Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1908
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY RCfilSTEB. FKiBAT ETTMMJ, OCTOBER! 9, I90S. rteiou DAILY B^MSTEii WORLD SERIES NEXT j CHA8, F. SCOTli ' ^^^^|tt lolli, KansaB. pistolBce, ai The Fir«t Game Between Cubs and I Second-Claaa Mattbr. MTertUing Ratea Made Known ! i AppUcation. on . aCbSCBIPTlON BA'ES. 1^ Carrier in Iota, Gas Citjr, Lanyon \\ - 11 Tllle or Lallarpe. ">ne W«ek I-IO centi ^he Month .. Diip Tear... , ] By Hall. Out year Inside connty.... I>n« yea^ outside" connty.. Hiree iMJonths, in advance. One Moi^th. In advance .. Petroits Will Begin Tomorrow in the Tigers' Town. The following is the box score of • vesterday's great contest: I CHICAGO ;44 cenUi Evcrs. 21) Schultf. rf CliaucM'. lb g-JIXiiStfilifc'ldt. : • • • • Hofniaii. cf J... $1.00 .:. 44 WFICIiai PAPER, CITI SET. Bnslnesa Bditorlai Telephone: OfBce - - - Room - - - - OF HAS- . . 18 - . ,222 - i \ HKITIILICAX TICKET. ,It"or i'l^Hiaoiit of the I'nittid Siau-s • WILLIAM H. TAl" ' ! ofOhlfi. i' jlMii- VIcu- Prohi(li-u)i ,ll\.Mi:S S. SMKIIMAN ' of Now York. I STATE TICKET, i (-"or Ciovenioi \\ , \ \\\ U. STIIIIJS I 1 i (if UiwriMui'. I I'liv l.ictitenHin tlovt-fmn W. .1. FlTZciKllAI.t) • . iif Dodgo Cl;\ ; I'lir Seeri'Ciry ul Sinio CM AS. K. DKNTO.V i iif AuU-ii. iMir Aiulilnr .lAMKS M. NATIof' ; of ICrif. i l''or Tn-a.-iii rr ! MARK Tl I.I.V j of Indt'iH'ndviifc. • I-\>r Ationioy .tiriu ijil ; 1\ S. .lACKtSON I of Kiin-k;". ! l-'6r Siii'i-'iiUflldfiil Piiblic |:n>jniilioii • • K. T. \ of Ellswonb. j For Superiiitcndoiii ln>iiraiifc C. \V. BAUNKS I Osufrc City. For State I'riiuer T. A.McXEAl, \ of TiiiitKa. For R. R. Coiimijyi-iolicis CEO. W. K.\XAVi:i 1 F. J. RYAN" C. A. RYKEK. For riilted Sraies'Seijalor i .?: I.. BRISTOW ' of Saliiia. 1 For Consrcssmaii , CWAS. Fl.SCOTT of lola. For Judge•Thirty-sevcijilil Uis-iritt OSCAR FOrST 1 : of tola. • ! For State Senaioi j' FRANK TRAVIS of lola. COUNTY TICKET ' For Represeutaliv W.. T. WATSON • For Comity Clerk R. E. CULBERTjiON. \ For Trea.siirer C. C.ArSUEUMA:* For Kpsisier of HetHiI? I |U. L. THOMl'SON, For Councy Aitorn^v - I H. A. EWINC. ' ! jFof Probate..Iiui;..} . ' J. B. SMITH; i • l"or SheriiT CO. BOU.iNi;i-:i:[ For Superinteudeui cf Srlu>ul.< . MRS. MACUE FrNS 'lJDN, Piir. Surveyor H. F. PAI.ST15!N( 1-Vr Clerk of. Couii C, E. ADA.MS. J For Corimer R. O. CHKISTIAN For Corn nissioner. Secoudl His^iriit ' T; ^. AXnEKSON For CdainiissioHer. Tlih-d lOit-trict ! C. A. FIIONK. rilEWSPAPER POINTED BV AUTO. When. Engine Broke Down Reader Came to the Riscue. Constant : j Blobm&eld. X. J.. Oct. >.-j-Aii auto- mobilb played an iiuiioriaiit i>ari yos- tbrday ,in tbe ptlblishin^ o( a news pjaper here. The ensiue^d' to the, press" in tlie office of tBe Bloom- flbld Citizbn broke down wlii-n only] a few copies of Uie paper hadjbeen run off. Meclianics were sent for to make hasty repairs, bin an inspecijon of tlie engine showed that at lea.'it twenty- four hoiirjs W9uld be reqnir it tn ofdelr. I Abriam pay drove up hi.' just, at tits tiinc!