Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1908
Page 2
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'••-•\ d L. KOBIHSDP, Pmllaal F. A. KOBXHBIIF, TkAJ^iMwt. D. l»i«OBTilBnP, ta* TJee.jPwrt IHTMp* PAID •HiittirylirailWliiiSMii fiftiOl^ ** Stall MNt lukli AlMfii. A. Ll BBOXBACetH. CuUtr. •SITDC FBOXK. Ait^ CMUWI Asiets $U200,000 For New Fall Suit, OveiK^ts and Rain Coals wortli$2J).(l8 Tnc price really'oughl to be (20.00 the materials, tbc liu- iiigs and -ver/ bit nf the workmansalp ^re all of a $30 character ret we off ihetu at $14 75. We are ]ireseDtiag as attractive H Clu-.liiu<; Salt: as auy man could expect. It is through oul: cash purchase of a Icadiagclothing maaniacturer who a^deJ the money at big allowances, that we arc able to make such au offer u5 tbis and allow yon to save $5 .oo|ou a new Fall Suit or Overcoat right at Ibe beginning of the season. W. L. Dooglas $3|50 Shoe The reputation vi the "Douglas," shoe is one of the most valuable av ^ets in the entire shoe trade In this country today. Huudreds of tneii buy the"Douglas" shoe every year because they kaow I hey cin absolutely rely on its reputBtio|i Gossip of Society 1 Hear Report. 'ht Bete Betes occupied the assem- At tile Y society, mei-tiu-; tuiiiKlit. llr room for tlicir fortaigliUy pro- the members will hear a report of llie srair. The essays and TocitatlouB state convention of Uic Y. "VV. C. T- L'. were >iiileni*ersod witli appropriate -nrUIch recently occurred at Pittsburir. luuoic rendered by members of Ibe illss Zoe Atchison represented the lo- society, cal society and tas sent a complete + <• * TO.MCJHT Mkster Stuart I l(M)-HIg Acts—100 Open all day Saturday Xviiilu}, Tuesday and Wednes\\ day Mghts luggan, report, | Return. From Kanus City. -s- V Miss Jennie Xewnian and Misa Aid Society. Mjriie N 'ewman are expected iiome Mrs. Sarah Crigler outertaii ed tli'> t>iir(irro«- from their vis-it to Kansas Aid society of the Baptist cliuii'h yns- C'iry. terday 'afternoon. Tiie usual vork <• •> and business of tlig society were fea-' "At Home" Today. * tares of the day. ^ ^ ; AIIH . n. C. Champion and Mrs. P. ii. *••••'* {.Miic: <ill are givitu; their second Koeial I • Sewing Ciub. ' entertaiiin<ent today und arc infor-; Miss Mayme Anderson tMiiertaiiied ipolly "at home" to a large number, the girls of her Sewing club inform- of lh<i.-. frlemls. Tlie guests are be-; ally yesterday afternoon. Thcie was ins entertained at the Champion res- a small five o'cloclt luncheon. lirience. corner Jnclison and Cotton-' * 4» * .wood streets. To Ottawa."" ' ' \ '><•-> \ . A number of ladifs of It. N. A. camp . To Humboldt. i 1281 are in Ottawa today for a speiial. Tli'-' Ail i-liib will go to Humboldt . meeting and Initiation tonigiit. Thiso'on -Monday afternoon to be the guests ,„'i ,,i „i; „^ ^ members of the lolii drill team will "f Miss Mary Chamberlain, the presi- '."''•f'"/,'"^*! awil »t with tlio eeri.munles: Mebdttm.>s duut. Th" guests will leave Ida at, "'^ t-oufere AJIce Cummlngs. J. .1. fCeim. l-VIfltmnii. i'.':'-^' and return late Monday night. C.B. Kakln, G. W. Adam». A. W. Sill"- Tin- oceiisloti will lie Informal and the 'well. J* E. Hawioy, f!. W. AlltMi. C. UKUIII |m|»vs iint* reudlngs will bu ;WaPr«n. A. Fry. C. 1". May. MI.NS Kiwn. 'Wadgo Kolm and MIHH j.iHi.