Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1908
Page 1
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The Re^lmier Hmm tl^Lmrgmmt plroulmtlou In Attea County of Any MewmpapBr Publlmhed In thn Gotmiyi VoilME X. M .MllKK 300. SIX PAGES. lOL.V, KANSAS. mTOREK 10, 190.s._SATrKDAV EVEMM.'. SIX PAGES. PHICB TWO CENTS. iOFF TO DEER CREEK CURTIS TOLD THEM THERE AT DAYLIGHT CLIMAX TOMORROW \iiVK W\\.\. SKM» A\ IMSrVLI-Y LLUMINATIONS ARE HE^E ilALF CAIJ I.OAI* OK IM».»IA> ( AJN r. S. SK.NATOIJ SIHMVEII WHY RE- iTHi .K A\ rAinv siMKMrnn. FOR LOCAL CANDIDATES tWe Arc All Oiniiiiiii;" 1> Hi'- < O <hj«r Uu> iuiuilj ; «iiloml Cliil" lit KiissHI T<!nl«lit. \ rnr III lli<" <-!niH'iilmi will uo; to i>'-«'i' 'rctk HClltlol llOUhl- lOllUllt iWll.MV II •oiiKliiK riilly Is 1.) I"' Ifl'l. :' li' I toll •obulil> 111'' l>i>;K''>^l '"''j to uiiy Ki -lioiil lioiis"' iu<'>'iliiK III'"* Ion (u all III tlip uVHiliiltli 'j niiloii n 'lli'«. II iiiiiiiIxT of ^llrl•lal;l•^ will l)r i(«pim<il III luKi' 11"' ciiuvilj All of lu< |riui (llil)il<-s iit'o iiinl .liiK iiliiiiK |4>- layitTi uiicnil. CniilJiin II. A. ICwIni;. |(Mii <il<Intc' for coiiiiiy iiiionify. ,1. ),. 'pJa'rin 'H iiinl A. K. Klori -iii'i" i-jirli hnuKo a slum adiln'ss Tl I lack and rTaii Qiiarti-tu- has sumo n< w .•ioiiBS iftlil<|li llir> will I'MuliT loiiifjlit. K\cry I'laK niiil jiii'i'i' of bttiitin;: in i )wii.will IK- flyiiij; to tin.' Iiroi>/.o Tiios- n> jwhiMi tlio liii; Wilson rally is on. 11 of the raorchants avo iiIaiininR to , L'coratc for the orcasion. X party of lola Rcpiiiilicaiis i:oin- ji)Osqd of T. r. Aiisliornian. Frank Travis. C. E. Adams. R. I>. Tlioiupson. jT. Bl Smirli and I.. I,. Xortlinip wo'nt to Humboldt la .st rJiul-.t to bear thoad- jlrps^ of Senator. Ciiriis. Fiissman's jiall was packed. t,bi' crowd nnmber- ing abont 4iiO. II was au enilinsijs- tic ineotlnp. Till; sPKAKHi: I IM:KI» YlnEKS TO STAMI HY TifE.M. : llli; Iriiwil Ueiiril : Aiitlri'^s—l.a llarpe Kali KII-IN - I'rizrs Mere Aniinleil. Tljey are bei-»— tbosei Honiaii ean- llesl for Tbe iiarade next Tuesday ev- 'ninf;. .\ half car load arrived last lielii and are now beini; distributed imons the division!; that nialce np tli-' laraide. .'>iiu lorciii's arrived severa' ays! ago and another .".Oil is expect- d, from- Topeka between now and . londay evening. Volnntei-rs to cany torches and shoot Roman candles are • otainp in fast, .says C.'iis Ritte'-, (hie? marshal of the piiradi'. Thi> CoJ. (l >red Ropnblican eliib has asked that (III orclies be set aside as thtV fX- llcrt to havi' at b ^ist that ininiln 'r truin their raec in the parade. Tlie 1 aim rs..transparencies and other par phenialSa for the parade are also iie- iiiK ar:ap ^i(l for. .-Ml of tl 'e wet-Uly aiier."! in 111 • e .)ii!itv stale this wei -k i'!it bit; deli'i;a; ions are coininij to the ..•lUyi Frem pr.MMit indications the iiK'i'Uiip jwill 111' y Kreat .success.' Til'- ('(lini-id Ki 'iiiildlcail elilb whirh \^as hr!;nni /i 'd in Itassett lilcht b.-fore l |ist win bold a nieelin:: In Itassett all ;loni (;lil l>i-. Mass wll dtdiver an ddress. He will sp "ak on ilie Rrowins- ille affair and local political condi- loiKS. Minulay iiiv;lit tlnM -i' will liv a 1{<> inblican incelinK at l.allarp'v t'ap- ainill. A. KwiiiK- .V. F. Flore and . 1,.; Rariies are the siiealters. A. lavui mtnlter of Ropublirans will co over irom, lola. The d-tails of ilif naraH.' fur Tiic.-- ay ijiiiht are rapidlv bl-iiic werki-d lit liiid everytl-.iit^ •will be in leadi- e.-s for action before that iia>. Tbe mar.-hals have all been .