The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 13, 2001 · Page 21
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 21

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 2001
Page 21
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THE SALINA JOURNAL SPORTS FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2001 CS Shelton/Fans need to open eyes FROM PAGE CI mounts on those who run the sport. Besides, if NASCAR were so wrong about the seat belt, how can it be so right about the HANS device? If there is such a doubt about NASCAR today, president Mike Helton and his officers need to realize they have invited it. The more you refuse to say anything, the more people think something is there. And so it has been. There have been times NASCAR seems more concerned with obfuscating the facts than uncovering them. But if NASCAR is going to keep our trust, it needs to answer questions as best it can. This isn't the CIA. In the end, it gets down to this. Do you trust those who run NASCAR to look for the right answers? Do you trust their ability to find them, their commitment to use them to add as much safety as possible to the sport? It's odd. I don't know of a single football fan who trusts the NFL, or a single boxing fan who trusts any of the organizations that run boxing, or a baseball fan who trusts Major League Baseball to do anything other than what lies in its self-interest. Many racing fans are different. They are so accustomed to having their sport attacked that their first reaction usually is a defensive one. I do believe this, however. Racing fans want their heroes to live as long as possible. Sometimes that means looking in the wreckage. That's hard enough to do. In darkness, it's impossible. Royals / Today's game in doubl FROM PAGE CI movable panels in the roof — jammed, causing another panel to ram into the stalled section. That ripped off some sheet metal and insulation which fell to the ground below in left field. "A control switch is supposed to shut off when the panels get too close, but for some reason the control switch did not shut off, and one panel collided with the other," Godfrey said. When the roof opens. Panels 2 and 3 slide on parallel rails while Panel 1 slides on a circular rail, tucking under the other two. "You've got 11,000 tons of roof up there moving, and even when you're closing it or opening it slowly, there's a lot of momentum, and if those control systems fail, you're going to have a little bit of a problem," said Norman Sea- "/ wouldn't want that to fall on me." Doug Henry Royals pitcher gram, the president of Sports- co, which owns SkyDome. "Some of the controls that are supposed to prevent this kind of accident didn't work for some reason." Toronto general manager Gord Ash was on the field when one of the large metal sheets crashed to the turf in left field after twisting in the wind for more than an hour. "That would hurt!" Ash said after it crashed loudly Ash then quickly walked off the field. Royals pitcher Doug Henry watched it fall from the dugout. "I wouldn't want that to fall on me," Henry said. "There's no way we should play. You've got stuff falling down. They ' have to have inspectors and check it all. The piece that just fell is at least 10 feet long. It had to weigh a couple of hundred pounds. You don't want it coming down on the field or on the fans. There's no way we should play" Godfrey said about 10 pieces of the roof remain loose, and that it would take at least 10 hours to secure them., "We're hopeful that the repairs can be done in the next 10 hours, and hopefully tomorrow's 4 o'clock game will be played," Godfrey said. Godfrey was instrumental in construction of SkyDome, which opened in 1989 at a cost of more than $500 million. Labeled one of the