Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1908
Page 4
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THE ioLX P .IIJ .T RKtJI.HTEIL SATCBDAY KVE>1>G. OCTOBER MJIW^. bat ttiILT lEIISTEl! ciua, F. scon. GIVE UP THE R6HT •at«lt«a %i lola, Kansas. PostolBce, as; Seoond-Glass Matter. ! Mr^nmng Rates Had« Kaom oa AppUcatton. !BIPTION HATES. - -J Ion, Gas Citj, Laayra* TlUe or LaUarpe. 10 cents Month..: , 44 cents Yeir. 1 »5 .00 j r ByMaU. • Oar rear Inside eonnty $2.00 9Wi year ofutsMe conaty ..f4.(W IThi^) Mpnths, in advanca $1.00 On6j|Month. in advance 44 W ^OarPAFJER, CITY OF BAS SET. Telepbonet Office ------ 18 Room i - - - - V "' 222 REVVBLlVXy TICKET. Fori President of tlie I'ulted States M-1LLIA.M ». TAin- of Ohio. Fur Vice Prcsidcjil ' iK.MKS S. SHKR.MAN of New Yu/rV. STATE TICK El. For Governor W. It. STUBIW of LuvtX'ucv. I-or Uiuulemiut CJoveviuir \V. J. F1TZGER.\LU i of Dodge City. ]"or Secretary of Sl:ili- ICiJAS. E. DKXTON" of AMici. For Auditor .l.UIES M. NATlO.\' of Erie. For Treasuit-r , MARK TtTlA.Y ! of ludepcudeiice. jior Atlornov Gcni'ial F. S. J.VCKSON J of Eureka. For faiuperimeudeiit Public lutftruciioii E. T. FAIHCHILU . ,1- of Ellsworth. Fpr Superintendent Insurauee C. \V. BARNES Osage City. For State Priutir T. A. McNK.Vl- of Topeka. Foii R. R. Commibtioiierhi i GEO. 'W. KIAX.WKU I F. J. Ri'A.V C. A., RYlvEK. For United States St'n^iior J. L. nRISTOW of Siilina. ]'or Cougressiuaii CHAS. F. SCOTT , of lola. Fori Judge Tliirtv-seventli District OSCAR FOCST of Tola. For State Senator FRANK TRAVIS of lola. iCOlSTV TICKET. pV)r Representative W. T. AVATSON IFOV Couuiy Clerk R. B. CULBERTSON. I For Treasurer G. C. AUSHER.MAN. For Register of Deod.- R. U THO.MPSO.V. For County .\ttonicy I H. A. BWING. For Probate Judi;r J. B. SMITH.' I For .Sheriff JC. O. BOLLINGKK. Fir SiiperintendeiU of Scllool^ I MRS. .MA,UI>E IT.-.NSTON. For Surveyor 111. F. PALSTKI.Vc;. • [For Clerk of Court C. E. A!)AM.<: For Coroner |R. O. CHRIST I.V\. Foi Commtestonvr. Secoinl l>i^tri^•t I T. J. AXUEUSON. For Conmiliisloner. Th!»i\ Uistviv". ^ ' ' C. A. FRO.Vk. Tin- IMMUut-rnlo toMci 'Uf Electioii of >V. T. WulsOn and Frm»KT;; '"-r Travis. Acrordiui, lo a di.<liafcU from T<i- pf .ua lo the Kansas. City .lournal. the Ueiuocrals lave siven uji hope of dc- featius W. T. \Vats»>n. candidate for representative, and Frank L. Travis, cundidd.e for slate senator. The dispatch contains a list of counties and districts in which the I^eniocrats lioj>o for victory in the contests for reine- sentalive au.<!.senat.'>r. The dispatch says: Tojieka. Oct. 10,— ihi" li'ni>lative scratch book at Ueniocraiic .state head ijuartersshoyvs that iho Uemocrais ex pect to carry uiiiety-tJiree .'ieiialorial and repre.-5eniattvc districts out of the ir.r.. sivin.:r Iheiu ten majority on joint ballot for Tnited Stal*-.'; senator. \\e\t to liryan 's c:indidacy. more work is beinj; done by the iJeiiifurafs on the ilesislative Mititesis than on any other ihinK. !'