The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 4, 1964 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1964
Page 8
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PAGE 8 TWTIPTON DAJLY TRJftUNE Wednesday, Nov. 4,1964 TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE SUBSCRIPTION RATES Sy Carrier, In City, Per Week : . 35 cents By Mail, One Year, Tipton.and Adjacent Counties $8.00 Member United Press International News Service Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4/ 1895 at the Postoffice in Tipton, Indiana/Under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879 PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY 221-223 East Jefferson Street, Tipton, Indiana. Telephone OS 5-2115 ROUND TOWN AND THE CLOCK With the Tribune by R. D. Maney THE PEOPLE HAVE spoken! The mandate is for the present incumbent of the White House, Lyndon B. Johnson, who demonstrated that he could produce the 'landslide' predicted. To the victor belongs the garland of roses . .. and the spoils—to the vanquished ... a tear and the satisfaction that over 22,000,000 voted his way! Now—the, Presidency is in his OWN RIGHT, with the largest vcte in .modern times HIS'way, the hopes of the country are with our President . . '. and all Americans should close ranks! ' THE WORDS OF Barry Gold-' water, interviewed after the campaign, should have a sobering affect upon all, "'whatever the Lord decides, I will live with THE WORDS.OF Johnson are equally apt for the occasion. "We will drive' ahead, there are many more tilings to unite us, than to divide us." = THUS SPEAK the two men affected, so it behooves the rest of us to join in the struggle to overcome whatever - there is to overcome—together! IF THIS WAS a mandate for unity—then -let us be unified! OUT OF THIS RACE . . . there emerges another name f o r AMERICANA that of , George Romney, governor of President j ,jij C higan, who won his governorship again, despite the landslide for the PRO, Lyndon! If the G.O.P. overlooks this man the next time . . . then it is time for a 'regrouping'! LOCAL LIKE THE COUNTERPART in the BIG PUSH . . . the Demo donkey in the county pushed the elephant off the wagon . . . and with one exception, took over! THE LONELY EXCEPTION in the' local race was Commissioner Robert Stoops, who won over Herb Off—4,099 to 4,024. BONNIE LINE BACK was the TOP vote getter in the Demo lineup ..." with a' whopping 4,478 -to 3,695 for her opponent, Betty Clark. PRESENT JUDGE OLIVER WHEATLEY won with a majority of 659. A NEWCOMER, Chet Mitchell won th coroner race with'186 more votes than Nichols—present coroner. OLD PRO CARDWELL over Johnson for Commissioner by 180. SO—let"s all settle down and do what we can to make Tipton County a little stronger . . . pulling together! ED ROUSH, a very popular man'in the Fifth District proved too tough to beat . . . winning OVERALL and 4,337 to 3,953 in the county. McADOO CLOUSER, bearing a first name that was very prominent in the days of Woodrow Wilson, tepped Scott, both in the wigwam and otherwise . . . ... local 4,360 to 3,833. In Howard, Clouser won 16,231 to 13,987. R T CONGRATULATIONS to the winners . . . the jobs are yours . . . the over . . . and the majority'have spoken! THERE IS NO DOUBT in this one . . . nationally .