Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1908
Page 8
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:.\- i A qOLLLXGEB fiETS BACE. iBto Prlai at Ottawa oii Sheriffs Dirties. ' .fc*'! " ®- Bolliuger rjeturned last nlibt trom Lansing where he took ."Mandjr" Williams, the slayer of Bud Sc ipio Jhe sheriff did not have tiuiu , lo call on iill the Inmates sent u|i from Al en courtly but learned that ihoy vere all good prisoners. Atone time • Cli 'f Carter made cosisiderublo trouble bu after a few daya 'dict on bread and water he was j^Jat* to eat from the wa rdei 's hand. I '. . Tlie Ottilwu Republic Kays: • Foi once I had uiy huiuUs nM)r* thiiDj lusy.Jhls afternoon," roniai -ked ^. Shsrirt BolliiiKor of JVlIcu county in i| coivenaatlon at the Santa, Kc depot *i loit e "enluK. Sheriff Holllnfeer was lie -e etiroute to IAIWIHK to deliver St^artka Willianik to the state prisnni Th J wbman hud beoni con\ict<Hl of ihti niiirder of a negro named Sclpio. wliij vi-n; 6t the "bad man" ortler at loluv bu< la'view of the c! rcunistanccs of killing. Tecel ^'cd outy a inlniniiiui sei tence. •' i had just reached the depot a idl I with this prisoner." continued th sheriff, "when there""was a coniniotloti jus ac tKs the strctet and a man was • sebi to run out of ".the bulldin;;. He WBf followed by a woman who leveled a ijevol,Ver and poured< three shots at, ' tlie running man. none of which took' efifect, I As the crowd cnllected the wo ' mnn e«pied me on the platform, and sli^ came across amd surrendered to me ;• Now that put mti in the line for a g^iVbuso'. I already Jiad a convict on njy hai ds. and here wus a would -be mu derfess surrendering and the man ' of t le -sidiap escaping. ' I look the wti • mat's gnu,, and then ^ just simply had ' to j mip',my' train and leave her standing/if liwoiid go with my other prison&. I; do Jiot know What the row wasalMJHit." L atei] it was learned tltat the shooter K -asja Mrs. Roe, and the shootec one Felix Thompison. Thompson and Joseph ptten had been in partnership in the retail pop bitsliiess. Mrs. Roe was fn their employ. There had been a r<iw bptween Thompson and Ouen and Jlr^ Roe batted in. Before a war ant Was issued for sirs. Roe", she "and Otten went before the probate, judge a,id got a marriage license. Shortly jafterward she was arrested. ]>eui PKINTS NA3U2S or t'OMKlBlTOHS locnits Raedjr to .Tell Source_jof Their Fnntfs. N«Jw ^ork. Oct. 9.—Tin* Deuiocrailr Hull >nul' campaign commueo is preparing [o nnnounee ne.\t vrvek the Mi)K i)nt of Its cawiialKn fund and the iudliidual conlnibutors of amounts of on© hutidrod do/Iars and ovei*. Tin* lUti to d«to 8hbw the fuiMl is a link uvei two hundrfd twenty thtNiKtiiid dul kii's Tljo nm how shows hix-ti>eii con- tribitloas ranging from one thousand to tf-ea^y-flT« ttuudred dollars. R *gl8ler Want Ads. bring result.'. Connected Up New Well. The Ki>s woll which was drilled in y.'.-iiorday lor tl.e city on the I'urdom farm .west of tho Neosho river was ounnectt't! to tin- icily uiuins ' this niurniiix. The low pressure gauge wuh raUoil several ottuces us u result. The woll tested between one uud n half and two million cubic feet.! L RMERS^ELP ARMY ,<-ie. t'aiiiaiii U'.itler sa.v.s he already has an t •xlen^iv^• i^tuek on Utfiul. Th<' Oonatejd VegeUbles and Chickens toavmj Ua'l is t» be arranged In bo<iths Salvation Army Cause. |lor tli.