Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 28, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1907
Page 5
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•A- • THE lOLA PAILt- BEGISTEB. SATrBPAY EYEyPfG, SEFtEMBER S8. liW7. ^ VmimHmmiy HompUml West Street. lola, one block from square. Diseased of domesticated animals snccessf ally treated .charges moderate.good box stalls for pslieiils Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 years cxperieuce. Vetetiu- ary Dentistry a specialty. Honor araduate of Ontario Veterinary College, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 Local VicwA, Souvenir Stam|)»< Puzzle Cardfty Leather Cards, Embossed and Plain. Serial Cards, Juvenile Cards, In fact anything you may want in Post Cards SPENCER'S LEGAL TANGLE CITY JfEWg. I'l-.-, I«it!)ii>|'. • '>-i 'V )|»;ilii.'. Ii;tv<' ii.i'Vi 'il tlicii otii 'i 's Dvcr tin- V.,\ i Siilc \i^^<l" ;nc. V ll.\S.,T i,f In;, I vi.-lU 'fl "I 'll Mr. Mild Mrs. D. Kciii lart week aiid fattended tlio Old SctUcis' nieuting.— —.Neotlio I'alU I 'oVi. — J Molcr nurbor Collcpp. Kansas City, Mn. Ti'achcs the trado by free cUnlc Biid careful instriirtioiis in few weeks. Vosiiions waitiiii: for evprybody who will Icurn. Write for particulars. r !•• TCK.VKK and w if- aii <l I T Itrtiii and wif<- i>f Idla allPlideil HH' Did HcMlcis' iiuciin.i; l.isi week.—N^- TalLs I'o.-i. We write Insurance on Thre^shiiR Machine!*. IL M. Cunnlngbam. ciTV (•\,I:KI\. f. Wvn.ioin - .i^ <:I 11< M 1 I 'l I 'nrt .Kco't tminy on I >tr -jn-. .-. Here is anotliiT <iii>' of OMP har .irainH in alii,iiJ'-r. Tlir"e r<>oin>.,..wice (rout |Mirch; sood will, nice location, fcinootli lot. price for few day.s $r.r,r). Sfj:, cM-lt. ifalaiic.' Jill i.rr iiioritli. AViiitak- cr (c Donnell. •fFfK CnV officials had somo anxiety visteniay a, t i :he new -.veil which va< driilfi! in on the yintng jilace ,1 ilay or two a-^o. It was found that ilK -n.' was s^oii-e. !^:iU wafr in it and it was fear^'d that the well would !)•' liainaired. A plug ha.s now been put in. and they now beljeei- ti^e well is alf right. Tile well hns a l.uOO 000 capa-' citv. .). V, liinnrr. lirensrj aiirtioneer Hnd sale crier. .V>i Norlfi Mcllea, <«as THK KISICR lieiis liave sold the pio 1" rly at ."o.i North Oak str-fA to Mrs. .•\'".\an'ler of Cberryx:;lc. Kans-a'^. Rernolds. Fhone tiB. Res. 614. .J .n .KIRK hap i>nreha.=:<'(i fho ,\lexan- I'l'v Jianiiiton pr <»|)i .rty a( HlC Norlii \\"ashiii?t (in stifet. and expects to n- I'lodi.'l till- pri'iiervv :ind otlii.-rwi^e lie.- lMO\ J It. Uaiif*"!-FJvpryliody to know (hat W U Kelley &• SOn have moved their 'ran .-ifT and sttjra;ic ofhce 'o I'll ."<oiiih Wa^liincfoti f»flii r and l)i<> rhoin- l ".<ii IlPs .idttx •• aii(< !ili:b' I'bone 17. <• II o; S.-d^wKk Kansas lias |tiirclia>'>'il I.'P- .'^hf-ir? rpsr;nira!i' on ICa.-.l .Madi.soii y]\- Slicrrv li i^on<' tut" till- jiiiNc- ly>">'s ju^: ihri'' dooi 'at 'if tli<' ii'-iiiiu;'ni I*. F. WaDirh, nwitW. PJionr l« OtHre oTi -r Barrell'* IJrnif 8torr. V.-. f 'ffi in and 1/ Ml Priiilf 1 r- ••la.