The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1952
Page 4
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' PAOT FOUR BLYTHFA'TLT.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 13,, 1952 THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS •my. couniEii NKWO co, If. W. HAINKS. rilhlllhcr HAnHY A, HAiNRS, AMhtnnl P'lWIthtr A. A. FRKDRICKBON, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Adwrtl«lnB Mnnmjcr Bole National Aflvertlnlni: nrprnsrnlailvc*: Wallace Wllrm-r Co, Ntw York, ChUaso, I»troit, Allanlit. Memphis. Enlrrerl tin M-fond r)?i>.i mnltrr nt Ihn post- office nl !i]ylh,:vlllr. Arkntwasi, unrlcr "r.l of Con- erm, Octobrr 9. 1017. Member of Tlio AMOc:1n!ril I'H fir carrier m Ilir rity <>r J)lyrhrvill« or «ny suourtan town »hrie cnnlrr «>rvlr« l» main- tJlncti, 25c per week. Uv mall. »-HnliL * inillm ol .SO rnlici, Ift W) pti yr»r. »2M> (01 MX rr."n!hv I! 2S for UUCP months: by m»ll ont.''l,lr, M inllo zone, J1250 per year p.iyablc Hi nilvnnt.e. Meditations Wlinpn Iliry itrl hrfnrr Ui«* n|n>!«lks; ntirl when Iliry tiiiil jnnynl, Ilir-y J,iltl Hn lr h.nuh on thi-Jti. —Arl< «:«!. • » * > Nn 111,1 n » vrr [icivcd h'-nt Mly wiMmut lr;u n\i\K fund hi nt;. Kinrp/ui. Barbs \VMli til* 1 I't'iVJ earn t'tJt, '.*»• li' nmrf anri wore nbout letter nnlon - bill- nnthiuu nmrti :il>uul brttnr driver*. * * * SlJvrrwnrr lo niiitrh f» Hit \nn\\ir I hi ME ,Miy» .111 ad- Whn uaiila Id K'» lo tlir JMJMC rr«lnur,inl nil the llmr? » * + A Morm down south blr"* n l>ov of (**n nul n[ Ix-d. 11 would lirlp niothrrjn If Omf- couJd hr nr- rniiEcd tor every $.r,Uiy>l nvirnUm. • » * \\Vrr in f:\vur iif (urnlite nvrr In .ill urnK pUnlrd In hnnic Riirdrns Mir nlil Klr,[Jin, "\\'nl^h U* <lr<-w." * * * Mnrc (inrl more [KiUMrlnm will be hopping on no Irs] Time Has Come for City To Have Zoning Ordinance Tim limo luis rnino wlicn llin (lily Council must Inkc iH'don nn drnfiin^ n ^oninj? nrdiriiinno fur tho ril.y of Hlyiho- vllle. Tho pre.ictil nyKtoni of rt'Kiilnlinjf roiintrtiction i.s n« obsolctn no R uions- tRoliB cup. SofriOiifiw, pnoplo socm In have a font' of r.onliij; prnifvnmff. This is hrcntiso thoy nro not fimillfnr wllli llin mnnnor In which n Boiuiii .xniiinK code would work. An mlrqiiate zoninK nrdinnncc wonlfl not rnqulro nnynnn In rioHtmy nny huild- !n». It would mil nionn Ihiil n hulldiiiK for conimnrolnl inirpnsna could not lir> built oulaidn Iho K^'icnil confinrs of t/io "downtown" ticpn. It woul<l mrrin Unit n litrd rpiiilnriiiK pin nt cinildn'l. li« constnictod on tluit VH- cnnt Inl. noxl. lo your homo. It. would mnnn that n hoilrr factory coiddn'l \ic. creeled nnxt lo n hnK|iitn! . . . or, in the cxlrnmp, nn A-bomb plant iinnr thn now hltfh ni-houl huiiiiiuK. In shnrl, nn ndtHjinilo /nnliiR orcll- nitnco would nici'cl.v Ktnhili/.p real pstiilR vnliirR, would prcvt'iil llin uufiiir n'duc- UOTI of pniprrty \ p :duc\ Von don't own property'.' Vein do if ynn l>rion^ t<> n rhutvh or p;t\' Idxcs. If you li.'uv cliildri'ii in srhiicil, yon luivn a \TTV di'liniti 1 in'i'ri'sl in thai piu'tiru- liir pirio ol n-nl rsl.