Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1908
Page 7
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NEWS OF GAS CITY OUT-OF-TOWN MIMSTERS WILL PBEACH HEBE NEXT SINUAV. ATTENDING SYNOD IN U)LA IHORAL tLlB EXECITIVE COM- MFTTEE WILL MEET TOMGIIT. Gis I Ity People Went' to La Harpe ' This Afternoon to lltar !<cnat<>r Chas. Cnrtis's AAilrv>f. Will Xatie Final Arrantreinenls. Tbe quartPttc and ix>^ciniv.? CMCI- injittce of the choral rluh wiU w^n xbia evening al the home of l.-aac i"arl fo.r the purpose of coiii|)Ietinc final arrangemeuls for ibv ^iitenaiiiinont which the club giil ^ive in the tuturt:' . However, it is not iikcly thai thf rtatt> for the enlcnaintiieiit will in.' ili<idi?U upon., i '. T» Hear Uat-of-Tuiru Minister*. : The pulpit at the United Viv-bvf r- jian'chuhch will be filled \»>'h niorninc land evening by mititsfo.r!- who at tending the synod which is i!iv »"Tins in lola. , A gi>o»l att-innam-t ij > \- jpccicd. To Hear l«rtl>. Many r>as (."ity jieopio went La Uarpe this aftornwu U> hoar Seiiator Chas. Curtis speak He is the ;'r;ii- elpal ailractioii a: the La llarcf Tarai again W. (. T. I", hi $e >>ioB. The W 'tMuens Chnttian Te;iii-ra:ice Union of this- cliy i» ttnlfXy uictta.j: at ibe houie of Mrs. Sumuer>. The la- iies have several thincs of iiuy,>n- tnce uj> for coufideraii'-Mi Frank Fraie Homfv Frank Fra;e who ^a? OKt —a-.eU oii att the St. John's hospital sriera" dayj ago was taken to his !ionit> nere yes-o.- day. .. He has siifficleniiy r(-c..v. red ffomithe operaiioa to jbc ablt to be ou- aigaltj. was up today fT :i .slijr: lime. -I \ Per»onai>. Mrs. Thomas Church ot .Alf -^Diia. ICas. was here ycsterila> ibe g'lest' of relatives. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Br.xto.i .f Mildred, are here vUiting -ei;::i-. • | . L. T. Patterson, of Kans.-; - •• here yesterday on business F. I. Jeatilngs. of WichiSii. hi>«iness visitor yesterda." P. R Luther, of Muskogee, •sas here yesterday on biisiness! Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Miff came j in this morning froni Greenfield. Mo., for a few days visit with relatives. Ok BOOSTERS MADE HIT Vatec Center News aaya Good Things I ' of the tola Delegation. iThe Yates Center News Sa;«: |The Ida Booster club caiue over on Iiist Thursday morning one hiiiidr.-d strong headed by their band. Ttey foS-med ih line at iho .Md. Pac. di[iot aiitJ marched up town and around tUf square two ahrtast. bcatterlnjr loin advertising matter, giving their elu'.i yolU and otherwise thowlng th<- pfiv pit of Vates C.nitr tliat lola WH, alive and will. Not oiil.v IK nhi- w. il l>ijt enjoying ixeeedlnglj; gi>od In itlili. Jiulnliig from Ihi- Iu»t> >VI1N the tiiiiw.i g(|ve. AfitT luarohtiiK («rounit li< hquam they iiiotii>ed itl th«- Hmel \Vood»ou, wheif l>nii<llnri1 U^i-J tool, eni'rc of rtnhi U'T dltinfr In "xi-^-llfiii i»t>le, Afirr tfinii'T tlmlr hand eoi «i^t and'ii«*r«>n«di'd a.numhiT of ihe l>u«hi<?ii» hoii*cii and trnalvd th'- Mt: cn»W(l to some lino muile. Th''-UooKt 'TK «ri.' great nd^"'rllp«'rn toii lola. Not i<iily for lola. Ixif ili.'> JO^t^ed In wijkli'K "P olhT to»n; thfv vlitit After Yatee re.ntrr ram- ou* of, the attack of paralysis whlct th>: coming of the Boasters hrouirht on there was a mighty awakenin; and j htistling to let the vliltors kno* that} w^ covld sit up and take notice. Htir- rail for the Boosters! Not only are thby alive, but ttey infuse new buri- UGSE, activity in others which cannot buk be beneficial to all the towns they vlalt. Brothers Teats, of the Recorl. Mar- riij of the Register aud PeterEon of tii.- Index, were very mtich in tvideace ai^'d helped to make things go. Frank Trjavis. candidate for State Senator, also his opponent. Mr^Oyler. were in tb^ bunch, as well as most of th* can dii^ates for county | offices in AWen coonty;} Yates Center is glad they came, glad to get acquainted with as nice a lot of men and women. There is tij^ best of fetjiu? between the two towns and thi:? visit was a mark of courtesy on the part of the lola people which Yates Center certainly appreciates. The News in behalf of the j citizens of Yates ^^nler wants to as- sur the Boosters tfcat we enjoyed th*yr visit and extend a cordial in vKation to come again. ''ijber ail sa}] that Mundis has the newest and best iine of post cards in ihel city. An loo pat hi' itttg TO WKATi; WFIBSABI. Osteopath Ii» Here From Bedford, , I»ir «u T. .