St. Cloud Times from Saint Cloud, Minnesota on September 9, 1943 · Page 15
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St. Cloud Times from Saint Cloud, Minnesota · Page 15

Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1943
Page 15
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J.- c -"". - THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1943 For Best in Radio, Tune to KF AM 1450 Kc. THE ST. CLOUD DAILY TIMES Your Local News and Markets Only on 1450 Ke. PAGE FIFTEEN MARKETS To mm Filth Season of War Sees Allies In Offense Role Produce Market Farms For Sale Livestock, Poultry & Pets Houses For Rent Help Wanted Female PHONE BHD . Befe 1HB0 A.M. Grain Market CHICAGO PRICE RANGE Sept. 9 (IP) ' Wheat Open Close Close Today Yesterday Year Ago Sep 145',-ij 145', 123ii 147', 147-147', 126', May 148n 148', 129i Julv 146'i 146",-3,, Oats Sep 73U-73'a 73 51 52 ' i 54 71'4 71 Mav 70'4-70'i 69 Julv 68H-68',, 68', Rve Sep 102-102'j 101 Dee 104', 104'-'i 72 Mav 106', -107 106", July 106'a MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN FUTURES Minneapolis, Sept. 9 dV) Wheat fu tures opened unchanged to slightly higher today. September opened ', higher at 1.38i, December unchanged 1.39. while Mnv climbed ' at 1.41. December oats opened 5 hlRher at 67U. and barley a cent higher at 1.03U. MINNEAPOLIS FI.Ol'R Minneapolis. Sept. 9 iTi Flour unchanged. Shipments 17.630. CHICAGO GRAIN Chicago, Sept. 9 id) A firm market for grnin prevailed at the opening today, continuing the recovery which followrd the selling flurry prompted bv Italvs surrender vesterdav. Wheat opened upnehnnged to 'i up September 1.45', -'s: oats were 'i-V; hlcher, September 7 3 ' 4-1 ? : and tre was unrhaneed to one-half higher: September 1.02-1 02V Wheat. 60 lb. test 1.36 Wheat, 50 lb. test 1 35 Wheat. 58 lb. test 1.35 Wheat, 57 lb. test 134 Whpat. 56 lb. test 1 33 Wheat, 55 lb. test 1.32 Wheat, 54 lb. test 130 Wheat. 53 lb test 129 Wheat. 52 lb. test 1 27 Wheat. 51 lb. test 1.25 Wheat, 50 lb. test 1.23 Winter wheat, 60 lb. test 1.35 Winter wheat. 59 lb. test 1.34 Winter wheat. 58 lb. test 1 34 Winter wheat, 57 lb. test 1.33 Winter wheat, 56 lb. test 1 32 Winter wheat,, 55 lb. test 1.30 Winter wheat, 54 lb. test 1.26 Winter wheat. 53 lb. test 1.25 Winter wheat, 52 lb. test 1 24 Winter wheat. 51 lb. test 1.22 Oats. 32 lb. test 67 Oats, 29 lb. test 65 Oats, 24 lb. test 63 Feed Barlev 90 Malting barlev, 48 lb test 1.05 Malting barlev, 47 lb. tst 103 Malting barlev. 46 lb. test 101 Malting barlev, 45 lb. test 99 Malting barlev. 44 lb. test 87 Malting barlev. 43 lb. test f5 Rve, 54 lb. test 90 Rve, 52 lb. test 85 Flax, 49 lb. test 2.82 Blrrhmont Flour. 98 lbs.. $4.40: 49 lbs., $2 25: 24 'j lbs. $1.15. Livestock Market SOUTH ST. PAIL LIVESTOCK South St. Paul, Sept. 9 UP) (WFA1 Cattle 2,800; all slaughter cattle fully steady; short load choice heavv steers 16 25; bulk medium-good 13 00-14.75; common steers generally 10.00-11.50; common-medium heifers 950-12.00; medium native cows 10 00-11.00; cutter- common 7.775-9.75; canners generally 6.50-7.50; shelly canners down 6.00: bulk medium-good bulls 10.00-11.50: good heavy beef bulls up to 12 00; stockers-feeders scarce, quotably steady; dfiiry cows unchanged; calves salable 1,200: vealcrs steady-weak; com mon-medium 9.00-12.50. Hogs salable 6,50: bidding steady on all classes; good-choice barrows and gilts 200-240 lbs 14.60: 170-190 lbs 1400-5C; 250-300 lbs 14 45-55; good-choice light sows 14.25; heavier down around 13.90. Sheep salable 2,500; market opening about stendy; good native spring lambs 13.25-50; good-choice choice slaughter ewes 6 50-75. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK Chicago, Sept. 9 (IP) Hogs opened slow today, with early bids and sales on mediums and heavies steady to 15 cents lower than Wednesday's average. Practically no trading was done on lighter weights. Yesterday's ton price was $15.15; today's. $15.00. Sows wey 10 to 15 cents lower, with the bulK of the 350-500 popnders goolng for from $13.85 to $14.35. WFA Salable hogs 11,000; slow, steady to 15 cents lower; top 1500; bulk good and choice 180-240 lbs 14 75-15.00; most 240-330 lbs 14.60-14.90: extreme heavies weighing 440 lbs 14 40; few 150-180 lb lights. 13.75-14.75. Sows 10 to 15 cents lower, bulk 350-500 lbs 13.85-14.35. Few choice llEhts to 14.50. Salable cattle 5 000; ralves 800. Active market on all killing classes, good and choice steers 10 to 15 cents higher: other grades steady to strong; strong market on all grades heifers and beef cows with canner and cuttrr cows 10 to 15 cents higher. Bulls strong, vealers steadv. Stock cattle siow. steady. Demand for strictly good and choice steers exceed available supplies. Bulk steers all grades 14.00-16.50; top. 16.90, highest in 30 davs. Next highest price, 16 85. Several loads 16.50. Choice to prime fed heifers, 16.35; most beef cows 1000-12.50; canners and cutters. 