Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 30, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1907
Page 5
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j^g; -West 5trett,Jolt, obe block froSfj square. iJiseaS&j iof. domesticated' Rjaimals successfully treated .charges . JBoderate.good bozstallsforpatients : Calls answered promptly nijjht or ' day, 30 years exfjerlence. Veteiin- aiy Dentistry a specialty. FrmnkS,BeAUIe, V,S. Honor Graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 •NOT HOW CHEAP, BUr HOW GOOD." Ganther's Candies! A Fine L u-' uu Di pla}'. at SPENCER'S Tennis Men Are Me«Unfr on Torloiu * Coart& for Games Today. CITY NEWS. ••Di.-iiiiiimi ill ili<- l .'im;:!: : K.MPORIA Caz.'M.^: Mr. ;Ui.l Mrs. lif'A Voini. •.vhii liayo hfcii ih.. ^iicsis iif -Mrs Ji!;i HaHstiiirv am! faiiiil.v fi)r tlio jiast wcpk. .o'tiirn th< Ir liomc in lola. Mo'.er Barber C%lle?e. Kansas City, Mb. Teaches the ^rade by free clinic and careful Instructions in few weeks. Positions waltlngyfor everybody who win learn. Write for particulars. O .AnNETT NVvvs: Mrs. W. P. Powell returneil ihis • nioMiinic from lola. w!',TP she was fa!l»vl ysterday by \hr .sorious illnotis' of licr iiaiigli;<T. Mrs. Siuiif. Morrij^ou. .\Ii-s. .Morri-;(i!\ i> oiiiitiiifd in a, hn .>,|)ital wli.-n -Mis. Pov.i'l! was ;lIi<M-'" shi- was a I't ;!«• In'itrr. .•i!lhou'-h s.'i^ is .'^til! •••vy sick. * ^ lola has an autMiiii;i !•> tiliof who .'tob.' Dr. M;tc-licir an' > Tbi- litsl hoard of tlic inachino was a .ai- AVavprb'. - ' * r )<'ll)('rt Horrid; w.^nt 10 loia ni^h't for a visii with cOU'sins and li.'Ji 'T r.'lnnv.s an:; Rogers and Hals, of this city, wer* winners of iho consolations of Allen County Tennis Tournament that is on iir I he present. They won it defeat- liiB Hlnkey and Cllne by taking two i .ut of tlirec sets of tho fnsi?.st ten) i.s over r 'lBy <vl In th'.s county. Tho anno. r,.s, SC. and Ju-.S. shows Jusl 1 :()W ovonly; matched the four iiluy»?rs wore lu tho (iow)iid round of sinsl:'s ton ib'f'atod KiniU 'T t; 2. G -2. }iinP3 u:t< dofcatod. ilofaiiltod to Owns. In tin- third nnind of tho tonul.M MiiuloH t.Iodschalk d.-'foated Hakor C -l. lifi, and til. Stovor dofoatod Turner .'> and t\ Ross won from Damon .'7, f.l and f.-l. f-'i:nor and <;odPc !ialk aro schert nod to mu^i this afternoon on the I'i'nnsylvan'a courts at .'> o 'clock and Ilinkoy and Urowsi -r iit ;'.::!0 o'clock. Halo and Curtis will iiioof on tho Lnn yiinvillo conns at I o'clock this af- 1 noon. T I OFFICIALS THOK HE KNOWS ABOUt MITCIIEtrS ACTO. •niauioiid in the RouRh." MRS. F( K.IRD'S FINER-VL SIXD-VY. Sliiirt .Servici '<i an«I IntrrmrnI til loI;t Coinetery. Tho rciViains of .Mrs. L. S. KcUard. fi.rmorly of this city, who dloil in Kan s .-iS Ciiy Fovora! days a.tjo, won- I roii^ht in yi-sti -r.lay afternoon and laid to ropt iu tlio lola conioiory .SJiiirl scrvio's wor.-, hold at t:io c<^mf t. ry. which wore attf -ndod by friond-^ of tho family. We write insurance on Throshlnr Machines R. M. CunnlnRham. U1;K( K 0\ THE KATT. -Ilorniiitr Klyer Canio In on .Missouri I'aciJir Tracks. -\ -slisht wreck occurrod on ihi' ^;iKsonri. Kansas and Texas railway !b^s niornin,!: between Paol.i and .Mo- Tan, when two cars were d.'^railo 'i. •| t;o V. rock niado it necessary for th • early nioininc Kaly to .iro v'a Tort Scott avid coino in on the Missouri Pacific XothinR cotild be learned to j day as to whi-tlior or not any one was hurt. Visit the free roiikini; school iil Rum sHy's Pry (Joods store all this «cck. MAMK!^ HHII.KY roturiK-d thi.