The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 2, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
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Monday, November 2, 1964
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Monday, Nov. 2, 1964 Foreign News Co iiui I By PHIL NEWSOM • UPI Foreign News Analyst Notes from the foreign news cables: Kremlin Foreign Aid: Changes in the Kremlin also seem to. foreshadow a change in the Soviet foreign aid program. Predictions are that such aid in the future will be restricted to developing nations. Khrushchev has come in for severe criticism for having promised Egypt a multi-million dollar loan. There are signs also that aid to Cuba may be restricted. It runs at present at the rate of a million dollars a day and the satellites are com­ plaining about the burden im- 1 posed on them by the Cuban aid. Go-lt-Alone: Foreign diplomats in Paris^ are not ruling out the possibil-' 1 ity that President Charles de jGaulle may very well blow up. 'the European Common Market by pulling France out at the end of the year. Chances of West Germany' agreeing by then on [farm prices, as De Gaulle insists, are regarded' as small. Some officials believe De Gaulle already has made up his mind that he no longer is interested in the market. Nuclear Force: There also is speculation that De Gaulle soon may issue a public blast against the United States and West Germany over .the multilateral nuclear force j (MFL) which both nations support as a means of giving lj NATO allies a bigger voice in possible use of nuclear weapons. De Gaulle is opposed tothe plan and may say something about it in a speech at Strasbourg scheduled for Nov. 22. How to liven up a lunch box Meat—cheese—egg—almost any 'dnd of sandwich tastes now and wonderful when you use Kraft Sandwich Spread. Now in a handy new w ; <--mouth iarl VOTE REPUBLICAN RIDE TO POLLS CALL OS 5-6174 (Paid rolitiriil Advertisement) Sandwich Spread DI ANA ELK'S MEETING This Wed., Nov. 4 8:00 P.M. No Supper FREE Lunch After Meeting Now thru Wed. 2 Shows at 7 and 9 p.m. Following in the hilarious fun-steps of "Mister Roberts". MILUE PERKINS KAY MEDFORD CfrMui /»/u rttr oASjAuicinu- certu wiBUCD nunc f ALKER-JVES-MATTHA(i-SANDS THURS. "THE LIVELY SET" PLUS.THE LITTLE RASCAL'S IN "COME FLY-MY KITE' South Viet Nam Aid: The Philippines may take on major new commitments in the South Vietnamese war if the .United States will give the (Filipinos a voice in direction of the war effort. The Filipinos want their own sphere of operations rather than being just a part of existing U.S. programs. The best bet would be in the field of "civil action" in which Filipino advisers could help the Vietnamese army win'friends among the civilian population. Civil action programs were used effectively in the Philippines to break the Communist- led Huk rebellion a dozen years ago. . r« VOTE sa ' Quirks In The News (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By United Press International TYPICAL PROBLEM SAN FRANCISCO (UPD—A big hunk of decorative cornice broke loose from the roof of San Francisco's historic mint Friday and plummeted. 50 feet onto the roof of a car below. The car belonged to the building's maintenance chief, Steve Jackson Jr. "That's pretty typical of the problems I've got keeping that place together," Jackson sighed. RETIRED "WRITER" •PITTSBURGH (UPI) — Joseph Radinich, 68, Pittsburgh,, was arrested Friday on a charge of writing numbers. The U.S. district attorney's office listed his occupation as "retired numbers writer." MONEY CAUSES TROUBLE MILAN, Italy (UPI)—Giuseppe Cinzio was arrested Friday for maltreating his wife. She said their marriage had been fine until three years ago when Giuseppe won $240,000 in a national lottery. After that, she said*he began to beat her up and insult her. MOVING FARM SWALLOWFIELD, England (UPI)—Harry. Vickery has hired a 40-car