7 00-8 50: welehtv sausage bulls to 13.50: vealers 15.00-16.00. Salable sheep 3.000; no early sales. For Sale or Rent 7 ROOM modern house. 720 18th Ave. S. Will sell for $2500.00 J C. Crever. St. Joseph. Minn Business Opportunity BEAUTY shop for sale. Tel. 683. Business Services AMMONIA machine service. Tel. 2042-J. Notices WE HAVE enlarged our tuning department and can give Immediate service. We solicit your tuning and piano repairing. We have a very competent, factorv tuner. Estimate free. Schey Piano Store. 21 6th Ave. N. Tel. 1771-J. Money to Loan MONEY to loan by private party. Write V-38 c o Times. Pest Control FUMIGATION Service - bed bugs, roach"? e'c. Psults guaranteed PEST CONTROL SERVICE 423 16th Ave. No. Phone 3249 Lost and Found LOST Golden Labrador. Tel. 2924-J. LOST Black blcvcle at theatre, ward. Tel. 1410-W. Re- FOUND Purse Call 1969-J. containing change LOST Black hlllfold. currencv & checks. Identification Ogden, Utah Reward. Call 1027 -W. London (UP) The fourth year war probably will go down, in Churchill's phrase, as "the end of the beginning," while the Allies are confident that victory will crown their efforts in Europe before the fifth year is ended. Opening of the war's fifth year finds Allied troops everwwhere on the offensive or holding the strategic Initiative on the threshold of Europe, on the Russians' vast Eastern front and even on the tortuous Island front of the Pacific. How far and how fast the Allies have come in the past 12 months is evident by a backward glance at calendar. Just one year ago, here was the position: Rommel Near Cairo-In Africa, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel still stood only 75 miles west of Cairo. He commanded forces of 141,000 troops with picked squadrons of the Luftwaffe. Virtually the whole North African coast was in Axis hands, either openly or through Vichy puppets. The Mediterranean was a gauntlet through which only the most vital shipping, such as convoys to Malta, could be risked, all the rest or tne African supplies going around the Cape of Good Hope, a tremendous 12,000-mile haul. Russians Were Retreating In Russia, the German troops advanced powerfully on Stalingrad and were within cannon range of the city. German columns were knifing ahead towrrd the Caucasus, storming Anapa south of the lower Kuban, attacking the Taman Pe-nnsula, and the fall of Novorissisk was only a few days distant. Everywhere the Russians were doggedly falling back in the face of German initiative and armed superiority. In the Pacific, the difficult Allied advance on Kokoda was progressing slowly, while the Japs still wcra landing reinforcements on Guadalcanal in an effort to WTest the island from the VS. Marines' slender hold. Air War Slack In the air war, the British heavy rr-ids had slacked off after the initial thousand-mile assault on Cologne and the United States air force had only been in operational action about 10 days. The G-ermans had not yet been forced to create a major Luftwaffe fighter-front m Northwest Europe and the nazis had b-cn given no indication of the effects of American precision bombing. At sea the Allies were struggling against ono of the worst problems in the Battle of the Atlantic the opening of new hunting ranges for U-boats off United States and South American coasts. The situation was improving slowly, but it was far too early for anyone to guess whether the menace was yet licked. Situation Reversed At the opening of the war's fifth year, the situation is almost entirely reversed. The Russians hold the initiative along the whole front. Thek took a terrible toll of Germans during the violent winter offensive, which retook two-thirds of the German summer gains. They have thwarted the nazl Stalingrad effort and for the first time launched a summer offensive atrainst the Germans which gradu ally spread to most of the vital Russian sectors. In Africa the nazis are cleaned out completely and the Allies have won the Sicilian springboard to Italy, toppling Mussolini and put-ing Italy on the verge of total defeat. Allies Tops in Air In the air war the Allies have won full superiority In southwest Europe, devastated huge sections of the Ruhr, knocked out Hamburg as a war produ on center and forced the nazis into defensive fighter warfare, in which theater destruction of nazi fighters is believed exceeding production a