Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 28, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1907
Page 4
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THE 101.1 PAILT BEfllBTEB. §A AY EVEXiyC..SEFrE3IBEBl23.19W. OLIARkn ». MOTT. CI tCULATION 4.000. TKLWHONS*. I, M •u taemn-ioN RATU. •r ewrtar In M<^J>^ City, l^yeiivlito DM WMk ,....x ..M «tnto. OM Mantt.......... 44 amta. PM T«M, ».«« DM TMT, In aaTasca, M.M live* Months, tn adtraaee, $1 .00. OM Maatk. In adTsae*. 44 at loin, X«nau, Foatofflea, m» V t MooBd -daaa matter. ftfrwtMac Bataa lla«a Knowa ra Ay^ pUeatloB. OFFICII] PAFEB, CITT OF BAS- 8EV. ^ MSMBBR ' AUOCIATBU MBM. Tiw iota q illy R«iii«tar la a mambar •! «A« AaMlfftd Praaa ana Racalvas th* -^iay raport < f that nawa ero*"'**- {turn for hialva Aftamoon Publication OX SECOD TUOUGHT. • The Tale^ o( au Amatvur Tniiu)i> The laie Joslah Klyiit niid Jack l-on- don Uiive rccenily writieii stories of iheir tramping days for the magazines. KljTfl's story was stralKlitforward and seemed to Ite an actual record of human experience. . I think Ixiiidoii lied more or leas. Perhaps, it would be lielter to say' iluu he elaborated his ex- pcrlcuccs for the puriwse of effect. .At any rate, their stories set me to casUng backward some ftlteen ov iwen 1y years and I recalled Incidents IOIIB forgotten. .Vs a youth I had some experience as a roadster, f do not know thqt these espericnces liold my interest, to the ptCJJiic uow. t'eriainly none of them were as exclttnt; iir dramatic as tliose of which Ltmdon tells. In fact. 1 8uspc€t 1 was only an amateur ti"anip. I went about here ami there and hither and yon over the country without the coin of the realm and with MO place but. the friendly IJOX car to lay my head. But 1 never had the courage to ride the rods of a Imokin!; freight train and I made but oue journey, and that a short one. ato\i a passenger coach. I never was In such a hurry to g'jl -over the ground that I (hjuid not wait, if on the |>a!>siiis Main \io sidedoor sleeper or palace stock par yawned witli open doors lo me. I pever arrested and came in contact with the,officers of the law but ibree or foor, times, of wliich more i^txT. la facl,IJicmnd tlie life of a roikdster' oonunbnl^cc. uulutcrcstiug, fad diitinctir repugnant. It all began in the office of tlic prigshy's" Station Clarion, whire a/ a boy r learned to set typo and performed the functions of a janito:-. The cream of the printing craft in those days were roadsters and they came along iu droves, followins the wild geese southward with aniunin\s firoi '.north wind; coming back in the spring when the trce.s sprang into bud and leaf or when the llrsl wild llowers pt-eped through the dead and dry prairie grass. They knew no fixed habitat and they held as Tmituaie association w'itii the country at lai;;e ;is the average man holds with his own bank.vani. Oi;uisioualIy there happened along oue who had deciphered and "set" Horace Greeley's manuscript or another who bad "worked witli Mr. Dana" on the Sun. They used to sit around the office stove in the chill day.s of fall or loaf out In from with the boys warm evenings In the sjiriug and tlie talcs they told—the Intimate record tliey kept of Uie doings of the world outside -^flred my boyish ludigUHtiou and filled nje with a dcH)rc to mingle ^!th the \?orld thfy knew. In those days the ffclUig of the Journei-man member of t|ie craft wa« that no boy amot;nte<f to inuch tmtii be had takeu a post grad- jjate course a.