- Adiiiii-).' • •^ * * + * Mr». Joyce Horn*. Mra. Bartlatt Home. S]i-h. T. A. Jnyw. wl:o hnn ln'..n III .. Mra. .Inmi-H Harllult IINH retniiuil ui Clirlhfb howplial. TopeUa. for from a vlnlt In KanNnx Cllj. |i'nil WCIKM. returned hotne inHt cvpn •S* <• <• Inc. MrK. 4ii .\e<« IN irreull} Improved Vlalt Mra. BCCBOM. , j iind iter nuiny frtendu will be clad to «< ktiiiw Mlie Ih at lioine uvaln. Races bert, ofChanute And I Of lola I itoria Mr». Henry K.vlnr hau now i« Jowph. i>!o.. \n \\<h Mr. PouteriBmon for a wcik. • + + Bate Bete Meeting. because of th|i- ac^ti ace. + * * |. Serving Meal*. Tli<- Aid Hociety. of tie Chriatlun (bureh ^li serA-lug meals today lo tli«»e >vlitj arij- attending the Synod of tho I'reHliyiijrlan einireli. A lurgv nuiu li<»r »i( \M\W)( iir«' ntislHtInK at tlie ta- lilea. I I, IP I •:• •:• <• i till Ku-*! Miiitii>i» iurt (11* illl! flK<\» llrri'. f * * Cull I ll'l>(l" M ^ ''' \ llev. Aid 8oc«ty Mttting, l„.,,„ „ \V«nien of the Aid Hoelely of tin" Relumed Home. V, of WtchlK ,1. r. May. of Wichita who hn- Kuutit of Mr. and Mrs. W. t*. i\'UtruvA home today. Rev, May l!nlt««d •nrt'thrnti church heUl a meet- |,X attend iho Syno*! of th. Hubaequont to tlie Cwmil iir ^ernniiM lag yoHtenlay to complete aeveral or- j.^t .^bytl -rlan church. WiBlon: of Uio hlgli (lehool ynatenlif}' dfra.of ncedieworlt, in ^6od Jewmiry There will be no. ' . torduy City. . Alr.«.- .he day .J. .}. From Kansas City. f Cllzaheth Onull relumed yea- rom n brief trip to KiinsaH At LaHarpe. t:. O. Bollinger is spendiiic with friends in LaHarpe. Music Clubl jflrst program of ; the schodiilc i.' It is our Strong claim that you can always find anything suli ^ ^perythlog in jewelry that is good. The newest and best, almtst a*! it leaves the finishing room of the factot>-. Is to be losad in. ur^,^i|, ^hli seaaonlof the Ladica ,r,. s • 1 'c f • , • . . 6Iu|) will be given on the ap- it 18 Certainly tar Irotn Wise to buy jewelry wherever you see jew- proachfig Tuesday. The- hdstesa elfjr far sale. The wise way is to come right to xia. Then you'll know' announced Monday. prtdrtty what you are buying anjd you'll also be sure you :are getting ^, , ff"- ybor money's worth. I J . B «»; Frienjjls of Mr. and Mr^. nalpU Jew- .-Tv -r^-^^^'V ^Ur. Mrs. a guest Freema ell of Emporia, have received .word jtbatj a daughter was born to ^hem icarly in the w<>ek. Mr. and Mrs. Jew ' ell fornSerly lived at Moran. •..+ + • Mrs. Donovan Here. !R. Donovan of Columbus, la of herj parents. Mr. and [Mrs. tJiris. Hzve a Bazaar. 1 Uif the \AHa, Seta club-oi; the First Pfrsbyterian church -^rlll h^ve a bi^zaar evening! lc» wUf Hy buillrf nd Informal soiial^on Friday October 16. The yoiinri lad- have jfour booths temuprar- in the basement of tbccti lurcb und ivin sell confectioaB, I cakes and tea aa refreshments to tbdir visitors. Fortune telllns ''HI be o ^e of the amusements and there wilt bo an Im* nation fish pond from which some amall saleable articles will' bo drawn. The booth frori which tea will be sened will be trimmed In; Japanese stylo and the service will be In kcep- int; with the general Idea.' . W'c work uvei! old bats at the i^ust liiln .Milliuery x^re. i • * (,ittte Folk Party. The first of a^ aeries of iuerry parties for yonng /people of the United Brethren rimrch vras given last evening at the. home of Mr; and