Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1908
Page 1
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The Rmylmter Ham the VOLUME X. NJMUEK 299. KIGHT PAGES. 1 Lmrgemt Girautaiion la Alien Ceutrty of Any Mewmpaper Rubllmhed In the Ceuaty. lOLA, KANSAS. (KTOBER 9. IJMIN-FKIDAY EVEMXG. EIGHT PAGES. FBICB TWO CSHT8. PLANS FOR PARADE CURTIS SPEAKING SYNOD IS AT WORK KOLTE OF TOKtIILH;HT I'JMM KS- )S10> FOK SE(. WILSON KALLY. WILL BE A TRIUMPHAL MARCH liTV WILL BE ABLAZE WITH BHIL LIAM ILLr.MI>ATIO>S. 1 toiiiDiltti^ Plaiiiiiiiir Tudii} for In- i forniHl Biteptloii lo Sirn-tsiry of AtrriVultiin-. Its going to In- .soiiif iiaiiiilc. tluit torch light procestiioii oiiHlii; evi'iiing of Octobtip I.:th. or Scrrt'lary Wilson 1 Day. If tht'iv is anwoiic ;wh6 ilofsn't : believe it. inii>art to him the follow- IMR. In the first place \ the county central committei; has iilreaiiy re- eeivfd from one Ktipply : house xM{\ torches to be carried in , tlie liMe of march. In ad il it ion to this the coiu- - niitteee i.>; arransing to secure fiOM . more torches from oilier sources. ; Then there is a hi.- sniiply of Kouinu candles to be fired by tlie U".MI men "in the parade as tliey tramp through the steets. illuiniuating the city with the display., Chris Ritter is llii' eiiief marshal of the parade. Today .\lr. Ritter handed The Register the following concerning the plact- i>f formation an3 line of march: The parade will IM- {'(imposed of four divisions. Each division will be under the direct command of an i assistant marshal and will be made I up of a band, and a detachment o? ! men bearing flaming torr';es and another detachment j firing Roman cand- ; les. and automobiles and marchers on foot. The formation and line of march will be a.s follows: Division Xo. I; Form on West Madison between Walnut and Chest[ nut. and march .;east down Madison'.; I Division No. i'. Form on South Walnut between West street ami ': Madison, and fall in line" immediately behind DivisipaXo. 1. Division Xo. j!. Form on South Walnut between- Madison and Broadway, and fall in line iinnicdiately ly behind Division Xo. 1". Division Xo. 4. Form on South Washington. betw<-<'n Madison an>i Broadway, am] fiilt in line iiumediaie- ly behind Division; Xo. ::. The line of niiirch will be as follows: East along .Mactisoii from Walnut to BucUeye: iiorf on Hucki'ye to 'Fast street: wisl on Kust street lo Jefferson: noilh im .leffersou to Jackson: west on JaeUson to the Crand Theativ. .-\t that point there will be a (irand. I'atrimie Demonstration anri the panid-- will i|i;<li:ind. The Republican viiunty eenirul com' niillee Is meeting: this ufternoun for the purpose of planning for an informal n-ception for Secretary Jnines Wilson on his arrival here next Tues• day morniii::. .Mr. Wilson, with ('on- gresstnan Pollard Of Xebraska. spi>aks at Ft. Scott .Monday, coining hi-re on the early train • TH «Kda .v. While the committe" has not yet madi» any plans, it is likely iJiat. headed by the bands wl'ich are to" play here a'l day Tuesday, the citizens of lola ^nd hundreds,of visitors to th<' eity will go down 10 the train to e.xteud him an enthusiastic greetin;r. BK; (KOWO LlSTEM.Vt; TO f. S. SENATOK AT LA UAItPE. BIGGEST DAY OF EXHIBIT BEIMBLK A.VS FK(».>I ALL OVEK l(H.\TY IS ATTEMJAX E. Displujs of Fruit. Ve»-tubU> aiid Live Stock E.\cell<-nt—Foot Bull (laiiic. Today is Republican day at tlie Kainiers K.\hibit which opened in lia Hariie yesterday. One of the largest crowds ever in I^ Ilarpe is present, the people coining from all pans of the county, lola and ('.as City is exceptionally well represented. Senator Chas. Curtis is the principa: speaker. Peefs oi>era house Is filled to capacity. Immediately after St-u- ator Curtis"s speech the fo;)l ball game lielween: the l-a Ilarpe and Chanutc high scht)ol teams will he called. The display of farm lUcMlncts is even mme than the most optinilsiic ex- jlieeli'l. Willie thi'ie ale a large nuin • liir ol inlries in every deparlmnt tile jjudges arc fuiding it dllficult to choose juduvs arc luiding It tlliricult to Choose ure»» ;ii vapumi the winners as everything Vntcred is low.c.I w:k on "The I'iio,." Thi.s <dd first class. The display of fruit is exceptionally good. The jiesoimist who has been howling ihai little fruit was raised in .