-dic-n-d nd are arraniiii:;; tlieir i^-'speclivf- ivisions. i Fifty iniii'- Reiiiblicaiis a:i- wanu'd tjo, act as line officers. Alljwlioean 5 ^erv«( in that ••.ipaciiv are aivitid to lea;' Reiniblica") b< 'd'ri:<t U'is toniuh: at f.ii;.ni S o'c'.pck to :< lo be assigned to l|ositions. , The demand for toiches is so.;:reit Ifiat unfit her division wil! have to be ranged for. ftOYCE SPEAKS UP lUn -l"') '^"DI' ('oiumis.Kioner Ti'lls Dif- /ertiife in Ideas of Tw« Parties for Bank Gtiarautv. Topeka. Oct. 10.—John Q. Royce. state bank coiuniissioner. issued a iftateuient yesterday in defence of a tate guaranty depositors law as de- :-Iarfd. for in the Kcpnblican state plai "orn». Mr. Royce contends that there aigteat differcnci- between the I)etn (icraitic national idee mid the Repnb- tcan plan for the Buaraniy of de- Kjsits. He *ays: , The difference in the two plans is that the beniocratic compulsory plan ! orc^ the good, the bad lind the liidlf- erent baiiks into the guarairtee class, ihlle the Reimbilcan, or voluntary. •Ian' allows banks tu participate in he guarantee fund oiily when satls- ftcRJry evidence is fuiiilislied the bank iiig depattnu^nt-that the batik Is In u lulvunt cunaltlon. uiid'ilmt Its buvi- I ess l8 and Will be cu)tdiicted In striet < oufOrnilty jo law. The Ueniocratle Hate platform condemns the last Re- I ubltcan legiiilalure tor Its failure to »nac sncli a law. but lite facts are lliat a larper i»er cent of Oeniucratic I aeniWrs uf the legislature o|>pt >8ed he ]suaraat«e dei>o«it law thitu op- losefl it from the Republicau 'side, and he |illl whlcii finally passed tbe house rasikl'led In the senate with Senator ^ Vassener. / tiMi Democratic - aenator, Ijeadlns the espoBitlML" Yi'slfrday was a day of triumph tor the RepnblleaiiH at ihe linMurpt ii)l:'. The MeniorratH bad their Inning Tlinisilav, Friday beltiK giveii over to the IJepiibllcatm. tieinilor ('has. CiiiilK Willi the orator of the day anil he held the eloNe.Ml attention 'of a bic crowd wl lie lie told why the Re piiblleaiiH should be rettirnetl lo puw er tiila fall. After HlieaUlng upon the Issues of the eninpnlRn in which he showed that the jiosltlon of Taft on those (juestlons would beneJlt the country, he made some local refer- eiicis. He, aiipealed to the voter.s. If ilr-\ wanted Republican prosperity continiu'il tind wanted the polleius of .Mr. Taft enacteil into laws,'to vote for Congressman Chas. F. Scott of this disirict. He also appealed to 'hem. if they wanted .Mr. Bri.stow sent to tl 'i' United States Senate to help imf into laws the principles that the Republican party stands for. to stand by \V. T. \Vatson. caniltdato for rep- re.s»>niafive and Frank L. Travi.s,,can lidate for state senator. The ap tilaiise wliic.'i followed tiie mention of the nann^s of tie local candidates indicated that the voters will see to it t.'iat tlu>y -Jet bin niajbrities here. The farmers exhibit which closed last eveninii was a marked -success. Thoscj w;ho were behind the move- nn'iit j were hiRbly .uratHied at the iniiii:(. rin w)ii< !i evt-rythiiig pa.ssed oil'. Til- awaiils M the exhibits and tlie ini-tit;> follow: I '.i 'si ..,«i -c )i staUis. stalliaii. tlrsL h". f. ,(;anini"r: s<-<-oiiiI. Clari-iiee .Vor- toti. Hesi ilralt slalUoii, tirs! and Si -c- ond. .S. l". tlardiier. Rest road stallion, lirst. Thomas W'-lch: .-.I'cond. S. v'. Cardiu-r. Rest ilrafl niaie. tiist .las. Howell; second. Robrrt Walker. Ilesi ilriviii;; colt, one >ear and under, flivl f5. R. Robinson: seeond. S. t^ <ialdiier. Rest diiviiii; sidi. two V'-ars and miller threi'. Ilr.->i. S. f. llardiie-; se;-- olid. S. Remsberg . Rest driving colt, emltr on'- year, lirst and set-ned. ^•. ('. '.lardiH -r. RcRt. drivln.ff coll. two yi-ari* and iin- iindiT thier. ih.^i M. M. Adijinis. Rest nnile i-o'i. one year Uild. first and .••••i -oiid M. .