Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1908
Page 6
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iVken You Bity Oysters Don't Pc^ For Water VIHiy Bhoutd you get a pint of water with every qjiart of Oysters? Water is cbeapn-blo&ts and bleaches the oyster— oooils^ts natural jflavor. . Ybtti have ntyts known how good cvsters can be unless you have had NEWS OF Gifts CITY TgE lOLA PAHY REOISTEBL TBUBSDAT EYEXIXG, OCTOBER 8. IMS. They are shucked into air-tight sleel CAna and shipped! direct from the be«ls— jvicked with ice abound the container, not >n contact with the oystere'. You get oil solid meats.: And how fresh, wholesome, appetizing and dehciously ^*A8lit ^r''^ealshipt Sense," a booklet containing new and attractive ways of preparing oysters.; ! If your dealer doesn't sell "Scalshipt," here are some who do: FREYER BROS; OHO HiNZE; TAYLOR BROS The genuljne "Sealshipt" Oysters are always sold from a White I'cjrcelain Display CascboarinR tlie "Sealshipt" trade mark in:l)lue. This is for your protection—look for it The '"Scalshipt" Carrier System jis patented. Infringe< mcnts w^I be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. N A TLONAL OYSTER CARRIER COMPANY I South Norwalk, Conuecticut, ^ NEWS OFLAHARPE ijRST lECTlKE COrBSE XITMBEE ^« 1J f. BE THIS ^VEXIXG. SLAYTON JUBILEE SINGERS HIGH SCHOOL FOOT BALL TEAM IS TO PLAY CHAiXTE FRIDAY. Sereral LaHarpe Tennis Players Hare Eutered In Allen County Tennis Tournament.—>'ews Xotes. ; Exhibit Start*. The LaHarpe Farmers' Exhibit began today. Full particulars will be found in other parts qt the paper. Boys (jirocery Store. Charles Snyder who recently here from Kansas City, has puichas- ed a grocery store at 3700 B Avenue. Arthur Stahl forme thia city has taken the managei the store. He worked for lo(| cers for several years aud Is th ly acQuainlad with the busine ./iiliijce Sincers. The company excels in p antatlon melodies and they render the?e with pleasing effect and'were reiie .itedly encored. The large audi- ice found the program so Interesting ind of such variety that they were •rrry when it was over. Cra.nd Rapids. (Mich.) Herald.—The Slayton Jubilee Singers entertained a big audience in the Auditorium last night. The first halt of the program was composed of plantation and Jubilee songs, which were siing to the gratillcatlon of all. The ^cond part consisted of solos and specialties. The ensemble work was all interesting and the company sang the plantation Jubl- "ees .and modern "coon" songs in a very pleasing manner and only as "dar kics" can sing them. The company Tnade an excellent impression and the audience was highly entertained. moved ooklyn ly of DKl (JGIST Sl>DKIES. The most complete and up-to-date line of pocket books, combs, hair brushes, stationary, toilet soaps, note books, and other druggist sundries In the city can be found at Maler.s & Danforth's Drugs and Jewelry. Football Tomorrow. , The local high school football team will lock horns with the Chanute f'p , "J ' team on the MacDonald grounds north ' 'of the city on Friday aficrjioon. The locals have been working hard for the al gro- rough's.' JT-MOa BYXEBtAN Xat Bn^ at [ SOCIETY OF UMTED PBES CHEBCH CLEABED $2S IV B IVas Made Truancy Officer Becent Meeting of the i Board of Education. the Cleared ISfi.(N), The Jjunior Society of the United Presbyterian church did a good business wj h their su|iper; last evening. The young people cleared $25. :tade Tnianry OIKrer. At th [ last nieethig of the board of educition the app'ointmont of Nate Brown Ilk truancy officer was conflrni- ed. "-Thi tniancy officer had but little to do la,k year. Organizer Here. Miss \j"intringer. of Chicago, nrgan- Izor of the Loyal Temp»jranc«' Legion, was in jthe city ycstor^a.v. She lectured ail the t'hristiaui Church last night ana yesterday afternoon ga\-e an addressMto the ladies of the local order of the Women's Christian Temperance IJniun. nill Attend Exhibit. ynny t,&s City people -ire In La Harpe fijclay attending the opening day