-iti'. Tlirrc nrc no Jif/nuu'iilK »>,'iiitisl xnu- inji whirli run lii>):in I" milwritfli ils vfitnr.^ In tin- < Mi'rn.s ul ti)is cil\', THrsr rilbcns dcM-rvc ;i inodpi'il. worl.aMo 7.iii]iii)r rode. Thri |i;ivc I'vrvy rii;lil lo liimw Ilir invi'.slinnils tliry liiivi' made or will niaKr in iral I'stali 1 will In' ivn- (ior.nlily secure. .Mciiilii'rs i>l (lie I'll.v Council should feel a distinct respniisjhihly lo I heir constituents in (ins relied ami ulionld ;o-l an.\ limn' dela.\ in icady- iriK :i vonipvehen: i\ e .uminK ordinaiu'O for Mlylheviilv. Voters' 'Wrilc-in Fever' Hits Unfair Primary Laws Tl»' "write ill le\ei" I hat h;is marked t li i 1 nation's lli."i'2 (iritnai-ies oiif/lil In lie well studied l.y parly leaders it! all slates. It is itir voters' cotnillel]- lary <ni Hie al'.-iird cunl'iision and in- e<[iiil\ of nur primal v !:r.\s, As they an 1 now framed, tlicse stal- Ulcs do not yi'w 'rally pievide a fair lest of stl<'U)/lii helueen the Ii<,-idin>; pn'si- drnlhl cainiiilates. Tlie heavy wi lie in.s in slates like Miiimviiilii and Nohraska nip a dcnion- sl ration of peptilnr trritatioi) with this intolerable situation. Thp voters waul n vliinii'i: to vote on ail candidates. It 13 evMont that oxcopt whom they affi ^x- preHfily foi'ltirldcn by law, t.hny will tnke rmittoi'K inlo Ihcir own hands and put down the nnm<! of the man I hoy want.. 'J' h P ('niululalcft 1 ppr*onal inHina- Uohfl nrr partly rfriporiHihlc! for Ihft ficnrt'ily of ynorl primary IfiHl*. Thny nnl urally r^fniin from cnU-rin^ Hiatus whfrf Dioy ffH their rthnwin^ mi/ht be poor, mid Ir-ap inio'arcan thai look J'ul tliny IIP': nncoimiKrvl in Ihnr rfi- ]uctanr:ij hy I ho or|<]iU<»a of lh« various Main law. A man may believe Uint a particular U'M. \vH! \x>. unfair, or ln- ronHuKivr', or imprortuclivo of real gains in convention dfloKuttvs. A candidate! ar/tnally nn<vls ]o#«il conn.M'J to innkfi I.IIPKR drcjrtiona, Facrd wit I) Hi*- inci'oriihlo com plications, in any iii."t!irici' be Irs more likHy to nifty on I t fian VM in. Thi',-" i:i no fjiiPKliuij at ril] lhal, sornn primary lawn havfi bprn f!ra flrd hy si ;i h- li-jnh'j's who WC.TP t.ryi/ix 1" slack Ihe cardn for or ;ijraj)mt a particular hirin in a parl irular year* Tlir-y sprrn iMilicrnlHy rlt'KltfiK'ri to block n fair test. Sonic Hlah'K r<T| Mint R candidatf'n wrillnn crmsfiil. for his entry, sumo do not. Sonif jillow write-in^, aomn do not. Here and then; a po]iularity rontcMt re- ft nit J.H bimiiiiK, hut, more, often it ia merely advisory, leaving the rlcV'tf.'tlrg free lo i^noi't; Hie voler.s' rccommciula- lions i f t hey choo:-iO. Si'nalin 1 Tuft nljiyerl out of populous I'ennsylvania'a 1**«t on Ihe Around it would he inconclusive. The "written consent" required barred (lencral Kis- enliower from the bi# Wisconsin show. Thi* Karne feature kopt the Kortnnil out of Nebraska, I'rnsifffiit 'I'mman and others havo HiiKHORtfld a national direct primary aa the hest way out, of (bin wilrl liod^e- poilKo. HIM, Ihe tumpor of CoiiKivwa in thin election year is u^niusl that aoln- tioti, In I,fir nlmenc-r of that, let IIH ut, lonnt hnvfi «1 ale inWH which by their uniform libornlily encourage; Ihe entry of all candidates, Let IIH have simple sliit- titoH, HO framed that the voting renull they produce will be clriir—not ns now loflt freijiieiitly in a fo« of complexity. To<lny wo either j«it no lent, or a port- nibly minh i ri<liiiK outcome in our mo.sL populous wtaleM. The inevilable .^etpirl Is a dJMproporlionale sfrosH on voting In Hmuller Mules, Tun often their clmr- ru'lpnulu'tt are HO *pnHn!..juu) the voting sample so slender that tluvv Yto not merit being tnken us gauges of nnlionn] sentiment. If Hlnle parly leaders do not recog- nlan tho Higris of a popular flosii'e for n l)lg^er r clearer voico in thn choice of (heir prpy.irh-nl ial nominees, the people one day noon are likely lo write in ;i vote lhal will blast the parly hru.HK right out of their comfortable seats. Wri Views of Others Morris'-Parting Shot Ni'wlinld Muni-,, hiii'd, th.'n (ni'd. hi hln job di rlrjin nut \\'n:4i!iii;1oM cm i UiiUon, l"ltl 1 )u- N'a- tloiiiil I'ir.vs Cluli lu- hiid d»*voral Idrn.i on rkun- iipi, one In p.u tii nl.u : ,s«-i up a K"vrni- nirnt nviicy lo r\nmln<' riiniiilniiil. 1 . of tni. i nn- dui I KOI Mitnr linw- now Ibr tr-jnr<ly lor rvci y- IhhiK fin,-, b'-ni lo M't up a nnv aurnry. Mm It oui:hl to In- Hear thai no ftuonry, nn li'itly, no d"'\lcr Is rtfr-cHvc nnlr-r. It \\;\* I hr MArnp of mri'^i'My li;i«-k of it. An luhnlnL'-li att-Mi n.-mm-i ;i( or HrpulilU an - uHK-h frau Ilir i'ol!fn ; ,l n--,ull of n rrrtl cli-Jiiiup \r~ nnl u«'UH: fn in'i' 1 '!^' :>'^ Jutrnry \vlilrli vv'ill I'li-iin up, I j-1 lls MlpJ"v i- .Ml. h :m iivi'liry v\ t'M 1 r^-1 :i h- IMird. nnd Hint It HIM..\nrij plrnly. \\'h:il ««;jd uould tl do If »i.- |)rp.iriiii'-u( of .ImtU-r whUr- U'» • tird II.". r\i»"',ui r • Nn new UK-TV A !• Htir tin- inlcKii'y 1'u'l. Erskine Johnson. IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD — <NEA) — Ho!- Iv'Aiyid Eye Openers: It took the Wjirnrr .itndlo ma'<r;up department F-xartly 40 minutes to make Bdrtie Cantor took like ErfiHe- Cantor for his ro!f in "The Story of Will Hrmcr.s." . . . nhnnda Flcmlnp's rmolcs about hrr rolp In "Tropic Zinp": "Tt may he a tropical heat wavp (or the consort. I have 15 rhanKrs of rlothf-s hut people keep rlpplnp them off mo." . . . Jane .'