Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 30, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1907
Page 2
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MELVtN FRONK, AuL Cisfilcr. lifMitorjr fir tli!Mtii|ltatcf S(«te«(luiu AOeiCtiity ti N •Mait luk ii AlltiCi. Libb&y Cut Glass! Th? \V.irjian's ^r{<'! . 1 y'i:-\-. v.;'.. have 1h<? r:.';iii(ir t :!i.;i;ly ...or; n- oil KrJ.i.-iy of ih;s \\>-"i; -{..:.+ Tho sociiil con.;i;:ttP.- if l^iii!', . vor SdMoty oi' i.i^' c 'l]Mc'lunii. A lafKC and beautidil as- wlU mt 'ei Willi ckii-;! sii. Ji'. ^ott!^)l•Ilt jiist received. Norlh Sycatiiot-,- MVU ....' \V )ll lie Klaii to sho-.Vyou. Tho imi'llill^i' IlliMI !i~ is III p!.ll; a wioiiil. pirlors. Miss Mary Chanibr>rlB!n. of Htiniliulilt. iin .siilciir of tlip cliili. wiW j l.o In tl -.e ojty for IIIP orrnsioii. i -:• •:- + 1 TiK" lioiiril of iiiilronosscs of liic Or j liii:ms" lioino will moct in cxoruiive [!<.-;si(iii on FrMay arii 'rniiiiii. •:• •:• • j Mih;; r<jra IC^'ilaM't r.f .\!ct'ii;i>\ Mo. I lias lii-cn .Miss l.iilii <;atos" -^n'.* ! II 1 a wi'cl;. rcnii-nffl Iioiiie ycslcr- ;(l;u-. Thi? Y. r. Cvr will nifi^! toiiinr rdw.c'vrn.n.;. : » V * * I In a i-ruiviMsatiiin iilioul fi-iiUti n hcadst-nr (lio olln" 'lay a man ai.': "Tll'Ti-'s •••(•cnriiry In tli.- )iiirclia:<" (»•' " liBis illis full, alrlnhf; you i-an inal;(* a wai>;f out of lln" trininiiim iww \oar." * •:• • The Motlicrs" .Clab will li" in si>s-. , ion on NVtdnoFitay afti'momi '.u 1.: . lie Builders' riini""'. • + * I SewalK The Jeweler! If)I North Washington. Ml ami M::;-^ l.llli 1 •••I 10ll.)\ . .Ml •f lis I,. M I'ariish and Sliail;.. of Yali's Ci .nHM', d Mrs. r. \. Wa-- ion:' ci iiiMi'd |i II oriiii'd liy ,'Ii '!ll. I .ami' Hold or silver lialls Willi lii- <i li.-' ai ioMS id' Ilio olio ov'r ill" otli".! :'ir IHW. a .-i also aio lialls of \.\>• "111' . ;/•• uriianicnlid wiili .laiian<'«>>' ; .• l-I-yp;!.!n dt-simis in I1H|:C;I|I- ; !• i--- a ioi'.K liiiK, sinco vo niiicli and -var.-fl an assorlnioni of j.-wi ry Mrs. Chas. .1. poxsoo. nu Kas; .don:,,.,^ allowd with n ill.- hoand^ I I III' Laili.-' Ilivh I'lv.' <diil> will ;iia'i- a called iniv;!ii", loniorrow afler- — i ::i. a' ;iif linnii' oi ihc |ivi>'dd('nl. .Mr.|l> I". .Voiihi ii|i. •lite idnli .vill al this ii;.,( arranuc for tlw lii:i lui'i-lini;- and I' i'w if - of Ihi' winiiT. • + * ; l"ri'd (liMliiiz i-; tjidim lo ICaii- ; <'i;v lonioirnw for ihi- ii' livitii';--. •J- • •> rof strao'c. will ho Iiostos.s of ilio li.iii tirt Aifl .sooloty on Thnrsdny. 'I'lu 1 "1 las'e. Tho injniiclion now. .ir. ajijilios not to unaniiiy noi- „U»Jios aro to spr-nd tho :'l'-''"oon in^ nKmn-r DT^lwriDK .irti(dos to l)o sold al a toa 1 . ,,..„>, ,,joco ha- .which will b.. Kivon within t!io n:'"'"'- j , .„,.,;„, v.ith tin. other so ilvit ther.. •> •> MiRS noatrief! Doxseo no vilenr <'ontris!s. and to he 1'" 1, rill- eii;:is! tae jewels wJl lie al' /iriorning for Ktussas rity. witero sl». , , . KJ.!,'. i„.;irU. .iinond . ani.