of the Farmer's Exhibit. It is likely, however, that more will go from herii tomorrow, it being the big day. I! • Ai-e Attendfaig Synod. Gas CItiijr people a're well represented at the [meeting of the Synod of the Presbytertan church which Convenes in lola this week. ' ^y. C. T. I', to Meet The Woj'men's Christian iTeniperance Union ofjlthls city wi'l meet at the home of Jllrs. Summers. Friday afternoon at 2\ is request o'clock. A full attendance (d. Personals. Mr. and{l3jlrs. Clem Obrien of Mi'- dred were lere yesterday visiting. B. W. Biiiht. of Bartiesville was In the city yijs erday on a business| visit Frank FJpez who underwent an operation several days ago is today re- Dorted asjbf Ing much better. He will soon be abb to be taken to his home. '; P. R. Pa crson of St. L<ouis was here yesterday calling on the' local merchants! i L. F. Lo<qus of Xeodesha was here on business; KO When lola REASOX FOR IT. Cftizenn Show the Certain I IVay Out. Those world-famous furriers, Annis & Co., of Detroit, .Mich., will have their entire line of Furs on sale at our store tomorrow, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th Mr. Herr Eireivogle, representing the famous "Annis" Furs will be wiih us tomorrow, and will have displayed in our Ready-to-Wear Section his complete 1 me, consisting |of over $10,000 worth of Ladies fine Far Coats, Jackets, Scarfs, Muffs, Neck Pieces, Etc. For immediate and Future Delivery We resptct'ully invite every lady in lola ard vicinity to visit our sTor«i rn this date and examine these elegant Furs, as Mr. Breivogle will offer special inducements and will mvke liberal reductions from regular prices on all orders placed with him FROM $26 to $300 EACH FUvf NECK PIECES FRO.M $2 to $50 E.ICII One bay Only Friday, Oct. 9th South Side of Square There can be no Just reason why any readerl;of this will continue to suffer the tortiires of an aching back, the anno.vance liof urinary .disorders, the OSTEOP.tTHY— DR. Vi Jl. ALBRIGHT.' Registered Osteopathic Physfcian. State Bank BIdg. Phont^ 14.=^. ; Only Osteopath In La Harptj. i seevral days and it is likelv that dangers'of diabetes of knv kidney ills a good game will result. Fro. what when relle 1 is so near at hand and can be learned Chanute has . little the most (lositive proof' given that cured. Read what an lo'a lio.ivicr team than the local high they can bef [school biinch but has not been to- citizen sayj mother as Ion:: and has not had as Mrs. D. Fisher. «i{ 31*9 South Syca- imiHi .«i^!;al work. M ill Be Interred Here. The remains of J. B. Belford'will bo brought here from Oklahoma City for burial. Mr. Belford who is the father of .Mrs. A, D. King, died last Sunday I don. ,Mo. morning. He formerly T'veti here, j Dr.' .1. more street lola. Kns.. says: 1 pub- lically told our years ago what Unan s Enter Toni^iament. Sever,al LaHarpe lenis players will enter the AHen County Tennis Tournament which will be held in lola. beginning October 9th. Among those who entered from here are .1. A.-.Mo-jwill make their future home. Prr^ionals. Kidney Pilfe procur»xl at C. B. Spcn- Italph M.nxon returned to Baldwin, cer & Co.'si|drug store, had done for \yhere he is attending Baker me. For years I had been siib- Iniversity. jcct to attatjks of kidney troul>Ie. and .Miss Grace liana returned .vesterday every time I took cold or ovor-exeried from a visit in her old home at Shel- myself my tack ached severely. The benefit I received was so great that F. McGii: was in Mildred yes- i did not hicsitate to recommend the terday on professional business. remedy. Xiiw. after four years, r can Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Micheal of 51^^^ tj,al JDoan's Kidney Pills cured Fort Scoit are here the guests of ^nd so ithoroughly that In spite of friends. ^ ' „ ^ , ' all the hard work I have done since I .Mr. and .Mrs. G. H. Bales left yes- have never'.l been troubled with my ! terday. for Kansas City where they ija^k or kidneys." For sale ty all dealers. Price 50c. spending a few days with her friend. Yo^k, sole Miss Fay Dobson, of West Bartles-• states. viile.