Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1908
Page 5
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AnnoiMncement Beginning October I at, we will have solicitors call oti the citizens of lola, in the interest of our SA\'INGS DE-. PARTMENT. They will be authorized to receive and receipt for deposits, and will also be suppliert with SA\'ING8 BANKS, which will be jjiyen FREE to any and all deposi- tofs who open an account to the amount of ONE DOLLAR or THE lOLA DAILT BEeiSTEB. SATtllPAT ETEyiyff. OCTOBER 10. 1909. more. All depositors who have already' opened savings ac- coL 'nts with ns are entitled to one of these new banks, which ^'i|ll be delivered upon presentation of your Pass Book. We simply ask that pur solicit irs be given an oppor- lu nXy to present to you the many good features of our Savin; Department, and when thoroughly understood, we kuo\y thp result will be-uictuall^ beneficial. State Saiflngs Bank a from 7 to 8 p m. Saturdays aud Pay Nights 6pe READ! A fen liiindrrd •« <.erti(Hi>> >«. 1 m-stcrn kind at inm and up. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO^ Office Over Iowa ."Store. Short Stories asSBB^B o r =S=S= lola Happenings I Xeret^ Adopt knj C bxns Method* I adr slighted isp you to steer ot all that uiui to.attract you by the api>«arantp of giving ycu more iit^vney for ycurjunk tJiait rtgu lar mairk-it prices The other day a custuint r Gan'-d on usv I niade him prices.! He said. I r.iii ret mot' ' I told lii^i. "I* miy ajiii -i -a-r ar more" He ,.-:a!d " J|'viili try Ir ,.\:<:<- ;t :i-l see." He iaid Xui li;id hi-; load of ccr.iii iron weiphod <ia the city iralo;- and kin«ws what h^ had. W .-r. he tii-d i' The results were far froui sati-fj<-tory ir hitn. itf ealii'- to iitv rjffic.' af'er «-:M <ls .•:iJ to)[i Mie that hp Umi'id :ie»ti try i" ap.-'iji He -aid •i:cj S<'at hint s'' had ihl ,t ii «•;•; u <-civ .'-ary for liirn to knock li-t jiiaii d')W!i t.-. c'-: .-hilii to pay hifi all thtt ju-tij iljie li .in I* 'ake*l yt'urs tn bnud a ;:v'«>d rei''i!a- tir.Ml aij! i' ui!! ii<>! i:.' v.->-'<t,i'^ U ktioek .1 • r 'puJa'iiTi .i I wan: fui!-. vT •. Kvi ^i'' I.O Tr." f«ji lii!; IV'.'r k- T Jl'i:.!. . v.. !L-h- and i .••'•••>;• It njiii .li.'.l ii'irii'. . aiid . U .I Kalteiiliii: shre|i. Mi- 1 .iv .B I'.'i'..r; ••! K n•. hit .)\ :f. I l\e f.ii •!< • !.'•.! •• L -.d;;iM. .1 •• riir :i ^.is ('r ITHE LEitER A BUND BELIEVED FALTYS WROTE H» U» A Sqnare Deal fa assured yon when you buy Dr. Pierce'• family medicines—for all the Ineredi- eat* entering Into them arc printed on the bottle-wrappers and th'-lr {••rmulaa •re attested under oath a being complete and correct. You kuon- ju|<t what you are payini; (or and that the ias:r6d:cnts are gather«l from Nature's laboratory, being t'l"-!