-li.-i will boRiii i! rouLSo of study in t!i. j ,,,i,. i.i, fei-.n..,- f;iiil.. i i' IraUiing school of St.;o's l-.csiiital '.; -1:111 .Mrs. I{.il.ei-i l:'!i-i!-hi II 1 •iilTe\ -i -illi- ihey af 11' We have jast received a carefully selected line of Goautao /niaorimJ Haua PmMmd French OMnam .\ lar^o vtirioiy of sitiKle Idotos and tiols. IntdiidiiiK a iieaniifiil lino of IMiitcs in ox- (iHi .'Jilo colorltiKs. See our window. McNEiL BR01HERS. 1II£ JEWELCRS. :<i. Mr-;. .\. P.. Cotiley and (dlildritl of •|i'! el;.i. who wiMi- ^;nesls o! M: ami .M.-: Ilavier II Mefl;iiii. r ii.c-d i:;'!i,e :i.i !;t\" / t^raihing school of St.;e; :a "• i v,.,^:. Ki.-nii;,.: ha. d , MlsiilXixs.o is an .icc.iniiilislie.I jiian- s • r. i .f i.!.-' efiei -i \,. |,i.-i. ' , • , j iM. and has always luH -n poMiilar wiih^..., „...,,.:,., ,„ 1,0 f<, | an.enc ! ^" Kaiii.av .tuiv. .1 a wide oircle <if. fri>.nd--. so that sli • ,(.. ,,11 inients Tiiese ;ir • i;ciier | will bo Kl'oatl.v inis?'-d .e-vially ii: ^.i;, (-n::i!,iiia i io!i v.itli fe.ilhrr-;. ai^; I d-iv l .e' IHT i;; (I. ;iil- > ^ho sfH'ial se.ison. ^^Ilat pins aro;as eon-ciiicnons for . I thoir ornaniontal ;is for the r ns.fn: .<' liitrposes. .-Vnioiii; the Fr< lu-li nov.' lie.<; arc the flower-p'ns. Ko',(lil j ios. dainty !iiarjirT»or!tPs eliatei.; of J vi^)lels, dew-tipp:'<! r.->rna;lons and we, '> forRCl-nio-not.s. all are re;irti<litr. <I in \. their natural s:z.. a:;: <-.."o!inu 11: :i'i.| rililiiiis, 'nit tliere ale. ioii s.- h novi ; iie;;ii;a:- in silver and .:.;old .• x'v.y l'.i::i:M!!ait hird of I'nied u dil. ] \ .i..w..'nd e>.< :oid onlsl!-et(-lio ! is nia.'e 111 |.ui:-e jir=t a! Olli•• •• ei' :l I'i^h e'liffltle: a iac-.\-wilined I :,;;---:'\ ef si'\'r It.L'aled I'li a fern .\ir.s. I.afe Sivv. . ,•• (l. l.a'eia. I T :s rxMeclid ;-ii .-i :u\ a vl-ii wi;h la-i 111 aliei. .Mrs -Mic.- (liasiain .11.d liei ^.i; •<-\. .Miv \V. I!. K-i :•. I • • V Miss .Myn'e .Max;on. Miss lioillia •I'.il;. - H^y There! "Where ar-e you .i^^iin^?" "Going a(tf r a sack of Um Si PttUni Flour. My wife won't use anylhics el.=e " i.,-onal!n« liarotle. | Sickly and .Miss Cliristinas Wilson .an :. ;• I . ; - ;i-.ev.. ai-e iwi i I'.i" j home froni lliiniloldt whoi-»> llioy • ; :• • I new -ind ar | \\'ir"i . i.r -MI;IC 1 nr,]' : i". ju: : '11- h'i-^ii! : fa\. : • •• . s !,.. (),:,, 1 ' 'ii. V : .HI-.- i.: !:-i;ii.. from • V .'1 K .iii a- <' ' 11 v'll ; (e ilni.le \].n.-l, of iMiaiiilli- i- ' ti.,:- ;; le;;ds li< re. . • + • A :: a C.-ilitv .\\' «•!•!>. V .:• ! ;i.e ihi- i .i >i iii.iKiaiii <| oi. ; 'i'i!a\ .;!ie;.H"in in ihe Y. .\'. T. .