Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1908
Page 6
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OF cdA;rs, miTS Akd kmRTs cilass ^S^Sn^^^^JfffiX;/^ T^' 'l^e'l-rand hundreds of hig. thereto equal tie vaJueswewmnam^ on S^Mda^an^^ ^"1 be none sold else- Ladi New Long Coats, sistes 34 to 44, in l^lack, brown, and navy, worth ^8.50, choice. LadiesViine Kersey and Broadclolb Coats, all sizes. positivelj' (Ifl fl vvorih uii to $15.0U, at vlUlUU U Sun Spmtlmim Saturday we will show ;^oa new Tailqred Suits, ^ilk and satin lined^ throughout, silk 4nd trimmed, worth $22^0, at , button 'if H Ladies' finest broadcloth Coats, some lined with skiiiuer"'s satio, 0 jC 7C worth flU to f22, choice wlui I U 4llflf*pec/«/. Another special lot of ladies' ve|-y hand- scine Suits, long coat model?, actually worth $25.00 ff f Q CII and 128 00, choice at... <9lUiJU Lftdies' new $G 00 Panama Skirts, in black, blue aiid brown, three bands of iTaff eta Silk, an , ftQ QC cxtr-v wide model, choice VUlU J £xirm Speoiaim Ladies' new Panama Skirts, sljveith models, black, blue and brown, $10.00 iiues, at $7.50 Infai^Ls' Bearskin jCoat-*, [red. i,'rey, white, tan and blue', Io 50 rjuality, ai.... .j. Children's Bearskin Coats, gujd .|Unlity, al. . . $1.98 $2.48 0flATCHLESS VALUES IN LADIE$' SKIRTS AMD pHlLOREM/^ffARMEMTS NewHmiWaMs Ladies'new ecru Net' Waists, silk iutcrliuiug, splendid-quality net, heavy lace yoke, f2 5 M QA and;$3.00 valnes, choice wliuU Others at S3.50 and Misses' CoatP—100 to ch<)ose frora~spc cial prices froiii $10 00 down $2.95 Other SpeoMs Throughout tho Storo for Saturday and Moi ^day's Seliing item% worthy of your moat omnoi^l oonsldoratian, for they wilt oout you oomtdermbly mora later In tho spason. One lot of regular 50c Dress Goods, plain and •tancy. at.. '1 33p Women's $150 black Underskirts, embroidered <fioance, at J 38o jCbildren's 50c Bearskin Hoods, all colors, spivcial at...................a.......... 3So South Side of the Squmre Children's School Suitings, waxih up lo 25c yard, choice 1 IO0 Aftef- Crippling a Bby He Vows Never to Run Another Car. -Standing over AUTOISTS SWEAR OFF. Former Resident Dies. Wta. Holcomb, a brother of J. H. Holcomb, died at Redding, Pa.. Sunday. He had always been an Invalid, and was living with his mother and 1 sister at the time of bis death. The Kew York. Oct.'8.- fhe JOdy br the Uttle boy that the body was shipped to Humboldt .for In- liig lut^bbfle he had been driving; terment and will probably arrive to- had jrtppled tor life; Edward S. Com-, day. A short service will be held at well, a ehautfeur of Brooklyn solemn-'the cemeterj'. Mr. Holcomb lived In ly t4l8edhl* right hand and took an and near Humboldt for several years, oath nevjer a^fn to drive in automo-^ but because of his III hea'tb was not bile t s ions as he ^llved. . : known to many outside the Intimate '•T have a UtOe brother at home friends of the family.