> told iluMn dnr iu'.r his recent visit that it" he wi-ro elided, the success <>f his adniini.-<!ra- tion. in a larse measure, would depenii upon rtduciii}; the Kepnblicaii uiajor- h> in the .•••(•naie. Ir the Den'iocriils could make several isaius, uiteiher with the aid of the ••ri-t'ornicd" Kcpub- licans. ilny uiishl b<' able lo eoulrtil ilii- uppi'r liran<-Ji of tlur lei ;islature. Tlieiffore he wuiiied Ihi* ,l)eInoc^at^ lo hv \)t\ every i^rforl; to send a Deinii- cr.tiic ^eiiiitor from Kaii>ii.-. ^1 * * Miijorltirs »ere Small. Two years aso iwenly-uini" Ili'iuib- li<-:ni lucuibers won'by uuijorities uudei: HMi. .More than thai nuaiix'r W»T.- elecied by inajoriii<'.< ratiiiln;; lieiwcen Itm and Ii is in' tht '.-^i' cliNirieit:. chieVIv. that iliv He.'uoi-rats will wam- ihcir fiuht. Their plan is to WJ after on'y the Uienibcis of the house in seventy-six leKi .^iatiVf dis-tric(s. They will pay no ataenti"" to eouiesis in the other forty--.iine districts. c(uie«I- in;; them to the Republicans without a strusjile. They also liijure on eiceiiir-; 'seventeen state senator.-. Here is wheiv they'especi lo.uel thoir rt'iirtsentatives: One each in Atchison. Leavj-nworth. Franklin. .Miami. Linn. Ander.sou. Hour bou. Crawford. <''heroke<-. .M<jn(fioinery Wilson. Osase. Shawnee. .Marshall. I'o'.iawaioniie. Urowii. Uy<ui. Geary. Cowley. I'.uiler. Diekerson. Sumner. Kintjman. Ilarber. Pratt. Reno. Stafford. Hire. Uns.sell. Rush, yeffersim, (?.ii:coin. .Mitchell. .leweli. Sirfiili. Grc-ii jv-ood. .Morris. Phillips. Rooks. Ellis Pawnee. Edward.'-', Kiowa. Coiiianclie. Clark. Hodsemau. Xi'ss. Tiejjo. Graham. Norton. Sheridan. Clay. Harper, Gove. Thomas. Rawlins, Cheyenne, .Sh<-rnian. I .K ),i.'ai). Wallace. ScfKi. Lane. Keurny, HamiUon. Gram iind Stanton. Gray and Haskell. .>leade. Stevens and Morton, Barton and Decatur, and iwo each in Wjaudoite aiirf Uibetie. .Thev are figuring: on senator.^ in districts; The Fourth. Sixth. lEi.iihtli. Eleventh, il'ii'teenth. Sixieetith JTwent.v-.secoiid. Twenty-fonnh. Tweii- tv-;iflli. Twenty-sixth. TUiriy-second. " fhirtv-third. Tliiriy-fourlh. Thirly- ' fifth,' Thirty-sixth. Thirij-seventh; Tbiriy-eishih and Thirty-ninib: 0. 1i. t'liurcb. i^'abbath school al a. m.. Preachin.u at 11 a. ni. by .ijie Rev. .Mr. Covert of IJurliiigioa. KaF, .ir. Y. P. C. v. at :i::!u p. m. Preaehin?: al 7::'.o p. m. by Kev. A. .\. Uolsliouser of l )W )j;bi. Kas.. i:vtryhody cordiaily invited. O. G. .MISA.MOltE. Pa^tl^^ TWO BLOCKS TODAY Liinyon Zinc Company Put On Addi' tional Force This Morning. T»>o liloeUs of the l.anvoii Zii}e company smeller. No. I started tlii;.: inoruins aecordinc to tlu- announce-; H" nt made in the Register severnl I days UKO. This • ptaeiically ineaii.>{j iln- rt'suiuing of the sitnelter indusir.