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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Tuesday, October 1, 1907
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TOU IX. No. 406. Whole Vo. 83;C SIX PAGES. lOLA, KANSAS, OCTOBER ^ 1807.—TCESDAT ETEMXO. SIX FAOES. PBICB ^TWA /I mm A DETECTIVE IS HERE PIXKE^TO\ MAX iriLt WORK 0.\ '• TIIK S\PP CASE. CAUSE OF DEATH STIU UNKNOWN DETECTIVE IS PROniXfi OlD THOU RLE WITH sciiooi. TEACHER. County Commlsslonprs May Offer Reward for Copliirp of (ho MiiriJirer. A Pinkerlon dpieciivp who has sain cd a reputaiioii liy wurlsiiiK out. somo of the most niysiprions iiuirdprR In tho Vi'ost began today :u M<iran to unravol the Saijp tMRody. Iip arrivpil hpro yesttrday and Ji<>)d a timrnroncp vUh the county ofllpials and was put in posseARtpn of all ilm inrnrinatinn thoy bad on the Ftran^o afTuir. Aftor all of fhfl clues and evidenw was recliod lo bim he'said that it looked like murder. He expressed a onnfldence in his ability lo aseertain wheihi>r MI SH Sapp cotntnltted self deslriieifnri. or was murdered. The detortivo asked the of- fleers m>t to Rive out his naine, l)Ui was willing that it t>e known that a detective was at work on the ease Pinkertpn deteetives are known as human blood hounds ami thouRb th< case Is now veilod in what seems to lie ail Impenetrable mysioiy it is expected lhat' when he eonrliides his work It will be known whether Miss Sapp drew the keen edged razor across hci throat or foully dealt with. The case confinnes to attract attention over the country. The railiire ol the -oinicers after an IntelliRent am' dilli^enl investigation of four days t< get. at the bottom of the death of MIsf Sapp. has caiixed it to be known al over the country. Th.- Kansas ('ll> i?tar hi»s expressed the intention o; reRortlDg to every menus lo fnihon the mystery. Yewerday County Aitoniry reicr.soi and Shorifr noliingor sponi the after noon In Mpran chasius down rumor.' and ruhnlds down <-hii-.s imt no infor­ mation'that pives :iiiy real light on thi case w?as disrovi red. nelievinB lha they had done all they could, the> readily agreed to the plan of Ihi friend of the famil.v in seeurinp thi senice-s of a defocilve in hunt dowi the murderor if murder was mniniit led. County Attorney Teierson said this morning that after an invrstiRatinn hi found there was nothing to the ilieor lhat the tramp who was in Moran Kri day and went on to Savonburff migh have had something to do with th« crime. Likewise the report that a wo man resembling Miss Sapp had beet .•;een quarreling with a man in an al ley proved lo have no bearing on the as It is known tliai the womai w^as not Miss Sapp. The finding of a cuff Ir.iifon and : key near ^here the body lay. dny be fore yesterday, have noi been of ser vice In clearing iipMhe tragedy thn: far. Mr. Peterson .said today that it his opinion it. was Inat there by snnn one who came to the sieuo after th< death of the unfortunate girl. Me salt that he did not ihiiik anything wouli be learned through'this discovery. ! An agent of the Monigomery-W'an supply house from which the razoi found near the liody of .\iiss Sapp wa^ origipally purchased h.-is notified thf officers that the will bo glad K open their books or do anything t( trace down'the ownership of the In­ st rutnent. There is a .senJimenJ at .Moran that the county commissioners should offer a reward to capture the murderer, if miirder was commuted. It Is possible that if th£ m^-stery is not cleared tip by the next seBsion of the commissioners the matter of offering a reward will be presented t,o them. The majprity of the people contintie lo believe that it was murder and will not even give consideration to the suicide idea. Sheriff C. p. IJollinger still entertains a belief thai the girl look her own life. Mr. Peterson thinks it it murder. The people of Moran are yet unabli to recover'from the horrors which the tragpdy has spread over the commun- Iiy. The citizens do not go out at night except in groups and then carry lanterns. That one who was as generally popular as Miss Sapp should ha,v^ been'murdered in her own yard causes tbe moat .fearless to be appre- nected with the case, yet It is known that the ileipctive has alre.