•Jlyh, on tho Kiibjrol ol her sudden marriage to Li. f] t[.) John Baker: "I'm Ti years old and I looked all over for a cnod. &U?ady man. The Irouhlo with mpn In Hollyu-ond IF ihnt thcy'vr heen r very where and tbry know all thn rtnsv,-(jrs," In^ldr-s nre tuesslnj; thrii ,Tofin Fontaine h;\x nffi*rnl fn o^ncrl an allreril debt of SROGO nvrt.A hrr hy px-lnihhy \\ 1 llllnin On/lrr If he'll pfrmll licr to tahr their lhr«e- yp,ir-njil rlniJErhlfr (o Spnlti. l!n- 'l"r lcrm<i of thrfr divin-rc, be r^in nrr vr>"( ij, e r |,j| ( i f rom leaving Hie (.!. S. Doxons of briUhns;, nver-ambi- lif>ns movit? mamas, each intent on the best camera bre^hR for lug (or complete recovery and a resumption of. r*r cnrccr. * * • Hollywood's now re-t^ntn? old movies just like TV. Six WR Fox hits of ypRtcrdny are flUfrd for theaters Atnrttnp In May. Two of them: "Leave Her to Heaven" nnrt "Lnnra." . . . Lnwyrrs have agreed on the crren stuff in the Tana Turner - nob Topping .srtElement, Rumored payment: $75.000 to Lann. Hette pavh makes her TV debut April in on Jimrny DuratHe's show. Paramount will film n scqut-l to "U'Jicn \Vnr!<K fVillIdo." The title-: "Aflcr Worlds Col'llde." And after worlds collide? MGM'R pn^inq Cary Grant for "Hream Wife." No, it v.'ns never considered for Clark Gable. Tery Moore anri Dick Conl hnve rediscoverpfl earh other. lno Petor Edson's Washington Column- Revolutionary Metal Presses Cut Costs of Planes and Guns ..„ ,...,. „ „ her small-fry. are turning Warners' to stace parades and NKA Wa it h tartan t'i>rrcA|mnil<'iil WAHHINOTON <NinAi — Uovo- hitlnnnry devolnprncnt, 1 ! In molfll- wnrkinp- nro now lining Mrnnrnd by ttic U. 8. Air Force* nnd Army Ordinance nirrrnlt nntl nmnt- ire nnd p^iiipnirnt, nmkliiff it * million prnni ;irn. metals To appreciate whnt mn- tur«. ch Inor, r: n n d ri, a ty p I c n I Joh for The whlrh onn ol the bluest presnns la ht'itiK uRf'tl t-ivn.i tlio br.i! example. They Involve j tn the F-H-t Rr.public Thundcrjct the for«in« JUK! j fiKiitor th«rc Is a winp spur 18 fee.t rxti - iir;lnn of lint loiikj. H lins cu.-tomnrlly been built iirul rnld nirinlr. | by a coinplkni^d Job nf fnrglnn. In innltl-inilllon-j mnchinlnK nnd rlvcLIng which took dollar prr?-'-iO.'i| tunny mnn-hnura. 1'rtrr n tlntr fm-r»"i nf | up lo r)0.r)(»i Uim i - thr- v. I'lwbt nf; ft Iiiil1lf:,lup --' Cfim'riHi'aU'd nn j a Mn^Ic luj;*^ f| ! mrlat, Prtirotlmn nppllrntlnnfi of tlK'Sf | prorrsflos to civ I linn miumfnrime j arn hrllnvrd tr> fiffrr Rrcnt po-^ibll-J UlnR for "mvintfs It) mntprlalr, n nil ope i 1 nitons [:cis!^. ed by Lfie Clrnnnt^s clurlni: World Wnr II. Thrrr of iho C» o r in » n nl Hie rml nf the wnr, Tliry n r r- now In opriMlori n( Uitbji AUnii- llllllll. AHllllll. Ml< || ; A II r>.l Hi Clr-'.TbMid. Oliin: and Wyniiin Clot • rl<»n, Nnith Ornfiori, Mn>s. I ' (\riMMXTAI.I, V. t b c Idi • I.MI ; i k-nt ibn blfcwf-.l nf the rjrrinun; i ,rs — n :<f..(Hir» ton )nb. Wllli j hflp of On in nn In •! in Irian-; ! «rr nndnubli'illy ntlli/.lni,' tblsj prr.'s.s In their ntrcrnft liuililinu, I Thr IM:V(* (imnrxn prfv-sr-.n in • Ihr U K. hnvr- vrrvrrl nr, model 1 - ' foi t h e de-Man or IV udclmmul; prcr^.f-s. With CitparHir;; of Ift.lHH* : lo .VI.CUV) lour., now uruU-f nitr^ruc-1 rirni, Plnll.'