Mrs. Cha*i. E. May. 420 North;. Chestnut street. The sodial committee of the society whiAi was so largely represented arranged | the party and durinK the evening numerous Informal and unique games made mnch merriment. Tho guests were costumt-d as child reu anil for refreshments there were appropriate dainties and stick candy An'ong tliose in attendance were" .Messrs. and Mesdames W. R. McAlIs- ler. J. \V. AdamB. B. F. Adams. Chas Cain. .T«»e Wolfe. .Mrs. J. Ci Jefferson Mrs. R. B. Donovan. Misses Lulu Kin- nry. Eva Fowler. Hazle iKeim. Ida Lageanl. Aima Snavely. Katie Illt ter. Runlce Mij^samore. Edna Freeman.'Emma HaK. Opal Keim. Lydla -l^meant. Anna Snavely. Katie Itlt- pio. Ida Bell l^rgeant. Madge Kelm T.illie Adanifs. Mrs. Alandei ' Liedloff. Mrs. 45. "VV. .Xdams. 'Messrs Arthur nrll'ari. Franl; Waite. Roy I.,ampherc. lolin Sn:<vely. and Chas. i Courtner. i;<->iir!;'\ Cleiin and Burton .Kdams. Joe •^n^i Floyd Cain. ' •:• • • Mav* Auto Ridei nn>' of il<t> pleasurable events which will occur during the days of the club t*onmention is an automobile ride to entertain deii-cates and visitors from oul .of town. The rommlttae on enter lainment appealed to the Boosters for assistanec in arranging 111 and a» a resjull tlif business men will arrange for numerous autotnoblloa to take the cluli wiiuicn to places of Interest in und alxiut lola. The auto ride will oreur on the afternoon of Tuesday. October ;Oth. * • • l„-iii'.si .-i.Oi'.- in sensible Utad WIMT ii.!.^'. lo'a Milliuery. <• + * * •:• 4- Vi«it Mother. Mr.*. LiirllB llayden. of Yates Cen ter Is here to visit her mother. Mrs. V. A. Sagner. •> * Visit Mrs, Munger. .Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ayr»^ of La Ha'-pe are guests of \tr. and Mrs. L. C. Muneer to attend the Sessions of th«> Presbyterian Synod. Mr. and Mrs Ayrcs formerly lived In lola. •> -i- * Entertainment a Success. Tin- Clirlsliau cburcl^^ wsis comfortably filled last evening for the lec lure given Iiy Rev. BllettJ Tl:c ev ening was under the .auspices of the Christian Endeavorers. * • • Invite Ladies. Sccr.ta;-i Starkcy of tlid V. M. A. lias announced timf th^s will be 'adie.<i' night at tlie assbcia and hit feminine friends ar^ extended a cordial invitation to p{resent. basket ball game will be the gymnasium. •i- • 'i- From Philadelphia l{e\. J. A. Wordon. of Philadelphia is a guehi of Mr. aud Mrs. brand during tiie l<iynpd of{ byterlan r! nreh. Uev. W an intimate friend of thejhoat and hostess whiii the ramily lived in Pi-nn sjivnnia. + • Serve Chlekan. |.H of the ChrlHllai ehiireli WIMII to atinnunre thai the menu for the dinner at the Presbyterian churcli lomormw will contain cli^eken. Imiv nini>l>-r uf patrons are exp<et • d; •> •;< •> Y. W. C. A. Notes. The board of directors 6t the Y C. A. mei yesterday aftcriioim .at •lie »HKoelH(ion rooms tol trahsael their business. .Mrs. \V. O. {Andorion ir>«l .MiH, W. s. Kauffman ti^re elect ••d U> tlin hoard and Mrs. Thos. CorrI gan was made chairman of the fln- ance commlllei>. The Imarfi Is now comi»lete niid numbers IC. Mm. Cor- rlgnn and Miss Soyle. general sccre- Ury. go to WichiU to attci^d the state. coDTentlon; November C-8 It is probable that. ochcr delegates may go from the tola association. During Scptembet 2S0 people called at the rooms: 46 calls were made by tbc secretary, 