-rBartlesville Enterprise. Remembeii the name—Doan's—and take no other. I Donad, Prof. A. J. Baker. Prof. Hy-j M1.>!S Maude Hinton of LaHarpe. Is >„' rpr -MirbTrn"'ro"'""Bufralo"'' W ams and Wendell Phillips. Upending a few days ^with her frTend. S!^'r |a£en,?-for'^^thf' In^^^^^^ T ' Dobson. of West Bartles- ' First JTnrabei] Tonight The first lecture course" number will be given in the Methodist Episcopal church tonight Thej Slayton Jubilee .Singers composed of colored musicians is the attraction. The following IsJ what the press elsewhere has to say of the singers I . Grand Forks. (N.D.) Heraid.—The Methodist Church was crowded to the doors last evening to hear! the Slayton I To Look at .Bridge Site. The commissioners are In session' toilay. having gone out to Osage townsrip Pasting Election Notices. Undershe^ff A. L. Boatrjght is at nsrip to look at a location for a Geneva- today posting up the election bridge; which is wanted there. Mes- notices. Yeijterdav he was at Carlyle. sers Klien and Rej-nolds jotaed Mr. Day before yesterday Jailor Hoover Anderson at LaHarpe this morning Kerr i>ostc(i" the notices at Bayard, from which place they drove to Mil- Visiting every precinct in the county dred. is no small job. 1" We Gontinue to Show This Week Cotrect Clothes for Men Made in New York by Le^ing tajlors of the iash- ion centre for men's clothing ^erham & Son Co. I Iola» Kansas .Vn Apt Comparison. Scalshipt" Oystcr.s which are *n»» on sale by Fryer Brothers. Otto Hinzf. and Taylor Bros., ^jrc a recent develop nient in ini))roved methods of oy .Kter shipment. They are packed by the National Oyster Carrirr compajiy, a concern whose aim may he likened tn that of th" modem u|»-to-date nrw!--- paper of The Hi ^gi.-^ter class, inasmucli as both are sfrving the j)ublic. the one in furnishing fresh clean new>. the other in jiroviding oyster.* with the same quality. The Nalioiia! Oy .-icr Cavripr '-oni- WILL ARBITRATE China and America Signing Papers Concerning Treaty at Washington Today. WashinRlou. Oct. —A propo:^.'') ar hitration-of the treaty between China anrl the United Slates was signed at the .state ileiiartment. Wu Ting Fang, the Chinese minister.: is acting on bo- half of the Chinese gov 'Ttinient aud Secretary Root on behalf of the .\m- erican government. |iany pack •Spnls-liip'" Oysters In Fti -el coniaiuir.s with ice around the con-' |,,vrivr ftutK ii» 1 iiii-itn tahicr. No ice or Wilier comes in con- ^" "AMI-M. UKLS ,«K LIQl OR. tact with the oys.ers. so the consumer ~. • _ :rets solid n.eats. natural in Mze and Thejap* U IIIM Y-H Temperate Mel- color-ii..t blc;ich..d and bloated or """^ the .4merlcan .Saili.r>. mashi-d l.v \rv Tokio. .lapan. On. 7 -Tliere i.-. s.tat ••Seal.-niiit ' O .i .^Jers are !<M from a rejoicin.c amonc the Chrjstiaii.s in J;;porcelain linen display case with the ••''»» l>erause tlie authorities have de- ••S«alshi|'f tiiide mark in blue .ind eided to eliminate danrins girl.-and I:white on the outside. This is a guar- «|Uor from-the recei>Tions planned for :inte*> that yi;n i-ie j:et!itig the finest -the American sailors with the l.atiie- i>\sters pvodncefl and that they have ."hip Ileef when it reiiches Yokuhania. THE FIRST .MKKTIX; • »PK>E1> l.VST KVEM.Mi. IlK. n<>KI>K.> .\.MI UWE PROllT.VBLi; TALK.S. l»r. HilxIlIT ••iMI lt» the Vf>ilor>—lc^llt^lr • on Tod»j. Defective Pipe Line Causes Upheaval into leuiiitatiou, and Fire. ' , ,. .. The Independence Reporter says: Things were torn up In iieneial near the Kansas Xa'ural (>as> eompressor ftatioii. Grabhain. sU miles soutn- wcst of town last nipht. when a uLv teen Inch gas line blew 'tp. . j The company had connected the plant with the main line during the daj- and the place where the conner- tlon was made proved defective. This- 1 point of connection is about fifty feet' from the track of tiiu Union Traction company and ti.o last car from Coffeyville to this city had just passed the iwiut when tlie e.^(.Io.