- sale which in addition to a ' iliiaiu'tnl eflurt. will have some enter- The Ijfarmeis near lola are taKIni: (lalniiii; (eatur.s siuh as inuslr. siiiu- tpille xu interest iu the Salvation ins ami spoakinj: t'olfee. cake nuil Army Hiarvest festival sale whiehI inim|il;iii jii.- will !>.• .<.irv.d all evon- takes ilace in the nnny hall tomorrow niJht. They have donatiNl chickens. i >4 |tatoes; coihi. eggs, pumpkins. ins at ;i .-mall iirie.-. The sale will !>.•gill altont T::'.<> ami will last ti'l I":::" or 11 o "Pl<K-k. New Now on clisplayin the North Window. The richest collection of new waists it has been obr pleasure to show. Taffetas, Messalines, Nets. Lib|rties, Lingerie and -Linens, neat tailored Waists, button trimmed, fancy Nets lace trimmed kml dainty Messalines and Liberties lace apd ini»ertion trimmed priced at. | St.BO to SI2»SO Waists MINGLE ATE APPLES CHARIOT RACE PLEASED. Auditorium Team Won it by Margin I of Only Two Feet. AlUwU Slttjer of IVnrl Manu IVarMHi! T,,,. ^.u,,r\^,x t.iee whieh is new to oi'ile received ^ :i ^ra> FH rntil He >«id i l„l„ ,„.„,,!,. received \ a pleasjuu wel- "Knongh. _ j i-,,,,,,. j;,st nisiht and another will WfchiM. Oct. T.—I'arl Kvaus. tiiellie put on soon. It consists of two chaiidVur i\jh<> dune ilte aiilonii>liile i skaters harnessed together and drlv- '••iii>lainiii!; ;Ki>rre>t .Miii«le, alias llai- j en by a young skater. The driver r\ I'nrker. t<» Oerliy. retiirneil to WIcli- i does tio skating at all. simply gniding :ia ale yestjerday I'mui, IVrby jhis charges. The two t<>ams were a ^!renuou.- liiue getting I made up of Sicks. YoUng and Can- saiil .Mr. ICvaiis. •Tiieltrell for the Auditorium, and Young, almost impassable. We ' Young and Wyckle for lola. The race I several mud boles where j was so near even all the way through • We had 111 Dtiiiy. liiads wen- iicountered Side Band Percales a6 inches wiUe. colors light and dark blue, gi-ey and red, the very best of fabrics for school dresses. Price per vLd i 10<^ Fancy Striped Side Band Suitings in cream ground with blue, bl-own and black stripes and border: price per yard I.JC Fancy Printed Uress Salines, the season's latest for house dresses a 'lors brown, blue and black with white stripes and allover jwtterns. Inches wide; price per yard IfJ^iC Standard (Quality Pillow Cases, size h^uiwed: siwclil price, each tJ and ;!ti inches, torn Apron UUiithamH; in ureen. brown and blue full widlh and ! K INH 1 gtlttlUy HtnuUaws. wWth t!i»e: our price per ,vnrd H ..i ,,'Je and to« Kwrw QuuUty ritbleacl.K'H Ml^^llu Inchen wide, lulcei per .; • ; l^t 0<ioU lUnnKetii In uiey. regular »>;«e nuallt.x, our price pair ..1 .10c Stwudanl Cttllcuei>. per .vavd ."JC "»<| i\f ;Pnii, Rood MUttljly, pttiier it Women's Cashmere Uloves iu black and colors, price pair Wtwl PuQBuia and Wool ButiNte Dress Goods In blue, red, brown anjil blabk, 36 inches wide; price per ytird ,. .'50e Kxtra Quality Satin in plain colors or fancy herrlujibouei weaves, inches fride, weak- guaranteed; price per yard ^l.()0 Finl Qualii.v Paon V.-Ivi-ts I HU. KI.\. m .tii. ml. Muck and while suitabW for dresses or triuiininK: pricM |..'r yard Ne^- Persian Silks for Waists and \'.st>. ciilors icil and si.cii. blue aiil browui lavender and sreeii. the pretiit.-t silks of the seasnu: price iilt.r yard; it »l .!!i,"» Spats U> lualch your dress cuinrs lilii. and black: priced at pair* . . liiiixvn. «r<-eii. i>-d. mv\ IHack tibats at Bali.vs jcnii Hull pair.. • . i IliHI price , Hut «llh It (1 lace irlmnied with hose Mip|Mfrtei> aiiai-liid, price Other Ki We Fitting Jloul ees iu all c(iloi>, |.i Icr | Ul. liml r*Uv les' Soft Sole Shoes in iili eno; >. >i/i-s )• 10 4 . Ill ICITll ill l-ri- 'i^. ;<» and .H)r Uutitlfy lUKrain Itiius siie !i \i:' i.