-idy Inter viewed local people who were rnmillar Willi ilii> case. Mii4R Siipp, it seeniH, received twn liiKiilting iinips and young seliool teacher was accused of writing thi'in . His arrest fullnwcd but the case'was ilrnjippd. The notes wore not signed. According to n t:'lppliriiin lupssng:' from Moran lliis afiernotui the inyh lery surnuindlng the df -ath of Mis-s •Ma.v Sapj) Is no nearer solvid ihan It bas been at any time siucf iho trag edy occurre.l. The i7Prtciiv.> who has been-employed to work on the oasr i .-i interviewing various Moran rcRiileni with the Idea of getting mme eliif m work on. TRIEa TO ROB SHOP .Han Attempfed lo Bnrglarlie Rflom» of }\. A. I.oDir. (be Tailor, Last .Mght benalve wiuie do not officers say tbey '» that the sebool jof iuamer. the *i &]|liaB-the Sapp family An attempt was made last night ribout ten o'clock to rob the Long Tailor shop over the I'alace shoe slora by sooir, man whose identity lould not be delermined, but the man was interruptiyl while in the midst if hi.s work ny a lady teuanr of the lalacp building. Tlip robber gainert entrance by illmbliii; up thr. fir.' escape at. tlio hack of the building, and opening a • indow leaiiirig into the hall. The /ack pari of the upstairs of the Pal 'CP building is used as a residence nd a la'Iy who was in the hnilitinc .i.m iiicht heard the rnliber climbing ip fh.-» fir<. e .scaite. effeiiing an en ance. When he began sneaking tip he hall she grew suspicious and de- Tided that he needed watching. The man went to the end of lha hall II. d stopped at the door leading In he Long tailor shop.' When the wo- nan came lo the place where thr hall (urns and looked around thr orn.^r, she, saw the man staniHng it ronf of the door wifb a bunch of keyt II Ills hand and making desperate ef ••>rls in iiiiloek the ilnnr. The lady did a surpri.-Jing thing The neither screamed nnr ran. but l>oke up and asked "Is that you. Mr .one?" Th<. man paid no; that h: '.•an looking for ihe odlee of Lawyer •rown in onler lo gei. s-oine papers he woman knew lhat there was n-' awyer in town by the name of Prown he til,--!! RsUrA him why ii wa .s hi ad snraked up through the Jiaek win ow. The man made no reply hut go; way r,s fast as possible. The fact that it was rireiis day ant' hat there have been .sn many rob eri .,-i c<miniitt.-'d lately imlieatcs that he man was trying lo rob the place .'o other places have been reported af aviup: been robbed. BEGINS HIS RIVER TRIP PRESIDE.VT ROOSEVELT AT KEO- KI'K, H»WA. TODAY. HE ADDRESSED A LARBE CRO..D fiOVERXOR.S OF .MAXY .STATES AMI TIIOOPS IN ATTEXDANCE. The Netrroen Oare President Roose veil a Cane—Will Conilnnr Trip on MlMsls .Hlppi. IR. GLYNN'S m ^'dilorinl From Jiansas Cit.r Star Con lalns Physfriairs Views Alwint Closing Snnday Theaters. Dr. O. C. Oiynn. councilman fron •:>p l-'irst ward, ioday gave oiii an in prview relative to his posit ion cm th- losing of Sunday amu.senietits. Thi iietor takes the editorial from th" \ansas i;"iiy which follows lielov ml sii'isiiiiiips the word Inla for Kan as Cliy, and says that ii exiiresse ;is views exactly on the local sllua ion. He aI.=:o .says lhat it is not nec 5sary for ihc city council to paS: uch a law as the Kan.