "l)lanioii<| in llie K(iut;h." ! ina-rs ' ;al f i: '.-..1 ami of ;.ll I 'i.ii: •.:<-ve-l ti.a; -s " i:r s! 1 ' firti-d I! ;i:> We hav( •- left in Hi; Donnell. a f'-w of tliosr- cheaiiMots ;lilaial Pb'c-. Wliitakcr iS- DA.\ imKWKH wi!.! -.vas vrry ill ."^ame time .-^^'o wiili ;iii ai'ack of aii pendicitis is ri^iorii-d as v<-ry Mil aca'n and ii is i.lious;.! iliat an opi.r alioii n)av ! 1- ))»-c.-ssary. It was d..(-id'd at the last iiiertinL- 01 the M. W A. h-'-Zf thai Mie ]-r)7- ii.oney seciir* d by the order .at ("ha nut.^ wouM in- tmui 'd in on bnibl iug fund. : S.\.M STKW.MtT w!-." for .some four yi^ars w-orked a"s wareroi.':! fprfman :v the lola Portland c-ai'iii ;dant; lias r< turn"d from Yankton P D . and ex- j ects 10 Wfnk a;:ai:i,a' lii'. plant. Wanted—Kverviiody to know W. B. Kelley & .Son li.'ive moved I heir transfer and stora.L-e fifhce td I'M South Washington. OfTice .Tud DHV Phone 'Jill). Jtesidr-nre and. n!;;bt I'lione 17. Tin: f:.-\SIC of til.. New Kra Millin'-' eo'i:;iaiiy vs li:. 1:. ilarv -r and D. (' Pyl-es was ap|"-al'-f! from .Iiidw-Pot tfi-'s court to district cmri today. In lustice court the jilaintiff tot Judtr meni for f"2.'.lT>. Come aud learn econoni'' of lime ntid material bv hakinjr with K. C. Making Powder, at Ramsey's. • —g . f'DIafnohd In IBe Rough. FUniS I.'FISATKII KIO. .•;-.;d.;:l ill Indiana N <>iw ii;.- rtidenee. . 1 .la.ii.'s .\ Mof o! l!!.. SI m-l.i! '1 < 1;; :•.[ ! "'or.- i!.. r' I< ral tiTHlIf •>taii«!a:-! II:J S ( \'. I a::... <• f M ;r-i 'l-i ;r -! I::,! a;,a •.'•• •r.iii.l Jii: V I 't:.' . (.1 .•.v ;r.:t:ii :,-iti'li!' lit : I'.'il i/l In r < .IM • : •111- Si;:'r.'.ir.l l-.-.'l le. 'i •.•11 baiiii;,' wpli I '.-'li .a'i - a' !i .:• p'l'.i;.- •. II. si,|.-, • , of r- •il'u. lie; lO.VVK.VTlOV IS FI.MSIIFM. Attorney (>'ineriil Heard a I'm^'rain .St I a 'i cnl it- .i,r.i:n U i-r.pir.. Kills of 1 f Ma'--: 111! W. ! papi-rs w f-tis.-- oa. <dat. .)f •1 11:1. L- 11 Til'- !on .-lai l,y St r ii'.c 1. Tli' rii- ;. s •- i.jj :Ill -ay ''••y v,-i~ I .iiapris. d of wa.y i;. :ar,'.l W:i'U- If. ,'.<•. .M'liiiiiy llimra; liaii:i Aias<. .-111'! .\n.ini-'> <;• II- I.-n-kson. of .\'.'w Yo''.;. 'I'l" '• IVdiow.'ii Iiy .1 '--(-r.i-ia: Make a Successful Front Your appearance is what counts both in your social and busi- nePB standing and 3'our appearance, of course, is ninety per cent a matter of flcthe'. Wear Our Clothes You will not need to worry about your ap- pparance—all g a r- luenl? are hand tailored, tk well, look well and hold their iliape. ,1 I >oe« your "To-Lcf »ign a^o'ltr"! tenant, etc? Hardly U '<i jut ^t nall-d j up on the door casing, and ^ome P'-'» j ole see It while inni>t People dont 1 And you wonder why nobody want.<: euch an Idea! bo»<»e. Somebodv does want It, and wnnt» It now. G've a 'We specific Information through 'hp I Register real estate co'jimns and' Does It lei! neople where yonr rarant honse Is, and bow tnany roomf't has and just how coy.y It la. and hew cheaply youll otfer » to a jtllt-cd«f rau'll probably And U)Bt lowehodT tght swar. and commented upon. T. K. Willis wa."? named by Judge Wallace as foreman of the grand Jury and at eleven o'clock the jurors rcr lired to their rooms to begin their duties. .ludRe Wallace, by his charge to the jury, prescribed a method for the clos intj of the theaters o!i Sunday and asked the jurors to co-operate with him. He also said that he would re- anest the police commissioners to help him. The judge advl .sed that no IndicI pienis be returned until the theater maniiers had been given an opportunity to comply with the law. If the theaters are closed next Sunday he .says the mangers will not he molested, but if not. he charges the grand jurors to return indictments so that prosecution may begin immediatel.v. How lo Clo.