\ sliiiiiiid their bon>t'bol (l ;;<M >ds lo I)"'nv< r. f'olovatloi and wii! tiiake that plac.' t'liiiic honie Dr. J.F. Jameisnn, qutlttl^4 Vefpria- •rlao. Doazlas Bros. Raro. Pbuae IS. -V <;U{I, was bori" la.-i rii !:li' to .Mr. :iiid .Mrs. C. V -.Iniics. i-f .'.i)!i South SycaiiiMii' street. For h*!it anti aol«>k<>i>t resoHs O»P «be B<'>rlstfr Want rolninii. Four Lawyers Attarh SI .Smith's .Mvncj- In Differput Court;*. There proi«Ue« to be an hitereBting hgal battle to se^ which one of the tii.iitors of Si Smith, a farmer IK-Ing north of Gas City, is sutcesaful in get- t ng the IJL'H which was left from the «ale of his farm Iml'lomenls at- ttv thf Cas Cl;y State and Allen Coun:y banks had taken out enoupli to «ut- i >fy •'ioni;- mortgages held by them. .lohn Kembcrg acting for the fiaw City aiid .Mien County banks, as clerk ot the .sale, now has the balance in Ids possession. j William :icConke\ of Gas City tliinugli his attorney has attached the ?12l> for the sum of $(U.s:i. i E. 1). .\lI «tott a Gas City grocery- man through attorney W. D. Cope, has attached it for a bill of $229. «'. 1.. Evans for S. Malconi of La l!;'rii\ has filed a similar action fori ;; *C.o gioc'j-y bill UoM Gard in behalf of the son of Si Smith, brings action to recover SM2 which 111' cbnmed was his .''hare o,' The properly sold. .lolin Remsberg has employed Trav i -. .\ to rejire-sent hint in the ens • Til', tact that all of the suit.s wer-- I 'li'iiTli) ill (lifl'.r 'Tit courts makes it v'-ry hanl to f-l! which suit has th'' priority in the (ilinir of the pa|>er.-- (Joshorn brought bis action in .liidge l.'<iii;:irs coiirr and tb? papers wer'' !-rrved on the Gas City State bank, (ope brotiglii his action in .ludgc,.Fr<' VI rt"s court and seined the papeis oil .lohn Reinsber.g ns clerk r.f the sale. The Evans case was brought iu -'udg • >iercer's court at IJI llarpe. •:;oshorn claims that his patters wer., the t'rst served and Cope claims the same thing .\ mee'.in.g of the nttor iieys is to be lubl Tuesday before Ju'ige I'rev'.rt to decide which papers x.i'i-'- leiilly fie-il lirsl. Til'- affair Is r.ither mixed up ami ii- liitlicult lo form an opinion av •<) ^ Itelliep <jr not. the son. .Vllstoll. M.n- ' 'in or .McCotik^y will Let th,. moiie> PRIIil Apure^Grape cream of tartar baldiig powder—Makes Food More Delicious and Wholesome—No Alum—No Phosi^ates Care Must bo Taken to Keep Alum From the Food ,Dr. Alonza Clark t "A •ubvtance (alum) which can derange lha •tomach should not be tolerated in baking powder." Prof. S. W. Johnion, Yale College t "I rejard their (alum and •otuble alomina salts) introduction into baking powdar* a* most dangerous to health." lOPEN & MtLLION AGREl I (io^«ruuieHl Land In the Northirest to Settlers. \IU SKI» HIS CIIILDRIN. (''riiuiiiN ( pon Wlifch .fohn ftalarcli- ow*kl (Jets Divorce. .Idliii Halaichowski secured a divorce ti'day Iron) his wife. Mary. He al itges in his petition that bi.'i wife abuse'] h's chil'lren. l?o;h parties had bi en miirr'e<i lefor the htisband having five childrcfl by a former wife nnd til • wife fdiii cliildren by a former hus- bnnd. <Jni' child has b^en born to the loupo. The plaintiff claimed that i is w:fr> aliused bis children. Wlien ho br. g lilt the suit some time ago. th.; wife asked U^r and was granted alimo- K .v. By the decree of the court thi; noruing, the defendant gets $250 ali- n'ony and the custody of their minor ch.ld. SOLI) SINNYSIDK WELL. f itj <;«>( fur <.'a<>er From fuKeil Iron Work". Till- •::> li;i.