137 wore In thp gym, passes since tac 14th and there wiia one social affair with one hundred present. The rooms arc provjing to be an attractive and restful plate during the noon hour and many yonng women are responding dally to the in- vllatiuii to make use of them, i REV. H. C. CULBERTSON HERE. Secured Or. Hill of Chicago for Address at the Synod. Ion rooms !d A played In H. ii. Hill Ihe Free rden was BEST tATRAAU IMtCTOH. This is the ijttie Hyo- niei inhaler, a doctor that has cured many tbouiiands of I sufferers from catarrh. Uronchitis, asthma. hay fevor. coughs, colds, grip and croup. It's easy to cure yourself witii Myoniel. Pour a fcK' drops in j the little Inhaler, and ijreathe it In. The healing; soothing and antisciptic air will reach every nook and crevice of the mucous membrane of^the nose aud thrdat: will stop the Irritation almost immediately; will allay the inflammation; drive out the f6ul odor; kill tlie germs and cure the disease. "My wife has been using Hyomei for two months for'caUrrh. She has received mt re relief and benefit than from any other treatment"—K S. Parrett, JeirehsonTtlle, Chas. Bi Spencer 4t Co.. the drng- ,«ells }l>oin«i iprvnouiiJpM Rev. Henry Coe Culbcrtsou, formerly pastor of the Presbyterian rhurch In this city, btit now president )f Emporia College, is among the v isitors In attendance at the Synod here. Rev. Culbcrtson has many frlcnd.t here who will be glad to know that he is pleased with his work and that unt er his direction Emporia College is making great-strides. One of the ntimbers he is especially Intcrestetl in at. this session of the Synod is the address next Sunday night by Rev. E^dgar P. Hill. D. D.. of McConhack Theological Seminary. Chicago. It was laree- 'V through, his efforts that Dr. Hill was secured to give a lectur^ jhere Sunday evening along BMucatlonal lines. The Chicago educator i.4 what is generally called "a coming'man Though yet yoiing he Is already ':nown as one of the strong men of his church and his address next Sunday evening will be" one of the distinct r-aturcs of| the Synod. Would .A farmed Mortgage the Farm. on Rural Route ::. Etninre. Sa,. W. .\. ^oyd by iiauie. says: "nuck 'en'b .\rnici Salvn eured the two worst <ores I eve • saw: one on my hand aud me on my leg. If Is worth more ( 't* weiglil in gold I would not be without It if I hart to mortgage me 'arm lo get it." Only •.T-c. ai all drug 'tores'. HOME BOY TONIGHT STEWART CLAPP WILL BEi THE ATTRACTION AT AUDITORIUM. Triangle Stilt Skating, and Leap The Gap Among His Acts. ••Master' Stuart" the lola boy who goes on tlie road nest week will put on an exhibition toniglit of fancy and trick skating. His "thriller - • is the leap the gap act In which he does something never before put on in lola. The triangle stilt skates are also new an Invention of his: ow;n. In addition to these he has many^ other acts doing all together over 100 different turns. The young man has worked faithfully all summer at the local rink and deserves success if anybody ever did. The fact that he is a home boK- will doubtlei-s attract many people as he Is very popular and there arc many who want to see fcim started pff in good shape. The performance starts promptly at nine o'clock. THE TOURNEY IS I'h-sl Tennis Oabe Began at Iriiree U*clork~Rr!