^ a roadster. And so. naturally enough, when I was pretty i^ell out of my time I -.vent away to look at the cotjntry beyond. Take it from nie. tlieie is no romance about the life of the roadster. It is very much easier to work steadily at a hand fob than it is to hai>if- nally follow tlie road that I wonder that men ever fall into the habit. Life oii the road is-a continual skurrylng lor something to eat and a jdace to sleep, punctuated b»-efforts to catch a mpving freight jrain. Away from the highways a good hard luck stoiy or a pleasing address will invariably get a m^n bread and [butter and not infrequently pie. But those who live on or near main traveled roads give grudgingly if at all. ' London seems always to hai'e been trouble with either the "•*hatks" (brakemen) or the officers of ihc law. I never had any trouble with either, to speak of. In only three instances did t ever encounter the latten In the Jard at Moberly. Mo just at duskoiie summer evening I had set myself to swing into an empty stock car or; a slowly moving freight train. Somebody tapped,me on the shcHilder and I turned to confront the yard detective. "Get out of these yards and get out aulck." he said. 'If iliitilM f ttei One handrea pounds of Cry tal Ice will make 12 sallon* of dUtJIled water sulUble for family use. Try it I blce &CiiUSUriseCt V PRANK RIOOLe. I catch jrou here acaln it'is the-rock pile for roum for ni abore mn j-ou In." The thing I wanted to do as quickly as possible was to get out of those yards, but the officer and I differed in the method to be employed, so I started to walk away. "Don't walk," he shouted as I started off. "Run, you hobo.",! lagged a Hitle and he yelled again. "If you don't run I'll shore pull yoo." I moved out of the yards on a dog trot and walked seven inl'.es to the first water tank. He had me "bufTaloed" all right. ClilGIIS IN TOMORROW I was beguiling.time Iu the titatlon of the Wisconsin Central at Oshkosh. one bitter cold winter morning. It was well along between midnight and daylight and- the room was literally mottled with roadsters. There must have been twenty of them in the men's waiting room; it was eitiier hunt the warm places or freeze. An officer came in. lined us all up against the wall and searched every man. going through the pockets o.f each and looking carefully at their hands. An old deposit book, relic of some era of boyish thrlfj and frugality saved me from the common lot. The ollicer pulled the book out of the inside imckct of my coat and looked at it iiuiz^Ically. Then he looked at my hands and asked me my name and where 1 was going. '•You can stay," he said in an undertone. ••There's a southbound freight through here about seven o'clock. They'll let you ride." Then he drovp every mother's son of tlie '•bos" except myself into the storm outside. One summer night the '•shack" ditched me at .Iersp>-%Ille, 111. He wanted fifty cents iHto St. Louis— 1 had already rid deu a hundred miles. I couldn't put up becaus^ of a chronic case of financial embarrassment and he made me •hit the grit." 1 was ill. so IU 'hat ' should have been in tlie hospital, and I wandered up town sick In body and at heart without taking much note of what 1 was doing. On the town siiuavc met the town marsliai making his rounds; a loug gaunt man with flowing chin whiskers. I shall always remember that official preserver i>f the peace. I told him my iiliglit and asked If I here was not some place where I could lie down. ••Uiess you. yes." he said. "'Yoil cjui go right over to the calaboose and sleej). Tlir door l<ii i <)cked and there hasn't been a soul in it for sis months. The bedding !•» perfectly clean.'• He showed me the way and I slejit in the calaboose until I» o'clock the nest morning. The marshal came over about that time to see how 1 was feeling and gave me an order for breakfast at a local retaniant. He was ji mighty gotid fellow and I have often wisliod I had kept hi.s n.tiue enshrined in memory. 