-. suhl .Siinn;- .Side Cas we. I \v ,\s ie(-i-iitiy :i (-'ilil i "-.! from III' . I'"i-ii:uiil < V-IIM-;I! <-(rn- jiatr. Ill '•.,•;;::<• !',:• ili.- !-'r.\.-r well .<OUtil I ; 'I Til" w.-il V, :l- t'lis w.-ck i-- il' nty to i;n I'liited Ir'ia Works •• : ' TJi of ?."•'»•. Till- si-l!- inu of li.', V. will iiol affect the gas siippl.\ 'f til" 'il i . •laiim-'l For heitf and Qnlrk <>9l Result* use »lif Ki'glKler Mttht C'olams. You'd b«ftlet get thai TOP COATi COMB TONIGHT: Che BarttaylShields ,^iS*^IE STORE THAT SATISFIES. .nrM .Li: W'.< inKD >.'..n. .Vrrei>l for .\IJi-iiiiil«d S'-.wxW of UOIMTI y\ iNoii. .Mr. ."''i.l^r v.a- MSI . r .i .iy Jm.',) Jl' '.fi in .lli'l:-'- •• vl; I-...I' I'lr JillelliliK il a'..,aii'' "'I 11:- i 'I '.•! of I {<.;."il Wll- vei I' i- ' lailiHMl Id;'! U isnri asked \|i| 1(1 fi-- til'- I'l'l'i'-iit I. .-i liill when tl.'- ',-:i:i' il -i w !,: --iri i|.-(lf -n..rl lit ill. 'lii.;;-;. (•> \'. 1 TF " ail'-st foll'.c . f . • TAFT IS NOW IN JAPAN <o;;i-» .Haile - An'iorale ' ai'ar ei' ijilerlaitniieni-. Voiv '-ltali'.i. H'-pl •J>' S 'l -velai.^ ! i-|i :ii 11. •• I i-.ii ly th: i;."rniiii: on I 'll - -M' I .M iiiiii-"'!.' Irciii S>atil'- ii'l li •- liav -.'s .11%. 1. I -AMli ia'il" h'-.. '. i • |.'a. ilii: .Aiii 'M I .'111 !l:i;- • .i!:'! ol rjer c il'rs S'cn-tari Tali v..,; ,„.'! h' the ii-i -.'pi itjii <-';iiiiiiii 1. 1' on til • .•^teaii! "r. all'! ae. • .1 -; program for his •ni'-riaiiiii"';'. i nt .l-i-iiii.-'l t .i parti- 'i; ate in a'l.. f'i:i 'i i.iiis to'Iay or Sun- liay .Mo;;.!.-i th.- ei-.-ar:. will be r .-(-ei \.-il in ;iii-!.ei:'-.- \^\ ill.' .f.-ipaiies.. Kliiporor. I'I'IDWI (! \<\ ;i liin<-h »'Oii at 'li" pal.'. '- Tlic f.iref;.!! minister wilt civo il .ii- :i' I in Si'cn-tary Taft's hon' t <m -Mondax <.\eiiiiii:. Tifs.Iav til.' S'i-r.-t.-ry will be i-iitertained at !!iiic)!i'>ii 1'.' the Minister of W,-ir The .Minnesota liai! a rotich but not niipl.asant v<iyii-.;i. a.-i-jss ili.- Pacific svi.i ui.KS i.osr. -.VFFY." \ Kornur Krillhiiit ttulticltler (iocs Iti WIrhita. _ I COLQB FOB EACH BILL I I |i|t '-lii'nsoii Nen s ' i'r .iiili Wil -o'i. Il' • cr !<:i'i-.a a.s "W r..'• •,\liii 'li-l siii -li liiilPant work in ill-. si;iiMi-!(J th;. may not be with tl-.- .Sii'i rackeis iii-\! year .\t pn s• -1 -le iiwin-'l I'v Wicliila. Last sp;-!i :g .\ITv U,IM iiiirc-li .is.'d from Okla- b >:.;a I' tv l-v Wicliita for $inO. Wichi- 1; s oii;!i .''.I Mas full up vo hr> was 1( aiK -il to Hutchinson with the agrc- ni -iit Ida' a <.-rta!ii siini of moin .y be ItaM I'l \\ i '-'iita. If the money was paid (f.|ii-iiiii 'Oii <-<iiili| keep fJie oiif- II- I'll-;-, if nil!, then li • was to be ri- ti .M: i! .'" \\ :'-li ;ta .it li:. . !-< II flunk Idlers' I»r<ks May Look Itlblion Conntcrs. iJkr Mianlic City, N. .1,. Sept. 'JS.