wonders of the world, with its roof, built- in hotel and giant Jumbotron screen, many now consider it a white elephant. The Associated Press Royals infielder Luis Alicea waits in tlie dugout before officials decided to postpone Thursday's game witli the Blue Jays at SkyDome. ^^Salina Journal I Connecting communities loith informatim Now On Line! http;// QUICK FIND INDEX —^ 2-85 .,. Real Estate & Rentals 285-376 Merchandise & Auctions 101-191 Aimoimcements 409-679 Services Jd'rj-279 . .Employment 761-775 Automotive & Recreation LEGALS LEGALS LEGALS LEGALS LEGALS LEGALS LEGALS (Published In The Sallna Journal ApriM 3, 2001) ORDINANCE NUMBER 01-10028 AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION OF A LOAN AGREEMENT BETWEEN SAUNA, KANSAS AND THE STATE OF KANSAS, ACTING BY AND THROUGH THE KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT FOR (the "Praject"); and Ing; Section 3. Further Authorl- B) Inslallatlon of remote ty. The Mayor, Clerk and oth- /a/AlanE.Jilka, Mayor monitoring and control er City officials and legal coun- equipment; sel are hereby further author- ATTEST: f) Rehabilitation and re- Ized and directed to execute model high service pump any and all documents and /s/Lieu Ann Nicola, station to serve as an ad- take such actions as they may City Clerk ministration building; and desm necessary or advisable g) Miscellaneous controls, In order to carry out and per- D „wich=rf imi,. o„ii„. valves, piping, silework, fomi the purposes of the Ordi- oltl Eh",!^?^^^^^^ and all related appurte- nance, and to make altera- IM THF ni^TmrT r^^^^ nances thereto. tions, changes or addlBons in '''SA ^EC O S NT'Y S AS' (1t) the foYegoing rante °™arai 'lis'i^atter'oTthe EstatVof' ING A LOAN FROM THE has taken' steps necessary other documents herein ap- D S S S^°^^ KANSAS PUBLIC WATER and has complied with the pro- proved, authorized, and con- un-nrF OP HEARING AND SUPPLY LOAN FUND FOB visions of the Loan Act and Hie finned which they may ap- un^nrernrnmnnoK THE PURPOSE OF FINANC- provisions of K,A.R. 28-15-50 prove, and the execution or r^KaMCWSR ING A PUBLIC WATER SUP- through 28-15-65 (the "Ragu- taking of such action shall be j., siatf of Kansas To All PLY PROJECT; ESTABLISH- lations") applicable thereto conclusive evidence of such p „Ln'nnn™Ld i" «" _ ING A DEDICATED SOURCE necessary to qualify for the necessity or advisability. Ymi arn hZbv notified that the oHicial city newspaper. OF REVENUE FOR REPAY- loan; and Section 4. Governing Uw. „„ uJh\T^m ^nnS At'°P'^'' ^""^ P^"^'' "^'^ MENT OF SUCH LOAN; AU- WHEREAS, KDHE has in- The Ordinance and the Loan ° „ £ in this Cr^lirl bv tohn day of April, 2001. THORIZING AND APPROV- lomied the Municipality that it Agreement shall be governed ^^f. "'fhl^i b olhe? of tL da ING CERTAIN DOCUMENTS has been approved for a loan exclusively by and constmed '^•.^ nravino that LeHere of '^EAL) IN CONNECTION THERE- in amount of not to exceed In accordance with the appli- Sn|«rator be oranted to WITH; AND AUTHORIZING $5,000,000 (the "Loan") In or- cable laws of the State of Kan- teh7 rSe as LmPr^Sr oi /s/Alan E. Jilka, Mayor CERTAIN OTHER ACTIONS der to finance the Prelect; and sas. the es^^fe of S ^e 0^^^^^ IN CONNECTION WITH THE WHEREAS, the Goveming Section 5. Effective Date. Townsenri deriaased LOAN AGREEMENT. Body of the Municipality here- This Ordinance shall take el- "re reouired to file vour WHEREAS, the Safe Drink- by finds and delennines that it feet and be in full force from J°" riLnsTs the eto on o 's/ Lieu Ann Nicola, ing Water Act Amendments of is necessary and desirable to and after Its passage by the r'„" ,hj pirrf Xi7 nf inrii City Clerk 1996 [PL 104-182) to the Safe accept the Loan and to enter a Goveming Body of the City S™/® .,1030 °, S Drinking Water Act (the "Fed- loan agreement and certain and publication in the official dav in this Court iriheCiw of eral Act") established the other documents relating City newspaper. day, in this>oun, in tne oity 01 Drinking Water Loan Fund to thereto, and to take certain ac- assisl public water supply sys- tions required In order to im- tems in financing the costs of piement the Loan Agreement, infraslnicture needed to ach- SO NOW THEREFORE, ieve or maintain compliance BE IT ORDAINED by the with the Federal Act and to Goveming Body of the City of protect the public health and Salina, Kansas: (SEAL) authorized the Environmental Section 1. Authorization of ATTEST: Protection Agency (the "EPA") Loan Agreement. The Mute administer a revolving loan nicipality Is hereby authorized /s/Lieu Ann Nicola, program operated by the indi- to accept the Loan and to en- CityCleri( vidual stales; and ter into a certain Loan Agree- Sectlon 1. That Section 5 of scription: Section 3. This resolution Resolution Number 00-5593 Lots 11 through 19, Block 4, shall take effect after its pas- shall be amended to read as and Lots 2 through 10, Block sage and publication once in follows: 5, and Lots 12 through 15, the official city newspaper. "Section 5. The method of Block 7, all in Eastview Es- Adopted and passed this 9th assessment shall be that tales Addition to the City of day of April, 2001, the cost of each improve- Salina, Kansas, meni described in Section WHEREAS, It has been de- (SEAL) 2 above shall be assessed temilned that it is necessary to equally to the lots idenll- clarify the method of assess- /s/Alan E. Jilka, Mayor fled in Section 2 as being ment described In Section 4 of sereed by such improve- the resolution, ATTEST: ment." NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT Section 2. That the original RESOLVED BY THE GOV- /s/Lieu Ann Nicola, Section 5 ol Resolution Num- ERNING BODY OF THE CITY CilyCleri< her 00-5593 Is hereby re- OF SALINA, KANSAS, AS pealed. FOLLOWS: Section 3. This resolution Section 1. That Section 4 of shall take effect after its pas- Resolution Number 00-5652 sage and publication once In shall be amended to read as follows: 5 HOUSES- LOTS FOR SALE 4 BEDROOM house in Downs, KS, Close to Waconda Lake and Hunting ground. Great place to retire. $30,000 will finance part. (785)454-6367. ALL NEW 1904 -Victorian 5 bed, 3 1/2 bath, new basement, 80 acres, oldhous- #145 785-464-3561 5 HOUSES- LOTS FOR SALE HOUSE UNDER CONSTRUCTION For sale by Vem Weis Construction. Open floor plan.' . Vern Weis Construction (785)827-9169 • " (1t) (1t) Introduced: April 2,2001 Passed: April 9, 2001 /s/Alan E. Jilka, Mayor (First Published in The Salina Journal March 30,2001) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS Probate Division (II) (Published in The Sallna Joumal April 13,2001) RESOLUTION NUMBER 01-5701 A RESOLUTION AMEND- they shall be forever barred. John Cole Petitioner WHEREAS, to fund the ment, with an effective date of stale revolving fund program, March 14, 2001, with the State the EPA will make annual cap- of Kansas acting by and Italization grants to the slates, through the Kansas Depart- on the condition that each ment of Health and Environ- stale provide a state match for ment (the "Loan Agreement") " ncsjutunun «muni/- miMFq x WELLER P A such state's revolving fund; to finance the Proiect Costs ING SECTION 4 OF RESO- ^p°o^|°*i^|'-'-^"' and (as defined in the Lian Agree- LUTION NUMBER 00 -5583 Ei ?c7t ^Vs 67642 WHEREAS, by passage of ment). The Mayor and Clerk FINDING AS TO .THE ADVIS- ^suif^w Ifte Kansas Public Water Sup- are hereby authorized to exe- ABILn7 AND AUTHORIZING (0 Pefitioner (3tsp) ply Loan Act, K.S.A. 65-163d cute the Loan Agreement in CONSTRUCTION PUR- ' et seq., as amended (the substantially the fomi present- SUANT TO K.S.A. 12-6a01 et "Loan Acf), the State of Kan- ed to the Goveming Body this seq. OF CERTAIN IMPfOVE- sas (the "Slate") has establish- date, with such changes or MENTS IN THE CITY OF ed the Kansas Public Water modifications thereto as may SAUNA, KANSAS AND RE- Suppiy Loan Fund (the "Re- be approved by the Mayor and PEALING THE EXISTING volving Fund") for purposes of the Municipali^'s legal coun- SECTION 4. ^ nts,ui.u..