-^as state slat lies fully covers it. lie refers to th' ections •Ji'.'ni to i':;00 Inclusive. The following Is the pdiiorial frot he Kansas City paper: lola is a well behaved town all oJ he lime which, of course .means sev •n days in the week. On Sunday ther- • re no infractions of order and so «rieiy which need call for the slight •St alarm even on the pan of religlou! >r ultra moral people. This day h leveled by a large proportion of thi leople to harmless pleasure, which t: trictly in accordance with the hes' luriKJse of a time of rest. The Sabbatt vas made for man and not man fo; he Sabbath. The best teaching w« ;iave on the subject is summed up It hose word.s. With the dramshops am" ;ambling places closed on Sunda; vansas City is doing as well as an; -easonabte person could desire. Lets be content with our prei^ent goot" iverape. In a town with a lot of i>eo nle who are too good there is bounr' o be another lot who are mighty had MISS MINNIE Ohlfesi was today ap •Minted admllstratris of ibe estate o' 'he late Carl Obifcst who died recentl- wnile on a visit in tbe east. The Or] tai family llTe at La Ilarpe. WM. CUNNINOHAIC la up (ran HOBboldt tedsr oa boalMaa. Keokuk. Iowa. Oct. 1.—From sU oo'clock this morning when President Koospvelt was awakened at a smal Illinois town by strains of the village hand, be seldom out of hearing of I cheer of some kind, for the country people as well as the villagers lltiei he roadway and all were in a cheer ng mood. He did not however, re "ipond to any of the many calls for ii .*peech and thus allowed the forenoon run which ended hero on .schedule line to proceed without a noteworihy ucident. President Uiiosevelt spent he early morning reading, and when le steiiped olT the train here he ap- leared in the highest spirits. Secretary Loeb left the party here and will proceed west from thi.- point to \V'yoining whither he gtn s fur nontli's bum. President Iloosevrli liewin the river rip from Keokuk this morning. On lis arrival here he was met at the -fation by th? governors of Iowa, Flor- ir»a, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska oth Dakotas. Oregon, Wyoming and llllnos, .and by their companies of •late troops. Speech making follow •d at Hand park. Following the pres Ment'.-) address which was beard by :n.nn() persons the presld.^nt was driv •n to the lower lock of Ihe govern '.lent canal and bnnrdul the steamer MIssl.ssippi for the trip south. Pres! Irnt noosrv.->lt was presented by a ;old headed cane by the Keokuk ne .roes. The president left shortly He- ore noon amidst the great.-<st assefn tiage of boats ever seen on the iip- •er Mis.^lssippl river. President. Hoosrveil's speech wll I' found In full on .another pace of his issue. IRS. RRADFORD I.OSIXfS MINO. 'rohale Jiidtre InreNtlftatiuff Mental . Condition of SIrk Woman. Prol)at.-> Judge .f. n. Smith and Coiir. y Attorney Carl Peterson will go .1 the hospital this afternoon to in esiigate the mental condition of Mrs. 'lo. Uradford. .Mrs. Bradford is the vlfe of young Hradford who is In jail iwaiiing trial on th* charge of steal- ng copper from the lola Portland, •frs. nradfonl is btif a girl. She waJ= akcn to th? hospital several days ago. 'ecenily she has shown signs of Inanity and the probate judge has beer sked to investieare hrr condition tr-s. Bradford's present mental trou le is said to ho du.^ to ill health. VAl'DETTK UVkS YESTERDAY. T OT I DBT Pirliire Show Enlerlalned Circus Crowds. Th.^ Voudi'tto theatre, the east sidi •lovfng |).'ctiire show, oiieiicd up yes trday and showed as berr-tofore. 'hey have been closed for some limf nd only opened y .->Rterday for tht IV, It bein:: cIrcuB day and a large rowd was in the city. Thr. theatre vUl not run regularly until after thr lult which is pending is settled. EAOCE OAireS. called AMEUICAX I Philadelphia Detroit game ff: rain. Ch'capo. 2: TloRion. t. Sr. Louis. ;ame.l St. I^onis, T>: New York. 2. md game.! Washington. Cleveland. 