\. REMEMBER! I I". ;..oldn:: for lii-h •-•r:i.le .lewel- V . Cut Class, or Hand raintcd • hinaw.ire. see J.W. COFFEY & SON ISEI BIG begins Tuesday Morning, 8:30. We*liave about 8000 yards fine Swiss Embroidery flouncing and Insertion Bands to ofi'er at an exceptional saving in price. JIf any one article of merchandise appeals to the eye more than another,.it certainly is embroideries- In these lots yon will find rich Swiss flouncings and bands worth doublis;the ">ric3 asked during this sale. If you wish best se- lectioa$ be sure and be on time. Sale begins prompty at 8:30. . •ided a house party whiidi .Miss .Ma> i'ieki-ll ^ave for .Miss Wilhi .McCoy o \':insas Ciiy This is the llist of ; .('i!.'. of house parties whieli thes .oani; ladies m,. ID ei;ii.!.\. one at Mis Mei'oy's homo ai Kan Ci'y and oni .;( erfh of the loia .I'.irPs who oiijoyp Mis.- I'icki'ii's liospilaliiy. Tii(> yotin ladies ai.' uoin.u to .Mis- .M.i\Miirs e: Saiiirday. + V * The ladies of ihe Chrisiian chiirrl ;;a \e a diniiei today in the Fryo biiildi!::.; 'Ihe inenn was eialiortiti a. id v ,as M-rve 1 hy a j^ioiip of inein ; .- - of Ihe .Viil s-ii li i.\ .\ l.tiL'i- iiiiiii : r . ,1.' [leoiile wi re pri - eiii. Tie- I iiiiy i -liiti i-. 111 •i -;.--iiiii loda: lor til'- li'-si iiiei liif,: of the year al tin lii.r ,:i- of .\:ts. .\. \'. I.odue. ')'lie ein' w-II "!eel a piesidenl to siieeei-d Mr .\'. I'liillips tt lio is leavini; soon fo I '.•inier ill California. "TRUSTS TO SAY" Sors Indiistrinl ('nr|inrntious as Future Siirlnifs liank— KIIOIIKII I .invs. Loi 1 Contains fine Swiss Flounc­ ings ab(i bands up to Sl.fJO a yard. Clioiee of ti:c — Lot 2 Contains fitie Svvis ."3 Einb.(>i 1- eries and bjnds that l'oruier]y sold up to 75c a yard. Al-so a lot of 6ne .corjsftr covpr embroideries, choice if tlic lol. 39c Lot. 3 Contain.s S.<is.s Embroideries and bands tliat forineriy .sold up to •! .'c a y.-ird. O'lioice of the ]. t, Lot 4 Cuiitains Hamburg Embroid- tries up to yard. Choice t.f the lot, IT IS CIRCUS m 1 tiri 'iiaiiirIi-S<'lIs .Miiniiiifitli Slion nr 'MM 'nir IMIMIOIIM' •'roHils, Tiie Korei'aimn Sejls rireiis is sto] \, w: olf in lola loda.. tiiid is show iliis aftenio.n on the "show ;;.o,in-i:"' aorlii of town. Tln-y <-ani i'l ve.-li-iday Tll.-.\ piii on a seeoii •-aiiW loiii. 111. Till' paradi. oeeiiired alioiil in:^ tills in.irain^' and the usual bit; orowi; va-- ;iresi :ii to see the sinllt. I .*a/1.\ ti.i-^ ninin;;if; it looltod so v.ry iiiiud hi- • rain iliat niativ farnie!> piobali '' jiai olf eoipinn in to spend tho d ;iy i .i-.-veM'r. \-\ the tinio the calliiiio hti' le.-Mii lo Mieani and the elepl.anis Ii s'.. r; hnndr .Is of |i'»np|e janini..d th- i leali.'; and lille.T Hie <.iiiirt hoiiv p- .-h. 'I"')!, ipai.n 'i. ranio in on \YiS .ia •!;:..;! tiiniiir.: down Wnshiimion v ti.e i .i .riier of the N'nrthnip b.'inl;. The pai.'iile was iiiilil<' niost o ;i.iei- 'iiat lia\e coin.. h.M-e in i,lKit, I ill u:'!! a: i!e time adver:isid and th.''' :: was up ;o t!ie adv;iiiee notiers. TiT. 'ill' of iivan-li -Aas nearly a iiiilo Ion; iir..I the sp-'otacli-. contained all of th ;or-eotis (-ostnnies and .i:l:ttorine: (»»that tnaho ;ho jiarade a drawing car- for tho bi.i; show. Four hands di>^ j.i iis-d the niiisio. The ;.ar:!d-> had a fine showing oJ, pieiiy ho; ;..s. perlui'is iinoxridled b" :i!.y (.ireiis ivi r seen in the city. IteKii'.tiin:: early this tifternoon fh cabs and back lin?.