certain sign the Luftwaffe eventually will be driven from the skies. At sea the U-boats appear licked, with the destruction rate at one sub per day and massive Allied supply convoys flowing across the Atlantic virtually unhindered. U. S. Navy Has Edge In the Pacific the Japanese have ben held at tay the campaigns of New Guinea, the Solomons and the Aleutians have bitten into the outer wrinhcry of Jap positions. and the big building program and JaD losses in sea battles have given the American Navy a new edge over the enemy. in j-cndon and on the ngnung fronts there is eonfidence that the fifth year of war will be the final year, but how soon the decision against Germany can be won stiD is questionable. No Hope for Hitler The Germans have not yet been met and beaten on the western European battlefront. But as Hitler looks forward to the third year cf winter war in Russia, at the Italian collapse and obvious desire by German satelites to get out of the war while the getting is good, at the swing of European neutrals sharply toward the Allied camp, at the ever-increasing impact of day and night bombing which already has over-extended the Luftwaffe, at the deadly toll of U-boats by the Allies in the Atlantic and the obvious heightening of the tempo of preparations for a frontal assault on Europe, there's hardly a single ray of hope for him to cling to. ; At the opening of the war's liftia year the nazi dreams have been col lapsed like a pricked balloon aa that remains is final military de .'cat. Two-thirds of South America'i people are engaged In agriculture as compared with about one-fifth In the VS. MINNEAPOLIS PRODUCE Minneapolis. Sept. 9 UP) Produce unchanged. CHICAGO BUTTER AND EGGS Chicago, Sept. 9 OP) Butter, reeclpts 386.745: firm: prices as quoted by the Chlcagop rice current are unchanged. Eggs, receipts 10.516: firm: OPA cell. Ing prices are unchanged. CHICAGO POULTRY Chicago. Sept. 9 lip) Poultry, live: 3 cars, 27 trucks; firm; prices are un changed at OPA ceilings. NFW YORK BITTER. CHEESE, EGGS New York, Sept. 9 tP) Butter strong, 6.312. Prices unchanged at ceallng. Cheese 315.964; nominal, no quota tions. Eggs firm. 19.871. U. 8. specials (average net weight per 30 dozen I. 48 lbs 53.3; 46 lbs 52.3: 44 lbs 50 8; 43 lbs 50.05: 40 lbs 47.8; 38 lbs 46.3; 36 lbs 44.8; 34 lbs 43.3; 30 lbs 40.3. Current receipts. 43 lbs 428: dirties 41.8. Checks 41.8. NEW YORK POULTRY New York. Sept. 9 (IP) Live and dressed poultry firm, prices unchanged. CHICAGO POTATOES Chicago. Sept 9 tipi Potatoes, ar rivals 127; on track 222; total U. S. shipment 720; supplies mboderate: for red stocks In all sections demand Is good; market, firm: for western Russets demand fair, market weak; for all varieties other sections demand moderate, market steady. Nebraska Bliss Triumphs. Commercial grade 2.15-2 25: Nehraska Cobblers. Commercial 2 00-2 15; Minnesota snd North Dakota Bliss Triumphs 2 50: Minn, and N. D. Red Wnrbas 2.75: Wisconsin Bliss Triumphs 2 13-2.20; Wisconsin Chippewas 2.30-2 50; Wisconsin Cobblers 2.15. St. Clnud Butterfat By Farmers Creamery Sweet .54 No. 1 .53 No. 2 2 By Purity Milk Co. Sweet M No. 1 J3 No. 2 2 Gross Cash Pioduce. Sauk Rapids E?gs, case run 21 Light hens 19 Heavy hens 22 Leghorn broilers 24 Heavy broilers, 4'j lbs. and up ... .26 Stags J5 Dressed Market Reef hides 10 No. 1 horse hides 5.00 No. 2 horse hides . . 3 00 Wool No. 1 .43 No. 2 25 Financial Market WALL STREET OPENING New York. Sept. 9 iP) Repercussions of the Italian surrended still were evident in today's stock market but selling of war Issues and buying of so-called peace favorites dried up ap preciablv Mixed tendencies prevailed at a mod erately active opening. Dealings then slackened and fractional advances were In the majority near mid-day. U. S. Marine Too Quick for 'Dead' Japanese Soldier Somewhere in the South Pacific (Delayed) (UP) Pvt. Don Lewis USMC, of Elkhart, Ind., cheated death by seconds because he was quicker on the draw than a "dead" Jap who came to life while the marine was tying a toggle rope to his legs. The incident occurred during the marines' capture of Vangunu Island in the Solomons on July 1, and Private Lewis related it, assisted by other members of his squad, after they had returned to a base here. Japs in Dugout "Pfc. Art Trapp of Buchanan, Mich., saw a Jap's legs disappearing under a huge log," Private Lewis said. "When we investigated we found the Japs had built a cellar dugout about 6 feet wide and 18 feet long under a fallen tree trunk. It must have been about 6 feet in circumference. There ware five Jap riflemen Inside." Pvt. J. C. of Pyote, Tex., added to Lewis' story, telling