<!p Them. The court 's plan to close the iheat- er .s is to enforce the master and servant or aitprentire law against working on Siinda.v. He says that thehtrical folk have w move right to work on Sundays than merchants have, and that managers have no right lo require them lo work on Sunday, lie adds that the Issuance of an order by tha po lice commissioners to all persons found working in a theatre would he the nnickest and best way of ef- f< cting the closing of the Sunday Ihe- aire. He says, further, that he will request the police commissioners to make an order, and express the opinion that thsy will comply with his re quest. If the managers of the theatres do not close next Sunday he instructs the grand jury to return Indictments against them for all violations in the last year. ; Here .Vre Ills K.^crptlon.o. In the enforcament of the law clos- ii;g stores and shops on ."^imdav Judge Wallace advised common sense and judgment. He made tiiese exceptions of persons who are not to be in d.ctcd for working or. having their places open On Sunday: Druggists. Milkmen. Icemen. Fruit stands. Places where non-intoxicants are sold. Transportation, such as railroad trains, street cars, etc. RVstaurants. HotM.s. Ilakeries. Persons engaged in sports not ob scene or demoralizing. Parks where no theatricals or imp 'oper Alports are held. Newspapers. soiUh of the,holdings which are beliig I leveloped at the present time. R. H. Bennett who visited there yes terday, says the cement plant office building has been finished and maoiy aiher buildings are Hearing cotaple-' Ion. The new stone hotel Is being erected at the present time and the restaurant building Is already finished. TO IXST.4LL RET. HILSCHER. Pretihyterian Churcli Will HaTe Meeting Tonight Rev. S. Hilscher, former pastor of .he Presbyterian church of Vlntori, Iowa, is to be installed tonight aa| pastor of the First Presbyterian church of Tola. Rev. Hilscher has filled the pnlpit for six weeks or more but the regular Installation was set for tonight. The following is the program to be given: Organ Voluntary William Stevens Burdlck Hymn So. 409. Scripture. Invocation Anthem j Choir Sermon 1 ..Rev. R. Thompson. Independence. Hythn So. 687. ronstitutional Questions Rev. A. E. Vanorden, Ft. Scott Installation Prayer , ... Rev. John Crawford, lola Charge to the Pastor Rev. .John Bright, La Harpe Charge to the People Rev. Mr. Vamorden Hymn N'o. (>79. Benediction. ii SpmotiUMmamma Change ot Ffcfiixieff :.efu:h dar* Two IllnstnitW'HStoiigs Wfth Op6a Sxffm fiU> &k I to-iKKp. at. . Vest JbdfaiQiu-Admlgaittn 6«.. I 'tfiT' All kinds 6f ripadaltjr A. M. E. CHURCH APPOI.NTMEXTS. Fryer Bros Can Cut Down Y0ur Grocery and Meat Bill II' " •• I*' *" .'* The lola ChnrchcH AViU HaTe Xew Pastors. It is but necessary-ftir cyou tC i ^veusattial order oh'^gtdcedtt and meats if you waiit iiaBon* The list of appointinents for the A. ..trate the fact thaf Jdtt.'.wifif save M. E. church was yesterday given out „„„„„ K„ . by Bishop Ahram Grant of the Kansas money by purch »ri^,itom.-98. .' conference. The appointments were We have the choicestof Staple ?iven out at the close of the confer- and fancy groceries. We-make • ?nce which was held at Parsons, Kan- specialty of catering td''$e''^fks^d-' I... .how, .»a. U.e lola a .e jM^tS ^ -xceptional dinner and Wnichj are •>o hard to find In the avenge grocery store. ^ frye 1 r~bros. Grocery and Meal Market Phones 308 and'^M' : ^assett churches will have new pas- ors. C. R. Run.van la to come to the •Ola church and James Hqimes will nave charge of the Bassett and Hum- joldt churches. Rev. Johnson who has ')een patsor of the lola church goes 'o Highland and White Cloud, but it las not been announced where Rev. •.Villlamson is to be. • ' (Rev. W. H. Jones, former .pastor of he Bassett church, has been assigned o the charge at Eudora and Lake- /iew. Rev. Xewby who was pastor in Ola some time ago, goes to Hutchln- ion. Kansas, which is considered .a /cry Important charge. & Rev. Johnson of lola was a candl- late for delegate to general conference but it has not yet been learned vhether or not he was successful. HE fJAIN ED THE WEIGHT. Pittsburg Mna Gained Pound!) Order to Enlist. In HO.