The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE an BLYTHEVTLLE (AUK.V COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 10, 19-17 Nashville Vo!s Defeat Barons j ...; Pels Rout Travelers To Regain Top Spot Front Mobile's Bears Babe Zaharias' Power Mo/ces Her Tough Go/f Foe, Berg Says By WAIIRKX W .SCHWKI) ATLANTA. G a., June 19. <UP) — Larry Gilbert's rampaging Nashville crew today continued to standout as the offensive gaiius of '-he Southern Association despite their fourth post In the loop standings- The Vols last night battered Blr- | B , lbc An( , lhe f,. cc klccl I'atly. who minEham's Roy Brunei- and re- hns won , ]C] . s | larc O f lomnamenls, Take it from pus-nosed Patty Bei'B. ll ' e Balje 1JI <l r lck Zahnrins menace lo the nation's gal golfers is no flash In the pan. ] "It's he' power." explained Pally I with a wry ei'l". " llmt classes the Babe as the supeima'ui o( the I links." I After 12 yenrs of cmnpngnini;, | the Minneapolis Pro confesses she i has never seen the likes of lhe i Harper Sets Qualifying reuiirad ] Record in SGA Golf Meet I llcler Sntterfield for 17 bingles In racking up a one-sided 11 to 5 decision over the Unions. Dolph Ma- tults shutout the invaders over tin first seven frames before easing up in the last two stanzas, •First-sacker George Byani stroked a four-master in the third wltli one Vol aboard. In \vhininfj, however, Nashville failed to deiu Chilla- nooga's one-game grip on third. The Lookouts, meanwhile, were locked in a tight, contest with Atlanta on their home grounds. A single tally in the last of the eleventh gave Nooga the victory G to 5 despite five inlscucs afield. Vcrnon Ctirlis went the distance for the victors, with George Dlehl and Dcwey Adkins handling slab duties for the sixth-place Crackers, who ar<: separated by oNly a te\v percentage points fro'.n Ulrinhvs- liam. New Crlears *ho'.vln!; (he scoffers that they won'* be ellntim'.t'd fioni the pennant derby v, .'tlVMi', a battle, continued to fight U. recapture the top spot from Mob'le At Little Hock last night, (he Pe.'s were 6-1 after two innings but s^'nly hung on to take the ball ftaniu by a 9 to 7 count Riiudy Hcfi;n and W:il: Pmola worked on the hill to: the winners, •v'ith smoln credited wit!i Hie victory. The Travelers' Be.i Cantroll homered in tru: seventli. Mobile retained its 1 ,\nd *,v gjimii grip on first toc[ay after humbling the Chicks in a 14 tuning tlirillor at Memphis. 0 to 2, behind the six- hit twirling of Roy Bota. Tied up 2-all at the.end of the fourl'jeiilh, including a homer by George Shuba. Ed Weiland went all the way for the seventh-place Chicks. Tonight's pairings are (he same with a doubleheader carded b Mobile and Memphis. Wholesalers Play Crucial Game Tonight The Sallba Wholesalers, las year's City Softball League chain pions and at- present the No. 1 coll' tender for the league lend, will mec: Charley's Electric in the first game of tonight's play at Walker P,uK. The Wholesalers Imng up llv league's first shut-out victory o the year last week when they while' washed lhe ilashy Sam Johns nln 10 to 0. iii the second game the Stnoke house Boys will go after lhe league leading JEichcrs, lo wind up half piny in the league. A win over the Etchers «oul once again put the John's nine in tie for the league lend. A loss woul shove them into fourt place. The first contest will start 8 o'clock. first admits she doesn't relish a iluel on the fnli-wnys with the recent winner o[ the British Open. "The whole trouble is no one else-, can mulch (lie Habe off the tee. She needs only one belt and she's | on the green or so close to It. all she needs is an easy chip. The rest of us—well, we drive and I hen chip before we're up even with her." Then as an afterthought I ho Roocl- nntined Miss Hers added: "There's nothing wroiiR with lh<? Didrickson short Knmc. either, f J : is fiendishly accurate with her approach shot.s. when she needs tlit>m. And her putting touch is alw^y.