\diinis. Rest driving horse, with buly driver. Ilr-^i. .Mrs. S. 'C. Ciardiier; xecoiid, Mrs. Ida Crowell. Ili'st single dfiwr. first. Tllomas W.lib: M^rnd. Willis Walker. Itrst driving f^mn. lirst. WHIN Wiilkir: second. .lal.c Swislu-r. Rest span iiMile li-anis under bar- 'less, lirsl. Williatn Ciileti'.vati r; sec nil! S, Ri-msbetg, Ili-st Imroc b <i -.:s. tirsi. .loba Tob-; >i-eori!, .1. B. Fpi'i-rs'iii. R' •'t Poland China ho^s. 1-:. -M. "Iiatfcrtoti Rest Chester Uliit<- Ho;:.-. Ren ilnr- fnrd. • - Tbe .iii .l-.<-s of ihe live stock wen- Idhii nm rson of Bronson.: Charles •••ranklin of .Moran and .lames Davis -)f l.aHarpe. Tb'- judges o;' 'he live stock were lobii riiii-r-son of R-nnson. Charle.-j Franklin of .Moran and .lames Davis of l.aHarpe. The awards in the races and rope climbinir contests follows: One liiiiiilri'd yard da.<5h lor boys nn- iler 15. fust. Earl GuUcit: second. Ci.'-iule ESoweii. One bnndred yard dash, over 1.". vears first .lohn Laniy; second, Walter Jleans. ,1'otato race, boys over 1.". years, ''.rst. Cl-dinle Rowen: second. Cap »J:'ir: third. Will t;illinw,ater. Potato race, boy.s under l.'i y<.-ars. fir.-;t. l.'eorge Kollenborn: .second. Riis.sell RoytM-: third. Roy Hair. Sack lace.l free for all. firist. Russel llurcb: second. wiU C.illenwater. Half telle dash, first John I^aury: second. Charles Raker: tnird. Uoy Oliver. .Obstacle race, first. Arthur Hair; second. .John ZarriUa. RoiK' climbing contest: first. Rnssel ^Rlbnwater: second. William CUlIeti- w-)i*er: third. Clarence Vandeveer. The awards In the baby content are as follows: For iirettiest babv, fli-st pri/e. Hu- -/ei Hampton; second. Clarcuce Wells. . Heaviest baby, lirst. Harry Neabit, welcM pounds; second. Willie Alexander, weight IM pounds and ox- ounce. .Ml of the babloK entered in the eonteet were born during the year IJKiS. The uiercIiHuts and business men'of l^aHarpu feel highly gratified with the success thel|" efforts this year have uiet with and are already laying plans for the:flftji annaal. Mrs. E. J.'XJIIliatt. who took seriously ill Wednesday is considerably bet- riMllHllS O.N THE Kr.\ TO SEE ¥\\IST OF nOKI.ll .SEKIE.S. EMBL£MS ARE FLYING EVEpV: IMOJfiX.' TKAI.\ P.UkEU TO lAPAt ITY. liotir .l>' ttida Teuiiis in Excellent Condltlun - [Rig llnltle is on Ihi'. After. iiiMin. 1 itrolt. ().t, Ini liiK trains broiiKbt crowds of base ball iii thn.s'jaMs bent on wlinrssllig the llisi Of llle; Olympic btnir .gles betwyeii tin Deti^iit and Chicago teams for the chailiidonKhlp of the world. There was a! brave and eoiillileni iiiliiorliy whlrli finniiletl "Cub" l)anner amidst a inull |1iide of "TiKer" emblems displayed hs a no less cotilident iimjoriiy. Ill oW' day light the enthusiasts In- Kiin orining In llni- before ticket win dow at Reiiiiett park w-aiiliiK for 111 sale of general adniUsion llcke/s to o|>t>i iipal nine o'ebi.-k. .Men who bad had no breakfast at home mun'eiii'd sandwiches and stlR had enough e-ft in their pocket*Or in jiackages which theyi' ' • • Roth lion. Tl( here REST .MEETIM; OF SYNOOjAT Sl>- OAV EYE.M.M; SEKYU E. HILL OF CHICAGO SPEAKS IS ONE THE i.EAOINi; EOK A- TOKS OF THE J OINTIKV. carried tVtr luncheon at noun, teams were in excellent coiidi- A BIG THING FOR K. U. Kansas City Millionaire to Build PJf-esbyterian House Announced Today. Presbytei-ian Synod meeting ..v.. jhaj a lively disciis .sioii ihl., morn inn 4vi 'r the chanK«' of tbe boundaries of tbje .Presbyteries, following which ifffer of W. W. Cockin:-., a iniil- Ji -e of Kansas City, to DUild a *'i ;.ierlaii at the Fniver.;ity iuiiMiiiiced and. acceiilee with entliusiasm. 'E. F. Cal-twell pn^ 1 the nee «I of secnrii'!: :.ii en)i -nt of $:!ii.