>«ion occurred. The gas roniiiig in connerlion with the high tension wires of the traction company was set fire and everything was burned clean from the tro'jnd for a block. Several poles of the car line were burned and the track w-as destroyed for several rods, the heat being so in tense that the ties were burned and thy rails h <-ated and twisted also. The hedg<? fences for rods wfre burnt'd to the ground. After the fin had burned furiously for some time •he gas was turned off and the fire lied out. Cars were run only to the scene of the disa.ster toilay. passengers crossinc on fo<it and boarding another car. on making the trip between ;-e two cities. " No schedule WHS attempt-d. The rack will probaldy be nienibvl by night so that euns can pasa. . Disaster to the car that h .td just nassed the iKiint of the exploHion would certainly haw orrurri 'd, ha:l 'lie explosion tai;en plare a f,.w i„„. incuts sooner. Heflley Clothes ST.IRT \ SF.WSVWKK. I Senator LaFollette Mill Pnblhh Meek- 1} at MadUoa. .Madison. Wis . 0<-t. S—United States Senator LaFidiette announced today that he would soon start a weekly iiuhllcatiou. "published primarily iu •iiport'of a government by th'e peo- •ile." It is expected it will l>e t-iroilar 'o "(The Commoner" but ilie name has lot yet been announced. The senator says: "I shall' print records of public officials, and jiollt- ical parties in vital questions, diocuss men and measures impartially, and iS^ve news difest of proceedings In congress. Mrs. LaFoU«tte will hare the AdncaUoiial and vonun't depart* "ment ' •,' ' ' , . ••Henley" suits and overcoats are withoat dotibt the best made and best fitting garments ever made in this conjitry. Every one 'the meetings of the class, pointing out ^Il<•^•.n words ill l .";h :ilf "f thf rliurch < .xfnd'.fl a hcartv welcofne t.j d -.i*gates prescnr'. Lhirinc the cottr.-e of tilt- doctor's remarks, he stated (rfini liH<f e:<pcrience (r,f prea; h'lie'its wliieh .had been deiiv.-d ip-iii the work of th? .Sabbath Seli(;oi Itis'uut- >\n iii.c I'is a.-s-'jci.rition w'vh the foiindv!' of thi:. pieat work, the Rw. H S Sul-. Z '.r. He further .said tliat as tlie .^•iin day- Kcliool iusfitute waS first orcati- izvd and svuecessfully tri«d in the synod of Iowa we were iti <I <-hled t-i ilieui for this meeliii}:— tlie lir=t of its kind Iicid in connection with the nieciin;: of the syiifMl of Kansas, and he tnisted tliat this iiiistitute won d prove of xreaf bjpssing to the 'Haliiiath^^ •ji thi:^ synod. Rev. Howard I. Kerr, of <)t !aw.i. "i tlic absence of Rev. P. C. Fietiiing of Larned. stated, in respoiiding "to the message of welcome that many of the delegates present already had lasted of hospitality of the citizens of lota. It lieing»ry for IJr. Ililscher to tell the visitors they were welcome because they know it already. The choir of the .Preslivtertan church then beautlfullj rendered an anthem entitled "Wniat Are The .-ie .Arrayed in White Robes-and \\1ieuce Ctinie They? After the anthem I»r. S. S. Ililscher Introilured the Rev. .lames .\. Wortft-u of Philadelplila. I'u.. eh ilr man of the Sabbath school work iu the Presbyterian church in ilie Uni;cd State.-, of .America, who addressed the as>enibly. his theme being an api-al to the pastor. superintendent aud teachers of the Sunday school for a deeper and more thorough study of (;od 'S w«)rd: that the I)Ivine coinnils- sion I 'f the Master. "I 'lO ye and teach all nations." mii ;h! he trie better obey- e <I and followed. The doctor pictured he advantages of the organized Sunday school and <if the great results which might be had from thife branch of the work: also he urged that the stranger—the voun.g men and women l>if rared for and invited to come to LEBALS- 2 IIIITU nilF AnnnCPC* i ''"'*<^hinan once .said. "The proof Of Vr I I H riNt AUUntoO ""^ podding is in the eating." so like ' } i benefit of hearing the results of the I ', testing of the graded school Sabbath l>F SV.MJI)''*^ irid by herself in Topeka. This {address closed the meeting. • This morning's s-ession opened with ! j l.