- If tbt- siciciary nf the tieaimiy will grant a i -<-'|iii 'si coMlaiiied in a resoiiitKui present' i| yi-:,tf-ril;iy ai th'- .'• iin-rican U :.|il'-rs' .\s. oci.ilii'U coiiveiilton tln- leller's de-k oi' ilie average national bank will sniii '-wiiat resf -nible the rlb- lii.n i-i'iinter of a d'-parliiieiU store. 'I'll" re .-o.Mion propasi -s that each deii 'iiMiitiJi 'in of bank notes be made of .-I i-i -<iaiii eolor: one riollar Jiole.s. slaie: two brown: lives, mi-en, tens. Iilni-; iwenlie... yeKi.w; liflie'. p'nk. .ami hundred and ovei, while. Til" resolulioii was refi-ricil to lln- I ri'! of lb"-, in> -ii'lir.; i -N .-ei;i ive i n-aiuil I \ lrilni-i- of .\'--,i"rda.-':• final M--,-ii>ii ' wa . .Ill a-ldn s., li\ I'residei.i .M. !-/ '»f • ""-^ In.alls, ,.) lb.. Mer. hum.s- .Sa' III.- r.iles v.liie'' piiili bit the lo.-fn of baiiu-. f'iin iniia'i. o'l ' (inr I'reseiil and pli\.-r; lliiweM -r. it is rarri.'d on all '•"ii'ine I'li. ,' iit\ ' ihe tin,,, im.l.r cover „f veiling the: a.Hre.s.s ihri- -.v.IS a ills. U.S. I'lii of every <iay baiik- pliy .rs. Tlie Hnicb;iison management, j,,^. ,.„..s;i„i,s. .Xni-iim ihe n-solntions il 'dtri have !(i '.-ive lip Wilson. Wichita urescnted. all <'f NV|II<-!I were r-f'-rred ci-ublti'i tak.' him by force. woM 'd lie a .liny mean trick not |,,,.i..!.„iun. ben M.iie aU'l federal, as t ve liiiii ii|' as the loi-al club owners , wi !l prix ii)e .-ii-i<-i SMJU-Ivision of the w. re ill honor bound. An nrrano-: i '^i"'"'' of sicck and mi-er si riintii s of „; 1,1 mav vet b-, I 'l .-ide wher.-by Wil- I''".'''"; ^'•V'-^' '•"n-rauons. He also son can be piirei,;,s -,.,l H iv hoped so ,[,.,, ;,|, i;,,,.r.!uie corporations be for Affy 's on." of tlw most itopnlar C!K;I terivl liy the ;'.il.-r;'l grivi-riiiiient. p'.ayers t'nt ever rallie her'- and th',- f.ais want him back. linf il f'"^':"'-'^'' coaiKil. was oiK- from 1!. .Mosb.y. of Kaiisa.s. favoring such ( (M HT .VPPOINTED .VTTORNF.V. .1. Miller Will Hepreseni Harry Bnidfiinl. .Iii'l^e Koijst this nioniin.g appoint I .-\ttoriiey .T. R. Mjller ns counsel for Harry Rradford. the young man V., o is charged with sl'vxling copper from the bjla Portland ("ement com- Pmy Uradforil had no money to hire tl..- .sei-vici,-s of an attorney. He rle- th • (barce against him. Hi? wife i;. now ser'.ously slcU in St .lamcs lH )s|iital. ci «nv.-;;ti <iu adio'lVMcd after • ' • tilr; tlf followini; i.tiiiers: )'re-'i• iea,. .t 11. I 'nv.iTs. I "Ulsvil 1"': vice pnsid-a.-, (.'iir;.' .M. \\.'\\M\<\^, '")ii- c, >-.••> Til" s.-r.-*ary and Meaf.iirer will lie t-n iti-d l.y 111.' '•xe-julive <-om- mitlr.v .\t tlie 111". 'ling of the cK .M-utive coun (-iy tliis afternoon, Lewis S. Pierson of New York, was elected ch.-iirniai: .if lb" council, r. K. Kariisworth. o; >iic!! ig.-ili. defealed .J.imes I?. J {i\s ;jcli o< .\(-w York for sr -cretary by M vole of tw(iity-six to fotirii-en :if*vr a warm c"M!e.-t. >jr. Hraiich bu'^ b.eld the po- -it 'on for a dozi -n v.» Tiie oHice l'a>-^ a s .iiar.\ of SI:.""" annually. .\ I'lane. of M-;ii!e;,otn. will be re- elr'.-ii.d ircasur.-r. o\ sr .M».