how he got four of the Japs. " I took my Browning automatic rifle and crawled into the mouth of the dugout," he began. "One of the Japs raised up to fire. I saw they were down at the end of the dugout so I sprayed them full automatic, getting what I believed to be all of them. To make sure we threw hand and smoke grenades in the dugout." Tied Japs Feet "The army colonel with us wanted to see one of the dead Japs," Lewis said as he resumed his story. "So I took a toggle rope and Fisk's old long Iver Johnson .38 and went down into the hole. The Japs were lying at the far end, so I ran up there. I started to tie the end of the rope to the feet of one. "He and the Jap lying next to him hollered and turned over. I found myself looking down the bar rel of a J? p rifle with fixed bayonet. I dropped his feet and shot the Jap who was most ready to fire. Not trusting the old .38 to Are again. I made for the mouth of the dugout. "As I climbed out the other Jap fired and missed me by inches. He got up and started to run toward the mouth of the hole for another shot, but Fisk, who had been lying outride, picked up a M-l rifle and let him have it as he came out. "I didn't go back down that hole again to get the Jap pistol I had spotted and wanted. Others got it the next day." Roll Call at Army Field Has Variety Midland Army Air Field, Midland, Tex. (UP) Roll call for a recent graduating class at the bombardier school here included the following names: Bakanauskas, Bernero, Bosak, Bublitz, Bugaj, Celovsky, Cohen, DiGiovanni, Dramniski, DuBois, Dziamniski, Finklestein, Florlllo, Halasz, Kasbarian, MacNamara, Maszewskl, Nosarzewski, Novak, OLeary and Plaszcykowski. Two-thirds of the 242,000 auto service stations in the U.S. normally extend credit to their customers, and such sales accounted lor one-fifth the total volume. of th 1J STEARNS, Benton and Morrison Count; farms at bargain prices, and on suitable terma J C Crever. St Joseph. Minn. 280 ACRE farm. 2''4 mile south of Melrose on good highway, with .good buildings. Mrs. A. Wensmann. R 1. Melrose. Minnesota. 200 ACRE farm 1 mile S. W. of Rock-vllle. Good soil, complete set of buildings, electricity, good county road. Small down payment, balance less than rent. W. F. Honer Real Estate. 702 '.i St. Germain. ALL MOD. 160 acre farm, 2 ml. N. nf Fair Haven. Hubert Van Heel. Fair Haven, Rt. 2. FOR Sale 160 A. farm, 119 acres under cultivation. 10 room house and barn. 34x60, hoghouse, 22x42. hen house, 16x52, granary garage machine sheds, wind mill, 2 corn cribs, good location, one block from church. Electricity, on good highway. Ed Callahan, Avon, Rt. 2. 240 ACRES heavy soil, 100 tillable, balance meadow and pasture. 8 room house, modern barn 34x92, chicken house, machine shed, etc. Large silo. Electricity. Town 1 mile. $45 per acre; $3000 cash, balance terms. 160 ACRES heavy soil, half tillable, balance meadow and pasture. Good buildings, near school, county road. 4 miles Sauk Rapids. $55 per acre, part cah. 80 ACRES heavy soil, all tillable. House, barn, silo, granary, coop, sheds. Electricity. Near school, town 4 miles. $60 per acre, about half cash. MANY other Benton County farms. Come or write for information. Foster Bros,, Foley, Minn. MODERN dairy farm, two miles from St. Cloud city limits. Write V-32 co Times. 40 ACRE farm 3'i ml. 'from Milaca, 2'i, mi from Foreston, good buildings, sell with or without stoSk. William Haglund. Mllaca, Route 2. Farm Machinery 1 John Deere Corn Binder. 1 Mccormick Corn Binder. Weldner Implement Co. 1 2-row Mounted corn picker for F-20 like new. 1 McCormlck Special corn shredder, six roll. 1 1-row power corn binder, like new. 1 F-14 tractor and cult, and plow reconditioned on good rubber. Also a few good reconditioned corn binders, cheap. Dlngmann Hardware, Kimball, Minn. FOR Sale one Deerlng corn binder In very good shape. Humbert implement Co., Freeport, Minn. 1 6-Roll Steel New Idea Corn Shredder 1 4-Roll Steel Rosenthal Corn Shredder 1 14" Tractor Plow 1 14" New Deere Gang Plow 1 8 ft. Double Disc Harrow MONDLOCH & EHRESMANN St. Martin. Minnesota JOHN Deere 4 h.p. gasoline engine. John J. Loesch, Kimball, Rt. 1. DEERING corn binder. Working order. $25. Geo. Wlnkelman, St. Cloud. Rt. 1. JOHN Deere 14-lnch tractor plow. In good cond. Joe Louis, Cold Spring. ROCK Island cream separator, large size, nearly new. Geo. Hamer, Elk River, Rt. 1. W. C. 1937 ALLIS Chalmers tractor, rubber front steel rear. Heavy Oliver two bottom plow. Ervln Schmidt, Albany, Rt. 3. McCORMICK corn binder. It has cut 100 acres. Frank Kutz, St. Cloud, Rt. 2. GOOD silo cutter, pipes and dlstrlbu tors complete. Good running order. Joe Gill. St. Joseph. Minn. Household Goods YOU WILL find all wool snowsults. dresses, coats, and shoes for which no stamp Is needed, also dishes, plain and fancy, furniture, old and new style, priced to fit any purse at the South Broadway Market, half way between St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids on Riverside Drive. CLARK Jewel City Gas stove in good condition. 