>iE vmm ,sorTHER\ TRIP. IDIU .Men Wi^re Guests of Orient Ball- road. Frank Scott. H. H. Fnnk and H. L. Henderson returned ypstcjday evening from a two weeds' visit through .-southern Texas, New Mexico and Old Mexico. They have been the guest<= of thr. Oriant Railway Co. while on iIiiK trip. The president was showin? a number of men the road with a* view to selling them stock. FLEHAKTY WA.S THERE. (Pittsburg Headlight.) Corporal Rlgby has all kinds of ex )priences in racruitlng people for the 'Jnlted States arm.v, but ran up igalnst one recently which it a little. musiial. to say the least. The, young man who desired to ?n ;st was of sound physique, and fillet' ill the requirements, except that hf vas under weight. I'nder these clr aimstanccs it was necessary to send .1 Washington to gain conswit of the •nthorities to enlist him. as the four •ounds under weight would not al ow Corporal Rigby to take him. Ths jBiung man awaited the decis on of the atithorltles, and in th'>| neantime got busy at the hotel tablr n conscyjuence of which he gained 5¥ lounds wh'le the papers wera going to 1 v.ishineton and returning. Corpora"^^! Tgby thinks If the Pittsburg farr dds to the weight of recruits in this •r .p'd ratio there will be no more-need o s'.nd pa pars lo Washington. REMEMBER! • •>.; .1 a.'>n.. ing for high grdtf ^'S^el-. Class, or Han^ ^aln^ed are, see ••. J.W. COFFEY & ibN Excluslre Jewelers. East SId% .- i • •- -V.e:f iM..^:,. In look ry. Cut China ware, see Won a Rouble Header From Wood and | Clark at Larned. Larned. Oct. 1. —It was the "invincible" .Mr. Pleharty who pitched for the locals yesterday and won both ijames of a double header from Ellinwood, scores .'! to 0 and 2 to 1. Ellinwood batteries in the first game con- si-sted of ,loe Wood of the Salt Packers and Drassen of the locals. Clark of Wichita, twirled the second gamt and and Bert Haas, of Hutchinson, who has been catching for Independence, did the back stop work. Weaver of the home team ciiiight Fleharty in both games. It was the fastest base ball played on the local diatnond this season. 1 SAYS HORSE IS STOLEX. I L. E. Tnnatta Saw Circus But Lost | HLs Horse. h. E. Vannata reported to the sher ffs office this morning that some-.| me. had stolen a horse from him. ^he animal was tied near the show tent -n North Walnut last night while Mr. i Vannata took in the circus. Whan he ' returned the animal was gone. He ! ;hinks he tied the horse secureJy and lellevos the animal has been stolaa.] Mr. Vannata Is notifying the- otBcert over the country of h's missing •torse. Qradoate AuctlQiiiper, aradiiat^Vi Prices are from CIRBIXG CASE COXTI>TED. South Walnut Trouble to Br Heard | Saturday. Sales made: anywbafe.: "fii Ilye .Stock Sa.Un mi.SjpeclRltj. Sith-t faottott. goaraaltted. ,.Tf^He^jlg> ^mth fordatesj terna, etc.- JftUeSuta eaDsr answered day! or:.flilght. - .Wp*J Hi*: Douglass Bro8^ LUeKsr^Bwia^ OVee phone IS., Besidence FkMftiML loli^ $10.00 to $2r.50. Barclay=Shields Clothing C^. specializing '*Kohn Bros.** and "Henley** Clothes The mandamus action which the res I idents on South Walnut brought to compel the city to complete the paving contract will not bo heard In dls- tteit court until Saturday. The ac- tnm was to have be?n heard today but a eo'nliniiance was taken. HAVILAND CHINA! Just received a beatitifal Une of Hand Decorated Haviland China. *oa oil- W. E. WOODS, president of the] Lumberman 's Portland . Cement company, anil K. S. Rozelle. general attorney for the company are In the city today. They refuse to make any statement for today's publication. So. Fac SaoU Fe, aai M. K. * Watek laspector* . '• ^lando l .etl8 'feiroerly"ielfiiant, of^ tf^ city, eaB»«;'Wno-'ldla''^e«te?d»y,; and wa4 pm^ptifnri!ej^ipr,m^^^ •flwrfi. • He Is wawted %J^itet to «;.^ , 4f [rge of vlQlaUdCef-J&ft|P»^^to^ Is t^n'^^d.^FJi ^sif^^ lo^ evening.. Uadii^irshexl|l BQatl ^^,~;?i^

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