\ in this city. The other blocks of the su'elier will be started as rapidly as I <'nou;;h ore arrives to insure (!,e oper- —W 11 T.'fO plants. Laiiyon Zinc' company smelter number (Iirec a» UaHartie wi'l also be otierate'i as soon a.- enough ore arrives. JTArt KEUl.STKltS. He MUL ' »ii>«ik in (Uiio Tlirtc I >ai> ( .\rst Heck. •! —' Ciicinnatl, O.. Oct K'- Is a registered voter :n pn cine; ii: •wan 2, Of the city of fiiieinn,iti. T!i«- Repi>bli<;an presidential camlidaie re.!.'- Isiered, his iai-t opportuitiiy before iiie Nov( niber election, thus aecomiilit-li- ' - - . ing he Object for wliici! he tame hen . ' '''"^ eotntni.ssioners adjourn..I la.>i The registry office is ir. a iiUimliiliu ^ shoi anil when the genial candidate ?'!-II*.t-I- entered It he was put ihro.UKh ibe etir Millinery Is teeming over with beautifu STORiE Is teeming over with beautiful new Hats at prices that will induce you to bu3r. We lead in price, quality! and style. Look to us lor your wants .last received 15 uobby Die.s.s Hals in velvet or .satin, all shapes, all clevtrly trimmed, iu all the latent shadcp' your choice, The newest luodeis for the little miss—the "Dircef toirc" style in navy, brow:»^ red anti taupe, $2.2A to $2,75 d;t;,',"' the leaditiji h-d .: -l-' iii the large citi..-^. .'. IJ S'-v litem. v\I; .'.<. : ;n;r price.-* vei'y 'ov.. K'lr iTi .J lililc toes w-.; tia\c tile nobbi-sl line ';t C .ij.;; and Kou5i'--ts ever slvtwn tliis cit\-. T'le price i rrui-- fi'oiri 'jt.ij to _ nr 4 liT 'l^rftHPln** Tonig-ht and Monday we give ever.v little tot tliat buys; a cap or baiinet in M. Sli JL M24m Q^j. ]y [iiii3iery Department, a:beautiful IJ.JII Set oi: picture of president lai dandidates. Dcn *t for<2 :et to ask for them. S Commencing Monday mornipg wei will place on sale the biggest bargains in Dress Goods. With each dress pattern sold, we will give FREE our Home Jour­ nal Fall Style Book, containing one thJDUsaad illustrated styles. These books are (in exhibition at our dress goods counter. Any material over 29c yard entitles you to one of our style books with yoikr dress pattern. ;| SO inch Fancy Suitiuj:js in jjrey, brortn and green. Regular oOo value for, vard 29 G ! The celebrated "Melba'' bruadeloth, -Vj- ibch wide, chiffou, ia all leading,' col- oi-s,regular value for, yard 98c i "Ceceliue'" C'Oth .'iui«in,t,^ Il-ineh, vrccu, ii;.ivy. brown, $l.2^» vaUiv: for. ^ :i 'd Self-toned Striped! Suiting, invisi'ole effects. N-inch •widie, green, navy, claret, brown, tan. >I.( i) value for, yard 79c Shadow stripes "Ipla" cloth, •'»2-iuc !i wide made especially for! our trade, Jieace the name, exclusive patterns; blue, brown.grecn for, yard • Heavy two thncu "Getonia"" suitirifjs. •">()inch wide iu .