(iiiii. for this •..orK and ill. J. W. I'ocUran oi Pbiiadei- addressed j the Synod on "The of tin- Chiircli to State t'nivers " Ry a rising vole the inireling tb iona Presi wasi miic sent lowr Rev. diia Dniy siiie:f hil: for for ineni; i-(|ii ^Js ;eil tlie Roard of Kdiiea'.ion at 1 lelpl ia to (release Dr. C«)chran ifveral weeks to canvass the state Westminster House endow- ter today able to land it ils tbongbt 8|ie will be ny kgain.Ia a few tloyc. SEES THE FINISH .Mo iuh:f i -etioj Kri -n Urge^ That People Support Cowherd tor Governor.—Speaking ih Many Places. nroe. .Mo.. Het. Ii^. I know lee what .Missouri will do im tit I day."' >.aid W. .1. Rryuii. to a crowd whom hf addn-ss 'ij brji-f- ly tjiis mornin>:.. "I know what she has ilone and if I can (rust reports that; we lave received I know that your majority for I In- <lfetoral ti<k- i -t is, i;oiii<j lo Iii -Jlai -fnT this yi'ur than it has iii-i>u ill preuius eainpai.i;ns whiiil I have been a (-andidale." Hi<-los«!|l by nrgin:;' that the |)eo)ile ,^ivt.' their aetivi- siip|iort to Wm. S. Cowherd. IVMnoeraiic caiididatf for KOV- ernov of Mis.soiiri. Favored a Combine? Pa is. .Mo.. Oct. JO.—Keeping; np attacks on 'he administration for its failiiU- as he .said to prosecute triisis. Rryan. speaking here <arly today Ivbarsed that the department cn jusliC' the 'Ji the paiij TO 1^ ru.sli! hav« tion said Report of Hoard of Hoiiit- .Vt«'>liMi' Yi'^terdu)—Fiut* .Miilinv: I'rani- ivd Toniulit. 1 Tbi nieeiint; of tbe synod tliU Ion- noun was devoieil_i,«i>;il.-. Ki biii.lne.,.1 It Ih exjiecteil that most of Ihe biiM- n .'SH will be dbpo.sed of thi.-; tifieriioon .mil the meat |iopul«r meeting thla ev enl'iK. to be addi'sses by l>r.foehian • if Phltadi-Iphla. will close IJH- work uf the week. The ciinia.\ of llie whole liie.-iinn will oieilr |uinorru \r eVviilliK when a popular nieeilng wilt be held .11 the Inlerest of i-olleges. This; meet .Uf; will bl- tiresidcd <iver by l{«'v. H. t'lilbi-rlsoii and tin- address will In- •,'lvi-:i by Dr. K I'. Hill of Cbscag^i. He is a piiwi-rtiil man and a Kieat meeiiuK :s as.siirt'd. Kver.\l)ijd.\> is inviii-d. Vtviitrrda} litcrnoun'" SiS>.<>ioh. Till- Synod <;f Kansas held another interesting session Friday aft^-noon. It was a session at' whi.-ti w-as read the mest ini|i<ir!atii rejiori—that of Home Missions. Kansas I'resbyierians ^layi- been luakitiR heroic effort.-: to come lu belf snp)iort For years the .-iiiial! Pri-sbyif:-ian churches, especially ibiise of llle iveslern portion "f the -iiaii . have n-ci :vi-d money froni the lloliii- niissiun buaid in .Vew Yurk. Kv- ery hoiiii' mission board was obliged to nihki- an offeriHK to tlu- .Ni-w York board, if it reei-ivni aid-. Rul the cum lined euntribuliuns on the i>ari i:f Kansas churches were tliuiisa;ids of I(d!a-.s ii ss than tin' money siivvn |.y • hi Iviard. Kffor: has bei -ii iiiade l «i incri-.ase tli,- gifts un the pari «>r tee 'aii-i' cbnrche.-. so that Kansas nii«lu call- fur her own. The Prespyn-rian chinch is iln- oniy denomination ;n the state wliieji jv!res lor all il'- work vriiliiu its Uirders on funds supplb-il by Kan as I'resi.yu-i-ians. The bomi- mission npoi; va-; read by till Rt-v. Willi, r :>f. Irv. in. oi Wu-n- ila. .-.(•retar.v of the i-onuriiiice. He Je.-!ari'd iliai the iiiosi pronii-ing fea- YUV<- of III'- v.ork dining the V'-.-ir had bi '-a ilii- wiliin;jiiess on tbi- j.ari of the .-biuibes lo assume scil -ii|.io:t and ;hi .-pb iiilid linaneia! • n" o '-k lor iln- filttiic. Kan.-an I'resl-.v 'i -riaiis will laii-e for this year v -0 ,imii for i.ii- w'vaKer cliurches. Her aim will In- ?.'•."> for every one hundred iiu-iiiliers. The !iew coniliiiltee w-hlcb v. iil have tie- i -xeeniive work in <-har-'i- con.slsis 111" R.'v. III. of Pat.-on.'