-! from the moit vttluabie native idcntltv of Pair Ifnder Un^t lor Koh] medicinal routs found growing in our - ' LV TO THROW FTK*;'. ERS on. American fores arp t-erferrtj; ha delicate worn' ^iie potent tu cure 1 to the moot ' il3?Prn* Xt»t a drop j ixTj Canuot B «j I 'ositiielj ^;^;a•• eREAM lem. Vl^.—nil This agent This agent posse$e«s flrtSl propertlP>of its own. i>eiiis a most valuableaii:!s<'pHc and an'!- fermetjt. nutritive and wjc-thitii; demulcent. <iivc.rin» pJays ati Irnpirtant p.irt in [ Oi :.a '.::i. I>> I'r. r.''r''e'''CJ'jWFn M>-dicaI Di'^overv in Cu: r:i;c IJfforri T'.> a~.-f Th- i • : r. •ilj;t'f tiic .V i; Kai:> , >.ii! •• ler irr-'st i;i Si .1 >l" 1;:,,.^^,. (;;Urrim. iij.d r I.y I "'H ^> t- t' ! !••- v-ufj of indii;.»f:ijn. •.-;»••,>-.» aad l'. h. atl-'n'lui Iv M":r rl-ir -.cs. h-,«rt .'ijrri. f.ii:l (•r<».ith. •• iti.d torr.-.•. p.j..r uL'T" t:tr. cn.ittinir (••i:ria :n >:..r!i- Bch. h:ii"ii -Ti':ind Vm .lri-l U .'riir'c>'- monts -r ta.' ^^<'ln.^l •h. ll>.T .ii .d N . ..riiiL- !«;•'• tli-'ri' --vo .; -Ir- ---.r.c nit'i.!• nil .\1-!-.; -al I I.-.- •••r: ' !-.(-;»-it..- !..r IV '.f •u-i , , vin. r.i. - .1 ~ .• ilarrii. " I 1 ri • r .1 tj.u j •-'•'•^••--i. ••• •}•' i.i i: I'l- • .T. f tlu »t..i:i.Kli. 4 I v.;.;: I Ui'- K .i!r»-, • r .c urciM.v Lvm lii :t • u..-. ra!;v« ]».. >..i'. .- vn'-k- ! vi: t , !T,;: vici.l to f hi» ».'V. ri r. m- [ Ka.--- "A-'Iiifr'. If I" r~>v .-ri >l If. -M. fiir •.•r..v»d f:it!J.. .1" vvlui.h caa L- • -.n. tiUT,' <i I'n- li.t-Il a-. • • s .T !i!»-, o '.i - who io: .1 .^n-^" • a-.-l M\''-'-:r I! .4'. ; - • l-V.and \: .. • u; I I nil a"••'1'l r.''' • '• • hi; l .^di J:... of .1,.,;. :: I ' ^'LI'• I'T l^-TTiT^ 'l'~ '"•'V? h';..- u I Ka:,.as r,. ... - .f ..s, ! vi: :7lVi ',^r :b'AV\^:.;:^,v.r..v-"i.... - art '-l 1.1.1 s.i.'iit t.iK .si -t. I:,- L-nv. rr - for Ih.- n «-r-.-*-arv r..n-:.! I t • .v : i.-;> •Jw ni.iii'<': :>-'«id«iit "f ill K.'.i;!' 1- I li'-ti! !.<••.:•.. si fo; \ii l.'a; 1 'tt ; a lurtr- .\;'II r.-ut.t l -'i: ii" III-' •••'ii':;;!~-:oi; •n-::...K 'MM.r. i... .-1. -•0 >H'er;" ""i^ style .i!" i "'ii-»»j. V.ii- i, ••• B.-' .-ri 'ti;r- .. , |,a' K.llJ^as Ci;. !l3-: -.v ^ok Ui ':-n:.'dN;;; l.:i -Dr. J. IL Pepper. Deatlst Phone 163. Got a Divorce. Sainu-,'! E. Jones «a .>i >'-si .'rilsy ; granted a divorco iu di^tiict co,::i • from .