- LA-arniiilg of the publikber's dilemma, ho ran his auto to thej rear of the jirintinp: c nice, con nected the machine with tlui t)iie belting and tints fumisljed power enough to riiu off the cdiiiof In a brief' editorial the, assured his readcVs that h<" he was s|tjpplylng them witii liews'paper off by ijn automo- liile. ' ^ ' ' d to put akitomobile !l. publisher believed the first Yonr Kind .of (>i>(i , First catch vonr rablili" the way an old Eiiklish recipe Win.- The; modern voi -sion. applied lo oxs- tera, J8 "Flrat buy •Sealshlpt. j"SealBhipt" Oysters have jihut dl.s- tlnctive. ijall. oyster flavor. The 4ea a6n la th^y are packed In • Hlvanli:i >d stMl coniitllitM-N, sealed, airi ^ht. with Jce ttr5>uii<l the contalnerr. I ut not in fhe ojlateiJK. No water. IK uh-d. "Heal- il|lpl"| Oyjiiera c;unuoi MuuiJ nor vt>\ le|ct dirl. nor nerniK. '"8e «l»dil||»l" 6yHt«'fi< are Kijaranieed le AVhlttf rorcelttlii Cane Ixiurliu; ihe SoiSlwbUn" Ttadf .Mniit. rrt .ui you) buy "8e«l «djl |ii" Oi )f <ii <ri«. u B ue it lirotJctton. Vou <J «tidlflWiin«u»e». purli». frei«li- Yoi ORU be Ju«t an i articular L fptti oyiirtera na »»>out uy other 4'fli41rtJpt'' Oyalera an for twr- oiil><^ ^.quWn? Hqwa'.d. cf Tinker, ss Kling. e .. Brown, p Totals ) AB R II I'O A K f ... 1 0 I) 4 II 1) 1 I 0 n 1 1 1 » u i> .... 4 n • » i:: II " 1 0 1 II II ... . 0 II II 0 II II .... 4 II (1 I (• 1) 4 1 1 1 4 1) . . . . «.» I 1 4- 0 .... 0 tl II II 0 (1 •1 II t» II 1 II . 4 S 27 12 0 NEW YORK Tenney. Ill Heizo^'. 21. .... Ure.<naliaii. e . . Hoiilin. rf Seynfour. ef . .. Pinlin. :'.li MoCoru'ick. Ilriilwell. ss .Malliewsoii. 'Poyle . Wiltse. !• If P AB R H .211 . " o II 11 II I 0 II II PO A E, '.t 1 10 II 1I It "i II "i ::i ••I 0 • Tolal.- . •-Batl.-d lor . .::ii 2 .Matliewson in 27 '.' li hevi'lllll., li fliieaso ""4 "III) iiiiii New! Vorl; •.leu IMIII Imi- •_• Twoliase hits—Doiiliii. Sch.ulle. |.:v- iTs. Clianee. liit—TinK<r Hits Off Pf.dsi.r. I ill 2;: inniic: orr Brown * in I-:: iiiniir:s: otr .M.ith- ewsoii. 7 in 7 innings: off Wilt.M 2 inniiiiis, s4acrlllei> hits—Tcliin-.x. HIIIVMI. Iiiiiilili- Playj^^Kliii:; ami ('.aiic .\|el'i>i ii>ii-l> ••iiid Itrrsiiahan. I .i 'fi on hases—Chicami York I".. Bases «>u balls--Off P.rown 1. off .Mathew..;on I. Base on error—Cliicapo I. Hil 1>\ pitcher—By Pfeisler 1. Slnii'U nut—By Malhew.soii 7. by Willse 2. bv I'feisior 1. by Brown I. Time— 1:40. I'lrpiros—.tobnstone and Klem. 1 in N.-w •r 2. ii!f Schedule for World's Series. Saturday. October 10. l>t>troit. Sundav. Oeiolie:- II. Chicago. Monday. October 12. Chicago. Tiicidav. October i:'.. Uetroit. Wednesday. October 14. IVtroil. Tliursdav. October 1.'. Chicago. |K>iid on Cincinnati. Oct. ;t.