Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1908
Page 2
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I' 7. m lOm DAILT BgCTSTBK. gAiritllAT ETgyprfl. OCtOBBK w .ntaJ orxsusiriiD M im mrvsm NnttirjtartftilMiiiStatM Bitabltolied 1869. ** Statiifliwu . Ciaty IHMt im h u| El. A. L.iBB(«BlIJCUI. CiuUcr. •XLTDT FB09K, Aii't CaiUMb ^ssete $i,goo,oob MMJMMMMMM———M ^Mt^^^^^^^^^— M—•—^^^^^^ ip of Society ..JICMh •.•fi^tt-Here. • • • | Frfd-;B^tt,. ot gapulpa. Okla-' Is a guest 'of frlcnits aud relu- • lere. •:• i • 1 « * + i LMit: Btuna Kcwtoii leaves soon for Wtehl ft ttlh'ere sho will be a guest ot Ittas Ida Lee Bwing who formerly lliriBd n^rola. I ''.i-.-: • • • ' * • * j "^"i Qui. Vive Club. ; -iCJst iJudle Cppcland will eutcr- iftln on luesday evening for girls of; tftt ?Q4:^3'ivc club. Tills will be the! lost' neeing since the plans were ehvig Jd'fQ that'the meelijigs ^ould pcear In tbe evening. 4.*4' . . - To Yates Center. • Mr. ane( Mrs.; P. A. Wlagrier left i tWs iiomlne for Yates Center tol spend the week end with Mr. and Mrs. ff. Parrish. • • * [ Visit Relatives. Mn. J.i M. Mason accompanied by ^a. 3. A. Bowen^ Rev. Mason's sister -wio has been VIsi.ting here, left this Biorning for Hiawatha for a visit llm.^oweu will go to her home in Fontiac, 111., from Hiawatha. * • * • l<at« St styles in sensible Head Wear East lola Millinery. + • + Rei$dy for Convention. Clui s wJilch are, federated with the state or jcity organizations in the Secon I-district are making plans for the a nveiition to be held here. The Garnet News says: . The first regular meeting of the )S)Ban blight Club was hold Thursday vithithe President. Mrs. J. M. THE AUDITORIUM' TOJiiGHT Everybody Skates Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Ijighta Races Betiycen. Seibert, ofChanute And Duggan, of loli THE AUDITPRIUM craig mousi: Club. lilg sd A^rs. McDowell was unaiil- elected to membership In "the A Hetter was received from lira. Brown, State Prcsldenf. mention- veral proposed! changes in tlio by-laws, which will be voted upon at the diblrict meeting to be held In lola. Mrs. Colenkan and Mrs. Mllchcll with the President were elected delegates to this meeting, lola being the home city tk the Second : district. Prcsi d^nt. Mrs.jW. D. Wolfe, will spare no pains to make It a success. Three departments win be represented: Phil anthrt py. In charge of Mrs. C. F. TTen- . sqrh; off Paola; Education. Mrs. Oeo. J.'Baiker^f Lawrence, and Litera- tifre, i [rs. .leanette Scott Benhaui. ,of Fvrt Scott. lola has three federated" dubs. Current B\-ent8. Unity and ajfosry: Mrs. W. D. Wolfe is president o the city federation. * + * >f*re' Royally^hterUined. Kembi rs of the K. N. A. degree team wlio. wsre jIn Ottawa last evening for a-spfecial session of the order there and trie initiation of a class of members ehjoyed- a very pleasant trip. The a^tjernbot was spent in visiting Interest in the city and an elaborate six rtaces of 1 there was I Qne ev^ts home of of followed by the evening sess- jlodge.^ There was also an reception with a banquet to be evening. + * + Y Society. Y society was in session at the Jickspn street rooms last cxen ingl Repdrta of the state convention and eiherl matters of Interest were discussed by the attending members. Informal Afternoon. the most delightful social the fall occurred at the if Mrs. E. C. Champion yester da^ uternoon when Mrs. Champion and Mrs.].P. S. Mitchpll kept open howe and received informally about tqify )f their friends. This was the seobnd entertainment the hostesses hive Uveta this week with a large i}UiBl>irio! guests at each function. The 1« lurs between half past two and half p ist, Bve ^o'clock were observed Ahd t le tostesses received in the Etnall reception room of the rest deuce aud mingled with the visiting friends In a very cordial and happy manaef. In the dining room the table from which cakes, confections and artlHtl: cally