—-Humboldt Her- }u8t the age of this boy." said he. "and aid, tjscml th* thotight Of crippling him audj '• bllghjUnd ilia life as this boy's life I. H. Casebeer Here, has been blighted, makes me shod-; I. H. Casebeer, of Kansas City, Is In I der t will never drive another car." the city today on business and shak- On the sidewalk lay little Tommy -Ing hands with old friends. Mr. Case- Wan I ajred nine, quivering convmls- oeor was for a number of yeara a res ively. HU rt |a »t leg bad Jnst been Idont of this county. artipiitatid there In the atroet. by an: , nnHbttiani« snrgeon and the little chap i Off to Hnmboldt. bad llaat eonelnded an eloquent plea' 25 dozen boy.s' ard girls* school Uo'c. every p.iir worth 25c, at I80 "(/^i inch all wool Bnwdcloth, all llie popular shaies, $i 35 quality, at 98o j Guaranteed Fclv3 >;c IJh'ck T .',ltcta Silks, lull yard wide, pure dye. rustic or chiK-ju tini.b. every y.ifd ol it wjrtb $1 vs. spicial 95o The Store that Haathe Goods that ICoriwell be pot arrested. >To nmr Wa :nl with hla several com- panii^a .lvaa running to a fire, when the big touring car driven by Cornwell, and te which M T«, "WaUer Noll- nutn aod-Mra. William L. Nollman. wtfej and -mother of the owner of the maailne| were Hdlng. struck him. The gstfcr fen and the wheels of the BJ^ed over hia right leg. mangling it fprribly. Th©> lad was brave »n^ nttejred no outcry. He was picked Upapd carried to the sidewalk. While the surgeon was ampiitatinr: About of us. A number of candidates aru expeet- InK to go to Humboldt tonisht to hear the address of Senator Chas. Curtis. The Herald says of the meeting: The meeting which will be addressed by Senator Curtis at Fussmans hall Friday eveninft will be one of the best meetings which will be held In Humboldt during the campalRn. Senator Curtis Is well known and popular in! Humboldt arid his ability as a speaker is well known. The meeting will he further entertained by the Black and Tan Quartette from lola and by the -Jiiiiiboldc band. Many are expecting! |your bn W« sell what is guarantjced. You run no ri«»k. ,'ing a Piano nothing but Spmp Good Bargains This Week 3H0NTS IS THERE K\-(°hulrmiiii 01 fanunia fanal ('i>ni- nii>i>iii>n Spol,.- at Water»»ay (.'on- lentiiin in rhira;;.'. (•|ii<;i;;<'. t)cl. ;». - Iliis is I lie lliiid ind U'sl il:i> (.f tin-. ;'onviiilioli itf .li-ep WMicf way a^MK-iaiimi iinv- Ulpiilial |Missil)!IUv is listed as uu or- ifor. but ilio ;itteii<l;iiic'i> i.< not diniiii- ishi'tl luir I 'lithii^iasiii abuifd. TI H-H- li'it.' P. Should.. I'l -f .-i^iilfnt i>f tbi' riiiVfr l.i:ir j'liil sxsli-iiis ami foniwi .'huirnrit! 1 1 '.1 raiiamn !;li^>illll. :l:< |>riiiri|':u :li^ciisMil •"rh.- I-*ir'iiii' > Ui'.'.T Tialisi . i::iii<ni •• UKV .V> I> II.LIMtf.S. ^\ill K'» t" .MKs .Mirl >i'\l on .S)M-aLuiir Twill. Cliica-.:... Oil :• -W. .1. lii.vaii l.-tl t'iil;iy riif .lijliti I'll a !iip tlimri:;!! Uliri ois. i.tttT ii •.-bori .':i>t':!kiim Uiiir nf .-ta'>'. will fiiiifi- MiNSoiiii vvh.-u- b<-{ will iii.ik>- ri miinli-r nf .iili!n-.--i-.- t|i-' was a)'i'iiiii|>ani>'il liy i-ri;'!'' Oa\- iil IJ. Kiaiiri.^ nf .\lisb>:iii i. TAFT NOT BUSY TODAY. ('iil':il I'niii- .