«i, „i„.....-the Federal Act; and sel, the Mayor's execution of WHEREAS, a petition was SECTION 5 OF RESO- WHEREAS, under the Loan the Loan Agreement being filed with the City Cleri< on the LUTI ON NUMBER 00 -5593 Salina in Saline County, Kansas, at which time and place the cause will be heard. Should you fail, judgment and decree will be entered in due in the l/atter'of'the Estate of course upon the Petition. Mary E. Sink, Deceased All creditors are notified to NOTICE OF HEARING ON exhibit their demands against PETITION FOR FINAL the Estate within four months SETTLEMENT from the date of the first publi- Case No. 00 CVP122 cation of this notice, as provid- THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ATTEST- ed by law, and if their de- ALL PERSONS CON- mands are not thus exhibited, CERNED: /s/Lieu Ann Nicola, (First Published In The Salina Joumal March 30,2001) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS Probate Division 'Section 4.The method of In the Matter of the Estate ol assessment shall be that Rila Irene Palmer, Deceased the cost of each Improve- NOTICE OF HEARING AND ment described in Section NOTICE TO CREDITORS 1 above shall be assessed Case No. 01 CVP 40 equally to the lots identi- THE STATE OF KANSAS TO /led in Section 1 as being ALL PERSONS CON- served by such improve- CERNED: ment." You are hereby notified that Section 2. That the original on March 27, 2001, a petition Section 4 of Resolution Num- was tiled in this Court by Janet ber 00-5652 Is hereby re- I. Keller, an heir and executor pealed. named in the Last Will and Section 3. This resolution Testament of Rita Irene Palm- shall take effect after Its pas- er, deceased, dated Decem- sage and publication once In ber 28, 1998, praying that the the official city newspaper Will filed with the Petition be Adopted and passed this 9th admitted to probate and re- day of April, 2001. (SEAL) /s/Alan E. Jilka, Mayor You are hereby notllied that cityCleri( on March 26, 2001, a petition was filed in this Court by Elizabeth A. Scott, Administrator, praying for a final settlement of the estate, approval of her acts, proceedings and ac- (II) cord, that she be appointed as executor, without bond, and that she be granted Letters Testamentary. You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 23rd day of April, 2001, at 9:00 a.m., ol said day, in this Court, in the City of Salina, in Saline County, Kansas, at which time and place the cause will be heard. Should you fall, judgment and decree will be entered In due course upon the petition. All creditors are notllied to FIXER UPPERS! 225 W. Wason - Cute 2 bedroom bungalow with basement and double detached garage - great location for a price in the $508. 948 S. 3rd - 2 bedroom ranch with lots of potential - basement, central air and hardwood floors. $408. Nestled on a picturesque lot. Oversized garage wilh shop/olfice for tlie handyman. Over 1,700sq. ft. tiomeWtiata beauty! Call today. (^Prudential nrokcnt Itcalty 823-1151 ' " (Published In The Salina Journal April 13,2001) RESOLUTION NUMBER 01-5702 A RESOLUTION AMEND- (Publlshed In The Sallna Journal April 13,2001) RESOLUTION NUMBER 01-5704 RESOLUTION AMENDING counts as Administrator, allow- SECTION 4 OF RESOLU- exhibit their demands against ance for attorneys' fees and jlON NUMBER 00-5655 the estate within four months