noulded Ices were served the decorations; wen; pink and white carnation I w th ferns, built in large bb- queta. P nk carnations were also nsal sftettlvely Tn' the living room anf in' tnte library a profusion of Rtpbmuid roses witli tlie handsome greeii. dec >rations of the room as a baekgi sttnd were most attractive. Fav era. Q 1 ro es. pink and white were given, to the guests by Mrs. Kfont Palmer and M^:^.. P. Harris presided over the Qunch feervico in the library. The hostesses had the assistance of Mrs. C. A. Burck, Mrs. F. Bennett Smith and Mrs. S. -\. Coft- man in the dining room. These two elaborate af:eruoou8 mark the opening of the sobial sea- sou and within a short timd similar things will occur In other spacious homes of the city. V + * Music Club. I ;Mrs. W. T. Watson w.ill liave the ladies' iMusk' club on the ii|)|>ruach' Ing Tumlay. The hour of half past two o'cluck lias been named so that the afternuuii will offer nn opportunity for a tlioruugh Uepinnln? -of the work of the year. The new year books will be distributed and the program will' be contributed |to be a large number of active members. • * * * _ We wdi-lc (ivur nlil bult at |liu Eaal tola MilliiJLTy store. •> •!* Eclipse Dance. There was a small subscription 'laniT at Masonic hall last ev|»nlnR as an initial event to btgin tlie calen­ der for the Eclipse club. The guest list was unusually small because of the impromptu manner of arranging the evening. Among ttiose | present wf-re Misses Ethel Horton. Bess Ham llton, Florence Hobart. Rosel Welth. Blanche Sessions. Jessie IXogctt. Messrs. Lynn • Coffey. Roamj Coffey. George Longaber. Guy Peesj Henry Floak. Waldo Coffman. Phll| Stover. + + * To Springfield. Mrs. C. H. DeBruner. of- Indcpend' cnce. who has been a guest of Mrs. C. J. Doxsee and other friends, lias pono to Springfield, Mo., for' a visit with relatives. | * + I To Nevada. Miss lx.'la Holme.s leaves early next week for Nevada. Mo., to apend several days with relatives. * * • . Nutting Party. Miss Ethel Ray chaperoned a large number of young people from Builders' chapel today for an outing in thecountry. The trip was made on a hay rack. The W.I SiorUng Silver For Br Mom Few gifts are so pertiianeatly useful and will be so loug a reminder o{ tbe giver as dainty articles of silver. J n Valley Center. Atchlnson nnd . MRJ. S.'H. ho arc conducting meet- '(ixal towns In Kansas itrc L'cnlcr for the week v |i^- aldtes have several dates 'before the National con- Denver on October 'iS and the time in western Kan_ + * * To Serve Meals. _ C. T. U. will serve dinner and supptir. to the public on Tuesday, October JM. in their headquarters ion Jackson street. At tliat time there will be: a: large number of visitors here to iltend the republican rally «nd the. o^^casion will probably prove exceptionally profitable. Mrl. Mason Improving. | The mapy friends lof.-Mrs. J. .M. Mason will be glad l<> hear that sihe is recovejifinB from her long illness and is grbatly improved now. Mrs. Mason is| an enthusiastic worker | in the Currciht Event Cliib and Chu^cti circles aOd will probably be able to resume her work in a short timei II • Miss Foster Here. '.Miss Mjlible Foster of Uarnctt j hero for a visk with friends In Gas City and llola. j + + *_ ' Afternoon iTea. i .' 1.adies of the Presbyterian ci ureh .will uive 1^ tea at the home of Mrs. Hi V. Dresbach on Tuesday after- loou. TTfO luncheon will bo served '>etween half past two and halt past five o'clock. This Is tlie first oij a series which will be given during the winter. ' i • ! * * + from Kansas City. Mr. and; Mrs. C. .T. tJalMctt nillbe at liome today froni a brief stay in Kansas Cliy. i •> •:• -if llecture in Howard. Miss Margaret Wintrlngcr. who rt- 'ently spqfit several days In lola, has mie to loward .this state, to continue her (work in connection with the orcanlzatlon of auxiliaries of the- W. C. T. U.. • + + • • 1 V. W. C. A. Tlie Voting Women's Christian Association if? especially favored in s»curing as la speaker for their vesper service tomorrow. Miss Caroline S. Johnson, ||prcsldent of Oswego col icKC. Oswiego, Kas. Jliss Johnson, who is ti^oorughly interested Inj association mork among w^omen and has served ony association boards in other .