328 Wilson Ave. N. E. SINGER Sewing machine. Lloyd baby buggy. 1501 33rd Ave. No. MONARCH range. Call 3289-LW. WE'RE CLEANING HOUSE! This Is Really a Breath-taking Offer! While They Last! Hurry! REG. 79c DUST MOPS 49c Large Size, With Spring Handle Liftlme Dust Mops $1.50 THE SIVINSKI CO. 912-914 St. Ger Str. Phone 908 ALL leather overstuffed rocker, coat, suits, knit suit dress, size 12. 736 18th Ave. S. ESTATE oil burner Heatrola, Ice box Tel. 3242-W after 8 P.M. 2 BURNER electric plate for sale, also want to buy small heater. Tel. 1228-J ONE white enamel wood and coal range, dining table and buffet. 216 16th Ave. N. Tel. 641-W. CORONADO car radio. $15. Tel. 3972-W 1 MONARCH range, good cond. Riverside Dr. S., Sauk Rapids. 808 DAVENPORT and chair, coal and wood Heatrola, china closet. Call after 4:30 at 1102 10th Ave. N. FURNITURE Including cupboard, kitch en range, oil stove, Ice box, bed etc. 208 5th Ave. No. Sauk Rapids CABINET radio, man's overcoat, size 44. like new. Tel. 25-F3. COMB. 4 burner gas and wood range Tel. 1105J. WINDOW seat, radio, cot, rocking chair, clothes rack, picture, large dining table, kitchen table, 7 chairs, wash tub. garden hose, rake, 3 shovels overcoat, hat. sweater and Misc . articles. 112 3rd Ave. S. ROUND oak dining room table and chairs $20.00, gas stove $20.00. cab Inet radio, square oak table $8. 813 2nd St. S. Plumbing and Heating NOW'S the time to get your furnace Installed, before the cold weather arrives. You can itlll purchase them at Montgomery Ward It Co. Building Material INSTALL YOUR ROOF now. We have a complete assortment of colored roofing. All roofing material guaranteed for 17 vears. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. 1 6 HOUSES. Youngs Agency. Tel. 43. RM. MOD. house, also 5 rm. mod. dwnstrs. apt. Sauk Rapids. Tel. 509-W. RM. house. 4 rms. downstairs, new, dec. Inq. 314 8th Ave. S. LOVELY, newly decorated home to proper party. Write V-35 co Times. ROOM house at Foley. 2 acres of land. $8 00 per month. 435 22nd Ave. N. Tel. 3081-W. HOUSE on 4th St. No. Not mod. Inq. 426 23rd Ave. No. BEDROOM modern home, close In. Call 2858-J Saturday from 2 to 5. RM. house. 801 9th Ave. N. Call between 9 and 10 A.M. Tel. 3018-J. ROOM-near Teachers College. Newly conditioned and decorated. Stove heat required. Call 1175 after 6 P.M. 5 RM. mod. house In Walte Park, Call at Phillips 66 Station. MODERN UPPER DUPLEX - 4 rooms and bath. Private entrance. Vacant Oct. 1st. Adults. 107 1st St. S. E. Phone 1720 6 RM. mod. home. Avail. Oct. 1st. Tel. 644. Apartments Flats RM. 1419. apt. mod. except heat. Tel. 3 ROOM apartment. Tel. 2153. 6 RM. unfurn. apt. Tel. 480 or 1637-J. 3 RM. up. apt. close In. Tel. 2675-W. FURNISHED apt. with heat. Private bath. Adults. 25 5th Ave. 8. 3 ROOM furn. apt. 711 9th Ave. So. MOD. 4 rm.htd. apt. upstrs. Close In. Inq. 819 ith St. S. KITCHENETTE apt. for school or em ployed girls or boys. Tel. 1537-M. RM. FURNISHED apartment. 2nd St. N. 1511 RM. unfurn. apt. Adults. Ave. So. 824 12th DOWNSTAIRS apartment, 5 rooms and bath. Very reasonable. Tel. 743, or see at 627 4th Ave. S. MOD. furn. apt. 510 7th Ave. N. For Rent Farms 70-ACRE farm, good bldgs.. 4 ml. from town. Inq. 720 Courthouse Sq. 190 ACRE farm. See or write Jos. Schwlnghammer. Albany, Minn. For Rent Miscellaneous GARAGE. 222 6th Ave. S. Room and Board ELDERLY ladies in my home for room and board. Tel. 1294-W. fiouses For Sale HOUSES Young's Agency. Tel. 41. MODERN homes In ever? location. James H. Murphy. Phone 196. MAGNUSON Guaranty State Bk. Bldg 2 ST. CLOUD houses. Easy terms, like rent. J. O. Crever, St. Joseph. MODERN homes, located in St. Cloud and Walte Park. Call or write Jos. Kowalkowskl, Tel. 792. LEAVING town, must sell 3 rm. house with two lots this month. Asking $900. Make offer. Cornforth, 720 Kilian Blvd. PRIVATE party wishes to sacrifice for cash sale a beautiful 4 rm. bungalow In St. Cloud. Garage attached. Completely remodeled. Three years old. Tel. 1090-J. NEW modern bungalow. Fire place. Garage attached. Automatic heat. FHA built. McKinlev Place South. Owner being transferred. Modern five room bungalow. Insulated Oak floors and finish. Must sell this week. Priced for quick sale. EIGHT room home. All modern. Close to schools and churches. Arranged and equlpjped for owner to occupy plus Income of $30.00 to $35.00 per month. Settle estate. $3600.00. Price reduced for quick sale. See this home. Six room bungalow. Modern. Fair condition. Owner leaving city. $2950.00. Terms 42. James H. Murphv, Realtor 203 St. Mary's Building. Phone 196 7 ROOM house, newly painted, full basement, garage, barn. 5 lots, located In Clearwater, Minn. Must sell. For particulars write G. F. Granzow, 4037 S. 11th Ave., Minneapolis. Minn. 7 ROOM house, newly painted, full basement, garage, barn. 5 lots, located In Clearwater. Minn. Must sell. For particulars write G. F. Granzow. 