< HoUertS. of Bedford la. -In the cit^- yesterday afternoon )«ing for a locatiou for au O^inv Ic Infirmary. Dr. Roberta I* vis- other citlea iu Ibis pan of ihc siajic looking for a suitable location. He has not jct decided where he will locjtte. ' MrUk bnalueM biittMins iu lola N£W YORK STORE! Department Is teemin to buy. over with beautiful new Hats at priq^s that will induce you e lead in price, quality and style. IJook to us for your wants Jast- received 13 jiobby Dress Hats iu velvet jpr satin, all shapes, all cleverly trimmed, iu all the shade-, your choice. $5.00 latest The ncw-fest models* for ihellittle mi^ss—the "Direc- toire" ttylciia navy, brown red and taupe, f 2.25 to $2.75 The school girl-.' ' Cor- day," the leadingj hat sold in the large cities. Ask to see them. All shadc3 and priced very low. For the little tots weha\e the nobbiest line of Caps and Bonnets ever shown in this city. The price i range from 50c to $4.00 V A K li' 1¥ ATT V* For Saturday we will give to every little tot that buys a cap or bonnet in M. m«m Kd r%^iw M. m^jm Millinery Department, a beautiful Doll Set or picture of presidential candidates. Don't torpjet to ask for them. DREISS GOODS SALE! Commencing Saturday morning we will place on sale the biggest bargains in Dress Goods. Witn each dress pattern sold, we will give FREE our Home Journal Fall Style Book, containing one thousand illustrated styles. These books are on exhibition aj|t our dress goods counter. Any material over 29c yard entitles you to one of our style books with your dress pattern. 3lj inch Fancj* Suitings 'in grej*. brown and grefu. Regular hOc value for, y^rd 29c broadcloth, oL'- The celebrated "Melba'_inch wide, chiffon finish, iti all leading colors, regular value $1.2.'. for, yard 98c" "Ceceline" clulh .suiting, navy, browu, $1.25 value $1.00 :1 44-incb, green, )r, yard Fclftoued Striped Suiting, invisible effects, 14-inch wide, greeu. navv, claret, brovvD. tan. value for, yard 79c bhadow stripes 'lola ' cloth, o2-inch '.vide made especially lor our trade, hence the name, exclusive patterns, blue, for, yard $1.50 inch wide i value for, y Heavy, ttjo toned "Getonia" suiting;!. .5011 K^en, nivy, bro*n •] 75 $1.39 Chiftou lirgidcloth in all leading shades, brown, navy, green, black, tan, red, caster. Regular $1 00 value for, yard 69c "Chevroh • t -loth 62 inch wide iu greeu, luivy. taupj; brovii, the proper cloth for tailoretl suits for, yard $1.25 Tomorrow the Last Day of the Great Sample Suit dale Our New Yor •r. This purch buyers having cornered this mammoth purchase of 60 sample Suits at 6Bo OH ihm |ise reprqsents the very l?.test models and newest fabrics, each Suit is an individual style, no two aUke and in the most popular shades—London smoke, green, blue, black and brown. These samples consist of ladies' and misses' models. Regular prices on these samples were $25 00, $27.50 and $30.00. We will sell these tomorrow, Saturday, your choice for if. STTtC BOOR fMC . Tp AIMUAt REPORT ' FOSTOK SUB3UTS IT 10 THE STiTE SlTEKIOTESDEjnC; THE FIGURES ARE GRATIFYING SHOW BETTEK .4TTE>Di' >CE OP PlPiLS I.VPAST YEAB. .4 Tendcnrj to tcngt&en Tem—Be. port .snb.otjintiateii .LrsumeDt for ('«D$olfdaie4 Ksnl ^ctaovI». 1 -Mrs. Maude Funston, county siapep. iuteudent taa;i> finished mafclqg up. her annual report of the conditions of,the .Allen county .