•illes. is in tlic city during the Syn 'jdlcal meetings, ami In order to give au opportunity for the women jat 'ending the vesper ser\-ice to meet Miss JohiifeonJ, there will be a social hour at tlijt close of the service wlien 'ea will bo senxd. The meking begins al 7. o'clock ind a cordial Invitation is given' to all. II (I + • •:• Wl CJ T, U. Meeting. Tlie semi-monthly meeting of tlie Women's jChristian Temperance Union was ijeld in the . I %st Jackson street roons yesterday. Mrs. Arnold, the newly elected president, was un- iblc to be Wesent. because of the serious illneUs of her daughter. Miss Grace, andl Mrs. E. B. Keys presided. I * * * , Unity Club. .Mrs. I...I V. Starkey will havti the Unity club on Monday afternoon. Tliere wllj be several readings and papers and jihe usual study of art and | pictures. acts gently jet prompt: k ontae bowels, cleanses e system effectually ossisi^ one in overcoming Kobitual constipQtion permanently. To get its ]bene|icial e^|ects buy tKe genuine. GAUFORNIA souBTiiMiNovtucGisn-ntf.'aonu. TENNIS GAME TODAY Several Interesting and Snappy Contests Were Played in Allen Co. Tournament Schedule. Coniiuuatiun of the matches in liie •Vllon County Tennis tournament this morning developed some very snappy contests and brought out some very skillful plays by the contestants. The weather was ideal for the games and the courts were in splendid condition The results of the contests played up to a latei hour this afternoon fol low: Singles. Owen won from Hyues, 6-1. 6-:.'. Hihkey won from Teats, 6-2. 6-'.!. Clark won from Baker, 6-2. 6-1. The first and the last of these eon tests were played in I.,aHarpe on the I^iyonville court. ID the doubles. liinkey and OnonR defeated Baker and Hynes. 6-1, 6-0, J. O. Rodgers defeated WilKam A Smith iu singles, 7 -i>, aud In the same riass Smith defeated Rodgers, score 6-1. Ciamcs played yesterday juid tht- r«' suits follow: Doubles: Turner and Peet WOP from Klaunian and Teats. 'j-S. 6-:; Wood and Cleveland «on from Upton ami Curtis C-4. 6-3. Singles: Brewster won from Stad Icr 6-1, 6-1. H'> also won from Bow lull by default. Wood won from Young 6-1. 6-1. Stover won from! Wasson 6-2. C-1. Turner from Klauman. 7 2-6. ^-i. \ \ Sames In -twitfU Upton and Ross Br .;w8ler and Owens vs Clark and Gard, Hinkcy and Owen \s. Baker and Ilyama on the Hunt courts are scheduled for this afternoon. Much Interest is being taken in tb« tournament and the meeting is pror Ing a most successful one. THE LARGEST YET I Mr. ant|| M .eaveiiwolltli. •!• + -l- Mis* Cates on Vacation. Miss 'V\'T|lma Cates of the Kansa Portland cjffices is enjoying a tw weeks' vacation. . i + * • Visit Son. Mrs. M. B. McCrearj' of Leaveiiwoljil). are here to visit thei sou. Mr. (jMllIer MeCreary. 613 Bast atrtet. + + * The New Hat. The editor of t» e Humboldt Her aid desert led the new stj'le ladies bats thus: "The ed lor hail a to lo"! at some df the patterns for . hat which inusl lie worn by tbe/lailles tlii winter If tl ley would dafe to be seen (III the slri cts. Some of ithem are of he Italian/ style. That Is. they were designed w an Italian w^asherwoman who had een in the liabit of carry Ing the fi nily washing home on h( head and had m.