—Beginning at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon tiie ball teams of CUcago and Detroit which '•ave Just won tiie closest recorded contest for the ehnnipioii..<liips of tbe National and .\merican league.^, will meet at Detroit to enter upon n six- da.v .series r< ganieri for the baseball '•lianipionship of the world. Only one •raine will he iijayed at Detroit, bi-fore the .scene shifts, the Sunday and Monday contests hein-: scheduled for Cliicaj;o. wUile the Tuesday and Wed- in*stiay ganu'.s are lo be played in De- 'roit. and t'nf si.xi'. if One is iieeep- i;uy. will then be tnuisferrid to Chi•••11:0. There have been some addilion- il rules adopted governing .'iiich con••.'Sis. altlior.gli- in most respects ;lio •ules will be as at previou.s t-imilar mo s. Til" National baselial' commission wju I.e in cliai-ge. but tlie immediate -iintrol of tlie games is piven to two •iti'iiires from eae'i leacue. i''or tbe National U-auiie. empires O'Day an.', 'vleni. while President .lo ii.^on of the .-Vutt^ricHii leagiie named Sheridan and to represent his ori;aiiiia. Centioll.^ tjon. .Thi' noiice. a... •. iveu out by the <i:iiioiiHl i-ommission this atternoou. follows: ••.Neither of the contesting clubs shall be penuittod to i>ay* a boniii or •iri/e to any or all 01 its players who •t<av take part in the series eitlier iH'fore or after the same has bei-n ;oii>i>Ieted. aud the coiumi.^sioii will -etain the certified cl eclvs which each •.•lull is reQiiireil to deposit under rule •i until such tfmO as they may be <atisiied tiiat tiiere has been no vio- 'ation of this rule, then said ccrti- •i(..1 eh'-cl; shall be cashed am! eiid- Mi .t ••! tile funds ol tbe national com-, mission. •In order to facilitate tiie ariau .i '.e- ineids for all of the games diiriug the world's series, the National Coniniis- sioii will funiish to tlie contesting -liibs all of the general admission tickets, consisting of two set.i for each ;a;iH'.'one .set to :»• at the rate of $1 admission and the other at the rale jf admission. .\11 of .said ticli "t ^ to have rain cIiecKs allached foi all games played and the following regulations with fegard to the sale of tickets anji t::e hettlenu.-iil thereto, shall govern: No ticket, except re ?ervei| si-at cou 10ns. shall lie sold before the gates arc oponej ami ail tick- cts. other than reservinl seat tickets shall be only sold at ball park ticket officer. "The lullowiiig players will I.e eli gibie lo participate in the games and iio others", ('hi.';H<:o...Natioiia' l.< a:.'.iie CIiiL— Urown. Chance, Uurbin. Evers'. Eraser, Howard. Hofnian. Kling. Kroh, I .iind- gren. MarKhall, Moran. Overall, Pfeister, Ruelbach. Slieckard. Single. Steinfeldt, Schulte. Tinker. ZiminerniHii. Di'trolt .\merioun League Club— "oughllti. 'Cobb. Crawford. l>iwnH, Kinovan. .lones Jennings, Hiillljin. Klllefer. .Mulliii. &'.l.^«ury. Koisman, Schmidt. Sutnmers. • Siicu*. Schacfer. Thoin«H. WllleHs. Winter. Mclniyro. Hud a C loot' 'Call. .