-["•.it-t-r l!.1 Kail- anil BLOW UP A TAHK I'likuonn ^Vorkmen in l)vniiniit«> I'nder Tank VriziiiiH I'nt (ontuiiiinir' l.*i.(HHI (>all<in.s of Wnlrr. Toiu'istoiie. Arl7,. CJit. .\ Piftreii- D /\flcirfc Pf ^flA Hn «Ci» '<I'"':s-'>"'I-?''^""" '""li suiiplyii!,:,- lldllU llllll3v')ht< mill of Tuinb.<;»iu- Cuiusulidaicd 12 N. Wa^hington it. Mi:ie.-: company was ilynaiiiltcd yestot- da> l>y unknuwn IKT.^UIIS was d«'.srroy«nl aad iilp'- "in the boy's leg. Comwe'l stood by and t-> cnnie In from the country and the two [women cried hvstertcally. It *ho .se in charge of the hall expect to was t!:eti that Comwell took oath ncv-bave seating capacity for a!!. Every- «r to drive another car. 's invited to come out and hear 'tho issues of the campaign discussed. IS FBEE It is to 1.- Knitlllcd fUiplovii .-. The tanlt (lainag)-cJ. thf \iuik of dis- ster "Want Ads. bring results. Rcgisier Want .\ds. bring results. Where yon waml ft— ' miei yen wurt tt— No smoke—119 smeD—no lroo6le. Ollen you wani' heal in a huny in some room in iKc house the furnace (Joes nol reach. lis so easy lo pick up arid carry a fJERFECTION Oil Heater - (Eqiilp|>cd with Smokeless Device) to. die room yoii want lo heal—xuilable lor any room in ihe liouse. It Kis a real smokeless device absolutely preventing gmoike or smdl—him the wick as high as you can Or as low as you like—brass,lont holds 4 quarts of oil iai gives oul glowing heal lor 9 hours. : Fin' istied in japan and nickel—an ornamettl anywhere. Ev«ry healer wammted. State's ittomey. Hiitine Vailed Be• fore of Securing t.'onTlcHon, Di«- misyes Hargls-Cockrell Case. LeslnsrtoB. Ky.. Oct. In the circuit coifrt yesterday Ihf eases against Elliort feargis. EdwaVd CallaUan. WIPED OFF Reports Sav Tafl. a New Towii (n Ihc Wiand of Samar, Desti^oyed by Wind. nd .I^sse Silicfr. all charged a»sa.iKinatl.:]n of Janifs Cock reailiin romily. wore disniiss- btloii of til*- Irominonwealrl). .Attorney .kllvn aunoiiiiced cases had .-I'll been tried tjc- «o riMn ictjioii !=vciir<'d. anil ot lliink th«|y could •»)!> coii- Tho order M disiuiisal was accordinjgly eiinrtd. A blniilar cliaijie atiiinsl "Hill" Bril ton for |he same iininlcr was ccntln- ucd untif !lio :ii'.;t injiri tonii. HarglB with thji rell in ^ ed on n: State": that the fore, ar he did vlcted. ;'i Manila. IV 1.. Oct :»—K piovinc<-s say a I\|I1IIHIII vailtil last i^iitiila'y completely tioycd ihi- iK 'w tonn of Jnti. I. of Samar. MAP Spent a Portion of Day In Looking; Overi Correspondence.. | fmrlnnatl. ext. '.».—.Indue-Tatt bad; a iiiiii-l day today. He eeniaiiifil la' • tban nsnni al his n-.-LI-'in-c and ; laiiT <)i -cu;>iOd hinisi'lf wj 'h roirv.'- . liii::d -ii <-i-. • • i . - - j Schaffner Made Mistake, j flij ri'-rki Scliaffni-r mad<! an ••r- ji.-: on .stiniiitini; thf date when tho ri':ti.-ii:-ation T^ooks were to bt- closed. Tlii-y will 1)1) closod on tin; L'"rd in- j steal of tho! ilUtli as was stated in I Monday's Horuld. Thi- law says that ih" b(K>ks should bv clo.^rd ton days before .111 election and as the. election wi'l be j on November .Ird. this •will place the closing of the biv)k.