1 never had much trouble riding, once a way to get inside a car was devised. Probably this was due to the fact that I carried a union ••card." for 1 have many times seen the •"shacks" drive every other •liobo" off the train and leavo \np to ride In the oi^d of the ilivision. Hut the traveling card i«f the rypograjihical Union was ordinarily as "pood' for iiassage iu a freight car as a iiass from tlie geui-ral manager's office would have been on a '•rattler.'" There Isn't much use lo try lo hide from the brakemau. He always knows .vou are there and sooner or latur shows ui) and discusses your (lualifl- ForepHugh-Sells Shows Villi Set npj Here Sundaf. Coming by four special railway Irnins the Forepaugh-Sells Circus jmr- aphcruaiia will reach iola at an early hour tomorrow morning. As Sunday la strictly regarded as a day of res;, only the essential details of establishing the great show will be carried out. The oiieniDg of the circus season is announced for Monday. Two exhibitions will be given. Many novelties and features la plenty are announced in preliminary information. •Much stress is laid the magnitude of the s|>cctacle which forms an im|K)rtant parti of the performance. This is described'as a realistic reproduction of a great city conflagration entitled '•Plghtlng the Flames," enlisting the services of one thousand actors. Jllles of scenery will be required In arranging the street scenes, and there will M real fire engines, hook and ladder apparatus, hose carts, life saving machinery, hair breadth escapes and heroic deeds of bravery. The sensational feature of the i)er- formance is the Automobile Somersault. Among the arcnic artists are the Davenport family of equestrian celebrities; Oscar Lowanda, sensational bareback rider; SiJessardy's trope of trained bears; Frederick Zobedis in au Old world aerial novelty: the Fly- lug Fishers; the fearless Lavans; the Xavarroj tnnipe of high wire exports: the Cornalla family in a novel acrobatic specialty; Captain Webb's two companies of trained seals and sea lions; Edward Shipp's school of beautiful manage horses. Of riders there will be a score or more. They arc said to be the clian* pious of. all countries and of all the schools of equestrianism. First class aerial performances pc.i- sess the most thrilling interest for ev- cryi>c)dy, and in this l)ranch of arenlo are tlie i'orepaugli-Sells shows are ))re eminently strong. They repretent an untiaialleled number of the greatest and most venturesome and original male and female mid-air trapeze, horizontal bar, lioatiiig rings, luvisllile wire and funambuiistic experts in ilte most slartlin.? flights, dives, evolutions, catches and coffbinations. The menagerie of the combined shows Is said to be made up of the lar.irest and rarest collection of wi :d beasts ever .exhll)(ted under canvas. The two sc<ne. elejihants embrace the Adam Forepaugh performing elephants and the equally well trained troupes from the Sells .shows. Merriment for the little ones will be furnished by clowns without numl)er. who will be busy .throughout the entire perfor- fance. jTliere will be many other at- traciioiiS-to l)ewilder and delight. Three enoviuous tcnu-. are nceessavy for tile acconiodation of the five Imu- Ired horses with the Forejiaugh-Sells Circus. The stable occupied by the heavy Percheron and Clydesdale draft horses is a model of equine neatness, while the Arabian thoroughbreds and the ring stock occupy luxurious quarters in separate tents. After all ilie great attraction of the circns is t 'lo At the Waist Pains at the waist, bacl^, front, or side, are nearly sure.proof of'femate trouble. Some other signs are headache, pressing down pains, irregular functions, resriess- ness, cold limte, nervousness, etc. These pains may be allayed, the system braced and the womanly functions regulated by the use of Mrs. Annie Hamilton, of Stetsonville, V/is., writes; "Cardui snved m?. from the grave after three (3)' doctors had failed to help mo. It is n good medicine and 1 recommend it to all suffering v/omen." For sale at ali'druggsts. in $1 bottles. WeSTE us A LEHER Write tpJay vkc. describo IV for .1 free copv,of vnluRH? C4-pns^ Ptj-tra<«5 Bnnk for Wo B«;. Ify^ r.t ibo your Nvmrty :ns. <r..uni: nn-l rer'y »'tll be -^.