Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY BEGISTER. FKIDAI EVEXIA6. OCTOBER-9, IMS. 1 VERY day there's a clbthes parade; every day the campaign of quality against cheap* ness goes on; and every man votes sooner or later, on just how good his are to be. Hart 5chaffner & flarx I';- 'Mm' 1 TV.S ' .' i 1 ! •-=1- clothes are the. best clothes made for men to wear; ail wool materiab, perfectly tailored, put together with the best of other materials* linings, trimmings; they're right in style, and they don't cost as much as they're worth. The best thing about voting for Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes,is that you win. Drop into our polling place any day; you'll get value for your money such as you can't get in any other way. 3 Suits, $18 to $30. Top Coats, Rain Coats. Overcoats, $15 to $30. Anhoikncement —Al o: more. Har it till Beginniug Ojctober 1st, we will have solicitors call; OS tijc citizens of lola. ia the interest of our SAYTNGS DE- , _Kej' will be authorized to receive and re-- ceift for deposits, and will also be supplied with S.W'INGS! B|ANKS , whith will be giveu FREE to any and all diposi-| work " ' " ^ tn>- rii ilani i! tcirs who on2n:aa account to the amount of ONE DOLLAR All dejiositojs wiio have already' opened savings ac- ci)cnts witii us are entitled to one of these new banks, which will;be delivered upon presentation of your Pass Book. We simply , tuuitj' to present tc ing -3i Depaitment, a the result will be i: isk that our eolicitors be given an oppor- you the many good features of our Saved when thoroughly understood, we knbw 'jtually beneficial. i Stai0 Upeu from This store is the home of Hart SchaSner & Marx clothes . K a>s tinje to eat at Our Way. At Soda'Fountain. Wlii:takt-r is now fiiii>I(i.v.-i| soiia fountain at x'r— Our Way. Repairing the Dam. i-itv pill :i forcf of nit-n at fstcrda.v rcpairini: liif ilaiu at f-r. Th«> !wnib«'-r on top of tho lifinir ;.'li'.ar<Ml with concri-ti- s j .iiP 'v —OjitT? anj" Ptylp 'at uui-»»ay. Savings B^nk lota, Kanmam lu S p. m. Saturda^-s and I *ay .\ights Your Choice |t'n>ii| a Isir^c li>t Kii'utut<kv Ht lilt «;OI.I»KN M» nr.s oim f i'uriii<> iu ri-uon and ST I>A-M> E. >ri'. Short Stories • ' — o r sss=BS iola Happenings —I»r J. |{. repJMT. DrntJsL Vtont 163. /; Jtidqe Lease at Home. ^ ' A >>-Ts McClannaluin, earn*- in ir.mi I'aola J .Monday. wit!i .Iiidi;e I-<'a.-»-. Th- !ast rao' of tin- .s<»asoii w^s hflil ^ iliorejand Iiis horsi- took .'^coond andj third tuon'.-y.—Neo.sho Palls Vin-l. TUfSdav aft'T -t-v.-ral days' visit at liomo. • --.I. Uil.--*.! of lola. and Moi-san Wilson of I'aola. wt-r.^ in town rlu- tirst iif th«' \\>:-'n —Nvo.-iio KaIN i'ost. —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. To Philippines. |ir. CirorEf I. .Atiams. of th.- class of !»:;. of tli<- rniy.rsity of Kansas, lias l»t.-»-n ai>|ioiiit"d li-ad of SPO- !o::ical svinv. in tiif r!iili|>|>in*' Is- 'ands iMidt-i ti,-- (0!i;rol of thf> Tnitoil Srat<^ C-o'.ouitiil Survf.v-. For three yt-ar.-^ Dr. .\darus has i)»-t-n niakini: a iiyiiiioirajihic siirv<y nf Hern for that ;:overnment. 4 , .g. —Insist on barlni; "V. S." flonr. —Six p«!r cent money: tip commia- ."ion; jno flelay.—Smith & Travis. .Mr Spriu !V.\t. woi!> Visiting Here. Frank Dexter. i>f I'olorado] .s Colo., a lirolht-r of Miss Cora -. has lirf 11 visifin;r th»» past a: th<> HURii Brady resldf-nc^ H- iW' Tuesday morning. 5li«s Cora arfou iiianied hin; a.-J far as Ida. wher.- ili.-V ^vii! visit a sliort tini^-.—Vatt-s C»--nt'''r .\dvocat*'. —Slpti paintin?. I'red Uowden. Htliairini; Ti-hirrapli l.iin-. Work i.-: |..oj:r«-s.-inu r.i|'id'> on ii.-w \Vi'si«Mi! rninn ;>-j<-'.;ra|-h iin»-- ti'.ri»i!-.;h tills tdari'. A (ii<;. niof I'if- leeii mil.--. •".