\.len county this year has only tovit- it this fair and note the "display of all sang Jekis Savior I'jlot .\Io. kinds of fruits to become an optimist. .\niong the most noticeable features ot the fruit exhibit is a .Maiden Illnsh apple from a tree that has b 'los- semed G times and has .vie.ded as many cr<>i»s of apples. This tree is on the George G. Fox farm near I.ji Harpe. The display nf vegetables is almost as geod as the fruit. I'unipkins. sciiia-hes. anions. iK-aiis. e:ir rots biets and in r ;ici everything,' in ilie v«ii(;tjble world can be found in t::.i dipariineni. The display uf corn hidicatp.-; that .\1 e;i county is one <if the best i)ro- ducers of good corn in the state. "Xo bctli.r .saiiiides nf <()rn were ever exhibited." teniarked a proinine;u fann­ er yesterday aiterni;«n in hpeaking of the corn exhibit. ... lookinti ovtT till' iruits. vusi-i- alilis and cum oin; iiinsi not nvi-rlook the dlsi)lay of stock inid j.oiillry. The committees have given this depari- SE.SS10.> I»Af A NEW KEY. J. H LAST EYE.\i.\« AMI TO- FlI^L OF BENEFIT. MODERATOR CHOSEN ('. .\11LLEK OF OSBOKNE ELkrTEI) LAST .MGHT. Furcigii ijILssioii ('omiiiitt«H- Itepurti-d Today fi-Dr. tt'Brlru's Seruion a ,'' Ffaturc." The se sions'of the synod ,at the I'resbMei an cliurc^j all day ye.fterday and loda: have been interesting and well aile kded. Tonight a popular meeting x'I'ill be held at which Kev. F. K. Russell. D. D.. and Rev. 1!. I'. Fullerton. DJ D... both of Si. Loiii.s. are the priiici )al speakers. This ml rning's meeting convened a; S o'clock j with om- hour's dev<itl<ina. service, '^d by Rev. W. <'. .Miles nf llollon. friu.- report nf the f<jreii;n mission ^iminitiee was ri-ad by IJr. E.sfey of I 'opeka. after which Kev. Mr. lialrd of I I'aola. gave a siirrinu -.uV di-(.-.i on Ihe coiidiiions in I'lal cniiniy and the sinccess of inissWin.-,. The lid- dress of Capinin OHri.'ti which tol- •!:e;i caplLMn understood his subject and brouiiht a heart touching message ii£ he shfiwed how Jc.-;us is the souls I'iloi. [i .\fter It'e adilres.-. .Mrs. Dr. Litlialigv The rejiort of the committee o>i education "wlls read by the ehairtuan <.i" the comniitlee. R<-v. Dr. .l-'culkis nf tfjty. after wiiiclv Fnili-i- ton i :f Slji Uiiiis. gave a stlrria-i ad- dre.-s. Dk". Kuilerton is a remarkabiy vigorousJpersonalily and brlnus a great tne.isage. The fore.-Joon session cUist -d wi li the report of,the tu;u;:ii:- iie on Fi •edniin l>v Rev. <". K. rf,-!iai- l.le. Ye^t«•l' Iso AfU moon's S «-ji «.iiiii» liegiiiuijiig proiniiiiy at i::iO p. m. the InsJitliili'^ opened with the Rev. S. 11. Fergnli^n. 1 1. D.. presiding in his hapi'y iiuinner. The Ri-v. S. S. Ilil- scher. D.JID.. of I.da. gavt- a MibN- siialy on ijhe Ktcnial Christ wliie^i was a help III jill and will inspire to greater si'.idy ti" the word in the sclniids of Synod. j Th.' K.v. 11. C. Cnlbert.-^on. U. D.. in-.-idi-iii i'f ilic Cidlege <>i Kniptiria. c:i.->iii.-..-. d lii'i' Sal.liaili schools diity i" THE WEATHEK. Forecast I'oi* kuM >u>: Fair l-.!::-iit and Snturdiij, narnit-r toni*.:l!t. committees nave given ims uep.iii- •• ,...:„„ -. ment m.\.-h aUenti .m and as a resuli H..- rh;i ;v I. hr. ( uIlvr .Mm . 1 e^^^^ there are a Inige iinmiuM- of lUlries. many which would ecmpai • favorably with the stock ai tin- big state fairs. The cliiuax of the l-.iir wiil W llie parade of the slnck' prize winners ihnnigh the city this e>e'i:n.i. WAS A FIZZLE? YES! i Vttenipt ti OiMnrb .Mi-<tiug oi Colond .Men to tliBiinixe BejMildiran (liiliFailed. A Republican rally will be held at the Deer Creek school house tomorrow evening. The committee comideted: the arrangements this morning. All of the candidates intend to be prjesent. The speakers will be Capt. H« A. Ewing. .