. |nv oiir- 7:>,[)(ll) ton pirp', ' liri vi' been diop|H'd. L The ol Imrml c .itnnU- \\\t: '- \\tn\\t\ ('..';( .V^lll mil-1 An V'.-nr L.ppiopiin i IIILV-. IK.'-I I rlrn.'.nl. ir ; Iliit ;IM lulrlllLonn] |l'i<l j of aluminum nnd the lighter used in n ire rait manufac- The Miracle of Our Lady of Fa- timn" set into -omethlnfj that looxs liko Lht 1 Korean Jront- The studio may rule mamas of/ Round stnsos In future movie.'; Involving lots of kiddies as a result of 1.he fracns- Nijjht club audiences arr sayinR "V/n-,1, 1 !" about the new pondle- hf\!red Vnlentina-^owned Elsn Lan- DifFler In her flr.«,t nl(?h(club stint in Ifoilyu'nnd fix a hrndliner, y,\sn is quite contcrntcd over the 'A-histlr-s nnd 1s saying: "I've dnnr nothing on thr xrrepn hut priy my hair, pull It hack tightly nnd look llkr Uncle*. "Most nc tresses dlKappoint the public. People* sny, 'Hmmin, they're nnt a s f?l a m or ou s ns th ey look on the screen.' I [?ct the exact reverse. People are plnsnntly surprisd whrn I come on, I make life a lot of fun." AllinK Hattlc McDanEel had to Rive up her wheelchair and take (o bed atjnln. But the Oscar-winning they IN ON'K Or (lie new presses, nn inuot of hot mot at will br plnccd. i [)fi'.vn will conn; (he prrss on the! fii«' fuul h) HMO KJKrmllc whonsh, uh»tn mid zowU:. the Job will be dom*. stronger nnd h«iu>r. In each Jet ItKhter iborc arc 10 lo 3D of I Ii o K e forclnK-s. Northrup Aln-rnft, In biiiltlln« the F-80 Scor- pinn. esf.lmatrs that tho Rnvlnnr Ironi imp nf thr iKrw prflssrs will IJP :!*ii) lo 30d poiinfls o[ metnl, llion- rifuuts nt rlvrts, 1ROO houi'n jiia- fbintnu ttnio nru! $^000 In costs PT picric-. On fiOf) planes thin m''am s» vtntf a million dollnrs. On ii H-:tn bomber, .savings °f til:tin- nrc estimated. Af'-i li:.iriiliiK In Uio urcnmcnts 1 Air l-'nrrc- Uniler.iccretnry Ilos- r-Il Crllpidrlck. Hop. John F. Tn- rr, Hi'- Nr-.v York Kcpu bile nil [•nni)fiu/,o]-, w » .<; ninved to rc- i;iik: "Wrll, I Kiirss we'll have, tn 'I tlifin «fi nhond." tn Krnnrnl. tho prp.sscs nro beu: built for (wo different typrs of pri ;iiinii l ; 'or fov[:lnir, 2ft.fKN> lo nd pji^rr,; tilnn feel nnrl lonccr .•ill h" Ii:indlr>d. I^n* oxlni.'ilnn. or '|Ufi-/int: inrinl Into form anrl h ip' 1 - pi iv,.',HITS, aio from HOOt) lo :>.imn i..n-; nnd ]^<r r, 1 ^ up to 11 ccf in ten;.-!li will lie bandied- Germans first starter! to niafcp: shell en. lines by cnld extrusion nf steel about IDS1. One 'Cler- ninn Shullcr press nnd three Oer- mnn .sclent l.s Us wem brouprht to (lie U. S. at the end of the w a r. The experiments! contract won ulvr-n lo I Icint/, Mfg. Co., of Philadelphia, since then. Mulllns Nff^. Co,, of Siilcm. O.. and Nor- rls Stamplnsr of Los Angeles hnve done developmental work. Tho besl the Germans able t actress .still has thp hope fly- were do by cold p x 1 1 u sin n w a s to make a 40 nun. cartrklffo case. In the U. S. r mm. howitzer however. \ip to 10S shcllR have been marie In n 30QO-ton extrusion press. Kxperlinentnl work has b o e n done on Urcer sl/os, antl-a,ircrn(t wheels ant! rocket bodies. Snvines in innteriril^ and rastn nt up to iO nnd per cent hnvp bocn repoi trd. 