Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 28, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1907
Page 6
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THEY'RE HUNTING JOBS OkJahonii It^ppnblicans Host Do a Lit- Ue Beal IVork ITow. Guthne. Sept. 2S.—The Republican office holders in the Capitol biOlding are not planninK what they wiU give each other for Christmas gifts. Instead, e^ Js getting the affairs ot his department in shape for his permanent absence. The news that President RooscAelt will approve the constitu tion, broke the single hair that held the suspended sword, aud everybody is getting ready to move. It will be n long time before another Republican administration will be assembled in . Cldahoma, if the Democratic major'- ties in the last election have even the semblance of truth. Republican fathers are telling their farcifoot sons today that possibly by the time they are three score and ten they may see a Republican holding olBce in the stato house. 'Governor Frantz has sev eral business offers, one of which he • may accept. *I had an impoverished bank account when I became governor," he said toda.v, "'and I have considerably 1 «-BS mon?y now. 1 have hcJd my office at a personal finanelal sacrifice." It i.f generally believed in Oklahoni.<« that President Roosevelt Is prepared to^ give Frantz another appointment at a high salary. A commission in tLe army "has been suprgested, but Governor Fi-antz would not enter the army with any commission that could rot be given him with propriety. Charles H. Filson, territorial serce- tary hag no immtvliate plans. He owns a fine* farm in the suburbs of Guthrie, and probably will manage that until he finds a business opening to his liking. Cassius Ranibo. territor'al treasurer, has considerable wealth, turned in the early days .as an in- tiian tradea-. "I have not had a vaoa tion in forty years." he said today , "'and when I go out of office I shall nst tor a while." Fred L. Wenncr. secretary of th'- school land commission, formerly in the newspaper business, has savc<l eneugh money to buy a go'od farm near Guthrie and will live on it. .T. E. Dyche. territorial auditor, engaged the most of his life in educational work, will return to his home, in Lawton. W .0. Cromwell territorial attorney general will return to the practice of luw at Enid. There is some talk of hi.-; candidacy for the federal Judgeship hi Uie Western district. His success WMdd depend upon, of course, his Governor Frantz and E Hunter, both intimate friends of President Roos§vclt, are friendly to Crom -jr.ell, but might not sea their way tt Indorse him for the judgeship. C. A. McNabb, s?'cretary of the board of agriculture, is slated more fortunately than his assistanu. Vnder statehood, the board of agriculture will be com posod of eleven niembers. the manner of whose eIe<:tlon will be determln ed by the first legislature. The legls Ir.ture will not meet until the last of Now^oiber, leaving McNabb to refirr- some time in 1908. The present board of agriculture and Its ! secretary ore elected by delegates from the charter <vl farmers' county institutes in Oklahoma. Hugh SC 'jtt. private .secretary tr Governor Frantz, is a physician and will again engage In the practice of r.edicine. Scott was private secretary to Delegate B. C. McGulre. "My flight iu politics was solely to enjoy the novelty of it." said Scott. 'T have had enough to last me all of my life. I have had more fun than trouble, which is better fortune, than befalls uisot men In politics." SAFE BLOWEBS IN K.lXS.iS. Cheney, Kas., Sept. 2S.—Safe blowers robbpd the Banta Fe depot and the postoffice last night. The postof- flce building was ^recked. About $100 vas secured. —Tire lOLl DAUT BEQISTEB, SAfrBPAY EYEXPfO. SEPTEMBEB 88, 1TO7, DYNAMITE IN KITGflEK Psdpl^S 4Siin ^ for Stomach Ills Cnban Boy Was Angry at Cook in Irmr Camp and Planned to KOI Him. It would be folly to say that« person Honors Go to Xn. ). T. Shields So Far. (Humboldt Herald) \V1ho was the first child bom in or near Humboldt who is still living here should always be iSs own doctor. 