-- sure nnd steady." Just how much thought the female links slurs nlvc to the liabe can be ndjnsled by the fact thai she is now sonic 3,000 miles awny from Allanln, site of the Western Women's Open- Yet most of the talk centers upon Mrs. Zaharias IUM i?r European triumph. "You know." Patty continued. 0 one who hiis matched shots I ith the Babe was surprised about I >r victory in the British Open "Pressure, galleries, course.. .it's . 1 lhe same lo the Hahe. She's thi I ips as a competitor, and that's . hy she excels in any sport," Asked if she thought any of the oimgci- cro]> of women golfer? oulri be expected to upset MIT- aharlns. Pally thought a mouicnt e-forc replying: "Yes. It eonlcl happen. 'Tint :lie abe would have to run onio n wild :reak, otherwise that power wou]d cttle matters In her favor." Turning lo hei 1 own pame. PaMy :irilcatcd lier shots off lhe tee were arryini; long nnd .slraiuhl <tov.-n fairways. But she doubled Saturday would find her a thn'e- ime tltlcholder in the Western. was pullini: over my h«ad In Callforniri last innnlh. Now I'm lali- at 'cm and coming away witli hree-putts. "I guess I'm 'gettinf; old nnd in he class with the Suiirtnv. cnltcis." sighed the M-ycar-old Mlnnrsol:' oinpelitor. "M v dad Always sus- ifclfd T should have stuck lo ic^ LOUISVILLE, Ky., June 18. (UI'I --Medalist Charles Harper of "011- Ic Vcdrn, I-'la.. took his low M-holo total of 137 Into matcli play eim- IJt-litlon of the 41^1 niiinin! Son'.h- crn Golf Assorlatlon loiirnamcnl today, tabbed as lhe man to bent. Harper, who had a 07 yesterday, set a nr\v (unlityin^ record lor the 1 meet, lopping thi' III 1 ) mark set by Fred Haas of New Orleans at Me'fi- phis In 1930. Court Hears Aryut;;cnts In Hotel Fire Claim HOT SPRINGS. Ark., June 10 <UP) — Attorneys opened arguments today in the first o[ five ' suits, resulting from the Giv.-.'* ' Northern Hotel fiio last Sept. !•!. Testimony was completed in circuit court, yesterday. The unit was filed by Ray' S- Smilh as administrator lor the i.'.s- Lale of John HiiunS, who died in the hla/e. Yesterday I. s. 1-ord, operalo the Hole!, told the jury thai hp operalcd the Great Northej-n 12 years !\nd H'al he did eviiryUjiir^ reqiicsled l)y n fire inspection committee which cheeked the bu'.clUix shortly belire the fire. Road Work Promised Jail-Breaker Caught C'l.AllKSVILLK, Ark.. June 10, (IFI'i -- Johnson County ofllc'.-r.s and Slate Police continued their yt-aii'h today for one o( two men who broke out of jail here was captured yesterday. Tom Smit'.i, 5H. i.s still at liii'sc. Thompson was bi-lng held on a callle Ihefl chars'!, and Smith on a charne of larceny and possession of burglar tools. 25 Nations Represented 7°i 'At WCTU Convention F.VAXSTON. 111. lUP) -- 'The World's Woman's Christian Tf lor perance Union will emphasize in- lurnulmnii] work of women lor leiu- ix-ranrc world friendship and pc.ic'e :il Us nth couvriilion, June 5 to ID, at Asbury Park. Mrs. I). Leign Coiwin, president of lhe National W.C.T.U., announced. The seventy-third annual con vcntJon of lhe United States yro'jp will be" held at Asbury !-ark just| aflcr the woild convention. I Delegates from 23 nations beside: Hie United State's and Canada have registered for lhe world convention. Mrs. Colvin said. ' Read Courier News Want Ads. Treaty Oak, South Bend, Ind., uiuler which La Sally drew up a treaty with the Indians in 1081, still is .standing. In 1908 ail automobile til".- c-nst I round $35 and lasted 2(W') miles. '; Tliu Brllisli call :i ohoi-'c absorber | a "hydraulic damper " lias 50 stores, and hundreds of employees. s o two firms can .speak Tor all. This i s jus' 12 Wednesday af- •nioons, mil of a year: we <-an live without them, but this Is in- cidion.s. it is err'iipinn up gradually on riKlits of others. 