\. F. Florence and J. I^. Birues. The quartette -will furnish th^ music. On Mo iday evening the Republicans will hoild a rally at La Harpe. SERVIA IS CALM • : • I - MAK I'LOJ II (;UOWl>(;. SMALLER I> ErKOFE >0W. Jtcalize How I )i!Mhirou!> a War Would Be—Fniiice Ls Optlni. kUr. llelgraUe—jervfu. ;ttie iuii/iediate danger jiolnti in thr lialltHn situation is caliiiin); down today and In this direc Uoii tlie war cloud is not so threatening as yesterday. Tlie: iKiwers. nqiably Trance and Great Britain, have warned the Servian king to control people and saner euuusels prevail in Belgrade where it is beginning to be realised that a war with Auirla-Hungary would mean national', tiuiclde. Ausiriu-Uungary shows no Kerlous apprelionblon ovjer the Ser- Ylan bulletin. Great Britain has dla- pateked the fleet tp the Turkish Island of Ijemuoe. presuniabljr at the request ot Turkey-and' Its presence in the Aegean sea will exert a oUnilns in- Huence I France is convlhcsd that if any ae- oeptable Iprograo^f can be deddcil on the ."outtireak PM^A tw -vretlJBi,' .A <-ol<ired Reiiublleati club a inenibership of IWinly -sjv. Instead of fourteen as the nio'iiing' paper slati-d. tuda.v. was organized las; night at Has sett with Dr. J. S. Kass as presideiii and Ray RIchardscm as secretary. An effort, but a very unsuccessful one. was made by three colored men who are I'.ryauitci. to create trouble at the jiucfeting. Tlitv soou found that tiic colored men who were in attendance were tliere for the purposre of organizing a Republican club and would not tolerate any scheuiv to disturb the meeting and so lelt without having accomplished their jiurpose. There was much interest manifested In the club and plans were made for a mce:- ing Saturdav night which will be addressed by Dr. J. S. Bass. He will speak of the RrowusvilJ<i affair and aI;-o the matter of a colored man rua- ning for constable in Bassett on the Democratic ticket. SHOWED PKEACHEKS THE I'l.'wf Buu-l«-n) Took YisUnr.s Tbrou|{li the iobt t'oKluiid. This -arteruoon belwi-iii one and two o'clock the nienibeis of the Rooster eliib condneli'd tin- out-of- lowii iiiitiistei's who are here allRiia- Ing the Presbyterian s.\nod. through the tola Portland Ce:nent plant. Special ears were used lo carry the ministers and Ihe iRoosters lo the cement (planl. The visitors expressed Ihein- jticves as very much pleased as the,v had not realized the magnitude of the cement factories. ALEX. MITCHELL IN TOWN. Ke Came Here to See Preabyterian Ministers :iii (.:i i<i| (be ii <<':l of a eliaiigi- of intilic'd ::|k:;ig iiiiu ronsideiaiiu:) thi' kinds (if iJt'hiMils' in llie cbiireh. Tb.- \|isssen Sillibath sclii'uls liiusl carry tm liie wiiik||\ery I.MU-II as lliey dn at preseiic for the.\ in a me:»sui(! t;ike llie |'l;ic>!of llie t'lulsliali lii'llii'. Such schcMls ili>;il Willi pupils Wbci \\;w<- un liai :ii :ig save as iliey get It in iln- Sund:i.\ s(-lioc.!. Dr. Clilbc'rlscui llieii c-a.'!eil aitenlicui to .•.onic weakucfss in the Salilialh scliticils in (he nVera.::e cliiiiiii. If llii> piirpese il tci lea.-h the llibic ill is in a iiU'as- iirc il failure as sbcnvn l>y tin- f;ict ihat .Ml many Siiiida.v school >oiing people '(line Ici the I'cillege age with no kiiowl c-dge of till- siniplcvl hislurieal i-har;ic ters and ineidents of ihe Seii)>iiire. It i.- diflicillS ici le.ieh the Itib.c in aii> ade(|iia;e T-a> in half hour IHM- week when I here is no house study. If the liuriiosf of a ^^•l!CJ(il is to (irovide a (hl.'dntis kliiiich and imparl the idea of worshib that i.- olteii a failure since iiian} cjlFieers do ncii ihcinS'-lves leave the idea of worsiiip from lack if tlioiight auci study. h've.i ilJe idea ihai lite .Siinday srbool. i.s ijr> teach young pecjjile fundamental trijtlis and save j-onls there Is much lacit of prepara,tion. .Hut lere the consecration work tiiid jirayer of many faltlifnl teaclicin w'ho giveltlieni telvt.