\uiia L. Jones. Thorpe & floogh (j^ontnclor!, Engineer!, Sarrejors. Fully equipped for all kinds ot ^arreying. estimating, patent drawing, blue prints, maps, sldewalts, pirbln^', and farm drainage. Office Orer "Fmfom." f Col. Atchison Returns. Col. J. B. .\tchison has r-'tun;-.! from Kansas City, where h*-' tool; in Th" carnival. — Always tiiiiE to eat at Our Way. A Daughter Bo'-n .\ .daughter was born day r.', fo yesterday to Mr. and .M-.-. NVal' L'jran.:e on Sot;ih Bur;i..^y" -••!.•» t. —Merehanfe Lunch at Our Way. Continue Rohrbauch C^se. Ti:*- rase of \Vm. H. Clark v.';. C X. .^irart. ••.\r.. an action crowii.c out M Use No. 7 Flour Good a.- ,aa:—better than most. ] Don't Korgfi Our • MEAT MARKET | JW> handle only 'ho beil of Fresb I nu. Smoked and .'•'alt .>li*a[.. We Waut Your ir aMoni-; 111 until 1".' of tia' Roinbaueli ca .*io fj I'- s. was toilay oontiiiuoi '.isi »o«l; in NovvmbiT. •Rhon i: '. tii.'.j b'.'furo a jury - rre;-h O..itors—Our Wa.r. PRODtCB fdj-mcri-. atid will ra> i ih<' hiuh'tl ni irket pihe in <M >'h o; ir.iii'" Come In and st-c ns. |Wc-are hoie ajunts f..>r J. .M. Bom'n COFFEES and TEAS jif you will give thi^ nbe a trial you 11 use no other. Fryer Bros. E'arnore to RebiiUd. Prosp.^cti for a trUht futur.- for oil; Il!i!e .ity ii.-ver locikcd helt.-r !!;HII at thf prti.'nt time, and botcro !'!•• .LiA iiliij; of thi> K'oy, our little rity wju haM- niad>' womli-rful strMej t.ownr.1 n «ri -utcr Kl.miore and will have made tnor" nd\*nceinenf In III- >"ar 1'."<S tiian It has'for tho U,<t i-r.'1 • lUiii: ii-n years. It \vn> no: I M . otir ciii/.«'ns did ttot want toj bilild Bii'l improve the ttSwn. It was' l'(.oa ';o.- {>• business lots were In s'lrti slia-," that . thf^y could not bo toM. tlius Ic< ojitiig alj liujldirip at a 'fs' and si ill. Tli' lot.- won/ no soon-r aloa:; i tiuii. soon '.j luorr Ii li'. loii" Mail HfKir. ••i 1.1 ' . ... 1. ii! a I r.,- u"' • -i" . >J;' - .itii.'ii )i..'r- ;i :a tlia' o;i.-r.!- I.i- viW 'ii t • r.;i a li..;:!. — K'.-- tlfU'.TUV 'nt, to '-aMli-e irir 1 > !i. • >• fw, ,ir ihr'..' tnicj M i!.iv K,;!I I;r. >is'.-';'. <>t.iiTh IJ>'r,(-iv. T .'..s tiii !• liTfi r. '.r.« "f Cainjonl (;>?r .craof i i;r. , iu.» «or-l .x-'ish* tnd tHur-.t. •-- .^-.t ^Jbr hr--,•-!.•.»!. ti.-.jt irl Sjiif •> ..... . (p- - .,- '•a-rp-lk... in ^-l* ai .* •, ...t ..zr*. li.** .1 I 5'..3 ;--3: li .-*N " *. • ^-r' . f^. r. rr.- .—ii-..».-aa>» J.... irnt.-.ti ^ri »- ,1 .k-n.:-; - .-f ., I I.'.' (•'^'"••hial ti.ti."o:» ra. r:-.bran«>> T^»"I' • * I *- ^v4.ry " 1, n.,^' «> jr." -l f-.-r af-ij»^ rn-j*: . :4r •;'-'a: 1 ir .f ft -in ^•l•ld»•ll r .'^r r.n^r •• »«- -lU* - ' t -^-.'V 'J 'o .*.ir*. .-..i.^ur-^pt'n !** adv^r-.