>r. Ferguson presiding. After a hymn •and prayer Dr. llilocher took the rc- UAUr It I none aTTCiinaiiPir''"^'"''*''' ''"^ devotional hour giving HAVt A LAKjbb AFItNUANOb „„ outline of his lecture on "The . ' Eternal Christ." This was given bj , rcqucsf. Dr. .1. A; Worden of Phila- HK.S. E.STEV \\:cn gave an address ou •iIo»v to jircpare fiic T -es -son." Dr. ! V.'orden knows just how to do this and 1 he kni:w's how to te'I others. He ' sbowi -d tiiat tiiere must br a prepara- ^Tioii of the .teachecV self before the l >rei >araiion of the lesion. • In the .. I prrp;iraiion of the lesson mu.-l be considered firs! .the iiiic oT approach, sec |i >nd. the lesson plan, third, the lual- • tcr of e ,iicstions. fourth, illustrations, and fifth, the application. Rev. Sam- Tie first session of the Sabbath "^1 Garvin of Kansas City. Kas.. gave School institute of the Smod of Kan-j"" ilite^^^ting and unviue address on the method of gettinfr after pupils and teachers. The pupils to attend and he teariiers to teach. .Mr. Garvin is a iTood fisiiermaii and he'knows how to iiiii for children. svniposium by Rev. Wjn. Baird and Kev. W. R. McElroy held the large audience with inteube interesit. The address by Captain O'Brien was siin- ple ai :d deeply spirited. His life and experiences as .an old-sea captain did him good service as he spoke on Jesniit the fl.iher of men. He got to the heart; of iln-s" who heard. Tlie attendance at this opening of th« Institute li.tii been very - satisfactocir indeed. Delegates are present frwD th^ neighboring cities and delegates ercni from distant parts of the state. The| delegates to the synod are anivinsii and the-opening session of that l>ody. will be held this evening. Everybodyf is urged to be present. * is absolutely all 1 wool atid hand made. The collars don't sag in the back, andLthe boat holds its shape. We wantjto show yoa. Che Baftlay Shields Clothing Cm the many blessings which would result in this systematic lookout for those who were strangers In a strange land. for. said the .Master. "They that lie . whole ueed- not a physician, but they which are sick." The Rev. S. S. Ililscher then introduced -Mr. S. S. Estey of Topeka. who addressed the assembly on the benefits of the graded 3abbath. Mrs. Estey gave her audience many useful and helpful suggestions,.both as to.the theory: and the tried'and saccessfiil meth- (Flrst Publislied September 10, 1908.) SHEKIFrS SALK. The State of Kansas. Allen Connt;^ ss. In the District Court. Thlrty-Sevr ' ' euth Judicial District. Sitting In an< for Allen County. State of Kansas. The Northrup National Bank, a corporation. Plaintiir. Geo. J. M«ans aud Anna L. Means.;Defendants. By virtue of an Order of Sale Issued bv the Clerk of the Thlrty-Seventl) Judicial District Court, In and (or Allen County. Slate of Kansas, in the 1 above entitletf causa, and to me directed and delivered. I will on October U 'th. A. p.. 190S .I at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day. at the south door of the court house in the City of tola. Altea Cotiijty. State of Katisas. offer for sale and se'.l to the highest bidder, for cash in band, the fpllowlbg de8ccU>ed real estate, to-wlt: Lot No. Five (5). BlocK .No. Two (2), In Brobklyn Park Addition to The City oE lolh. Allen County. Kansas, according to- the recorded plat thereof. Said lauds and tenements will be sold vithont appraisement to . satisfy said Order, lot Sale. C; O. BOLLINGER. Sheriff of AUen County. Kansas. By. A. 1^ BOATRIGUT. Under Sheriff. 9-10-17-24-1-8. A Swrmming Contest. The members ot the Jimior gymnasium class of the Young Men's Christian associatioa wIU give a swimming contest in the association building this evening. An admittance^ fee of ten cents'win be chsiged for; spectators. All boys who enter tha races must- be members of - thogymaaaimn classes ana most pay an entranee.fee od of this great subject, as the old of ten oeiite:^

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