-, ebair- •naii. aiid Ri-v. Waiii r liuiii «r Wb-bi>;i. s.-« : 1 lai .>, IVillowliiu ilu- liiiMiii.-- .<-.-?ion was i pi'.pular meeting at wiiiep the vi.sii- jn-; bii Ibreii li-ictied t'o a .'^tivriiiu ad- ire?.- b> Re'. Dr. (iuiAii.. oi ihe First ."hiircli i-.f !-:ansa.- Cirx. Mr. C.arvin is o|o- I i" lie- Moiitl iiiaili.rii; ill'ii of b'- -lati- .iiii; fills many l'-f-:nr"- diile.s Inritii; 'le >i -ai. l|i- .-ii --.ii-d for bis thei:'". • fill i-t "s ( o.HiUest of Kailsfis." ill- I'U'l.ted w.'th licalllii"' : liielapiiis '111- <aii. day.- o-" Kansas, ami dn-w a .•»ti ikin.:^ eolupai i.-i .:i helm-eii 'a,- i'ris- ilit' ^elieialiuii and liii- l;i.-I. Hi ai;iiiii-iit:-il that ii wr.. a.- UMII-.-S !•• ;iiieiii|'' to run ;i (iii;ii-li no-.> wlili tbe ii'Oiiiods ul" early lime.- as it wonid la- vain fur a iiKidern farnur to cui, his wheal wiib a sii-kle or a cradle. \V;:ile tbe saiin oid eojial firs' (i;iiiiry nietin-ds should nui be applied in the dawn of liie iweniitih ci,>ilt;;ry. iJr.'s a .idn.-s was <-!ii 'p :i -nily ieliM-red and bo was warmly «oni; 'I'.aied al its e'ose. \\ X\\' i'l-lHiiar s'-r.;<-f i.f lis:, i veii- -.-y-i Ri-v. W. l; .M<-Klioy pr. sided ir. of Rev. Ul. R.a>uey. ,n'. ON NEW RACETRACK .11 AITO-MOBILES START OX RACE ON I.OXtJ ISLAND. $1,000 PRIZE IS OFFfRED (AHS EVTERKD AC'COBDlNU TO tOST ANiJ SPECIFIED DISTAXB. Tni> iiiindriii aiid Fiftjr Jllle B«(|e of Oayi WbiCIn Little |0«cr ; rilree'Hvunt. ' \ AMILOREO TRAGEDY our i -i -eaqhins: 'some, thing jiubitivc— with authoritv ,-ind i-eality. because- I'roteslant Chri.stianiiy stands or falls witii the preacliiim of confession and | foi-givi-ness r f tin. He said that if ' . / Huxley was ripht when he .said that ^VK.SI.KV STEYE.N.SV VOINt; FAK.1I- relimon was nutbimi; bni "Liinar Politics." then the pieacbir .^:ilvatioii j EIJ. FttlMl DEAD BY WAtJO.N. bad no lie |.b-ad lor a nies- ! saire that would satisfy the soul ofi man Willi s|iiritiial realilie.s. He out-!, litxtd a practical, personal imriiose- fiil.l preaebiiiK filled wiiii svmpathy ni.iil iiope.'and bajviiig as iis ihcnie the. ciois »,f calvary/ That ibe time ba-J : c<i.i\«- lor a sharp line Utweeii an ^ .iloijinK and an ei)iii(-a! Christ. Relicwd to Be t°aM> of Arcidcntnl .^jhootin:;—lif<iucsi l.s Next J Fridaj. ii. .P. Fiillerion. ihe moderator .\ coi<incr's ji;iy i-oiiiposi-d of ib»- gro.ssly neglected its duty in natter of a comii'aint against _ liiuerican Steel and Wirii co;ii-| : (hi- alls'nee ; I .IcKlrov is fi.-id s. i i lar. for thi bicb Is forward moi:-:':;*. !ii:ikin;l an tffori lo iiuld :-|.^-eial evjm- •jeiisiir services in evtry i >iw :i is Ka.;sa- with a iMiuiiJatioii of The Scripture lesMHl was read by . , « . K lib.- Rev. W. I-'. Reber of Hutchinson. Begiijnina the Evemng^jf October j^^,^. jj^^m^,, oling.r. of Ccf- OPEN NIGHTS the City Clerl<*s Office Will Remain Open Till 10 p. m. •Rjgistering? Well. I sues.; yes! People are re.iisteting now who m-ver voted in this county before, but wiio havfj lived here a long time." Cllkrles E. Weudorff. clerk of ihd cltyflof lola. wasi talking to a rejiort- er tills aftemooii abont tie registry at the clerks offlce. can't tell Just now how many registered for the coming etc- bift the number Is iargv." la- fey vilje. offered prayer. Tb*- ch<>ir of the First cbiircli render<-d a be:.iiiiful antbtin whi<-b wjs foljowid by (wo iiopubir adrtre.-.scs The ftr.-t b> Rev. F. W. Kusse 1. D. D.. uf St. I.ouis. rcpresenttnK ihe evanKelis'ic eommii- lee of the general as.seinbl.v. He declared that whai the cliurch needed was: .A deepe.- evangeli.