'Hie i then 10-odd opera lions previously re- ' rjutrod In shell manufacture have been reduced to four. card bad brnn plnycd, anrl South cashed the ten and nine of hearts. East nonchalantly tnsfied the riuece of sjmdrrs nnd then the three of spades. On far .so good- Now South led the rtuccn of spades and let It ride for a Mne.sse. East hesitated, looked guiltily nl declarer, and then ployed the five of spades. Fie ml^ht Just as well hnve taken the king of .spndes out of his hand nnd waved It In the air. .So nth knew that- I h ere wns n o nd'-mtace In taking another sparie finesse, .so he led the ton. of sp rules lo dummy's ace. Then he abandoned the spades in ordtir to lead n club from dummy. East plnyed the sevcrn of clubs, and South finessed the nine to duck the trick to West. Ginger Rogers, ninur, Lionel Barrymore ami Clark Onble arc ihe first hi* movie names ready to whoop It up for Eisenhower in the Hollywood editioo of tho "t Like Tkc Follipr." A movie prrss agent !* being paid, n pretty pf>nny rallies in Glfimorvllle, FANMAVIA: A rniiplc nf feen- aKers sat through all five nf Oena Nelson'* shn>vs al a Chicago tbb- al^r. As a K- 1 K" be sen) them a couple of sandulrbes. T.aler they went to his dressing room In thank him, "How (Uil you like the sandwiches?" be asked. "We didn't eat thnni," they re- piled, "We're having them framed." , • » * Bob Hope's reaction lo his first climpse of Jane HHKSPH In "Son of Pnlcfacc": "T tlnnt' hno\r what she's K"t hut If we- could bottle it we eonltl make a fortune." There's n new barraRe of criticism hclnp shot at James Mason and Stewart. Granger by angry scribe."; of the London press. The hccf: Tlieir refusal to osrnnt taped Interviews to an Important B.n.C. official who rccntly visited Hollywood. . Herman Hover, whn put LIU -St. Cyr before the sonp-nnd-fish crowd, has slgncri Divena, tho me.marld who strips under water. Something tells me Divena is one doll whose life story will never be played by Esther Williams. OilfPSl ntllioii .111 hr I'f'iuli •d Em tlii' 1 tllf of Ihc prrs-ent ; is In Ihe •11%. T h ^ ,luipin« of hriiicd In I \vorkinK com- Ilohn. Dow, Kai- alr- A mr. scKAMni.i-; is in the making (or thn use of these machines when the defense protlno lion effort I* ended- Thonch the presses arc now povornmont btillt nd owned, ihry nro brhiff set up In or ftrljnccnl to some of thn bip- Rest U.S, m p t j pi\nles — Alcori, sor, Reynolds — nnd tho biff craft plnnU. Vory llttlf privrtln r.npilnt has Rone Inlo this development. Most oT thr* Investment will bn at tho tnxprtyiTs' rxprn^r. But the day If. certauily ronilng when private Industry will want to buy I hi: povrrnrnt'iir "surplus" nl ton cents on thr dollnr. I'tr-M-ut plan of Defense l^rpnvtmrnt ni fir mis is lo hnnp: onto ll n.