1. nning.s.) imerican league ctandlng •. New York. 1. I First tSec- (Flvr ClubR— Detroit Philadelphia ".I'cago Cleveland .. Vew York . H. Louis ., loston ... /ashlngion W ..•87 . .sn ..<•>(". ..(i4 ...-.8 . .47 L Tin fin fi2 11 .SI R7 •».=; Pet. .m .fiOJ .592 ..i72 .482 .441 .400 .331 IN JUST one month from today the »w 1907 lax rolls will be opened by •lunty Treasurer M. P. Sickly. Mr. ;ckly will close up everything: per- alnlng to thfa year's tax roUs next rneaday when hit tlrat tenn expires. THE XARKF.TS. Kunoai City .Yarketti. Kansas City, Oct. L—Cattle—Re- eelpis iri.iiiKi, incluillng l ,niin southeriis: strong to leii higher; native steers |-l .7rift|7.0«; Hoiiihern Ht.'»er .i» %.i.2t>(ii$i:>:,; southern cows $3 .40: bulls $2 .40 (ri$:!.7.'i: calves $3.1)0 /fi|6flO; we.-tcrn steers $1.0liiJ( |ri.2r>; western COWH i'2.r,(\(!i$\M. Hogs—in.ftrtO; steady lo five lower: bulk $i;.20(fr$fi.-IO: heavy %r,.'Mt; packers $»i .20ff |ti .lO; pigs and lights fi;.2.'.'fi$t'>.r.i». Wlieat—('lose, unchanged to 'i high er. Dec. 03: .May cash No. 2 hard n.'?'f?!>.-.i|;: No. ?. nnffrn.-i: NO. 2 red n.". fffl.-i '.i: No. .HI«?94 la. Corn—'Jf^'^ higher. Pec. iifl';^: .May .">3'i: ca.«h No. 2 ini.\ed ."»7; No. .3. ."ifi '/i'f? rii'i", ; Xo. 2 while TiS; .\o. 3 ,."i7 ',4 fr.'.7-''i. Oais—I'nchanged to U higher: No. 2 while tSi .^Win: Nn. 2 mixed 4B'.i <fr47. Itye—.\n. 2 72fr7.'i. Hay—Firm, choice limoiliy $13.00?? I3..10: choice prairie ?M .on. niitier—Creamery, higher 20. pack- ill >; 20. Chirairo .Warke(.<i. Chicago, Oct. 1.—Cattle—npcelpts Ifi .ftOO; steady; beeves $I.OOW $7.2ri; rcws and heifers $1 .2 .'i*7$.'>.4n. Hogs—About 14,000; ten lower; i;thl $fi .23(!?$S .7I'/i: hulk Tfi.0,';(f?$fl.4ri. ^\'illeat—I'>ec. ns %<fr -'Ji: .May $1.04 -"K. Corn—Dec. r,R\!.: May nfli/,. Oats—Dec. r .nd: May S3 >J. Pork—Oct. $13 .7-.; .Tan. $ir,.20ffj! Lnril—Oct. $8 .nr.; Jan. $S.77</j. THETAFTSMIIEDIOI TREATY XEOOTIATIONS WITH .lAPAX HAVE HEEX RESCMED. PURPOSE OF TR'P ACCOMPLISHE FRI.SCO TROCHLE. RIOTS AXD OTH ER TAXOLES TO RE SMOOTHED OIT. MOCLD KEEP ISLAXDS. Pre.iiiilenI .May Advise Retention of Ihe Philippines. Washington, Oct. 1—.\n impression prevails In political e rcl.-s here that President Ilooseveli. In his message 10 congress, will • recommrjid that a declaration be made in the form of a resoluilon that this country fully Intends lo retain soverlgnl.v ov;>r the I'hilipplne (slamls forevor. The recent 'igllalion hy Kastixn impers In favor 'if the I'ultPd Suites selling the is amis and iinlllnp iiut of the Orient. 11 Is I I -lieveil. has brought the ((ties lion of the fill lire policy of this coiin 'ry towards the Islands lo a focus. To leave the mniUT In iincertalnl.v onger only invites trouble from the Filipinos themsehw and disturbs In •emallonal relations. Japan has her aye on the Philippines and would no ioiilii pay the T'nllf.d States a good roiiml sum for them. Germany also las a hankering to own the Islands. .\s long as this coiititry leaves the question of future action open both lajian and Cermany are in a hopeful •nood. 1( is to s.^iile thr. policy once for all that the president wilt urge •ongress to act. If ilie fiuestloii is checked up to con rress it will no doubt precipitate n tiff fight. All the Democrats will ipposr, a re-oliilion declaring for the retention of the islands forever. They vill lie re-inforced liy a goodly nnm- ^er of Republicans who have reaehei' he conclusion that Ibe soon.'?r we get ut of the Orient the better we will be ff. There is no question but what sentiment in favor of the sale of Iho •filands is on the iner.'»ase, but it has lot reached such proportions yet that resolution lo sell would get any- vhere in congress. The president ealizes that the question should be 'inally s.