expenses, detennination of the FINDING AS TO THE ADVIS- from the date of first publica- heirs, devisees, and legatees ABILITY AND AUTHORIZING tion of this notice, as provided entitled to the estate and as- CONSTRUCTION PUR- by law,, and il their demands signment to them in accord- sUANT TO K.S.A. 12-6a01 el are not thus exhibited, they ance with the laws of intestate seq. OF CERTAIN IMPROVE- shall be forever barred, succession. You are hereby MENTS IN THE CITY OF required to file your written de- SALINA, KANSAS AND RE- /s/Janet I. Keller tenses thereto on or before the pEALING THE EXISTING 23rd day of April, 2001, at 9:00 SECTION 4. Submitted By; o'clock a.m., of said day, in WHEREAS, a petition was /s/S. Andrew Heidrick SS 'Sa "S: TJ^r E-~S.! mj£~ i ^i'S.t? WHEREAS, the Kansas De- Act, the Municipality hereby "C^l.and SAUNA, KANSAS AND RE- cou ^ uPo^h^ PetS velopment Finance Authonty establishes a dedicated „„yi ^EREASj^_ m Ji /lar^h_^ 27, pg^LmG THE EXISTING "course upon ine pemion. B25-2177 Free...Weekly List of i-iomes For Sale "By Owner" vvitli prices, addresses and descriptions. 822-0777 Help-U-Sell of Salina GOT HORSES? Looking for Country? This beautiful, spacious rancher situated on 17 acres is located just minutes from Sallna. Other features include a 7 stall horse bam. Priced in the mid $2ao 's. Call Richard at RE/liflAX Advantage, 825-5200, for your private showing. . 5 HOUSES- LOTS FOR SALE NEW TO THE MARKET Heated/Insulated Garage 2 Bedrooms., 2 Baths, Freshly Pamted, Hot Tub, Just $95,000. . Close to Schools 4 Bedrooms., 3 Baths, Huge Walk In Closets, Fireplace in Rec. Rm:, Low $100s. South Salina Rancher 4 Bedrooms., 4 Baths, Inviting Living Area, Over 2,000 Sq. Ft., Upper $200s. COLDUIGLL BANKER • ANTRIIVI-PIPER WENGER, REALTORS'"' WW w .clDseil A T I II *|)«(I« II 1» Owiwl inj Opemlid dtmbet ol ColdMll Binktt neil ElWi Cojponltoa Elmore Center 631 E. Crawford 827-3641 1 -BOO-276-3641 5 HOUSES- LOTS FOR SALE (3lsp) /s/Elizabeth A. Scott (the "Authority") and KDHE source of revenue for repay- 2000, the Goveming Body of have entered into a Pledge ment ol the Loan. In accord- tha City adopted Resolution '"JJuBo-ie , „„,i,i„„ „,„ Agreement (the "Pledge ance therewith, the Municipal!- Number 00-5583 finding as to with ri, ffi nn Agreement") pursuant to which ty shall impose and collect the advisability of and author- !|',,h nf /of Anri^ 5nnn Mn?»^^ S. Andrew Heidrick KDHE agrees to enter into such rales, fees and charges izlng such improvements In °'J ^P"^' 2000 under 30*13700 Loan Agreements with Munld- tor the use and senrices fur- the improvement district de- f. !„! 1.,, 1 . Thompson i Heidrick palities lor public water supply nished by or through the Sys- scribed on Exhibit A attached f'„t ^3Jo„, H S ° 146 N. 9th St. projects (the "Projects") and to tern, including all improve- hereto,and a", improvement distnct RESOLUTION NUMBER 01-5701 EXHIBIT A 5 HOUSES- LOTS FOR SALE pledge the Loan Repayments ments and additions thereto (as delined in the Pledge hereafter constnjcted or ac- Agreement) received pursuant quired by the Municipality as to such Loan Agreements to will provide System Revenues the Authority; and (as defined in the Loan Agree- WHEREAS, the Authority is ment) sufficient to (a) pay the authorized under K.S.A. 74- cost of the operation and provement district against a 8905(a) and the Loan Act to maintenance ol the System, porlion of the costs of said Im- Issue revenue bonds (ttie (b) pay the principal of and In- provement • shall be assessed •Bonds") for the puqiOse of teres! on the Loan as and are hereby established and Legal Description of tmprovement District The boundaries of the im- . (Published in The Sallna Joumal April 13,2001) RESOLUTION NUMBER 01-5703 •Bonds") for the puqjose 0, terest on the Loan as and a- ,i.,»uy _ ^^,^3, g,,,,,, ^ A gR|SOLUTl°N /MEND- P^^";; "I ^^^^'^/''^^^Jm Pr*"L ,J""ll.,.ii.'