-tic note in THE WEATHEH. B< {inning on the nlKlu of October 19. t le onice of the clerk will be open until 1 (1 J), ni. each eveiiing up to and j ilicli] ling th" evening of October i3.' Tbe nosel evftiilng hours ari? for ttl* pur- ,,of i!lvilli tile voter who U eni- loyi»d through \ the day niiil lias no -haiij-e to get to the offlc*" of th<f clerk in 'thL> course of tl:e regula:^ businosiv Tif tone tueu ••brie lust: <n<;. whed/ i> registry rt'gulations have been over so thoroughly and so fre- jly by the press that there are now surc'lr who do not know khat is required. Heed the warn- jLhen, tbati lime is fast iiassiui; t you may Jhare a chance to qual- al voter In'tbe coming election, bare noi a'ready done so. Rei^ter Want Ads. bring resulU. Forecast lor liuMui' Paiilj clomljr •ad fwUcr wttk front toakktt day fair. i I.oiii; Islattd Nlumr ParKWay, Oct. 10, -Tlilriy-fuur . parlous powered con- verii-d stocll; i luior cars wero sent awa.^ this liioi IIIIK In live cla8iiei» ^ii pursuit of ia tlioiiitaiiil JiigJIar priio. sweep stakes, fiom iliu mIdtPe of a three mile s ral'^ht way ceiiMSilt floored .St I etch of the new million dollar motor i>arkw-a.\. a twenty throe luid oho bafmil'!' triirk The races ar|: for IW. 150. 2flp. 225. and '.'.'••) inlbs tiniil fur cars selling for a tbiiusand <loIi!:irs' or less, two thoas- and or tliree thousand or;le8^- - fciiir tliousa id or less, or ~ over; four thousand do lars 'resiH 'ctlveiy, ; j The liundred inile race was woin Bx ' Faster, Ruick car. in two'honrs i^eix minutes and; fifty seconds. The two hundred mile race was won by Burns, ia Chalmerd-Detroit cair. In three hours two minutes and thllrty- aix sccond.-s. ' . Lytie won the big rase -af th^r^y, 2.')i"> nii 'ies. The time was three hours nineteen minutes ten seconds. The -2r. mile race was" won by Hiis.-iie.';. in four hours. fo|iy-BeTen seconds. Sharp woii three hours thirty-four seconds. MANY ^<• il-c general a.s.sembly. followed l>'-',-,Jii,.vii,i. D. \\. lioiv. Walter .Miller. Rn-feil. Dr. Fullerion in addiium tu ^, j, •(•„,,,,iso„. j;. |.. bearing ih.? highiisi huie rs m the gilt ^^^^ .^j^,, J ^^j,; ,„ ^, the Co,rch is till-western fteld sec- p^/,.^^ eubbisun .siut.- at | rer;.ry of >h,- hoihe n.i.s.-ion bo.r.'l. H.; j,;^.,,;,, ii.ii.iii.- in:., ib.- deaib of W,• iuie of HJ- nio>ft genial and i.opulat j;,.vp„i.. ti,,- M>niig farmer wb««,e the 2 (M> nineteen mile : race iti minutes and MET (iiMcriior Hushes Made 3laaf ^PCMli- i-s in li{iiB!<«s aad .VisMirL men in the euiir.) Pr.-sbyi. rian ""'l.^- ,if^.|,..,„ ,„„lv ^-as found b...t . v.-nim; He i.s a man w.iih a i;;"!)' .l.y il;.. sideof his wacon on bis farm north ,-ind a wiilnini: ii ^-r.-oiiality. 1!'- opened ills ••'.ddress i.y a recital of liie coni- l).irisun of I-Zli.slia. tb-- u!d i'rophei. I'CinK afraid of jlie enemies uf tlie l.oi-d, ami: bii« tile Propliei pra\>-d to ;le Lord to upeli b'.-; eye- that be :..i»ht IM iiobi I iu-j li-.)r .-i nieii and chai- -:u;s of t;o(i. Dr. i-'iilli-i :un maintained "•:•; tile iieed ot' the hour fi -r the ii ,i :ch wa.s a ni w- perspeciivi- aii.l ii ' •,• - •t-w vision 111- look an uptUiilstic ''"ff"l''"K'o <!'<• ground V-. -s of tlie church, leeimnizin^: some ' '"»>l'»^'«l 'o the icene of the shoot- o!" it-- etlls, bio- 11' strong faith in its tiiMpe irinmphs i plead li .r a lioir.;! v'liiMi-b and III liii; that ]\ w:i.- i iiiy v. Inn a 11-11' nrogiii/i-d fba. .-.i) be liad bi- b'livid tu| ilic i,<iid. ibai hi' would <-.(i .-i lit the irui[ standard if uivint:. HI ^i\\<\ lljai till- (,.os|ii-l mil laere- y 'or all; a;;e of; i.o\.-rij .-tnd iloabt 'lai for a;.;;- i;f'prospi-rity. .\ man's moil"! means !i!i>r>' to him win ii l.e ii <.!i!- 'lis v.i-ai'th in tills; tor tbe l.ur(I. Ill n la-'of lu lii -tii'- ii.!---ii!iis-. Dr. l-'iil- 'i -r ?iiii s;ijd t |.,.it ||||. o;i'y diilei-.nce be-} f, rii-il^ V as a llli-.:'! r uf m-o :;Uij 'b,\. Tili' V ijule ipM 'stiu:: wa.s «f obtiuatiuli tu a .Ma.'