'There New York, Sept. 2S.Becaus« he had times when one cannot be too gnick , , , . in consulting a competent and reliable a greivance against the mess cook of physician, but the fact does remain that _ Company G of the United States sig- there are many ailmenta that can be " . , J „,i„.j.^ "rr-Z" oal corps, stationed at Fort Wood, -red at home^t very^tUe erpensc. or within reach of Humboldt? They .» T , J o w , S"":** remedies can be foonght at any should let the celebration commit Bedlows Island, a Cuban boy empoy- fi«t <las8 drug store for a smaU^,^. | tee know. aB they will be wanted in ed as a laborer, attempted to blow Among the diseases that can be effec> , up the kitchen with dynamite. Can- tiyely treated at home are such asTier*, Iiarauj. . ^ n^,.^^ n r..,^«ii A ^'"^ the Stomach, liver and bowels. As far as present data is concerned, tain George C Dumell, in command ijkeconstinat .on. dyspepsia. biUousness. 'tte honor belongs to Mrs. J. T. Shields tb:m ordered the boy from the Island, flatulency. *ur «om»cli. bloated stomadi, sick , ^, „.„ . . ^ , , „ . Lcauaches. Lnirtbum. For theie trooble* Mrs. Shlldes was born on the Bill The boy Is a stepson of a soldier sta-, there U DO better remedy man Dr. Caldwell's „^„„v„,„ ,0-0 t«„„,».« In r,.ha Mo woo «.,„ninv«..» PjrnipPei «ij>. therreatherbUiuUTecomDound, Chambers farm, Septembsr 2 ,th, 18a9. tloniid in Cuba. He was employed as andimonr iw Moiuchcst fritnds «re m «ioc-. rnu. -.u,- i„ whlcli shp was born a laborer in the reconstruction of th«» '^f* ihcmsciTos. ;n ^nrh troubles tb-y know 'OR caoin in vvnicii sne \*n8 oorn a iai>orer m tne reconsirucuon or me .^g, co-.hlwr botre-to otter than the in- still alandlng base of the Statue of Llbertv. Much ert-dlent* couialned tn this wmedr. sod hence ' " , , . I tbc liberal ones t4ielrpaticata to take it. dynamite Is used on the Island and- Itofteahurneas that i>t tbe oommenoemeot « _ « ^^\^ K^„'ef an attack some pcorlo»icsltat«*o take such « •\fter a quarrel with the cook the boy simple rflmedr. anil nm 'o 1 dpeuw. 'mt axter put several sticks in a coal bin. Wlien lur >--uu», lue uu.> Simple pcmedr. anil run 'o 1 doctor. •>« alter nf tliB ovnlncfvA tr.viD|{ Tnrious aoctors thor lln»Uj»taka Dr. Of the explosive, caidwell's Syrup Pepsin and fiTTetbeir contJ. ben the djnamit- f.«^?f,r'?V^E"T .i5?"-, Is ibat n( Mr. Hcrrin. ot LawieoMTiUe. IlL. was discovered, the percussion caps\ who^Bufferedfrom wuat^tb^dooio™ caUM oj- were off and In this condition, tl p:osIve was practically harmlcts She is-the oldest child of Thomas Nail, a well known old timer. He was a member of the 9th Kansas and was with General Lyons when he was kill ed at the. battle of Springfield, - Mo. 77 ' ' .v ' j tarrhoi the stomach. He w».i:«iven up to die Mrs. Shields was slightly over two were off and In this condition, the 1 bK^)*^,»„eadln«: years old at that time and had gone = ^!.S'll2MHS 'o ^uiil?ie ''w'j !i'wSS: ^" Springfield with her mother to see Ultimately he was ndvlsed to try Dr. Caldwell's her father. The family werei at din- Srn'pPcpslnanddidso. nod D0» be i* entirely , ^t. • , ^ ^ cured and ha.s eained 15 pounds. He naiutaJlT ner when they were aroused by the advises ttUsufliTcrs from vcaK Jtomocb to UM T-„I,„I M_ XT_II i ,,„._t„j <-i„ it. UojnbohadlnBOccntandt! bottio*. ana Rebel jeli. Mr. Nail hurried to join results nre absolutclr cuarantccd or money IS WATCHED BACE ALL MGllT. Enthusiasm iu New York .\nto Race Isi Proven by Speclulors. New York, Sept. 2S.—Enthusiasm in the twenty-four hour automobile TLCe now in progress at the Mori-is: Park race track, continued all during ' the night. Ten thousand men and women watched the ears race around the track at dawn today. The cold atnisophcxe made many of the watch era shiver, but their enthimiasm sho\*- I'd no signs of diminishing. There was not a minute during the night when men were defying danger to make speed, that a tragedy was not imminent. At the end of the" tenti; hour, car No. 12, driven by Emanuel Cedr'no and Parlcer. was l?ad!ng With \Ki miles which distance is four miles ahead of the record. refunded. Buy a iMttle to^y and watch results. Jll TICKETS SOLI) TOD.VV. Attendance at Laivyer.