\liN .\da I,. Crooni. the wlilei* tliown pjoprlelor "f the Crui.tti liole! {\'iiitKhii. .Ml.«x. KMV>; "for i.evi'r!il n'tiiiiliti I Kn (fere«l with a M '\ere rouvh illd conniiuimloli wemed m hiivc he ••srlp oil inc. wlii'ii n friend rccuinuiend- »d Dr. KlUR'a New UlHcovery. ' I be tau laklUK It. aud llirce iKitlles u((ect> id a complete cur«." The fame of ihit Ife aavtUK counh and cold ram«ily. ;l luDc,and.throat,bei' 117-119 West Street. lola, Kansas. DOllT FAIL TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FOLLOWING PRICES. WE SELL IT FOR LESS! Dress Goods ,. li;i> " j i-l !< < • !\'d a full lint III' ,. 111 1 - i i:ii' li- i 1 the l:i;.-i • 1 Iide I] IIIH... ! I ;I)WII ;':id til '•1::. al |l <\i.:; :Me beiiiw .i!l otli./i -;. ;.oin^ :i\ >l •.»•. $ :;^.:l«*'^., ;;oi!ig a* . .?;!.iHi tie •4l:!di:- uoiiiu al . .. 7 .">r ~ :'• ill!.,.. :;i'iiig a; . ."Jtc • il Mil'iii-.-. j4i iiiu al . . .::iic IlJL- Tl'.r tiutitii;.- (•|;(';''i: urTi\«.s. '.:'iMii.. .;i 1,1 iau ,t: f;oiii^- .11 UN- .:.c \1M . suii!io«;s. . .1 ' Sli;. r iir: u..:: I. : loiii, 1 •-•iiiii;: •. .1! ai . . I.VIHKS' l.iJMi. • J--. Ml^ll I I Nt-'i: lii- M . . . . llt.w::- e!l ; (.ov.i;.-. • A I.till >l.<H» l.tlHK.s' SMIMS. jl.ii. .- .<|ll..lll FJIII Ski!! - •.^••lliU .11 i :il:v.- $Il'..">'i .^ihaili!!! I',iii;!i.i:i '..^kiii:- ';iii tile .~ha.i(;iii'l ii ai i;'.- jin:: a I , *I(MH» S'HM.^ .I. . ... !*i.O i •LVIO !iSf ¥[•'.1111 ."^kirtV ui.i.e- af i' li!vi>IKS' IMIEI.'WKMi I5AIM. Ijidies' 7.".i- ritjiiii Sui;-- g.ilir.' .11 liidJe.-' "lie 2-pi.'C. sui;- uoini; iJiidii''' V.-o. worth i.'.i f idles" V. .M-'v-oriii 2"< iJlidies' «.\oi-i!. AI>S. .. i:.r . . lib- uiiili- a;. . lOp U.iiiii: al. . I '»c .11. iUv < Iiri-IMtKA'.V HUSK. CliiMr .'tr^ ri'ibed ho?.- v...: h J."..;. CJC C^ildreirs lilied lio.-• v.oiili 20c ..I .'.c ( itiildi .'ir • liblied bo>e wiiiiii I .'>i -..|llc ('S:!l.!re!r.-. ril'b.'d hii-e woiin !iic..t!r I.ADIKS- KI.MO^A.S. $ji..'.ii Fleei .'d Kiii\o:iaT 1:1 .-ale :ti I'">c ic Fleeced K!mot;:;s lur >.i •• :S FlCrii- liiie.l KiiiiiUKi- 011 sil'. !t!lc i.viUKs* iit»sE SI ppoiM i:i:s. I(c Hose Support IT.-, on sab- at...I 3c llii.-e Sup|:orIer.- on .~ale a." Mi::. See eer 'iue |> .\l'U. .I»c I.AIUKS* ( I.r,\KS. .•:ii;...i I., le c. I'll Ins |..iiai a'.i. iiii.-.a i.- ifKi\f I'.'pai t!::..:.'i tor id ]>.u li imr S.'a- KMT (;t)t)IJS. |lv. .• :iie jll^^ ill r.-e. ip! if a I 'uii ami jilupi .t.- line i.f knit jieodi. of all klinds. iHint lail to liHik thi.- liia- over l.;idies' and .\li.«ses' Knit Skirt, sSiawls. Ciove.-i. Mittens. Searts. Sweat cCs. CbiMren't Ca .is. Hats etc. We II them for lo~.s. Men's Shoe .3 Mi:>"s ; MCI;SS SIHH:S. uorlli on .\|. r.ii laf.-i'i :;i>i:i ; :i' . . yii n'- p.iiii.' ••••I' !,•,•.:.<• S.I'. .11 '.'.<-.• V:i.' ',. : Site- Ii'ii 11. -• .Il "•ill! •| 1:. .-In..-.