^ftt i .n w-^ii se^ilea- jenvtl. visory Dept.. Tfe C!)ati.:f..!:-.i Mc^Jirin- Co., Ciri;t:r.5<isa. Tcrtr.. •': r.cvl JHedrral Ad- .'t!ope. Aidrsss: J-17 LAWYEKS GET IS FUSS. cations for passage on that train, if .hor.'c. To give a circus without tin he passes you he wili go to any trouble to make your ride comfortable. If he doesn't, unless you arc an artist, vou might as we!! get off. Staying on is more trouble than it is worth. I was inspecUng a certain Hue of the liig Four once and had taken ]iassage ou a flat car loaded with limber.-?, not having been able to discover any open boxes. The rear •shack^^ came over ifter a while aud 1 flashed my cai-d on hiiu. •"Its all right," he said, "but i cant carry you here. This is a local and you'll be In sight at every station." Then he climbed u |i cm the box car ahead and by hanging himself onto the l)rake and bracing hlnite!/ on the bumpers kicked off the end door of the box and iiui me Inside. I had ridden a hundred miles with a ••.sliack" on the Ilurlington wlieii the train wad laid out at a junction jK>lut.. I v.-as cosily ensconsed in a palace stock car. The "sliack" came over. "I wish you'd get off and catch the next train," he said. "The captain is cranky about us "shacks" carryin "bos" and he'll lorc find you here. There's a through train of empties goin' through In Jn.^t about an hour and you can ride that. I met his courtesy with equal courtesy and gracefully retired from the I)alacc stock. Incidentally. I caught the through train of cnijitics. I had ridden for Ave hours one cold night in a stock car attached to a train on the Katy. About sunrise the "shack," who hadn't bothered me all during the night, came over. "We'll be in Nevada in twenty minutes." he said, '•and w« stop there three quarters of an hour. You'd better get out and get good anfl warm. W-e don't want to haul no corpses into Parsons.—^Dodd Gaston. horses would be !ike givin.g an opera vithout music. It is the lii'e a')d ani- fation of the horse, li^'ihcr with the he.iuty and inlelii^renre of the i-uiinrtl. • hat lends as much chtuui aud plcas- .•re to the exploits c( ti;o ^-uvdu"! rinr. I t!)e .irr;!co and dash v( the rider. The Forepaiigh-Sells Shows, under the maiiagemcnt. are said to sur- pnss all iireviouo eHiirts in the circu? world. The street iiarade .Moiiday morniui: will i)rove .an inter^-ting feature of Circii.s Day. .Many c;ige..s of tigp;-> !!ons, bear and other rare wild ar.i- wtiiR win be ojH'Ued to tlio view of t)ip public. DK. VOE(.TLE QUITE ILL. Hnmholdt VniK^if>t Sattfrlng From Piiralrsls. iHumboIdt Herald.l Dr. Voegtle has been made quite III In the excitement of the past few days. While he probably was lax in the strict interpretation of the law and allowed men to go through the mere formality of signing for liquor without really needing it, still be has many friends of long standing who are sincerely sorrj- that he has got.lnls trouble. For several nights he has suffered greatly with his heart and in connection with the paralysis of.jilii right side he is In a precarious condition. FLOnS IVO B.iKBELS IX UOL'B. Blf SU-Coutinent Oil Welt Broagtat Iu Xear Xa»k«gee. Musokgee. I. T.. Sept. 2S.