-i wllhout siint lo:ih;-4 sen'ice. makes ilsj If felt. . •• I all this we may renieiii- le Sunday selicMil system is a growiii. .Many faithfii! . teachers have exaiilied the reliKitiiis llfi- and the value of hiiiiian hauls. W<! may .'iitiimain'.the Sunday school in tjie future fi r lis good to tlii.'^'comiuunit>. We may ddiicaie more parents bring the children to the simple but iniices- slvc scMvlce. We may .study the Bible ill lilt- Sunday .school with still more ire and 'effect. The Rev. Theodore Hra:'kcn. J). D.. thcMi siioke upon the topic, "Wluir Does ilie Siinda .'i Scltcml K.V^eCl of the Cluireh. " The sclmol ha .>T' the right to expect the church to be In the Sunday schc'id. Parents ought to acccjinimny children to the school, not send tlieni The country school.-, do this. The city schools would do bellctr work If they wciiild return lo that Ideal. The Sundu;' school has a right in ex l«>ct adeiHiate supervision • by the church. The sesslcm of the Pre^byler Ian churches should si>Iect the superintendent' of thff Sunday school and otherwise; siiiHTvlse the work. The .'hurch bliould supiHirt lis own child. VI Incidental expenses should lie pai^ j> the ctfurch. not by the school. At thl« polut the chairman intro- I?i:t wit ber thai i' a growth. ber of the last legislature and is again a candidate on the Republican ticket in Douglas county. Mr. Mlt cieil is also a regent of the Kansas jUniversity and came here to Ulk -with the mliUsterpt to kttandanee at Oie IT WAS CLOSE CALL THE SMELTER WINS KXI'LOSIOX I> KA.MSAY*S .STORE \AKKOWLY AYEKTEIJ LAST EYE. Alex. C. Mitchell, one of the prom- Anvui attorneys of Lawrence, is in i„i« i-"."- - ,. . , town today. Mr. Mitchell v»aa mem- ^uced R«y. I'- H- Fnllerton. I). D.. «.r ^Ul.:dl |, . . . —. • St Louis I the moderator of the (fener- al Assembly In the Presbyterian dinrch of U. S. A. Dr. Kuilerton brought ihe greetings of fhe assembly and a few appropriate words gaje tri- bitte to t)ie Sabbath schaoL Sdkne of the words fere: in bihiiit (.1 !;,( child loda.x iij the- cbiiieli Mian e\cr liefore. The Sunday JChi...! lias |(;<1;#} the, best citricer-s. e.ielici.- f '|iii |inieni shi- ever h:id." .Mrs. .S. E.stey c ;l Topeka. then con iiicti'i i. rc.iaid table on Sunday .schcir .l •v .irk. Tile .^unda.v -snhool -.vorkois •si: -d a iiMuili .M- ef C|ues;iciiis and tin- ••olift I ! : (.. «,,s a help III niMiiy ujys W>s. I." : ii>.-.! (Ill •reii..,ic;i s.iicol iiv I l>a?'- l^^ ! sdggecfiiiiis as it cainc "1 "f I.- : nw;i exiMTit 'lJC^'. Sniiic cx- ii-.-ieis fn .ni the t -miid table: "fliid 's -i'iiii iiiii.-' l<-d; II.- .in all r..(l. 1 nki?:-.:-.Diir .-ihirM i fflecr.- and c-i.lui - cii'.; /•ariy tojniii in |>rayor ..etorc each -ioii .ipt-ns. The Sun- lay sc!;n (i! is the plare In dc vi -'npc liic rigbi iflca ni briii'vnlenrc t^y-.-icuKiiie .iii >sii ri -;i!ih is ilii- nnlj way in (I<- ve 'op i:i:.Te.^; in mis.sions. . I.MI CMM-V •-a ;!ier a .-k his i iivilj; to stay in tlie ic-achit",' scrviccv" Ci^irr.'iv In ilic advi.'e of (itli>r S1114- i i.v -(ii 'i .i v.c .ikcis. ihe'Toijeka sclui-.i .i:rts 1 -1 :::i;::>. jinii.-r. inrei r .ii -.IIil" ;i :(l .-. :i :ijr clepu; ;ine:it.s t (it'i';tiiT in 1 ;;.i !'ii |ii ::cisi-lfi:ial for the ilosi;;;.: i\- ?ici<(-i ai "ach session. Ii is diiiu- In tliK .• r .iiniite-!. Th'' worship ami ini :rfs.-ii .ii is grc-atiy sireiigtli 'iied' l >y his plan. Teachers meetiiiirs art- he 'd 11- the jiarlnrs ( f the chuioli l !:e last '•!'i :id ;iy c". i-:ii;>:_' cif < ;;ch luvnth wlu -.i l :n:'er is strve ;l and airtilaiis and iiiiii '-ds disju^-cd. The graileil sciionl s i!:i' l .ijs; win :c ii can be org :'iii /.c ;i !!i(; CMli Ir :;iitiliially ai 'pirnac heil i;i :i;::ii.v scbi .ols. Ti:" Itf .v Jaiiifs .\. Wordeli. D. !>.. of i ';''l :!i .'elp ]ii .i. .-e'Tcla .-y nf tin- J!;mrd ;f Siind.iv Sclmol Work and Piibiica- •Inn. wiis ;li .