-rt-cn. ijavy, ')r('»v»n. *i.7-3 value I'-r. vara Si.39. Cli:i!t;U Broa-'cioili la ;tl. leadin.i^ siiades.. .brawn, navy, ijreen. b;aek, t'iii, red, ci-lc-r. licit'i.i^r >!.Ut; v,i]i-e iiiK yaui 69 G "Chovroir el'jt:i OL' iiieh -vicie :;i •^reeu-. navv, luuie, br;)wr!. the i >roper ciolii tailored suus iu-, arti Bills Reached $3219,43. .,,. eotnmissioners adjouriK ui ^iht after allovviiiv iiiil- aitioiintin.:; suin ; ca.echism. by the retiistry cler;;.: ow old are jouV'T' -I'Ifty one." /• "low luanv .vears have jou lived iu the 1 tatd of OhioV." • "I Ifty one." "I ov many yedrs in the coiinir\V "¥ ifty- on.e." i "> ;ow many years iuihe preeiuet "Twelve." • "Marrted?" T&e cluididaie then sisueiJ "Williani Howard Taft." to the regi-iry J)ook and ibe act was conipietcC. Jldgej Taft busied biuiseif ilh;- re- maiitder of the day Aviiuir l V'or;B. ^bo reachetJ liere I'loin.Coluiu- bus, in " • ' •• Iltntlrar.,. . plettd. ]H« is to speak Tuesday-ujid WeauesUay •'I wak verv glad to meet Mr. Hr.^- . n e H « an ''n4 .r '^\u !'r .mnm 'r 'T "f; ' n. O. ninfe-atTTiX Mora., was in M • Vorvtf announced that .lud«e ness visit. ^ • 'j. .• ..... m V... 1 — In District Court Now. Til.- ettse of the state vs. Uirani ' Tuiivv. a i>eaee proe^eiliujr. is now in Jistriel court. .1. M. Koil;:er >i. beu"! of ihe. city sas (!eparttat -nt. brou !;lu the action, claiiuitig tliat Turney had tlireaienod hodly hari/i to some of the city officials while they were attenmi- in'.r to make sas connections on the farm now occupied b.v the defendant. The ease came ni> .veHI <-.-<lay belor.^ .luilpo I'otter aud Turney was l>onnd over. . ' Visitinq Daughter. Mr. and .Mrs. .1. Q. r.rubb. of Pieree- villc. Kas.. arrived today to visit with their daughter. Mrs. V. .]. Oyl.r. i Mrs. Archey Taken Home. I .Mrs. E. Arche.v, who was ojierated . - • ' f^'('^l, i>. ir :i - la: ;u- i -niti ^-al a'taii M •, ,, ., lai- eiiiie, ri !"l. liial: in ih" |as: atnl .\..VV Oct. l...-l-.V,de,u-.. eon-j„.. „ , , tliiiles If) jiei >iiuiul:it.' .^auiU'I | ^. i, • .,, , TT • 1 f • ' «•""'»"•'!i•'••*"!"••) !"•")• b.' ..e." It',: Kill to i|.|i\.r tie- .alien- Mielm l!r.^•_,|., . ,,..!• an and I>C«MII. .\'<IW IUMI-.< s 1)1111- ' . .|.| ,^ , . ,,, . 1 , • '• 1 1 can. lirJT vice in-.-si-b-ia of the Aui-^ ,.,„,;'.^Z' ,i;.' '^^il.^.Zl^';^ en.-yn IjV.i.-alien »: l.nlu.r. yi «lueh ^ ..,..,,.•,„,,,,,. h- adn.^misN.s vvorlauL-.m..n lo vo,_,.,i,., , „, on elect, on dav M! wii'i . „„,.,„, . ^ . their c( is<-! V,.ll;.a:i._.It Kan-;,.,,,,, le\ . a v tile .^((11 to be 1 vice of l <;r Tafij Mel'bail U-bo reached •'^''^ „i.on some "time \x^o in St. .fohtfs l.os- jjrranging the dates oi his Ohio ,^,^1^^ ,,,, ,„ ,„.r ri. If has not ye! on North streetnhis aften.oou. ' iHe is to speak lu Ohio Moi.- e-ondition is much improved. !. l;!':i>i r o ;-.aejJ'-; :.• -"f it; t'.ii* eoi.e.- ;i ii.i.iv ut.i ::iir a ;id .\i !i !,t/" ;o ;tlt.'Hi.! :o • .;! !li •:• i.> Ml!- !e ;i. d I') a'O .i-.' t';. :i: . Tie tirt: .i' . lid '".I >i. i ;e\ • i': i>-n^ \v .1- I. \i>:- j • ;ii;.Miii-- ri '.v ii^ BY TAFT AND BRYA •udi:ii-.i: i -..itr. ili. > >ui;,-:.