-^-bools and has snbinit^ fed if fo State Superintendent B: T. Falrchild. There-, are two tiilnjg&. In Uje report wbich are gn^iisins to 'iha superintendent and scbbol. dtic^rs. The report .shows a better attendance over Uiat of last year. It-,at ^-s6oW8 tliat tbe ticbool boards are <j£dnK ^i >K< er terms. Tbe latter named (a«ft la Olio which tbe county sdoertntenVlent ' has been strivinK for. belieViak It to •e fo the best interest of education. The scbool population for 1907 was S.S2:;. for 19'JS it was 8.5S2. sliowfaig a decrease this rear of 2.11. This. de. crease is ia Gas City. LaRarpe ja&d lola. vspecially the iMt named pSace. there has beeu a slight ealn^in filun* . twidt over'1907. The numbei^ Of| pn* 'pils including those io cities of 'dta ft<-st and second clas:> In the comity was :.T94. The average daOy at&B^d" ar.rt for the year endin? Ootobervitt, tws. was 1.94:. which U a l^ttet at* tendanfc the preeedins >Mr. There were :S5 coJored pupfla In tbe county achtio's the past year. T^e report for this year is made Op In a" new form in that the report of one teacher schools and two or more teacher acbools are made separately. The avenve cost per montb Oer pnpQ in one teacher schools was $8.11 baaed on enroUtnent: in" two or more teacl-er schools it was J2 09. Here Is an arsTiinent for ihe consoIHated rnr- ' .<i? sch«ote which 9tate Supjerhiteadent ;.Fairchild is asking for. • Br liavtog the reports made irp separately be secures the ftmres which can be nsed tn favor of the coDsoIidatcT schoolo. " The cost fibred on the average dally atffendance in one teacher sclioo^s was «3.15 p^r puoil: In two or more teadi- •?r schoola. $2.66. The av«n -age/ length la weeks in one teacher schools was 28 weeks, in two or more teacher schools ^.25! weeks. This Is an extension in the length of ferm oTer the. last year about one. aalf a month. The flrst report COTOEB ; scbool con- ' 'I'.tions from Ocleji^r first, 1907 to Oc- : tober first. 190S. exoept that fliesdtool Dooulation Is taken at what- It was Julv flrst. The following shows the financial condition of the schools: Receipts. Balance in hands of dtstridt I treasurer July L 1907 17.874.75 Arot. rec'd froiA. county ' • treasurer from district , taxes ... 124.M4.20 ! Amt. roc'rt from state and count V school fnnds 7.6S1.3S Anit. reed from IJ» »«le of school bonds 2.148;«0 Amt. rt'c'd from all other <ourcc!< 4.3M.4T Total Amt. rec'd during t1»e yonr for ichool pur)>o<«s.ll(9.S93.U Eapendltures. Aitit- paid out durlnx y«ar for teachers' waRCit and KUiicrvlalon $ S6,-<M.79 Amr. paid for rents, repairs, rti «<l and other i.nciden- tall. \tai paid for district llbr- ar; and school apparatus .Amt. paid for sites, bulld- ings. and furniture . Amtj paid for all other purposes . 20.733.50 3,346.93 H.643.71 14.744.56 Toital Amt. paid out dnrlns the vear for school pmr-- poses ...1140,358.48 Balance in hands of district treasurer. June 30, 1908.. 16J33.73 Total r-f -eipts and expendl- i - tiir.-s. balanced $156,592.21 COCKERELL WON YESTERDAY. Took Five Set Matches in Neodesha Tennis Tourijey. Neodesha. Kas.. OcL_?.—The tbir! day's play in the OU and Gas tpurn- ament brought forth the best matches of the tournament. thfe<fiTe-set match- eg between A. B. Cockerell and son and r. C Cockerel! and Georee Gordon resu'ting In a rletonl- for the former bnr a very close'! score. Tte semi- flnals aud finals in singles and: finala. In doubles will be finished to.TJprrow, Jack Cannon of Kansas City wili meet A. B. Cockerel of Nerada. at the same hour and winners of the matches will meet in the afierhoon. Cannon and Stotler have reached the finals and win meet CoCkerell and son. Scores In singles were as follows: ,-' Third round—A- 6. Cockerel defeat^ed J- K. Shlnn, 6-3. .6-;. Jack Canaott defeated Fred Merkel. 6-0. ^1. In the semi-final douUes. £. thiid "ound. Cannon and Stotler^ derfeatod Vniey and MerkeL 6-1. 7-5. 6rl- Cocfc ereU and Cockerel! defeated Coeker*- e]> and Gordon, 1-6. 6-1. 6^. 6-1. / Cockeretl and Gordon io the fonrth roand defeated Hat« and!Ashley, «-€. 7-5. 5 A:^ B. Asbley won the cdi singles (ttim P. WIsoa, l-i3. C4, Aired, and Shhin won thy f<v—^ , > in doubles fropi ; Hdt ^miGWU^ ^<4>, Mi M.

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