-..! '-a--* - tr....ll.-lr.o .1.- -I.r- :..r '.l t'tic i.l.-.*iTitT»'. .-..'ik-ii*. '.^Ii; r;. :f r- .— l -c ;»-l.< ir» .... . ;.- tioo.i(t»tli«. \>->\ iu-"}ir\a,f idat r »n l«ita.i.x ,; d:: II. f r-. ill •lin; t -'i!t...-.>'r' '.t!,d " Ma;*- •;<• n.: rr-.-- :i' v. • • I..-- •I...- "Ii. ••IV ' A grape cream of tartar powder. Makes pure, healthful, delicious food, Noalunij no lime phosphate. There iiu Jnfnllihlc test by wliicJt every housewife may detect the iinbealtb' ftil alum b:ikiug powders— The label will tell Study the Inbef. If it does not s:iy vreani ot t:irt:ir the b:ik!n{i powder is made from nluw aud must be. avoided. —SIX] rer relit ai 'nev: uo ••otutcts- _ . .! . ..... r- T.^.i, Ui > u-lay.—Smith & Tr.tvl?. Kiin-d i"»r Iininki-nn<"»"'. .I"*.u t^av,.-.-!: ..; I-'; • d'.:- .• ; •;•!< n ,f :.;ii- <••••• !.;i-:.->': V.-: •• : .!'.,;.•! la-- Mij;! t V."-To-.'! ir.: • . lo 1 K • . a r-- s"; -u.-i aii> • ;. • ' ! !i;ov<- wo'i!.I h .v.. i . •: .; r" v.trf .t-tni;:'''"! • l.iia !o cor .;id-.-i;t> i.-1 'Vy< r.o >:;d rciarp •i 'l. hi'w.-v-r. t 'ls ••'.i---i! fa.:h '."lat »v.;r Kaity--' 1 ; lleif Knun Riirlin^ton. Ml.- I 1.. t:. >i ;:i-; • wl... ;,a W.;;in^ h. - :i Mr :> T:. I y.- W ixl!'.'.. to; I .-iii Tii'i—ij;. I r'l.iri v:-r ' * ' .1 I'.-.d vx^::' o lolu j V."<-.lri-!,.!.:. .1 -.lii.: .-t.'v.—f.'irlln? '•-li! Ki jjii'';<au. —S:r: _t>£. a UiHister—HoKo Industry — i.'i.:-j !o Kiv,.- Ca: at O-jr War- phone d S-'** Klrrijrlr Ll-.:bt* t.rov.lne T'lpuliir. iti- lo »!:«• II H P :.. '•: -i-ii;' ; I! .If d^i.';.. «<•<•(. r .j. N K. .-^'.i;-:. • i; • i I'liiiulca' n. dt : Mii»-"; .irt."'!l;;ir .•'••<-fic:l> is fa»r •••.\- c i-'a- ::• l''! 1 lioiii'.-- .-lid 'U" d'.rs fo l|;;ai; '\\--: •'mtn' i» f (liai;e- • cav. V" r,l -'d Mr;. .T Visit at rbanrte. •.. •. :• !• .1.'.. n-.- 'Mr VI'! (1.':::.' d'!i . •.- ••-.lin-- ••• ^ .^i- Sic:-' "i-- ::ala: 1- ;.iiN- T; i-^ -i:.— Anfo (Jaraire and Repair Shop f«r all kind* vi repalrfni:. Antomoblle Ihrry. Phnue !5fl3. ,1;.-,, -I : !.| :n V -':i •O '>r V -V'. aril !!ia-' '• • I > .lit r.; i r .-^.y her'" "i I I -jrit;.. ov.-, • ..f • .1 T.\:-t]: -h. V,,;. , '., ri.. •^cr .>n.' "•' •• Fx.-y 1.' '.'••• .o ' c''.**!(.: :" :r.i:;;»?•• • ih.- L '.'i -o dj.rk FLEET TO JAPAN H/VVL ARRANGED A DUEL. D. Cooc and A. H. C.impbell Dif- fe- on Meaninn of "Gas City.'' Sixtrin italtle^hipo oi tllaiilir Mr it .Vre >»•« on W-.w. I If ' •i. .-I'l'-. •I I;- '1 .\- a: I'. <• • ' .i; >a^::, K ..t' \.::.,,:.: '•.v.. ao!|-- < 1. : . til- • ..I •• • r:oi-- -i.- fl .!u -hi- ; v..:y if..-;" . .•r..| (•• • I> I .u .d .attorney \. ii r,!:!,;'!.-:'-:.