train to move his farm —including livestock and machinery — about 190 miles to Launceston. Cost: $2,800. SEE AND HEAR Barry GOLDWATER TONIGHT Channel 8 - 9:30 P.M. (I'niil Political Ail vertIttemrut) arly Bird Specials!! M0N. - TUES. - WED. Pink or White RUIT 7 EACH 12 OZ. 29 With a $3.00 Cider or More CARTON DEPOSIT Fresh 25 LB. UT-UP FRYERS - 29 Carters Super Market Both Parties (Continued from page 1) water did not come as a surprise. -His voting record is every bii as conservative as Goldwater's. But his decision to join the Republican party and possibly, forfeit his seniority in the Senate was a move few politicians, would hazard. Two Southern Democrats in the House — Reps. Albert W. Watson, D-S.C, and John Bell Williams, D-M i s s. — have endorsed .Goldwater. There is speculation . that Watson, who led the Democrats for Nixon in his state in I960, will join Thurmond in the GOP after the election. Defect To GOP A number of Southern polili- cos have pledged allegiance to Goldwater. Among -Democrats who -jumped party lines to endorse the Arizona senator are Gov. Paul B. Johnson, Jr. of Mississippi; his predecessor, Ross Barnett; former secretary of. state and Supreme Court Justice James F. Byrnes; Louisiana Lt. Gov. Teddy Jtycock; former Gov. Coke R. Stevenson of Texas; Mallory Home, speaker of the Florida House; and former Rep. Martin Dies of Texas. Republican defections to Johnson include several members of the Eisenhower cabinet. Among high officials of the Eisenhower administration w h o have endorsed Johnson are Oveta Culp Hobby and Marion B. Folsom, who' headed the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; Robert B. Anderson, secretary of the Treasury; Arthur Larson, director of the U.S. Information Agency, and Maxwell Rabb, secretary of the cabinet. The latest to endorse Johnson is Mayor Theodore R.McKel- din of Baltimore. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY YOU saved and slaved for wall- to-wall carpet. Keep it new with 'Blue Lustre. Rent .electric Shampooer $1. Carney's Drug Store. C-30 Loyal Order of Moose /^*%*!\ Meeting Tuesday 8:00 E.S.T. RALPH GRAHAM Gov. CHAS. O'TOOLE.Sec. Kiwanis Club Hull's Country Kitchen Tuesday^ : 6:15 p.m., Richard Smith, President Joe Watson. Secretary BUY U. S. SAVINGS BONDS State Expects (Continued from page 1) Ristine an edge over Branigin and Hartke a big lead over Bontrager. But'Branigin's campaign may have been helped in a final hours of his vote drive by editorial- endorsement from the Indianapolis Star, Indiana's largest newspaper, which backs Goldwater and usually supports GOP. candidates. • Ristine and Branigin, were fighting for the right to become the highest paid Hoosier chief executive in'history. The governor's, salary goes up from $15,000 to $25,000 when the new governor takes office Jan. 11. Hartke, elected by 212,008 votes in 1958, seeks a second six-year term. Also at stake are the 11 congressional seats, 7 now held by Republicans and 4 by Democrats: All the 11 incumbents except Rep. Donald C. Bruce, R- Indianapolis, of the 11th District, are among the candidates. Most were expected to win new two-year terms, but a landslide one way or the other could revise the lineup of congressmen. Voters visiting the state's 4,416 precincts also will- elect seven other state administrative officials besides a governor, one Indiana Supreme Court judge and five Indiana Appellate court judges, and 128 of the 151 members of the legislature. All 100 members of the House will be elected, while 28 state senators will be chosen to supplement a list of 23 holdovers elected -to four-year terms in 1962 and having two more 5'ears to serve. All together, about 730 state, federal and county officials will be elected, including 38 local judges, 17 county auditors, 85 county treasurers, 28 county clerks, 92 county coroners, 41 county recorders, 86 county surveyors, 184 