< on • October :;"r'.I.' in order to comply wiib 'the law—Hiiniboldt H»rald. j Judge Foust ;it Humboldt. ' .Iildire O.scar Foiist Vill deliver the adilress at the lirst Sunday inettin;: of 111.- Y. Al.i C. A. at Hiiniboldf d:.y af;er tomorrow. The Hnald .says: The nieetiiiK; Sunday will hi- addressed by .^iidee Fonst who d>'liverefi tbe llrst and last! addresses last year and I who is popiil.-tr with Humh<>ldt audiences. E.\(IIA.M;K OI{ .SKI.I,. yi.Mi;- (T..|I'r'y. wi'fi int. 1 have a larue list f-i) luatcli l'.:oni. N"> e\[ieiice unless a li'-.-il is found for yf>n. I hl\'- '.'-I' :HIe 1!1 .W-i- Kh'> lour.ty. K ;ir. !o e\e!i;in!M for S'""' I'loi'-rly. J. T. .MII.KS. Konm 10. Old ( uiirl House. I THE lOLA ICE AND o COLD STORAGE CO. Manufacturers, AVhoIesole and Retail DecJers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Keir Coi4 8 (onire Rea^y fer B IS I DMS. Fbome IIC FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. l»ije»l'>r^ M*t- ! 1T'- tii>;ii.! i .f direetir i -f U MIII li'iill i'>rTi,i;!d •'••111'11' iiililpal:} ii:* .1' ill'- • Hit'.-.- i?f i;,e ">!i:ii;in> ir Ifuni Iiiilil: Tiie.-.d;iy. Ti.e wnik nf liie < <>i. .-;:-ii ::i>!i ei>nm:i:'>e' "ii eiii,'ricMri t.i; I'll- i -.-ciinii .if Il-r riyiili ii'l'M';; .it .i!ii-e ur:;rif}ed ati'i ri"- v. i.j' will ijmitiiiiKil u!ii:i;r.i I iii't'iUy •-i-.; Ill 111.- Iiii'liljn - i' I • :.-:.d '|:i!,i |.<.!d: li-i-.ii.l jjports from which pre- des- ilaud 17 DEAD IN A FIRE r tAI\ «»FF Tlf.VlK 'Lamp 3 i Si?'- Se%en ConVhts I)<>nt,tled »ar Olda hbroa Cll) When ^a»>enirpr Was .S^ck h) Frtkht Train. OklaUima City. OcL 8.—A train of seven wacheVi crowded with r>asgeuK- ers fori the state fail, was partly derailed a • Yukon, sevin tulles west of ihere wHbu a freight rain on the siding stri pk It. The uissenger train was statlionary. a scclre Of passengers were Sii |ht hurt. Sulla Pyle of Kl- Reno. bcflonsly. Four coa;'he.s were overturn |>1. i ' aX).WATCH B.V.NKS CenipUt !ler of Cnrre ir; .Varrsy liasi Pi«i^ to Form Ell >en I)l<>trir «ii for ExamliBtioD. Washlifton, Oct. 8.-Comptroller of the Curj shcy Murray announced today fhat^ nculd put in o immediate action a pi jin for the fotmation of eleven districts Of .National ] iaiik E^iamlners. with a I liairman exa nlner in charge .at each < f the follow! ig cities: Boston Kansas ; Ity, Fort rth. Denver and Sai^Tra cIsco. iV : The clialrtnan In eich district: wlII-J 0(Nn ^i )fj4turterljr rei> >rU to!th»oatnp''i It is Feared That Many People Were Burned in a Verniont Elevator. Itichford. Vt., Oct- H.—It is beliei-- "•1 toila< that seventeen persons were l:ilU(l ill an exidosion'; iu a grain ele- \ator on Wednesday ui»;ht. Tho rulna are still smouldering and no close in- speciion Is pohtiible. To Visit Parents. Dr. H. J. Willey came up from AI- toona this afternoon for a short visit with his parents. Stoves Set up .md coonected. «.]ho ary other fitting. Gocd wor k and reasonable charges. Phouc ^9. R. SI. 011fUleL27 SOUVENIR Saturday "JUST TO REMIND YOU" SUGARS OCTOBER 10 ' IX .