?'°::;H^" .I'^l/r., "ITI S,lo^ ^-^^'P .El...- HI^ON" MBER"' 0S .5652 TTe^eby^'IstaNlsherand "City"), and WHEREAS, on April 24, 2000, the Goveming Body of the City adopted Resolution Number 00-5593 finding as to the advisability of and authorizing such improvements in the Impravemsnt district de- ,™ ...„., „ .. „„„„„,,.„ 67402-0528 OF decree will be entered in due make certain Improvements in (785)825-5809 the City of Salina, Kansas (the Attorneys lor Petitioner "City"), and ^' WHEREAS, on October 16, 2000, the Goveming Body of the City adopted Resolution Number 00-5655 finding as to the advisability of and author- $ Q QQWN izlng such Improvements in •» the improvement district de- HOMES scribed on Exhibit A attached Government & bank foreclo- herelo,and sures! HUD, VA, FHA. Low RESOLUTION NUMBER or no downl No credit need- nV^fl ^A edi For listings, 1-800-338- EXHIBITA QQpn Ext 4603 Legal Description of ""'^"' improvement District The boundaries of the improvement district against a . , , 0 P.O. Box 528 make certain improvements in Sailna, Kansas 67402-0528 the City of Salina, Kansas (the (785)825-5809 Attorneys for Petitioner (3tsp) 2318 HILLSIDE DR, 3 bedroom, 3 bath, basement. (785)823-6814. ! > Wheaton WORLD WIDE I.10V1NG _ MM Moving & Storage a division of Meier Enterprises, Inc. . 785-825-2533 1-800-735-6683 the State's requirements under (c) pay all other amounts due scription: the Federal Act and to loan the at any time under the Loan Lois 1 through 11, Block 1, same, together with available Agreement, and (d) pay the Replat East Bank Estates Ad- funds from the EPA capltailza- principal of and Interest on Ad- dition to the City of Salma tion grants, to Municipalities ditionai Revenue Obligations WHEREAS, It has been de- wilhin the State for the pay- (as delined in the Loan Agree- temtlned that II Is necessary to 7 MANUFACTURED/I? MANUFACTURED/|7 MANUFACTURED/ RESOLUTION NUMBER piNDING AS TO THE ADVIS- jix'ed as the following legal de- iuSS'. ABILITY AND AUTHORIZING scription: EXHIBrrA CONSTRUCTION PUR- Lots 2 and 3, Block 2, Lots 1 Legal Description ol sUANT TO K.S .A. 12-6a01 et and 2, Block 3, Lots 1 through Improvement Distnct jeq. OF CERTAIN IMPROVE- 3, Block 4, all In the Airport In- The boundaries of the im- M ENTS IN THE CITY OF qustrial Center Subdivision to MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE =irtsfs}s. i-."r;i,-ir. sirrirr- s.i ri,?zxz Act); and WHEREAS, portion of the costs of said im- pEAUNQ THE Sailna, Kansas er, the pledge of the System *««^'"'':°!J '„„o„ „ „ Movement shall be assessed S N 4 Revenues contained herein _J10W.„THEREF0RE,_^ BE ___IT 1^^^^;,^ established and WHEREAS, a EXISTING Lot 1, Block 1, a Replat of Lot 3, Block 5, the Aiqjort Industri- petllion was al Center Subdivision to the water system (the "System"); ma'jnte'nanceof "The'" System", FOLLOWS; and and (11) shall be junior and sub- Section 1. That Section 4 ol WHEREAS, the System Is a ordinate Public Water Supply System, pledge as said temi is delined in the any Additional Revenue Obii Loan Act; and gaBons. In the event that the WHEREAS, the Municipality System Revenues are Insuffi- has, pursuant to the Loan Act, dent to meet the obligations submitted an Application to under the Loan and the Loan KDHE to obtain a loan from Agreement. the Municipality the Revolving Fund to finance shall levy ad valorem taxes the costs ol improvements to without limitation as to rate or its System consisting ol the amount upon all the taxable 'ollowlng: tangible property, real or per- menf -—• •- „;-?