= were l;opt biiF\ carrying; pfoplo to ihi, circus proiindf LI' tho end of N'or:h ^Vainllt street, tin !il !.y tllle.. o"(.lii('l; tlio (own was al I lo-f de>;ortO(l. The show has two ac(= wlfrh the 'dally foaluro. the fire scone and the iiar! anioniohilo not. In the fire sc-etie is shown tao ros ri:e of infants from siiro doatli. by I'r.rit.u fireniei, jnnijiinir from th t'p^ of liiiildin:;s with ttir, lit;!-" oiio^ in their tirtim. Tho act !.>; otio of th' I 'l ' features of tho circus- Tie ant'.mobile act is done by Mis.-: l .a'to;;iio. a Fr<-iich lady, and is cor- J.'iiiiy a dtiriiifr feat. For Miaiiirli S: Sr.ll:' ai-e lavinc trr.'-n' sli-.-ss ii|K>ii their nil iiasorio this -ai-on. They ;i|-e elailiiliiK tho bosi a.'.sartinoni of aninialv; of tiny sim »'ii,:s i.f aniniiiN carriM by any sini Mai .-bo;-. Iida has b?on visited by lilt I Wo circuses this sf-nson. Clevoland. ().. Sept. 'Mi. — From the d;. llic rotireiiiont of Forest hill. .lolin 1) Uockcfoller fcavi. this tiiessaKe rhiiisiitiy on tho acoiioinie future: ' Tll.> filiilie Is boundless. Wo are nil in tho inl'tiiicy of oiir oconomic levelopi.'eiii wl'iei must procood. ;is • has |.iil .iv ,..d diirini; lb.. |iast forty ear.-.. Ih|. Ki;e of eiuisididrition and 'o o |ii rat on. •If .von ask iin; particularly what I hini; of the fiiinre of the business •'•r |iiii:i;Ion or irust. vo-callcd I i^ay !iai niy fiilili In ih • Standard Oil Co. 'ir Instance, was novi -r jireater ilian ' is at tile pre ^i .-it lime. It has Ji fu- tU 'o that will far iranseii.i iis iciiievoincnts of tiie |ia ;t .S<i will al! be i;ieat iiidustliiiI corporaCons. •II seems to ni.. that the tinio is '•online is he;", in fact—wdion th" roM'.-iis wliicli confront iis will be •iisciissod with faini'ss :ind iiitelli- eiice and sell led not <ui the Jiasis of 1 teiiipoitiry agitation, but in 'lie spir- ' aiel niannor of fair-niiml'il .\ineri- t's v .itliou; rancor or bias. • i believe liie laws are s ;!!lcienT 1 IP. iin'seiit time to insure the Con 'a . 'f eorjiorai ions on an absolute li .ii ;-Jt bjis's and I believe also that (jst corpor.ilions tir^ adtnin stereil oiiesily. .Mistak.^s are made, of •lur-e. Iiir thai cannot be tivoided. •Iliii if more laws are noi.'ieii. let ' eat lie such as are dictateij by tic •'al eviieri'M -e aii'l onacti-d by th" ":;iv,laMve|- ;iiii 'iiiir :ii ilu- lies: it .:. sis of all. Spi ciricalfy I bei :e\.. -1 piii.l t- I\. .\o liouesi coipor It "o" •IS ar.y secfi -'s as i-.-ards it... ;ii;in •';. iin 'iil 111 coiic.'til fr'iin the tiubii- h p. i)|>!e h.ive a liulll to (ne fids, "ii the workir.!: men. I woin'd s.iy that is 111 si iuleresl.s lie in acc.-.pliii!^ ihe -.nlitions wliich have coir .e ab.-iul 'i'liiuh :i natural process of economic 'o'liiioa. Itea'ly. bo will conio lo •arn n i lue ilial ibo bulwark of hi-. re,.;porly is Ibo wisely and honestly •iia::i!st .