^ttled as soon as possible and stop the agitation. He is hardly in iivor of retaining sovereignty and •now.s that nrxt. winter will bo the lost advantageous time to -act.. To 'elay the matter will only engender I moie bltt.->r s!niggle when the fl.eht omes. It Is Probable That Xew Treaty With Exrlnslon Provision Will Re Laid Refore I'. .S. .Senate Soon. Washington, Otc. 1.—Secretary of Peace Taft has accomplished half the errand of his world belting trl]). Trea ty negotiations with Jaiian, suspended inonthR ago in Washington, have been lesumed in Tokio. Al least that's what ofllcial Washtngion reads between tbe lines of this morning's disiiatches from Tokio telling of the dinners and reccp tlons accorded Mr. Taft In the chrysan themum land and of bis interview with Ihe war minister, Teraiichl. .Nominally the Secretary's sole in the Orient lo lieum benightly upon the beginnings of self govern inent in the Philippines. Actually the greatest responsibility placed upon him was to straighten out a bad .-\merican-.Iapanesc tangle as he straightened out friars' land tangle ill Rome, a revolution in Cuba and Isth iniaii canal complications on numer- :iiis occasions. About the time con •:;resK adojurned lust spring negoli.a lions for a new treaty wiih .laiiaii bad i -eached a bad stage. The .lapanese nslsted tl^'l the school question be settled to ^icir satisfaciion and as an ict of Justice under existing treaties before a .step should be taken toward Ihe setllemeiit of the immigiaiion piestlon. The Frisco Trouble. They made it clear that for any ex elusion concession .lajion would de- ainnd a quid pro quo, hut they were qiially einiihntic that the readmlsslon of children lo San Francisco ichools .should not lie regarded as con !tltiitlng ibat quid pro quo. Under Uanding treaties .laiuin coin ended lliut A\ ATTEMPT TO ROD HOCSF. ollce Calletl lo IValson Home on Xortb Oak La.«i Xiebt. Ninlit Chief or Police Phillips and i'ctrolnian Todd w.^re called by tele- ilione last ni^ht to the home of L. S. VMatF.on. of mo North Oak Street, by he news that a burglar was attempt- r.g to break into'the house. The robbers were evidently frightened iway by hearing the phone bell rlng^ vhen the call for the police was vnl n. as the oBicers could find no traces -.t thr. robb.TS upon their arrival at he Watson home. rOLORED CRAPSHOOTERS TRIED. rwo 01' a Crowd Were Fined ?I« and Costs. The colored crap shooters who wera irrosted Saturday night were tried vt'stcrday before Jiidg:e Hough. Geo. Soltner and "Fprt" McKissick pleaded guilty to th?) charge and were fin•1 $10 and costs each, amoimting lo llS.O .'i. Rivers Gordon. "Rat" Grubbs, md Willis Lowe pleaded not guilty. Their cases are to be hr-nrrt anme. itmo this week. Warrants have bepn issii- 3d for th? arrest of "SUr" Buckler md Lawson I^we. but the young uen have not yet br-en taken. ts children in this country had a rlgh 10 school privileges nnd-kn' iUploimttB .-?tood on thoKe rights. If the children were readmitted lo school privileges ihe diplomats would then he willing (o •onsider a restriction of Japanese joolie immigration tirovided the ITnit- ed States could and would trade .some jirivilege or concession 10 Japan for 'hat re.«iriction. When President ;loosevelt and the California aiiihori- rles linally infoi-mally arranged for the i -eturn of the school privileges and Joupled this with tentative exclusion legislation by congress, tlie Japanese tropped Ihe negotiations and took very peevish lone. While the cliildren were back in school, there had not leen secured the formal acknowledge- uent that the battle ships would be Ignited Stales had arranged for what was supposed would be a reasonably •••frpctive exclusion of coolies without m.v treaty at all. To be sure this ex-. -Iiision arrangement depended on the' mikado's refu.sal of passports direct to Ihe United Strifes to hi.