4037 S. 11th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 4 RM. bungalow for sale, close to Round House and Char-Gale. Tel. 3544-J. Autos Trucks 1931 CHEV. coupe and truck platform rack. Tel. 49-F12. 1929 MODEL A Ford. Call 4029-W before noon. 1935 FORD, In good condition, good tires. Lawrence Fischer, St. Joseph. 1942 PLYMOUTH Special Deluxe four-door sedan. Call evenings or Sunday. Tel. 91-J. Sauk Centre. '34 PLYMOUTH deluxe, motor over hauled, good tires. Call after 4:30 at 613 6th Ave. S. 1934 CHEVROLET. Rood condition. Webb Oil Station, 1901 St. Germain Street. St. Cloud. 1P35 HUDSON sedan, 5 good tires, $200. Can be seer at Flat Iron Bldg. Thursday and Friday evening, at 7 P.M. '41 V-8 FIVE passenger coupe, A-l condition. Call between 6 and 8 at 310 5th Ave. N. E. or Tel. 2589-J anytime. Musical Instruments CONCERTINA Pearl Queen, 104 key Excellent condition. Tony Dlngman, Cold Spring. Minn. ALL metal B flat clarinet and case, $25.00. 216 Wilson Ave. S. E. GIRL to help with hswk. Stav or eo home nlghte. S8.00 per wk. Tel. 1287. WANTED two girls for waitress and short order work. Apply In person at Red's Cafe, between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. SCHOOL girl attending Cathedral high school to work for board and room. Tel. 2428-J. WANTED dishwasher. Seventh Avenue Cafe. WANTED 2 Married Women to work part-time as salesladies. Montgomery Ward & Co. WANTED housekeeper for pastor. Minnesota town. Send references. Write V-42. care of Times. Male or Female Help Wanted EXP. cook, waitress and dish washer wanted. O. K. Cafe. WANTED : Man or woman to haul Sun day papers from town to town. Gas available. See Mr. Thorsen, St. Cloud Hotel, after 6:00 P.M. Thursday. WANTED men to assist In kitchen women for dormitory cleaning. Sal. arv and full maintenance. Write Miss Collins, Todd School for Boys, Woodstock. Illinois. JEWEL TEA COMPANY, ST. CLOUD, MINN, has Immediate placements for 2 men age 38-48 or 2 women, age 21-40 to operate established coffee and grocery route at: ST. CLOUD, MINNESOTA HUTCHINSON, MINNESOTA both placements are necessitated by promotions to assistant manager of present salesmen. Routes are paying over $40.00 per week. Don't apply unless you are looking for a permanent connection. We furnish car and operating costs, 5 days week. For personal Interview see Mr. Nordqulst, after 2 P.M. Friday and after 9 A.M. Saturday, Wanted Situation Male EXP. Job. farm hand wants year-round Write V-32 co Times. ELDERLY man, spry and active, wants Inside work, Write V-41. care of Times. Wanted Situation Female POSITION in doctor's office by 20 year-old girl with one year of nurses training, write v-aa co rimes. CLERK desires position In Department Store. Experienced. Write V-40, care of Times. TWO girls in Pantown will take care of children evenings. Tel. Z47B-J. Wanted to Buy WE PAY cash for good used shotguns, rifles, revolvers, and ammunition L. A. Halliday Sport Store. Tel. 130, GET spot cash for your accorlon button style or pitno accepted. Web-ers Jewelry & Music Co. OLD Horses. Arthur Burwick, Fox Ranch, St. Cloud, Rt. 2. Tel. 3159-W. BOYS bicycle. Tel. 2611-J. STOKER for home, new or used. F. E, Dlngmann, Kimball. ELECTRIC refrigerator, and late model gas range. Tel. 1619-R. 627 5th Ave S. CISTERN pump with hose connection L. Miller. 1222 Klllan Blvd. END tables, bookcase or sec'ty, floor lamp. Tel. 3777-J. WE WILL PAY CASH for your coal or wood heating stove. Gamble Stores, St. Cloud, Minn. USED Round Oak heater, medium size Tel. 619. CASH customer for 5 rm. mod. bung, near St. Anthony Church. See E. A, Barthelemy, 209 Guaranty Trust Bldg. HAVE buyer for good mod. home, 6 or 7 rooms. South side. E. A. Barthe lemy, 209 Guaranty Trust Bldg. LADIES' Jodpur boots, size 7Va or 8, Tel. 80. COMBINATION radio-phonograph, table model. Telephone 3751-W between 5 and 7 P.M. GOOD used car from prlv. party. Joe Traut. Rice, Rt. 2. FOUR door model A or early V-8, also motorcycle. Write V-43, care of Times. Wanted to Rent 3 or 4 BEDROOM house by Oct, Wired for elec. Stove. Tel. 3903-J. 5 OR 6 ROOM house, modern or part mod. 3 adults in family.