\v A.Mi.sEJii ;.Nr. Llder Thonlll^on of Topeka Will Dl:<. cns> It roniorro»\ Afteruoniu KljYAL .NKIGHIUIRS ::f.r. drew the prize of J.'jii fur having the best fancy drill team at riianiite and for havlnp iJie lieJeualinn. The b>dge aIno mit o;i the initiatory-work there. .Mem bers .)f the diill team arc: Mesdames W. H. .Morrj.s'.n. S. K. Vaughn. .Mr.-*. H. V. .Mct'.nlre. f. W. ThoniK.son. A. Selule C. A. lfnt;;liiiison. -R. Schwartz. Kate Thmn:. <. C. C. Reynolds. .Minnie Wood. L. Harbier. F. A. Wagner. C. Cox. P A. Oliv.>r. T. IHIdebrandt. T. O. Long, and .1. A. Trowbridge. l-;'d"r Ciuirles TbonU'.-oii v.ill deliv- (•• a J.'ciure lomojiow afternoon at t:nee o'loi-k .11 11" Grand theatr... on til • .nlij..ct of • nim-iay Amusements". Rev. ThomP-'".on is said to be a veiy i.-vt. rtaining tafl-ier and promise.'-, fj rive otn'. !:• V. light on the fiiiestj.ju. .•^'in^l.iy amiaements is a Mibj'-et .,f n;')re than ordinary ini .'rest here iio-.v a-, tl"' I'limi-II has had an ordinanc'- draflr'l prohibiting sueli amtiscliienf^. Till- oriliiiaii. 1! will toiii'. up al Hie H'At nilMl'll meelinS. MR. I IK i;( ffiM. sri.r.s (n T. P rialning .Mill nnd Will Do (nnlrnct Work. (" < ''iinich 11. the local rontrae t'<r. Iia> Ix'eii s.leered by .Mother ft-r jiaij of the Cn'holic rhiirch. v,ho i.s nt '11" h".-iil of all th.". f.-i'holic .srhtioj.- aii'l hiispita!s of the Order of Sr .'o.-< pli in fills ilioc'.se. to do all th'" caipeiiter and contract work of that igan v.itioii .Mr (•;i!ii-.-)rI| in view of Hie fact that lb.- CO'!'!:;"; wdrk for that organ- i>aiioii it iii 'Cc-H .sary for him t" I..- ne;.rl.\ .iM the work out of town, ; as soi.i h s i.laning mUl in Kast lola I'l loh„ Li\ingsion. Mr. Churchill |3 now at worl. on a big J .">.i>(»l> contract a: P'lixl.urg. Kansas wherri an add! ill.II 111 thv l.ospital is "being built. TOOK >0 ACTKKV lletcbiMMiM Rrfommlory Rnanl Ton- (tidpring rharges Agulnitt Xar>hHll. Topeka. Kas.. Sept. 2S.—After meet••)C all afternoon with Oovt-mor Hoch '.be board of manusers of the state reformatory at Huiehiutou took no action in Ihe case of K. H Marshall, sup erintendent of Ihe institution. Marshall was charged, wiih cruel treat-] meat of Inmates. IS UnORCKIJ KR(»M ADDIE. W. II. Trine Sei-nnd a nirnrre Yes. (errtn?. H I line bis n;on granted a di vorce from bis dife. Addie Trin?. The li' f' ndant did not resist Ibe action. .\ir Trine alleue,i in luii petition that on nunn rous occasion" hir. wife had b'.en guilty of immoral conduct. Mrs. Trine sonie, time :igo fervid a Jail iiieiice for rebooting a young man l,vi!i2 near Culyle. Her name also apiiear:: on the police court docket. Mrs. lanlrell. I'hnne 1097. « 1»VF7{TEI) .IIW TO PREAfH. Mill Re al Han(;v» (hunk and Y. .M. ('. A. ToniorroH. Rev .1 .M Scherm-ni. Hie ronverte.i .1. wish miniiiter. of Kansa!! City, is to 'lo '.l ihrec meeflnns in lola tomorrow. '.-I ti <• n.orning b • wjl! .fill thft pulpit •i: Hie Hat'ti,;( church. \\\ the after- •;r<.'i at :;,:pi he ttil! speak' lo the m^n •:' 'III- ^' M A. rooms and in the. v.Miinc li"' will b" at the Raptist clini -ch .T -'.-iiii. Rev Schnrman i."? n yoiig man 'mt 21 years old and ir an e .'