--ei] coriioralion. which is 1 r(. to sta .v 'So firmly am I coiiviucel of ibis hat I look to SI-;, tiie d.-iy when lii > o:kii>^; men ^i>n -rally, as Siaiidard lii employees have done and r .r .iwii =(.li thereby, will invest saviiiits 1 1 he .securil'OS of ilio iiidiisirial com ina;Vins as they now deposit tbiin I I he saviiiL -s bankfi. |.'inally. with lion s. a ii;iin! M -i assured on llio one haii'l and cm.- d'UCe lliei'oby conipi.lleil on the ol!i r. let ibos" wiio aio charged with he in.itia'.etiieni of the (oiporaiion • held to a strict persotitil iesp <in .-^i •iil>- lor il'eir ticis and tliei-.-. w II be in t-nl lo dislressin;; iiidiistritil stiif'-. .\l Ihe oflslait, .Mr. Kockefeller put • rest ilioso rumors as to a ro(iri;;in •.•I'ion of the Standard Oil company. •".As a matter of fact " ho said. •tli-. iindaril Oil coiiipaii.x has bei-u un lei-^ojiif; r. iir .^aiii^/.aiini; ever siiwe .i. 'ounilation. •'WJi.v. ihiiik,'" stiid lie. "of llie .-i.\ty :' us wlo pari it ip;it...i in the or.;;aiii/a lui 'if the coiii,iai|\-. Iiiii four re:naiii -aiy bioih.i-. \VII !i:i)i;. Mr !-'l.i;...!e;- •o'..:<-l I •a.\ lie ami \: '. si ll".^" GRABS SAYS: We Itave Iciig had a reputation in thi.s locality of G11-: iiii;; prt-MripiUjns with the highest (jitii.tiy ut.ods that could be stcurcii, and in filling them in a way which nict with ihe approval ot the entire medical profession. Tre same carelnl wotk will te continued i" the fu- liiie. The siime hij;h quality good.s .will he used that lit en Used in the iia .sl. We solicit voiir patronage 1. Orabb, Pt^tisoriittlon Druggist PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY «• • • • I. M. IF. ANDEItSON, Alt<ir;i<.}-«t-Law. N'otary and .Steno?'r:i;itier In Oilirc. Phone tfja. H. A.KwInK, S. A-OartT O. R. Gard • (;.\RD & GAHD, • Lawyers. '5 I'ractlco in all Courts. yvi .W. .Madison. Phon« Sfi*. » • • •' X* H[ Y «ii IOI IV « 1>K. .MiMII.I.E.X, Special atteiiltoii jiiven to the treatiiieiit of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Olllca:32,-Re.=;. 2.".2. OHice In Mrs. Turner's Uldg., West Madison. •I* * > * . I lola. KahB, • i'hono t>^\. • DIJ. KDITH S. HAIGU. OfTioe and UesidenCe over Barren's Drug Store. Ofilre Ilour.s— 10 to 12 a. m., 2 to I p. m., 7 to 8 eveniaga.' Sundays by .Appointment. • • « « « • • • « Phone 6S7. Itea. 701. .int. (». I,, rox, Ryo,, N'ose and Throat. Spectacles Projiorly Filled. Ollice A. O. U. \V. Bldj;. , F. H. MABTI5, • Tract Ice Limited to Surgery. * K ; Hiickeye. Phone 576. • • • • • • DITice Phone lO.S.I. l)J{. K. (>. ( IIItl.ST:A.\. I'hj.sirlaii Hi:d Slirfjeoii. Uoonis 7 and b. f -Jvana Tdd};. • • • — I I • I'houi l!i;V. ( lIKiniAN'S SKI{.M(»>S. h. (»K t. . MI;T AT KOKT MUIT. Sernt Order of Catholic- Church Ini- thilofl Korlj Now .Memebrs. Til.' Kni^'Iits of Coliimb'.is. the sec r •: oi.b.r for ni-n of ihi> Catholi' cliurcl!. had ;i III.L^ time yevierilay ai teir.o Ml at Fort Scoti. when iu now nicniiors were ttikon into the oider It is ostiinated that in two -n tlire. Snd four hundr'.'d k!ii:;ii's were pres- ri.t at the tiffa'r. The candidates caiiif. from Piltsl);jr;r, Fulton, and Fort Fcoft. A. F. Cratif. Mr. Dwire. Will l.''