- u.irll. Mi;>N «« H:K MhiKs. Ai. !:.ti, iHi > • r.ili,.. I V.i'.k >ll'.r) wollil i"l ^i.l. 'VilU V. I'liv, j^iiiii.. li'il'. 1.1 «.•! 'Il .i;o:ir; ;i! M...:i 111'.. <-:*-it ili.rlii:-.- winlii 't;iii;;ir :i' , . . . .'i.:m.. if !.-.•> s|.<i ^.^.iti • u 11: I.MHKV SHOi:s. lc:i; Im u..:i il $ '.-•'.0, .\!i:.. Ii-.i! i:.-:iui> !1 v.iiiih j;: I'll. l.:id:.-~ .1 ;rii.> • i<-: I.a*»i:^^* VI.. p;i;..ii; «... I»:i:;.'!:: | ;ii li.-Iin-. ••>. •.;iMiii; at kill .•h....> l .a <li.-" L-i ill.- I.:eii... I.liii . nth ill il.iik .\!, :i - - U.i:.-- M.uV .M.l!'.- hai^ l|-ii> »' 1 1 li: .<! :;i.iii.; ;i. ' le "•> :;i ;!nu ; tto'ilii i;(>:i-': .:; ^h(.^•:^. .?;{..••!• ..nd.-d wn|-.;: j.' sl.Ml >I.V.» il'; .1IKN-.S KAM\ VCSI .S. .M.ii - Sl.i'" Ve.-ls in liaiid-iiiiif p;.:•;.. ciiii:;, a; .*3.»M» i.:i.l» Ve>:> uoiiiu a; . .M. II s .'•Ion $1 r,.. V...-i.~ at «:i .00 Mtn's Clothing ,,.y,. V I.-,.-: .\.\l» V iM 1;:: .-i I'M.I. Grocery Items -!,•• lii:..,i . li.'liii^olli*. '.1. II , .\;: ,: '•i.-n': a' lis i*V. tl Kiiliii I ;i! . . " riiii:.- 1.11 ... ;>•. 1 >l;!•^ .111 .-.i'' . • Siiil.- ^::'•• . • .-.J.Mi - I'll ;:l . 1 .<.ii;.. . ;i s;i:t a: '.-ii i''t;i !i- al . il.. ol .?I,'>o ,•;.].I-. li;<d >iiii'i:.' il ;<ii.l • I. ... .^.ill .tiO . ;.• . :51('...".0 >ni.;.'. . »i'*.0" >:-'..0tP «!;N'V rMH'ltWKlK.j -.^ ii.i 1 "iri^'l « . ,.•.!•- ,1'. |.-:- ... . 1, M,:-.. u.iijii: :i; . . . , i( •: \>. i'!l'!i;-.-il-!i^. : '• 'Utr <\iy.i:rvA: mis. I.. ;-ii- .\|; ;>-n- lii. •In I !':. i.i:. ! Mi--., a:.'.! li ;>•• 1 ;tir. i}< in:: . -.4' UK- l"..v- -•, .-:•.!.• . !t.e.>, sa il- i!. .1.- K;i l--e ituw srrr.s. Hit wortii ^uii.-. won!. I'-.liils. (>:..: >.!!(• $ti:.' r.l; f;:..iii 0:1 2-".r '»:•: M. 1" llir... I'l. . . . lOc i-ii i !:i •:. I Si.ap. .". fm" I He I'.iii :• . i..iil. Suae. iin . HIr li.i- .•.^l!' .. I'l.i'-li an;. KI'MI . . .^r 111.- 1 S;;irrli ;i' •. . >c I'.i I.-i-I ion Si:.iril ;;l N- I'K- 1 II !.;i:;.-.- .Si.i: i li ;ii !i:ii ..-ilk So.1*1 . . •iiwi'i,!!.. .S..;.!! ill . Ir 1 II .':• » I). A .-^iia;. ;i; . Ic Ti-i Si-.j. te! "S:iidiii Ic I'M- Mii-i.ird ;>i .: . :tc <:.: (•:,..ii...ii- 1:.. • . 12c i.... ";i(:t ,-..'^11 at ..... -"''' ||..- Mil... .\ ;.i .!•:!, . "v- ^c |..< •riiieati..-. .-lo:id::-ri;.- a: I*'** IJi T.-.u;;'!!..-. iiaiidaids ;:i .><• Tl 'i,.,r:iiii!;ii il ai 1. •I... .» ij, - . :! dr iil |.-.r I'.v r,. „.!,.., :,t . l-.'c 1'.'.1.'In-.-.. .1 mlaril.. a: lOc I'.'i,.-lainiardr . . V- l.< Ci 1. . .->;.-;djr<l.- . . lite Ill I'M::. su.iill.ii li. a ... 1' l'.;ikiiij; I'ou;!;; a . .-JfOc I..<- C l::ikiim Pnwd.T ;il ILV K (• I'.iikin-' Powder at . . .V: I'.-.i 1 ,im:i:'i M.ikiiiir I'..wi!..r a I . .iitc ! r.r- I':; i;i.:fr Manini^. Pnwilff ;;! ..\Jti- :'.(.- raiiit:!'-: I'.i'kilig I'in\..'.-i a> . .^r COFFKKS. :.'.(• < .1.It . '.UH- j '-l:. e ;ir .i.'-c ^•••r- .'I' a! . I7'-c •:.r |c.;it.-e ;it ... li».jc I.'.C 1:1 IMilld I'••lief al ... ..Ih' Tlji- ;il).)\<- are onl.v a f'w .if llif iiiirii') I>;M u'iiiii.