-. . no closeness the popular vote was terriffic! This is ample to draw things tight enough to 'get on' with things that heed 'getting on with*, including the' Viet Nam fiasco! There are no strings now —let the chips fall where they may . . . and may the hand on the helm be steady! R T ROUND TOWN OUR NEW ADDITION to the staff, Joe Rankin, made the observation this a.m., that he had read in history . . , that "some • day they will be calling the Conservatives-Liberals" . . . and some of the Liberals-Conservatives!" Guess it all depends on HOW liberal—and HOW conservative! R T WE HAVE A COPY of the newspaper of Tipton, Iowa . . . in which-is pictured the«Mayors of Tipton, Iowa and Tipton, Indiana. Mayors Rench and Daedlow. Mayor Rench stopped there while on vacation and has quite a talk with the .Mayor. YOU'LL NEVER GUESS what the name of the Tipton, Iowa newspaper is! The Tipton Conservative! And this Irishman _ brought this up on the day theiRep. Robert Taft Jr. who won a U.S. Senate seat from Ohio despite Johnson victories in P.S. JUST HAD A VISITOR . . . "I heard it but didn't believe it—Is it so in the county?" We assured him that it was . he was kidded a little . . . then remarked . . . "will take it— but don't have to like it!" PSS. COME ON NOW. The others had a similar feeling WHEN it*- to them! But they TOOK IT! Voters (Continued from page 1) Democratic landslide wee GOP Gov. George Romney of Michigan, who was re-elected, and Liberals practically took everything in sight—except the South! We also noted that Tipton, Iowa was favored over a Vinton team that night in a Dad's Day celebration. This sounds like our own Blue Devils! R T THE OTHER ITEM ing our attention was their states. May Be Mediaters There was immediate speculation-'that they would figure large in efforts to bring togeth- ler the dissident wings of the | Republican party and forge a captur-. new political instrument cap- a front aD i e 0 f effectively challenging page editorial to Herbert Hoo-| tne Democrats ver . . . .who was being re -J A conspicuous loser was Sen: turned to Fort Branch Iowa for, Kenneth B. Keating of New his final resting place. |York. Keating ran far ahead of IN THE EDITORIAL we pick- Goldwater, with whom he had ed out the following . . . very refused to associate himself, appropo at this election time: 'but not far enough to defeat the "There are dreams that c!rive late President's younger broth- men to accomplishments beyond er."former Atty. Gen. Robert F. the hope of lesser men. This is. Kennedy. the American dream, fulfillment | This means there will he two of personal ambition, service Kennedys in Congress. Sen. Ed- to country, and dedication to ' ward F. Kennedy easily won re- all men." Unquote! This might election from Massachusetts, well bs a credo to be harded' The South gave the GOP a t»-r President on this day. pos- mixed bag. Alabama elected sibly the greatest of his life. It five Republicans to the House is a persoual call to service by of Representatives and) Missis- the people . . . won on his own sippi and Georgia one each. All . with a chance to become a; were the first GOP congress- great President. R T . LET THERE BE no equivocation . . . let the march forward be as one . . . and the rewards will be great. Above all—to the ranks! At Tolle Bros. Inc. SP fSE -WEEKI ** r' 9hl <»eigh t . Step men from those states since the Reconstruction years. But in Texas, the GOP lost the two seats it now holds. Gain in Governors In the 25 governorship con„ . . „. J „ - •„ tests, the Democrats won 16 people who voted nay ... ..join and led fa 3 unset . itled contests. With their 16 holdovers, the indicated Democratic .total was 35. I Republican candidates won 5 of the gubernatorial races and led in 1 unsettled contest. With their nine holdover, their indicated total was 15. j The governorships now are divided between 34 Democrats and 16 Republicans. Of the 25 at stake yesterday, 18 are held by Democrats and seven by