-u iuwodi.ccd and '.iive a •.cry insii iicilvt' aildn ss ii |inii Sunday -iclinc.l iiiiiliods. .Viiinng other things he- s.iirl: "This is the best Sunday :chii (il iiisi ::ii;f I have aiieiidfii. Prep il;;;:' .1 -ilj , ..lericV in .Sal;d :iv siii (:(j; viirk is vii.r 111 jisMircivs. The law f I'lipalal icll is the laci of Gnd. rrainitig-ia .ill lile W!iy i:<ir in tli»- >ii :id;i .i sclinnl l>,'i;;ii also In tiain Inr ill- woik. K '.ii.iKMi icaehers In I'resb .i.- eriaii Sunday s.-hcols nf ilie I 'di .cd Slal'-- ;iiii' iln \ !;!•• tin- uuT.lisi vidi .:i ;.iiy i. •,((• tl,,. iheich lias ci'-i li .iil till- .•siiiiihi- s< linnl aw;i> ii (i:ii chiireli and in i<-ii .ve .-ii.-. \hvr'<- will !>.• Ill cliiireb. I .«'i niir !de:il lu': In evi :y I'r.•.-!!> II ' :i\n (lii:i( li. !'. l>ailic:s iiaiii- iiig cbiss. :< .CI(IV. iiig ."^abi-;.ih selinni .iiid a srlic 111 fiiil cif spirit nf <;n;l and :II;SS'..M;>I \ 7 .i';il. C:!|:lalli Uliiliii ilica ga \i' 'ueic nf hi-; |i;>i;'!il • \| rri- lie es as a Smiua.* •;elien' iiiis-imiai .1 . The trials aie far 'e.-s iliii; !!<'• ;iiiiiii |ibs in the \\i rk :is ic i (lt> I.M Mis iiiiiiiiiaMr "a.> lii'- slmy :!f (IIHIS '.iKa -c In llic s ;il \;:ilnli •amis ill ll'i' mil .of wa> places lu>- mis iiniiiii .v \i .~iis. Mad Ihe good ca |itaiii "lavi'ii; i>-;irin -;l IIIH plan nt luivigalinn is sailing il 'f Sea nf lit'.- to <iinie into 111',- Hc.rlnr nf I'liids Kiiigdiini and 'ding many (IIII-TS ilieic in God 's gvod .ill I . Dr. Feiguuu ih-n elnsi d one of iln- .ii<,.-t liispiriiii.' Sabbath Seh<joI Instl- Ule.-. ill llic ;.V(ds ii tin .wcsi by io :ue ii-lliug persoiiiil i-xpei ieiic-<-j. .\iid .aIter llie doxo.ngy llie bcnedic- ;inii was |iiii:ii ;ii :K <'d by ilie niDdi-ratcir •if llie geiii-'al as.-i-iiibi.i . It<-v. It P. Full noil. D. I>'. if St. l-niiis And those wild aitiMided wi'iit oiil to the wnik full nf liis|iirni !i II :•:!<! '-"'Jl for the .Masl. r 'I'i' .'•^.v M.'l 1 :i !|;er, i -p 'lli 'd Ulol evetl •iiu 7:'!ii. A large iiiiniber of dele- .::ilfs bill alrv:id» :Mri \>-^t. The meet iiig cipc :.i-.l with M.u;- ;;ller scripture reid \<\ Rev. Frank .\^i Kt-an of Sallna ilid 1 'aver U\ Dr FiiUerton of St. !.niii>. :iiiil '::ii aittiel'.i b.i tin- lari:<- rliiiir. 'Mif .-. :mii 'Aiis preac lii -d by Kev. Dr. l;n>li << .\lelii.-cin. the relir- •ng iiiLibialni tin- Synod Aft«-r a ioln \-\ .Ml n.iiiliel-: lb.- Synod was 'iilliiii.v eiiasiiiul. J li\ piavi-r. Roll w;.s cal . -.1 and Ih.-a the body piciceed- .•d In I 111- elicllnll i .f a Inndt -ralor. Rev. J. C. .MiUir. wlin has t-iii a inemher of Synnd for ihiri \-fivi.' years now ot 0.^''«'iii Kas . and c.nce panor laur lola. iiiiaiiiiiMiiisiy chosen, ilev. llar\e\ .Mathi-s i.f I'lianutf and Rev. 1,. M. I.u\liuuiii ol: .MarysvlUe were chosen temiKiriiiy elt rks. The Invitation of ihi- Boosters' club to visit the lola I'oriland plant was accepted and I |i. 111. of today was set as the lime. A SEALED ORDEH Valella IsUud of Malta.I Oit. Several Uritibh warships here have Wen instructed to aai! under sealed orders. The supposed destination is the,lTurkish island of Lefben. T^e RODGERS IN NICK OF TIME «.AS SrPEKI>TK.\i»E.NT F<»l .M> YALYE OI'E.N l.\ BASK.HE.NT. (-0( kKltfLL PLA.NT AT liAS < ITY t:OES OITSIDE < ITY LI.>HT.>i. MAY GO INTO DISTRICT COURT DEt ISiO> l»F (t».lI.HISS|0>Ei:s lO- BAY .MAY >0T BE FINAL. Suj> That E.\plo>ioH Would llate Blonn Store to AtoHi>—Hiiih I'ressnre Ti^rneil (tii. • uas !iis|e--lnr-. the gas ill ibe Wad il lint bee'l fnr llii' l-rnmp! liciniif .1. Rodgcis. siipcn:ii.cii(|(i:( of the ga.^ clfpartiiiciit. yestnilay af ternnon. an explosion would have- "c- ciirred that iniglii liav<- lilov.n. a.s .Mr. Rodgers expresses It. 'Itanisa-.'.s store into Woodsim counf.\." When the high tires.--ure was turned cm ye .suTiiay tboui noon a valve in Ihi' bas>>iiient of the slorc' had been lef! n;.eii. the gas escaping. .