'it 1 ]; a holiday i.s announced the . : lot'e s close, I lie employers have c:il)i(l I'K-ether their employee iM.rl piiid. -We'll have to KO back this afternoon, others are running op-n as usual." 'I'his has happened a nntnber ol tinges yrar. There are several t.hitiRs thai cai be d(jnc!—all unpleasant, One is lo —pirket with siuus -s ayln^—"un- fair". Ihh must cause hard feelings; rcrtninlv ehanijes nnnpinlnn:<. Anottinr: To itu'ite outside laliot 1 unions to come in lo protect the interests of employes bv bandiivr them together. We fei'l thof^ v.'fl! should j;et ,ome things without outsiders telling us Miat to de.-! maiKi. | Tile J'Cal tiling—the hel|»ful tiling is to liave the progressive business I men and interests of this town, whose pr-ibU'tus an- peculiarly their j own -vvovk Ihem out to^ethet 1 a;rj I pul tlu'in over—loyethcr if they nan 1ml nut them over; when Ihcy :le,"l[ie the best Ihinir. The interest of the workers an'l the employer^ can never be divided. They are the .same and, ar? equally dependent on each other. lilytheville. with its population LITTLE HOCK. Arl;., June 10. (UP) — A Ilempstead County delegation today held the promise ot the Highway Department that, State Highway No, 4 from Hope to Nashville. Ark-, will be completed us soon as money and lime permit. The four-man group nu't ye.i'er- day with Highway Director J. C. Maker in Little Hock. linker Sold them Unit 2'i miles of the road ju-;<. out-side Hope will he blncklopi>c<t and thai four or five blocks ol highway 07 In Hupe will be widened and resurfaced. Here's Speedy Relief for Tender, Aching, Burning Fee! .Moone's Kmor.'iM Oil Must Give Complete SnUsl'McUon or Monev Cheerfully Refunded Orcharrffsf Dies LO. OLARKSVILI-K Ark,, .nine (UP) — FuntTHl sor vices tverc Ix 1 - ItiK planned hero Uxlay for Marron I,. Acikins, 71. who <lietl in :• Clnrksvlllc hospltn! yesterday irnin injuries .suffered last, l-Yltlay, T\\? sprayer he wa.s using on an appje trchard nt Oxunc overturned on and frticturrrt his pelvis. Your feel may bn .>o puffed up nnd -sore tluU you Ihlni; you riin't a no tin 1 ! 1 step. Your shoes may Ifcl u,s if they are cutting right into Hcslu You feel .sick aH over with the ]Kiin and torture auct pi'ay for mm:k relief. What's lo I? don;'? Two or three applications of Minnie's rmeniltl Oil and in double- <liii(;k time the pain t^ul soreness ( to di.siippear. A few more applications at regular inlervul.'* and louse.-;, try a few applications each niyht nl bedtime; find out fur yourself how \itiit\\ it is. No matter how discouraged yof have beeii, if you hnv-a not, triet Kmer;;ild Oil then you have something to learn. It's a wonderful formula — Ihi; combination of essential oils will camphor and oilier antiseptics marvelous lhal thoiiF''!vls of hot- tles are sold annually for many distressing skin troubles. sells lots of it. .1 or money And as for Kofi Cortiii ami Cal- back. you're on lhe way to solid fool com- | Woods DrllK Co. sells NOTICE To Our Customers ' -tf We will be closed all day Saturday, June 21sl~io lake ouy semi-annual inventory. We trust you will not he inconvenienced and we thank you for- ijour cooperation. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Phone 863 doubled in the past two years vy ,vork of lhe senior Chamber of Commerce, and nationally advertised as a cotton picking center bv the Junior c. of C.. should he able to manage its own household, and go around any obstacle that interferes. A Working Mnn. 5 Reach Quarter-Finals In Women's Goit Meet ATLANTA, Ga., June 10. (UP) — Four former champions and medal- ist Grace Lenczyk of Ncwinstcii:. Conn., monopolized the berths if. the quarter-llpals of the Women'.'; Western Golf Tourpament today HI what began to sl?.e up as a wide- open battle for the "title. The ex-champions were Bu'.ty Jameson of Sau Antonio. Tex., who tackles Misi Lenczyk in today's feature match, Defending Champion Louise Suggs ot Llthla Springs, Ga.. Patty Berg of Minneapolis' and Dorothy Kirby ot Atlanta. Readers' Views This is n sncl <iny in l]\c Citv of Bivlhcvillc. We have nclmitlocl publicly Hint \vo nro uniiblo to co-onoi'acn fully. Anyone can K co who CHITS la. niul all tho conimunilin.s :ux)nnd rnn say (if they want lo) ...... 