- reliable Call or write J. B. N. 620 9th Ave. N 5 RM. MOD. bungalow, north or west side preferred, Adults. Write V-34 co Times. Wanted Miscellaneous 2 KITTENS want a new home. Call at 117 6th St. So. Rooms For Rent DOWNTOWN 1st floor slpg. rm. Prlv bath and entr. Gents. Tel. 3017, ROOM. 512 5th Ave. B. SLPG. room. Gent. 526 9th Ave. S. MODERN room. 233 14th Ave. S. MOD. slpg. rm. 626 6th Ave. S. ROOM and garage. 507 7th Ave. N. DOWNSTAIRS for rent. 220 4th Ave N. E. Rooms, Housekeeping 2-3 FURN. or unfurn. rms. Tel. 1591-J 3 ROOMS. Reasonable. 326 21st Ave. N. COMFORTABLE rm, innerspring, good lighting, radio. 340 6th Ave. So. Tel 3607-W. 2 HSKP. rooms. 101 13th Ave. No. 3 HSKP. rms. unfurn. 1889-W. . with bath. Tel MOD. furn. hskp. rm. Lady pref. 216 an Ave. s. 1 HOUSEKEEPING rm. 119 4th Ave. 8, TEAM of horses. Inq. Rockville. Frank Haus. DUROC boars and gilts, easy feeders, healthv, well grown, weight 200 to 225 lbs. O. A. Latcham. 9 miles southeast of Mllaca, Minn. ANGUS bull, several head of Jersev cows, Ralph Lease, Folev. Rt. 3. Tel. 3-F30. GUERNSEY cows, choice of 12. about 250 bu. of old corn. Dewey Cossalrt. Kimball. Rt. 1. TWO high grade Brown Swiss bulls, serviceable. Albert Wclnand, Rt. 2, St. Cloud. HOLSTEIN and Guernsey heifers, also Holstetn bull vearllngs. Andrew Dlngmann, St. Joseph, Rt. 1. EARLY spring pig for sale. Tel. 1994 WILL discontinue farming and sell all livestock, 8 cows fresh soon and thirty 7-wcok-old pigs. Mrs. E. Bar- thel. Tel. 16-F22. 1 SORREL gelding 6 vrs. 1600. 1 sorrel griding 2'i. Shepherd pups, l 14-ln Grand DeTour gang plow. 1 V, h p International. William Welz, Route 2. Rice. Minn. 1 CHESTER White boar. 16 brood sows due to farrow around Sept. 15 and on sale by lb. Two Holsteln bulls, serviceable ace. Alvln S. Olson l'i ml. S. E. Annandale, Minn. Tel 35-L3. 100 FIVE mo. old pullet. Tel. 36-F30 2 COWS and 5 nice feeder pigs. W. J Hlnes. Tel. 659. St. Cloud. TWO good work horses. Priced reason able. Also feed grinder. Lester Case. Kt. i. St. Cloud. Seeds Feeds FANCY Vlcland Seed Oats. The Bclm Farm. Kimball. Tel. 3-F20 For Sale Miscellaneous KINDLING wood. Tel. 3889 We deliver HOG feeders, saves time In feedlna toma in and see our new swinging type nog reeders. St. Joseph Lbr. Fuel Co.. St. Joseph. Minn. TOMATOES, P. F. Chrlstman, ml so. ox viaciuct in Walte Park. TOMATOES, field run. H. J. Fisher on pavement between Sauk Rapids and Sartell. Tel 2977-X. KINDLING wood. Tel. 3439-J. TOMATOES. 703 23rd Ave. No. ON HERMAN Flethaee farm, Richmond, 1 16-ft. house trailer, complete for family use. Owner, John Lagerlng. SMALL trunk. 420 10th Ave. No. A SPECIAL OFFER!! G. E. Mazda! Household Assortment of 25's, 40 s and 60s Watts Extra Special ! 1 A $1 Buy a bag full J-V bulbs P We also have the G. E. 32-volt Farm plant bulbs. Guaranteed for 1000 hours. riourescent and Lumlllne Tubes. THE SIVINSKI CO. 912-914 St. Germain Street. Phone 908 W ATKINS Products. 816 7th Ave, S. 2659-W between 1-2 and 5-7. HP. BRIGGS and Stratton engine. LeRoy Wicber. Albany, Rt. 1. BABY bassinette, like new, walnut desk, beige Rothmoor coat, with French beaver collar, size 16, slipper satin formal peacock blue, size 14. Tel. 2234-J. APPLES APPLES From Spraved Tres for Sale at HOWARD LAKE NURSERY at Howard Lake, Minn. W. H. Eddy. Proprietor VIOLIN. Tel. 914-J. TABLES ft DESKS suitable for stu dents. Priced from $3.45 and up. Gamble Stores, St. Cloud. Minn. TWO all-wool ladles' winter coats. sizes 18 and 38. 1 child's all-wool winter coat, size 8. Tel. 700-W. COLLEGE girls' coats, sweater, etc. 14-16. Sharp. 613 2nd Ave. S. 16 FT. LARSON Runabout boat U trailer 10.9 h.p. Callle Multi-Flex motor, very good condition. John P Nothnagel, 10 13th Ave. S. Phone 2953-J. TWO pair of men's black shoes, size 13 AA. Tel. 1972-J. 724 9th Ave. S McKASTY cash register with adding macnine comoined. write v-37 co Times. DRESSED springers. 35c lb, Tel. 149-W TYPEWRITER, cheap. 102 13th Ave. So. RUBBER boots, brand new, size See Glatzel at Star Cleaners. 2 LADIES coats size 38, 1 brown Lamb Seal. 1 grepn broad cloth fur collar Good condition, reasonably priced. Write V-40, care of Times. 