—What U believed to be the largest oil well In the Mid-continent field was brought in "•dsv three miles south of here, by the Sheet8-Huck!eberry company. It flows steadily 2.500 barrels a day, or over 100 barrels an hour. RMfater .Wut Aia Bri«« RAnfiMt Ti7 • WMrt Ai. la tie Bc«Iittr. R. E. OLIVER of California, and sis ler, .Mr.-i. A. U. Sippy, of 414 East Lincoln street, returned home from a three weeks visit with their sisler. Mrs. Roilcu Phlpps, of Windfall. Ind.. v.hom they had not seen for thirly- 'bree years. They also visited the •icenes of their childhood days In the •lortheru part of the state. Ft, .Scott .Ittomcjrs Worked Cp Over l>i!<tr{ct Judgeship. (Fort Scott 'I 'ribuiie) The llourbon .county Bar 1 sliheiy j to get into quite a fuss over the en (Jorst.tnont of a candidate for JUIHC o fthe district court. Already mos. t:nusu;il interest is being mauitesteil ip this subject by tho lawyers, and i: was said toilay by a member of th- bar who is prominenily Interest.?d ii; the matter that a mie'lng of the bar would soon bo called for the puri )OB' (f endorsing u canuilate. It seems inevitable that such a meeting will result in some lively scrimmages, for ronsiderablc. feeling is entering into the discussion of .the subject A. Jl. Keene, who was brought out as a candilate a year ago and who really has some judiciary ambitions l;as withdrawn any entry he might liave made into the race for this i.omlnation, and he and his law partner. K. ('. Gate.j, are for .Iitdgc Simons They insist that Judtu Simons is honest, able and a bettor judge than most Kansas districts are able to secure. Probate .ludge Hudson, who has been mentionul as a probable candi- datei said today that he would ask no one to supiKirt him for the iiom'n'ation W. W. Pada«tt and Judge Biddle are outspoken aspirants for the nomina- tioti. Tlielr claliiuj are that Judge Si- cni! thill he's not strong enough, phy- and that he i snot strong enough, physically for the duties incumbent upon a judgf.. They bell<!ve that if Mr. K?ene finds that .luiige Simons can- s:ot be nominated, he will cet into the race himself. .Mr. Padgett has I'een conducting the mo^it active campaign, perhaps. He has betai alteniling the picnics and other assemblies of farmers in both counties of the district and says ho finds the conditions very favorable to i ^is candidacy. .Tuilge Simons is saying noLliing. but there is every reason to belif.vo thai; h.c is yawing wcoil. The jud^o hai; n] uays b.'en ))articuiarlv strong iu the co"iniiy. and he hns a!w:»yi; rim well in Uie ciyvn for tiiat, ii\;iter. Considor.-.- lj!e "\m'.'i" has been spread against Ii"m. however, in the last two years. •1. both country and city, and the con lest will bo one of intense interest. There are rumors of some inside po% itics in connection wiili the situation •ir it has lieveioped. Certain interests it is hinied, that ar.' roa'ly opposed to .ludge Simons, arc supporting Iiiin bo cause of a fear that some ontv els-"' will get the nomination. This, how- evei", is tiniy gosslii. A Most Valuable Agent. The glycerine employed in Dr. Pierce's medicines greatly enhances the medicinal propertifc'i which It extracts from native medicinal roots and hold* in solution much belter than alcohol would. It al:<o possesses medicinal projienies of il« own, being a valuable demulcent, nutritive, antiseptic and antiferment. It adds greatly to the efficacy.of the Black Cherry- bark, Bloodroot. Golden Seal root. Stone root and Queen's root, contained in "Golden Medical Discovery " In subduing chronic, or lingering coughs, bronchial, throat and lung affections, for all of which these agents are recommended by standard medical authorities. In all cases where there Is a wasting away of flesh, loss of appetite, with weak as in the early stages