-K-r inspired i-y j:ir>;<- life and bve. With «-unvii.c::i;,' lan;;iiagi- lie co-.erod the whole fii-ld a' home: the .*Ii-.»icans.: ih<- .\ltis-kans. the Indians. :hi--foreiunert. il" \KI\I\ a .ulowin;.! iri lute •<> Koo^ev^•li•s p»-aci' e(mferi -nc<- lieiweeii .Tapan aijd Itutsia atid ii> ibe ::ifln";i<e i;f .\miriea on the wur'd. lie u».'•ia'-f'L' that llieik'\i. to the xiivaliuii >;'. Ibe w-OrUI wif.-i salvaii 'in of .\nieriea. ; H" i-<!ati-it K-.-.nsas o;i coining to self s.ii'p' i;. )'''t"iii.-'.'. in :]ie past elcvi-n y -a'-.s Kans.-.» bad ri- one niie west and one-half ofi Mildred .\boiit si.v oVIock 'ast i-Vfuini; two farmers. Iiuth living nmr the Suvins farm, nier in froiii /i.l St<v.-ns' hoiist- atld Sloped to ehat ;a moment. Their ciMive!.s.!tiiin was interrupted by the repiiri of a KUII coniing from the rear of Ibe Stevens lialfri. and. turning, lliey sa riiey riisbed to the icen ing unlj lu lind tlnii life was extinct. Poiiiiin-i ovir to the side uf the wa-4- oli. by Oil si,!,, of wliicb Stev.-ns" borty lay. wa.i a slimie barrel shot sun eon- tainiiti:; im •-.xplodeif ciiririd^e. There v\ils nil i-iii- in the al the linie. .Mfs. SifVetis and l/»vo of thi-ir ibri-»- • hildn II l.elni: at ihi> home of a iieigii- bur whin- tin- oihrr child was then on lii-r way lu tin- butne i>f a neiKiib<jr .Vr. S"."v( as. Tb'- ia:ti-r was aci-utn- (lanying her. Thi- officers V. et'l caiiid from Io"a ,1-"iici-^ Fndersherlff A. L. Roatriglit. ,w....i boiMi- n,i^si•^.-..s a:.rt r..r.-i>:n ui i'"«>"»'>• V^'torne.v C. J. IVterson and — . 1 Coroner*^eid drove to the Sit-vens' idace at on.-v. .V <,'urouer.-, jury was .siii.inioned but adjonnitd until Friday when lln-y willjhear the evidence In the.<-a.-e. The fufneral will jirolmb- i.v occur tomorrow. I'lv-lo-date three th.'ories iiuve bet^n advanced, ii'iirder (suicidf and accidental tliootiim. The former seems thi!- least r«-a.sotial'!ejfrum the evidence s<.c;ii<d as Sii vci:.- |Was n»/t known to i;:iVe ai.y iinniit's and there is no evi- iie;icc leading uni- to the belief that liifre was foul p!ay,| Siereni? was evi lieiirlv sho! al vi-ry close T-ange as his Indeiitii'dei ce, KaP.. Oct. lO.-MJover- nor Charles V.. Hughes spoke here yesterday mora ng from the rear of bis I rain to 2 .."iiiii persons. He said hisjopr' pon ^nt;-; had resorted to tb^ time hon- ur -ii iKdicv "f^ a losing cause; that of abusing the JilefendaRC's attoitteyr 1 find myself followed ^y scurrilous insiunaions. Fortunately I cati stand on my record. Co ask the crooks of New- York what ihey think i^lMUt it Do not ask" who they are for. but ask wlioiu they are ar^tainst. They^lll answer you with refreshtng vlndica- tivenes,^." , For a full hour before the special ' train bearin'4 Covernor . Hugbe». and uariy arrived, the people began gath- i -rin;; at the .Missouri F^cific deiml. Almost Lost u Uetectlre. | Ft. Scott. Kas.. Oc. 10.—Governor :liar ...-s K. Hughes almost lost one Ot~ lii .s .s !;tret service men here yesteilday ifii-r iiildressins an enthusiastic crbwdr' uf -j.iMtO iiersons at the Missonrijl^- ciflc deiKit at o'c:ock yeaterdiay afternoon. The detective waa one Qf the siiiiad detailed to mix witbfthe crowd. '•. UTien the train started; he was a good ways from the rear:car ind could net push bis way up to, the •nuving train until it was well started. He ran down tlie track after,the train » lud would have been left had notvCot^ •rnor Hughes, w^ho was on'the. back :)!aiform waving gncidbye to the crowd •joticed him and stopped the train. As it was. the detective was forced to go I iiuarter of a mile in fast time, Pitt.sbijrg. Kas.. Oct. 10.