-; uuvnmnont properly -- (fir Infer pr.iretlmr- Ipiise ti-. jii'iv^tr irifJiLr.try — but not for sale. West could take his ten of clubs ^l^ last diamond, but he was obi iced to lead clubs awny from his kiiiR up to South'* ace- queen. South therefore mode hLs gfime contract, Enst was hnK right when he'dc- rled nnt to tnkc the first spade trlrk with his klnnr. If he hnd tnken the klne. South would have won rlub return with the ace of Hubs nnd would then win three spades trlrks In (he dummy, Knsl would hnve been completely ch* If he hrvd ptrxycd n low spade quickly nnd without tiny apparent thought. South might hnvn finessed (,hr j(\rk of spades fit the next I rick nn the assumption thnt the klnc: of spnrlr.s wns In the West hntirl. Or Pouth mldht havp token the ace nf spades next and returned n low spade with thr Intention of rrit.rh.ine West in an end play, Either \\i\y East would ftct a spade* tvick, nnd his partner would uct a rluh and n diamond to defeat the ront r.nrt. 75 Years Ago In BlytheYille —• PnrhclpnUnp: !n Mrs. Donald Wert 7.' piano program were Marjorie Stevens. Mary Lou nnd Sara Grace Joyner, Martha Frances Stevens, June Workman, France a Shouse, Betty Phillips. Mary Fnirh Puckett, Billle Jane Rocrers, Sylvin Reldman. Jettyn Clnire Huffman, Mary Lynn Dean. Roberta Florman, Ancll and Phillip Rcccl, Ruth Pad- rtison. Mildred Weathers and Karry Ray Brooks. J The New York Yankees are heing picked to run away with the Amer- Icfvn LcnRue pennant. Mrs. R. E, Gnrllncton of Scare? is the cuest of her sister, Mrs. B. A. Lynch. In jn^ilce to n a t a r e, folk* should remcm- brr that i>nly the i k n n k Is horn to had ndor. The poor little mink cot Us taint In Sunday School Lesson — \\. K. lillrny. I). \Vrlllrn f,,r M'.A Srrvlrr tM 111 In ,hn 117 Ii: ,ll,':ilf,l Mir V. nlr-n 111.I! I he •r !1,;,i, hivv n,.,! up IIHHM-U :ill liiiih.r |iunl<,li- n ArhiMi nnd hl.^ ii. whi'ii Arlun •Ab;,I rightly be- •JACOBY ON BRIDGE Poker Face Helps You Win ut Bridge Uv OSWALD .IACOI1V WrlltMi r,,r NLA Service 1*- nrrdnl Rli IllUcs mr Ilirir, I'll'l. SAY u:hi i.i i-r it;r.i-fi on n nn\n's in v ilr: si . . 1:1.1 on lilv HKe. -— -'•' ii-!.u v ol lnN»r. iT' ! "1 'Mi thr ^n,.<t t;Olt\ of the -.•ISM ,n!i ^iii >\ up i\nrt en hoiur. heir II.IL! h.-.Mi v;iv»irl tnlth on tlir iniii • : ' • -,v r M, .'Kid not he hn e .VIIL; hill,, ; Joy. I'llkf UN 3'ivrty ir;uici o[ me dm tr r,i- ; r'i:.l,iv, :r ,\ (inn* •; nrni h tamlhur v<- M h thr prccini- i : t: lt ,ir .i;,,t v-ivini; imt plirr o( "|hr l:\\i ," In the r i,,. !: , , ,, m i t Vi ^ j v hl.lnririil Iviok'-, the I*ioii!',r1.t.. ;ui«l o'hi'i . ni 1 h:* < flcial rspr t -::illy In thr P ; .,ilins ini lt - :i;i ,i j-toTnrrrl The Jrwirsli division nF tlir- Old • ( '^- ( " '\'rtf ,1 HI r lit M !