- ill ilii.-. ilepar 111. P.I.WKKTS \M» roMKIHM s. K\lru Siicrial t...\! I'oiiiin l::aiik-i~ . K»c C .-i.;!-..;--' ..a ... e >I .<H» I.I VK-.i';. fi.Mii ;?;.'•' :ii S-7.". \ ', • ' • < l!llil»KKN"N Wit MI .SSKS- « I.OAKS J;: li> 1 •.•;ii.-. :;.>il.:: ii; .sW.0.. .?.•>.. 1 i.ais miiiii; ill «5.(M) $r. •".>," "a: - :;i il :; ;r . :^.7o DIM- <.f i:ir.- .-.iio'.' e.j.:.:- •iit *I .7.'i .< . ''.I-IU' . I'o;' ihr.'t days .•;!|.--r l.,ir:;aiifs ^-.i"' :i!.-!i i'A>T sti.i;. w.. i\iV. :;iv.. !t:e e\ir iiftVr.d. 5l:.'.ii piin;^ all al . .*TUM» Notice to Farmers: i s I Your Produce is the same as Cash throughout our big stores, and it will buy Dry Goods, Shoes, Clothing and Groceries. The above are only a few of the many bargains we have to offer to the buying public. Jf Bji-ight & Co. have it, they sell it for less. All Phone Orders will receive prompt attention. Just REMEMBER, Phone 481. H. A 117-119 West St. JONES, Manager lOLA, KANSAS /and ir .siiKoo.M T«»n.N. \K Hulll on .Short \«lli-c .^<•n Killed \\i\h .Viiiiy Iloiiioecker*. selllt- upon bis etiine.- ..f I 111'.M'.i.'.'ii. f r | hungry honiet-eekers a-.'-iard til.' acres or Tili.;. eoiiinx l.iiid> iliiiiibeii. ar.- ti.|iii.iitai •. Iiul.-I^ a::il an- being tliriiv iij open 10 ^•lll.•lll iin; lioii.-.s of iintal.ii. >ic.>- Kei To date tills h>i:> li..e'i in olili.!.. > li,.. | >l;!l:< .•. nil'. |. lit-ii ^rcil ii:.. i! i D.iUa .S. II. t)cl. !• • 'Hie Ali.le loan und civil alli.ii aie taklnt; rtu linne >it»|l tijWH d lb" M'tllllC ".llll llllklllL- oiie mure Inva.'iiiii if IIKII va-l li. n- tier liiclmlid Iti llie l .i.uiHiaii.i piir- ^rluiM\. jHir^ioiiH of wlilcli liH\<' III till" I till elfniti. ti'V.aril Ihe 'Huf miHlernlrailiui . musliruimi lowti that iius on the raw prnliiv uve:- Mililtc umn h iiutrkiiiK tiitip. 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I. i.t ixere broimlit (LMII llie siirr.^lindini; f.>iiiiirv .'11 iii.ii.. -ilri'i iimik.l price, t.i iii'.b'i' III milk.- a liuirlc..i li.T.-. |.^ch til. cilier of 111.- ciiiiiiKTriiil club was .1 ii 't .s I t .ix.'d , h T III. .'.'ijin Ibal I r;'li~i>c! loll .. iit\% . (Ill |.\,.. 1 ralii ;ili li Ciin.N as tjis shall-. I'f rtTe ii>ss •tl ; r II I-. i. IH I I.!:' ri. all- I All con- iliu...i's mid plain eleilu's m. 11 to pro- I I'll II... |':i>selll:i 1 \ M.'- .1. ;i ..H>.l»! il< Jilt* hcri- •.vorkitii: CiCiiil: oCic«». The tfjwu of I>u!l, * was founded by three t»na of ex-Ucveritor .Frank'. D. Will .:i\e tlirei'ifoiirilis tiitcrrat In Il iluiiiaand -iMres of oil leaaos. K'' < r\ lease contains u vein o( oil or :;.is. to any eompitny who will put,a l;.d<' down to production or twenty- lire hundred feet.; The' leaaca are In extia (Hi.M.i! j So.ithcrn lllinolK. the bcat.oU Held In In Ihe post- the U. S. U C. Martin. Lincoln. III. ', !•..•;! k i|. III., m.ili..:- lit I.' di !'ai'11!. 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