*! Kau<(uet IVill Probably Be Large, Today at noon 31 tickets for the big liar As.'iociation banquet to be held •n next Thursday evening liad beon called for. It Is expected, however, that not less than 70 tickets will be taken before next Thursday, the time .=ct for the banq:;et. The Ladies Ai.l of the MetliOdist church is 10 furnish ihe m '-Jiu for the affair. The program as published several Jays a:o in the Register has. been chanced. Travis Morsse is to speak for C. L. Evans. Mr. Evans Is on !h3 sick list and unable to bp preseiit. V,. E. Clifford has bren Mlled East I 'y the death of his mother-in-law and A. F. Florence will speak. MVEUS IS ilEL.VVEI). i urblr.;? Material Is Tied Up lUlncen lola and Joplin. Contractor Hershe! Myero, wlio i nutting in tne curbing on ot! blocks . f lo'a stri-cts Is delayed in work .•y th.'" fai!;;rc of material 10 worn with. Somewhere between lola and ;oi)liii he has a s'.ii)i)Iy of crushivl :l;nt ted up, which he is gr-'-aily iu ••.ccd 0?. -lis men arc working 011 xcnvation to lay. The north Jefferson .street paving was completed last night .Tnd the road was opened for travel this mor^fcp. The road has be?n closed from TCe Missouri Pacific duriuu he paving. The cab stands at the ICaty have not yet been paved. XO MOKE B.\>D CONCERTS. Weather Is Too Cold for Open Air Mnslcalcs. There will be no more free band concerts th's season. This was decid- (d today and Mr. Roberts has announc f d that no more hand concerts will be alvcn this fall. Mr. Roberts says the conc?rts have been discontinued on account of the cool weather. It is probable that the Roberts Band will decide to give open air concerts next summer at EHectrlc park but it has not been definitely settled. OBBorai Merohmndlmo Stoak mtPmtfoilm, Kan., Ooiober t, 1307 at 3 p.m. The General Merchandise Stock of Geo. E. Reeder will be sold at public auction to the hixhest bidder lor cash, with the usual reservations of the Court. Tnis stock is good, clean and saleable, and invoices as follows: CItrara and Tobacco SOJH* Patent medicines and stock food S6.0S » Slaple and fancy groceries 2««.W CpiBdies, etc. 6J« P^ntu 47.00 Hardware W5.7D Classware 15.71 Dry Goods and Xotions S.>9.56 FumlshlBp Goods 201.47 iSooU and Shoes 841..^ Accounts 173.24 FIstares 718.75 Come and inspect it, or for infonnstton call on L. R. STMfSLET, Receiver FREE TEST '^^^'^'^-^^ pr .oaM. well's Synip i>ep*la bdsra _ tv can nam free sarapls battle tent to IhslrlMMby addresilnirltiecempany. This Mhr Is to pran thtftht remedy vrlil do M we da" wtM have nmer taken It , . (yiKfttanu of ttomacb, liver or Mwtl dltsats. Oentlett yet most clltethre Uxathw for tbilditn, WCMI ind M Mki. A naianteed.. pccmaneilt home care. THE PUBLIC VERDICT; "NO Laxatlvt M 6oed lad Sura as OH. 0AU)WEa '8 SYRUP PEPSIN." TW« product bean puity guarantM Ho. l7, WasNsctoa, 0. C. PEPSIN SYRUP OO. 1IOOaM<ifBll BIdg., •ortiollo, III. POINT TO STUNENBERG tand Frauds Seem (6 Center About the Dead Goicnior. Boise. Idaljo, Sept. 27.—Hi.ving accomplished much of the tedious work o: Identifying and placing on the records the papers in about half a hundred of the alleged I'radulent claims fiied oil timber lands iu the interests oi the Umber l.,nmber company, the government attorneys iu charge of tho prosecution of United States senator Rorah who actjd as attornej- for tho company began today to unfold in narrative fomi details of the alleged rouspiracy which is said to have begun in IS'jg aud to havo continued down t9 the filing in ^904 of the last or lOS ideeds covering 160 acres each or thickly wooded forest land to the lumber corporation. WjtucKses vxlij are willing to cou- f<.s.s to alleged wrongdoing which ihey swore ware inadf in taking out timber claims wiiicii '.Iiey without interest tran?ferred to o'lier-parlies will have Irigi-Iy to do with flu-, presentation ol iha governments case. In his opening statement to tl)e jury former .ludgp BiTch of Detroit, tho sp<.olaI assistant of tlie attorney general B ?nt here to take an active part I'l^the prosecution, announced that {'up government would offer as oim of Its principal wltnerts<'« Oeorge S. Long who It is alli-ged aoied as dummy trus- fte to give title to claims from "dum- niie.