-d .1 IIUI.'T!!'-:!', r .'..U"-'- . - i'-' oil.' v» .1 i •'. -v • • 1 •i\ ;'• • 11 -11 . u Mil-.-. ;'.;i!<i 1 niii .i- • .^V eiaf'.c ;id:iMl<i>i riiiion >-.a.- ii >i v • in l.i.- 'i ;:id iiid j' '':> • iiji .i < ii. | l.y i h • I 'eon-ider i jiiii; I'H u;--' a;:.! \i- '. ir.'.n-- l.'ad-r ua.Str.a!. as H '-ii.iidi- !»• > ii( ti •• ,;'iu>:<-t:; iJ'.Iici' ;.l .Ml: p:i:lv iiii(\ na.l :;i\.|i ill'- h '.i -'irin -i aiid,"i- ii. tt.-r ••uleli: i .tn-. : ;. i .,.-T. ^.^ ••.(.»!!• !i. >\ ,. .... .,...•.(••• •••••di-' f'-.Mi -I .:;iait|" Npierhe^ a Feature s:r\ii '(N ;!t'atioa \rni> ri>nl-.:lit. |icii!l'! vet[- .1.-. ; I '.'-y til i;.". • a. deeiared l!ia» h- ib-eine.i i' , j. ....... i.,.<,,.,i ; ,l t „:,:\ .'I' , • •• ' " TM'r>- .-an !•• t !'j--e.i..-- : • ^• s duty tii" disf-sanl, lb- ad-:.,,,,.., ,,. •.,•..,,[ .. ,,,.,„i .ju.M-• h >..v -^''^ »',,i .-K :.i. !. r I- -'<•• -ii' 'residen* Con-peis and i.o \oi.- ,,,„,|,, . ^i .r, Viiiui '•"'•'• '" ' and .Sli. rntiui." Noneaii K ! !^ , . ,„. ],.naM-raile ;M:V. eiaini luat ..ii.. iii.e. ur >• • ••• i: ' • pre.-^ident oft!:.' T;. ,iO.;r;r..ii- , , ....... ., • ., l, ,~ ^ •• v n-;' !.i- •''••^ ^'-^^ da .•«.--d in:!!. president of the T:v0^j-n ;.h. ''•.. .... i .... ,.: V':,.".', ,.• l.;..'N ;eh-:i eord a;::'.i:.,-. 'i.x- •«••« M ,, . . •Moore. .Iters a i .roi .-.t a.^-aiU.-t „. „. >. . •-:.,•:.„..,•, .~:!.;'j !.( . .•::;ni mid. :-aie!. <.;oniiiert| propafciuda. • . . '. ,..!.. ... •. „ i... i .u^ , '^.I'd. it U, Talt'a OJiio itinerary will be siaried fron; (finjiJnnatl Monday luornin •Moore. .Iters a i.roi.-.t a^ain^t 'H" .„.,,....,.,„,„., . •-:,,•!.„.,•, ;M !.| .-.-ant iiiii-i-aie!. '•'"-"..' ' Oomperjj propas^la.^ ;;, ,,„ii,:,,,i ..„„.•.,., }, ;.. v.!i„ dav I .-ni. , d j \- " •'"I"' • -Yotir; Innnirv i>_similar to, m- „.,.,..,,•..;,. •„ i.-i .,*,,,.., .ri....«; •.: ',. •• IT^:- • in! subject.! and tie.-iore. iKe.l>. the i...„ , a.:d vM.u -i. irndi. !.-!,.•; I ,v ;.a -i ' j Nl ^I lUur-d.M M-.l.t. aher uM)\«-ni.-iu "f <di." e..ii;i- ., .... , ! . ; ' ., :. •• - d ...Kf ... • > . .1 f..r the .-a '.- w ,1! li \\;.'r, \ ii.r rak. •: ; . !" - . .•:. i 1 -. • ; N !: f. 1- -.•.•:! -• . ! • r. •. .1 '. • • :.:..-d . : i .....'.'C',.i :.h .i:. i -• : • • . •.•.••.•>:!- !.. - : • I d" : V. T,'': • i ; • : \...: • .- • • 1 '! ' • ;'(!-;;•: : I 'M .;:,:;:.1 c . : I ;• •;;:r ' wiiuSUtlirt stops at. Bcverul towns and Where ItulletK Flen. David Puiker. of Tayi-tte. .V V a veteran of the civil war. who li»i a •The try. ill li'in !-' f.-:.-. ill 1- l:ir f!;.- |i.di(i<-, lll.SllM.I- . .1 -i ;i '.j;!\ \.i!'ie-' l-'f :i iii:iii I" ran--. .. ., huic-rned. i^ now. as he.-i-to •1. It ... h'l 'd i .:M .ii i ,.::v .itrii!..(iiiii.. 'I! :.'l j: p. ndent oi r Th .i- a-..'. tH. Iiiii..! .-^lai.K i; e'-iU : ; '.: . >• ci:. •! i-r till i - i:.. I • .I--.- ' 1 1 .-I A'. ai.~-. ..r tbi~ i 111.).. :..-..iH who liM ^I" s:i».n 111.