!u .ActoII tind .fj P. Cillossen wore the kniithts roprost-ntin;; lola. .A del- opation of HnnilMildt and Chantito jioo plo attended th--. • affair. : The news of ih3 meeting is of special interest to lola people in view of the fact that tiiere is now a movement on foot -for the organization of Knights of Columbus order in Ida. 'iiiMcrtcil .Few .VddrcHscil Several dienee- Vesfenla.v. Uev. .1. M. .SclK riiiaii. the convi rt d .lew. who ;id(iresS"d the yount men It tile Y. .M. C. .\. yeier.lay tifter 'oiMi d'Ii\or-.d an intei-.stin;; h-ciiir. n "The .I-.-,ys Kei'i'iiinK lo Christ " ri;.> text used by this iKiri-d .b^v fi-.-n: N.iusas City is: "I Have Sinned." The iiildnss was of particular in frost to the younc; men of the da.-', "b ' sjieaker used tin. life of the Prod- '.tiil Son ;is a partille! to the waii'ier 'if-'s of bis people from Ihoir homo or 'hris;. He ja.vs ' iho .lowish iieo lo have bociiii to loarn th.-. evil nf heir wnndi ritms as diil tii.^ Pr-iditrai Son and are ieiiiriiiir^ "home— Hev 'c'lermaii also ciniliict.'-d service;. urnriiK and evi -iiiiu' at tiie Haptisi church. FuKer r.hK'. .'<P'.eialist. • ! * Eye Far. .\'ose and Throat. •!* Gia.- -es Kiiriiished. * • ' V, M. (. \. .si(;\Ki) TiiK PF:TITIO\. oiinir .Wen in Fiiuir of F' Siindaj \nniseiiieiif>(. •ttliibitini; At the cIi... of lite afti-nioon ser ifi.:s a! till. V. .M. C. .\. yesterday af oiiiofin K W. My'.er presentod tl.""- •rtition whicii is boinp; circulated by he W. r. T. I', askrns tha: the citv •ouiKil ))ass an ordintinco prohibitiir.x ill Sunday ;'miis'.'i'f tit. .\ vol.- w:is- .•i.i -n WIIKII sli(>v.-..d every yoiiu;; m ;!!i ansent to be in ftivor of sin-li a I.iw. riii.. pet tion will bo presi-nt'^d at t!i • lovi ineetlnj,' of the city council. osnce Toi. K.- S. TM. T.'AVJ. a. \\. .S1I.\{)\VH K. M. I). (Jcticrtil Practi: c. Obstetric.- tiinl i!i.,o; (.f cruld- rcii a sjj.-.-ialty. Office over Si oyer's <:roch --ry. Hours; 'J i i IJ a. ni.. 2 lo •{ and 7 to p. ni. DIt. W. K. JIEYLMITN. • F'hysicini & Siiff^eon. • Offlce .\. K. Corner ot Square. • Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store, • Res. Tel OHice Tel. 502. • • int. L. TOZEFf, • Fola Fnfirniary, 202 E. Jackson, • V.'c use X-ltay, Violet Rays, • Static. Calvanlc and Faradls • l-:i<.i-') ricity with vlliratory stim- • u;...(;-iii! ill nervous and chronic • di-e,is..s; Phono .180. • t _ t • * . - • . i • Ofliccl'hone m. • • I ' I>!t. LEVI .F. .NfnVSOME. ' • • I ' Special attention given to the • • ' * treatinent of Disease of Women * • ;'• and Children. . z- .• . - Oitico—.'.O.i Soutli >Valnnt St • Ue.s. Tel. )'.»