\t the i •' ;li. Mr. Hoilg" is liirnid on high pressure iiiain on Stale sTtc-ei furnish gas for ihe Xorlhriip building,. As sect: as be Mimed on the g;is .Mr. R<;clgers wa'ked by Ramsay's slore In see the inspector who wjis ihitirtv inspecting the furnece. As soon as he entered the basement nf the store he noticed that the gas was escaping ind hurriediv shut off tiie val-.e that liad been |iartvi'l.\ lef: npe;.. In all prcibabilil.v bad iji>ilge;-jt been fivecir ten iii:ni!tes later and the escapiirt; ga.. ncti -be cn discovereil :i explj.'sio:! wculd have oeci;::'d. de- •iroyini; the entire store and perlK .iis iuritig and kiiliiig many i>r ihe clerks «"il lii-!iiers .\ gas !i::l!i v, 1 I'lirning in the ba.-e:!:eiit ;';id !ii a few .iiiniites mniejtlic- I'.sci I'iim .-'as umild have reached it. .\ei-or.iing in .Mr. Rudgiis. : .nci- -I'l f Ilie wiiid-j'.vs in tin- ba.-eMea: were clo-ed Ilier^ wn-.ild have beets :i<.< nther result bill the bb-s-ini. up nf lile '-ii- lire biiiidin.g and sicre. .Mr. Rodgerj hjtvr foum! ilie iaspi-c- icir on the streer He mid Mr. KoU- gers llit't be had rinsed ail >J the valves where .eas ceiilcl have est aped. iThe Smelter Paid I p $i:(,tM)0 Barli Taxes When the Defi>ion Was -Made roda). GAVE HIM GLAD HAND lioY. HI(;HES WARMLY «KEETED BY KA.>SAS KEPI:BLICA>S. THEY CHEERED LOUDLY .HEATIOAEU ..NEW lOKKEK FOK 1 PKESIDENi Y AFTEK TIFT. Deiuou>tration Khaled Ta/t Welcome -Indk-atcs Partj Loyalty to Oliser»vr<!. The cniiiily cnii;!iii.-s:<i!i> rs inday •-iiant'.il !iie apii.ic-atidiii 1 i ilie I'ock- eril! siiieiier at Gas Ciiy ;n li- ?'i oiit- s:de lliV liiniis nf the (i.\. The ap,i !i- C.Ttioii Was presc-iuid in ilu- bnard some linio ago. Gas »'.i;. ai niici- filed ;i i .iii'est. The smelii.i eiaiin-ii a , one i-f the grouncls fur ibe aii;i'!i':ii'<;:i ihat it.s land cnuld never be p!a:ied iiiio towni bits for the lei.-nii thai Ibe funieg frni.i ihe sim li.i- macle ii iijiiii- haiiimlile. Tile i-ii.v «• a'iii.'e"!. Iinttexer lli:ii il nt-edi-d and was eni:;ied lo the taXe.- froiii llie siiie.-.tir as llie iiiiriii- Ui:ilit;y was heavil.v Inided m insiaii .ilie p'resei:: water!-- .-.vsii:.! wbieh I'was^f especial beiiclil in ilie sinolie. Each side aupeareil \rfi. re ili en!:i- iliission-;rs last mon'h with atiorne.^s. Willie, .-es well- swoia and exainiiii:: afterwliic 1. llie alni!ie.>;i !:!•;!.• .iigu- tneiils. llie v.linli- iliiiig ileiiig tnndac • ?d as a trial with ibe ominiissinner; as the rniiri. The bnai iecisic:;! hciweven iii.iil irant-'d ilie application, .\n aliorney for ihe <•;!> siaicd Inlay that I 'lU- ease woiild jireiiably be akeii i<- district cuifri.' Th^• rriieiier has bei n 'i>!:e4 m : out nf i!ie cit; limits fnr .war.- and lia.- -efusCd to pa;, its iaxjs. The Inia' :axes due today wa.s Sl;:.l'l'> of which ;ie:irlj SJ.ii'io wa.s inteivsi. V.'lien IIK coniiuis.sioni rs gave liieir de, isien. I'.u iliielter tiaiil iis laxis ii;i m daie. This vi':;r ..l!:e eiiv wcni.d '.;tve reeeived froiii i!ie smelter in laxes. fe I'niiniy Clerk l"ullieri-nn niade i|ie chi.iiL-e nil the tax rn'l alter the deci^imi. . i wi!l:lield its i (;(!;!y whe:; :l j FLIRTED WITH HER'HUSBAND. HEARD GOV. HUGHES The Automobile Party Drove to Yates Center This Morning.—Eulogized Taf t. .".!! aiilomoeili- iiarty. enmitosed lif Frank T:avis. F. W. lirewsterj A. P. Harris. C. (;. Spcnci r and W. TJ. Wat- .soii. liioMio Yates Center thisi inorn- iil:; In 'near tJov. Muglies. of XeW York »lin leaiiea six leiuiile talk there H:ile enroute tjo Iliil«'|i.Mi(lenee. .VIH>UC '111 iipi ople were at tin- train to luec-t :lie .New Yorker, lie gave a brief but. .s'plendiil talk in whirli he praised the state of Kansas lii'-hl..'. S|ie:iking of pcilllies lie said he believed that Tatt v.asniie nf tile lies' eiplipi>ei| lilen who bad i-\er run for the otttec and ga\e it as Iii<i belief .^hat Kansas woiilil give liini a nilg ijiajority. The \!liig\ iiiion .Mr. Taft Uvas followed >> :i bit; demonstration. .Mrs. l,ou Keiit'row.' coloitci. was lined $1 and co.«is in polic-e conn this morning on the chiiro- of a.