(nlt of Dranlng tor Place*. The. opening game in liii- Countj Trnals Tourney began ililw al- Icrnuuii at :t o'clock. In the di ubl^n the upeuInK gameM will be pla >hl a.^ followtc \Vn <Hl and t:ii-ve'iinii <•( Hun tmldt vs. CurllK and Iptoii uf tola v i Ihe iunl eounV. KInuninnn und Teaio uf llil* IIU.ID. the L;i Ilarpr TunitT und Peel on courts. In Ihi- slnglifK. the u}>culng g{aui<» will be Wood of Humboldl VK. of Moran on the Hunt courts: laud of Huiiil>oldt vs. Taylor «r| ran. on Ihe IHuni couriu. and T of l^a HarpOiVM. Kluuinuna uf lo! the i.a Harp6 courts. This morning's drawing for dolibles resulted as | follows: Wasson Sladier, Uye: Rogers and Smith. Wood and Cleveland. Uye: Curli Upton. Bye: JBrewster and Ross, aud .Gard. Biker and Hyames. Hlukey and Owen. Klaumann and .Teats. Turner and PeetL Taylor and Young. Phillips and MacDonald. The drawing for singles: klau­ mann. Bye: Tu,rner. Bye: Bowlus liyv Upton. Bye; Ross, Bye; Wasson. Bye: Stover. Bye: Btadier vs. Bre» ster. Taylor vs. Cleveland, Hyames vs Owen. Smith vsl Rogent. Teats vs. Hi nkey Phillips vs. Curtis. McDonald vh. Ciard. Wood vs. Young, Clark vs. Bakei. FORGED AN ORnER ON tSimmmoma \VAICTED—Men for .quarry and ware iionse. .\pply at works. Tlur tola Portland Cement Co. WANTED—Hoarders and roomers at «0I >;ortli Walnut. .Modern house. WANTED—.Men lo learn barber trade, few weeks required, best paying work within the reach of i>oor man, can have shop with small capital, wages from $11* to $20 weekly, wonderful. df-mand for barber.s. catalogue mailed free. Moler Barber College, Kansas City. Mo. WAJiTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and .Missouri land. Gulden West L.and Co. Ottice over lonti Store, lola. Kas.M W-4NTED—A >irst class salesman to sell, our tbas. coffees and specialties direct to tlie consumer in and around lola. A gtiod paying business to right partii *8. Write or call on the Grand Union Tea Co., 704 Kansas Ayeuue. Topeka. Kas. SALESMEN & AGB.STS—$$$$00 00 p^sr week and over can he made sellir>g Sew Campaign Noveities from now until ejection.. Sells to Stores, County FUirs. Picnics and Private V^milles. Complete line of sampler, charges prepaid- for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO NO/ELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave.. Chicago. • FOR SAlE'MmomUmmuotm FOR SALE—570 feet 2x10x20 hard pine. Also some 3-Inch flooring. Cheap for cash. Phone U14. FOR S.U.E—Fre^'h milch covi North Was-hinpion. FOR SALE—Refreshment tent lOx 20. 7 foot side wail. 11 fool center. 10 oz. fancy stripe top. 8 oz. fancy stripe wall. Imjuire 305 South Indiana. FOR SALti—i;wd bird dog. In(|uire 401 North 0\»V. FOR T1L\DE—Some sheep for fresh milch cow. Phone 088 2-1. TOR B.liNT—T» • I : . at .'ill South Cbet.. ' I'OR RENT—Room at 1J North Wul- nuL KDR KENT—Six room cottage at mo South Second. Inquire 911 East .Madiiioti. W. Rogers. , FOR RE:.\T—Six room bouse with or without barn. Close in. Phone 219. Vpn TRADt:—Equity in two room house for team, .\ddrcss G. .