county commissioners; In addition, many communities scattered throughout the state will elect local school board members in non-partisan balloting for the first time in history, and numerous school reorganization proposals will be subject to the decision of voters in referendums connected with a broad consolidation program. At' stake in the legislative election was the political complexion of the 1965 Legislature. Democrats have not controlled both houses at the same time since the late 1930s and have their best chance in years this time because 13 of the holdover senators are members of that party. Polls will open and close at 6 o'clock EST in 43 counties officially in the Eastern, time recognized by the Interstate Commerce Commission. They will close at 6 o'clock CST in 49 counties officially in the Central time zone. But since all except about 10 of those v 49 counties observe EST unofficially, it means residents Of 39 counties will vote from 7 j to 7 o'clock local time. Let's make Social Security secure. It's $300 billion in the hole now. How can we protect your benefits if the system goes broke? Let's have a new beginning • on November 3rd. Vote Goldwater-Miller. (PAID rOMTICAl ADVERTISEMENT) Tipton County Rtpublican Ctntral Commttta* Inside Indiana (Continued from page }) U.S. Senate, aircraft hopped to 14 major Indiana cities today in a 225-imile-an-hour plane piloted by himself. Sunday night, Bontrager charged the Democratic national administration was sending "hate literature" to voters and telling lies concerning social security. Return to Birthplace' Sen.. Vance Hartke, seeking re-election, returned to Pike County where he was born today and said he "looked forward to the challenge of the! days beyond." On Sunday, Hartke outlined some of the accomplishments of the Johnson administration and his part in helping to realize them. Each of the candidates planned to return to legal residence on election day to vote early and then aid' in getting out the registered voters. On Sunday afternoon, Branigin was welcomed home at Lafayette with a celebration attended by 3,000. Sen.' Birch Bayh, D-Ind., and former Gov, Henry Schricker;' appeared at the rally to wish Branigin luck. Jfe reported that vigorous handshaking in the past days helped give him ari infection in the right:hand.: -i Branigin went oh television Sunday night in nine Hoosier communities and said he was not tied to any faction or persons and "wishes to call the shots" himself. "Hoosiers Want Progress" Ristine Sunday spoke at a St. Joseph County rally and predicted he would be elected because "Hoosier voters have made up their minds they want energy, experience, programs and progress." He said Democrats and independents would support the GOP to "end the fumbling, bumbling and bungling of the Welsh administration." He said Indiana "can't afford another four years of caretaker government." ' Bontrager's saturation flight to meet voters today will take him from Tell City to Huntingburg, Evansville, Lafayette, Gary, and South Bend in the morning. Afternoon stops at Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Muncie, Winchester, New Castle and Anderson will bring him back to Indianapolis. Tonight, Bontrager will go on statewide television to summarize his views to the voters. Hartke today brought his family to Petersburg to end his 30,000 mile campaign and said if re-elected he would work for "a better .world, a better country, a better life for us and our children." "These are not times to run away from problems or to avoid finding answers," he said. An evening banquet to honor Hartke was planned. In a last- day change of plans, Hartke an nounced he and his family would take time out to greet voters on Monument Circle in Indianapolis around noon. MONDAY Know How Club — 7:30 p.m., Mrs.: Ray Wiggins, 227 North '• West street. ' TUESDAY Matinee. Musicale —.2 p.m., Mrs. Jack