^ co<ilie subjects by providing that without such oassports coolies could not come in. Aokl BIuRtered In Vain, nm the .Mikado, after representing hat he wanted his coolies to stay at home, could not. suddenly alter his 2Hstora and issue them I'nited -States •naini.ind iiassports without seeming to be picking trouble. For all Am- ba.s.sador Ooki's bluster and swagger •n the State department he had been iiilgeneraled. So Japan droptied the treaty negotiations and ihe talk from Pokiu was all aboui the case wl:h which Jaiian coiilil take the Phllip- lines in ir wanted them. It was hen that President Roosevelt reached for his "big stick." At the announcement thae tifie battle ships would be shifted to the Pacific, the Bjiiiiler of faiianese threats were shut off so ah- riintlv lhat the sudden silence was painful. Then came the Vancouver riots, which swept the ground from under Japan's strongest position on the treatment of Japanese, in the United States. There h.ive been recent Indica tion.9 that the mikado's government was eager to descend from the high horse, and Secretary Taft accordingly held a controversy with President Roosevelt and Secretary Root at Oyster Ray before starting for the East. On the ocean trip the Seererary went rrarefully over all the papers and documents in the case. If the .Tapanese mentioned the word "treaty" to him he was ready for them. If they said nothing he would a.ssure them of his distinguished consideration and let It go at that. Thus the administration provided an opportunity for tbe Oriental to ".save his face.". The Japanese did not want to ask aAWashington for the reopening of negotiations they themselves had broken off. They did not even care to request a reopening ihroiigh their ministry of foreign affairs and the American ambassador In Tokio. But recognizing the etiquette that would reauire Secretary Taft to call first in Tokio on the .Tapanese minister of war. Viscount Teraucbl. they made a temporary dplomat ont of Teraucbl as President Roosevelt bad made an envoy extraordinary of Taft. - . The Flwt to Go, Anyhow. So the cablegrams say: "Soon after THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Centrally fi;lr tonight and: Wednesday; moder ate temperature.* Ilnta recorded al local oBlep, U. S Weather niiro.iu. yesterday, today, and a year ai;o: Vcsidy Vr. ago 2 p. ni 7!t M 4 p. ni SI 6» 1! p. ni 7.^ . fi4 f< 11. m CO r>4 1« p. m. 6.-. 50 \?. midniglit fi.-. 47 Max. Temp SI 7(1 .V.iu. Temp .-.(i 14 P'.ecip. 7 p. m. . -• » * 0 Today Yr. ago m Sj; , 46. ^d. Ul. . 4 a. m 50 42 G a. m .-.0 42 j; a HI fin {)Q 10 a. m fiS fi2 12 noon 7 :"i fi7 Precip. 7 a. m. . 47 ' 6 countries, and Secretary Taft'prompt­ ly invited him to call today." The call was made, the tabooed topics braoched by the Japanese minister, and already negotiations are in |>r(>g- ress in Tokio. Secretary Taft will leave Ambassador. O'Brien to cnntiiiue the work where he leaves it. The Taft smile, hooked with liatfle- shlps this time, has again proved its in diplomacy. It is reasonable to expect that a new treaty Including an exclusion provision wl;l be laltl down before ihe senate this winter. Rut the battle .ship fleet will go lo Ibe Pacifle Just the .same. A BANQUET IN TOKIO Srrretary Taft Talked About Probabil> ity of War in After Dinner Speech. Tokyo, Oct. L—^^V banquet in honor of Secretary Taft was given last night by the municipality In the Chamber ol Comni?rce, and was attended by prom inent Japanese stai.:smr/i, including the members of the cabinet, brought forth a notable spe-^ch by iho Ai^eri- can secretary, which made n i-plehdid impression. After dinner tiie assembly room presented a reninrkable Hcene, every one congratiilotlnB ei^ery- nti-» r1«e nn mYtnt a-na ennglflotgtV the 'A^iHpieid r<>nioviii nf' thcr-i!HiH ;i rwirf bad arisen between Japan and th^' United States and the silencing of the sensationalist. Secretary Taft said ho .