-;(.! I'.-.-ntily ars"- •:•'.• a: -ii. .•.?;-r' I'j'.-' this mom- ii,^- I- !.. i5.-t:.:!;;< r ^o: la,- The Regls- *i T" '.. as r:.rli' •• r ;i ;ar •i ;as '.rlt'i; of Cf .rkr ri '. .-^Tiielter to be — r on;:,,.!.- ot r:i- fj;;;. .Mr. Campbell a '•. Tiililir <ial.'. .1 1- --i^oifM Water, the Our W.i; V.\nA. .I I M BO F <iii »t Sprnk. llMal IV"i-f ir to !•• 'h'- .,. .. ! , . i-t i!..- Vf-i;;.: .•|irisi;,in ;aM ..n l-zUioi n"'." u. .1 '.ii;id. -;1" !i;. ;•).; 'il l.T (•;»•. •A-i'- rii iv oil!- '.^1 • •.'I .: 1- !'.r:i.- '• Madr l»ne To.-. Man'. iv.' 'haf I'll- yo'.i..- • ..'1 v.-;.o •wn ; ;'*..o:j ;i. .-'I .-...I!-: i. r • •II .1 .al - ':^i :<.l,.:- i:.u- Tli'ir --t.-> .T. - :. '..I I '.-.'^r. ;• ••!• 'ii !.ii • ' •. •= lie daryr; i- -i, i; V.. .11.'.. r i-: a' i n-. - r .ri '.:!.,.-; -Hiilii'.....!: I;.;. •; .• till' I Piu. ?-"lf. r. r.,r'l Mi:'idl' I. ;iut Pttuoe 3U1. •A a s.iapo to be sold; when there lola; lian*>a». j was a srramblo to ?et possession^- of lli'::n — nimor.^ Loader, Evans Bros. OUm Blank 0Mto >liHmm, Wliere qaaltty la main eooalti- eration we buy the be»t Wliere demand* will Jofltlfy. «• carry all fradet aid prlcea •••tt tMe tqaarei. ieU. tan. —ln>Nt nn ha <lne floar. Here tiJ Synod. ! J. H. Moade. W. J. Calhoun.: Mr. jand .Mr*. W". S. Co-van. E. R. Chcn- ]a-.:!r liu -i Fit.. Van .ir .J-u/are among 'the For: Scot' i.'-oi':-' in loia atter.d- i in:r r ;,c S';t;.:a,- ,-<:ho-i; roin'i-ntioa.— iF- .S'.o-' K. r .'il 'itcap O.I fj.-.-i'.ii. V. a.» tOLOMST K.\TE.S talifornia, ArUona, Etc. Dally until (llctobcrSl. IWs. from loin. h.»>. •jheiidjo Mad Sma"' C'owd. In-- sp^aki! e W.-<;nejdiy .-tfternooa b; Hon. B .K cJ€ri''an. candidate for <?onEres=- w&! a-.'snded by about for.- j-- of • fa!'"f ':I. • TX!U J!C S a few U ':att'-ri!-.? Rf;-.!c.'i '-3r.-- Ti€ contrast Ih.-in^-.r S;ot. nii ^-rting aud th-;; :^l!er :'!a:i ir-"-';!;-- wa.= \'Ty iioticoablo jan-t I. f: fi •:IM',! at.- lo'-'in- iT '-tr?.- "ri.ia". i- ar. int -rfs'.- j in;^ '.alk.'r !••>•.-..•-. ..r. :<•.•! is wonii ;i :.-arh ;s wi:-•v., r VQ:; aer--.; -sii -i V.\i<i\ jiT r .'i;. —' I .oa 'i 'T. ' ^ —rarer Hai..;.:i^. fh '.'ti*' 1 M< IV.'! IvTv^drl: OlICHll I.Msl t'l Si ('l»rt. nak'l:-- <i^ " li'.k ('I '.aaMti.' .-a'-' Tr a 'tis li :i;f-a r: i> -i ',);• Liberal 8topo*er prlvllcB'-- I'c'- titinally conducted eM-'it.-iluijf. Tnkeu.} cepted tn tourioi saeiiers mi pay- ilient of I'uUman raw. and in chair cai*. .N'o hette.r "ay of »'rcomitiit nr- j Juainied .with the Oieat !>'.iuth»e!:t. •here small faiiuti yic 'd u competence. jarr wil! •. • :'d • ;iir. ••r.:< . "-ro'i f >.)t—'. I" tl.. .;. Iiii.t .1 i.u' Fii'ii' :.