of con- tostftihn. there can be no doubt that gly- cerine/aets as a vsluable nutritive and • "len Seal root. Stone root, .. and Black Cherry bark la llgestloa and building up the mgth. controlling the cough about a healthr condition rstem. Of course, it must ..J to work miracles. It will lurapUon except irt Its earlier ... ... acute cdu risintbaliDfering ^sng^n eonghs. or those of longstanding, even W^IQD accompanied by bleeding from lungs, that it has performed Its most itaarvelous care?. Prof. Flnley Ellingwood, M, D„ of Bennett Med. College, Chicago, says of glycerine: ^•In drsnepsls ItservM an excellent panose. Boldlnc a ued quaatHy of the poruxide of faydrocenin aolutk>ii.U la one of the be»t manuftctorod prodoctsof tbc present tlzce In m aciluii upon enfeebled, dlaunlervd kiou- •cfas, especially U tbere i« ulcrratiuti or ca- tanlial fistritto (catarrhal iiiflamuiatioD of Itpmach). ft f« a moat citlctent preparation, olrcerine will reltSTe many cases of prmla (beanbaa) and excetslre rastrtc totomacii) Medical DlM»rerr''<niricliea and pntlflM the blood corltur Uoicbes. pfnpleu. •mptlons. kciof uloo* sw «Ulnas and old lores, or olcei'*. ,-Jepd to Dt.B. V. Pierce, of Buffalo. N. T.. fbr free booMeC telilcv all atxMit Uw natiTa aedlolaal mMa campbifaia this woiMlertiU Xbeie is no alooMl in la Health kidneys Alter the Impuritle- ^i;om tlie blood, and unless they do *hl8 good health is Impossible. Foley's Kidney Cure makes sound kidneys anfl will positively cure all forms of kid- 'ley au dbladder disease. It strengthens the whoV system, nurrell's dru-j •tore QIESTIOX OF COALING FLEET. Vmerican Bottoms Mill lie U.scd If Cost Isn't Too Crcot. Washington, Sept. 26.—The aftac*- if American shipping interests up;tj •he suggestion that foreign ships be •employed to transport coal for the ')att!eshlp squadron has made some impression. It is made clear by President Roosevelt that the attitude of he administration on the subject IF nracllcally what it was with respect (o nmterials for the Panama Canal. The President anounccd today that the natter will soon be decided. If the llfference' In cost for the use of Airi- erlcan shlp|)ing does not amount to -nore than 9200 .UOO it is believed American ships will be employed. If. however, the difference runs up as high as $1 ,0U0 .000, it will be too much to pay for sentiment, and forelsn ves- :els will be employed. ANALYSIS L\ TWO WEEKS. Cbrmlstfi AscertalniniT Conti-ntt) of Stomach of Lat« L. H. Perkins. Topeka, Kas., Sept 28.—Dr. John Freeman, one of the chemists appointed by the federal court to analyze the contents of the stomach of thp »)ody of L. H. Perkins, stated todff^ 'hat probably two more weeks will be necessary to complete the work of tnc ""ommisslou. Perkins fell from the roof of his house In I.<awreuce on June 1 and died 'hortly afterwa'rda. He carried 1650,000 of life insurance, of which $100,000 was held by the New Y^ork Mu- 'ual. 'This company contested the ^lairn of the state for the money on the krouud that Perkins had taken morphine with suicidal intent. Judge McPhergon ordered the body disinterred sind an examination made with a view to seeing if death was resnltant to any poUon or to the falL AT THE SIGN OF THE ...HAMMER... !'„<l.f thi.- nt:)i(liiiK thf K^txi-ilKt ' . iilf':tr:rfl lo nrin! th' -.••"iv.-a of ita 'u'.* ^ •{ r-. nu ;,H ,V *<ljNjt-*'t •'•.•rl»'"rfli!iK whirii 11,1. wish 1. 1 iviM.-. ir y<-.i! ivi<l' t.. • uiiyihint;. or air your views ou . • t>> .subjfi-t tfll ic thr.>ui;li tho K> «i, '•.iilriI>iitor.< .flioulc] nivf ttioir iiiitiK-' and ..i.iru.s.^i-.s; th.-y v;ni not oi- priiilt-d. mi- ' l:>-.i» ail com.-n'aiiicatum-i to thr I\o;;istvr. i Mi lor He;.;is\':r: ' Ui'l our Coiiniy C 'tjiujiiiHsini '.crs al- IV.