-.t worlll $1. iHi,' SpeVlitl tick Fashion -The m-^v M I UIIM UUIII I MM K IU«; lUiKin iiitaoheil nmkliiKiihe luHik IOM M>II 1>| Ice I'.'.i . I Or Knb I CorsetA have 110 brass ex'li-is. tin-'. ii|!| aiiil x\liil.-r slylvH In^ Hung hips and hluli bust ai<> now li<i.- \u>- diurintie ^l\|••. thit new ^jitt corset made Uiun hips. Uick ami iiliili.iti.ii t"M.I hluh l>u«t iby^ Cors'ets al re also iiKelils for 1^ VIcloin-. .Neiiio and Tlioiiipsoii lilove •01 sets: price • JHHMJ i" *.•«.."»<> t >e machine went in to the hubs. How-: that the result was always in doubt we k< pt on soinir at'd had no [and the Judges only gave it to the breakdown. We ;;ot to Derby about i Auditorium team by two feet. •_• <r .-Iock in ihe afierucion. I put the! The rink will be open all day to- marhine in'a livery barn and look a 1 morrow and there will be music in train back jlo Wichita. I the afternoon from 2:S0 until 4:iO. ••Sheriff Carrison. Harry Pearson _ Has Scarlet Fever. The two year old son of Mr. and Foster, of S14 North Buckeye o'c'lock hu-t I night. street, is sufferinii from'an attack of ••Not bavin;; cbaiii ..i 011 the wlieel.s .-carlet fever. The home hai? been ihey slipped and skidded terribly in placeil under quarantine. tlIT> uiiid. Several tiines the niachiiie, slipped dear around nntii it was; VtH'E OX (-OM]II.SSIO.\. Iieadeil for i WichHa. Pearson and .Mingle I drove on to .Miilvane. where »hey eaiiKlit a train for OkIa-| lionilt fity. Ileaving .Mulvane at (I:."iti .M r.-^. Use No. 7 Flour Uood a^ any—better than must. Don't Forset Our MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Fresh Meats. Smoked and Salt Meat.s. We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, and. will pay the highest market price/in cash or trade.. Come in and see as. . We are sole agents for J. M. Bom"5 COFFEES and TEAS If you will give this line a trial you will use no other. Fryer Bros. Phone 301, 308. lola, Kan^s. and j Mingle becailie frightened at the aniic Hhanulc Has ProposJtiou Ip for I)e- of the auto, j I j • — -•'1 secured I some rope from a farmer cember Election. The Chanute Snn says: It was def- r 1 Evans Bros^ iiad wound I around the tires. Th.s finitely settled last night, at the meet- helped greatly, and «".. did .lot ex- i„g ^f the city cotmcil. that the cilv peri, nee very uiuch trouble Irom there j should hav.^ opporiunitv to vole on the •('an yoii j;o i>iij faster''^ asked I question as to whether it should lie and |>aid salaries to liHik af- ,„ , . . 1 governed by the commission form «if Sheriff <;a >rK who .sat 11. tl .e nar ^ j.„ven.n.ent. wliere three ...e.. elected seat beside j.Mh.Bb-. I.arrisoii »as ,,, ..ffjp^. ^ »ery iiuea • a mud lie<-ame ••.\cii^-<l and kejii liHiklUK hack to see if xi<' Were lieiiig pursued. iieasy.j Kv.ry time we s.r.ick,,,.,. ,i,^.>i,v affairs should prevail, or hole|or a .sli|.|...iy place. hej,,„. present plan of Kovernmeni by •.Mili.isle lia^l little to say. He was glad when wi- got sonte apples from a larmer. us jhe said he was hungry. His builds wij.f seetir<-<t by handcuffs tiarrlson led .MIUKle aiiples until he saiil he had enoimh " .Mr Kvuiis 't«eni to D.n Ing to uei I Shellrr <:ar niu ('li> |it«>i| ihl.