- -' ' . ,• I 'M r4cr!«- w«re •••<•!, I- ; . i;;,- any *30il> •= II' i: "• lo .at • in '!.'• -<•; 1'-.= 1 dii: '11^ 'Iu- « riK —Kr.-trY S. neHttle. V. 8 nioni" 1.19 t^an by traveliti? over the Banta Ke. Let ni; s«:id you some lUeratuie jivaN^a II 4bout cIllfoirDia. Arizona, etc. \V E R.VLSTON,. Agent. lola, Kiuiia". Shippi-d I'roii' jola. \ y,- II.....J : .\ r-ii of •'jicii'.'u- !<•.> lia.. n.-aad-d ,ni !ti0.i','.- Ifiin' ihl-' rnitii: Tl'o I 'o roir^'' from loin Id : . i • If you «aut tile latfest and nl.est poat i -ar-ls on the market,' 6 >?t 'b-m a* M'lndls dru? • Here to Synod. i Th'.- L 'at^ Evno'l of t:;" :Pp -eE !-'>t^naii I 'iiLMch \i now in ^es^fion ip lola. and jv.-i;! rortin'je O^»T Sunday Amo.-'P ilagstine and Cement Sidewalks an«jilio.-p fioiu VIianut«^ wht> are iu at- T Curbing B Specialty. - ItendaiR-e arr R -fV. H. G. Ma'his pas- U2^ 115 East JackBOB Iffc I tor of tlie Chanute Preibytenau I ficneral C 'oDtractw. Phone 9M. lilstimates dieerfully given on all work Fhtme Cifu Bee. m 8. Bcdkeye. thurrh. Mrs Malhls. .Mr5J K P. n^>d!^ Mrs. Charles Bardwel!. Mrs. U J. MiS jdren and Mies Lena Baieis. A Sabbath school institute Is being held In connection wtih the s.vnod.—Chanute Tribune. y C- Ogi-nberg Bat I. an«i Mrs J r n ir.. • r .-ir -M ••'l lioiti.- Tl.ursdav from an • >fii.U.: Ivi-it i;i-.Nrw Yori,. .\II-hi:aii. < ati.i i.-i j.-U'.t .-'iaw li.:r 111 N'. n- -^oii; -M'.. |\li r>o:-!il">rK' viist"! the old lioinf^- • . ••:ol iif his r 111 I".;'- l.ini.t :i"l It •.^.lr• his 111 SI visii tii.rr- a- ii': •«.>-: I and rnisri in K.-vnsa? Tl;. y i;' .111 tl-.o la'.;-' witU r '!.-iM\':- a:i:ons tit.< thoij.sand Islam!*: St. l.awrf-r.i." riv.'r. TVov ha-t ja .i'jiii-liif'il t .:i»'.>. in vt.sitinj: an i j .ssh! S-. iii: br.: wvre '-lad to nor bu^'k t" fC :'.!'.sa3 Utii^j .T ; • ...i; a iou l!io a-.-"!!; —H'-imbol'it HE WILL MAKE GOOD •Mast-r 3tuart' •'oti Up n Oood jnd Will Pill" tr? Mnnrv 1 - :.•! ..:,.; •; ":. --v'' • • • ft:;,.. . i;..r>, .... -, ;• !;•..•! >h W ••• ' •: ; ;-. ; 1 i :. •••:ii.- ;..,Mi.-Vi." .1 I' SOU niTii. t'.;ai-l.;e-.f o\,:r • >•'.;o -.vaiit ".n ••.'Trar 'uin tlur uill )•'.•>>• a:i I I'll'' I'.i' vi;ll.ih-- .uoi.'- n!t:i r f !i. '.'i:! do ".yvll I'l ! - \1 ;• • 1-1 SlUii:' • I ho luia bo> «lio -i.i;'.- • ,• Moiuti.v I... t!..-- n'-.".->>: I (., It .inv f.';.it-r .-Lr. -.Itlivero itl). it^'^^.s I t':r yoiijij i;;di'l I^l .tst night In' 1:%'* f.i-ir.-^n':" .1' T'lr .\1 !;;r' ,-\ lai-i;. rro'.vil ni 'i «'"i*. Mu a- rociiii! fo; l !i' rlii,» loii.s n'-:irl> •':-u;.'tl nt;.! i: was a «'i)iii (tiiioit:; o-.a -if>n for til'- \oui;c man. Hr not oi;!j a :jr-i<.'of-tl'r. hnr l .o pui-j or. itj.iri} >f!fn.uir t'irns .