\it-uilin'j Irom Hun.lioidi •ii Karlion. has h'-'-n n-iiaired and tit-w I o!*-... ;n IIH;'. •• . > »-ry i.!.i(>- t' !> ;ht' i'iir;">si- of ;|ic < ..i.^siv p..i<'c new iMi^.-- from (;'-;ma :o \V. i!tii::ioii Tlif |io:f-. «»ii-T—\-' i>l;irt-.l VL I» withour.aiij ~;i <ia ':i-atnu-ii' h !ia> l)p'-n i-xpn i>-:;:-<-d :ii !•' in.;f-s si>fciail' !.»-.r'-t will la.-i ion-ti a irrcat diltirn;:;. i:- .-yiif! i.-nrt-d ui u>-r- !in^ lin«'nii-!i 10 WOIK on ili>-ni on a<- rouni of iht- di::v i oinliii-.Si -l;.!! :!i»> a!w;i\.» in -Ch.iniitc ;^nn AltJT kros Pi-o|ilr. Stair Food Inspector John Kleiii- hansi continued Ids criisade against vioiators of the pure food laws by svvearin;: ont a A-arrant thi.s after- niMMi a;:ain>r H U. Wicken. manager of ihe and !•> cent store, charB- Ut!: him with .-fliin? candy taken (rom Ihe oriieinal. package over whteli a •opy of the original lal>el tras not -on.-^pitiiously displayed In the r^n- iy t-a>»- ar il.t- Kress Si ore. inspeC'or h <l.*inhans found a ^i"-•n on a disjfi of chiM-olate.-. readinc "Try oiir delations fhoriiaifs. pure and whole/onie." wiiije iht- lai>ei oii ilic pa.'-kag'e from whii-li ill -.1 w>-re lak^-n =aid they were mad" l>y ani-rh'-r ci.niiMiny than the Kit:>.- t.eo,.l( . and wt-re artificial!l> co|o;»'d. Til.- eoniplaiut aiaci stales ihai iwt-.i-j-'V.O pans in she cate al.-o showed., 110 laliel—KlU|n>ria tiazetle. —Our. Oyster- Way. On Account of Botkin. ] Here In .St nod. Th.j ti-adiers of Allen county ai- KO-j Kev I I' Caik i.a-i.^- . > t!i. Pi .-in-i til institute old fashioned speillu;; Ivvieriun 1 hui - li .i' I'oiiioiu. K>-\ IH-.S j|n tile SCllO<ds of that eountv. .1 R \l (Qi|..Vi. (iii.ii.-!i:o. Tli" iljea was proliahly inspired liy oli- were lier.- 'i-.itu on seivagion of the ehaiiws tlie newspa-ithe S.u.od a; lo.;-..- iters pav.- run;: on tl o name of .1. L>.! •h»- u .i;. Ottaw.i ;o att.iid l;«-|i!ii>iii- Botk'ii 1 since the campaisu opene.l--! —Pai)er Haiicinii. Ottavia Herald. I Phone H2S. —It!—Our Wa.v Soda Water. ; Here to Synod. j;e\. n] E. 1^ .larvis. and U. S Hum j>: rt;. w<.|nt to lola Wednesday to at-: tend t he j Kansas Synod of the Pres-| I)..terian-church. This is'the next to' the liigliest court, of the church in] Au;erica;—Winfield Courier. ij To and From the Falls. Kdiia Hvenele and Kth< I Div^-r took th" tfain at Piaua on Fridav for a f«'w ilavs j visit in lola •aith th- Hisses Klin<-> and Briehi-ni. • • * Waldo Harrs at^d Bail-v VI.TP In lola Sat- !iida}!.—Neosho Fals Post. Fred Ko"»den f horpe & Joiigh —Frank S. Seattle. V. S. Phone 139. €oiitntctor8, Enifineer i, Sur >ejr «rg. .Fully equipi.ed for all kinds of siir^eyin.?. estitnat 'tjs. jatent drawing,' bine prints, map i. sidewalks, curbing, and farm dra nage. Office OTtr TMmonB." J., H. Ti High School Victors. The hig!! school haseball team defeated the lola BusinPSo ColU-Ke team(if y before yesterday at Riverside ,i.-!rl;. taking; two out of a seiies of liire- c'lmes. • -Merchant's Lunch at Our W^ay. —Dr«. Lalhrnp. n«««>A |tatliii. Pbone 4*8. Msrrled Here. .James D .Inhnsou and Miss Elsa Mnn>hrey. l >oth of Pi^irie Ciiy. Ia..| wer.» married night before last by Rev .1. M. Mason. The bride has been ri»-| fting friends here for some time, the ^oom coming only a day or two ago.' Were Boys Ttogether. Dr.! McDowell came over from lola last "hursday with the Boosters and) wa.« t g 'K 'sr of H. S. Trueljloo*! for; diniu -. They were boys tosether audi atteu led their first school toeether. back In liidiana over sixty y^ars aatn.j and pter w-ere army comrades. They the day reviewing old times and the ^^ents of long ago. They had a visit and enjoyed the day— Center Xcw?. niiinl>»ldt tidd Krlli>n>. \ l);.a<-li 1! .-.t-M-ii nirnlrfiidi Odd r.iliw.. e;.!;..- doM r.:'- ex.riiii^; oi: the idns lo aiN-i.d •!:.