-ck muscles like a prize flgl) er. The frames cover town lot |ind loom up like a .four Me. Pac Sanfa .Ve and M. K. & T. IVatcli Inspectors. story bullalng. To them will be add ed seven ijounds of velvet and feathers and a| price that will weigh tbe old man down, and the result is a ore atlnii that equals one of Wagner's operas as pliyed by a brass band." Wlimn Ymi •pay your good hard luonei for any thing, you want the best you can get for those dollars. No t|iro laundries produce the same quality of work, owing to the difference in appliances and experience. We claim to be the best in lola and. will prove the claim if you will give us the opportunity. naa Laundry I W9 FEVBR AND DIPHTHERIA. Prccautioi Off Mi' Though j proaching Imperative Now to Ward adies. Doctors Declare. not of proportions aii ^at of an epidemic a small sized Ecomnn of scarlet fever and diphtheria is sweeping through lola at Bresentj so physicians declare. "Botli daeases are appearing in xir ulent fa:njl" a physician said tlils morning, 'land must be taken in hand In the early stages If the life of the patient la m be given the fair chance to be saved." i >re has been but one fatale fever, but there are |a sefe. 1 AttendajKe Record at Basket Be** Game In Y. M. C. A. Was Broken Last NIghL By far the largest crowd of basket ball fans was present last night in the gym rooms of the Y. M. C. A. when the usual weekly ^mes open to the public were given. The attendance was highly gratifying to Secretary Starkey and Director Berry. "It was the best night wc have had In public basket ball," Secretary Star, key said this morning, "the attend ancc was at least 110." Visit Relatives. Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Young of Roachdale, ind.. are visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Dli-kerson. Mr. Dickcrson Is a nephew of the visitors. JUST TO SHOW OFF. A Tent Wat Erected tn Court House Park to Display It. ^^^len a man carefully erected a large wall tent in the southwest corner of the court house park this afternoon much curiosity was aroused. "This park will look like "white city" pretty soon," an oliservcr murmured, "If they arc going to grant concessions to anyone, they'll have to let me have one." , But the appreh <>nsion of the "coii ceEslonairc" was groundless. "It's on ly set up so mat we can show it off v.hcn we put It up at auction tlils afternoon." a man who iiad an I-know- all-about-it air said. The crowd standing about seemed 'o feel mucii relieved upon learning tliat tho park was n ^t to be turned into stalls for concessionaries.' An officer ordered the tent Jo be taken down if it was gong to require much time to sell It. at the morning serv^ At three oclockr>' •VI 3 o'clock p. m vice will be held atijw| tlun iieoplc arc InviiedL At 6:30 Kev. Howard Kerr will conduct the C. K. nieeti|ie. Al the eveninjg meeting will be held. ilcv. H. C. Culljcnson presiding, and the address will be given by I{e\'. F. K Hill of Chicago. This will be a popular meeting "In the inlercsls of colleges. . Siibbatb school at !ii:45 a. m. LKUe Builder 's chapcl. Mrs. K. .N. Jones, supt. The Boy's school at 2 :i. m. The regular school at !i p. in Preaching at 4 pj m. by lUn. Ur. Olingcr. of Coffeyvilie. Ba <ii «ett ChapeL Wm. Davis, supt. Sabbath school at 3 p. in. after which a short pn-acUihig service will be held conducted by Rev. H. C. Cul bcrtiiou. Baptist Ibarcli. I?unday school at t^:4r. a. lu Morning ser«°ice al II a. ni. Kcv. Mr. Worrail of Wichita, will preachi B. Y. P..U. at 6:3fll p. m. livening service at 7:30. I.ev. .Mr. .Morris will preach. W. H. G-VUFIELD. Pastor. Beforaed ( harck. Sunday school at a! m. I'rearliing at 11 a. tit. byjthe Rev. Dr. Bracken, of Wchltajj one of the dcle- catcs to the Presbyterian synod. .M 7:30 p. ml the Rev. .Mr. .\lt of To- l>eka. the first pcriiianent pastor of this church, and whu built it. will preach. | Prayer meeting on Wednesday at :30. A cordial invitation is extended to all. { WM. H. SHULTS. Pastor. M. Timothys Epbcopal (horcli. •fliere will be services and jsennon topinrrow morning at II. Subjecf of scrmun. "Tho Cry Of the llunian. There w-lll be Special; music foij the offer tory. j Sunday scboul at :< J :4^ a. ui. Holy communion at 7 ::'<i a. iu .Ml arc cordially Invited. REV.! J. ii. KRUM. ! D D WAST —Six or f,room> house. clLsc in. .Might buy. if bargain or advance year's rent. Or will exchange following. can add some cash: Two sifary busiuesi property, next door P. !o.. Scranton, Iowa, leased 5 years %bm year. Clear. ll'.IUO. Four room cottage 3 lots, best part Ponca City. 01«la. 11500 annual lease. Clear. Six room cottage - lots, large barn, close iU. L^i llarpe. $17r .O. mortgage $650: = will clear. Half interest 25 by. 120 brick 1 story and adjoining 2 story frame business house, .