-?" entry men and transfer the property later to ihe Barbar company This lumber comp.iny, a Wisconsin corporation, having its nilU iu this city Ciinic. into being, the government claims, after the alleged frauda were well under way and was organized to hold and make use of the lands sold through tho so-calied conspiracy. "I-ong will tell you," declared Mf. Burch to the jur>-, "that he merely loaned his name as a "dummy" that he never paid a dollar of his own mone.y for any land; that he never saw any of the entrymcn turn their claims over (o him; that he never knew Senator Borah and that he nsver employed Senator Borah as his attorney. He yill be corroborated by letters written to him by .Tames T. Barber and Sumner G. Moon of the Barber Lumber company." Former governor of Idaho, Frank Steune.nberg, Is promised as the central figure in the government's case. his company and In the> excitement the little girl escaped her mothers' notice and wont after her father. She was In the thickest of the batllft and it was a wonder that rhe was not hit by a bullet. General Lyons saw har standing in the road and picked her up and gave her to an officer with orders to take her to a place of safety Shortly after that he was killed. Mi^. Nail was a member of the guard which took the general to St. Louis lor burial. 'VVJieti Mrs. Shields was a child tl;ero were but le.w white people here. Her most interesting playmate was ail old Indian chief who took a fancy to the little baby and spent la great deal of his time at the. cabin playing with her. She was baptized by the Indians and christened "Slarry-eyes." If there are any others living who were, born before that time they ought to see that their names get in to the committee together with the date of their birth. The coiumitttec desires the aisisi- ance of everyone in distributing the advertising matter. If you are going to a nearby town corns and get some of the bills for distribution. Write to (' your friends and tell them to come. It will take a big lot of push to make the celebration a success, but it wUl S4-2 0iSr:NCT:0ti:«r ,BES3 . CC^TRIOMT iflor ut T1!C "RiKTI-BailCRWI CSnPATiy^ We are Exclusive Agents for the celebrated "Printzess" Coats and Suits in this section of Kansas. Fall and Winter's Latest Mod Now shown in our Cloak and Suit :Depaimient on Second Floor. Elevator at your service. K>OW IT ViLLL. familiar Features Well Kuuivn JIuadreds of lola Cltizeus. tu .\ familiar burden in every home, Tln> burden of a "bad back." .\ lame, a weak or an aciiiiig back. Tells you of kidney ills. lJo;iu".H Kidney Fills will cure you. Hern i.-i lola tesihiiouy to prlve It: K. \V. Snow, of 32:; South street, lola, Kansas, says: "Off and on for. ten or twelve years 1 was botherefl n-ith |)ain across the small of my back and iu my right hip. 1 am apt to take cold at my \\oik. especially If T stop while pers|)iring freely or even If I j niilt for dinner, if 1 am nut careful. I and whcui .'Vcr I get a cold It goes to | ray back and some relief but it has my back and causes mo eoiisiderable suffering. The remedies 1 have tried have given some relief but It has not lasted. Mrn. Snow learned of Hoau's Kidney Pills and got a box at Clias.' B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store. During j the several weeks whl<ni have passed ; since using this remedy 1 have had i scarcely any trouble from my- old complaint. Mrs. Snow complained often of pain between the shoulders and In her left hip. She was subject to headches and spells of dizziness. She used Doau's Kidney Pills for a short time and has not had any of these] troubles since. Doan'a Kidney Pills ; are a remedy that can be depended upon lo give prompt relief from back ache and all ailments arising from deranged kidneys." For sale by a.l dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co!, Buffalo, I •New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doaus—and take no other. TYLER BIJOS. TO IIAVi SALE. Ira Tjler Will Move to La Harpe to Keside. Tyler brotliers, wlio live oiio mile east and live miles north of LaHarpe, will have a sale of their crop.'