-: v.oek to his homo iu Illinois, after .i vjslt hero with his nlcco. .Mrs. I'at^ >rcCab<^ of Korfh Cliostnul stn-it. ;Horo is another one of (inr bargains lii ' Throe rooiii.~. nice front jiorch. Rood well, nice location, siiiootli lot. Price for few days ?ri«r. Sf'n cash, balance JIO per month. Wiitak- er & Donnell. A SCHOXEWETTER. a iironiin- ejif lola ,snielternian. loaves in a few days for Bart!i?svillo. where ho o.\- prcis to find work. .T. T. Tanner-, licensed auclionrer and sale crier, .'i>fl.'» Xortli .MoKea, Gas C»y. V; L- .]. C.EIST. of Tha>er. Kan-sas. i? vi.sItinK .E. .A. W-lbor of Ea^t lola. Dr. Beynolds. Phone SS6. Beg. 614. ;Wc' have a few of those cheap lots i Io;fl in HiKhland Place. Whitaker ^• Donnell. .Wanted—Everybody lo know that W. B. Kelley & Son have moved their transfer and storage ofTice to llll inth Washington- Office and Day r .one 2ftO. Residence and ^i^ht ^ • Phone 17. THANTTK Tribune: lola is after til', jay driv.-r. and ,is Roin'-' to pus.^ an ordinance so ho can? be handle 1 I"|oi<er1y. lola is Fottin '-r" a good ox- atujiie for other gas bolt towns. , P. E. Waneh. ttenllsL Phone l.«5 -Office OTer HnrrelPs Dmsr Rtorp. CHAXCTE TribCine: F. V Crouch'.^ -surveyors who an? running the: lino for the proposed ciit off b.^iw'.^n Chanute and Erie bv iwav of Shaw, reached the city limlfa I-isf evening. :ind fmisho-i todav. iAccijrdins to thidr sjirvoy the line -will ttnli'r the city from .th'. fair gronniN. it |)as.s.-'s tjirouth the fair grounds eiuergin? Into AMiby avenue not far from the en- tfanco near Floral hall, iiiiil running r^orth on .\shby. to t'le vjciniiy of 1. N. Knapp'ti puui |)iiiK F 'at ion. wlieto It Jo 'ns with t!o line as .surveyed into C'ty from ll; • north. You'd better eet that 'P CO ATI COME TQ-NIGHT! OTE STOBC THit SATISFIES. CHICAGO CRfME WAVE Police llaiYlcd by llorrihle Deed- I'oniiiiittcd by I'nknnnn rrinihiiils. Chicago, ."^eiii. —Chicago appeared ye.sti 1 -day to have been seized by a vi 'r iiablc wave of crime and when the last reports of the day wi -ro in, the police wore coiifronied with two bafrilng iinirder mysteries, cuie murder ami sui cide and one killing in which the murderer lied and left his victim to die. it) adiiiiion. tliero wa.-; another attack upoti a vi-|i!ie gir! by a ne:-;ro ilio victim in lie" la.--' ca.-e iieini; a child si.-i yoai s (,; a-'o. As a resnll oi the almost i;i!;i.ii-:illed ct-imintil activity tin; po:ico ill < .e'v ita.iion have lie en sjvon insinii'iion-; in he nnii.-nal.y vi:^i!,-int and to a :i' - it i -li;!ra( I '-is "Diaoi ::;(! In li'.e i;o-i-.;!.' BANQI KT -ni BE BKi EVENT. Rciilics til Karri-tcrs* Inntiilions In- diiiiit- Attendance. .!r ii;inc fr.';;i the'ii-niont »"f the i'l-. :tj';i;i;s 'o T;;c Conn ty \'.:\- .\;sciation latiqii •! which t-; i -M tliis ci:y Tiie.silay wen it-'.-, t'-' i.Mitio'. will bo the largest ; ::d I-• ;-• tided -if any over held .» i I i.i • ^nes!;; fi-oin Xoo.shc md W .iii o-i coii;i:ies have siJit !n 111 ir a(c ^it.iiie. All otlior indications p.Tiit iu-.v;i' ; .1 u oil lime lor tho bar • s-.rrs aiKl tlcii- giio.sts. The billies of till' Methodist rhurch •. ill s.Tve t!i-. nifii'.i and have com !• oie rliar.:-< of the bampi<-t. Because of the death of B. E. Cllf ftird's imother, .\ F. Floroitcc has been chosen to tall; on "The S(jisibl,'» Juror," in -Mr. Cliffi.r I'.-, pluco- Travis -Morse wi'.l tail; on "riio Broadlii of iho Pr to .-on" instead of C. 1,. Evans, who was ii: able to iiroparo be (uiire of injur Oh which ho r.'