^saultin-.: .Mrs. .Maigari: Stew^irt. COIOHMI. Wh<-n she pleadt i| guilty to the charge s!:o couiptained to the aitthorities that tlie coii>|iIaining witness. .Mrs. Margaret Stewart was flirting with h<'r husband. .\s soon as she pui.j tiie tine .Mrs. Renfr <iw swore lo a eomiilain cliarg- Jlrs. Sfewan witi- liisiiirbin'g her |pi\uce by the Use of imU'cent language, pfis. Stewart pleaded not guilty. The case will b.' tri'd next .Mondav niorn- inc. SUIT NEXT MONTH Ewinq. Gar'* &. Gar^. Granted An ly Hearing of Barnes Law Case. Ear- En iiig. I'.aiil & Gard. aitoriieys lor the board of education in Its suit again.s-i the county eoninii.ssioners whie liin\olve.s the validity of the Barnes high school law in thia county, received notice this morning that their motion in the sn|iremi* court, avkiiig for an e .-rrly argument was ci-anted.. The date? for the argiimeii: was .set for .N 'ovc 'inber Itli. Had the I n allowed totake its regular Ciiiir.^e iJ Wfni 'd not have been up for trial until snme linie in April. Sinceaii early trial was desire.] the granting of this motioit is considered by the plaintiffs the w|inning of "tie first beat.". The altoriiexs fu- ilif- plaintiff stated tlii.-i afleriiooti tlia> tliev believed the ca.-;e Would be decided in time for the tax to be tiicliideil in the lirst liayinent of taxes which is .some lime ill Deceu'ber, If Ihe siiiireme court sliniild hold t .'e law v«klid in this c «ii;n!y. The case was lirsi tried in the IcM -al 'llstrii t court. There .liictee Foust Iheld that the Barnes high school lav.- was invalid in this county. CHANCE IN BUSINESS. K. L. Smith Purchanes S. L. Stanfield Pliotoflraph Gallery. K. L. Smith, formerly chemist in the 1'rime Western Iabt>rator>- has pur- cha.sed the photograph galler)' _of S. L. StaiTSeld. Mr. Stanfield vHl 'move to S|>rinKtleld. Mo., where he exi>ects to devote his entire lime to view work. Mr. Smith wUI spend ..the next two weeks in "retouching" tte interr ioT of the KaPery after which time he, win he, ooen for hnalness. ~ Mr, Reason Mrs. Renfrew Was in Police Court.. ROYALTY SAW WRIGHT FLY. Passengers Carried by the Aeronaut in His Trios Yesterday. l.'-inaiis. France. Oct. !>.—Wiliiur Wii-iil. the .\nieriraii aeroldanist. made several flights today. They Were .witnessed by Dowager Queen Margaretla of It;.'y and among his |iassen-;ers .were Lieutenant General BaJeii-Powell of th.> British arm.v. County Serge Kaznakoff. a chamberlain Ici the Rii.ssian emperor. .Mrs. Bol- lee and Commandant Boiittieux. director of t!;e military aerostatic |)ark at \Mcdon. letter .M"-. Wright was pre- seni.ed to the dowa .i ;er ciueen who congratulated him. HEATH HfO.H l>«PniHEJ-»» Iniaiit tiiiM -i ''i.Tion Line P.-.-nl \.»:.y Ln'.{ .>U'i:l. The inlani cMld irf .Marion I.iue died at Ihe bn.iie ri:'.:: Sniilh Secnric! Street, last eveiiitig. The child has lie«'ii .suffering for MJIIIC liiiie with dilihtberia and de.cili was r.nt iinex- liCCted. Iniernieni will be made today m the Ilicliland cemetery. ELECTED OFFICERS. Prof, Freiburghouse is the President of Athletic Association. At the meeting of th.- .Athletic- .VH- boclatinit of till- kicMtl high school officers fcir the term Were elected. Prof. E. II. Freiburghous.-. teacher of chetn- iUtry, was uiacle president: Deaji Billbe. vice-president: Claude Nigh, sec- ri-iarj: .fohn (..aury. treasure.-, and Fred Steele, manager of athlc-tic events. Wiehiia. Kas. Oct. The reireplion eiidered 10 < :•. vt: :;<;: Charles E- luuhea of .Vew Voi k here last night •iva s tli ;i! gi\en 10 .liuige Taft in To-. :>eka last .Satnrdaj night. That is th<? iiiiinimous opinion of ihi> Kansas Re- iiiblicans lure who were also mem- ,ei> i .f the Taft iiart.v. WlQhlta last liglii.was .ianinied. 'Every hotel was Tiled In eivcrflowing .ind thie streets .Veil- full even after the imnlicQSC an- ;, liinriiim. , the wigwam, in Whiclk. the :ieriing was held, was ihrown open itid fi'led. There i.