-ind he imt.s rlioni on .^iih an • a:?.' r.f tli-- old'r -irai.-r.^. His .-i.-ipoarar.r- nl~'f on 'riarc'" skat-s tn n two-:<i/;> c -il !o.i for ii -.-irh a ;i-,.lai :s..-. F,-ist nicht' was tile first tim- fo- the trlaticTi: stilt. Pkatfi :n Tola. ti:-..;. beipc an -.n-.-cation oi ' Ma.rter Stuai-'" and ev- .•^^.yii-.e j-:-;:intd to aj-preciate the ii'.- Jfir -iliy of ikating upj;>n th'-ni In heel -:rd tre Sh -atini: he may hav.^ eo'uls i'l:'. si :porio :-s. Hi.< '"hrir-r." thii=- !.av ih' ^ar. is Iiet.t«'r than an-?- of rfi'= s:;.-.a.s for Utf- itiat -^v-ro p-^t -^n lait .searon L:- tV-^- elder slcaters Ir it he i;ii ';-5 from one i:;clftie to another, a feat which only those who skate can rropcrly appreciate:-. WUcout consid- erin? 'he .voung mati's ase h:£ .ict t? 2S eo .3c a; any of the othvr; and tiV:- \-e into constdsration his age is .=;-: The nro ^*r 'rar.r -_r,r 'he To a ; odS€ H T .\ a -.d noo.-^ers > ^.^^ reception he received last ntght I I'll I Kl"!'.- .. —riMiuiiiulium .V \rnril. « p« r i-i-ni Iiioiirj, • >"sr.i:-.!ay w'aen it stat- Cii" "'r- siir..) the appll- Corkr -ri ! .-:i:oIt€r to be I t:i-' f;;;y. .Mr. Campbell -• That ].r'jpvr!-- s ;p'.ai-in-^ Gas City . i.o' oppos.- i'.-.:- afj '.ication. but, "1: r ',r.*ra'-y. '.'i'. ']:•. adminlstra- • (•;: fr.vo '...j ^^••'•:.t r-. smelter out. <'.'j' -a;..- ihi*: iicople who li 'liv applica'io.'i maKe up a : I- ir:'jorit> of tj.v ci:i-':-ns of Gas I' ' for fiiai r.;aso!i "•'•.a.-- City" was • •.;io-.-f! t 'l tl:-- a;i;.l;-. a *ion ,J.\Ti :.,:'• .Mr <-,..,finally :.f.-r:r|r. t;:" ma 't-r hy duel, - iri:,-'*.^ >:ivi. c i:ii "oiipon^nt the . . .. •• or w.'a;''oi;> Tli'- t.^st run• • .-:a..'- in '':o woii-i for mine." - - - •>!:• •"ampli'-li. 'I:.. ,if th.. i.-,-ms ,,ii which the ' I.! -loll'!.- rra:<T'•! th'.- appUra- •-. '•' !li>-.'.moitrr lo l )o /;Vt outaide ••. '1. wa-. an a?r"(-ment that Its 11.'! sn ..iiM lie Iial <|o tor t«xe.s for ir .'MnK III- lionded liideht.'dness of • !.• v ,.i !.'r vtorki. s>i;teui In Oaa. _It.:l0iir U'av Soda W.'.ter. Took''Six Ribbons. IT F. Pol'. of virir.ity took soin-' tine hoes ovrr to the stock show at Yat-s C-jnter week and car^- f'lred hT'ie -ihbor..; and two r'--d rlbV'Ons • He h.-td twej -.-c tiozs so tl ^a* fl half a ri^hon for each of 't'i twelve—Humboldt Union .V < onimonk-aHP!'. B -^^i • * ^':!:^:>d.. A H T .X. a-.d H ^'V'ers ^o. ; The reception he received last ntgat • tl#-nervous .strain throusrhwhk-'h'^ • UHC' M '''^V'-'.T^^.