.r .!l-nt .speaker. Spokane. Wiash., Sept. 2S.—Homei for ."COOO families will be provldet 111 Ibe Northwest by the United State in the noxt tweilvo mouths, wbca tb' :ovcrnn)ont. will open to oettlcment tihout r> million acres of timber, agri t ultnral and miner.'.! land in Rasetri 't'nshlngioii. Northern Idaho.' Western .Montana and South Dakota'. The oc ciijiat:<iu of these lands, situated* In • .g'lt Indian reservations, will marl the most Imiiortant period of dsvelop nient since the first railroad onteref the dl.strict west of the Rocky moun t .-iiiK The lottery system has been de c!d-.l upon In the disposition of thes' reservation lands, which' are locatei' a-' follows: folvllle. Eastern Washington, t mr. Iiofi acres: Ya.'dma. Central Wash'n; 'cii l.lla.'Wi acres; Coeur d'Alene .'•.orth.'l-;i Idaho. .•Hn.nOU acre.';; I..emhi Ciiitral Eest.^rn Idaho, one half mil lion acres: Hlackfeei, Southern Idaho one half million acres; Flathead, West 1-111 Moutaim, I niillion acres; Hose- btid and Lower Brule, South Dakota V<L:.CII acre.-. The First Lottery Date Fi-ed, riie jv>w-er Briile re?ervt,, compris !:s ,•'<.;.atii) acres, will be the first to be oi' 11' (I. The land has been appraise and tlie r.-guiationr. issued for its dis posal. Homesi.eUers have until October 7 to file apfilVations for lottery tick.'iy in the drawing, which will b- il" Pierre the follovving week. Each .1 indicant must go to the Pierre lam" d.strict .ind ^l ^l,.'' onth on liis tickc •bat he is e'.it;il-,tl to take public land under the iiomestead laws. If suc- c'-isful in drawing a homestead he must pay the government the apprals et value of the land, in annual in- stallm.-nts The valiii. is placed at fn-'iii $1 2 ,"i to $4 an acre. The most important tract to be opei^ c .i is in the YakiiiKi country, west of Svokane, where 1,1 tr>,Oiiij acres of land will be diijposed of in various ways The lovernment is constrncting an Irrigating plant to covi ?r lOti.OO'l acres of Ian 1. The irrigated trait will be divided into 403crc plats. The settlers will be reiinired tn pay in ten ycar- '> installments the amount of money the governmijit [mt into tho project. Th=s will niHko the bnd cost the settlers an acre It will be used chiefly for sugar beets and alfalfa eul tiiri'. The timber laii'I on the Yakima rfservalion will b'. sold under sealed bids. All other lati'l. fxcept mineral will be awarded under the homc-stead act. The Lenilii Open .Soon. Work is progressing so rapidly on the Lemhi ri-.servatlon that it is an- noiinced the lands will probably be op?ned to settlers this fall. The Indians on this reservation .hare been removed lo Fort Hall and all that re • lains to be. done is the appraisement o.' the imiirovements. The appraisers •r;!i b:? appo'nted within a few week^. The ;,bl homestead law will govern the opening of these lands and sf.*- tlerr. will not have to pay more than 'I.:'.', to ,<;2.iiO an acre for tracts. Surveyors are also at work on the Rlack.'et resorvation. The first work is to set aside allotm'.nts for the In- ilians and then survey the surplus one'•al fmillion acres, together with gov- ernnient townslte.