\dmire. Kas. 'with shelving, counters and lighting {)lant. 13000 for half intercut. C/ear. Uong lease.— :;<,i8 North Wa!nut street./lola. Kiik. Phone It 12. ; / | WA.NTED POSITIO.N—-Middle aged woman wants place to work a.-? nnrse or housekeeper. Address H. this office. Bffsifiess Dlfcctory. DB. MILDRED CUBTJS • • PfcyslciaB and Snrgeei. • • OJBca over Bu'-rell's Drug Store • • - OfficoJPJiono 554. • • Residence 214 E. Jackson • • Phone 569. • • • DBS. BE ID k BEID, • • Piiysiclans and Surgeons. • • X-Ray aUd Electrical Appliances. * • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat * • QfBce Phone 357; Rea. 396. . • • * WiVNTED—Men for quarry and ware house, .\pply at works. The lola Portland Cement Co. WA.NTED—IU}ardcrs aud roomer al 3 MI North Wulnut. .Modern house. WA.VTED—lola' property Jo exchange for Kansas' and Missourri land. Golden West t.and Co. Office ovbr Iowa Store, lola. Ka£. WANTED—A r.»rst class saleifman to sell our teas, coffees and specialties direct to the consumer in and around lola. A good paying business to right liarlies. Write or call on the Grand Union Tea Co., 704 Kansas .Vvenue, Top«ka. Kas. First 3L K.lciiareh. Sunday school at 9:15 a. in .lunior I.«aguc at :i p. m. Epw-orili Lea^r at 6:S0. .Mis-s .Mau e/ leads the Iriague. \ The preaching at 11 a. tu. and 7.30 m. will be by visitng Presbyterian divines. We very much hope that we will have a fine; crowjd for Ixjth morn ing and evening. Everyl>ody ha:-, a welcome at thisichurch. The Cbrbtiaa Charck. Ihc termon iu tboj lireached hy Rev. J. evvniiig by Rev. F. These brethreti are Presbyterian synod the city. The memb<|rs and friends of church should give them a good hearing. Hible school ut Iu |:i. in. Morning service at! 11 a- Junior meeting at f.' \>. ni. V. P. S. C. EJ al 6r30 t.. m. Ilvoaing service at 17 :31 p. m. R./H. BLLI3TT. Miniaer morning will be .M. Todd, iu the O. Woesteniyer, members of the now meeting in TriBlty .llethodist (liorrb. romorrow atj 11 a. tu. Rev. Stau'e;- Olinger of CoffejTillle. will preacn At 7:30 p. m. Ithc pistor. Rev. S. B. Knowles. will fill the pulpll. Sunday school at .If 45 a. nc. Junior L(>aguQ at 3 p. m. Kpworili I.,eagne a 6:30 p. ni. .\t the inorniiig service, there will be several to be received into the li'irch; All are invited. First Church' of ChrlsL Scientist. Sunday. schopl at Church service at 10 a- m. 11 a. m. Subject, Are • Sin. Disease and Dqath'Real? | Testimonial meetings Wednesday 8 p. ni. Services held In Chrisllan Science IwU at 110 East Jackison. The hall Is used as a reading rcjom. from 2 to t ni.. each week day. Tlie public is cordially Invited to the services and to visit the rending room. MRS. IE-MMX K . ADAMS. First' Reader. CARLE TO SPEAK Noted Presbyterian Minister Will Address Boys of tola In V. M. C. A. Building Tomorrow. The meeting at the Y. M. C. A. tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 will be de- votei to the boys and Rev. William Carle, of Platte. Kan., will be the speafcier. Rev. Carle Is here! attending the sessions of the ICansas state synod now being held in the First Presbyterian church. He is a pleasing orator and a mau of much fofce and power. His address to boys will be interesting and taelpfal. t SL J «ihn\ ( .Mas>.'^es at 8 ijnd 10 Sunday school at Vespers and ^llened Sermim at 10p30 a. sional: Its effe^s on Sermon at 7:30 p. Di. The Apostles Creed: its origin aud Register iWaiit Adsl bring results. hu^rh. 30 a. m. 30 p. in. ction 7: So p. in. ni. The C<infe.