\<- intfl 1 lit l-r p.i[ 1 • OM- Mn'iM In if \i.;i 'I'lir )A'A. i iiU'SMhu 1 : of tlir |r t -.,- ; ivi 'ii,iu nmJ ll\e h.'oVi^ o[ thr Uihlr, ,il tvilnil.-.! l-; 1!:i ,-,i i,, (^,11, i v ,t (M Mo-r'.. thr Puiphr!.. nnd IV.r t , , v ,- in ni ,. li( , |tl ' , 0l Wnlli^.v. n j 1].^. :illl . 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Ihr HI.V ol supply rtl1tl flrninnrt h lu'l :ii'n'i! i,-,,^ IM ; ir.M>rt ll.^oll tl. M. Whi!,\ pi'-Milnil ,: Hi- Ki'imhllr Slfol t'orp. * * • When uo no ui* :n M .\*. siM'nl SD nur nf cvriv 1^0 \oc,<iuls 1,'i-ikihf O-.M mi, : lii'iilrtris -Ifl Arrt Col. Fuinu i.i.ioiiiM ,ui ii, c Kurron oir «,<r. l ! Olrlv ffli t \vr rnlcht. i irty T, nirnxnrr nrjitish roiicrm -. and ffraf<rr.% nnfoi t unn tr rv-- wh:\l Mioulrl hr ir^niAlion for CMI lt_>rlf hr prr- umrnt for me IM'O dlftrr- ire [liner, when Is n poker [:trp. Tnkr lortnv's h.nul [nr exatnple- Wejl opened Hie Inek of <1U- N'ORTM 1H A A .1 9 6 V74.1 » SS2 * 013 EAST 4 K 7 5 ,1 2 VS2 ••ll-hrmc rf hr.illh ol th 5 dr.ilt \M'|I vlr-lil In ronnpl nir '., rll nu:,rr !rli !h,«r urt In O- thr li,i\' nuiv Krntl ritirt ror- Kklif A IbliK imy et r.VMMlly mui In* nnlvi-.l. nnrl. nnre^- i.Tnl Uli'hl Is tnvr 1 InvMre nnv Inrk It Die lulfilllnj ot W A K R ,S » .1 1001 4.K in.-i Snulh 1 * l>.v 3N.T. Pa: Ojicninjj *.l 87 SOUTH (i» *g 10 V Q.I ICO « A KQ + A Q 0 2 U'Ml \e,rth f. I'.iMt I 4 T Irarl— r Weapons Answer to Previous Puzzle ,'f ChilM. nvMll [e^I ,f " r:[-ne nncl nf rls lor n\nn, nio!ul->. -,nfl Smir,! ,' nu with Ilir i riueen Mr tnrd H.'rk rhe rjneen oP bpniT- 1 -. foirlnc oni \Ve:.t\ ^,-r \Vr-1 j leliirned Hie len of dl^inonils 1 o h'oMlTv.s fchi^, :iiul Snufh fOntlnue<1 l le her,] 15, kmvkinE mil W^SI'N nre Wer.r pliiK^ed !\w:,v nnre im^ie ij ll^e (ll.inioinl-. knnekni^ out South'* InM lop ,:,i,l l)y thl» lime all llic liluli red IIOaiZONTAL 1 Flrenrm •\ CM's wc.ipon 8 Atom 12 One (Scot.) M Eye part ISFlcur dc 16 Stupidity ISDcnrs witness 20 Burdens 21 Fold 22 Cloth measures 2-1 Entrance lo n mine 2G Mrolhcr of J.icoh (Bib.) 27 To and SO Jurymen 32 Poured forth 31 Sm.ill seal 35 liaised 3G Worm 37 Jewels 3!) Woes •10 Hindu R.lrmcnt •11 Sclf-cslccm 42 French cap 45 Waltz kinc, Johnnn 4!)Goreed M My sal M In Ihis place M Hurry fiJ Snow vehicle 57 Furtive VKRT1CA1, ) Vcstlvc 2 One 3 Young birds 4 Hold tightly 5 Roster 6 Aromatic seeds 7 Cyst 8 Synthetic rubbers 0 Roman poet 10 Allot 11 Airplane bomb 17 Mistreat 19 Consumed •ns Irlft B'|" 29 Advantages 31 Reprcsenla.- tivc 2-1 Church recess 35 Asian antelope 5 Platform 2fi Natural fat 27 Solriiers T leaves 28 Stagger 33 Man's title « Dried 41 Sea cnglcs 42 - and arrows 43 Bnd 4-1 Counsel 46 Period ot office •17 Float 45 Separate threads for svcavmg 50 ?:xclarr.[ition 3T

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