- t-j.i!ii: n:»-.-i;na (.f li'-rror IfiJ-.;: '! i • "ii.-.:.!" : - were i'UlUM:!: 1: ;i;; nun> l!ie Hum /I; 'lU ! id .'i 'li; ' >wi;,-'.. ..i ihe three link.i f.rai, Cii.4i: "t>-• <Jiie ••andidare. le.-M .\Ifi;i ^.j J.- wi.- uiv.-n th.- iiii- liuiorv 1) •.•.i"- ;.- iiiih' F<»l!<.wiu:; 'the repular w-.ik •,: ilie a lunch of sandwiches, chee-e. pick es and <-ot fee Was .•^^•i•^^-d —;iie Sun. —R. M. CaBBiBKhaiii, Bcacj. C per eeat fyon want the Iat<«t and nicest St {cards on the maricet, get them MkmdlB drug atora. • Flu Ml Pipe Miie. \ The ti;;ln-m!!e pipe line uliich ihe city be;:au la\in.!: (..abor day from ibe newly developed jias fie'il east iif town is almost completed The ditch men are within ii<M> feel of the Katy rishi- of-way today ntxiu. and the pipe san^ is followiug close in their rear. The city bf8 been preciitely a month in laying this eight -mile stretch of t>ipe. which will probably stand aa the record • for the Cbanute Be}d for aereral lit An avmga p^9JM IM*^^^ • Sara .M»rri<. Paid Klae. Sam .Morris, ihe qiiarryman of Indian i-.\iiaeiiiin iiUo attempted to give a niulit-sliiri iiarade in Channte one evenin;; recentl.v. paid his $7..50 fine .ve>ierday afienimui and was released. His troubles w-ere caused by too much firewater.—Channte ^un. -.into Garage and Bepatr 8b «p for all kinds of repaMn;. latdBobOe lirery. Phoae 893. w-as taken to mean that the people in their home Kiwns were !-;i!i.sti.^ with' the RejMiblican restime and would vote, this fall to cjiniinue them in jiow.^r .\!1 three' wen report gf«id crops the past year and :fn especially iarc- yield cf corn.—Topeka Capital. —Soda Water, the Our Way kind. j llr. Uitrheli on Pruifrsini. i The Souii-.oastern Kansas .\.-d«'-.i! IS'ciety wi'i I:->e: OciotK>r I.",;!- .t! It:- iilependonce. -as. .\ number of io\.; i ph-sician- wil' attend Th»- s.-.^ ic.'i. ."".inona !'••• : iiinber.'; on 'he prt>.'. •.:t is it'ie s'lircn «.i "Drop Sii?c':-><' «.r • "M >re and Dicniry -.ii 'lar iTa''{ :o thi- i -v." hv D-. I». S \l h- !e . >r rh;^ c:i> To Initiate Four. This evening at the retniiar iiieetins of the W. O. \V. lodge W. S. Thompson, the new-l.\^ elected Council Com- will have the first opiior- 'iinity since his election to display his : biiiiy as a commander. F.>ur candidates will b.- iniitatr-d ia'o lh»* order. —Be a Booster—Home inunstry— Xeosho Rivt;r Cat at Our Way. Frank >mith lo Marjiand. K. Smith will leave Toniorrow evenin? for Frederick. .Maryland, for a Jiwo weeks > isit. Frederick i.- .\ir. j smiths birthplac- ami this wi!' he • his firs; vi-i; lo rh- «dd h<>m>- in »'!'-v< :i years >eual<ir Lamb «n I'nlitir^. \VrI)n .Mi -.Vail of Smith County. «-\- ~»-nator C. H. I.;imb of Vaie.- Ceuier. * I* l:!dd.< < r .\Ii;ie ;i >.oii-. and sev- i-i.-.! other p.oi.iin. n: worker.-^ lu the A O f \V were in Toj^-ka yesterday arrati:;inp for the purchase of Imnds, f->r Mie Worknien's C.uaranty Fund. .\'. !lii>-e men ur»- otltei;,la in thrf .\ 0 r \V. .Mr I.amb lieini; a foifiuer (irund .Maritr: \ In ^;.eak)n.:; of liir po'i.iival situa- .•:oi! ;ii their t.->i;eciiie communities. 1 thr.-e s.iid llta: there wa.-. the great- esi apathy iu iea.-s. Interest in |(oli- lir^. ihev alj itiHjrie .l. 'Ai.s nil. wfiirh lta>ktl Ball inuisht. r »o Uaske: ball teams from tii-,- u>iii ci:i.-<ses of ih" > M C .V. wil' i.iay oa ;he,aasociatii.'i court this eveninu. Ev- er.vbody cordia t.v invited "•• se- the sane. .A special invira'ion ••M-nded ti> the iadi.'>s Tolstoi is Well Again. SI Petersburg. Oei :».—The lir^alth of Count IJCO Tolstoi is rorapieiely res tored. He has resumed his Ion? walks and rides in ih«' c-ountry aroun<! Va.