«- soclely. authority. BAD BREATH r. braatb faa.lnc *rormnnlhi t had • but odor. Two WMSLXKO d trlmi^ 1««miiB«id«3 CMUtniU Mid «(b-r UlacthdiB tcmii \«inhi7U'« ehMrrallr>»n>tlk«rk«.3Mrtlralreni«r»<. . ObM.R. Hstrtn ~ 8 AI£SM£:N & AGENTS—$ S $ $50 00 p ir week and over can he made selliiig New Campaign Novelties from now- until election. Sells to Stores. County Fair*, Picnics and Private Families. Complete line of sample?, charges prepaid for .">'tc. Order toda.v. CHICAGO N07ELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave.. tnUjago. ' DB. McXILLEX, Special attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic Diseas- * es and Diseases of Children; * Telephones: Office 32. Res. 233. * Office over Burrell's Drug Stora * West Madison. • Phone 687. Res. 701. . DB. 0. L.^ COX, Eye,! Ear. Nose and ThroaL Speeucles Properly Fitted, Office A. b. D. W. BIdg. Offloa Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 40< • DB. B. 0. CBBISTUH • PkyslelBB and Swgeaa * Rooms 7 and 8. Erana Bldg. * FOR SALE—570 feet 2x16x20 hard pine. Also some "Mnrh flooring. Cheap for cash. Prone 1214. I 'On SALE—Krt .-h tnii- h :>-ow ; 305 •North Washington. TOR SALE—Good iDl North Oak F. H, MABTDf. Surgery and Diseases ot Women. Offlce and Residence Phone 576 Office 7 North Jefferson. JEWELRS. . I B. F; Pancoast. old rel^ble jeweleri 110 East Street. Lodge Dffcctofy TOR TRADE—Somr ml'.ch cow. Phone 9Si J-.. FOR RE.\T—Furnished rooms fOr light hnusekeei ing. 228 North Third. Phone 1294. V^m RENT—Two furnished rooms at 311 South Chcitnut. I-X»R RENT- nut. -Itootu at I.". North Wai- KKIGHTS OP FTTBZlS.-Neoeto '«dge No. 43 meets every Monday (light at K. of P. Hall. Vlsltlfig brothers inrltedl W. S. Thompson. EL C Chris Rltter. K. of R. and 8. l-"t>K ItKNT-SIx room cottage a! 105 Sou lb Second. Inqiiir-,- J»Il Has- .Madison. W Rn§er<. FOR IiE.\T—s;.\ room lijiue vitb or without barn Close lu. Phone 241*. FOR MXOHAMaE TO LOA.N—J5.000 private money ion farm land at 6 per cent—lo'a Land Co. ooooooooooooooobo o o O U. r. WEAB. o O iMchlta. Kaunas. O O »£8T£B> LA?iD8 k B.4MHES O For Sale or Trad^. O $3.00 an-Acre, Up. O ooooooooooooooooo KSIGHTS OF XACCABBES.- Knights of Bfaccabees ot -^tbe World meets in K. P. Hail, second and fourtk Saturday nights ot each ,.moiatlL J. W. Postwalt. commander; R. B. Por* ter. record keeper. , W. O. W.—Camp No. 101 meeU In K. of P. Hall every Friday nIghL W. T. Steele. C. C. A. H. Davis, Clorfc Visitors cordially Invited. 31. W. A.-The M. W. L Lodga meets every Friday night in M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. F. C Coffleld, V. C. W. A- Cowan. Clerk- B0T.4L >EI6HB0B8.^Iola Camp No. 366. Royal Neighbors, meets see-, ond and fourth Tuesdays of eadi month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraclik Mrs. Mary Huttoh. 413 West Street, Recorder. FBATERKAL BROTHEBHOOD.— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month in A O. U. W. Hall. VlsiUnf members cordially Invited. W. H. AB- jdersou, president; Golda Eiam. teere- tary. £1157 TAKE.V TP—Stray pig. sii..i»cj icd and black, v.eight 4i» pound-:, linpi-.-e his offici. OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these daji>> September, you know. Is the time to have the summer dust cleaned out of carpets. Wc are busy, but your order -niil receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY Phone Sit. jTm^IoW iSmn KSk.' .«tcrHa(BifM<lyC».dkicasa«rM.Y. 9# Wanted: i Two experienced salesladies for a Dry Oooda store. State ex-^ perlence and reference Address *'AB" care of Register. To Fort Sertt Ted Cillesseii will spend Sunday in Ft. Scott. LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA LD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA ON SALE Sept. 1st to Oct. 3 1st kA for Fall Infuroutioi. C.P.Hale.Agt.|

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