> no "apathy" ap- oi 'ieiit here. The; Iliighcs siKcial reached here a f.w minutes before T n 'eiuvk. Dinner jvas servi-d on the train and: the auto- iiiobiies tlwu were at ihe station to niept the party wailed for half an hour I '.y the lime Governor Hughes was eady to leave the tratn the ^parade aacl started. It rivaled the- Topeka parade last Salui'day which is said to lavc b .-en the best ever given in the ,taie for a candidate for office. There. were twenty or more auiomobiles car- rjiiig the Hughes party and other liroininent Republicans. FoBowIng , this there w-ere flambeau clubs, yonng jie.i's Republican clubs, three bands, U •alliope. two blocks of fireworks, old -oldiers and colored voitrs.' The parade was about twelve blocks in iri::iii and took half an hour to pass. li was tsnimatcd last night that lovernor Hnghes spoke to B.^WOpeo- !" Ill the wigwam and that double :iiai number failed 10 secure admis- -in:.. . • Only Two Slop>. Ilii; two Slops were made t>etween Tojieka and Wichita, and the people lu he others had been ni>iifit\d by telegraph that thty would be passed by. \'otwiihsianding this. there were •rc.wcN ai every station. The.v hoped ••• catch a glimpse of liovemor .li::;livs. The cttterin.r remained in his state room most of Ihe afternoon. He was not feeling well. The best meeting of the day was at Ile 'ington. the first sioi. out of To- jKka. The llo.c-k Island shops had been closed five niiimies tiefore tile irain inilleil in. and all or ihe shopmen Acre lined up at the station p'.atfomi. The .second aail last stop between r .ipcka and Wichita was at Marion. Ill hnnie nf Governor ilneb. The gov-, eriior boarded the train at Herington .'.vA met (.lovernor lliiglies. 'luit—Then ilntclirs. Taft in I'.H'^. .\fter Taft then lliiulies.' 'ihe crowd cheered this ihore tlian ii did Hughes's speech. The same lierforniauce was repeated at Holton. with the same result. The idea of Hii -.;hes as a succe&->or 10 Taft appears to 'ake. 1 he crowd at Holton was about the same size as that at Horton. Proljably tl was a little larger. There were In the neighborhood of -imo people at ilnlion to hear Governor Hughes. He aiade cinly a five-minute speech.- .\t CofiejTille TiMUy. Cijfeyvilie. ixas.. Oct.-H.^overnop Hughes today invaded the tandard.Oil. tank farms iu soutbeast Kansas and -iiiske to crowds of working men.' Speaking of the reforms initiated by ihe Itepubl'ican party, he said: "It wciiild be a pity, it wcjuld be a calani- ;i> if business .should be plunged into .1 j.eriod of uncertainty by the attempt ed introduction of a lot of visionary panacea such as Bryan proposes." Governor Hijghes will speak at Webb City tonight and go to St. Louts tomorrow. .' .' A BOOST FOR CASE Get Plans for Bridge. Till! conitelssioners today decided, to instriict Charles Smith of Humboldt, who iboks after the c«unty brldge.s, to go down to the Captain Stewart farm, south of Humlioldr. and draft jdana for a proposed culvert or bridge there. The j>rcjsent culvert is >;ai.l to be too small to handle the water during flood times. Captain Stewart was up today/, to talk to the commissioners atiout tie matter. "... I Underwent Operation. Mri |W. D. Wood, of 218 South ftieef underwent an operation at St JimMtat this mornhis: The o>- >1K.>TI0.\EU EOK POSITIO.X OF S'ECKETAKY OF THE I>TEKIOK. TmnH..>ii»>I >Mpp] l'oncre>> Wants We.«itern .Man in AIMMP >ainrd Ortice>—Kansans Are Mu»}. San Kranclscoi Catif.. Oct. !* -In the Trans.Mississipp) congress today a res nlutiuii which was presented and In whifh great iu(:erest Is taken was one urging the nesW preyideiit of the United Stateji to apfioiut » western man as Secretary of the Iiiterior. The Kan sas delegation is straiuing every nerve to have congress endorse J. B- Case, of .\bllene. Ka^.. former president or the congress, for the post, and there .ippeared to be considerable movement; 4mong other delega:iuns In the aame lirecUoo. , ; i Chatean Chocolates, the have/^Btirays' bought at Mo beantifnl

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