^fijvoii It. a iiinaway some tijiie ago. NO RK.'HT OK WW TROIHLE. F, V. ( ronch Snys lt('))oiis of I>li'iirult> in Neoslio (onni) Are Erroneou.s. F. V. Crouch, who returned a day oi ;v.o ago from Xeosho county when he has l>?i'n xecuriug a right-of-wa> for the Souihehi Kansas E.'ec'.ric line, says the rejwrts in the Neosho countx papers to the effect that he was having a great deal of difliciilty iu getting the right-of-way were erroneous He said he met with a few who were reluctant to grant him a right-of-way but he had expected it. The majority weer not hai«d to deal with. • r L That Is tlie nnmhrr of the Beglstor's Want Ad. Phone. The Begrlster Is nhrnys glad to pet jonr ordt-r owr I he phone. What do ynn trant today? Arc your serrants and emiiloyees sallttfartoryi Hare yon lost or found any- fhfnrT liare yon a honse for r^t or for Hale I Do you TClxh to buy anything:! For all of thcRe and other nnnts, The Reglsfer U at your ser- Tlre. Ic a Word, Ihc Cost. T I t—I 1 r i Phone Your Wants to No. 18 THE M. E. CONFERENfE. ! Chtirch of .Japan, j Tlie F.mire of tho .Methodist ' Church in .lapan, .1. F. Jenness. ,n:.';'i—Educational Address, President Murlin. • 12: on—.\doJurnment. i Wednesday Afternoon. The Ottawa District Cotiforence will 1 I :i:i—Devotional service, \. "SI. Main.'o- iu l.a llariic .Monday afternoon. bathe, jcioiiet 7. and eiiuiiiiiie in session nil- 2:nfi—The N'ow Problems Confronf- il W.iliiosilay eveniii.i.-. 'i'liero urei ing tho Church and Mow to Meet liiiiy-ihiee pastoral cliargos in Ihoi . Them, Prof. O. G. Markhain. :'he (Itlinui District Conference Con- leiirs in l.a llnrpe Oplolter 7. District Conference Pr(i!:nini. iisiriii. Besides the thirty-throe jias- 2. Discussion. (IIS. and all the local preticiiors, and 2::;u~\Vorld Evangelism: ixlioriors, each is entitled toj send iho delo .L 'ates: District .-^•iw .-n;l. class leader. .Sunday school ;ii|iii-i!>tonilont. l-;pwoith League prcs- iJeiit. i:iesidoiit of I.adigs' .\id society, -livin:-; a lay iopresentaiion of IC.'. 1 K'-ides the local preachers :ind exhort- crs. it is not likely that all these v.ill Helps and Hindrances, Miss Reta Wolf. .Mis.sons as a Social Force and World Power. H. A. Church. The Obligation of Wealth to World Evangelism, Miss Snow, ir,— Discussion. '.',:2'> —Recess. you will bo Intelligently informed as to the diiily "bill oJ fare." LOST— Pair of nose glasses on .N'lirlh Washington or .Itickson avenues. I.e:iVe iit this ofUce. TO IN.STAM, DR. IIILSCIIER. .Spechil Services at the Presbyterian Church Tomorrow M;;ht. 10 prose:;!, lia: a lat.ue aitendtince Is!3:.'JO—The -Materialism of .Modern Civ- >:p (cii -d. j • ilization. O. C. Bronsfon. The fi)!ii )\vinir pro;.;r.i:;i ha-- lioeti jire S:.".)!—Discussion, lared and indicates soiiu'ihing of the 4 :iM»— The Forward Movement of the treat ill stove for the people of La Sunday School Work, Thos. ilarpo. .Members of all tho other Leighty. -Iinrche'; are cordially itivitod to aticiid i 4:1'0—Discussion led by Mrs. Julia :ny iind al! (<f ihe-e services. j Kosuer. Monday Ailcnieon. ' Wednesday Evenlncr. I :(iii --Omai;:a;;iion and liusitie.-s. |7:in—Song service. led by La Ilarpe -Moiiilay Eicning. j Choir. 7.1 .'i —Song service led by La Htirpe 17:-Ii "i —Temiieranco Rally, Judge Man- fhoir. ' ford Scohonovor, presiding. 7: ir.—Sermon. C. S. Nusbaum. iiresitl- Principal .\ddress. Attorney Gening older of Indepondonco district., oral Jackson, of Topoka. Coiiininnion in ch;ii::o of Rernard] If you will preserve this program. Kelley. Tiirsday .MorniiifT. S::M —Dovotional service, U. E. Koyos. t:uo—Hiisiuess session. I:JO— The sermon. How 1 Cei .My Siiliojcts. -J. D. i=;inith. How I Preii.ire .Mv Sermon. .A. M. -Maclean. i Tho Elements of Successful Soi--| iiHin Delivery, (I. W- Itailey, —Dlsciisshm. l'>;l.'if—The .Seat of .