-!''}-'--^- s.-.j?.|tKs,.,t the v.:ari:-.i-iii5.ii:nc'st U'- - :.- . ...>^,/ ,..,if r-i- ^-^-n cnnticcte-i more or k-ss in- J'riii* pr..5fr.ition,f.iint-' • IT .-,v-.• > i' T "\ \.. J-- '-'eryon-of li-.-m .r.. iu^l &'r;tl Ueakinjr .l..wt. Of ih- [ ^ ^i, Man at Humbo.d..^^^^^^^ ^ Kc : III". ..v.Tvv...rk*?.l''n t |ioi-o ; ^ LYDIAEePINKHAIVI'S VBGETABLE COMPOUND iiii: r. lii I T .11^">-i<' \i\r. visit w:tn 'frl'nl--: _niintivo''ll Union nvxt Siinid> tor r -lntif'..' in.-; r.iui:t and f-\cryon- of ti-.'^m (i se.-' tho vonni- man 'j liners !\-ia :T vh'S •:::<:• !iir -r .nt .t :r. ;-.a *i 'j:i Suffaring Ladies arc urged to follow thel example of thousands of their Kistci -s and. take Gardui. Cardui is a non- iuiiicral, non-intoxicatiii j incdicine for •women. .It is for sick, weak ladie-s, :v.itii sick female organs. If wm Help You 79 • It is a genuine, ciirative medicine, that builds^ up the female svstem aiid relieves female pain. Mrs. A. St. Clair, of Eokdale. W. Va., writes: 'Before taking Cardui, I had given up aX\. hope of getting well. I had suffered for 3 years with m^, left side and was foutined lot::- bed. so I took Cardm, and now Cardui has ;d )ont cured my female trouble.'* AT ALL DRUG STORES h-i- :.v :t .1 :1 If A. TI K'O . ha n-r.. Thov 3(1 -,i'.- :ii.iJ Mundt rt--.t.||r*»s tlie tt-mimne .-ritetu'to a! ,7,*! •• ^ ' bxrong, li...ilthy, ii')ruMl" (."iiditio!!. i m. Kl!.-t (;rifti.i.<.f S I ., r.u,. j , ^. ? 7,",?^.,^ V f .1 1.11 • n K '>n> . of loil namt toij N.i,«Tii.= ;n .Mrs. I'mkliAiu: ..^ii' to vu.- hi. iinrji.-. . •• 1 irouM .'d for thw y».-jr>iwirh : |,,k,j.,ft,, ^,,1 f:,r!jl'-.' .V-. od f'm w ,i'.;iii.->»-. I .i. kacVi''. i.^in-- :iitj ,t, r hoa; 11 acd mad" me fe^l l:.'.it''r Cian : j,', ' "' FA<iTS FOR SICK WOMEN.! ^ ""'^""T*. ^'t'" , i^'!''iii^l-' T ^'.^ "oi " , ifr ^'"rty rear. L.vdia E Pink-i .,:,;-.t;- .d'U %'n: - h^s Vegetable C>.,nponnri. TOa;!c *T v h^ r- mi .ci.tnnf -^-^':;:/'o^rr^- B-t ^-^'ho,,- R.-v and fU)t .''i .1 rr.(-tla,- Mr. .itiif" i-tatioiali .-,rd w ''Me a:»»oidlh~ -^rh. ••' I J,., n, : ; fj,„ m.-.t^s^ -.^ .1 :i ---i-- !,. Bu-inf -'S <•"!'. rUone ,,r ,t.. . s .'/:iio ,.r 'lo. ji':t::'- , r.'.". d t-\ Psiroirnan Hedr whi'-h wa« a 1: in n ITntii peri tion Wh • d'jn't yoii tr>- it M rs. Plnkham fnvttes all Mck ; ..„_. . , Brick f .iiFirie 'is b 'ltidin:; wol len to write her for adnee. ^ gj<.han?e for f.irm Two re ,Shf has eulded tliousandlJ tUj exchange for a farm.—Whitaker & p Icia try idence.= f^i lattrr 1,1 t<,itj .1 T<. |Ci|trudaii • ; ! , j.r.i.ohi'tL- ;ir

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