1 fold yon Two business firms fwhose nanios I rio not even know) have dictated policy fo llio entire town, am! \vl\ats more— had thetn necopl it. I'll venture lo sny they are old .men. nud not in need of money merely putting Iheir interests firit, nn ( ( luinling reasons second. Maybe they sny — people should be .served at onrc, every tiny— or they mav sav: We give our employes acl:- Mnybc they do. and are not Ihoii' brother's keepers. finale \VIIRCS and holidays. ] They are two firms ....... lllylhevillei INDEPENDENT GARAGE MEN We now have a large stock of new Chevrolet- engines and block as- semblies. HOME CANNING'S 2 - piece me-Tol lid • U KWeak,Run-DoWn Feeling Is Often A Warning That The Red-Blood Is Getting Low IT you Oo not feel like your real self, dc not 1mvc the nrjie to Ije up niicl doln^. why not check-up on your blooil r,trent;Hi? Look at the pnlms of your j hnntls, your ilm-cmalls, your lips. lh« lobes of your cars—EVIE: they pole nntl otf color? E^-cry day—every hour—millions of tiny rcd-btooil-ceHs must pour forth from the nifuiow of your Uoncs to rc- plncc those tlic.t nrc worn-out. A low blood count tnuy afreet you In several ways: no appt'tHe.C uiulprweiyht. 110 energy, a Tiin-tlown coiulltlon, luck «f reslstciuce to Inlcctlou nnd dlsctise. To net renl relief you must keep up your blood strength. Medical authorities, by analysis of the blood, have l»y positive proof shown Hint SSS Tonic Is amazingly effective Itv bulldlnt; up Vow blood strength hi non-orennlc nutrl- tlonnl ancmln. This ts due to the SSS Tonic formula which contains special imd potctit nctlvatlug Ingredients. Also. SSS To'nlc helps you tujoy the food you cnt by Increasing the (;»strlc digestive Juice Tvheti It Is non-ort;anl- cnlly too little or scanty—thug the stomach will Imvc lUtlo cnusii to get b^iky with [jus, bloat ami clvc oil that sour food Inste. Don't WRltl FncrgLzc your body with rich, red-blood. Start on ESS Tonic, now. As vigorous blood surges throughout your whole body, greater freshness jind bLretiBth should make you cat better, alccp better, fuel better, work better, play better, hnvc a henllhy color plow In your^ikhi- firm flesh fill out hollow places. Millions of hot tics sold. Clct a bottle from yotir drug store. GS3 Tonic helps LJulld Sturdy Health. Get all you need now while we can give you maximum discounts. LOY EICH « CHEVROLET CO. IT'S A PLEASURE WHEN EVERYTHING RUNS SMOOTHLY A cTiinli.v. troulitrsomp r;ir c-;iu ruin a ])CiTccl var:t- lion. Make sure your car is in A-1 caniUlinu licforo you slart off for varitlionland. Drive in loday and lei our experl slaff check your car from bumper lo bumper. Tune up (he motor, adjust Ui>> lir:ikc.s. rliaiu;e nil—do everything so imimrtiint In your car's "IienHIi" and your happiness ami safety. CMC TRUCKS PHONE 519 OLDSMOBlLr: LEE MOTOR SALES INCORPORATED We hove kept you in mind with some timely needs to help you make your ^summertime more comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you're enjoying sunr mer quietly at home—or out on the te/inis or^golf"course, you'll find / that we^have ets---100for49c For Tired Aching Feet — Moone's size - - 49c BATH CAPS Sl.ntl Si/e ASl'lRIN SI. 00 Size LAXATIVE 25c 35c DEODORANT POWDER 31 s\ "Alwa.vs Ready" — that's the motto of your < WOODS. '.. Day or Nlg"ht . . good weather or bad . . you will find our Pharmacist ready to serve your needs—whether it be an emergency or an everyday drug requirement. 'SI.(10 Clariod and Kile SAI/I'S TAISLK'l'S . .. 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