40 ACRES good standing corn. Elice Jacquemart, 10 ml. E. of St. Cloud and 2 ml. So. of Parent. GENUINE Hudson seal fur coat, at a sacrifice. Tel. 2M7-W. FOR SALE - Mixed color tulip bulbs cheap. Emma Krler. two miles west or Pearl Lake. Address Cold Spring, Minn. BOAT trailer and boat, 1203 36th Ave. N. store scales 100 BU. 29-F2. of old yellow par corn, Tel DUCK boat, needs slleht repair. See It 7 to 9 P.M. 211 5'h Ave. N. 2 WARDROBE trunks, 1 large, 1 fmall 416 5th Ave. S E. ALL sizes of window glass, doors and windows. J. A. Will Wrecking Co., 34th Ave. & Division St. FOUR very nice log cabins. J. A. Will Wrecking Co., 34th Ave. & Division St. THREB men's winter overcoats, oxford grev, size 42. practically new, brown, size 40, black, s!7,e 38. Also library table 44x18, one pair tubular shoe skates, size 8. Inquire 1602 Kilian Blvd. Tel. 1715-J. HUDSON seal cos, size 42. very reasonable. Tel. 598. Picture Frames Quality Pre-war Made Easel Frames They're Great Values at These Prices! Bronze or Silver Frame, 7Qn Large, 10"xl2" I JC Black and Sliver. 8"x".0", C1 Stainless Steel Frame V- Others as Low as 35c We Specialize in Picture Framing Quick Service Wide Choice Frames THE SIVINSKI CO. 912-914 St. Ger. Street Phone 90S. Dec Dec at 1 time a l'n 10c 2 times fcUne 9c 3 tlmen, 4f..'rie 8c 6 tlm iiije 7c Theso rates apply to advertising that consists of 2 lines or more. One line ads are lOo for each insertion. No Insertion taken for less than 80c. Discount of 10 percent Is allowed for cash or payment before bill la rendered. Card of thanks are run on classified page and are charged at a minimum price of $1.00 per insertion. The Times will not be responsible for more than the first Incorrect lnser Mon of any classified ad ordered for more than one time. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO READERS Readers are respectfully requested NOT TO ASK Dally Times employes for the names and addresses of Classified Advertisers using Box Numbers. The Dally Times In accepting these advertisements Is pledged to guard the confidence of the advertisers, and Its employes are strictly prohibited from violating that trust. Readers co-operating accordingly will thus avoid embarrassment for Dally Times employes and the necessity of having the Information refused them. Only outlined display type Is allowed on the classified page and that same Is charged at the same rate for the space occupied. Count 12 lines to the inch CLASSIFIED AD REPLIES As a service to advertisers The Dally Times publishes dally the numbers of boxes which contain mail T-18, 27. V-4, 8, 18, 21, 22, 35, 38. The above boxes contained replies at 10:30 a.m. today. Advertisers are requested to call for their mall as soon as possible. The Dally Times reserves the right to destroy mall not called for within 30 days. Help Wanted Male TRUCK DRIVER MATHEW HALL LUMBER 127-6th AVE. NO. WANTED boy 16 yrs. or over, who Is not attending school. 1626 9th Ave. So. BOY with bike for light delivery. Apply In person. 812 12th Ave. S. MAN for core room work. Apply St. Cloud Iron Works. HELPER wanted on truck. St. Cloud Transfer Co. DRAFT exempt man to learn specialized work in essential Industry. Must apply in person. Stevenson's. 22 5th Ave. N. DRIVERS wanted. Radio Cab Co. COOKS Second, third and fourth for assignment to dining cars, also waiters and train porters. Write or call Mr. A. W. Deleen, General Superintendent Dining Cars, Great Northern Railway, St. Paul, Minnesota. TRUCK driver. Must be over 21. Apply Rubald Beverage Co. WANTED Shipping clerk. Phone 307. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. WANTED RECEIVING AND SHIPPING MAN MUST HAVE A-l REFERENCES Steady Work for One Who Qualifies SEE MR. TUBBS at SEARS ROEBUCK & CO. St. Cloud, Minn. Help Wanted Female GIRL for wor)c in tavern. Write V-19, care of T'es, MANAGES Qauty Operator wanted to take -Mn. charge. $100 per month and commission. Write V-24, care of Times. GIRL for 3773-LJ. general housework. Tel. GIRL for light hswk. 443 22nd Ave. N. Tel. 2384 WAITRESS, no exp. necessary. No work Sunday. Glariv's Cafe. ELDERLY ladv for hskp. or woman with child, husband In service. Reliable. Call after 6 P.M. Tel. 723-W. WANTED school girl from 4 to 8 P.M. Board and wages. 314 3rd Ave. S. WANTED dish washer, machine work. Write V-39 care of Times. RELIABLE girl. 18 or over, to care for child 2 yrs. and gen. hswk. during working hours of mother. Call in person, Apt. 6, 502 7th Ave. S. after 6 P.M. WAITRESS Must he over 21 vears, neat appearing and some experience, Good ilnrv. References required. Matt's iiamburger Inn, 922 St. Ger- main- n-V-1? i EXP. s wantea. fialn. Joe's Tavern. E. St. ut" EXP. waitress, Kleis Cafe. GIRL for housework. Tel. 2396, or write 2930 3rd St. n. WAITRESS wanted. Eeacon Cafe, St. Germain. 821 GIRL for gen. hswk. Good wages. Tel 2945-W. COUNTRY girl to assist with housework and care of children by Sept 29. No outside work. State wages. Write V-36 co Times.

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