!. Office Tel. If.a. F)i;. J. Ft. I'I:PPEI{. FleulJsl. I.' permanently bicafed t^ver K C. .McClain's Clothin--' Store, and i.'; prepared to do all kinds of iip-io-ii.ite deiitiii work. rCvmlnf; work by apiiointrtical. P. L. Lathrop, Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. OSTEOl'ArillC PHYSICIANS. Special atfen'Uon given to Diseases of Womfei and Children. Ovo'- 1-:asi Sii|.. Hardware. Oflice •Phone. .Main 4,rtS. • • • nit. A. G. KOCll. .Siirucoii. 0;n <-o over T'u.-t Oflii e. (Fflice F'lione L 'l^. Ite.sidenee Phone SS. • .F. L. R.\RXES, • /Attoriiey-at-LaTT. • II.' Wost .Madison, Tola, Kansas. • |«*««'«««« lii THE GEBH5 OF SCROFULA ( IFIF.IHtEV SAW I'AFJ.VDE. Si-Vools FUsniissi-d for an Hour Tlii'. .Uoriiina. TI. rough the blood, diseases are carried from one generation to another. Parents transmit them to their children, and po it goes pn down the familj- 11 U! for y..;-.;-.'; and yeans unles:^ the taint is removed from the blood. Esp* ct is l!;:s tnie of .Scrofula, for it i.s a di.sense that is "bred in the bone,'* n::d titiless the Mood is purified and every trace of the trouble removed tlia t:!_::;or.aV,e di:-;c.::-;e v.iil linally undermine the-entire health and •wreck the life of il.i victim. The usual symptoms of Scrofula are enlarged glands ot^ tiiinors al) jt !t the neck, which often b-jrst and become discharging ulcers/ weak eyes. Catarrh of the head and throat, skih diseases, etc. The tronbla Tho schools were dismissed thl;-- ntOT-ninq: for tin hour to allow th school children* to witness the circus l>arado. This is a custom obsopvo.! by most schools. It is done to prevent the non altfndance of a sreat r.'any of the pupils who wonld o!!i?r w"se stay ont of school tho enliie day Thi .s custom was observed by every school in the cty. STRAYED—One brindle cow with white face, and large red cow,-from the ho3pltaI.<Finder |>bone to taospttal. i.; etitircly destroying the bright red corpusclc-s atid rich, nutritive qualities of the blooiJ. Scrofula being a constitutional disease, one affecting the •.ntire circul.alion,. must be treated with a remedy that bojlds up and strcuf^thens ever}-part of the system, which has so long been denied tb« stren:;th and notirisliraent it should have received from the blood. S. S.'S.~ is tl:e best of all blood purifiers and the greatest of all tonics, and is therefor* the i "cal renjedy for Scrofula. S. S. S. searcheis out and destroys all germs, taint; and poisons, gives strength, richness and vi.gor to the blood an4 cureS. Scrofitla permanently. It so thoroughly/removes the trouble from'tiie blood that no signs of it are ever seen again, and posterity is started oixt in w i th a clean, pure blood supp^', which isj their rightf&l inheritance. S. S. S. wI.ilct::nrou.:;h, is gentle in its action, and the healing vegetable ingfedienU' v.l'.ich compose it build up every part of, the system. Sook on the;fblood. aud meoical advice free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLAHIA^ GJL i 7r> a Want Ad. in tti0

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