\. Russell, R. R. 2. lola. Also three room house for rem. TO LOA.N—JO.OOO privaif uiouey on farm land at per cent —lofa liund O. LOST rOUMD I,»>ST—Sepleiuliir Ifi. new liaruics friini hori<r. UIMI (I> net. iteturn to Chris; RIffor's offlee [oiing leve- .Morner a on and iBye: and This is the,Charge on Which Matty of I Gas City is Wanted The offlcers are looking for one Joseph Matty, ^rho until about the last 4S hours has been a residei it of Gas City, ifhey have a warrant him. charging that, he forged an Order on an Exprns company in Gas on which oTier 'lie secured a giillon off alcohol tl at was shipped to Mrs. Hattie Mathews. It is claimed Piat Matty gare t le forged order to a i nj- man who pn iented it to the tBxi rest €0«apaBy. id the sihiDhol and tn)iiad '\>T^to JfiM ^i^ tl also Joe for 0000 0,0 ooooooooooe o o O ill. cncAK. o O iHebfta. Kansas. O O WCMTCBN I.AND8 * BA>t'H£M O O Flor Sole or Trad". O O ' fS.on an Acre. Up. O O O 00000000000000000 Bfisiaess Difcctofy. DB. 3ULDBED CUST18 Pbyslciaa an4 Sargeoa. * OIBce over Bu'-rell's Drug Store • Office Phone 534. ,* Residence 214 E. Jackson • Phone 569. • • • • DBS. BEID * BBID, • Physicians and Sargeons. • • X-Ray and Electrical Appliances. * Eye, Ear, Nose and ThroaL • Office Phone 357; Res. 396. * DB. MeXILLEir, • Special sUeoUon given to the * treatment of all Chronic Diaeas- * es and iDiseases of Children. * Telephones: Office 32. Res. 233. * Office over Burrell's Drug StorA • West Madison. • Phone 687. Res. 701. W DB. 0. L. COX, , Ear. Nose and ThroaL Spectacles Properly Fitted. OSca A. O. U. W. Bld(. Offica Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 40« • DB. B. 0. CHBISTIAH Fhystrlaa an4 Sarge«B Rooms 7 and S.. Evans Bldg. F. n. M ABTDT, • Surgery and Diseases ot * Women. • Office and Residence Phone 678 * Office 7 North JeSersoa. • JEWELRS. B. F. PancoasL old reliable Jeweler, 110 East StreeL Lodge Ditectofy KKIGSTS OF .PrraiAS.-Neoah« Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting bro' thers invited. W. S. Thompson, E. C. Chris Ritter, K. of R. and 8. KKI6HTS OF MACCABEES.-^ Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Postwait. commander: R. B. Por« ter. record keeper. . - W. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meeta to fiC. cf P. Hail every Friday nIghL W. T. Steele. C. C. A. II. Davis, Clerk Visitors cordially invited. M. W. A.—The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night in M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. F. a Coffleid. V C. W. A. Cowan. Clerk. BOTAL NEIGHBOBS^IoIa Cai«p Nu. 36!>, Royal Nelgtabors, meets sto* ond and fourth Tuesdays of eatt month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraol«> Mrs. Mary Uutton, 41S West Btrawt, Recorder. PBATEBNAL BB0THBBH0OO<r* Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 mMU 4trond and fourth Thursday of Mcb month In A. O. U; W. Hall. Vtsltlac members cordially Invited. W. H. Aa> itDrson. prtaldent; Goida Eiam, aMrth ury. OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these, days. September, you know. Is the time to.have the summer dust cleaned out of carpets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. jVhone us today. lOU RU6 FACTORY Pk «M Ul. LOW COLONIST RATES TO Wanted: ; Two experienced salesUidies for a Dry Odoids store. State experience and reference Addreis "AB** care of R^ter. CALIFORNIA OLD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA UN SALE Sept. lit to Oct.3lit A Son Bern. .\ son iwas born last evening to Mr. and Mrs^ John Jeck of 214 So. Fbarth 'l street Ask for FnU InforautioB.

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