-„-;, OI.MU=U „„ a) Construction ol two new sonal, within the temlorial llm- Section 2. That the original "°" '° ™ °l °alina, Kan- tiereto,and secondaryciarifiers; its of the Municipality to pro- Section 4 of Resolution Num- , , , , "Kri -• nn -ccM ><, horohu ra. WHEREAS, It has been de- &'»;^ri'2eSt ^r^"^^ s ^goDfop^^E^ z^z^i:^^. , j-sf^ ^ s^„"jj ^,Sa,= rairrS 'r"? te Be= ^.^^V.^ ^J^kLTTt ^ ^ S d^^s^rib^ r slnT ^f 0 system RlTenues to shall be amended to read as S J ciL, ^„ °". P«/„. "^^"^ improvements the resolution, Hl „lr '"n»„l „T 'nht° follows: P^ I°'R S' I ' nS^'nl q«lin°. '^^ °' ^"'"'' THEREFORE, BE IT "Section 4. The method of ^l^'P'?^'' I' "^P'^'J' ^^^^^^^^^ , RESOLVED BY THE GOV- assessment shall be that <h» rl nl Jin^' W^^^EAS, on October 2 E RNING BODY OF THE CITY the cost of each improve- r ''',h ?l ,„h n' 2°°°' Governing Body of OF SAUNA, KANSAS, AS ment described in Section ^?"f='. '-SiL /„,*a, a , FOLLOWS: 1 above shall be assessed .?• Replat of Blocks 4, ^um\>ii 00-5652 finding as to section 1. That Section 4 of equally to the lots Identi- JS H J .^^iUrV, advisabilily of and author- BesoMton Number 00-5655 tied in Section 1 as being C""™" '°,T.^7 °' ^t""5' 'zing such improvements in shall be amended to read as served by such improv^ Sf ^^=i ,5"^ l^^),2' improvement district de- follows: mnof scribed on Exhibit A attached "Section 4. The method of b) Improvement 'and reha- duce the amounts necessary ber 00-5583 Is hereby re- ^n^ingj ^3,' n ig necessary to RESOLUTION NUMBER 01-5703 EXHIBH-A uuiisyaniii, uuuuauu,,, u.,... ... Legal Description of c) Rehabilitation of the ex- and Loan Agreemenl In ac- shall take eHect after Its pas- 1"°'" '»'^""" - "i Improvement District Isling filter and chemical cordance with the Loan Act, sage and publication once In „nSJ'""S?|_DEcnDe DC ,X ^he boundaries 0/ the im- building Including Installa- the obligations under the Loan the official dty newspaper. ppSiVuiin 2v ™'c T-n, Pavement district against a tion of new filter controls; •>•" inrDoma„i chuii Adooted and oassed this 9th „E "l^ portion of the costs of said im- d) Rehabilitatton and , grade of the exislinfl labo- tatton on the bonded Indebted- cnimu/e ratory/maintenance buiU- ness of the Munidpaltty. (SEAL) TOLLOW!.. as the foltowing legal de- pgaled. biiitalion of the recartjona- lor the prompt payment of the paaled. clarify the method of assess- tlon system; obligations under the Loan Section ™s '^f™" ment described in Section 5 of • -ex- and Loan Agreemenl In ac- shall take aHad after rts pas- resolution, leal cordance with the Loan Act, fl» ,P"f"^^^ NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT JIa- the obligations under the Loan *«*W»wr. RiSOLVED BY THE GOV- pomon 01 the costs or saio ,m- section 2. That the onginai ,„ h*'°i ™^fSlt wWnTnv W dayofA?ril2mi 2LJ .f P 'O'^™"' ^ ^"^"^ Section 4 of Resoiulion Num- up- not be ind"ded wWiln any IW- oayotApni.^uoi. OP SAUNA, KANSAS, AS are hereby established and ber 00-5655 is hereby re­ assessment shall be that the cost of each Improvement described in Section 1 above shall be assessed on a souare foot basis to the lote identified in Section 1 as being served by such Improvement." Section 2. That the original SKYLINE FACTORY DISCOUNT! ON SALE! SUPER ENERGY SAVER! • Reduce Utility Costs • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths • 1,150 Sq. Ft. Hortie • Triple Insulated Ceilings • Thermopane Windows • Limited Offer! • Insulated Heated Floors • 2x6" Sidewall Studs Skyline home assembled on your site HOMES SOUTH HUTCHINSON GREAT BEND A Family Traditionfor Jt Generations 888-293-3756 800-215-1877 CVSTOIH BmXT HODlJIiAK HOMES • Cape Cod or Ranch • Taylor (iloduiar Hon:\es • • Fuqua modular homes • Skyline Manufactured Homes • Basements & Garages • Local Bank Financing • General Contractor • W/e Do All Construction .

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