-< morn tH aiitmnoblle. I'ikou arrived in Okluho night niMiui luldnlKht. with Ivis pilnollier He WUS Imnieilhlle ).\ ttikeii lo TO llO^ he iHi.inty Jail .0 rOM'KKK.M InlUntr rri>«liiFN(< |« Mrrt nilh the Stair SM^rlBlraaonl. i :d »nnt T. IKBlrehlUI, the i .t«li- su- peilnieudent lif public Instruciloii. bus arraiiKisI for li i-onfeieiice «>f tb<i ml- leBC piesidetl s of Kansas witlj the Slate Hoard .>if Kdiicatloti. thoi tirst niiH-tinx of itji kind ever held'lii the stale The mf 't 'tlug Is to I K? I.el^ om- da.% —DetiilK'r heads iif Ihe slate, will rea problems of colleges of th 14—at Toi>ekn. and Ihe leading colleKes ifi the II palters on s<mie of the jlilgher education in the state: - If'"' The puriMisie of this coi-.Teiice is. if (Mtssible. t(l unite more clo.-ety ih s ^-hiM >ls ui higher education with .he ^econdary amj grade schools. .\t th< n.eetiug of tl e National Educational .\ssociaiioii lajtt summer at Cleveland, the question ajrose whether or not the secondary .iciiools were tilling their Iinqter place in the educational system of the c«Juntr>. The charge has been made tht ^t the hish schools have merely liecome "feeders" for the col- U '^es", atid ihalt all secondary schooU were now bending their energies lo come un to t le oollege requirmeuts rather than fitting the students for their life work At .the teachera' coii- jVention, a detlaratlon was prepared c(Uideiiuiii4f th »tendency of the high By "atoold council of tell sliiuild be coniiuiicd. Coiiucilniaii Kriiesi called the pri>- IHised ordinance from the table It liad been read at a previous tueellng. wlii -n It was pi 'ot>ose«i to hold the eUH-lion im the du.N ui the .e.;iilar iu;i>erul eleclUm. NoveuibiM ;!. On the olijeciloii of Cuuncilnian K,\»s<-ii the matter went over. When Connctltnan V.'niest In ought the uiuiter uii liei'«> a ltii;e dU- cuHxUin bill no (ibJtHnloii 011 the IMII of the members, the oiil.x dlffereiicii I't • i|i |||lon bellii! «H lo the lluie tl.e eljef- tioii hhould I H « he !d ill WttH llimlly ileclded that the election, shmild be held Tiiesdu,*, Hecetii- l>««r .N The ordinance calliiiu ilie i «pe- ctul electloil on Ibis dale WUK ihe^ |iNKs>>tl uuaniiiiously. Where quality le main eoneMr eratlon we hny the heii. Where deniande will Jnetlfy, we enny all (rtdee wtt prloea. •wth tH* MMK . Iel% IMI. Scott's Emulsion clothes the nen'es and muscles with warm fat,fills the veins with rich blood. It makes children rugged and hardy and fearless of the cold.- It fills the whole tULONIST KATKM (alUeraln. ArMiM. Ktr. llally nnlll OctoherSl, ISM. IMJW rren tola. Ka«. Uberi^l stopover prlvllegu^. I'er- lonally conducted excyrsioiiM Tii[ketii iicepte<l in tourist elcepcr^ on pay-: tnenl of Pullman rate, and in cjhatr car. No better way of bccoinlng ac- tiialnted with the Great ScKithwest. •here tiinalt farms yield H ci>n(|telencc, than by traveling over the Santa Fe. Let me send you some literature about California, Arizona, ^tc W. B. RALSTO.V, • 'Agent. lola. )|C1I.S SfAGAZLXES A>'D PEBIOOk canj be secured of i J.1B. Henderson jr^- who deals with'the publishers and body With warmth and life tnmlshea them at the lowest price and energy possible. Trial subscription to Van Thin people sometimes gain a pound a day while taking it. Norden's, 3 mcmths 25c. Phone 98. 414 X. Backeyv Anneuceaent ' Dr. SJntcUffe wishes to faiform bia &nner patrons and the pnbBc thjO, he the general practiieei of

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