\m?ricans were proud that Roose velt. with the pre.stige of the .-Vnierl- an previldency, iiasfened a peac« that was honorable to both Japan and Rus r.ia. He spoke of .Japan's great pro the share, America has had in tilling It, and said the Atiiericans were proud of .Japan, which has al W.1.VS hart tbe cordial sympathy of thr IJn tprt Statet. Secretary Taft, continuing, said: Now for a moment there is only, a itilf. cloud ovar our friendship of SO ears, bur. tbe greatest earthquake of he country could not shake out-amity. I cannot tresspass upon the juris- (licHon of the department of the ritate and lha discussion of events In- San FYancsco. hut I can say that fljere 7. nothing in them that is IncapaMc of honorable and full adju.stmcnt h\' ordinary diplomacy. Thn .secrf>tary •said he did not hold that was was entirely unjustlble when international grievances cannot othf.r,wis.^» be redressed, but war is bell, he saidi and only a great cause which cannot l>e settled by diplomacy justiPes IL 3fr. Taft saiii a war between Japan anil he United States would be. a tirlme gainst civilization. Neither deplred neither would gain .anyihinR from and both governments would strain every nerve in an effori lo prevent iL Thr. RDcrelary cbaracterired even thr Bucr^PTition of -war as infamous. Viscount Shihusnwa presided in welcoming Secretary Taft and he pi^.l glowing tribute to the grealncBs at z nation which the secrelary repre- enlcd. the friendliness which the nited States has always dlstdayed for the .Japanese and the Influence hich America extend.-"d through the world. In replying Secretary Taft spoke with deep feeling and posltive- nes.s. MUST BRING HORAH W NOT YET WITH CONSPIBACT, COURTIOJIFIESlHEfROSEeliTlip; i • • • . SENATOR COHCEDis KATDf^ DEEDS ADSfltTED TO HECOKH. i Ifarberi lumber Compijay'v Qeaoraf 3Iaiia |rer Refuses to ^rod «e» At- ebnnt Book.s ShowlB# FmjmumtK* m Boise. Idaho. Get. l .-eJ ^ederal JadffBJ: Wbitson, who is presiding at the trial,^ of United States Senator WSIUun B|'i Boras, notified the' prosscntioa .to-; / day that the case had rMiehed tl|«; point where some testimony eoaaeiet>"' ing the defendknt with the lUtesed' Idaho land fraad conspiracy -in^,sh« presented. ' ; • / The attornf.ys for the anirt 'ilafmt. rcting on thhj susgestton,' iwjjl." they:' would offer in evidence ti^nprrow- the , • records of the county claik 'iofllCe,,'; .showing that scores of timber deed* ^v:^ liad been admitted'to record at the^'^.,;! renu?st of Senator Bo ^ah. -."Jr^^f^ "Wo thought the. matter •wu-'eaO'.';^: PF -ded when we allowed therdaqjla.^^ Iiemsplvoa to go Into evidence irlHlr: ')iil proipst." put In ;Mri Hawley, clftef >^ eounsel for the defense!.-' ' i : Mr. Rush, of thcj proaecutlbp. Mtil;-^ le desired the coui ty-rocorda ln^«^' •^1l ir.nce, regardlesB of the ^admisiilOB of V i h:' defense., liujfa..^dtson's notlfl''' | 'nation III IIiii;iTiji>f'i |iB !W I iiiiiii at the conclusion of the fetSlmmy of thOv | •.iovernment's two mosCJmpnrtant wlt- ne.wes. <-RIackeaiii«" The testimony -t do largely; with thn: at^ipns ot formerr ^ i Oovernor' Stcunenbjjiftjio land deal-; ings. Attorney ^-JrTlWJ^- prpteited .; igainst wltneaaeg^jigaife alloved '.to' " le said they bad'no nMnng on Ben- itor Borah's case, and tended only "to - 4 aayT -B ^UnT 'had lo I 'acken the memory of a man- who annot answer." • • i', Tlir, liveliest ineldpnt jtl the diiV •.vas when L. O, Chapm|n. general nanager of the Barber I^^imber coijl-. •lany, was' cglied? tjo thn ataiid •» •» tiuiiieiit •wltiiHtK. :w>. . Chapman Bcntr3BiBtt:i3r. • chai many booka and. much'(ior' -.i.i.i.r .t. .