}.iitImrity in Evaii- elical Uoligion, T. I-,". Cliandlor. |ii::!ii —Discussion. In: in—Uccess. I0:-1.'.— Itnigraiton and the Xutional Character O. V. McProti'i. 11:00—Question drawer. J D. Smith. Tuesday .Ulerno'in. ! -i .'p —Devotional service. D. M. Campbell. ,>;()fi —The I.,ayman as a Factor in Church Finance. J. R. Copjilc. ?:-0—Discussion. ::::o—Tlie Enrichment of the Spiritual Lii "i>: lis .\aiuro :iinl Importance, W. P. Whtmoii. Its .\Ie;.ns of Attainment, H. A. Cordon. Its Hindrances, E. W. Spencer. •.:2n—Discussion. !::!0—Recess. '.;Pi—-The Pastor's Church Records, H. W. Chaffee. 1:00—Business session. j Tuesday Evenlntr. ; r:1.1—Song service, led bv Chas. .A. j Hale. j 7:!-'.—Lociitre. "I'nder the Southern | Cross." Dr. Daniel .McGurk. Wednesday .Mornlnir. ^ :',0—Devotional service, H. .A. Cook. •i ;iiii—r .Msiness session. !i :;;o—The Twentieth Century Church: Dr. S. S. Hilscber will be formally irsialled as pastor of the Presbyterian church tomorrow night with spec ir.l services. Rev. Vanorden of Fort fc'c.iit. will j:ive the charge to the pi.iple and Rev. John Br'ght of La- evening andetaoinnnn xzfiflfflll Ilarpe will give the charge to the pastor. Rev. Thompson will preach the seiinon of the evening and Rev. John Crawford will have charge of tha formal inT;:allat!on. Special music Is at ranged for tho occasion. The pub- lie is invited to attend. If you arc worrying over a weak stomach tise Mi-o-na and see how soon you will be well. Charles B. Spencer guarantees to refund the money If Mio-na fails to cure. AFTER .SUNDAY .SHOWS. Ktinsas City Ofliclals Ordered to Close Amusements on Sunday. Kansas City, .Mo.. Sept. 30.—Judge Tlie Obligation of the Church iAVm. H. Wallace, in the criminal Membership to the .Sunday night Service, A. M. Harkness. The Obligation iX the Church Mem court, \\cvi today asked the police commissioners to have the police ar- ber-ship to the I'ra.ver .Meeting, C. rest all theatrical managers and em- T. Rose. ip'oyer.s who keep open their theatres lo TRACE OF THE MACHINE DR. MttCHELL'S RECENT TRIP BE- TEALED CHARACTER OF SCSPECT. Police and tir. MItebeli Hear Numer< ons Siorles About Theft of Anlo. The OblUation of the Church Me ;ii!)orship to tho Work of Soul Saving, II. I. Bailey, to :.'!0—Discussion. I 10:10—Recess. on Sunday. He announcsd If this fail- j ed to force them to close on the Sab- btith, he would ask the grand Jurj t'j return Indictments against them ,0:.i.v_Methodism in Japan. violation, of the Sunday closing The Relation of the Methodist! ' Eidscbpal church to the Methodist! i Ladies^ Fine WatchesI After all in selecting.a watch or any other jewelry— quality is the first important consideration—and yot njay always rely upon it that every watch that comH.«- from Merchant's isiof thai dependable quality thit wil give a life time of faithful service. No one disputes thi worth if our guarantfe. Jfo. P-^c Sa.uta Fe isd Jf. K. AL T. Wateb Inipectora. Dr. P. S. Mitchell returned home yesterday afternoon after having been In Kansas City and Hartford, Kansas, on a fruitless search for his automobile and the thief who made way with it. He discovered practically nothing that will lead to the recovery of the machine or the capture of the thief. He did get Information, however, thai strengthens the belief of the officers, that the man who has been suspected of taking the machine Is the right man. From the very first the officers have suspicloned that Ed Fuller, formerly of Pitpia and 'Yates Center, took the car. His name has for good reasons been withheld heretofore. Fuller was raised at Hartford where his father, a prominent physician, now