?, stock and farming Implements on Octobca* M\. They have a great deal of stock aud farming Implemeiits to di.spose of. Ira Tyler expects to inove to I^aHarpo .1. B. Tyler has not yet df,ciued wluft •he will do. E. X. WTillT and v.itu have Ti;luiu- fl from tlie Natloiia." Kncami'Mon' at aarato.^a. tJn the h'uncwiird trip, Mr.'t slopped at Uanvlll?. 111., and visited the Soldier's Home t!;ere. Ho says .lohn Com, a former resident ot Kumboldt, Is" a member of the Home th^re. Mr. Wert did not see Mr. Corn for the reason that ho was away at- lending ihe'Encampmen: at Saratoga. -Huraboklt Union. THE RED'S three fcalarietl players wfiu released tliat afloruoim—and . W' Iioini- tiuit aftiTuoon— Williams to Altainoiit. Havfrar to Moliue and Kiilliwider to lola. Tlie ba .seball sea- Mm is about: «)vcr and L?hmi>n, the, best, pitcher of them all. will twirl' what few games tlic Ut,>il.s [day from iiov, on. —Hiiiiiboldt Union. CLAIMS CHAMPIOX APPLE. J W A IV E D ! JOXES CASE IS DBOPPED. City Will >«t IH B Ditch Across iTTs Lots. Tlie injunction proceedings begnn by Walter S. Jones to restrain the city from digging a ditch through hifi lots ntar the Katy tracks, did not come up in court today as the matter has been pracMcally settled outside of the court. The city has decided not to attempt to construct the ditch. Mr. .londs alleges that the. proposed ditch damaged his property. .MILLION MORE FOB SCHOOLS. Kansas Is Snendlnir That Amount for Improrements. Topeka. Sept. 28.—Kansas will, haye spent something like a million dollars for school bouses and school Improvements by the end of the year according to the amount of board of education bonds that hare been purchased by the scbo(d Amd commlaslon. A. I.. Toniii-ODd Brings iu liuudsonie Specimen. \. L. Towusend last evening brough into the Register office what Uo balleves to be the champ'on ap-; pie raised in Allen county this fall. It. was a beautiful specimen and measured 11 inchch in circumference. Hu had half a dozen of Bimllar size on the same tree. Mr. TownseAd did not know the name of the apple. He also brought in two mammoth mango pep- i pers. Jlr. Townsend some time ago exhibited in front ot thcv Register office a com stalk measuring 17 feet and o Inches In height, which was tliree feet taller than the champion blalk exhibited at Franklin, Indlanu, ut the. county fair, which place he was visiting recently. One of the worst features of kidney trouble Is that It is an insidious disease and before the victim realizes his dapger he may have a fatal malady. Take FoltW's Kidney Cure at the first sign of trrfuble as It corrects irregularities and prevents Brlght's disease and diabetes. Burrell's drug store. Trj % Wut bi the Beglstcr. Toan^ men and iromcn for positions oi trostt irhvre intelligent serrice will be appreciated and paid for— L.vperlcnced men and iromen for positions rcqoiriu? ability and' Uct— People of all ages, of all tali-uts, divers abilities, fur suitable lines of employment— .-I %. Used things—such as pianos, organs, erery sort of musical instru* neut, writing machines, cash registers, store aud oflicc lixtnres, talking macbines, books, engravings, post i'ard!<, stamp •collections, rugs, carpets, fornlture of ererj kind'— Horses and carriages, tnick.s, busiucss i>ugous,. bicvctes, guns,, cameras, fishing tackle, automobiles—' Real Estate—lots, plots, acres, k-asehoId.s, equities, bouses, flats, apartments, stores— Instructions in paintlug, singing, the violin andjtiauo, short hand, aecouBtlng, corresponding, languages, dancing. « Places to liie—houses, apartuicuts, furuisbtd rooms, boardiug phices tvhero life is interesting— These are some of the thousands of people and things that are •^wanted" in this city Just now,.and If you can fill any of these wants You Should Inquire of the Public Through A Daily Register Want Ad.

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