^naya Poltana aiiii is hard at work at bis books. Keglster W^ant Ads bring results. Malaria is due to impurities in the blood which 'iestroy the rich, healtbftil qualities of the circulaiion, and reduce it to a weak, waten- fluid. The body is then deprived of it^ accessary nonri.shinent and .strength, and is unable to resist the countless 4isprders that issail it. anci tije general sy.stem suffers in consequence. The appetite fails, digestion is weakened, chills and slight fever ait: frequent, while the sufferer loses energ>- and ambition. Boils, skin eniption.<;, and some times sores and ulcers follow when thi blood becomes deeply polluted with the malarial germs. Both a tonir and blood purifier are'needed to cure .Malaria, and ,S. S. S. i.<! best fitted fot this work. It is the most parfect of all blood purifiers aad at the saiae timt an invigorating, healthful tonic S. S. S. goes down into the circulation, and Troves ever>- trace of inpority or poison, and gives to the blood tUt bealtfa -snstaiaing qualities it needs. It ipsres Malaria tbarooghly and per manently bccaase it lentovca fmax the buood the i ^ienns anil iJbisons whid p^ncetiie disease, and i |^ilc 4oin|r this toaes up and sttengthans evetj part ci the system. * Book i ^^il^formation about Ualaiia and any medka* JESSE MOREY. GOT THE PLUMS. Won Three Events of /Five at Y, M. C. A. Last Night- ' In ttte swimming contest at the V. M. C. A. pool last evening five of the si.x events were won- by two hoys. The first event, fi race across the- pool and return, second event, swIm-~ roing across pool on back and the fourth event, longest time under water were all won by Jesse Morey. • The third and fifth eventi; swimming under water and the high dive wiere won by Wck Orenheyer. -At the, ciose of the conteists a nuJmber of acrobatic stunts w^re laveii by al thq participants in the events. Semite CuBcarrent Bes4*Iation Se."ll, .\ proposition to amend the' constitution relative to the disquaiiflca^ion of jiidties to hoid certain offices.' ." Be it resolved by the Legislature of; The State «»f Kansas.|two-thirds qt tha , members eiecti^ to each hotise thereof concurring therein: Si-crion 1. The following; proposition to amend the constitution of th^ state of Kansas is'hereby submittetf :o The qualified electors of..ttae s ^e for their approval or rejectiontVTlut se<iion !J.^article 3, be amended so as to read as follows: Sec. 1$. The iifs- tices of the .supreme court and-tiie judges of al! c(>iirts of record of thfct .state shall, at stated times, ^receive for their services sOeh compeaosatidtt as may be provided t )y law. whichTshali. not increased during their respec-\ live terms of office. Such justices or \ jud;:es shall receive no fees or perquisites nor hold any other ofice or profit or trust nnder the authority of rhe slate, or the ,ITnited Stales, except the ofSce of judge of any federal court or justice or judge of a coart o.' this, state, daring the term of otiice for which such injustices and judges shall be elected, nor practice law iu an>' of the courts in il»e state during rheU continuance in office. Sec. 2. This proposition .-r.aii be 1 Etibini ;t€d to the electors •>( :,ic >tat» at- thei sreoerai election o' r-;. esenta- lives in the year l&oS for liieir ap* l^ioval or r^ection. The. amendment hereby proposed shall be designated on the official ballot by :he followlnp title: "The.judicial amendment to tlia constitutitMi." and shall 'o>[ .voted fqf or against as proxidetl i» . law under such tiUe. Passed the Senate January 29. 1907. Passed the House .Marclk 9, 1907. Approved March 12. 190^- I hereby certify that the foregtgna lis a tme and correct copy of original senate concurrent resolution So. n,i how on file at my office. - " C. jE. p: t Secretary of ts-s-ie-asu

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