- ,*|-''itl>>' ilio'iL-lii i-.iii".i::;i: !• a'Tf.' n.- ••• i'. :.-^ l:ti' J"'I ,». u..!. i a'i. :iirtl .lUK ui, v.-i.ia,, „i , The rati special will leave .\kion r,„„ „, Onysbur^'. MIV.-: "Th<- n <m ,l Tueidaj inornlUK and there will be ici^ctrlc Hitters hav.. done is wotihl Bhoit «I0P8 that day at ii nuiuber of „„„,. ,han five hundred (jollats to me. tow 111. Kast Liverpool trets ihc; nl^ht , ,,;,,„, ,„„H, nione\ d.K-ioriui; lor a mWiJns Leaving thai city the morn- ,,„,, ,.r sumach inmlde t.. Utile Ins tOlmfing he will make short pnrpose. l theu uled Kieejrle llliiers. 8pe« lAei <m Wediie«du.v ai WvllBvllle. i „„d p„red me. i now take them C«djr-a^d St«ib«vnie _aud \Vcd<i«»-,„. „...),. ,.„d (i ,.-v keep me sirons to (h.. ^f|d, wifiiin 'Iu- ranl:» of oi- ''','!"'.'-': lu-n':'. i'": "r'l,'"' ;;ani/,ed |lai...r have Iw, i, b,.,v from i'" • Ml.- I. will ii. Bwlflte' Want A^- hrlng nnsults. and well." .'.Oc nt all dnntKists. Fure ^'an -t for HsiBsa!.! Fair tuutebt dl j«';ir til 'if til. OI- at , lo 111 I'u': 1 t! ey b« }2O0ll l< the iM-o fired tfj cause oil ar. for a. loue time, as l-arr r t ade unionism. teacdiinR. i^t a'\i>iii'.; oi;:ani.'d •>'--'• |ii ]•>• lioiiiid lo any |).irii-' It I.I i.ite fill il>" pi"iiei>'. ^•!• l! :.l K. .... . II. •:;iit..- -i.-i-Mj ,- I) i .ie.i.. p aed It!' Ill .i:i I'l' . ' IV. I:, . - •!.:* I,.^. { r .M.l'!.:i 1 [,< ;.! I nr. 1 >- stilt' luuli: l -.i .'.i .i.'.'f l;.'! lie , i...;i.ii.ii-i:- I. ' I. •• •'• . .. • o! ^..r!-.>i.i.-.l li-". .1- ' iij ;. i..;...!. •< .;!• .uMe..; r|hi,;..l 1 l:..r an I 1 .il.!:-.l ' lldli. 11 . I . . l: .....i' ..• il. Ii\ei...| to i ;in. i-.i;!. ..f a 'l.v'.i iud.,.---a...! .. .i '..a'- lev,, were for the (jreates' '•»'•'' i I'l:-; '^f the^r number of all •'•iii"-'> ••' i. • •..•raiion siiou.|i le. and that If any person a:- ' ^- <""'-^ M. public of^^-e to deal .with the leir.-ii.- i:..../: a-i I that i- to vote-foi noon Ms werlts. an.^ not be- 'i- e-": i"at will l.rins hi-- belonuli.g or uot belonj:- w,-.r'in-man ..i ! ..«-otiii»rv • e; \. N.iiiL .r. :'eiiifMni I-:.':' • ..I • •• T '.i.o- .v .i'ids aiid in'-tii.'i -••a:.' le..; V- •. - • -i-., 'l l.> -• •• 'V- - "r->i I. u; .Mirl'iiiiii'ti- i- •> n.; ; :in<-ai ,..-.r low.-" •n .-;.r .Mr Sep;. I'l' ba.-: •II..- a|.. .....' •-. ir. • -. .|. .1! • lo • '.'• -. 1; i read !•> inc. •••J f^OIli .1 ' 111 ;!. - <•..'::: . ^^ ;. i li..;'d,-i .'.1.i; -11 •!;-:!;•.; i':Mo()l<-:--Nin:i , :. It- :• of!«>'ek Tl.. r-i.-i; e|!t...!> ii:..-: . jil.^f ii.-.ii rert-iv .-i! aiid liowevei ie- i-ieiniM -l 'e:i>t i i 1 ':a'«> today return- days lie.n: !: • iei :d ..:i.-. •! ;!;« e , us Real Estate, In.suranc City and Farn) Loar ...... 1.. .ii:.i. i (lie. : I',.. I . ••' 1 • I- . I :i' .t'\y, ' . - . ; ,ll::|.ll:UJ'-i>t' l .»ie_' iir -•iic.rt 'l ^inir I.iian> Cunniii{>harri & Arne i;r jOf i-on'-.- of 'eir Vew tion. J

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