\I )D:T:O.N TO t.-.>L'.An.ii!:cKs WITH Spices. Extracts. Chocolate, Cocoa. Tapioca. Cornstarch. Tea, Coffee. Etc. PHONE 336^ t farniers. are .<:bowinf! no dis-' pN..iiii<>ii i.> kill tlj" K^oi.' It al laid the golden uor to trade her off for one tiiat lays a .silver e>;s;. TUey aru •well satisfied with present coridition?r j.Nev-r ill their historj- "were they get- fiiii; sjicli liigli prite.s for t.'iejr bountiful erops. One fanner sent into Rc- vnbiican state headquarters some fic- iires OH present prices conip.'ired to prices in 1SS»(". under a 1> niocratic national admnistratlon: •re thi".- are. Kaiisa.-; City inark«-t: POLITICAL GOSSIP M Ort. tel.- . "II.- . 1.'.' . ?l.T--. ? t t-" r. ' II- »"n.' pieiioriioii Wliile Uryaii h:i.- (ilt.r- ! .1 iiiiile fur <<itos Ibis far- ni. r >.a>-- ri;.- farni>-rs ?,'enerally would rath'-r iiai-- cood prices for tbeir pro- dm-ts tli.Tii llryan's iniil.-. so they will iiiplioii Tail. s. IS;H: Hard wli.-:jt .. Corn . Oats ... Ky.- .. I'rairie Ila.". . .sr.ers .. -. Ho-s ... i-Sii s'ii«.-.i lhar other farm I., had iiuT.-as.-d in price in t.iii . eut Sept. L'l. ll'I'S ?Sc Tie tTe 7'»i.$'<.'.'> t .'ti $7 c'wf $T.fH) cwt- Siiiii.- '!••• I>.-nio.-r:itie l.-a-i-.-i.- :i:>• >f til-- oiiiiiieii t!i.;it ir'in!er-~'Mi Martin -IioiiliF r'--i::ii a^ eiiairniaii "f tie •>.'p.iiiatii- :.;at'-! eoniniittee since it dis<-!ci.<.:il iliai ill- is a rail- • i.;..! nttiirt:. •- aii.!i rid. s .in an aiiun >' e .i;- •i 'li »y i -.ty Hrjati eannot ex •i -!-t tii ;:• t \.r\ far iu Kioisa." on an »nii .'ii !"'ru'i.ii! i.-;sTi .j. « ben bis eatn- •iivtii iranac-r is a r.iihuuil attorney. "ii'V..--.-•. il wasn't ji^leiid'-d tliat this r-(-i s;ioi;Id le-rome piiblis!i>-d Martin , •'.MS <-i>iii-.-:i; n2 /(- Hut .sonie kind 'rj'ii.! i«f hi-! at .Uarimi =a\e tbe story utt and nioii Inveriisation it was ver- •fi --'l- It is .imlerstood that Hearst is -onle-iiidaliiic a n.-w aMaek on Bryan "or ha\iiiL- a railroad attorney .i.-; nnin- • ;;iT iif I is Kansas ranipaien- If he 'o'- • hp will er.'ate such a Rcandal out .f it iliai Br.vaii \'i!l b.> forced to re- Ir-- MarMii a-; If ..lid H.-isi;.-!! as treas- !'. I of bis iiatioual exuitniittee. Incl- ''•iii.-illv i! iiiiiiat be observed that- .Marlin is iiie on'; stat" <-liairm.Tn bat is ••..innei-iefi with th*- railroads, ""he IJe[iiii, I'rohibillon. Socialist. • nd Independence chairmen are all "lee from railroad domination and do lot ride on railroad passes. Pvidence is acciimnlaliiu: to show -T-a' the I>ir,ocrats have hooked up 'itli the liquor elemwit. For fear heir candidate for governor. Rev. Jer- V BotKin. -will say somethinK to dis- 'irb their relations witli the liquor n-'ii. till- Democratic inanaeers have '.cliiie.i to let him the annual —elinr of the State Temperance uii- • nil Miiless he is periiiitled to make a lOlirical speech. TtJey don 't want him o !:<) off on any "law tMiforcemenl" -in.u-.-iii- TleyW.ant to be in a posi- to deliver the go<»ds In case Bot- iii is elected and . make a v .-t stat.v Th>- State Temperance un- m. bnv.eier. i.