Legg, route 1.. I Double Dozen club — postponed I until November 10 . Tuesday. Afternoon club — 2 • p.m., , Mrs. "Ted McKinney, 232 West Washington street. Phi Beta Psi sorority — 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Robert Curnutt, 612 West Jefferson. IWays and Means club —7:30 p.m., 'Mrs. Dean Hogwood, 416 North. West street. Phi Beta Psi Associates — 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Gurnie Mcintosh, 128 Green street. WEDNESDAY Security club — 2:30 p.m. Mrs. Ray Moore, 436 Green street. Woman's, Association — 1 p. m., Presbyterian church. Friendship WCTU — postponed. Prairie Home Demonstration I club — 1:30 p.m., Mrs. Ross I Rose, Route 1, SharpsviUe. Cosmos class—2:15 p.m., Mrs. | T. W. Smith, 412 Columbia j avenue. Royal Neighbors — 6:30 p.m., Legion home, annual Thanksgiving, dinner. HObbs CWF — 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Hilton Hobbs, south of Hobbs. THURSDAY Lutheran Ladies Aid — 2 p.m., Lutheran school. Present Day club — 2:15 p.m., Mrs. R. C. Cochran, 112 West South street. Tipton Union WCTU—postponed. Dorcas Club — 2:30 p.m., Mrs. Arthur Bryan, 405 Green street. Embroidery circle—postponed. Silver Belles club — 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Glenn Lightfoot, route 3. Cleveland (Continued from sage 4) Phila. 4 4 0 .500 190 153 Dallas 3 4 1 .429 137 140 Wash; 3 5 0c.375 165 175 Pittsburgh 3 5 0 .375 131 189 New York -2 5 1 .286 131 196 Western Division Baltimore 7 1 0 .875 274 129 Detroit ', . 5 2 1 .714 150 122 Los Angeles 4 3 1 .571 188 185 Green Bay 4 4 0 .500 184 145 Minnesota 4 4 0 .500 189 201 San Fran. 2 6 0 .250 135 212 Sunday's Results Cleveland 30 Pittsburgh 17 New York 34. St. Louis 17 Baltimore 37 San Francisco 7 Washington 21 Philadelphia 10 Detroit 37 Los Angeles 17 Dallas 24 Chicago 10 Green Bay 42 Minnesota 13 Sunday's Games Baltimore at Chicago Dallas at New York Detroit at Green Bay Philadelphia at Los Angeles Pittsburgh at St. Louis San Francisco at Minnesota Washington at Cleveland ru VOTE !^ CLUB TO MEET Eye Cue Home Demonstration club will meet Wednesday at i 1:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Jackie 'Miller, west of Windfall. I Miss Eugenia Nunemaker will i be assisting hostess. Mrs. Rob- j ert McKinley, president will be in charge of the meeting. CLUB TO MEET Silver Belles Home Demonstration club will meet at the home of Mrs. Glenn Lightfoot, route 3, at 7:30 p. m.. on Thursday. Co-hostess, will b e Miss Mary Merchen. All members are to bring their canning for judging. Kern's tenderloin supper Wednesday, November 4. Lutheran school. Adults $1.25, Children $ .CO. 5 to 8 p.m. - , ' C-26 If you need a baby sitter or a ride' to the polls to vote call Democratic Headquarters, OS 5-4813. P-25 - (I'niri roUticitl Arivi'i*it»piiieiit) Tipton County Library open Mpnday-Wednesday- Friday till 8:00 p.m. C-tt RETAIL MERCHANTS MEETING 1 P.M. Wed. Nov. 4 Farmer's Loan & Trust Social Room Meetings on 2mf and 4th Thurs days at the Le gion Home at 8:00 p.m. Lawrence Sanders Commander Seward Bristow Adiutant GEORGE GREENE, Secretary n I A. MO NO RINGS . <. guaranteed PERFECT center diamonds or replacement assured. Life- tims trade-in privilega toward a larger Keepsake. Foster's Jewelry Tipton, Ind. m {Satisfaction Guarantee Make Septic Tank* Work Like New ASK YOUR DEALER FOR TIPTON COUNTY. FARM BUREAU CO-OP AMBULANCE SERVICE.... anytime Day or Night Our Two Ambulances Are Fully Equipped With Oxygen IJoung. - yjicliois FUNERAL HOME 216 W. Jefferson OS 5-4780 Are you the Forgotten American? The man with a dollar worth 45c? The man who's afraid for his family's safety? The man left out when they cut up the pie in Washington? Let's have a new beginning— on November 3rd. Vote Goldwater-Miller. 4 §^*tPAip ror.iricAt, ADYEKTISEMENT) Tipton County Republican Ctntral Committee

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