^oTemmwrt MBS. FRED WOOD DIES. Prominent lola Lady Did \ot Rally From Operation. morning Santa. Pe to Coldwater. J. N. IL\GGARn was today granted »>'3 arilval p: Taft drove to General (Mich., her former home, for buriil. Mrs. Fred Wood who underwent an operation day before yesterday at tbe St. John's hospital, died this-afternoon one o'clock. Mrs. Wood began sink ing this morning. She is tbe wife of Superintendent' Fred Woods of the Kansas Portland Cement company and resides on East Madison Just eaot of the Presbyterian church. Mrs. Wood was very prominent in lola club and chnrch circles. * The funeral services had not been arranged . at the time the Begisfer went to press. A short service win be held at the ' THE KJ'P. A.;haire'airi«^i^ general Biippertiit ^e- be 'JieIA:i|)IJthift' tonights ben be Woods home tMs CTenfng at 7:18,}''' *^ and the body shipped on the early. *® *'U»P«!fr'" Jiroiight p...— r«<<pondonce whiefal tite _ -Ir-.Mred, but refUiwd> absolutely.: to iiroduce the company's aeebnnt bookub. ^.^i showing the amoiints'paid for Umter; '[^j lands, and to whom. >Ie.dieclat(i4'tliih v.4 I'nformation conUlned in thei . fw^pr ^oiild not assist tha jury In the mJit-r:k| rnr on- triafr^sE 'mKraM •nale Chapman aHL JipMBHr aa ^.atbdf') holder in the compaiatip!rhft maitii8r)-.# ->r requiring Chapmilinn>-|»roAi£«}| tho,r :)ook was hold' over for arguineat^tCK. •norrow. Chapman haa^hla oWB -'«Oiii ^i^ ^el and Senator jB0rtifli'»<fi»W3^^'*^i<«e^; no part in the n^tt€r»:J:^^'. Told RorAtaiC«ip<M;,v, ,^ The two important:WItMaaaa-°o( tbo" day. were B..E.- Boise land oflc special agent of the r !aoia |offlce. was sent to Idaho ;by former Land^v^^ Commissioner Dinger HennamL Osr-^-'^ rst said that 43orah '^axa^^o h& lKMU%'f one evening and asked; reekrdlSSiv .<;ome contested land- clafa^a, whether^: hearings were to bo.had on theatr: . 'I indicated to bim-tbat tho chi&i»3 .Ts ' were bad and told him. hcg had bettett^;'; keep his han*5 oht-of tgem," .Mid Garret. . • - / . -^"i;;;^ At this time the ;Barb«r LamlHilr'; Company wag not a party Of raoort ftiS tho eases. Shar^^ the special ageat.' ?;aid he was introduced to Borah'-bJ.-.l ihe latt.=r'8 office by BivSelver'Qifr -V 'j! ret. He talked to the niaibr ta iar general way about per80ttiEi ;liiliiK,Mar^!' Ihe timber lands; that they eaaiJiltnaBk valuable mineral deposits..and IdMiq^:.':-/, not b> given away for thoJambimr^f- There was also a charge tlrat the'ilm^ j!j; bor claims wero not in good.ifaldi^' One day Borah came to hfa oflleB ii <r'^ asked what he intended to do *h6aC|< cerain contested claims. Sharp tMAH^ him th3 protests were to be pa«K<ad; and Borah walked out. OlSLOCATEiiHEriiEii ULrs. 0. 0. Stole Svferfaff: Ttia» &<>%;| Jarlea Caased by 8|eU at guMtai;;-E'^ While sitting in the dlidiiK:tdo|8fi her home, at 202 Sonth Pln^-r' " .Mrs. O. O. Stone siiffered. aj >a sneezing. At that time' 1^-, feel any partlculair pain aa'-fl ^i^ of the sneOzing biit today,aiM b at her home in a: critic^ ~ In sneezing sheV threwvback in such a.numnef is tq neck severely. Laafc td^'W essary for friendal to most of tb6 time, tensely. l ^tei^Mliu |1 , . ,, „..j i_ Ji- iTeraucbl's house. mmiBi icraumi- 1 divorce from Julia Haggard in dis- „pre»Bed a dealreto dlBeuaa at length i ^ ^ trict court the cenaral relatlou b«tw««i the two ^o**** ^ "f- P^^I^L J.'[!l?l*'i The iwrrlMa tbta vrfBi^ will he '6im- ; hjr DK S .^».;Btoeiiferr- :y.

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