—Governor Charles E. Hughes of 'New York and W. K. Stubbs. Rcpabl^:an candidiie for Kpverncr or Kansas, arrhrcd.: in Pitisbiirg on a special train at 1:10 I marke.i liupi-essit-:i Sainrdaj cvenintr t!;e popular address willMie "Clnisiian :;lanhi;id and Kdiicalion, - deiivji,.! by Dr. .lo.-=e!.h Ciichi-an. <.f and hi'.nday evening ik. Edgar P. IRI: of Chicat:o will .siK -iik in th. in[er«i:> v.\ c'>lle,ie w-orlc. I WAR IS SURE NOW .Sertfaiu .ilnl!.l«r of AVar .^aj* Hoslll- ltie!> Arc Nnl to Be Atoltlcd. Rrlgraiie. Oci. HI,—Even in ofhcial hand tiiere a accidental resting on tbe indicate that r.'acht'd in lithe wagon and utiemiited to pull jriin out by holding to the end of thi weapon. : The shot entered Steven's person .iiist tibove the bean. Tbe gun found in j ihe wacon belon7 >-d to a nei;;hbor. -Ml-. Kwing. from wlmn the dead man iiati borrowed if. toKeihcr w-iilv four shells-sliuriiy lieiort the accident. He said h>- liuntiu;; and talked witii .Mr. Stevens as lo his luck as a ulinrod. , . j Stevens moved uixim the place where \\H family now livetj alHiiii a year ago coiuiuK there from a farm near Lone Ellii. He beiomted to the M. W. A. caim> at Ijjue Elm in which Order he carried alioui JiOoO insurance. He w-as about ;iO years of age [lud had three children and a wife. The officers say iliai ' powder j vesiertlay afternoon about fifteen minutes behind schedule. A great crowd lad assembled at, the llissourl Fscific iepoi. where tbe^ special stepped ten minutes and' Governor Hughes' addressed the crowd from the rear of ".lie train. Coffeyville.Kas.. Oct 10.—Governor Charles E. Hughes of New York delivered a fifteen minute address here vesterday morning from-the rear of his special train to an audience, of more than .M.jt>0 persons. The train irrived at ViiZi over the Missouri Pacific from ^he north. Stev •us was he was been drinkluii yes'.er- circles It Is now [l«-iievi-d thai war is iinavoldaUle. .M. IPasics. tbe lululBtcr Inclined to drink and thai of war. In an Inlervirw with an As- known lo have <ti.!ni«in.. sot-iaied Press co)-rcspoadent iieclar «Kl day morning. that the sltuaiioa was most critical. [ , adding. "Ilostiitties can hardly be? avoided." PreiMre llo-»]titMl Train. Paris. Oct. lu.—.\ Vieutia correb|iun I - - .1-.-. .u.. I CUUU80N ISiPRE8ID6NT, Bar Association Eliected Officers Today. ,den"' oT The Teinps. reports tliat the' [\t a meeUng of |the AUenj Ulevenin and thit^teenth Austrla-Hun- association held gary army corps in toi; County court with arms and am- room today the ofllfcers for t|ie ensii- munition kre bei4g hurried in the dl- tag year were elected. R- P- Culil- recUon of the Se -vlan frontier. Ho«- son was elected pr«rfdeftt. W. D. Cope pttal trains are being prepared tlio vlie president and Ony Pees i ecreta^ correspondent declared at Vienna and ai^ treaaureri A number of bUls were Budapest I . aljowed: at the me^tng. WRAXDMOTHEKS IS iOlRT. Property of Graadcbild. Verio Mean.s f in Di»pBt«. A case vtm tried in district court to lay in which the two graudmotbers of Verio .Meaois were the principals. The oarcnts of: the Means eirl are dead. Mrs.'P. M.:Towner, one «f the grand- noihers. brouj^ht an actfon for a Jud« aient of I2S0 Against theiother. Deodo- lia Jones, claiming that the^ilefendant had appropriated property to that amount which rigbifully belonged'to the little girl.: After the; evidence waaj c:o8ed the court took the:matter under:, idviseiuent. " JUSTICE .JS BETTER NOW. Fred JUatlceJ^a cement plant Jabdr. er. who wiia seiriously Injured »jre«lt}#ii ago In au accident, had to far. —-"^^ ed that he was able^to be : froin St John's hospital tfafrf nooii to bis home on Norttt-" atreit

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