^. The povernment has Ihe right to withdraw part of this 'and for an irrigation proj!>ct but so 'ar then. is no disposition to do "o. Signet* Rings! Our line of gold Signet Riogs i' very worthy of an insjjcciioii. Thi icsigns arc particulirlv iiiicotDmoi ind prices quite rc,i';,oifriblc Engravliiff Frtto of Charge »o. Pac, SanU Fe, and M. IVateli lospeetor. £!T. Oraftsmen. To draw Il .2 .'-Ji .i0 monthly anywhere. Chief Dr .Tftsman of Engineer- ng Firm wii; In-'riict nnd prepare vou pracflcally-lndividually for above lalaiy. by practical work, home in- ••trnctlon, Onarautee you necessary, letiial Drafting Room e.xneriencr. not obtainable In schools, colleges or irt- ^tltutea t<» be competent high nalarlel OraftHinaii. .N"o l>i|iloiiias. hut training until competeii't. Knrnlsli tool:-; and Di 'sitlon fr.'c Terr., . r.'a:-'.iiable \i|. •hefs. Citlef Draftsman. Div. 2 ;'-C En ;lneers' Equri<t fo.. Unci Chicago OLSO.V BOVS (f>.'ttE HO.'tfE. Famous Ball PInjors Will Wlntt-r at SiiTonhnrsr. iaasna ^'atloaat Guard Enjoyed the Week at Fort Rlley. • ' i Company M of the Kansas National juards. returned yesterday evening a tho Missouri Pacific train from •'ort Ulley, where they have been en- ampted for ten days. The, lola boys report an excelletit ime and the company won many hon- rs. Captain McClaIn of the local ompany was selected as major of the :rd battalion for one day during the Eseiiee of Major Hltchms of that bat-: hlion. The fact that the Colonel ap- olnted him to this position temporl- y, would indicate in ense of a acancy In that offlco in the lleglment, he ajijiointment would probably go to ':;aptain McClain. The only hardship which the Tola •oy.s bad to endure was that of trying .) keep warm whila sleeping on the ironnds. with nothing but a light wool danket and a rubber blanket over Nem- The nights were very cold all uriiig the stay at camp and by mom- ';g nearly everyone in tho company hiver^'d from the cold. i On last Wednesday all the after- 0011 the lola boys had nothing to do ui lie on the sido of a hill and watch lie l>ig artilery guns throw shells I the redoubt, which had been thrown ip by the regular troops some time before. That night the company aarcbed into a deep valley and there ampeii for the night. It was at this '•me that the boys had to cook therl aeon and after supper, roll up in iu'ir blankets, with nothing over them •ut the little "dog" tents and try to leep. One. member of the company ays iie is willing lo wager his last ent Uiat not a member of the com•any slept over ona hour that night on i( count of the cold. At four thirty he company received orders to pacR •p and at live, o'clock, long before day- 'Ight the company began creeping •round the hills, getting ready to at- f ck the redoubt which had been fired ipon the day before by tho artillery. Tli'i boys thought tho experience Treat fun and those of the company vho served in the Spanlsch-Amerl- -an war. say that ft reminded them if service in tha Philippines. Gilmoie^s t*laycrs at tHe V T 6- Crescent Ttetre Change of Pictures each day. Two IIlHstrated Songs With Each Show.