<: d.'terinilied to smoke :.i;l,!n 'i':'- ami has advertised him 'iir XI ; p- i-Ii on "law enforcement" f tie- nil ling on October-13. If it de• I'll'i tbri; Ilotkin i.s a part.v to tho '••;il uitii tli.r liquor in<in' then the "i -iiip.ranee union will then have leni.\ of time after its meeting to <-:t!te:- tl •• news over the state be- ir.- I'e' .-lection. W U. Stiibbs. the Republican caii- IMii.' for •.lovernor gladly accepted '-.- iiii lr:ii:ii!i to att-nd fiie meeting •III! t.-il ivb'r.' he stands on "law t-n- •"' nrvaii in i.s:e'_-The tariff will -re.-ii tin- farmers.' ' .\n:;wer—In Ifei'"! eTtrenitly high •ric'-H pr.-vail for crain. corn. hogs. •al',1-. hay r.nd all the produr-ts of lie farni. toyeih.-r"wit!, the fact that inie III.- dat.- of Candidafe Bryan'.s Vriishiti:;" spi-.-r -b. western farm • ani's Iia\.' d.jiibled in'-ie and thou- ,-trds of "t.tiiaut" farni-r-s of that date • av.- b>-eoiii«- prosperiiiis home-owners, illing ftieir own iami iu pe;ie.:-.,happi- less and plenty. Itr>an in IVnl-"i.JoId standard will '.---Toy homes .-ind clo>.e licliools." .\nswer—rp until this writing. l !»Oi<. Ii.- t,-i.i«l siandaMi has "slain" no one. lor di.l it write tbe "furiiri- in blood." •or di-1 it foreelose tie- farm mort- nor <!ii| it elosf the district :c.!i.x'' on t!)< eoiitrar-. it liau prov- d !(;•• sound and soli.l fo'imlation of -vi.Ie-suread piosp'^rity. l-ading to Iri- iivid'ial progress an.l happiness, aid•d liy payini; off tbe farm montage ml ••\pan<liiii: lie- coiiutry"s educa* ion -'il faciiiti.-s. It::-an in i:*"" - No more Fourth of luly." -\ii:.u.----r)i> you know of any spot II fi • I 'iiit..| .^tat.-s wb-re the spirit if 177«; is dea .l and forirotte'n- and th«j '-'onrtii nf -Iiily a m-.-aniii-'Iess date on i -;j!'ii'lar'.' ' Hryan in i;'"t—"Jtooseve^t the spir- I lit" war ni 'ii.dy. brutal and barbar- fJUi-." Ans-,v.-r—President Roosevelt. Int.-i <l ><( repres'-ating the "spirit of var" siHiids before the world the :r.-ai'.st ex.-mplar of Internationa? leaee in his c.-neratlon. Hiifory will n fti!! season award him the titles he las justly won. and the greatest of " h-.'se wilt tie "The Peacemaker." in •liii:.' of Candidate Bryan's assault up- III him In 1:MI(. \ Hryan in li)i>6—"The government lujsf own the railway.s aa the cinly to|ie of rate regulation." \ .\i!swer—The enactment of the Fedral Rate law' has totally disproved • e claims of Candidate Bryan and •i\i .lly displayed bis unsound reason- ng on great public question.s. The people will await the prophe- •ies of U'fei calmly and sorenel.v. and with the the recollection of "tariff rushed fanners." "homes destroyetl and schools closed by i the gold standard," and ••no-more-Fourth^>f-Jnly;" will won'br "What Xext. Thf- cfinstant dropping water wears away the hardest stone. The constant gnaw of Towser masticates th(i" toughest txjne. The constant wooing Irtver carries away the blushing idaid. And ; the Constant Advertiser , Is the man "wbo GETS thi trade..

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