- the am<mi (ihil<' nice ;o i;i'<e .1" ill'.' siuli'.ie liiuhv.iiy •; u( .MI'^ii^Cc. Is lalkt'<i of in the iMi 'cr.s? 1 ihin's • cy nu.uhl l.i ta!<? ht 'cd frniii t .'i:;r- ui> Norton's letter, whieli was puh- islieti in the Register some time c^-o vhicli was addressed to the Counuj \ttorney. He gave the aentinieut i;. 11 the farmers around hera. if the boysiand sporting men should TO to horse racing over the country 'here would be something doing luetty luick by our county ofllcials. and there would not be half the danger as In :he racing of if. or 20 puffing ani {uorting automobiles. S. U. BRA.VUENBURO. U. U. No. 3. Hronson, Katis. MAY .HAKE IT STKOXGEK. Presfdent Ex Third E)x|»ecled fo \p d Term .Vsplrutiti Again •nii. Deny and Wiefer Millinery Opeoiag EveryDay \A 'e art-prepared t") mnke ^every d^y. an Opening' Day- Oi.T .^t- ck i.s new arc! conii'ktc and our price.s aie ri .L 'lit T:e w fit .stylish millinerY in tite city. MR5. E PEFLV, !()S.i East M.dison. Oppo ite .>Vlarr\^ Hakery Vt'jiMhington, Sepl. 2i). —There was nirrent here last night a report cred- :'ed to a meuiljcr of the cabinet who 'A eK\iecially close to President Uoose- '.-elt to the effect that it is the i«ir- ;)ose of the President soon to ni.-ike a •••inlier statement regarding the tiiirti ^ • orni matter, sliowing tliat his deicr-j nii'Kitinn is irevocable not to i)crn!ii i the u-^e of his name. No coniirnh-ition ', if this leport was obtainable today. • The I'residont Is also quoted on ilie •au'.e cabinet atithority as bein;.; more .•!!)!ih;iiirally for the nomination of I -(cr,--;ary Taft than at any time in U:J • 'liiat. i r dEO. A. BOWLUS, President THOS. H. BOWLUS, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATF BANK Capita! $,3b,000.('0 A. W. Beck. L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. X Evana, J. O. Rodfara^ Geo. A. Bowlus. Thos. H, Bowlua;^ WE ISSUE OUR OWN DRAFTS 0N All EUROPEAK POINTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM »2 to $5 PER YEAR. 30. ]EARTH,» nt OUT FlUtMMnCIVtNtK)). ( ttfiar wmeuj Mr UTU auMC w nst atni cncus MO turKgiCM! TDnarr,ic **»»< MS aiu e:cj .ii/ SHOW MO TO U sex k1 tUH tU--. rotwucc erriin IK«EUSKOW«II-; aim. Host iHovio fui TO WIT-^ MutMt uTO 'Jioiiic stmn,m WUWMW KKUS F33U TC»imC J tn4cupon, RniFie AW Tcni- ( HI stoia or FitE-s ruims_ ntscnr, U)*.IIOIU 3 ES or unmuie'{ OMMmuut, tufcn taa STUKH-I oonsNMSF s ?ECT «ctau sn».'-. oits, MUM III eumiMungrnK' FUKCrnEicfnna. -nfumn •M M tot IMON UrKEMOm 1" nKORnitMcnri liMnur, wmrMnii Mi ,(«asM;cwBai M wanaamtsaami unMa wMmMOMnm minKirat! ncUMnr»«ijl lnHnMi.mnaa Mnono n if •The Latest ^Oreatest Thriller >THRiLLSNG,SEHSATlONM..BtWll.&ERlHG. ~ ,GiCANTlC,NEW SPECTACLE ^f|l ,000 CHARACTERS v40 Faw fire RgMiw SCENtl^Y SHOWINO A WPOLECITY BM Stage SS _ '^larprtiiW'IOOTSBalrai ! Tha Cr(«l<*t ap «c(ael« ih» WMU Bat tv(r-S««n .A 8 BIG CIRCUSES Ohren by 300 World-Famous Performers in 3 Hiiigs, on 3 Stages, on the Big Hippodrome Enormocs Aerial Eaclave MM * •( WtU ••4 Trained Aalmal* than Aar Otktr S»i«r oo t«Hh. Th. BI««»l*I»«»oJ ^J?'*";?*^ EvwCaOMlaA. AUNatarc'l " ' • " »-.ii-.ti»- ••» Blrdf-ksd WUtf BcMl* SvMaed and Mad* t* tttttna, A IB«« CaUaetoVll CaMialaiae aU fh« Od4 Cr«al«r«a>«I CntUtu Ow IW Naw. S*n»aHoB»l, and Sorprlala* IU«l>-Cla»» Acl»^ -A CIRCUS ikoRB A WE-INSPIRING THAN EVER SEEN BEFORE 1 i ncswTMO cvtRv voawiNo AT IO O CLOCK THE MOST COLOSSAI , oot^ous BIG FREE STREET EVER WEN BV HUMAN MM. «ttU00«ATINO ABSOttmLY TMt eiOCEST 8M0Wf<?N WTH l^,.^^. anXHAL LOW KATE EXCURSIONS ON ALL RAILROADS : : HE8ERTED SEATS AND lD3nSSI03LJICKET8 05 SALE ON SHOW DAY ATI JBABB'S DRUG 8T0BE AT * XHK SAME PRICES AS CHARGED AT THE SHO W GBOtjfDS. • ,r |^

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