- Open-from Z io h k 7'to Itkp. m, AVcst Madison. Admission 5c.' Livingston Co Contractors an^ BaOd<Mi All kinds ol wOTfca apeciaity » South Sycamore • . rto** Call on ^ When Tieeding anything in tbejewelry lin?.. R. S. QiLmtAtt, 6eneral Contractot. . Flagstone and Cemenit Sldewallia. ani Curbing a Specialty. OiBce 115 East Jackson AT«. Phene tM. ^pecial for To -fflOTOw Our buyer has been to Kansas City md'we now have jnst received a big ihipment of all kinds of Fruit. Vegc-[ ables and such as can be had in the | narket at Kansas Citj'. For today and -iatuiday we will have the following: Pell Power Apples. .New York Pippen Apples. Tokay Grapes. Blue Damson Plums. Green Gage Plums. Rananas. Oranges. Rocky Ford Cantalopcs. Jersey Sweet Potatoes. Fresh Tomatoes. Eggplant. Parsnips. Green and Wax Beans. Radishes, Beets. Pie Plant. Vegetjible Soup Bunches. R/ue Grapes. Respectfully. A. Q. MUMMA. I For Sale Cheap, Good Farm and CIt>- Property. See the THE .lAYHAWKER LAND CO. for (luick results. Old Court House, Tola, Kans. fLOLR Every sack gn»r«nteed.. W. M. Oberdori} ACeNT '.Savor-.lit--: Record \ The base ball sea.-on of hav. 'ng ciced. Sylvester Olson came home from .foplfn Saturday morning, and hfs brother. Kuiery, arrived from To- -eka in the afternoon. In addition to hcing crack ball players, the Olson •brothers are centlemen in every senae of the word and incidentally have the nonev to show for their work that is bist finished for the venr. Fmerv H ••onsldere.d by the liest liase ball critics as the greatest Infielder ever seen in the Western association circuit. Mis record is phenomenal. Next sea-on be will plav with an eastern 'eaciip at an advanced s.ilary. Syl-1 •.•>=-.'(>r bas been coolnc with hard lurk ' ill through the summer. Hp was sick [ •ff .'ind on for a cminle of months. | which of course blichted his ehances •for this .«eason. Hut bp will cof^e • •ciii" Me ha.; tho onaliiv. and will ; •>e ,->bl»- to dpiivfr the goods at some I "etnre date. While this season has} -•ot nroved a forHinate one. his record T the face of obstacles is very fair, •''he boys have laid aside their pro- 'esslonul toga and are famfltarlzlng themselves with tho work In the mercantile husineaa. »TEYER'» GROCERY HaadqMrtam tw Good Thin^ to Eat. Jele |>hoD6 IS9 The Auto Gmrago aini Repmir Shop Agents- 111 South Washlngton^HellO 114 T,B, Two Big Stores rOLA, KANS. Fryer Bros Can Cut Down Your. Qfocery and iVU^t Bill :: :: t: Home Made Sausage of aH Kinds. Cash Pafd for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UTTODATE MEAT MARKET 111 East Jtladison It i:; but necessary tor you tc give us a ti ial order on groceries and meats if you want to deinon- str.ite the fact that yon will "save money bv purcbaring from tis. We have the choicest of staple and fancy groceri^. We make a specialty of catering to the fastid- ous houbewife. who wants those Utile e.xtras that to make tip an ex ,C €ptional dinner and which are so hard to -fiud^ in the average grocery store. FRYER BROS. (Irocery aad Mea Market Phoacs 308 jia4 301, 2o El }aclc»Mu'' ^Vhhm 65.

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