resides. Dr. .Mitchell spent Saturday In Hartford investigating the reputation and past of Fuller and found that the suspect has a very checkered career from reports given out there. According to the reports given Dr. .Mitchell, Fuller's life resembles a story In a dime novel. His first mis- atep was when he -was but twelve years of age. He took a rock and knocked the silver knobs off of a safe which a business man had unloaded at the depot In Hartford with the Idea of looting the contents. From this time he seems to have been engaged in petty thieving. The citizens of Hartford reported that he had broken into jtores there on numerous occasions but his father and friends of the family succeeded in saving him. He Is also reported as having served a term in he Oregon state penitentiary. During he Spanish-American war he enlisted in the army and is said to have been )unished for petty thieving In the service, ^ome tjme ago he broke into a hhrtiware"store at' pTqiia and stole' 4 lumber of revolvers. '^VhlIe In the, V'oodson; county jail waiting trial foy his offense, he broke jail. j Fuller's reputation is borne out to li legree by a statement of his father vhen approached by Dr. Mitchell. The 'athor said that his son had made him great deal of trouble. He said that I year ago he resolved to coine to the loy'a rescue no more but let him get lut of his scrapes the best he could nd that was what he expected to do if le bad stolen the automobile. It may be that Fuller Is not the ipan vho got the auto, btit the evidence up o date points very strongly to him. le answers in almost every particular o the description.-of the ms«. who .nought carbide at the garage and lolt- ired about the place and Dr. Oarllng- "louse's barn, where the latt^r'kept his luto. The man while hanging around Dr. Garllngbousc's barn tojd the stable boy that his father had an auto at Hartford. Fuller was here up to the Ime the automobile was stolen. He lannot be found here now. No one has seen him so far as is known. His wife can give no light on his where- ibouts. Fuller's reputation got so bad 'n Hartford that he has found it convenient not to go there. Some time ago he* returned .biit.remal,n.ed In hiding, having his mealff brought" to him. At one time whsn a burglary occurred there and Fuller was suspicloned of committing It, a detective was employed to work on the case. He confronted FiiUff with the crime, but the latter would make biit one answer, that he knew nothing about It. The detective resorted to every trick ind ruse at his command to get him to "fcfls up" but failed. When compelled to give up, the detective said that Fuller was the making of one of the smoothest crim'nals In the coun- Lry. perhaps one of the most desper- ata. Rumbllngfi of Xltebrll Anto. Hardly an hour passes without some one reporting to the pfftcers that they either saw or heard U»e automobile the night of the robbery. According to the Teport« .up to datet the machine left to.^'^by ten dlfffer-: ent routes. Every man -knows positively that It !iraB;tir«;.'1^11011611 ma-! chine. It sounded'Ju$tniike it, left the aaitict kind of trackgin the road j and looi««d Jusc like It. i One farmer living north of FlQiia; reported yesterday thataboiit three! o'doMCk ibe morning^ • the" iotAcbin*! wak stoloi it passed Ua lUHfaa. ^He I had occtlBion to be np and waa rirar •1 n^rntag hci noti <!0d -«ii^^^ia.v took a zig kag cdUrae ka if the^rlf- er wiu - unnfied tp that- tikrtiettUir nAd; or •vas','nat,..ns^d to rnnfling a'nia; chln«\ Another man saw the machine pom bis hduse on North Stat« street^^bbnt two o'clock in the morning. Mitdiieli;^ machine. Wiby, of coarse. ..I^dii't-he know that machine? He drd 'notaM It but he fieardlt. It Ruffed Jnirt liitB the physician's car. Another-party saw the auto going by his honse on north Washington street. A in an Anil woman were driving it. This waa aboiit three o'clock in the morning. The latest .report came in yesteft day afternoon. A farraer'iAoned'in' that the auto had beefl run trito Bales' ford and abandoned, .fie,wait] greatly excited over the find; Dri Ml^ chell phoned to Riibe Bales wttdinade an Investigation and reported that there was not a sign of an auto there. A COSTLY ASSAULT €. S. Kaufman Would Becorer $3011.40 From B. W. Jones. C. L. Kauffman brought suit in district court today to recover $2041.40 ftom B. W.>^ones. Kauffinan is a tenant on ilr. Jones', farm. He alleges that in .A,ugust the defeodant and his son came on his place- and during a dispute assaulted him with a ball bat and a knif^ injuring bim so tlii§t for .SiX weeks be could not look after his crops. He alleges that during the period he, was Indisposed the mice; bnlldr ed nests in his bee stands and ruined tis honey, the crabb grass flonrlshed in his potatoes, his tomatoes rotted his bedns came good, and hl3 fifteen acre fieJd ot,^om was badly damaged from lack of care. He had a-large crop of tomatoes, estimating them at 1400 bushels. He asks a'to­ tal damage of 12041.40. I. J Change of-pfej^ti^pMh day. IlIUHtnled S M |V ' ' Witt Opentrom^ td'ff.A 7to-I0 p^m. LivingstoD^ U^tqwtaira AU kbida^of vork>j|,Ape«latt7 • SaattSjeuBan. : - A M* ipM ' ••• ' ' "'^r Pine dwelling occupied by owner 3 blocks from car line, 5 rooms, 2 porches, 2 closets, shade and fruit trees; $850. $200 cash, balance payments. Would cost $1000 to built house Rents for $12.00. Whitaker & Donnell. MRS. WOOD AT HOSPITAL. Serious Operation Performed Yesterday Afternoon. Mrs. Fred Wood "underwent another vorj- difficult operation at the Allen County Hospital yesterday afternoon. She tmderwent one some time ago but since it has been found necessary s(or the second .«N (^lthough she is. very ITTbday great Tropes of her recovery ore entertained. Dr. Howard Hill of City, was down, and performed the operation. Can Ctif Doiyn Vqur Grocery and rMeat Bill :: :: :: :: \i . It i3>l^<wi$a|y, fi ^r .you to and meabi if yoft ^ktifb^llemon- strate tile facTithaf ^elti Vi^ save tnoney by-'pturclii^ttj'fi'oiS'^. We have the cboiceit' of steple and fancy groceries. idake a specialty M cateRdg'^tO^-ttd^'fastld- otis hotis«wife-^^%> WHfatS'' those ItttlieextrasthaftgotcFiiiakd'np tax exceptioiial dinoer' and which; are so hard to find In the ay^ge grocery store. FRYER^ROS. Qrocery aodJMMi Market Xrs. CantreU. Phone 1097. LC,riaaUag«Sindri:* 20 B.I Jackson. Phone 65. For b«n and QnMMt:^^^ the Begtot^ Wjii^jJ^y^t, ,: BqiUpment of grooiids, buildinga and aiipi^tiia iM«^''^(y&a $1,500,000. • : .-'ivfjicspi.-:-.... Campns of 170 acrea; fifteen large buildings; a $100.000.-gyan^ aium Just completed: |2fi0,900 to pnt Into .neir jenglnyiiliig hnlMliff In the neart two years. - -V t Seven Sebeels—Graduate; the college; .^glneerlhg' (cwlfi trical, mechanical, mining, chemical); fine irta, laifr vlu»aiMrr ttd medicine. • •• . 'x ' Over fifty aminent apeclallsts lectnre before ..tfia atadents of medicine. i: Seventeen hundred and eighty-six strideiita to lOOO-OT.'"- Faculty of 105 give full time to Inatmctloni •' •• •' - •• • r Catalogue and other InformaUon may WJiad by Tie CkmeeUer, er BecMni^ I«imBeei |finiMii^. The Junior D^iftnifetjil ^iMre Mo9t Oommlmtm Btook^fOmmpSPmpmrn 35^ w.rjg :.|iB^; B-CRRI|^^'K

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