Republicans. . In the presidential vote, Johnson won all of the pivotal big city states, historic bastions of Democratic strength, and cut deeply into Republican strongholds in the suburbs- and in farm areas, i He carried such farm belt' states as Kansas and Nebraska, which last gave their electoral votes to a Democrat' in 1936, and Iowa, which was, last carried by a Democrat in 1948. !' In suburban Westchester ! County, New York, Johnson defeated Goldwater by almost 100,000 votes, although the county was 56.7 per cent republican in the presidential election four years ago. In the King County suburbs outside Seattle, which were 52.8 per cent Republican in 1960, Johnson was leading with 56 per cent of the vote. Satisfaction Guaranteed Glamorene OVEN CLEANER REG. 79< 8-OZ. TUBE Just squeeze on . . . pu , c -„aso rinse off! No brush no ^ ga||on 0 , spray, no mess, no odor. ^ of Sponge-tip scU-oppUco- Unlinol | tor. Palm ;^^^^^m:^iir?cpmplete selection * NATJ0NAI BRAND! WALL PAINT LOW-lOW PRICED AT 47 GALLON A smooth, smart interior finish from a fa Easy-to-apply beauty for semi-gloss. Here are a few examples wall. r »-l- ' S manufacturer. MS ' "'''"a 5 ' *'«"• Abo in matching Satin Luminall Wall Paint $5.95 Gal. Outside Luminall Latex Masonry Paint , $6.25 Gal. Luminall No-Drip Latex Flat Paint.. $5.95Gal. ' Luminall Velvet Flat House Paint $6.45 Gal. 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Masking Tape 59c CablMtig'Cartfidge"- 19c Driveway Sealer 79c f Xaulkirig'tJun 87c 0<3* Paine Scraper $1.19 - Plastic Drop Cloth'-'" 49* it4-pc>Trim Kit $1.59 •mr-yrT .. : — "~ - •— — AT TOLLE'S This Week Tolle Bros. Inc. UPTON, IND. Ill W. MADISON on famous SPREO SATIN *5 ONLY 49 GAL $140 I Per GAL. latex wonder wall paint Reg. $6.89 Gal. Still Ren Ahead Outside Chicago, Johnson carried Norwood Park which was 52 per cent Republican in 1960 but trailed in other suburbs although he still ran 2 to 7 percentage points ahead of the late John F. Kennedy's share of the 1960 vote. •While the racial issue "obviously contributed to Gofflwa- ter's vote in the South, the GOP share of the Negro-vote shrank almost to" zero everywhere. In ijlegro wards throughout the, c6untry, Johnson pulled 90 per cent of the vote and more. • In a Boston Negro ward, which was 55 per cent Republican in 1960, Johnson polled 95 per cent. An Atlanta precinct of m i d d 1 e-class Negroes gave Johnson 3,961 votes and Goldwater 22. The "white backlash" against the Democrats on the racial is-, sue cost Johnson some votes in northernVindustrial areas.but in no case did it hurt him badly. Besides Keating, incumbent senators who went down were Sens. J. Glenn Beall, R-Md., Edwin L. Meehem, R-N.M., and Stephen M. Young,'D-Ohio. Scott. Survives Landslide Sen. Hugh Scott, R-Pa., who had endorsed. Goldwater. without embracing him,:,.survived the Johnson. landslide, in Pennsylvania to win. a .squeaker over Genevieve Blatt, his Democratic opponent. Johnson ' carried the'state by more than one million votes. '«•"'•' Sen. Winston LI''<Prbuty, R- Vt., and Hiram L. Pong, R- Hawaii, also ran far ahead of Goldwater to retain their Senate seats. Gov. John H. Chafee of Rhode Island won reelection the same way. At least two Republican guv- natorial candidates — Charles H. Percy in Illinois and Richard O. Ristine in Indiana —had been regarded as potential national figures if'.they could win Tuesday. But Percy lost to Gov. Otto Kerner and Ristine was defeated by Democrat Roger Branigan as Indiana went Democratic in a presidential election ' for the first time since 1936. ifal Notes ADMISSIONS: Linda Dickerson, Hemlock; Shawn Friend, Tipton; Doris Ferguson, Windfall; Rosemary and Dixie McNew, Tipton; Theodore Wire„ Elwood; Doris Ann I^eberry, Ncblesville; ' Charles Parvin, Tipton; Vicky Hiatt, Sharpsville; Clayton Robinson, Kokor mo; Frances Nelson, Tipton; Ann Causey, Windfall. •DISMISSALS: Ray Nantroup, Tipton; Linda Miller, Tipton; Roscoe Goodnight, Tipton; Lorene Neal, Tipton; Nancy Nash, Tipton; Dorothy West, Tipton; Linda Reecer. Tipxon; Wayne Walker, Atlanta; Jeffy Nash, Noblesville. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Kieth McGill, Arcadia, boy, 5 p.m., November 3. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dickerson, Hemlock, boy, 3 a.m., November 4. COOPER SIGNS PACT LONDON (UPI) — Henry [Cooper, British Empire heavy- 'weight champion, is signed to fight an unidentified American opponent here on Nov. 17. Promoter Mike Barrett said the opponent would be Roger Rischer of Oakland, Calif., Sonny Banks of Detroit, - Jefferson iDavis of Mobile, Ala., or Alonzo Johnson of Rankin, Pa. BUY U.S. SAVINGS BONDS Faithful Followers Have Halloween Party Saturday Mrs. George Overdorf ( The Faithful (Followers Bible school class ioU, East Union Christian church"enjoyed a Halloween party on Saturday evening at the church. Hostesses ivere 'Mr. ,and MrjT Kenny Ross. Guests came" masked 'and receiving prizes were Larry Delph for the prettiest; James Shockney for the ugliest, and Phil Overdorf for the funniest. Grace was said by R e^v. James Shockney before refreshments were served. Present were Misses Patsy Sherwood, Mary ILlges, Mrs. Wade McCutchan, Larry Delph, Rev. and Mrs. James Shockney, Messers and Mesdames Wayne Phifer, Fred Miller and daughter Brenda,*Gene Whisler and family, Phil Overdorf and daughters Nancy and Joan and Kenny Ross. FUN FROLIC LINCOLN SCHOOL SAT. NOV. 7 7 -10 P.M. CAKE WALK — GAMES BINGO — DOOR PRIZES PUBLIC INVITED AMBULANCE SERVICE.... anytime Day or Night Our Two Ambulances : Are. Fully Equipped With Oxygen Court Action Billie Jean Borden vs. Ruth Mae Heffelmire: Complaint for damages.' Written motion of dismissal filed and granted. 'Marian Roadruck vs. Paul Roadruck, Jr.: Complaint for divorce. Clinton County selected as county of venue. David Coverdale vs. Plan Commission of the City of Tipton;-! et. ; al.: Complaint for injunction and restraining order. Responses of defendants' attorney to petition of plaintiff to ( determine legal • counsel filed. This matter set for argument at 9 a.m., November 30. y. foung. FUNERAL Ifjlcjioii HOME 216 W. Jefferson OS 5-4780 REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS National Benevolent Assoc. of Christian Churches, to Thearl E. King et ux. -Prts.' 4 and 5 of Kempton N. Addition. Flaval E.-Johnson'et ux, to Nolan Johnson et ux. Prts. 107, 108 and 109 of Roosevelt Park Addition, Tipton. DIA N A "Ensign Pulver' Ends Tonight 2 Shows at 7 and 9 p.m. ROBERT WALKER IN COLOR Thur.-Fri.-Sat. MATINEE SATURDAY STARTING AT 2 P.M. Thrill to dragster duels, the Bonneville World Speed Run, The jet-propelled J-47, and the worlds first turbine car ! • ! tmmmm ROMANCE AND RACING ARE IN THEIR BLOOD! tsmmm PLUS ... "TflE LITTLE RASCALS" COMEDY OPENS SUNDAY "I'D RATHER BE RICH" SANDRA DEE — ANDY WILLIAMS — IN COLOR CENTER CUT CHUCK ROAST CHOICE ARM SWISS LB. 59 U.S.D.A. CHOICE CHUCK STEAKS IB. 49 SWIFT'S BABY BEEF STEAKS ROUND SIRLOIN T-BONE STEAK STEAKS STEAK 79c Lb. 79c Lb. 99c LB. MORRELL PRIDE SMOKED PICNICS \ 6to8ib. /7 C LB. avg ~ MEAT | MARKET 117 S. Wttf VttMt Tipton, I M L : ' , Top Quality l|.S. Gov't. Inspected Beef, Pork, Chickens and Fish S & W LITTLE PIGGY SAUSAGES 49 LB. 4

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